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NanQuest by Weaver

NanQuest is the spiritual sequel to RubyQuest. Our heroine - a goat repairwoman named Nan - finds herself trapped inside a freaky hotel with apparently no exit. Also co-stars Henry (who's a gazelle or something), Pablo (who's like a rat or mouse), and Nan's awesome rear end.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.



So far all living people in the hotel have been important characters, since there aren't many. We barely met anyone outside the hotel, and they weren't really important anyway.

Major Characters

Nan wearing overalls for her job


  • Entered hotel: December 2009 [ref]

Our protagonist, Nan is an electronics technician and repairman. She liked to play arcade games as a kid. She is lazy and lets quite a few work orders stack up before she gets to them. She has the ability to hum showtunes.

Henry, shortly after Nan barges in on him


  • Entered hotel: June 1946 [ref]
  • Time in hotel: Hours [ref]

Henry is a Gazelle or something, and might be Nan's boyfriend.[ref] He claimed to have gotten into the hotel quite recently when Nan showed up. He was a travelling on business when he had to stop for the night.[ref]

Pablo examining the canned beans


  • Entered hotel: 1966 [ref]
  • Time in hotel: At least a week and a half [ref]

Pablo is a more experienced resident of the hotel, he is first seen in possession of a fire axe. He came to the hotel when he was called in to be it's janitor, about ten days before Nan got there. He has been surviving in the hotel since. He is probably a bat.

Anna during her daring elevator rescue


  • Entered hotel: May 1936 [ref]
  • Time in hotel: One night [ref]

Anna is an elevator operator, who came to the hotel in response to a job advert.[ref]



  • Entered hotel: July 1912 [ref]
  • Time in hotel: Two weeks [ref]

An ex-US Marshall who stopped by to see the recently-constructed hotel.[ref]



  • Entered hotel: August 2016 [ref]
  • Time in hotel: One week [ref]

A college student who stopped at the hotel overnight on her way home.[ref]



  • Entered hotel: 1986 [ref]
  • Time in hotel: A month or so [ref]

Some kind of fox-like creature who has been in the hotel longer than anyone else, and is rather crazed because of it, seeming to see the predicament of being trapped as more of a blessing than a curse[ref].

He doesn't look nice

The Padre

Unlike the other creatures in the building, he doesn't seem very afraid of the light, and he seems to be nearly invincible.


The Pilgrim

A skeletal equine with a cloak and and severed noose hanging around his neck. Also unfazed by the light.


Probably the same person, who Nan met on the third or fourth of June, 1828.[ref] He was passing the Spanish Mission on his way to the North and sought the blessing of the Padre.[ref]

Minor Characters

An unknown character who was killed by the Pilgrim.[ref]


Part 1

Nan wakes up in her room, takes a shower, and shortly after getting dressed, checks her mail for job requests. Biking to a local arcade, Nan meets the manager and he directs her to the basement. Nan fixes the power and gets a paycheck and a slice of pizza. Her next work order entails fixing an outlet at a hotel, so Nan rides to the hotel and enters the lobby. After waiting a while, Nan walks down the hall, accidentally knocks over a vase, and enters the room to fix the outlet. TGchan notices Nan getting spied on by strange folks. After leaving, Nan notices a clock appearing in the elevator displaying 4:66. Taking the clock, Nan returns to the lobby where a huge rumbling behind the desk wall spooks her. Nan dashes through the front door of the hotel...

...only to wind up back in the hotel lobby.

Part 2

Nan freaks out, looks behind her because the counter note said to, and takes the cross pendant off of the coat rack behind her. When she tries to ring the service bell it makes a crunching noise because there's a dead rat inside. Nan checks the front door again and finds a brick wall. Nan cleans out the bell and rings it. The lights go out. Ringing it again makes the bell stop working. Nan can't figure out what's wrong with the bell. She traces the chandelier cord back to the locked janitor's closet. The lights turn back on. Nan heads back to room 114, where we saw someone look at her after she passed by before. Nan convinces the guy in 114, Henry, to go exploring with her. Nan looks at Henry's ass while he's getting dressed. The lights go out in the hall. There is a thumping noise. Nan flees into 114. Henry is still naked. Nan explains what happened and asks Henry to not dress in the bathroom. Nan ogles henry. Nan notices that Henry's reflection is in the mirror when it shouldn't be. Nan throws a lamp at the mirror. The mirror and lamp break, and the water in the sink shorts the power to the room. Nan turns on her flashlight. There is a zombie thing in the room. Nan wakes up in her bedroom with her boyfriend Henry and retrieves the cross pendant that was a gift from him. It is on the bed stand next to the broken alarm clock. Henry tells Nan that it is 10:30 and the weekend. After showing some ass and getting dressed, Nan goes to get the paper while Henry makes breakfast. Nan steps through her bedroom door.

Nan enters the hotel lobby.

Part 3

Nan freaks out again, grabs a ballpoint pen and magnifying glass out of the cubbyholes, finds that besides her clothes and tool belt, her inventory is still intact, finds an illegible newspaper, sees another Nan get attacked on the other side of the front door and starts running. 114 has blood and chains on the door now, 115 is locked, nobody answers her screams. Lights go out. Someone calls her into 117. 117 resident, Pablo tells her that she's safe in there, tries to calm Nan. He tells her that the evil things don't like the light. Nan notices movement behind the dresser. There is a rat/rat hole there. Pablo has been there for 10 days. Pablo goes to get food, Nan says take her with him. Pablo checks keyhole, says lights are on outside. Only a lamp is on. Henry is unconscious in the hall. A shadow pops up. Nan and Pablo pull Henry into 117. Henry seems uninjured. Pablo tells Nan some about the creatures, and Alan (now dead). The rat hole thumps as the rat pushes a can of beans out. Nan opens the beans with Pablo's axe. Then Nan smashes the broken alarm clock with the axe. The room goes dark, and a huge 4:66 is displayed. The lights go back on and Nan is in a lunge room, wearing her overalls. The room is on fire. Nan hacks at the fire extinguisher when a creature won't let her grab it. Fire extinguisher breaks. Nan puts napkin over face, breaks open door, sees herself in the hotel lobby. She recognizes the situation, spins around and begins a fight with a Padre, A thing mentioned earlier by Pablo. She can't seem to hurt it, but knocks it off balance and escapes. She runs through the lobby, and a girl who introduces herself as Ana beckons her into the elevator. Nan asks Ana what's going on, and Ana says that she was hoping Nan could tell her.

Part 4

[TODO: summarise]

Grand Theories

Elder Mod on the nature of the Padre

Other Appearances

Nan participated briefly in Fight Quest.




a mini comic by someone. click for full.LinkToBoard.gif

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