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File 133016879498.png - (9.03KB , 700x700 , title.png )
11257 No. 11257 ID: d6af4f

A place for pictures that have nowhere else to go.
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No. 26848 ID: 86b099

Although I can sort of see there being just enough room, I can also see where you're coming from. Although it might be a bit much to redo the room layout, I have added some more of the kissing one poking out from the dresser/nightstand to imply some kind of workable, corner-shunned pose.
No. 26849 ID: 140972

It's perfect now, thanks!!
No. 26850 ID: e114bc

Her right thigh really worries me.
No. 26851 ID: 86b099

Yeahhh I do know what you're talking about; it definitely looked more structured before I added the guy's legs. After that it does look more pushed out than it actually is, so unfortunately so you'll just have to take my word that her thigh is in fact connected to her hip.
No. 26852 ID: 86b099
File 143059408754.png - (568.36KB , 1400x816 , NCOSniper.png )

While sneaking through the salikai's base, Polo stumbles on the NCO Arkot and Sniper Rokoa who turns out to be a couple in a completely healthy relationship of equal footing.

This is back in the noncanon pornverse, in what should be a 0% chance anyone thought otherwise.

I also wanted to practice some 3 point perspective and angle things slightly differently, and I ended up going overboard with this one. Oh well.
No. 26853 ID: 0ee153
File 143059591992.png - (351.91KB , 1000x1000 , Polo's fuckface.png )

Found the old version, might as well post for comparison purposes.
No. 26856 ID: 809713

Suddenly not blowing him up has tactical value. Two valuable enemy units are now preoccupied instead of responding to the infiltration.

First arkot lewds. You're breaking down barriers, little dude.
No. 26863 ID: 6879ec

Waait a minute.
Does this mean normalverse Polo is more likely to make lewd faces during sex than pornverse polo?
No. 26868 ID: 86b099

Nooot really, it's just that up to this point (to my recollection?) there hasn't been lewds of a Polo with her own hive, where the sex is on a more fulfilling level than 'and now there is a dick in me.'
No. 26874 ID: 140972

I'd bet pornverse Polo can look just as goofy when she's actually having sex instead of, you know, being raped.
No. 26875 ID: d7be02


Everyone consents in the pornverse, friend! They just sometimes pretend not to. Real reluctance doesn't go beyond "guys come on I'm supposed to be working", or equivalent. It's no more than an inconvenience.

Also I wonder if neumono might mentally process sexual abuse differently than humans do, what with their different psychological makeup visavis individuality, self image, reproductive arrangements and body disposability, et cetera, but that's a much heavier conversation.
No. 26881 ID: 86b099
File 143070108535.png - (34.86KB , 800x1200 , AnnoHide.png )

Anno, wondering where the nearest shopkeep is so he can find better clothes to hide inconvenience-boners.
No. 26882 ID: 67c35f

More like convenience boners. p.s. gj Lago
No. 26890 ID: bb78f2

So do we know that guy?

I'm always interested in (potentially) canon sexual characterization! Very interesting.
Polo's got the BEAST in her.

Man, considering the size of Polo in the picture, despite the fact everything looks larger and they seem more like normal size neumono, we should realize that both of these are actually incredibly small since they seem to be of camparable size. There IS another dork as small as Polo in her hive.
No. 27140 ID: dd338c
File 143322035737.png - (610.79KB , 1224x1052 , KorlisUltrahiveAdventures.png )

Backstory to this one: Korli had an upbringing that had a laundry list of things she wasn't allowed to do, a footnote for things she could do, and another laundry list of things she had to do.

When she escaped from the salikai, she was held in custody for awhile by the ultrahive, but she was released soon after to start living normally.

With that, she learned that she could do just about anything and everything she ever imagined. And considering that her job was to imagine things, this was a lot.

What resulted would be making up for a life of no fun allowed by binging on about every vice in the book, often multiple at the same time.

Hence, this picture is also not-confirmed-canon but theoretically could be.

No, it was just a random hivemate of Polo.
No. 27141 ID: dd338c
File 143322058985.png - (55.74KB , 800x800 , ReclusePrivacy.png )

Sort of a prequel to

Recluse hides in the furthest corners to assure privacy and seclusion, but Alison does not understand why anyone would ever want that.
No. 27142 ID: e114bc

Oh my god this could be canon. He just sortof hides it with his robe when it happens... It's so big and bulky nobody could ever notice.
No. 27143 ID: fd8fad

Oh gosh that sure is a thing, I need to remember to catch up with reading your quests
No. 27144 ID: bfb318

The best canon
No. 27170 ID: dd338c
File 143348214907.png - (641.69KB , 1250x1563 , StorySeekerInANutshell.png )

In his defense, it IS a good idea.
No. 27171 ID: 94f7ee

Well. It would be my first response, too. Question is who will pass out first.

Also that is pretty good.
No. 27172 ID: 0d8ff4

I'll be honest: I enjoy seeing storyseeker get laid more than I ought to.
No. 27176 ID: ab7529

"You didn't actually answer my question, you know! That was a description, not a name."

Backup escape plan: turn slimeform. Hide inside.
No. 27177 ID: 91cfcf

He didn't ask for a name, though. And the inside is generally the deadly bit.
No. 27178 ID: f4f747


Depends on the method. If it was just exposure to poisons or having his soul sucked out something it'd probably have already happened, so I'd assume she just means she kills him the normal way, by violence. Bite his head off and suchlike.

That or she's just joking. The kind of ladies Story meets, I'd expect him to meet one with that kind of sense of humor eventually.
No. 27471 ID: dd338c
File 143563839994.png - (608.96KB , 1286x2330 , KorliMakesMorePoorDecisions.png )

Finishing this month's patreon requests. Better almost late than actually late.

First up: Korli may be a macrophile, who knows.
No. 27472 ID: dd338c
File 143563873926.png - (40.70KB , 1000x1000 , ThreeStripesCatchesPolo.png )

Next content, more pornverse: Early Polo-Quest Three Stripes manages to catch Polo after she injures some of his slaves. He wants Polo to make up for it by making him another, but without being able to get past her silence, he just has to try filling her with as much genetic material as he can and hope that works fine before letting her go.

He will later apologize for his actions, but this being the pornverse with all its attention to realism, Polo probably secretly enjoyed it.
No. 27473 ID: dd338c
File 143563903312.png - (133.59KB , 2000x2800 , PennNightmare.png )

More pornverse/lewds, and also more Lagotrope drawing with the binary tool on way too fuckhuge a canvas, and only noticing when it was time to resize.

Penn's hallucination of Roxie being captured continues to haunt her in her dream, and Penn's got to choose where Roxie will be sent off to.

That's all for tonight, but not all for this month.
No. 27474 ID: e114bc

Aren't they smaller than that tho?
No. 27475 ID: 0ee153

Yes and they don't exist with neumono either. Your point?
No. 27489 ID: bb78f2

Is the nightmare drawing entirely pornverse? Would Penn never have a nightmare of that? Seems potentially canon that a nightmare would occur. Or is that canonverse Penn dreaming of the pornverse?
No. 27490 ID: ab7529

It falls solidly in the epitiomous "questionably canonical" category.
No. 27492 ID: ec4f0c

My instinct suggests that pornverse Penn is identical to canon Penn, only instead of being paralyzed by awkwardness, she gets paralyzed by having perverted thoughts that make her glasses steam up.

If such is so, canon Penn probably has roughly the same nightmare, only less sexual.
No. 27493 ID: dd338c

Yes it could also be considered in the "has not and will not be addressed in canon, but would not be such an unrealistic stretch to be."

I judged based on given measurements - but it's also worth keeping in mind that Korli is pretty short.
No. 27494 ID: 518b46

The setting is probably gonna get a mild reboot/overhaul whenever I get around to bringing it back for anything and this is a likely change
No. 27552 ID: dd338c
File 143600498735.png - (65.21KB , 1200x1070 , PoloPicnic.png )

Polo puts on a picnic for Mother's day before she took her sniper rifle and murdered fun.
No. 27553 ID: dd338c
File 143600546984.png - (83.58KB , 1100x1100 , BilesMoi.png )

I like to think that Biles challenged Moi to a game of hide and seek knowing he could find her after realizing that A) Her suit isn't perfect and B)Her suit can't do much about collected dust and dirt that she gathers rolling around for extended periods.

And then they had sex because.
No. 27917 ID: dd338c
File 144031993698.png - (394.99KB , 1960x1760 , QiurillSweater.png )

Meanwhile, for something completely different, and I quote, "I guess when I get in the mood for some silly light fetish wear, I'd try those out."
No. 27922 ID: d90668


I like the shading on this one.
No. 27947 ID: f8b4f5

I like the breasts on this one.
No. 28240 ID: dd338c
File 144396996818.png - (319.64KB , 1200x832 , Glamour.png )

Modest spoiler fanart for Undertale. I, too, have played this.
No. 28248 ID: 6879ec

Oohhhh yeeees
No. 28331 ID: 72bec4

I suppose that pic could count as spoilers.
So. Who's your favorite Chara cter?
No. 28333 ID: dd338c

That's tough, I really like just about every character, and a lot would make it to the top.

But I want to say Sans.

I'm also usually (or try to be) tight on spoilering even the most minor stuff, just because I personally like to go into something absolutely cold. Example, I had to consider whether or not to spoiler Sans' name.
No. 31271 ID: d1f5f1
File 147424994324.gif - (5.37KB , 113x106 , CheeseWalk.gif )

A quick, janky animation of how Cheese walks.
No. 31298 ID: a6e54c

such grace, such poise, such elegance
No. 31299 ID: 91ee5f

From how often she complains about her tail being too big and heavy, I thought she would be dragging it on the ground instead of holding it up in the air.
No. 31300 ID: d1f5f1

She can hold it up for a short time, and does so when she needs to get somewhere fast.

If I were to do a second animation it would be how she walks when she's dragging her tail.
No. 31331 ID: 41d365

What about an animation concerning how squishy her butt is?
No. 31332 ID: 211d83


That should be a thing.
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