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File 140790510305.png - (1.61MB , 2000x974 , spacemarine.png )
24298 No. 24298 ID: 4e41c3

I got a new tablet, so a new drawthread to go with it.

On the left is the first thing I drew with my old generation 2 Bamboo small, so with the new Intuos Pro large, I created the image on the right.

Not really into 40k anymore, but I have to credit it as the driving force behind my art in the earlier days.
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No. 27284 ID: 653ccc

Oh hey, thank you for considering my request. It really means a lot to me.

And by simple, I meant, it should be simple for you to pin on the gold laurel thing. As for Chaplain helmet designs, I don't know, I've seen most of them either use Skull Faceplates on normal helmets, or have their own intricately designed thing with cables and mechanical oddities jutting inwards, animatronic jaws, etc.

Not sure if the Black Templars have anything specific within their ranks, so I guess it's yet again up to your interpretation!
No. 27419 ID: a515c2
File 143547519803.jpg - (523.85KB , 900x1163 , chapy.jpg )


Here, it's a bit ruff. I could not bring myself to render it, so it's like a coloured sketch. Hope it's accurate.
No. 27424 ID: d6c6fe

I'm in no position to complain. I absolutely adore it. Is this final? It's way better than I had imagined it. Only missing the gold laurels on that helmet.
No. 27785 ID: e04ec2
File 143904858228.png - (860.76KB , 995x1192 , Charr.png )


It's on his head, bro.

No new content. Dumping some stuff I did not post here yet. Some of you may have seen it elsewhere.
No. 27786 ID: e04ec2
File 143904860143.png - (887.14KB , 1000x1313 , Untitled-2 (2).png )

Towton 25
No. 27787 ID: e04ec2
File 143904864419.jpg - (299.43KB , 900x1051 , Bloke.jpg )

No. 27788 ID: e04ec2
File 143904867482.png - (1.14MB , 1000x1382 , Malric.png )

I sold my life to Chivalry
No. 27789 ID: e04ec2
File 143904873710.jpg - (1.29MB , 2000x1415 , greatwar.jpg )

Necropolis history.
More like Necropolis IS history, am I right?
No. 27790 ID: e04ec2
File 143904883972.png - (776.76KB , 1481x1000 , uruks.png )

I put Uruks underground without a sound, you orcs can't step to me, all goblins need to go.. back to Moria.
No. 27791 ID: e04ec2
File 143904906003.jpg - (6.63MB , 14080x1728 , 20150805_124858_Pano.jpg )

Photo-capture is almost a art.

The journey walking home was miserable.
No. 27894 ID: 27fd9f
File 144007847038.png - (173.00KB , 1170x1273 , fencingmask.png )

I want to paint my fencing mask with an edgy motif.
No. 27919 ID: 6bf901
File 144034104139.jpg - (1.28MB , 1200x1688 , necroc.jpg )

No. 27989 ID: 5857f1

Never thought about it, but is that a common thing?
No. 27991 ID: ebe396


Eh, sort of. Nobody I've seen in my group has done it. I think most people don't care enough, but it's definitely not a rare thing.
No. 28033 ID: f51c0f

will you be using some kind of special breath-through paint?
No. 28035 ID: f13f93


No... it's a mesh on the face of the mask. You just paint on the wire, the gaps stay there.
No. 28037 ID: d6f6ff

I'm not so sure that will be the case!
No. 28038 ID: f13f93
File 144160905272.jpg - (118.03KB , 406x364 , 1432785099051.jpg )


Well, I won't paint too thickly. And even if some gaps did get caked up with paint, it's not like the mask is airtight.
No. 28096 ID: 15134d
File 144230419547.png - (1.24MB , 1000x1056 , Untitled-1.png )

I made this as an avatar to use around the place. I thought I posted it here, but clearly I didn't.
No. 28113 ID: 962387
File 144267235750.jpg - (170.99KB , 1043x901 , ss+(2015-09-19+at+09_18_18).jpg )

Farkin love these brushes m9
No. 28114 ID: 962387
File 144267240117.jpg - (715.69KB , 1600x1434 , skelenight.jpg )


Fuck, that was the old version.
No. 28126 ID: 962387
File 144271906150.jpg - (690.59KB , 1600x1434 , ss+(2015-09-19+at+09_18_18).jpg )

A wolf became involved
No. 28128 ID: 0207a0

Holy fuck your art is seriously gorgeus
No. 28130 ID: 962387
File 144283890678.jpg - (751.39KB , 1600x1434 , skelenight.jpg )


Thanx bae ♥
No. 28137 ID: fb17e6

No. 28154 ID: b5dadc
File 144323102604.png - (3.90MB , 1240x1744 , IMG_20150926_0012.png )

Prepare to be dumped. This is from my sketchbook (one of those hardcover Moleskine ones that cost way too much).

The media vary, but often black Uniball Eye, some brushtip pens, and a Copic marker.

Oh god I have to shrink them. Just postan the smaller ones for now, I will cut up the bigger ones.
No. 28155 ID: b5dadc
File 144323128359.png - (5.56MB , 1363x2294 , sick cunt.png )

This is the first image in the book. Pencil with uniball
No. 28156 ID: b5dadc
File 144323135878.png - (6.48MB , 1488x2359 , bloke.png )

You may see a theme here.
No. 28157 ID: b5dadc
File 144323140160.png - (6.68MB , 1491x2460 , Bloke2.png )

No. 28158 ID: b5dadc
File 144323144797.png - (5.15MB , 1402x2233 , bloke three.png )

This is blue uniball with black also ball of the uni.
No. 28159 ID: b5dadc
File 144323150336.png - (6.10MB , 1465x2221 , Bloke the 4th.png )

This is actually an fArtLine calligraphy marker that was also overpriced.
No. 28160 ID: b5dadc
File 144323156088.png - (4.92MB , 1447x1909 , Bloke V.png )

I drew this in class because I am a pizza shit.
No. 28161 ID: b5dadc
File 144323163771.png - (7.70MB , 1524x2552 , sauron.png )

The eponymous lord of the things.
No. 28162 ID: b5dadc
File 144323172673.png - (8.44MB , 1580x2552 , lich.png )

It's like I enjoy drawing skeletons or something. Funnily enough, 'Funnybones' was what started this shit.
No. 28163 ID: b5dadc
File 144323181528.png - (5.79MB , 1471x2374 , IMG_20150926_0010.png )

O shit sun back into the copic marker and brown brushtip. I chose "warm greys" because they look better, fuck you
No. 28164 ID: b5dadc
File 144323189162.png - (6.22MB , 1426x2398 , IMG_20150926_0011.png )

Finishing it with this one. This is also a Black brushtip pen for the linework. I paid $20 for a mere three pens that day.
No. 28168 ID: 1f8505

That is a ton of medieval armors.
No. 28181 ID: b5dadc
File 144339658843.jpg - (869.95KB , 1600x1434 , skelenight.jpg )

Fuck it, done.
No. 28182 ID: 2f4b71

Turns out the ash from the crumbling flesh of the eternally damned makes for a great metal polish.
But seriously, that metallic shading is fantastic.
No. 28184 ID: bdc831

Just because you let yourself go doesn't mean you let what matters to you go to shit as well.

Just look at all them weeaboos and their Sailormoon figurines.
No. 28198 ID: f9cc7a
File 144370152933.jpg - (83.22KB , 480x640 , dildo.jpg )

I took a photo of my head and painted over it. The purpose is getting some idea of how my skull might look, as that interests me for some reason. The mouth is plainly wrong and simplified, but everything above that seems convincing. I might do others as the urge strikes me.
No. 28199 ID: f9cc7a
File 144370631120.jpg - (235.66KB , 900x1198 , buttplug.jpg )

Put more effort into this one. Kept referencing original photo and some additional references, but it's hard to know how accurate it is. It's an 'artist interpretation' after all.
No. 28208 ID: 2f4b71

>The purpose is getting some idea of how my skull might look, as that interests me for some reason. The mouth is plainly wrong and simplified, but everything above that seems convincing.
Skull-awareness tips, jaw edition!
- Face a mirror.
- Take two fingers of each hand (I find Middle and Ring easiest) and insert each pair into either side of your mouth, to the second knuckle
- Spread your fingers apart to splay your lips and the surrounding flesh open (similar to how a 'Predator' jaw opens).
- Open and close your teeth. The motion of your jaw and it's relation to your skull are much easier to see.
- You can move this 'window' around to see down the side of your jaw more easily
Lighting is tricky, you either need a mirror with surrounding lights, or a bright day and a mirror near a large window (or outside).
If you have someone to hold it, a bright LED torch with a red or 'warm-white' light can be pointed through the side of your cheek or the underside of your jaw so reveal bone structure in silhouette. This is better done in a dark room.
No. 28209 ID: f9cc7a


Oh yeah that's a good idea. CHeers
No. 28270 ID: 3d43fb

>someone to hold it
those would require you to be seen with both your hands halfway in your mouth while you're opening and closing your maw.
No. 28272 ID: 2f4b71

Having your mouth splayed wide open and clacking your jaw at them is a highly effective rubbernecker-repellent.
No. 28342 ID: 77e250
File 144488284798.jpg - (2.05MB , 1488x2359 , bloke.jpg )

Should prolly put this here
No. 28358 ID: 0e6ff2

Now I know why every game bulks the fuck out of their armoured skeletons.

Realistic armour looks kinda more silly than spooky on a skeleton.
No. 28555 ID: 1ac45c
File 144731725418.jpg - (222.36KB , 1000x1105 , aino.jpg )

Oi, not to make an "announcement" out of it, but for those of you who are not aware, a few weeks ago I made the decision to discontinue my participation in the TGChan community.

For those of you who enjoyed watching my art here, I consider it unfair to you, to suddenly go silent without informing you where you can find my sketches and whatnot in the future.

And I know this would appear somewhat ironic, but it's here: http://nazghoul.tumblr.com/

While my ultimate preference lies with the imageboard format, no other site provides a more convenient way to post scraps, WIPS, and general garbage, than tumblr does.

See you around!
No. 28559 ID: 88e46e

Is it a private thing or would you mind sharing your reasons why?
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