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File 148623434982.jpg - (268.92KB , 1173x1054 , Beautiful butterfly.jpg )
32929 No. 32929 ID: 47be15

Here you can ask me to draw some of my characters or to place fan art in this thread
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No. 42972 ID: 70be57
File 155829493297.jpg - (860.16KB , 1748x1752 , BB 365.jpg )

No. 42973 ID: e51896

Trent Acosta

on the job, people call him Agent Peregrine. That is the name that he will be referred to.
No. 42974 ID: 550cd9

Do we get codenames for this? If so I want mine to be Agent Corax
No. 43194 ID: 458fa9
File 156123721696.jpg - (2.69MB , 3508x4132 , BB 367.jpg )

No. 43195 ID: 458fa9
File 156123729393.jpg - (4.20MB , 3508x4961 , BB 368.jpg )

No. 43201 ID: 8b660e

inner thoughts: Why do I do this?

What I see is a kind of fall forced from grace. The women here, according to the file given to us are a shadow of the Ana girl, and Essence of life, a cycle of Ana that was bound to the Ash tree and went crazy and who attempted to take the place of shadows. I’m aware of the battle that took place between Essence and the other shadows. If I’m correct the shadows won that battle and Essence perished.

As for what this represents, I believe this is what Essence believed she wanted. The shadows, represented by the angel and Essence by the devil. This is my assessment of the painting, as well as whatever that... piece of performance art was.

We first see the angel and the devil sitting on a wire together, the angel is friendly, the devil has a plan. The angel invites the devil to come with her, but the devil lies and says that she can’t go. But this is a trick. The moment the angel spreads her wings we see the devils true intentions. Notice how she isn’t looking at the angel, she is looking at her wings.

Winged humans have long since represented the idea of divinity as well as a kind of freedom. And we see that here. The angel has wings and can fly and is free, the devil has roots and is grounded and stuck in what she knows. The devil is jealous of the angels freedom and so she takes it away. But her jealousy runs deeper than just wanting to be free, she wants the angel to feel as she does, grounded and bound by roots, that why the devil wraps the root around the angel neck before she pushes her. Now she is bound just as much as she is.

The final shot is of the devil spreading her roots out in an attempt to be wings but she cannot fly and now she must also hold up the angel with her roots as well. Perhaps because the angel was her friend, but she doesn’t just let her go and fall to the ground along with her wings she hangs on. It also seems that the devil has some feelings of remorse for what’s just happened but it’s too late to take it back, so she still hangs on to the body of the angel.

As for the name, “lie upon a shooting star” it’s a mockery of the old children’s saying about wishing upon a shooting star, that if you see one your wish will come true. However telling a lie to one, that too can be seen as a kind of wish. Perhaps wishing that the lie will become the truth.

inner thoughts: Sound reasoning but this also heavily metaphorical, metaphors only try and disguise the truth under flowery language and garbage. If an artist came to me trying to sell me this, I’d set sooner set on fire.

No. 43206 ID: e51896

*Gives thumbs up to Triumphant and resident of the gallery*

*starts writing*

What I think the picture represents: We see a lass with something that looks like horns on her head, and branches on her back which are trying to form wings which can't fly. She is crying upon a wire as something that looks like thorns behind her back hangs another lass of similar appearance on the neck with amputated wings on her back, amputated by the hooks of the same branches holding her. The missing wings are laying on the ground in a spiral of blood between them.

The title Lie Upon a Shooting Star I am interpreting in two ways... either actually laying down on a shooting star, or telling a lie to a shooting star. to note on these two interpretations, Legends say that a shooting star is usually associated with granting a wish to the very first person who see's it.

For the argument of laying down... it might not make sense as you see nobody laying down upon a shooting star, let alone not even see any shooting stars... until you realize what is actually lying: the pair of wings lying on the ground. If the floor represents the shooting star, and if the wings are the ones that are laying on said floor, then it could be that the wish that is desired are wings, which associates to freedom. But in order to make the wish for wings, she has to do something she does not want to do as evidenced by her sadness, which is to cut the wings off the winged woman. Something that pains her deeply, but something that she feels she needs to do as the end justifies the means in her eyes. Side-note, if the winged woman represents an angel, and the horned woman represents a devil, it could mean in order to gain freedom, she needs to abandon her pure angelic self.

for the argument of lying to a shooting star, I feel it suggests that she needs to make a wish she doesn't want to make. but she needs to make regardless. On that note, maybe the wings themselves represents the shooting stars themselves with the blood from where it was amputated representing the stars and the wings being the flame trail it leaves. She needed to make the "shooting stars" by doing something she does not want to do, something atrocious, which was cause a murder. I notice though that she is covering her eyes not looking at the wings as if she is refusing to make a wish. Perhaps she is allowing someone else to make a wish by making those wings for someone else from her sacrifice? Whatever the case, perhaps the title is suggesting that she is lying to herself about what she really wants for a wish. Perhaps her lying wish is to stay on the wire she is sitting on, even though she doesn't want to?

In both arguments, it is interesting to note that whatever represents the shooting star(s), it seems to be on the ground rather than the sky, which is easily reachable in contrast to them being in the sky. However, the horned lass does not grab them, as if she feels she needs to stay on the wire, as if it is her wish to do so even though she doesn't want it. much like how she feels in the song performance.

What I think the song performance represents
The song can be interpreted in two ways: A relationship between two people in a conflict of desires, or a conflict of two different thoughts within the mind: dreams and uncertainty

In the argument of conflict in relationship: it seems like the winged lass, full of optimism, and dreams to make something out of her life, wants to travel away from the wire the two are safely sitting on, urging the horned lass to join her on her adventure. The horned lass however, despite wanting that dream too, feels uncertainty over leaving the comfort of the wire, making excuses such as she is too tired to fly away, or there is a storm coming. It seems like in order to keep her winged companion on the wire, she needed to strip her of her wings, and hang her to the wire she feels comfort to. It is something she has guilt for, but feels needs to happen regardless.

In the argument of conflict in the mind: she wants to achieve a dream, make something out of herself, but she feels she can't and needs to stay on the wire. In order to obtain that unwanted wish, she needs to cut off all her desires to get away, which means amputating the wings needed to leave the wire. If we are to take the angel and devil theory, she is also casting away her morality as well in order to stay on the wire.

one thing to note about the song is that it feels like it just abruptly ends, as if there were supposed to be more to the song but was left unfinished. It could either be that only parts of the song is needed to get the idea across of what the performance is trying convey to the audience while the other parts not fitting to the performance, or it could be that the performance is not over yet and there is still more we haven't seen. It may be advisable to ask Triumphant and the gallery resident if there is more of the performance that they are aware of or withholding from us, or if it really ends abruptly just like that.
we should also consider whether or not to find out what the rest of the lyrics are if they exist, which shouldn't be too hard to find if it is actually a song created by a professional musician from that universe.

What it all means in comparison to the case file
the art, performance, and case report leaves me to a hypothesis that the lass named Essence is/was going after a goal which she needs to achieve at all costs, whether she truly wants that goal or not, or was truly meant for her or someone else. But her process in doing so requires her to do many unforgivable acts that she herself cannot live with as she tries to cast away her innocence and purity, even hurting people she really cares about to do it, long enough to the point where she has become desensitized to her immoral actions with little to no pureness left within her from corruption. However When all that is said and done, perhaps Essence's eye, she feels the ends justifies the means to her with the actions she is performing.

Thoughts on agent Triumphant: He is My support officer. Feelings on him is currently neutral. Nothing more, nothing less. Though respect is present and must be required among each other if we are to work together. Though curiosity arises as to why he is taking on a case related to such a dangerous universe that even other officers does not want to risk their lives to be a part of.

*hands paper over*

Essay is Finished. It is for Agent Triumphant's eyes only. And Agent Triumphant, It is of my upmost suggestion and request that you destroy the essays immediately after getting an idea of how we think after reading it. Call it paranoia if you must, but with such an "unconventional" case as you put it, you can't be too careful. *gives thumbs up* Agreed, sir?


And to scratch that itch of curiosity, I must ask: did you investigate if there was anything more in that song performance after the hanging of the winged lass? or did it just end there? The song didn't sound complete and felt like it ended abruptly. and was there anything of significance before the song? we cannot leave any stone unturned.
No. 43208 ID: 458fa9
File 156140517962.jpg - (3.03MB , 3508x3296 , BB 369.jpg )

No. 43216 ID: 458fa9
File 156158525056.jpg - (1.65MB , 3053x2137 , BB 370.jpg )

No. 43258 ID: 9dda2b
File 156219785548.jpg - (1.75MB , 2478x2573 , BB 371.jpg )

No. 43275 ID: 9dda2b
File 156248941142.jpg - (276.89KB , 1054x2328 , BB 372.jpg )

No. 43440 ID: 07c9c1
File 156456536486.jpg - (1.99MB , 2502x3082 , BB 378.jpg )

No. 43448 ID: 8b660e

Inner thoughts: Hooray, more of this. We’re here to solve a case you dolts, not spill the deepest parts of our lives.

My name is Alyosha Karamazov. I suppose if I had to pick something I like, I collect various vintage wines. Things I dislike, wastes of time and energy, Favorite food? I have soup most days. As for supporting the death penalty, I support the side of justice. If the crime is bad enough that the death penalty is warranted, then I support it.
No. 43456 ID: e51896

*Gives Alyosha a thumbs up*

And I am referred to as Peregrine. I apologize for only using my code name and not my real name, but in this line of work, it makes things easier to just keep personal life and investigation life as unconnected as possible, like living two separate lives as two different people. I would rather keep my personal life private and not have any of my detective life spill into my personal life whenever possible.

As a hobby, I go traveling whenever I can afford it. I want to see the world.

When I'm not traveling, I simply like playing darts. Always satisfying to hit a bullseye.

What I dislike is country music.

Favorite food would have to be eggs. especially omelettes.

for whether I support the death penalty or not: I think criminals should endure the misery of their long prison life before they endure what comes in their inevitable death. Immediate death penalty only frees them from that punishment.

As far as other topics goes, hmm... well, I am a believer in the religion of Inkiverusus, the Will of the World.

*looks over at Triumphant* Triumphant, if I may request, may you grant us permission to read each other's essays that we wrote the last time we were together? If Alyosha and I am working together, I think it might be important to do so in order to understand further each other's thought process on the upcoming job.
No. 43460 ID: 07c9c1
File 156469437286.jpg - (2.80MB , 2908x3850 , BB 379.jpg )

No. 43469 ID: 8b660e

Inner Thoughts: They remind me of an old married couple, one forced together through unfortunate circumstance than any form of romance. No doubt this Dervan would be the gossiping housewife with how much he is able to talk.

I have never had the pleasure of working with Agent Peregrine before. Nevertheless, I know him to be hard working and others have said he is a competent detective.


It’s not exactly a secret that my colleague here is a religious man. Specifically, his brand of faith is one that is riddled with controversy. The Church of Inkiverusis, and their private sect The Society of Perplexity, has many things that may need to be investigated should anyone choose to come forth with evidence that any exploitation or larceny has taken place

Inner thoughts: From what i’ve read, they’re brands of spiritual healing is more likely to open up more wounds than anything. This whole church feels like a scam where the people in charge got in too deep to turn back.

The only thing I worry about is if his relationship with his church will interfere with his work at all. But most of whom I have talked with have assured me it will not.
No. 43472 ID: e51896

*sighs* *whispers to self* good grief

The news media likes to make a mountain out of a molehill just to higher their ratings. They like to use the Society of Perplexity's actions as a way to throw shade at and tarnish the entire religion of Inkiverusus to their viewers for ratings. Thus, I recommend that you don't let the Society of Perplexity be the poster child of the entire religion of the Will of the World. The Society of Perplexity gives the Inkiverusus religion a bad name, and a lot of good people who used to believe in the Will of the World lost faith in Inkiverusus because of what the Society of Perplexity have been doing. There are many religious people of Inkiverusus like myself who oppose what Society of Perplexity does.

And as far as your worries with how my beliefs may interfere with my work at all, Alyosha, I'll just say I personally became a follower of the religion before I became an investigator. at that time, I was lost in what I wanted in life, and my purpose. During one of my lonely road trips, I learned about Inkiverusus in a small country town. A lot of what I heard about the Will of the World just made sense to me, and helped me realize we all have a set goal in life by the Will of the World to accomplish Inkiverusus' grand plan, no matter who you are. learning that, I decided I wanted to join the side of justice to help achieve whatever end goal Inkiverusus has set for me. It was thanks to Inkiverusus that I became a detective. I am thankful for the path Inkiverusus had set for me to take, and how Inkiverusus influenced my actions to be successful in my missions I have taken thus far.

I just got done reading your report, Alyosha, and judging by the paper, and mannerism, you seem to match up what other officers and detectives had said about your work back at the office where I work. You are very quick, and efficient with how you solve cases, and many of my coworkers are inspired by your work. However, I know there are other people at my work place who spread rumors about how they find it a little suspicious about how you are able to very swiftly and efficiently solve the cases you're assigned to, sometimes even saying you're willing to do any means possible, doing some pretty morally gray things. Though, those might just be words of jealousy that I've just been hearing by them.

But nonetheless, judging by the essay you written, you did point out some things I didn't consider, so I have faith you're very proficient in your field. You're title as a detective is not misplaced.

But I would totally whoop you in a fight to the death when push comes to shove. hah, just kidding.
No. 43485 ID: 07c9c1
File 156491273803.jpg - (1.63MB , 2312x3017 , BB 380.jpg )

No. 43486 ID: 8b660e

I suppose that would matter on what it is you hope to gleam from all this, sir.

Inner thoughts: I suspect mostly he’s doing it because he finds it amusing. But he does have a point. How hard they work at pressing the other person down? do they gloat afterwards? You can tell a lot about someone based on that. The only problem here is we were brought in here to find information on a criminal, not each other.

Well, Agent Peregrine, Shall we?

Inner thoughts: I’d rather get this done and over with as soon as possible.
No. 43487 ID: e51896

Good thinking. If we find out who is physically stronger now, it can help us decide who will be better suited in dealing with the heavy physical work to save time if it ever comes to it during our mission, or help us figure out which one of us to send into a fight if we're ever in a position where we need to defend ourselves without a weapon. but I'm interested in knowing, what is the winning and losing conditions you are referring to Daro? Impress Triumphant? He doesn't look like he is interested. But I'll still arm wrestle to satisfy my curiosity.

Also, I must ask before we start Daro, what made you think it was a surprise to everyone that I have a sense of humor? we only met briefly the first time not saying much except writing an essay, and we are only introducing ourselves to each other now. I'm interested in knowing where your assumption and expectation of me come from?

Ready whenever you are, Alyosha. I'll try not to break your arm in the process. Heh, nah, I'm giving it my all. As long as you do too.
No. 43488 ID: 07c9c1

Alright, we are going to do this old D&D old school style. Both will roll three six-sided dices and the sum will be your straight. Good luck you will need it!
No. 43489 ID: e51896

rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5

No. 43490 ID: 8b660e

No. 43491 ID: 8b660e

rolled 4, 1, 5 = 10

No. 43492 ID: 8b660e

*take hold of agent peregrine’s hand and sets his elbow down never breaking eye contact with Peregrine. Suddenly with a twist of his wrist, Peregrine is at a disadvantage, and he brings his arm down. Peregrine resists but it’s too little too late. Alyosha has won.*
No. 43494 ID: 07c9c1
File 156500161912.jpg - (1.35MB , 2480x2120 , BB 381.jpg )

Cone rolling three six-sided dices again. Also if you want Peregrine you can get one additional dice if you choose to do an underhand move.

No. 43495 ID: 8b660e

rolled 3, 6, 5 = 14

No. 43502 ID: e51896

rolled 3, 5, 1 = 9

Inner thoughts: ah hah hah! Wow! this guy has been lifting. No doubt he can hold his own when push comes to shove.

Inner thoughts: Well, whether I win or lose, I will gracefully accept either outcome. After all, whatever happens here is all part of a carefully constructed destiny that has been laid out for me and Alyosha. And I shall accept whatever fate happens here as it is all part of the grand end goal influenced and set by the Will of the World.

Inner thoughts: Even so, I can't be certain if I have been fated to win or lose in this part of my path towards the end goal that has been destined for me in my life if I do not try my best and give it my all. I'm not giving up! Just need to focus on all my strength, fight through the strain, and try harder!
No. 43505 ID: 8b660e

Inner Thoughts: I’ve won again. Did I enjoy it? Not especially. I take no pleasure in hollow victories that ultimately mean nothing. I don’t even take much pleasure in the ones that do.

I dislike having to do this so this idiot can better psychoanalyze us. I wonder how he would react to similar treatment. Probably would enjoy the attention it gives him.

Well fought, Peregrine. Truly, I could tell you were giving it your all. Well done.

*shakes Peregrines hand*
No. 43507 ID: 07c9c1
File 156508645959.jpg - (1.77MB , 2480x3216 , BB 382.jpg )

No. 43508 ID: 8b660e

Inner thoughts: Is he serious? Probably. The only thing I don’t agree with is the fighting spirit part. Either he has a trick up his sleeve or he is attempting to feel as though he is still a man with no arms and legs. Well, he is my superior officer in this case.

I’d be honored to oblige you.
No. 43509 ID: 8b660e

rolled 4, 1, 6 = 11

No. 43511 ID: 33f0a9

Well done Alyosha. Hey, maybe after our mission assignment, I might challenge you to a game of darts? That is, you you don't think that such games are a waste of your time. I will warn though, I have plenty of experience playing darts.

Inner thoughts:While Triumphant and Alyosha is arm wrestling, I think I'll start a conversation with Daro. Besides, I have a hunch about something with how this arm wrestling will go, and if I'm correct, it might be best to be prepared. For now, I'll get Daro's attention and ask him about himself and Triumphant.[/i]

Hi, Daro. Seeing as Alyosha and I are introducing each other, I feel it is also a good idea to get an introduction to you two as well. I'd like to know how you two met and became colleagues, and why Triumphant is taking on this interesting and difficult case we will be going on? Just a couple of examples to better understand the people I will be working with.
No. 43519 ID: 07c9c1
File 156516910792.jpg - (1.93MB , 2480x2784 , BB 383.jpg )

No. 43521 ID: 07c9c1

Also, I forgot to mention that now you can roll four dices now.
No. 43522 ID: 8b660e

rolled 4, 4, 6, 6 = 20

No. 43523 ID: 8b660e

“Arm wrestling does require a good deal of strength.”

*suddenly twists triumphants wrist slightly to put him at a disadvantage.*

“But knowing how put your opponent in an unfavorable situation can make all the difference.”
No. 43525 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: hm, hm. it is as I thought, I knew he would use Daro to help him out. And it seems Alyosha is having a bit of trouble as a result, which is what I'm seeing with him trying to use any means possible to win. It is just like I heard from the rumors I heard about him trying to succeed in his cases by any means necessary. But I don't think Alyosha is going to win by doing those slightly underhanded tactics alone

inner thoughts: luckily, Daro was willing to hold a conversation with me, and as expected, Triumphant was getting distracted by Daro's playful teasing. Perhaps That is a weakness of Triumphant's? In that case, if I want to help Alyosha just like how Daro is helping Triumphant, I'll just need to use Triumphant's weakness of geting distracted by Daro's teasing against him to make Triumphant lose focus.

inner thoughts: It's only fair I can help Alyosha since Daro is helping Triumphant, it is also a chance to show my teamwork with Alyosha for the upcoming mission. Plus it is kind of like how audience members in professional sporting events from the home team try to distract the visiting team. Perhaps this is why I was fated to lose that arm wrestle competition, to play this much bigger role in helping Alyosha.

Inner thoughts: I'll just need to get Daro to tell me a rumor about Triumphant that Triumphant doesn't want us to hear so he can get too distracted by Daro's teasing, and give Alyosha the win. Daro does love to tease Triumphant, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. After all, if Daro can indirectly help Triumphant, I can indirectly help Alyosha.

Ah, so I've been getting the impression that Triumphant is quite a go-getter, willing to prove himself against all odds. But perhaps he is using that to make up for some shortcomings he may have? There is something respectful about that. hmm, hey Daro, that got me thinking, you've worked with Triumphant for quite a very long time, yes? perhaps you'd like to share some... juicy rumors you know about Triumphant? Seeing as Alyosha and I have been talking about rumors we heard about each other, it seems only fair we hear about Triumphant's, yes?
No. 43526 ID: 07c9c1
File 156519035385.jpg - (2.10MB , 2480x2915 , BB 384.jpg )

No. 43527 ID: 07c9c1

You can roll four six-sided dices.
No. 43528 ID: 993727

rolled 5, 6, 5, 5 = 21

Inner thoughts: So this is simply another one of their tests is it? Well I have a way of breaking through boastful men.

Tell me Triumphant. Your lady friend, how do you think she feel would feel caring for a quadriplegic? Is that why you don’t claim to have feeling for you. But rumor or not, they usually have some truth behind them. What I’m curious about is whether she is willing to put up with... half a man. Especially when you must rely on another man in order to feel like you have some control..
No. 43539 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: Is Daro stealthily making fun of the controversies of my religion by offering me such a drug? hmmm. Actually, I think I'll just play along with his teasing and let him have his fun, maybe even give a friendly fun bit of teasing right back at him.

*Whispers back to Daro* Ah I see, so judging by your possession of Cannabis, I can see that you too are also an avid follower of the Will of the World, Inkiverusus like I am.
But sadly, to be more specific, you unfortunately seem to be part of that more controversial group of Inkiverusus, and partake in their so-called quote-unquote "spiritual journeys".
In any case, No thanks, Daro. I am in no need for a "spiritual journey", as I am much too mentally stable for that and have already found myself. In fact, I found myself sitting here in this room with you guys the whole time. Wow, Mind blowing, right? boom!

Joking aside, I don't think it'll be necessary, because I have a feeling that this arm wrestling match will end in either direction much faster than we think. It really all depends on how Triumphant's concentration reacts to Alyosha dissing his personal life. So this could get very, very, interesting. But Daro, if you still want to talk to us about more rumors about Triumphant before he rudely interrupted you, We're all ears, heh heh heh.

No. 43542 ID: 07c9c1
File 156528270995.jpg - (1.26MB , 2404x1986 , BB 385.jpg )

No. 43543 ID: e51896

Congratulations, Alyosha. *claps*

Also, I must apologize, Triumphant. I knew that Alyosha would have a bit of trouble, and I decided much like how you had Daro help you out a bit for the arm wrestling, I figured it's only fair to level the playing field and give my own contribution to Alyosha.

So I figured that if I was fated to lose against Alyosha, then I was fated to instead help him with this trial by analyzing and figure out a weakness you may have, and exploit it to give Alyosha that small advantage. I deduced that you tend to get distracted whenever Daro teases you by revealing secrets about you whether they are real or not, so I figure that I get Daro to reveal some rumors about you so that Alyosha can use what knowledge he learned from Daro to take advantage of your distractions to your personal life.

inner thoughts: this is why I try to keep my personal life and investigative life as separate as possible

Again, I apologize if that was against the rules to distract you, but I know that criminal masterminds that I go up against use sneaky underhanded tactics, we can't afford to just push through things all willy-nilly. We need to think outside the box like Alyosha and I just did as. I hope it at least proven how efficient our teamwork will be when we work together at the end of the day, sir. *thumbs up*
No. 43544 ID: 993727

Thank you Agent Peregrine, I appreciate your assistance.

I hope you can understand sir, I dislike playing with a stacked deck. You chose to play unfairly, so I accepted that as part of the game, and beat you the same way.

Inner thoughts: Whoever this woman is, if Triumphant feels he needs to cheat it order to win, perhaps he’s better off without her.

And this is just a matter of opinion, but if your colleagues feel it humorous to humiliate and deliberately spread rumors perhaps it’s best you let them find employment elsewhere.

*side long glance at Daro*

Then again, it may just be their relaxed attitude towards drugs.
No. 43548 ID: 07c9c1
File 156538142317.jpg - (2.59MB , 2480x3380 , BB 386.jpg )

No. 43551 ID: 993727

*ghoulish smile*
oh my, you’ll have to better than that, sir. You wouldn’t believe the threats I’ve heard. My favorite has been “I will carve a new ass in you and pull your guts through it.” And besides, don’t be so obvious with it. Pulling your stash out behind his back is just asking for trouble.

I look forward to working with them then.
No. 43600 ID: 58c631
File 156625120057.jpg - (2.52MB , 2391x3354 , BB 388.jpg )

Who is ready for a field trip!?!
No. 43607 ID: e51896

As long as it isn't this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9c2oHbM-3A
No. 43608 ID: 58c631

No this will be what the route tripe will fell like
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