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File 148623434982.jpg - (268.92KB , 1173x1054 , Beautiful butterfly.jpg )
32929 No. 32929 ID: 47be15

Here you can ask me to draw some of my characters or to place fan art in this thread
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No. 43929 ID: 8b660e

What a prick face. Well, someone will want these. Lord knows theres enough psychopaths around here who will want these bombs for something.
No. 43939 ID: e51896

Well, well... that was an experience... I'd say the second most weird and intense experience I've had today...

...My thoughts are neutral on Spiky... despite being in the crossfire between Spiky's confrontation with Anthony, Spiky wasn't targeting me personally that whole time... just Anthony. So I don't really care about Spiky as I can't form an opinion on him with what little interaction I've had with him...
...but really, I tend to have unbiased opinions on everyone anyway so...
But I am interested in knowing, Spiky said he fears you the most, Ms. Feasance. Any idea why?


As far as what we should do... I suppose I have some ideas...

...one idea for the first course of action is remove and maybe destroy those Blind Will portraits... Since we've learned how dangerous the portraits can be in the wrong hands, it might be best to take precautions now... That all depends on whether Anthony wants to destroy those portraits now or not.

Whether we do that first action or not... there are different options we can do for our second course of action:

one idea is just wait here patiently until someone frees us eventually... whether it be Spiky and/or his curator themselves, Ms. Feasance's father the Carpenter, Lorence, or whomever...
During our waiting, we can look at the artwork in the gallery... or Anthony can probably take some silly drawing requests from us to pass the time... or I guess I can tell a ghost story I've been thinking about writing... but only the nutshell version...

Another idea is using Anthony's curator for help in some way. For one example, if Spiky's curator is here watching, Anthony can probably order his Curator to have a chat with Spiky's curator and start some kind of negotiation.
I'm personally against this idea as I'm not a fan of using a magic handicap, but that is my opinion. Everyone seems to be gaining weird powers anyway, so whatever. Don't let my opinion persuade you, I won't stop you.

Last idea, we can just believe that Spiky is lying again and just simply leave this place. He is a joker after all. But that is also pretty risky

Those are my ideas that I've been spitballing. If you want to do them, or if you have a better idea, go for it.

As for me, I prefer to look at and admire some of Anthony's artwork in the meantime...

*stares at one of the Blind Will portraits* I can't imagine what kind of nightmare you've had that inspired you to make this artwork.
No. 43940 ID: f14948

Well I mean I why make it so complicated as using my curator for getting rid of the bombs through magic? There’s no phones around here and these things will only explode if we follow him right?

Hey Ace? Can you go tell someone where stuck here for a while?
No. 43941 ID: f7ff14
File 156934597246.jpg - (1.30MB , 1862x2240 , BB 411.jpg )

No. 43942 ID: f14948

Who’s your father? I’ll send Ace to go get him.

As for that drawing, I intend to see it stolen back despite how shitty it is. You know the one Lorence was worried about? He’s a buddy of mine, he knows people who get it in and out. Once they’ve got it they’ll burn it. I figured I’d ask him to see if it can be done. If it can’t, well I look at it this way. From what I’ve dreamt of Happy, he’s not a good man either. But that’s the thing. It’s not a battle of good vs. evil, it’s bad vs. worse.
No. 43948 ID: e51896

*stops staring at the Blind Will portrait and looks at Anthony

As I said before, Anthony... her father is known as The Carpenter... And I wouldn't send Ace out to find him. Like Spiky said, anyone who leaves here means we all get exploded... that probably includes if Ace leaves as well... Besides, Ms. Feasance already made the decision, so let us respect her decision to take a break while we wait... We all deserve it.
With any decision from this point on Anthony, just remember that sometimes, when given a decision between a bad or worse decision, the person giving the decision could disguise the less bad decision as the worst decision while a decision that is perceived as the worst decision can be disguised as the less bad decision in order to manipulate you into something you don't want. Just be aware of your surroundings and try to anticipate what hidden consequences may arrive from each decision in the future. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn't. Treat your artwork from your magic dream powers with more respect and responsibility, no matter how shitty you make them.
And as far as your friend is concerned, I won't judge whoever it is as I don't know the person, but I hope you've choose who your friends wisely. You tend to jump into a friendship without getting to know the person first, even starting a loving relationship with Cleo a bit too quickly within the day of meeting her...
But in any case, whoever your friend is... I want to request if I not be associated with his rivalry with Lorence if that is alright with you as I want to stay neutral with whatever bad blood they have... [inner thoughts]:probably because I still have respect for Lorence which I don't want to break...

By the way, you didn't answer my question Anthony. Are you going to get rid of those portraits of the Blind Will right now as we wait here for the time being?

*looks over to Ms. Feasance*

It might not be best to just assume that isolation in the woods is the main cause of his behavior. The isolation might have played into it, but remember that you too were isolated and you've turned out alright compared to him from what I gathered... I just think a lot more of other factors should be considered when judging why he acts the way he does and not just isolation as the main cause alone...

That said, I know your brother is in bad terms with you and your father, and it sounds like he loved his mother at least. But I'm interested in knowing how your relationship with your father is...
...and if I may ask a personal question... which you don't have to answer now if you're not comfortable... in the short time during your childhood that you've known your mother, what was your relationship with her? what were some memories of her you can remember?

[inner thoughts] I think it might be too soon to ask how her mother died right now, so I won't ask it. That question is probably way too personal and worst case scenario could open up some traumatic repressed memories of what happened on her mother's death day... I'll ask when she is more comfortable
No. 43949 ID: 48a98a

I’m not sure what I’d get rid of them with, canvas is surprisingly strong but I’ll look around to see if I have something to get it done.

*gives Nathan a funny smile*
That’s not quite what happened the first time we met. The first time I met her I screamed kinda like how I did when Spikey showed up and ended up confusing a coat stand for someone and climbing on top of it like some kind of drunk cat. But she wanted to get to know me better, why that is I’ll never know, lord knows it wasn’t a good first impression. But the next time I met her she was dressed differently, just in simple shirt and pants, different mask too. And we just started talking. The night ended with us just holding hands....

*happy sigh*

What about you three, Ace you wanna join the conversation? Any of you have someone in your life?
No. 43950 ID: f7ff14
File 156943964975.jpg - (1.82MB , 2480x2656 , BB 412.jpg )

No. 43953 ID: 8b660e

No. No thank you.
No. 43954 ID: 8b660e

You said two of them are active? So even if I answer truthfully I could hit bomb and trigger it. So I’ll just tell you that’s true. How you know it is beyond me, but I’ve dealt with a woman who knew shit on meta level before and she sucked ass and quickly became such a problem she had to die for it.

You’re game is stupid (it’s not even truth or dare), and you’re stupid. I’m not playing this with another meta breaking character. Fuck off.

And yeah I did just break character to tell you this.
No. 43962 ID: 8b660e
File 156948481527.jpg - (417.42KB , 1058x1321 , BD164237-C5E6-4062-9B73-BB1F4AB9177B.jpg )

Here I got bored while listening to this clown so I did these for fun.

A new version of the Ash Tree.
No. 43963 ID: 48a98a
File 156948503227.jpg - (460.33KB , 1075x1529 , 8015A882-D1E7-4950-840C-9DB0C614769D.jpg )

I’ll call this one, Blue Ana
No. 43964 ID: 48a98a
File 156948722261.jpg - (301.71KB , 954x1175 , 98AE957E-0CC5-4C28-BB38-C2543B52BB7E.jpg )

*eyes suddenly glaze over and it’s as though fainted on his feet when he suddenly springs into life again*

AHA! Gotcha clown!

*runs to the desk and draws fast*

Ms. Feassance! Before you speak would you say this is a good likeliness of your brother?

If you can still hear me clown, and I bet your curator is watching so you’ll know I’m not lying but I just did a new drawing of you. blow us up and you’ll never get a chance to see it or compare it your own art pieces.
No. 43973 ID: e51896

Have you calmed down from your overeating flip out, Anthony? because if you are... I can give you the answer to your question: no, I do not have anyone special in my life... a lot of people don't find me interesting with my reclusive lifestyle and hobby, so they tend to leave me alone while I leave them alone. I was even surprised and confused when someone as famous as you insisted on being my friend...
and even if I was interesting... I don't think I would want someone to love in my life, as the world has become such an uncertain state at the moment... so committing to a relationship at this time will just most likely lead to an easy heartbreak if a potential loved one or I were to perish, especially with the dangerous new environment and dangerous people. Having that possible emotional baggage would keep me from accomplishing my goals. Plus, I enjoy the silence of solitude.


It's been nice hanging out here, but I'm going to fly off to my coop now... You're both welcome to fly and follow me out too, Anthony and Ms. Feasance. I would appreciate the company...
or you both can continue to roost here and enjoy your game of "Truth or Death" with Spiky. It's up to you both. *takes one last glance at the Blind Will portraits before heading towards the door*

[inner thoughts]: there isn't any bombs. And I don't think the prize is anything good anyway. Spiky won't activate the bombs if we just leave. And even if he did blow us up, Spiky would certainly be making tons of enemies from Anthony's fanboys and fangirls, his girlfriend Cleo, and Ms. Feasance's friends, baseball lover, and her father all looking for revenge.
Plus, if anything, the explosion will at the very least destroy those dubious Blind Will portraits. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take if it means those portraits won't be seen or used again to cause a fate worst than death upon the people on earth...
In any case, I'm hoping they both follow me out.

No. 43974 ID: f7ff14
File 156962628137.jpg - (4.97MB , 3508x4731 , BB 413.jpg )

No. 43977 ID: 48a98a

You’re missing out on the best part. That evil witch that turned the poor puppy into a monster died. And the reason the young man was so afraid was because of a twisted future where the monster that the witch had created also turned that same young man into a monster as well. But now that little pup doesn’t have to hate the young man anymore because he’s sorry for what he did out of fear. And he hopes that young pup can find a pack or someone like him whom can love him just as much.


In fact I think the young man might even have an idea of who might love that puppy as one of her own.

As for you clown, you’re not funny. You’re just an asshole and as for what I saw, that’s none of your goddamn business, and it’s also not how it all works anyway, dumbass. Now get the fuck out of my gallery, I’m locking this place up.
No. 43978 ID: 8b660e
File 156966330021.png - (906.43KB , 2732x2048 , 8A19F959-7802-416B-9BF1-BFD4306CFD49.png )

i need some aspirin, I had to deal with a lot of shit from Lorene and clown that got less scary just got annoying. But he told me about some old dream I had awhile ago. I don’t really remember it but I should know by now my dreams have some power. But I know if that little dog is out there, there’s a girl just like him who could use him, and I think he might need her too...
No. 43979 ID: e51896

*meanwhile, Nathanial is waiting outside the door of the gallery for Anthony and Ms. Feasance. However, he cannot hear what is happening inside since the door is closed*

[Inner Thoughts]: I thought that I could spark the flames inspiration for Anthony and Ms Feasance to withdraw from the gallery with me to fly free away from Spiky bullying us if I showed bravery in my rebellion in leaving despite the empty threats Spiky was giving. However, the beast known as fear is a much more powerful, belligerent, and suppressing dragon that I had initially conceptualized that not even their trust in me and my inspiration could achieve victory over the dragon. Perhaps I should have been more clear with my wording when I asked them to join me outside the gallery. Nonetheless, I have at least learned the kind of people Anthony and Ms. Feasance are with this action.


[inner thoughts]: In any case, I shall delay my venture into the familiarity and comfort of my territory until Anthony and Ms. Feasance comes out of the gallery to join me. But for now, I think I shall think about what precautions to take in my next action in consideration of what this event might bring in the future... if Spiky considers trying to one-up me after I saw through his trick, perhaps I should consider hiring a bodyguard for protection as an alternative to getting a curator or gaining immortality since I dislike cursing myself with any sort of acquirement of magic. While the bodyguards available might have some screws loose, it is perhaps better than having no protection in what the world is becoming. Further consideration might be wise
No. 43980 ID: f7ff14
File 156969828537.jpg - (1.90MB , 3140x2304 , BB 414.jpg )

No. 43981 ID: 48a98a

*takes the gold orb*

I don’t know what you expected me to with this but I know what I will do with it.

Inner thoughts: im bringing this to the doctors so they can get it back to whoever needs this. It’s the right thing to do
No. 43994 ID: f7ff14
File 156975944098.jpg - (1.89MB , 2812x2649 , BB 415.jpg )

No. 43997 ID: 8b660e

You can report him if you want to. As for that thing about the dog... long story. Let’s get out of here...

Hey, Nathaniel? You alright? Thought I heard you scream? Ohhh... that hit you? Well you know I was gonna give you some flak about just leaving when the going got rough, but seeing as how it literally came back to hit you in the back in the head we’ll call that even-Stevens. I need some aspirin and some lunch. What about you Ma’am? Wanna grab a bite to eat?
No. 44007 ID: e51896

I... probably deserved that...

I was actually banking on you two to follow suit in leaving the gallery with me out if I showed valor in standing against the tides of threats with the logic I had against the deceits... but fear can be a much more powerful and dangerous thing that can suppress people. It can cloud people's trust in friends and cloud judgement and logic in actions leading to misunderstandings. Nonetheless, I apologize for not being clear in my actions if it looked to be a selfish move.

...you said something about reporting Spiky to Lorence? If it was my decision, I'd refuse to report Spiky and get on with my life. It is probably for the best not to confront Spiky in any way any further lest we want to instigate him into taking actions to try and physically or mentally hurt us in some way again. If anything, I think Spiky with this action wanted to send a warning or teach us something with his actions. I don't think we have enough information or reason to report him at the moment.

Plus, I believe Lorence is busy enough as it is, reporting Spiky could add to that workload Lorence has to deal with. And Ms. Feasance said she had a treaty with Spiky to not bother one another, Ms. Feasance reporting Spiky could break that contract. Spiky's actions here was more to mess with Anthony, not Ms Feasance, she was just in the crossfire which is most likely why he didn't actually have bombs in the box. If anyone should report Spiky to Lorence, it'll have to be Anthony.

But my advice is to just drop it, and not report Spiky and leave it be. Besides, He could be anticipating us to report him which could instigate him to react accordingly.
No. 44010 ID: f7ff14
File 156996071111.jpg - (1.56MB , 3304x1547 , BB 416.jpg )


This is the end part of this short story. Now it is time to start something that I like to do annually and I think you all know what that is.
No. 44011 ID: f7ff14
File 156996184694.jpg - (749.25KB , 1769x1342 , BB 417.jpg )

Essence: I really like this costume, it really defines what I am all about!

Happy: Yeah my costume fits me perfectly!

Spirit Contaminator: I don't like my costume at all, it is just a combination of two characters that don't even fit together!

Yeah, we are doing this once more but this time with a twist. This year both of you are going to compete one against the other. This is how it is going to work, both of you will suggest one character to be dressed in a fitting costume and I will pick which idea I like more. This will be done multiple times until the month is over and who has more points will get a prise.

No. 44015 ID: 48a98a
File 156998979545.jpg - (178.17KB , 588x779 , 418AF9C1-1874-4FA6-ABF2-305EF322863C.jpg )

Ooh okay I wanna see Root as the demonic cult leader Randal Flagg from Steven Kings book, The Stand.
No. 44018 ID: e51896
File 157000065164.png - (102.74KB , 196x507 , Miles_Edgeworth.png )

(told ya we probably should of destroyed those pictures of the Blind Will, Harbard :P)

cool idea this year for Halloween. Also, I noticed that the characters seem to be interacting with each other and their costumes (unless that is only for Essence, Happy, and Spirit Contaminator)

But man, I already have a lot of ideas for costumes. I'll start out with something basic: Lorence as Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series.
No. 44022 ID: f7ff14
File 157004647376.jpg - (1.17MB , 2480x1664 , BB 419.jpg )

No. 44025 ID: 2464aa

The theme will be: animated characters. Costumes of characters from a cartoon show or movie.
No. 44031 ID: f7ff14

My suggestion will be Wild Cat dressed as Felix the Cat
No. 44032 ID: 8b660e

Tv Head/Flint as Johnny Bravo
No. 44046 ID: e51896

y'know, the funny thing is, when I said I had lots of ideas for costumes, one of the ideas I had for a costume coincidentally was Wildcat as Felix the Cat. wtf? anyway, yeah, I think Wildcat as Felix the Cat fits best.

Sidenote, if you want to watch the weirdest and deranged iteration of Felix the cat, watch the 90's "Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat" show. I remember watching that as a child. it pays a lot of homage to the old 1920s Felix cartoons as well as a little bit of homage to the 1950s cartoon tv series. It was a cartoon that takes advantage of the fact that it is a cartoon as much as it can not being grounded in reality. It's too bad Felix is pretty much forgotten especially since he was the first popular cartoon star before Mickey Mouse. A bigger shame they did nothing with him since this year is his 100th birthday.

Anyway, yeah. Wildcat is my choice.

No. 44050 ID: f7ff14
File 157014412921.jpg - (451.92KB , 1665x1193 , BB 420.jpg )

No. 44054 ID: f6c741
File 157015963027.jpg - (615.96KB , 1500x2277 , 8029238C-874F-4795-9FCA-81EE0F251662.jpg )

Delilah as Duela Dent from the Batman comics
No. 44056 ID: e51896

>>44050 Felix the HET

Something absurd? How about Bleeding Jimmy >>33109 as Tingle from the Zelda series?
Because why?
No. 44059 ID: 8b660e
File 157022533835.jpg - (94.31KB , 854x640 , EFA5C0B1-571A-425C-9C7B-181DA23AD882.jpg )

I’d like to change my answer, I still think this is good but I’ll save this one for later.

The smiling dinner as the Spanish Inquisition from Monty python’s flying circus
No. 44064 ID: f7ff14
File 157028358728.jpg - (801.76KB , 1666x1307 , BB 421.jpg )

No. 44065 ID: 8b660e

For my category I want funny, the matchup has to at least make me laugh either to how well it matches, or irony, but it just has to be funny
No. 44067 ID: f7ff14

Robin Dagonet as Kenny from south park
No. 44080 ID: e51896

Masturbating Mike and Handjob Hank as Beavis and Butthead
No. 44083 ID: f7ff14

No. 44085 ID: f6c741

Oh holy shit these are both great... if its possible I’d like to give both of you a point because they are so perfect. I am only able to pick one I will give to to Robin Dagonet as Kenny simply because I like South Park more. But man I don’t know that Bevis and butthead one.... okay can I please see both drawn and decide then??? Seriously these are too good not to do.
No. 44086 ID: f7ff14
File 157047706369.jpg - (614.99KB , 1901x1169 , BB 422.jpg )

No. 44087 ID: f6c741
File 157048164547.jpg - (25.36KB , 240x240 , 718E6937-639B-48FA-9F0D-50A50CC20552.jpg )

Carrie’s friend Navaria as Gail from Sin City
No. 44095 ID: e51896

I think the most kinkiest cosplay for anyone to wear would have to be dressing up as Felicia from Darkstalkers.

The hardest part was finding a character that matches her personality, but I don't think there is anyone that matches that.

But I figured that since Felicia is a stage performer, and Luvia was a stage performer in the alternate Essence Timeline, then probably Luvia as Felicia.
No. 44097 ID: f7ff14
File 157057400922.jpg - (363.96KB , 1508x860 , BB 423.jpg )

No. 44098 ID: 8b660e

so because I win that means I pick the theme?

alright... Show me your Grimdark.
No. 44100 ID: f7ff14

Ana as American Mcgee Alice
No. 44101 ID: e51896

Absurdity as the Outsider from the Dishonored series
No. 44106 ID: 8b660e

Both are good but I gotta say I like Absurdity as The Outsider a little more.

Ana as we know her now isn't hardcore enough to be Alice from that game.
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