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File 151526071970.png - (211.24KB , 638x299 , SarcDraws.png )
37437 No. 37437 ID: 11f77a
Where I can't find a place to appropriately submit stuff. WIP pictures too.
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No. 37438 ID: 11f77a
File 151526092475.png - (421.77KB , 514x1080 , Calliope 2 CROTCH 2017.png )
Was made in response to a nice comment—I meant to make an encore for Crotch Day 2017 but there's barely any crotch shown anyway and I was iffy on the pose.

So enjoy, I might draw in a dude later.
No. 37541 ID: c88e6d
Still looks good!
No. 37703 ID: 35089a
where have i seen that character before
No. 37711 ID: 11f77a
I have commissioned and drawn porn of him, he's my character too. There are many lizards with dreadlocks as well on FA so you could be confusing him/me as someone else. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ramos

I mostly hang out either there or FList
No. 39222 ID: 11f77a
File 152831677123.png - (195.18KB , 883x857 , GURCH.png )
Playing D&D and I decided to be a Kobold Skald! He plays an ibex trumpet which sounds like the tripod horn from War of the Worlds.
No. 39223 ID: 11f77a
File 152831704177.png - (1.12MB , 1848x980 , UsualSuspects01.png )
My team! Rognar the Dwarven Fighter, Vex the Tiefling Rogue, Gurch (Me) the Kobold Skald, Adrian the Human Brawler, and finally Ailsa the Elf Wizard. Ready for session #2!

So Gurch is looking for something of eldritch nature, that he calls the Lharnaaguoth (I may reuse names from other stories). As far as he knows it's an 'Instrument of Death' thus is why he knows every musical device because he has no idea which instrument it is. Unfortunately the Lharnaaguoth isn't something for music but that's the humor of it all. So the first thing he does is threaten people and demand where the Lharnaaguoth is.

Anyway he intimidated a fortune teller instead of asking for a missing person.
No. 40034 ID: 11f77a
File 153457068412.png - (160.51KB , 1018x533 , DoberpussyINLINE.png )
Dog ♥
No. 40035 ID: 40197f
Good dog. =3
No. 40037 ID: ff82d2
It looks like someone's been hiding a bone. Nice job on the... hmm... accessories.
No. 40112 ID: 11f77a
File 153523285322.png - (406.57KB , 1046x1170 , OLIVE.png )
Dog2 ♥
No. 40351 ID: 11f77a
File 153679974341.png - (711.00KB , 1119x979 , SarahSabre.png )
Catte porn~
No. 41382 ID: 11f77a
File 154403646941.png - (2.28MB , 1665x1970 , yooka_final.png )
I was commissioned to make Yooka porn, so here we are
No. 41383 ID: 11f77a
File 154403650241.png - (2.19MB , 1665x1970 , yooka_final_pants.png )
No. 41415 ID: 40197f
Real good pic though. =P
No. 42441 ID: 11f77a
File 155307409360.png - (2.13MB , 1665x1970 , tsaranon_final.png )
No. 42579 ID: 11f77a
File 155424484072.png - (792.55KB , 792x1014 , tashi_final.png )
Horse but sad
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