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File 152488603271.png - (142.98KB , 800x580 , Fufu.png )
38681 No. 38681 ID: c914a9
I'm finally doing this!
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No. 38682 ID: c914a9
File 152488621908.png - (1.37MB , 3082x2392 , fuyuniis.png )
I decided that to start this I should post my main fursona's ref! I'll eventually update him a lot more since I'm addicted to writing more and more stuff for my characters all the time! Yay!
No. 38683 ID: c914a9
File 152488641634.png - (265.56KB , 1230x1600 , Meek.png )
A small kitty I've drawn a few weeks ago when I was feeling down, and also in this simple style I like doodling on. I named him Meek, and he's a big dork who's a huge fan of cowboy movies and super hero comic books!
No. 38684 ID: c914a9
File 152488653917.png - (283.61KB , 1116x1455 , Mio.png )
A bun I remember drawing like, at 3 AM back in Easter Fools, though he's not Easter-themed and is merely a regular bun. A soft regular bun! His name is Mio and he absolutely loves sugar.
No. 38685 ID: a363ac
CUTE! all of these are super cute!
No. 38686 ID: c914a9
Thank you very muuch!! :3c
No. 38687 ID: 992200
Cute bunny paws~
No. 38692 ID: c914a9
File 152496528153.png - (411.48KB , 1000x1800 , Paws.png )
This gave me inspiration to do a thing

I wanna continue this, as weird and silly as it may sound. Also, thank you! :3c


In Kip's and Kenny's point of view

No. 38694 ID: 992200
I'm not sure what to suggest. I mean, wasn't Kip supposed to be the one with bunny paw obsession?

Well, if Fuyunii also loves paws so much, then I guess one way to cater to his interests would be if Kip and Kenny smooshed both of their paws all over his face heh
No. 38695 ID: c914a9
File 152504071911.png - (248.08KB , 1000x1320 , Kifu.png )
>I'm not sure what to suggest. I mean, wasn't Kip supposed to be the one with bunny paw obsession?

The cat flinches and giggles, nodding with a blush. He's also surprised, but it's a nice surprise at least. Kenny explains some stuff, as he's got a short break from the ticklish feeling while the brown rabbit focus on Kip's kitty paws.
No. 38696 ID: c914a9
File 152504091601.png - (521.59KB , 1000x2592 , Funi.png )
>Well, if Fuyunii also loves paws so much, then I guess one way to cater to his interests would be if Kip and Kenny smooshed both of their paws all over his face heh

Kip and Kenny nod in an adorable unison, their soft paws smooshing Fufu's face in a gentle yet playful manner. Both seem to be enjoying this even more than they expected! Kip seems to be getting a kick out of all of this in his own unusual and awkward way, and Kenny seems to be enjoying this a little too much, letting his hand slide into his pants as he moans softly.
No. 38697 ID: a363ac
what about tiny kip paws on fufu's face.
No. 38705 ID: 08b7e6
[Squee Intensifies]

This is quickly approaching uncomfortable levels.
Nibble the toes.
No. 38710 ID: c914a9
File 152513065883.png - (420.51KB , 1000x2208 , Funy.png )
>what about tiny kip paws on fufu's face.

>Nibble the toes.

Kip playfully pushes his toes into Fufu's mouth, causing the rabbit to give a little squeak in surprise, and he smiles sweetly with the warmth and the wetness of his mouth, the feeling being so strange yet so pleasing. "Now nibble them!", the kitty says in a very playful tone, the idea suggested to him sounding absolutely perfect to the delighted kitty. Fufu just gives a obedient nod and begins to do so, nibbling on the alien cat's toes submissively, causing Kip to burst into a sweet laughter. "H-Hey, t-this tickles! Fufu, take it easy!", the kitty squeals as he giggles, his cheeks all covered in a red blush. Kenny watches all this with a mischievous smile, and joins in; playfully hovering his right foot right below the rabbit's helpless nose and also spreading his toes lazily to let Fufu sniff them deeply, having little to no mercy on the rabbit. He's way too distracted to have any mercy.

Kenny can hardly contain himself, feeling the pleasure rushing through his body as he strokes his dick excitedly with so much arousal as he feels the rabbit's breath over his paws, all of this making him feel so delightfully dominant. He's been resisting the urge to whip it outta his boxers for way too long now. His shyness is slowly fading away, giving place to a pulsing, absolutely overwhelming arousal.

The kitty, meanwhile, giggles adorably as he wiggles his toes helplessly inside the rabbit's mouth, the ticklish feeling driving him crazy. He wiggles around excitedly on the couch he's sitting on, rubbing his other foot on Fuyunii's cheek and purring softly as the rabbit nibbles on his pawpads so gently, shivering as his wet tongue licks in between each of his toes, just squealing so cutely with a sweet laughter that shows pure sweet enjoyment!
No. 38715 ID: a363ac
Kip tell Fufu to use his cute pads on you. bunny cum~
No. 38724 ID: c914a9
Ahhn, yes, bunny cuum~ <3

Alright, I'm sorry for not continuing this yet buuut I've kinda lost the inspiration to finish it at least for nooow, might get back to it in the near future though! :3c I'm taking some drawing requests instead since you guys are really nice and I really like the peeps in this site, and also I wanna have more stuff to doodle. Just ask away! As long as it's an anthro animal and such since I suck at humans. I have a big preference for buns though. Huge. Really really big. Nah, anything is fine!
No. 38736 ID: a363ac
real bun munching on some celery
No. 38744 ID: 992200
How about Kip and Fufu nibbling on each other's paws?
No. 38747 ID: e34a3b
Random car chase sequence GOOOOO!!!
No. 39847 ID: 90c9c4
File 153340161490.gif - (138.56KB , 800x500 , chas.gif )
With the failure of my September Quest I decided to use my time to doodle all these things you guys asked!!

I swear I wanted to make it a serious thing buT it just scalated into puppies in cars and one awoo-ing through the sky
No. 39848 ID: 90c9c4
File 153340169282.gif - (28.75KB , 800x500 , Bune.gif )
BUN but not-so-real because I couldn't hold back the temptation to add LOTS OF FLOOF

I'll make sure to doodle that when I'm in a good mood to draw pawsies, yaaay!
No. 39936 ID: 864e49
No. 40139 ID: 90c9c4
No. 40140 ID: 90c9c4
File 153544058927.png - (117.08KB , 711x660 , FuyuKity.png )
Redesigning my fursona as more of a kitty like he originally was, I keep on switching between making him a bunny and making him a cat and at this point I just can't even choose anymore! A little sketch just to keep my dead drawthread a bit less... dead, I think. Yay!
No. 40147 ID: ff82d2
You're cute-ing him up too much! You're gonna give someone a heart attack lol

If you can't decide, you can try making him half-rabbit half-cat or something. If that's even legal!
No. 40473 ID: c914a9
File 153764938911.png - (93.11KB , 836x1644 , Trumpet Marching Band Kip.png )
I have no idea why I drew Kip in a marching band uniform and pasted a trumpet over it, but it was fun! And I'm totally not posting this just so to say I'm alive.

Awwwww, thank you so much!!!! And awwww, Like a cabbit? That'd be so cuuuteee!! I've thought of that, maybe I'll do it!!

Also, on a side note, I decided I'll take quite a different approach to my September story, and it's no longer gonna be in a quest format; which is why I won't be posting any more stuff of it in this site for now, but I'll still be giving some updates about it and stuff in my blog, when I decided to revive it, I dunno!

I love how my art folder at this point is like 80% silly doodles of Kip and only 20% serious art and I'm so okay with that, I love drawing Kip way too much
No. 40474 ID: 93f082
You're welcome!

Umm, I think the story of September was ok, maybe you could've still tried pushing it forward even if it only got a few suggestions and more people would get interested once something really interesting happened. Maybe people just don't like hospitals or something.

Your art is cute, so don't worry and keep drawing!
No. 41169 ID: c914a9
Aww! Thank you so much, dude, you're a sweetheart!

I can't really tell you how much I appreciate the support you give me with my silly quest stuff, thank you so much!! :3c
No. 41170 ID: c914a9
File 154235410678.png - (1.01MB , 1746x1866 , Fluffer Pupper.png )
I haven't painted in a long time and I realized I've never posted any paintings on here, so have this!

I painted a silly pupper with a scarf, done with a single brush!
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