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File 127631302710.png - (100.90KB , 600x600 , sergal_I_guess.png )
717 No. 717 ID: 8bdb6a

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No. 31069 ID: b88e47

Tozol Quests are bests.
No. 31130 ID: 395c02

I've been meaning to say this, but... I think I was too hard on tozols in the past. It turns out there's a lot of really neat things you can do with a powerful creature, and One Punch Man shows you can do interesting things with an insanely powerful creature.

So um... s-sorry about that.
No. 31150 ID: 1f8505


It's cool, Slinko.
No. 31151 ID: eaf326


No worries or hard feelings.

Curious if anything apart from the majesty of One Punch Man helped you change your mind
No. 31163 ID: 395c02

OPM is probably where the main epiphany hit me, but over time I toyed around with powerful beings. Captain Venji is also a lot more Tozol in power nowadays. and the new dragon romance has a character who could also get ridiculously powerful as things go

Weak characters and Strong characters (and average characters even) have a ton of options and avenues to explore in story writing, and I'm starting to realize that now!
No. 31164 ID: 8d999b

It works because OPM is parody of shonen and the powerlevel wankery to begin with.
No. 31165 ID: dfdb1e

There is something cathartic about seem someone you sympathizes with defeat enemies you feel deserving of their fate, but that isn't the conflict in One Punch Man. Nothing can defeat Saitama, so the conflict comes from situations his moral won't allow to be dealt with violence. He is underestimated to comical extremes and that brings problems to him and all those who could be helped by him if he were taken serious enough to be called.

The Tozols are very different. They are overpower but not invincible. Their quests seem to compensate their superiority by limiting their resources and getting them outnumbered. They are powerful, but their victories are a challenge.
I find very enjoyable the explorations of problems suffered by what are basic elite troops without a normal army backing them up. Not to mention Test Pattern's quests use fascinating combat strategies few are capable of elaborating (I certainly wouldn't).

My apologizes for intruding in this thread.
No. 32539 ID: eaf326
File 148316632779.jpg - (77.21KB , 1036x1024 , tozolpractice jan29_b.jpg )

on the hunt for panties
No. 32540 ID: eaf326
File 148316655185.jpg - (203.61KB , 1496x1234 , SketchGoshen_Waterfall.jpg )

I tried drawing Goshen, but I forgot what he looked like. :(
No. 32541 ID: eaf326
File 148316665763.jpg - (179.46KB , 1938x1593 , goshen_brooding.jpg )

So I checked a reference and tried again
No. 32568 ID: 61c7b9

Okay so

Are Tozol Panties murderous spider creatures or something?
No. 32571 ID: a107fd

Of course. Passive sensors, acoustic and EM, distributed across the weave in a clever array, constantly recharging and calibrating itself as the material flexes. Counter-rotating coils produce a hydrostatic musculature effect, turning side-ties into versatile tentacles. Integrated computer understands most simple voice commands. Thrown like a discus, it's a mini-UAV for scouting, a bolas, or a powered garotte. On the ground, it slips bonelessly through the tiniest crevices. A wonder designed by the Precursors themselves, with countless tactical applications.

Or, so they say it once was. Too heavily miniaturized for full self-repair capability. Eventually the ultratensile myomer threads wore out, and many of the raw materials necessary to replace turned out to be in Diplomat-held space.
No. 32572 ID: 4652fc

So what? They just go commando these days?
No. 32573 ID: 247200

No. 32592 ID: a107fd

Yes. Congratulations, you have seen through my shaggy-dog-story micro-fanfic pun.
No. 32615 ID: eaf326
File 148361700852.jpg - (69.95KB , 1114x982 , jkajklsgjkl_b.jpg )

Changing the subject from tozols to, uh

tozols again
No. 32618 ID: eaf326
File 148361741843.png - (36.10KB , 1168x1019 , LADIES_tzl_b.png )

>So what? They just go commando these days?
Well, not because of that, necessarily
No. 32619 ID: eaf326
File 148361743357.jpg - (106.77KB , 1695x1438 , boldbutt.jpg )

(I can draw other things)
No. 32620 ID: 696fed

No. 32623 ID: eaf326
File 148366228403.png - (11.51KB , 474x745 , pukki_f.png )

here comes a special boy

a Pukki for Weil
No. 32627 ID: b88e47

No. 33548 ID: eaf326
File 149137026519.jpg - (140.21KB , 1046x1596 , tozol_sketchpad_asktjaksljg.jpg )

Apparently I should be posting warmup doodles here?
No. 33549 ID: eaf326
File 149137031664.jpg - (965.57KB , 5000x4000 , lajsdgklajsdgjklasjklga.jpg )

No. 33550 ID: eaf326
File 149137033104.jpg - (887.18KB , 5000x4000 , aldgaksgljkasdgk.jpg )

No. 33551 ID: eaf326
File 149137034226.jpg - (423.04KB , 2532x2814 , dailydoodles_rjvjalsd.jpg )

No. 33552 ID: 1f8505


Yes. Yes and yes.
No. 33553 ID: eaf326
File 149137036396.jpg - (99.56KB , 1485x1025 , Sersa.jpg )

No. 33554 ID: eaf326
File 149137037924.png - (625.04KB , 941x1280 , dragoness_tentacled_C_export3.png )

No. 33555 ID: eaf326
File 149137040939.jpg - (886.74KB , 5000x4000 , dailydoodles_awjklgjklag.jpg )

No. 33556 ID: eaf326
File 149137044286.jpg - (410.97KB , 2846x2316 , pose_sketchan_jalgjsdklgjaks.jpg )

No. 33557 ID: eaf326
File 149137044947.jpg - (115.90KB , 1200x1047 , seated_robolizard.jpg )

No. 33558 ID: eaf326
File 149137046478.jpg - (63.11KB , 625x973 , robotscribble_jalsgjka.jpg )

No. 33559 ID: eaf326
File 149137049408.png - (482.60KB , 725x1200 , squirrelbeefpose_clr3.png )

No. 33560 ID: eaf326
File 149137050320.png - (210.21KB , 745x1088 , invincible_obsessed_lizard.png )

No. 33561 ID: eaf326
File 149137056769.png - (43.22KB , 1000x1200 , birdchamp_coat_.png )

I had some Cosmic Champions ideas, but then realized that thread had way too many submissions already
No. 33562 ID: eaf326
File 149137058370.png - (44.69KB , 1000x1200 , birdchamp_anime.png )

(alt costume)
No. 33563 ID: eaf326
File 149137064585.png - (13.36KB , 800x470 , is_ze_internet_clams.png )

gullible ratbirds
No. 33564 ID: 1f8505


No. 33567 ID: 1226ae

Memerodents are great.
No. 33579 ID: b88e47

<3 tozols
No. 37450 ID: eaf326
File 151539640603.png - (181.68KB , 680x675 , bqzol_mcdonalds_chart.png )

No. 37451 ID: c88e6d

I like how the team mostly lies in the bottom half of the triangle.
No. 37452 ID: eaf326

The shit Ota puts up with
No. 37457 ID: 772fe4

rinis best tozol
No. 41235 ID: 31fb6a


We have gone over ten months without Tozol. This is unequivocally unacceptable.
No. 41236 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t be rude! Test Pattern probably has IRL things to attend to, which are far more important than drawing Tozols!
No. 41248 ID: 9551f1

Uh... Call me ignorant, but... What does IRL stand for? Also, I've seen IRC before, does that have any relation? And even if not, what does it stand for?

PS: I like Tozol's a lot, but I was mostly just joking. I hope that Test Pattern takes as long as he wants doing whatever he wants, and only comes back to tgchan when that's what he wants to do. Not because of fan pressure.
No. 41249 ID: 91ee5f

>What does IRL stand for?
In Real Life
No. 41252 ID: b1b4f3

How old are you?
No. 41255 ID: afdebc

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. You use a client application to connect to a network, and then you can talk to other people on various channels. (For a client, prefer Hexchat, but Mibbit is often convenient for beginners to try, since you can launch it in a web browser without downloading anything).

#tgchan on rizon is the irc channel for the site.
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