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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 153804186658.png - (2.59KB , 800x800 , 0.png )
903533 No. 903533 ID: 1668de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


:waxconfused: WAX: ...sorry, hold on for just a moment...
:waxirritated: WAX: Wrong intro text, sorry, sorry...
:waxneutral: WAX: Let's begi-
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No. 908105 ID: 5b7a9b

I highly suggest against creating a teach command, especially the opening the knowledge flood gate that comes after it. Maybe we can do a little workaround.

CREATE: single-use Teaching Stone of Reading
No. 908180 ID: 2202fb

Flood wont be an issue if you are prepared for it. We just need to tell duck before we do it.
No. 908183 ID: 2a13fa

>Teach: Sexuality, Perversion, Innuendo, Juvenile Humor, and Internet Culture to Duck.

I exercise my Veto power that I just now declare that I have to say no to all of this.
No. 908186 ID: e1d580

Let's not get down this rabbit hole again. Just try and trust Hazel not to follow suggests blindly rather than reintroducing the countervote crap.
No. 908225 ID: 2202fb

But we need the dirty jokes! :(

File 153634620122.png - (29.82KB , 500x500 , bye for now.png )
900852 No. 900852 ID: 3d1cb0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

welcome back to A Strange Machine
we are currently on chapter two: the void

You are currently surveying the void with your new friend, Trixie, who was introduced but not really.

Your general ideas are maybe a jetpack? Or possible start generating more rooms and make a sort of maze-like interior to The Void? Oh, the possibilities are endless!

also dialogue will just be in text form now because writing it down got kinda tiring after a while
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No. 902119 ID: 3d1cb0
File 153722242274.png - (125.06KB , 600x800 , 143.png )

It does, in fact, have a contacts app, but there are no contacts attributed to it. You guess the green cube was unable to add Trixie to the contacts of this phone with its definitely existent hands.
You sure hope its just copying hard drives or whatever. You wouldn't want to, some time in the future (or you guess the past??) be judged in a court of law for the data of some random person.
(screen flipped to portrait to show entire phone)
No. 902149 ID: 094652

Android on an android on an Android. Hee.

Check contacts and see who else is in the void.
No. 902150 ID: ab9ca4

Try the browser. Maybe there's online info about strange machines, infinite voids and cube friends.
No. 902158 ID: b1b4f3

Check browser.
No. 902210 ID: 3d1cb0
File 153730309847.png - (20.82KB , 600x800 , 144.png )

As was previously mentioned, the contacts are unfortunately empty.

You open the web browser to find it was last opened to some kind of forum site attributed with that golden reality-bending wrench you were using to make these rooms. Apparently this wrench was originally designed and developed by Gear Laboratories, and was going to be mass produced until...well, you don't know really.

There's also a phone number for the founder of the company, presumably named Alex. (117)413-5252.

File 152480230346.png - (595.83KB , 700x600 , title.png )
880958 No. 880958 ID: 395c02 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

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No. 896814 ID: 726971

Oh, we know the perfect soulmate alright.

No. 898327 ID: adb0d6

Gotta find the Biggest statues!
No. 898359 ID: 3e0ef4

Option B

Also, what gender IS Kliss anyways? I can't tell...
No. 898366 ID: 91ee5f

No. 902108 ID: 61dbe3

Also make a note to get fashionable hankerchief for yourself, Tyrsis looks great in one.

File 153633089135.jpg - (60.65KB , 800x600 , 20150955f6e50648b71.jpg )
900822 No. 900822 ID: 36b4e7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

You are a god, an immortal entity of nigh-incomprehensible power. Reality is comprised of nigh-infinite planes of every type imaginable, each with their own races, pantheons, and laws of magic. Deities are able to travel between planes at will, and sufficiently advanced magic allows mortals to travel between planes. As a deity, your vast strength grows from the worship of mortals, the sacrifice of their valuables, the consumption of their souls, and the spread of your Mantle's influence.

No deity is truly omnipotent, and only a few come close, however vast their power is, it is finite and should it run thin, they'll suffer and eventually starve. Divine Intervention of any sort, be it blessings, miracles, or manifesting a direct avatar, costs an amount of power equivalent to the strength of the Divine Intervention. There are only a handful of ways to reduce the power lost in divine intervention, and chief among them are Mantles. A Mantle is an aspect of reality over which a deity reigns, and so long as they act within the Mantle, the cost of divine intervention is halved. They range from incredibly specific to immensely broad, and the more specific a Mantle is, the more effective divine intervention is within its constraints.

As an example, a Mantle giving power over Fire could be anything from 'Sparks' to 'Burning' to 'Heat.' The only ways to gain a Mantle are through being worshiped as a god of the Mantle, trading with other deities, and consuming the essence of a slain deity. Mantles are not exclusive, many gods reign over the same, and some aspire to be the only god of a Mantle. Each deity possesses at least one Mantle, and while there is no upper limit to Mantles, most deities begin to consolidate their power somewhere around the thirty mark.

Being a deity, you have a personal plane of reality where your worshipper's souls go when they die, your power is enhanced threefold, and
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 901663 ID: 575ec0

rolled 9, 11 = 20

No. 901671 ID: 51d5a1

rolled 9, 17 = 26

No. 901743 ID: 26596f


> 9, 17

A brief scan through the woman affirms your suspicions, deific seed would never fail to impregnate a mortal woman, much less one so willing. Interestingly enough, it appears the energies released during the loss of your virginity enhanced the sperm, and the fetus is almost certain to be well-beyond any mortal, whether it is a demigod or monstrosity remains to be seen. Regardless, your first worshipper served you well in life and in death she is going to birth your child, ensuring her comfort is the least you can do. Scooping the insensate girl over your shoulder, you vanish and rematerialize in a luxurious sleeping chamber.

There, you deposit her onto the bed, and with the wave of a hand, send her into a deep slumber. Depending on the godspawn's might, the gestation could take a century or longer. This way she'll awaken a mere month before birth, by then your servants will be ready to ease her through labor, and your palace prepared to accommodate the infant. For a moment, you consider the fetus's need for nourishment, then cast your worries aside, your godly realm's aura should prove more than sufficient. With Ti'lan taken care of, you turn your attentions to Eprelin. If your name is to reign supreme, the dunes must be undone, and your faith must be stronger than the cults of Nithrak, Punkol, and Fethas.

With the screech of grinding steel, you manifest in the limestone temple and pause. It appears the faithful have forged a steel sculpture in your name, and placed it above the spider's throne. The line of bucket-bearing mortals
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 901818 ID: 51d5a1

>Alert him of the other gods and to stay aware and cautious in case of another city. Other than this, say to Spider to build a few watch towers and a few traps around the city just in case.
>Ask Spider to send people to map the desert and collect other nomads, also maping Oasis and other shit.

That's going to be enough, now, focusing in another problem.
>Create a wive for Spider, just throwing more women will not solve it permanently as they have life-spans and god, they can and could've be doing other shit. As we have more power and essence in hands, maybe make it bigger than Spider and stronger, centipede-like as well, why? Because bugs are damn cool.
>Return to realm and influence the first born as well.
No. 901838 ID: 575ec0

Ok this spider harem bullshit is getting silly. Time to nip it in the bud.

Order the spider to triple the current size of his harem. Have the girls take shifts. One day on two days off. Make the proposed enhancements to elasticity control, orgasm intensity, and lust permanent blessings upon those who serve for ten years, Woman who serve in this way should also be more fertile and made to produce healthier children for the remainder of their childbearing years. Woman should be allowed to leave after ten years of service. Though the initial harem expansion may require force, induction into the harem should be a voluntary thing. Tell spider this, and then create a steel plaque describing this at the entrance of the temple.

Spider should under no circumstances be allowed to expand his harem larger than this, if he gets more lustfull he will need to get creative or contact us for help. Create a ward that will alert us if Spider Disobeys, failing in his duties, or becomes significantly more powerful. Provide him a method of contacting us.

>We will tend to our first born. He is precious.

File 150326598893.png - (151.41KB , 600x309 , IAF000.png )
823974 No. 823974 ID: 3b2ae4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

NSFW for nudity, and possible (or most likely) casual lewds.
I’ll see where this goes. Experimental story.

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No. 900936 ID: 33cbe7

A. Start at the beginning of the mystery.
No. 900938 ID: d887c0

A. Gotta run with your gut on this, so follow your heart.
No. 900942 ID: ff82d2

No. 900960 ID: dbf422

C. You could get there, with just a little luck.
No. 901202 ID: 5a65f4

A. That first feeling is where you start.

File 151510943724.png - (22.22KB , 655x529 , Doors Quest 001.png )
856173 No. 856173 ID: 4ceb21 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You don't choose to enter, it's simply there for you when you need it.
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No. 901166 ID: 278ab8
File 153655757983.png - (10.26KB , 800x600 , doors quest 012.png )

“Hhhaaa haaa...”

Let's look at this rationally. The most pressing question is where the hell I am and what the hell is going on. Right now I've got three theories, in order of likelihood:
1. I've had a sudden brain aneurysm and am hallucinating this while I die.
2. A powerful psychic is making me hallucinate while they rob my apartment.
3. Someone smuggled illegal xenotechnology into my apartment complex and it just activated.

I'd call the police, but… yeah. I'd love to make a ladder and climb out of here, but I'm not a carpenter, and I'm not sure that's even possible with just a band saw.

This wooden box I'm sitting on is pretty heavy, there might be something useful in there, but it's got a padlock on it facing the wall.

As for that thing I landed next to...
No. 901167 ID: 278ab8
File 153655759268.png - (6.47KB , 531x390 , doors quest 013.png )

It's some kind of metallic canister. It's weird, I can't tell what it's made of. It feels like plastic, but it looks like metal and it's cool to the touch.
No. 901168 ID: 094652

Well first up, throw a plank of wood so it jams the doorway, along with a "call 911" etched into it. You do NOT want that door locking on you.

Examine your leg further. Any broken bones, or is your leg popped out of its socket?

Lastly, go through a door.
No. 901169 ID: ddadbe

call ur landlord as them what the fuck
No. 901170 ID: ddadbe


File 153636449058.png - (129.42KB , 800x525 , titlecard.png )
900892 No. 900892 ID: 56a05b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

God, this sucks.

disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/125348.html[/spoiler]
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No. 900969 ID: 0f89db

find the person who dragged you here. maybe you can get out of the house, at least, and get some air.
No. 900985 ID: 4f1cbc

Hard to say. If she's one of the identical silhouette-people inhabiting this place she'll be hard to pick out.
No. 900989 ID: eeb7d9

Look for your friend. That's why you came here for to begin with.
No. 900990 ID: 56a05b

whoops, the disthread link in the OP got messed up, here's a working one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/125348.html
No. 900991 ID: 4f1cbc

Yeah, if you want to put a link inside formatting tags, you need to make sure there's white space between the url and the closing tag.

File 128992818451.png - (195.00KB , 750x750 , dq301.png )
256968 No. 256968 ID: bf1e7e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

>Previous Threads:

It is a deep, empty place; and music is playing
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No. 890466 ID: eef56a
File 153024978452.png - (586.43KB , 750x750 , dq339.png )


There isn’t really a ceiling left, it looks like whatever happened here collapsed basically everything above you. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the hole, just a massive void of darkness that seems to go down forever.


There’s nobody else around, and the only sound you hear is a low, echoey rumble and crashing sounds echoing up from the hole. You think you may hear the song echoing up extremely faintly, but it’s probably just in your head.


You may arguably have broken a lot of things, but none are parts of you. You are a bit sore and very disoriented, but don’t seem to have been hurt by your fall in any way.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 890467 ID: cb22c8

>when you lived here
...so, your amnesia seems to be getting better. Do you conveniently happen to recall an escape path out of here? That monster you fought earlier was supposed to be one of many down here, wasn't it...
No. 890472 ID: b1b4f3

You should probably find somewhere close to the exit where you can watch the hole without being seen. Just in case whatever's making that noise is hostile.
No. 890482 ID: 166e1c

>sacrificed parts of herself
>memories that aren't there
Are you connected to this muse?

>rhythmic scratching sound
Something is climbing perhaps? You probable want to take a look at that, but from far away ready to run.
No. 900627 ID: d387e3

Do you have any vague memory of what the rest of the buildings were? Perhaps that could assist in scavenging for some supplies.

>Rhythmic scratching
I'd find a hiding spot, fast. The notes seem to imply that the dark things are attracted to the music box, and turning it on probably drew their attention.

File 150629654995.png - (339.52KB , 800x600 , atoll.png )
832547 No. 832547 ID: c9b650 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Warning: This quest will probably contain NSFW elements. It might also get weird.
by popular demand and you know who you are
464 posts and 110 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 899746 ID: ff82d2

>running away is a reasonable thing for it to do
There's several reasons why I think it's important that we talk with Thorn here.
1. Thorn said she just wants to talk. I see no reason to assume someone is lying by default. In fact, while Thorn did create Sable, there's no proof at all that she was the one that wanted to sacrifice Sable.
2. It's likely that after Sable got away, whatever plans Thorn had with Sable had to be scrapped as Sable would be presumably dead. If she's not after Sable anymore, then this knowledge would give Sable a nice peace of mind. One does not overcome fears by running away, but by facing them.
3. I think it's very important that we learn the exact circumstances surrounding Sable's creation. Sable said it knows almost nothing about it. Learning about these circumstances may be critical in our future ventures.

The arguments that you gave actually support the synchronization idea. Because we're in the middle of a town, it's good to use it because that way no one will hear us talk. Btw, Chalk specifically said this port wasn't a den of thieves.

>Thorn could possibly force herself out
Chalk was unable to do it, so there's no evidence that Thorn could do it either. Besides, even if she did, she would be hit with the desynchronization shock giving Sable enough time to run away.
No. 899762 ID: 630ac3

Talking is good here, from a distance, in public, where noone can hurt each other. Set yourself between Sable and Thorn and see if you get them to talk.

Syncing with her should be a last resort because:
- By default, we would be exposing who we are. And she is someone who hinted, as Sable's creation implied, as very interested in creating someone like Red. We could learn as to why she is and it would keep the heat off Sable, but it would be focused on us.
- The risk here is more psykic or mental in nature. Strong chaos creatures are hinted to be very good at dominating weaker chaos creatures, like Sable. Even if she couldn't break free, the best case is we get lasted aftereffects and the worse case is we get completely enthralled by her.
- Even if it were worth the risk for Sable's sake, we always need a fallback. Facing one's fears is good, but not having a plan if and when things eventually go wrong is not.

See if you could (or get Sable to) move closer to the slaver area to borrow, or "break out", the "merchandise" there. That could work as a distraction, maybe you could find someone with a grudge.
No. 899785 ID: ff82d2

>By default, we would be exposing who we are
There's no evidence that synchronization exposes the fact that we're made of protoplasm. Altho I agree that we shouldn't be too hasty with using it.

>she is someone interested in creating someone like Red
That's chaos cultists. She's a chaos creature. Two different things. Also, she doesn't seem to be boasting the mark of the Voice.

>chaos creatures are hinted to be very good at dominating weaker chaos creatures
I can't see where this is hinted. Also, Red isn't a chaos creature.

>we always need a fallback
How about this:
> >>843546 >If you should encounter mindful beasts of chaos, let them know the Voice of the Alchemist vows for your compliance
If Thorn tries to get aggressive with us, we mention the Voice of the Alchemist.
No. 899937 ID: 10c408

Synchronizing is a terrible idea.

For one, she'll either lash out at us, exposing our true nature to her/anyone watching the scene unfold OR she'll twig to the fact that we're a shell around a vast quantity of protoplasm and any use she makes of that bit of information will NOT be good for us at all.

And for two, she doesn't look stable. We don't know enough about the situation at hand except that Sable is freaking the fuck out, she's yelling at the top of her lungs and also growing another pair of arms.

And finally, three. We've [i]wandered away from chalk to find sable.[\i]

So, in short, screw this. RUN. Find chalk and leg it before the seemingly crazy Thorn gets ahold of Sable or we lose chalk and get stranded or both.
No. 899957 ID: b67388

Drag Sable away and try to find a place to lose it.

File 152406464518.jpg - (334.87KB , 792x943 , 4 001.jpg )
879351 No. 879351 ID: 008b25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

A evolution quest for all the family!
I always liked these evo-quests so I thought id fire one up and let it spiral into madness as these things are wont to do. Go crazy people!

The planet we shall begin our quest upon, which we shall call Horizon for now, is a roughly earth sized planet that orbits a red dwarf star on the far edge of its habitable zone.

The star provides plenty of heat, but low light, being fuzzy and dim similar to earths sun behind clouds. Another draw back is the stars occasional flare that bathes the surface with ultraviolet radiation, watch out for that :)

The next hurdle for life on Horizon is the planets tidal locked orbit, one side faces the sun at all times, the other is frozen solid.

Because of this life exists in a narrow band on the.. horizon.. here the heat of the sun is enough to melt the ice, but not strong enough to sear life from the surface. Its here in this chemical rich ringed sea that life begins.

if that life wants to conquer the planet it will need to get around the extreme temperatures, sudden bursts of radiation and who knows what else! lets see if they can pull it off!

Our contenders are:
The Vim, a bottom feeding slug like creature
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
47 posts and 35 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 881941 ID: 2c292a
File 152519787547.png - (10.39KB , 466x413 , fill.png )

The Trifill are distinguished from ordinary Fill by their tripled number of limbs, which gives them triple the amount of poisonous stingers to defend and attack with. Some Trifill have started using their large amount of limbs to crudely grab their food and shove it in their mouths, speeding up the feeding process.
No. 881947 ID: 2c292a
File 152520011532.png - (14.19KB , 861x614 , vim.png )

Some Jazz Vims have started preying on other Vims, developing specialized crooked mandibles to tear off the shells of Vims. It has also developed more advanced organs for sensing light, allowing it to spot it's prey.
No. 894219 ID: 3471f7
File 153244130639.png - (99.65KB , 860x700 , 152429330673.png )

The Jazzhand Vim develops an exoskeleton over it's appendages, making it's limbs more rigid and as such allowing for applying more force.
No. 899719 ID: a48264
File 153569250649.png - (12.91KB , 466x413 , Trifill A1.png )

The Trifill are beginning to evolve longer tendrils to more easily maneuver captured food into their 'mouth'.
No. 899720 ID: a48264

[Not sure how I ended up with an extra tentacle... Oops]

File 153549733620.png - (20.45KB , 642x830 , thenightoffall.png )
899414 No. 899414 ID: 90c9c4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

September | Chapter 1

A fox struggles with dreams and memories, surrounded by people he’s never seen before.

I’m taking this in a more serious way and in a style I’m more comfy with, wish me luck!! I hope you guys will like it!

And I’ll try to keep updates very fast and steady with this depending a lot on the speed of the suggestions, I’ll do my best to be quick!

You don’t need to read the small old thread before this one, it’s not worth it. There’ll be a recap video in my very first post on this thread, yay!

3D Asset Credits: https://septemberquest.tumblr.com/credits

Art, writing, animation, music and video editing all done by me!

WIKI: https://tgchan.org/wiki/September_Quest
14 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 899602 ID: 90c9c4
File 153563348558.png - (12.66KB , 800x500 , Page5.png )

>Take the yarn.
September nods and takes the yarn, putting it in his pocket quickly.
>Are those earplugs or are they pills? If they're pills, I'd take them. Otherwise, I'd take the toothpaste.
They... don’t look... particularly edible. If those are pills, September bets they taste horribly. And he isn’t sure if he’ll find any use for... I mean... pills. However, that’s some pretty good thinking regardless. If they’re indeed pills, putting them in his ears would be silly.

>Also make shank from toothbrush
Yes, that’s brilliant!! September isn’t... necessarily crafty, but he’s certain he could pull that off with a lot of work!
Although... the fox isn’t sure if he would be brave enough to STAB someone. Maybe just for threat, perhaps? That could work too!

After a few seconds thinking this over, September takes the YARN and the TOOTHBRUSH, as suggested by both of the voices.

As the fox fiddles in his pocket, he also notices he’s carrying a LEAF, for some reason. September isn’t sure why. The leaf has a soothing and somewhat comforting tone of lime green. It looks vivid.

The fox keeps the leaf.
No. 899603 ID: 90c9c4
File 153563374907.png - (12.69KB , 800x500 , Page6.png )

>As far as the men in white go, you should lie down on the bed and pretend you're asleep.
September nods and jumps on his bed as quickly as he can, hiding under the covers and pretending to sleep. He makes sure to turn off the lights BEFORE he jumps on the bed, too.

The fox watches as the tall wolf enters the room. They’re here.

“Morning. I hope you slept well.”
Their voice is cold and deep, it lacks any kind of emotion.

“I... I... Yes, I did, in fact. I slept pretty well. Yeah!”
The fox stutters nervously at first, but manages to end the sentence in a more natural tone.

“Good, I suppose. No dreams tonight?”
“N-No, sir, no dreams.” - The fox hugs the blankets a bit more as he speaks.
No. 899604 ID: 90c9c4
File 153563405621.png - (12.72KB , 800x500 , Page7.png )

>Alternatively, if you have to talk to them... just act calm. Talk to them like they're your friends.
The fox thinks it's working.
As he watches the wolf, he can't help but pull his covers a bit more. Something about him is purely unsettling. But being friendly is working.

“Good.” The wolf takes a step closer, causing the fox to flinch for a second. ”They’re waiting for you outside. Make a good impression. There are four places you could visit right now; pick whatever makes you more comfortable. I know this must be very overwhelming to you, but I’m here to make sure you’ll be able to adapt in no time.”

>Ask them if you can stay here forever.

The fox takes a deep breath.

The wolf turns around, a bit puzzled, and stares at the fox. “Yes?”

“C-Can I stay here forever?”

The wolf stares at him, with what seems to be... genuine surprise, quiet. For a split second, it’s almost as if he raised his eyebrow. Almost as if he showed some emotion, finally. The fox felt it.

But for some reason, it wasn’t a good feeling.

“... I’ll be waiting for you at the end of the hall.”
No. 899605 ID: 90c9c4
File 153563417182.png - (11.13KB , 800x500 , Page8.png )

The wolf turns around and walks through the door. His pace was a bit faster than the usual.

As the wolf walks away, the fox quickly gets up and turns the lights back on.

>These guys are probably in the same situation, giving you some easy common ground to make small talk about. Try "Hey I really don't know what's going on. How about you?"
September assumes you’re talking about the other inmates?
The fox nods, he agrees. Perhaps they’re here for similar reasons? It would be nice to ask, but it’d be also nice to gather more items if he wanna be prepared to escape. The fox.... can’t decide.

The wolf gave him four different locations he could proceed to, and a brief description of each one too. The fox fills in the blanks.

Big Hall - A huge room with couches and such, which nearly all the safe halls lead to; the second biggest room, but not as loud as the Cafeteria. It’s good for meeting people, but not as good for finding new items, he supposes. It must be closely watched.

Cafeteria - The biggest room by far, and also the most crowded. This is the best place to talk to people, but not the best place if you don’t like crowds or seek silent and calm environments.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 899606 ID: ff82d2

Go to the end of the hall like the guy said. And then... Cafeteria. Gotta talk to other people first to find out about the stuff.

File 153456852580.png - (5.24KB , 400x300 , Psychic Quest.png )
897676 No. 897676 ID: 31eb45 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

You were sleeping when it started. Throbbing pain, in your chest and behind your eyes. Worse than you've had in a long time, maybe ever. You crack your eyes open, take a deep, dry breath, and roll over onto your other side to check your phone.

[What time is it?]

Sighing, you resign yourself to not getting anymore sleep. You toss off your cover, amble over to your medicine cabinet in the bathroom, down some ibuprofen, and start your day.

[What's your daily routine?]
48 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 899337 ID: 4f1cbc

Should probably put that out. Or at least get Hyacinth to make it float before the floor catches.

Fire department response time is gonna be bad with the power out all over the place!

Either you're doing it wrong, or what you got is different.
No. 899366 ID: dbf422

"Shit shit shit"

Get Hyacinth to float it before the floor sets on fire. And like, get cups of water to pour over it.
No. 899435 ID: 31eb45

"Shit shit shit" you exclaim as the ball catchs alight. Your focus breaks, naturally, and you withdraw whatever unknown part of yourself that you extended to do this. The flames on the ball dim immediately, and are smothered entirely when Hyancinth grabs their ball with their power.

"That was...unexpected." Hyacinth sighs out. They perk up immediately, though. "Still, that's more information! Pyrokinesis is a thing, and you have it." They nod to theirself with a smirk, before bring the baseball in for closer inspection. They hold it in their hands and look at it closely, picking at the char marks. "It's actually not all that hot anymore. The scorches aren't very deep, either. Looks like it was mostly the strings burning, and maybe some of the stuff inside. Interesting!"

They put the ball down on the counter, and start pace about the room, eyes flitting around, finger on their chin. "What're you thinking about, Hyacinth?"

They turn to you, gaze intense. "Why, Foxglove, just how to test your ability next! I've had all morning to test my own out, and I think I've mostly gotten it figured out. But yours is new! I want to know what it can do. The expectation for pyrokinesis is just, fire, but I wonder whether that's all you can do. What would happen if you tried to use your power on water, for example? Or even on the air? What happens if we *both* use our powers on something at the same time?"

You put aside the mild discomfort you feel as Hyacinth's inquistive eyes lay on you and consider this yourself, trying to sort through the densely tangled sensory mess that you felt as you tried your power just a moment ago. You reached out with your hand, and some other part of your mirrored that motion, stretching out into the ball. What happened after that? You felt something, leave you, it felt heavy, and kind of, moved down thi
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 899451 ID: baf096

See if you can use the baseball again, and see how hot you can get the fire, and how easily Hyacinth can smother it.
See if things you've set on fire hurt you, or if it's more like you will the flames down before they get a chance to hurt.
Try reaching that invisible force to a space in between you and them, and have them try to grab that with their power, maybe that would create a ball of fire that they could throw or a blast or something.

And think about seeing if you can create explosions with either pressurizing your power somehow or through the more mundane method of lighting up explosive household items, before deciding that's a bad idea.
No. 899497 ID: 31eb45

No update today. I want to give time for more experiments to be proposed, and also want a little break.

File 153131187342.png - (26.56KB , 800x600 , q1t.png )
892152 No. 892152 ID: 8d7e27 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

All at once, the stars emerge from absolute dark.
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 899127 ID: 094652

Some gaming with Laz might open the poor girl up to a little rowdhousing :333
No. 899130 ID: ff82d2

>her ship
So you're the owner of this ship? How much does one of these go for? And is it normal for a person to own one?

What kind of an expedition is this?
Also, how many people in total did you bring along on Asteraceae?

>Hangau, Saku, Lazami
Invite all three of them.
No. 899133 ID: dbf422

Saku I think.
No. 899134 ID: ee2d6e

You must gather your party before venturing forth. Saku an Lazami can probably both help calm Hang's antics down a bit.
No. 899142 ID: 7816e7

An introvert needing some company? I vote calling up Lazami! See if she wants to hang out everybody.

File 153193374552.jpg - (31.23KB , 174x241 , 1.jpg )
893544 No. 893544 ID: eda54c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

YOU light a cigarette. Your first of the day, as you've only been awake for an hour. This cigarette is enjoyed by itself, as you do not drink coffee. Caffeine doesn't do it for you anymore, you need something a bit stronger than that nowadays. 60 milligrams of amphetamine was weighed out on a small square of tissue paper, wrapped up as tight as possible and swallowed with a mixture of water and essential vitamins and nutrients that you would otherwise not get. Another 20 milligrams was weighed out, and railed straight to the dome. You felt the short rush that came with the 20 milligrams up the nose, and now that it's over you are waiting for the other 60 milligrams to hit you. You finish your cigarette and look at the time. 12:35 pm. Time to go out back.

Your back yard is a small, 10 feet by 10 feet concrete slab with a high wooden fence partitioning it off from the rest of the concrete slabs. There is a doorway cut into the fence line adjacent to your sliding glass back door, with a metal fence. You have two ferns adorning the entrance on the other side of the fence. You light another cigarette. You doubt you'll be out here long, as it's almost 1 pm, the time your courier tends to arrive to give you your stops for the day. It's gonna be a busy Thursday, you think to yourself. These are always the most busy. Most of your clients time things so that they have your product before Friday, which is a major day for business. And night. You can't imagine living that life, being on call 24/7 for a job as thankless as that must be grating on the mind. This is grating on your mind but for different reasons. You never leave your house, unless it is to buy food and drink, and even that you buy sparingly. You've barely been eating the last few months and have lost 20 pounds as a result. Your daily use of amphetamines has had the effect of essentially cutting your stomach in half, and thus you are hungry less and full quicker.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 894637 ID: c4809e

Put on your E-shades and do that phone hand gesture to start up a call to whatever the job needs.
No. 895251 ID: eda54c
File 153301680369.jpg - (123.81KB , 600x400 , 2.jpg )

Sitting in a wave of advertisements which greet you and every other user upon log-in, you blink twice in quick succession which causes a black bar that looks as if it is made from purely black obsidian to form from a small point of digital void directly in front of your face. Lines of code come up from the bottom edge in a low resolution white colored font. This is a custom loader, bypassing many security checks from the servers. There is currently a debate as to whether or not they should be banned, you doubt they ever will be and to you, good on that. In the real world you are sitting silently, but in the cyberspace you say outloud Free Software Foundation Gnode 4, and a terminal interface forms on the black bar with 'GNODE 4 - FSF' highlighted, then you say JOIN. The bar disappears, as do the advertisements. Everything goes silent, and it is almost peaceful in that black void during the load period. Peace is quickly replaced with your awareness of a crowd containing characters of all shape and size, all talking with one another out loud or in private message, a think cloud appearing above some their heads to let others know that they are typing. You look at it with a face that doesn't exist. You cannot see it, and neither can they. You are an invisible, formless being among the artistic to the abstract avatars that make up the general public of the New Net.

Gnode 4 is comprised of a white void with a solid flat plane to stand on. There are various groups of avatars standing or floating or flying around at various heights, but none below the invisible platform you stand on. Scattered about there are different virtual exhibits featuring holograms and solid objects floating and dismantling themselves and reforming, with avatars discussing what is going on. You fly above the crowd at a low level, only two feet above the highest head you see, and move about looking for your stop. You see a floating yellow hologram with chunky text that says
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 896376 ID: eda54c

Here you have waited, at the Kilimanjaro Artificial Intelligence Group exhibit, where they discussed the prospect of neural networks being used alongside equipment that would simulate the 5 senses of the average human, a disgusting idea to you as it is the creation of artificial suffering, something you don't abide by. It has been fifteen minutes since arriving. Your contact should be here in that same amount of time. You don't want to risk it getting here early and you missing it, so you don't take off your EEGH to go smoke a cigarette although you would like to.

This is it to you, the gist of your work, waiting. You don't mind it, it's easy work though some of the places you have to sit and wait aren't the best for your mind, it is nothing a cig can't fix after the fact. You look at the time indicator in the upper right of your vision. It's been another ten minutes. You are told that you don't have to wait past the actual stop time itself, though you tend to do so for another five minutes at least. This time you don't have to, as a flying worm with wings flies to your exact spot, and just sits. This must be your guy.

You initiate a private chat with it, and send a crypto wallet address for you to receive the payment, and after a few seconds the worm flies away, and you have a notification telling you it was processed safely, and thus you log out.
No. 897010 ID: eda54c

YOU are sitting outside, smoking a cigarette once again. you have another hour to go before your next stop at the same space you were at for the first. You wait for your Courier to show himself. You know he is never too far away, you sometimes wonder if he even lives in one of these housing units. Doesn't matter. You await his second arrival for the day to confirm everything went well. You stare up at the grey overcast sky, and blow smoke rings towards it with a blank, uncaring expression on your face. Immediately after finishing the cigarette, you light another and wait.
No. 898810 ID: eda54c

THE courier comes around the corner, as he always does, with the same blank look on his face, the friendly smile with eyes that say nothing, saying,

"Everything is going well."
"As always. I'd hope that by now they would trust me enough to know if anything did go wrong that it wouldn't be from my end"
"Even if they did you know they'd be looking at you too."
"Aye." You nod in understanding. Not that you would think about robbing them, knowing the potential consequences for fucking a greater organization like this out of any profit small or large, though you'd like there to be at least some faith in how professional you keep things.

"Either way, things went good so far and I suspect it will continue that way."
"I hope so for your sake." the courier responds.
You nod, and he leaves. You look at your watch, and see that there is 45 minutes left between now and your next drop. You light your last cigarette before jacking back in.

File 153249677329.jpg - (31.27KB , 800x600 , Intro 1.jpg )
894346 No. 894346 ID: 209e03 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Plagued_Doctor
134 posts and 60 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 898648 ID: 209e03
File 153498009834.jpg - (24.39KB , 800x800 , To The Tavern 58.jpg )


Perhaps you‘re mistaking me for someone like Horace. I’ve risked my life more than enough today, and as much as I’d love to go fighting a possible invincibear, and partake in some grand quest uncovering a hidden, lizard illuminati conspiracy, I’d much rather leave this situation to the other clerics and guards who: have anti-magic, are more willing to blindly run into their deaths, and most importantly of all, don’t have a little girl they need to babysit.

Besides, I still need to:
>Get Evelyn checked in and examined at the medical center in the south side of town.
>Report this recent situation to my superiors
>Help prepare for tonight’s infected purge
>Take a nap

No. 898649 ID: 209e03
File 153498013574.jpg - (64.04KB , 800x800 , To The Tavern 59.jpg )

>And apparently grab a bite to eat.
No. 898650 ID: eeb7d9

>Get Evelyn checked in and examined at the medical center in the south side of town.
>Report this recent situation to my superiors
>Help prepare for tonight’s infected purge
>Take a nap
>And apparently grab a bite to eat.
Sounds good to me, let's get to it! Chop chop!
No. 898660 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, this is a good priority list.
No. 898711 ID: 094652

Wait, are you seriously bringing an infected to a public restaurant? Really?

Get her to the anti-magic center, THEN get her take-out.

File 153488154971.png - (14.36KB , 720x720 , sketch-1534880296464.png )
898369 No. 898369 ID: c85d25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Unexpected shut down
Checking vitals...
Checking back up storage...
Checking computer background...
Checking memory...

Corrupted memory
Hard reboot necessary
Hard reboot complete
Input needed
Input command
41 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 898545 ID: c85d25
File 153494521549.png - (39.06KB , 720x720 , sketch-1534945176707.png )

Would you like to know what the options do?
No. 898580 ID: b1b4f3

Sure? I thought they were self-explanatory but maybe there's something more to it.
No. 898603 ID: c85d25
File 153496976025.png - (41.91KB , 720x720 , sketch-1534969727693.png )

This seems it would help
No. 898605 ID: 4f1cbc

We have nothing to gamble, and nothing to sell. We can attempt to barter, but unless we reduce the price to zero, we still won't be able to make any purchases.

(Interesting that the menu doesn't have a "buy" or "purchase" option).

As there's no exit option, I guess attempt to barter.
No. 898619 ID: c85d25
File 153497210650.png - (97.10KB , 720x720 , sketch-1534972040092.png )

Youve selected barter
Out of the kindness of his two hearts, he offers one free piece of scrap

File 153288406453.jpg - (534.26KB , 1200x604 , 1215540_orig.jpg )
894792 No. 894792 ID: cb777a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

It had been a long time since you'd been home.

Longer than you'd care to admit, honestly speaking, but then you'd never made a habit of being honest to those you didn't trust, and away from Greyport, that meant nearly everybody. You'd never intended to come home, happy to let your brother take over the family business when father passed, but the arrival of the letter had changed things. Had you dropping everything you'd made for yourself and begin the year long trek back to the dismal, cloud covered city. But you'd have given up a lot more still to find out what was going on. The death of your entire family had that kind of effect.

Which is why you found yourself standing on the side of the road, eyeing the gate into the city critically. Normally speaking, you'd have just strolled right on through, it was a FREE city after all, but then there had never been actual guards at the gate before either, and not just the normal strong-arms and thugs that usually tried to shake down travelers and newcomers. They seemed to be checking every single person, and turning away those who couldn't pay some sort of toll. You didn't have much to your name, and call it your upbringing or just general disdain for authority, but you were loath to give up what little you had just to enter the city of your birth, and definitely not to someone who seemed to think they owned the free city.

It would seem then, that the time was right to break out some old skills. They were rusty from disuse perhaps, but you were certain you'd have need of them in the days to come, and some light practice never hurt anything. Now just to decide which skills to get you through, or around, the gate.

>Find a conveniently unguarded section of the wall to climb over
>Slip through the gate, using another traveler as a distraction
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
54 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 897627 ID: dbf422

Find the study. If there IS blackmail material, that'd be useful for any dealings with the Count.

We don't know that the Count is particularly oppressive.
No. 897980 ID: 4f1cbc

Let's search for the vault.

Maxim 1, Kome. Pillage then burn.

That said, arson and wanton slaughter go against the spirit of the challenge the Count is offering. It's a game played for status, recognition, money and faith. Breaking that implicit contract would be a social loss for us, and we already know the Lady looks down on murder.
No. 898517 ID: cb777a

A moment of consideration, and then you're slinking through the shadows, heading deeper into the mansion. As enticing as digging up dirt is, the Count set up this place to challenge thieves, if you can beat his game, then surely you'd earn some respect from the man. It doesn't take you long to traverse the halls until you find something promising. A glance around a corner reveals a well lit corridor, a pair of guards standing idly by a door. Upon examination, you note that neither of them seems overly keen on actually appearing alert, both have spears leaning against the walls, and one is idly picking at his fingernails. Lazy bastards, from the look of them, but laziness was often a thief's best friend.

You take a moment to examine the corridor itself, noting everything you can about it. First floor, with the doorway probably leading to a staircase into a basement, usually the safest place for a vault of any kind. There's a number of torches placed uniformly along the walls, making it a fact that sneaking past them would be ill advised, but if you could find a way to put them out, you might be able to manage it under cover of shadow. There's rooms not too far from this hallway, a distraction in one of them might also draw them away, you'd have to be quick to slip around them and get back here without drawing attention to yourself. With a few servants around, and a bit of coin you've got in your pocket, you might be able to bribe your way into a distraction too. There's just a matter of finding the best way to get past them without causing undue alarm...

>Input Command
No. 898562 ID: dbf422

Check the rooms, starting from farthest from your goal. Find an empty one with something in it that would be pretty loud if it hit the ground from seven feet in the air, but isn't too big (a pot, a vase, something metal). Then check the closest rooms to your goal, within dashing distance, and crack open an empty one. Go back to the former room, and place the loud object on top of the open door, as best you can while being outside the door.

Shutting the door will cause it to fall and draw the attention of the guards, while you slip into the closer room you'd prepared. Then you just wait for them to pass your room, and hurry down the stairs behind them.

Little simple, but it should be enough. (And maybe just slamming the door might work instead of the prank-style thing I suggested, but that might not be enough to get both guards.)
No. 898575 ID: 4f1cbc

>Upon examination, you note that neither of them seems overly keen on actually appearing alert, both have spears leaning against the walls, and one is idly picking at his fingernails. Lazy bastards, from the look of them, but laziness was often a thief's best friend.
I wonder if they're as lazy as they appear, or if that's an act. If this place is supposed to test thieves, surely there are going to be some things that are harder than they appear to catch inexperienced thieves unawares.

>what do
Let's check the nearby rooms, see what we have to work with.

File 153436855273.png - (1.54KB , 600x400 , Untitled.png )
897318 No. 897318 ID: fcd44a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

this quest is a continuation of this thread
what do
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 897937 ID: a94e23

Sprint and dive through the window
No. 898071 ID: f7b510

Quick, grab your axe and get ready to rock and roll after flying through that window.
No. 898123 ID: fcd44a
File 153473964265.png - (23.04KB , 993x720 , anon7 goo room.png )

You have no axe to do this >>897937
you run and dive through the wall arms covering your head
you pop out covered in green goo
No. 898131 ID: f64c93

Eat the goo
No. 898143 ID: fcd44a
File 153476144336.png - (22.82KB , 993x720 , anon7 goo room.png )

tastes like a mix between lime and wax so like those weird little candies you can get at the store that look like soda

File 153301141241.png - (43.20KB , 427x417 , C-portada.png )
895212 No. 895212 ID: 90db94 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

this quest is a collaboration between Ruribec, Azrra and King of Sorrow. the pictures will be drawn by Ruribec or by King of Sorrow.

we hope everyone enjoys this quests, lets begin!.
48 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 896981 ID: 10c408

do NOT take the next step down. It's a pressure plate that seemingly connects to the blade trap above it!
No. 896987 ID: 33cbe7

Better stick the torch in first, so you can get a cool robot hand
No. 896991 ID: 54e0e2

Stop! And step back! Guillotine trap right above you!
No. 896994 ID: dbf422

Yeah okay, I'm starting to feel this. Like, it's hard to feel sympathy when nameless adventurers actually strut into ruins while staring at camels instead of guillotine traps.
No. 897078 ID: 465a14

Oh boy it's time to hang out with camels, get hype

File 153322141466.jpg - (152.33KB , 1024x576 , 151017537231.jpg )
895718 No. 895718 ID: fe9056 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

You are a young maiden, innocent, nubile, and pure. Whether of noble or common birth, you are undeniably one of the most beautiful women in the land. Recently, you've caught the eye of a Dark Lord, who, lusting after you, sought to claim you as his own.

> Which Dark Lord claimed you? Choose one, or roll 1d3 and leave it to fate.

> Uruk Bloodgnasher, a tremendously mighty and notoriously vicious warlord. Half-giant, half-orc, he towers over all he meets, and with only his strength, his cunning, and his axe, rose to become rule a vile horde of every monster, cutthroat, and savage imaginable.
> Through his brutally cunning strategies and cunningly brutal fighting style, he came to conquer the southern continent, and slew every foe who came against him with practised ease. Satisfied with his empire, Uruk has decided to reap the benefits of rule, and his eyes have fallen on you.

> Venkalth Zorandir, a dangerous warrior whose skill with the blade is surpassed only by his fearsome reputation. The spawn of a legendary arch-demon and an unwilling high priestess's profane union, his very form is unholy, his skill-at-arms and mastery of the dark arts unmatched.
> Wielding his blade of damnation, full-plate of blasphemy, and myriad abyssal sorceries, he gathered a vast host and waged war against the kingdoms of man, coming to rule the northern continent. Content to rest and recuperate for a century or two, he has grown bored with rule and came to desire a companion. You were found more than sufficient to suit his needs.

> Udroghan the Undeterred, a wizard so ancient and powerful, it is said the gods themselves fear his wrath. Unrivaled in his arcane mastery, he transcended his mortality eons ago, and become
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
111 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 896287 ID: f9154f

No. 896288 ID: f9154f

I don't think you're roleplaying right, though. It seems you're projecting your own feelings onto Nyalla, someone raised in the Goblin/Orc culture and taught to be a good concubine for a powerful Orc/Goblin.
No. 896298 ID: 290936

Pretty much, m8!
No. 896299 ID: f9154f

really make me think
No. 896517 ID: f9154f

QM is kill?

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