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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 135155717709.png - (11.20KB , 603x320 , 1.png )
467186 No. 467186 ID: 34cbef

This quest is the direct parallel of Hunter quest starting at >>466653 . The actions taken in this quest will determine what mental condition deave will be when released from the possession. There is a chance he will come out stronger willed but there is also a chance that he may become ferile or homicidal. This quest is meant to disturb you so take everything with an open mind.

[Mark] Ah yes, you must be deave the new guy. Welcome to the factory! Now you applied as a cross trained specialist, what the job description of that entails for you to go through each section of the factory learning everything you can. We will start you slow where you learn one section at a time. Now if you follow me we will head on over to the assembly room where we'll start you off.
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No. 467187 ID: 34cbef
File 135155729851.png - (15.69KB , 711x291 , 2.png )

[Mark] Now this is the assembly room, what you do here is pretty much make a nightmare for a person from what we supply and a virgin. I'll run you through the supplies and what to do with them.
No. 467189 ID: 34cbef
File 135155744111.png - (10.17KB , 711x291 , 3.png )

[Mark] I'll start with the helm of agony, this is a wooden case that is hollowed out and filled with spikes on the inside. What you do with it is encase the head of the virgin inside. That simple, now keep this in mind that you need to close it shut as tight as you can get it- making sure the virgin is dead. Since you don't have an apron you'll need to be careful not to get any blood on you.
No. 467190 ID: 34cbef
File 135155762050.png - (11.80KB , 711x291 , 4.png )

[Mark] Now moving on to the steel sheets. This will take a little work to do but you must sandwich her arms in between two sheets of steel and screw in these bolt as tight as you can. Make sure you get both the sheets screwed in between the arm bones or they will come loose or wrend the arm off and we don't need anymore messy nightmares.
No. 467191 ID: 34cbef
File 135155786006.png - (7.69KB , 711x291 , 5.png )

[Mark] Now finally the porcupine ball. This is a doozy when handling it so you need to be careful. How it works is you press the button and spikes will stab out and stick there. Before you do that though you need to jam this right up her cooch and then set it off, it has a 4 second delay so you should be able to get you hand out before it goes off. A quick tip to help you get it in there is to have sex with the virgin so it becomes easier to ram this in her cooch.
No. 467193 ID: 34cbef
File 135155810135.png - (10.47KB , 500x291 , 6.png )

[Mark] Alright, that's all of it then. You don't have to do this in any particular order. When you get done just cut her ropes and the nightmare will reanimate the dead body. It will then just walk out. After that just head down the hall and take the 20 door to your right to get a new virgin and more rope. If you have any questions i'll also be in room 20. If you get hungry you can head down to the cafeteria which will be straight down the hall. Alright, I need to get to my post so as to not to fall behind, good luck and have fun!

No. 467194 ID: 4a328b

Ask Mark why he works here, if any of this seems wrong to him. If he replies that it doesn't seem objectionable to him then kill him. Wait, is he already dead? That might make it more difficult.
No. 467195 ID: bf54a8

ask him to open the helmet thing, so you better understand how the latches work. then take it and act like you are examining it a bit then slam it on his head instead.
No. 467196 ID: 8d7792

Fashion the items left behind into weapons and armor, then tell the girl youre going to cut her free and she needs to hide.

then go down to where that guy is working and smash his head in.
No. 467198 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, okay, don't do any of that. Cheerfully look over the tools and maybe prepare to use one of them, but don't actually do so. Wait until he's out of the room and then cut this poor soul loose. Take her blindfold off first, then whisper to her not to scream; you're gonna try to get her out of here. Then remove her gag and ask her about the layout of this place, while working on getting her out of the restraints. It won't look good for us to exit the room immediately without doing 'work', though... on the other hand we don't have much time before the factory expects us to output a Nightmare.

Take the porcupine ball as a weapon. What you want to do is push the button, wait a couple seconds, then throw it at an enemy. It's like a contact-grenade!

Speaking of contact, try to commune with Asheron and dinoface, to see what the hell's going on. If we're in a nightmare dreamworld again, we can modify our body for combat purposes again. Or for stealth purposes.
No. 467213 ID: dc4a44

Are you a virgin?

Become the nightmare...
No. 467235 ID: 6a1ec2

Don't fight Mark right away. You don't know what he's capable of yet. He got all these virgins somehow after all. Just agree with him, and ask him if anything seems odd about this whole setup and cheerfully go about your duties. Escape as soon as he's out of sight.
No. 467245 ID: 735f4f

Ask him about the bloody head thing he has going on and be prepared to be horrified.
No. 467250 ID: 37aa84

Try to find a reflective surface and see what that mark on your forehead is, it looks like a third eye but at this angle it could be something else. Try talking to your little dino shaped plushie looking thing see if it responds. It could be nice if we could get back in contact with our guardian spirits and find out if they know where we are. Is this hell? Are we on the boundary between life and death?
No. 467265 ID: 34cbef
File 135157029883.png - (13.16KB , 591x320 , 7.png )

[Deave] Hey mark, can you show me the inside of the Mask?

[Mark] Not a problem buddy.

[Deave] Have you ever thought it wrong that I have to do these things to someone?

[Mark] Not at all, I have to butcher or fuck the girls that they serve up in the cafeteria. The meat they serve there has to be fresh! Though I don't get many butcher orders since the current popular item is clean living girls. You'll find then when I train you for my job that it's slow paced but very gratifying. The factory caters to hundreds of sexually and non sexually hungry guys and I have to fill out the more high maintenance orders.

Deave hesitates on killing Mark with the mask.

[Deave] Alright, I think I can handle it from here.

[Mark] Alrighty! I'll hopefully see you when your done!

Deave thinks to himself that he will figure out a way to kill mark, eventually, that does not have repurcussions.

Premeditate a murder +1 warp point,
You are now have a warped level of 1

No. 467266 ID: 34cbef
File 135157040698.gif - (37.00KB , 591x320 , 8a.gif )

Deave attempts to commune with Asheron, but the only response is strange flashes in vision and his tattoo scar opening a bit.
No. 467269 ID: 34cbef
File 135157052577.png - (9.75KB , 591x320 , 9.png )

Deave attempts to commune with Lizard Father, but no response. His dino plushie is in terrible condition and seems to be crying.
No. 467271 ID: 34cbef
File 135157071756.png - (10.25KB , 591x320 , 10.png )

Deave frees the virgin and tells her not to make any loud noises.

[Girl] w-what are you going to do with me... I don't want to be eaten, I chose this cus I don't want to be eaten. are you going to eat me? Please don't, please please please don't.

No. 467272 ID: 3338b5

>Premeditate a murder +1 warp point
...maybe we shouldn't be trying to kill anyone. Even the crazy murder/rape/cannibal instructor. In all likelyhood, he's as much a victim as we are. The system consumes- it destroys people, and molds some of them into cogs for itself. The individuals aren't our enemy. The system is. We need to find a way to break it. Or, if we can't, to escape.
No. 467275 ID: bf54a8

it's only murder if it's cold. killing a killer is sad, but justified. for when that person going away forever is better then risking them being able to do it again.

just tell her to stay behind you and follow you. and peak out into the hall.
No. 467277 ID: 0c2247

Remember: The goal is to STOP him from tormenting people and SAVE those people. It's not bloodlust, it's not hate, and it's not revenge. We're only going to kill him if it will help accomplish our goals.

Ask her what this place is, who runs it, what she knows about it, and what the fuck is going on.

Get her some clothes. A work outfit so she can blend in, if possible.
No. 467285 ID: f2c20c

Yeah I think being a pacifist in a place where innocent women are raped and murdered would be MORE crazy than killing everyone involved. We're a bounty hunter, goddamn it. If we can't kill people THIS obviously evil, then we might as well quit trying! Be solid in your conviction, be open in your compassion.

You don't have to be Batman to be a sane, good-hearted crimefighter. Granted, if we have some equally effective way of dealing with the guys here without killing them then I guess we can do that, but only if we have some indication that they were brainwashed or something.
No. 467291 ID: 3338b5

>The actions taken in this quest will determine what mental condition deave will be when released from the possession.

>The goal is to STOP him from tormenting people and SAVE those people.

No. The goal is to do whatever is necessary to keep Deave sane. If that includes righteous hunting for the greater good? I'm all for it. But if even thinking about killing lets the evil inside our head? Then we may have to strive for pacifist conduct.
No. 467294 ID: 735f4f

Ok if we are in the warp any violent or perverted thoughts at all will affect us. We can try pacifism but have to be careful. I am thinking going Gandhi here. We try to help everyone and avoid hurting anything unless it attacks us first.
No. 467298 ID: f2c20c

We're not 'in the warp'. This isn't WH40k. Go look at the questdis.
No. 467299 ID: 34cbef
File 135157406988.png - (8.20KB , 593x424 , warpchart.png )

I'm gonna post this here aswell, I know I've had some questions about what the morality of metatron was and it's this. He has incredibly strong beliefs that he does not want to kill anyone, that he is innocent when it comes to sexuality, and he has a strong mind that can fight off absurdity and the grotesque thoughts.

When you guys say that you wanted to kill the killer it raised his belief from never killing mortals to killing the worst of them. If you were to have him accept some sexuality in making him more human that would raise his perversion. Sanity would be losing your ability to understand certain faculties such as self reasoning and ability to discern the situation.
No. 467301 ID: 6a1ec2


Not to say being on the left is a good thing necessarily. It's just being on the right is an obvious holycrapno. I mean Metatron is supposed to be an assassin after all. Can't do that with 0 bloodlust.
No. 467302 ID: 3338b5

Why not? Why do we have to let anger or anything get involved with the hunting? It's what we are, nothing more. If we kill, we kill. Nothing more than that.
No. 467304 ID: 6a1ec2


If you kill without thinking it's OK, you get fucked up. I'm just saying we haven't screwed up yet, and the total pacifism route might actually screw things up.
No. 467310 ID: 4a328b

No, we're not going to eat you. If there's a way out, we'd like to help you escape--do you know of any exits?
No. 467318 ID: 12c19f

"Ma'am you look quite scrumptious in the innuendo regard but seriously no I'm not going to freakin' eat you. That's awful."
No. 467406 ID: 37aa84

Let's not build up perversion points if we don't have to.

In general when possible we should avoid building up any points to reduce the chance in a noticeable change in personality post- possession, we're probably going to be grounded already for using toying with forces we don't understand and turning into a person eating monster we don't want to also come out of it as a remorseless killer or dirty pervert or both. A level or two would probably be fine but only if absolutely necessary. Let's have her help us find a way out but lend her our shirt so she can at least partially cover-up is there an apron like Mark's nearby for us she could use?
No. 468732 ID: 34cbef
File 135210645835.png - (10.32KB , 599x314 , 11.png )

Deave hands over his shirt and his pants to the virgin leaving himself in his boxer shorts. He also quickly turns away as she dresses herself. His current perversion level prevents him from acting normally. He suffers a brief gout of embarrasment that stuns him for a minute.

[Deave] W-w-what is your name?

[Girl] ...I don't have one.

[Deave]O-oh, well... we can't stay here. S-so what do you where do you want to go? I was thinking we could use some of this stuff as weapons so we can escape.

[Girl] I...don't know...

[Deave] w-well I don't know off hand so we could start heading towards room 20 or the cafeteria and try to find a way out from their?

[Girl] I don't want to go to either, it's scary in there.

[Deave] Well I don't know the place real well so it's head down to mark or to the cafeteria... so... I guess pick one?

No. 468741 ID: f2c20c

Well, the cafeteria is full of cannibalism, which means there's a large group of people that would probably kick both the butts present. Wherever Mark is, there is likely another girl we could rescue, and we could steal his clothes...

Let's go to Mark.

Also jeez Deave, you don't have much of a problem functioning around a naked girl strapped to a table, but the instant she starts putting ON clothes you go weak in the knees? That's a weird fetish, son.
No. 468752 ID: bf54a8

no no, he had to take his clothes off, so now he is naked in front of a girl.
No. 468791 ID: 0c2247

If she doesn't have a name, then give her one. I'm thinking something starting with F, like Fina or Freya.

Give her a hug to go with her name, and see if there's any place in here she can hide while you go scouting.
What we need to do is find more clothing, and see if we can find an excuse to bring her with us. If there are any female workers then we definitely need to get her an outfit so she can disguise herself as one of them, but if not then maybe some of the other workers have slaves or pets, and we could pass her off as one of those?
No. 468808 ID: 38fff2

Lets not hug her, Deave is embarrassed enough as it is without a physical embrace. Lets avoid the cafeteria since she is so dead set on avoiding the place that she volunteered for us to torture her to death instead, it could be worth asking where she is supposed to go after we're done with her and check that area out as an alternative to room 20 where we'll probably end up in a struggle with Mark once he notices she's with us since he's not going to be fooled into believing that she's supposed to be with us.
No. 468818 ID: 735f4f

I think he is more embarrassed about being near naked near her than the other way around.
No. 468819 ID: 70c0f2

Aw c'mon Deave. I know you're currently trapped in a bunny body going both puberty and spiritual puberty, but you're better than this! Draw on your experience as a gender neutral magic bug- put yourself in that old frame of mind where sex is meaningless to you. You can't afford to be distracted, here.
No. 468895 ID: 12c19f

What self respecting lagomorph isn't a pervert?
No. 469515 ID: 34cbef
File 135233722284.png - (9.56KB , 585x313 , 12.png )

Deave tells the girl to hide behind the strap table, which pulls forward at the bottom and makes a nice little hidey hole. Then he asks about the area nightmares go when they get made. She explains that she doesn't know right off hand but she says it is in the general direction of the door deave came through. He goes down that hallway again and finds that there is a huge pit in the middle of the hallway. Along the way to get here he passes 3 other doors that were unmarked.
No. 469516 ID: bf54a8

knock on the door and move off to the side. when the nightmare maker comes out shove him in the pit. i doubt the pit is a killer, just a big chute down to the transmission room.
No. 469525 ID: 735f4f

Oh don't go shoving people into pits just yet. They might be horrible monsters but they seem to be polite horrible monsters so far.
No. 469526 ID: 70c0f2

I'll reiterate: we're here to break the machine and or escape. Not murder people who have been forced to act as cogs of the machine. Get those thoughts out of your head.

Let's continue poking around, for now. Investigate.
No. 469547 ID: 37aa84

Check what's in the room right next to the pit.
No. 469872 ID: 34cbef
File 135243610182.png - (9.06KB , 604x321 , 13.png )

Deave knocks on the door, no answer. He investigates the pit, it seems to be filled with unspeakable monstrosities that gladly deave cannot make out too well. Then he investigates the room, it seems to be just a walkway around the pit. In this area there is a desk with a computer on it and next to the desk is some sort of 2 door locker unit. You can hear breathing coming from one.
No. 469873 ID: bf54a8

breathing means alive. open the door.
No. 469878 ID: 70c0f2

Check the computer! Maybe there's useful info, or a floor plan, or something.
No. 469896 ID: b7169d

knock on the closet once, say hello and ask if someones in there. Wait for response.
No. 469912 ID: 34cbef
File 135244206508.png - (7.13KB , 502x437 , 14.png )

Deave checks the computer, there seems to be a page already up. It's an email list with a few new mails, deave checks them over.

Distribution of Nightmares
from: management@nf.bork

There will be a new order of distribution starting today, we will be sending out twice as many arm barons and cancelling the drowned maiden nightmares indefinitelly. Due to complaints about worker's lunches being drowned in the tank along with the supplies management has decided to pull the drowned maiden project. If you have had a lunch lost in this project please contact management for a free meal from the cafeteria.

New Employee Notice
from: Jason@NF.bork

Notice to all employees, Mark has jumped the gun in assigning the new guy to razor production, he is supposed to be assigned to my station which is assistant to madam baphomet. If anyone spots deave, the one with the eye tattoo, please direct towards management offices.

Rules about Home Lunches
from: management@nf.bork

Hello workers, welcome to your fantastic new line of work. This is a quick guideline for those of you who wish to bring lunches from home:
-make sure to mark your lunches, either with a sharpie marker or sticky, you can be creative like one of our associates who carved his initials into his lunch's forehead
-if your lunch isn't pacified take her to the cafeteria area to be pacified by either the butcher, who is mark, or the head chef, chauncy.
-if a girl is walking around the hall without any markings she is either supply material or the factories designated whore, the easiest way to tell is if the girl is covered in semen
-designated factory whores are not meant to be eaten, if a worker is caught eating the whore he will be disciplined or even terminated
-if a girl you find does not have markings of lunch or dirtied with semen please take her to the butchers office in room 20 or to the cafeteria for examination
-finally please eat your lunches in the cafeteria, you may have sex with them wherever you please but eating them is strictly excluded to the cafeteria

Thank you from management, and we hope you enjoy your meals!
No. 469915 ID: 34cbef
File 135244225953.png - (10.60KB , 595x320 , 15.png )

Deave then inspects the closet with the breathing noise. Inside the one door is a girl who is sleeping heavilly. There is a sticky note attached to her head:

If I catch someone eating my lunch I swear I'll go to management, I'm getting pissed off at whoever keeps stealing my meal. VIRGINS ARE NOT CHEAP!

PS~ to the guy who is probably taking my lunch, FUCK YOU

No. 469917 ID: 70c0f2

...right. Let's rescue the 'lunch' there.
No. 469940 ID: b7169d

Look her over, make sure she's unharmed. Knowing them they might've taken a bite out of her.
No. 469982 ID: 011678

make sure to keep a mental note of the names/faces of all the people who work here, just in case they escape and you have to hunt them later.
i know some have reasoned that we want to destroy the factory, not the people in it but you can plainly see that these guys are enjoying what they are doing here, such people cannot be set loose on the rest of scociety.
No. 469986 ID: 0c2247

Find milk and glue. Combine them in roughly equal parts. Splash it all over this girl and the one who you cut lose, then paint the words "WHORE" on each of their backs. Then they won't get eaten if somebody finds them, and they probably won't get mutilated either.
No. 470020 ID: f2c20c

They would however get raped.
No. 470029 ID: b7169d


Is it better for her to be devoured? Or better to be raped..

At best if she's covered it would mean we could attempt to hide and save her later even if she was caught, if she was caught as lunch she would be eaten.
No. 470033 ID: 37aa84

Yeah, lets not get the poor virgin raped, lets just wake her up and have her follow behind us and lead her back to the other girl. Cool so we were mis-assigned, that's helpful Mark will just assume we reported to management when we don't report to him in a timely manner so we could wander around a while longer until someone spots us and gives us the message without too much fear of being reprimanded and unless a new worker suddenly shows up mid-way into the day our work station should remain un-occupied making it a good hiding place for the girls. Plus Madam Baphomet sounds important enough that being her assistant could make us privy to some important information that could help us wreck the factory.

Considering how we got here I doubt this is a real world place and more likely some kind of spiritual plane and not somewhere from which the workers can break out of back into the real world, until we learn otherwise we should avoid senselessly killing them unless absolutely necessary.
No. 470070 ID: bf54a8

or the guy could go "sigh, oh well i'm hungry"
and eat her anyway.
No. 470072 ID: 4a328b

Find a magic marker and doodle eye markings and the words "DEAVE'S LUNCH" on this girl and the one you freed earlier. That should keep them from being assaulted or eaten by someone, hopefully.
No. 470078 ID: 37aa84

If they're found awake wandering the halls they'll either be sent to Mark or Chauncy to be sedated, if they end up with Mark he would know we didn't have a lunch with us when we got here and if both ended up with Chauncy us needing two girls for lunch would seem odd. We would still need them to hide somewhere safe but also separate so no one finds them both by chance and wonders about us having two lunches.
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