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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 151092274548.gif - (965.16KB , 1500x1099 , TITLE2LOGO.gif )
845656 No. 845656 ID: 87da28

"Maybe tomorrow will be a good day"
the crippled bird said from the cage of a man's heart
He descended down the rabbit-hole
buried in sorrow
buried in hope

Thus begun his KATABASIS



Our short quest will begin shortly. This will be an experimental quest in some ways, traditional in some others, but enjoyable if we can set our minds and hearts to it.

It's my hope that you will experience both struggle and eroticism with this, and hopefully enjoy both. Your foes will range from the foolish and the ineffective, to the witty and the battle-hardened, to the wise beyond the stars and more powerful then the red moon.

Our format will be closest described as a play on Isekai. Expect modernist art influences, obscure poetry, metaphysical art and literature, and of course, lots of lewds.

With that introduction out of the way, we shall begin shortly

- Arkomeda -

QUEST DIS: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/117871.html
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No. 845658 ID: 87da28
File 151092329095.png - (58.57KB , 605x263 , WARN.png )

First a warning: While this quest will mention and indulge in a variety of kinks, it will not be about fetishes, nor will they be anything more than an option.


Before we start two policies

TF: There will be light TF elements as a matter of consequences if left to the author.

VOTE: No TF, Light TF (cosmetics, light utility at most), Full TF (limbs, wings, etc)

GAY/BISEXUAL CONTENT: If left to the author, there'd be GAY/BISEXUAL encounters

VOTE: No gay/bi, romantic/softcore, Gay and Bi encounters allowed.
No. 845661 ID: 87da28
File 151092450118.png - (655.20KB , 1200x857 , CLASS APPROACH2.png )


Class approach

These will be the class approaches that will be open to you. You will vote on which approach you'd like to adopt as the primary one for the quest. This does not mean that it will be fundamental or that you will not be allowed other personality approaches, but it will provide a good baseline to how you'd like the character to act in cases of indecision or uncertainty.

Realism (Both feet, at the floor) The direct perceptive apporach. You engage, but keep a distance, you pray by bathing your self in the material world, and you at peace with your eyes open.

Symbolist (Do not show, suggest) A more metaphysical or meditative approach. Evade, misdirect, use your words to beguile. Poetr should be the necessity of the breath for you.

Expressionism (Keep your distance) The world's a terrifying, but still worth living, even if it hurts you, even if you hurt in it. Your words should bring weight to everything.

Fauv (Be a wild beast and attack) He who dares wins, and you will break through known and unknown hells. Get touched by the dark hand of god, and touch his wild heart back.

Fetishist (You’re in for the ride) The outside is a world of illusions. To that, you're more of an enigma then the world, as you keep yourself sane in an increasingly absurd world.

(Fetishist does not mean "Let's just sex". It is simple a doctrine of approach. Not that it will be easy to just get sex)
No. 845663 ID: 87da28
File 151092468687.png - (947.79KB , 1030x1154 , OUTFIT2.png )

Finally, you can vote on the outfit. This will be mostly cosmetic, but details will affect, and even interfere in rare circumstances.
No. 845665 ID: ba506f

Full TF
No. 845666 ID: b7627b

Light TF

Gay/Bi fine

Realist, though there's no need to be as dark as the backdrop might suggest, I just find the equipment most useful.

Outfit 3
No. 845667 ID: 094652

Light TF
No. 845670 ID: e24b91

Full TF
No. 845672 ID: 1e7aa8

full TF, gay/bi. Realist and outfit #3
No. 845674 ID: 7e9338

No Gay/Bi
Outfit 3
No. 845676 ID: 91ee5f

Full TF

>Sexual Content
Romantic/Softcore with any sexual encounter (straight, gay, bi, etc.), it doesn't matter, I'm good with any of them.


No. 845679 ID: 66a4ca

TF: Light TF, assuming this means growing fur, to look like a furry.
Gay/Bi: I'd vote yes, as long as gay/bi is not over 50% of the encounters.
Class: Fetishist
Outfit: #7
No. 845681 ID: 5f7d8a

First: Full TF

Second: Sure we can have gay/bi

Class: Fauv

Outfit: 5
No. 845686 ID: 7152b7

First: Full TF

Second: Romance/Softcore (Any orientation is fine, I'm just a sucker for the heartstrings.)

Class: Fetishist, but as it appears to be unpopular, my second choice would be Fauv.

Outfit: 3 or 6
So many Packs and Doobly Doos.
No. 845687 ID: 5f2b81

Bi: yes
No. 845688 ID: 2c8807


Light TF

>Gay and Bi content
Fine with any combination of gay/bi/romance


3, packs of things
No. 845689 ID: 0d1514

light tf
No. 845692 ID: b7a158

Light TF
Bi shit is my jam
Outfit 5
No. 845693 ID: 0d45a9

You've got a pretty sweet artstyle going on here.

TF: Full TF (Makes things interesting IMO)
Gay/Bi: Gay and Bi encounters allowed
Class: Realist (Grounded is good)
Outfit: 6 (So many pockets!)
No. 845694 ID: 84e949

Voting fauv, ambivalent on the rest. Looking forward to this,greek
No. 845695 ID: ae9b99

Full TF

Bi encounters


outfit 6
No. 845698 ID: 33cbe7

Full TF
No. 845711 ID: c8d2b2

Full TF, Gay and Bi encounters allowed
Outfit 5
No. 845712 ID: 9e4723

I'm liking this.
No. 845713 ID: c88e6d

Full TF
Gay/Bisexual Encounters

Class: Fetishist

Outfit 7
No. 845717 ID: 0c324b

Light tf (cool with whatever, but going with author's choice), romance/softcore, realist, 3 or 6.
No. 845730 ID: 66a4ca

I change my outfit vote from #7 to #5
No. 845752 ID: cb33d0

Full TF, softcore full homo, fauv, 4
No. 845813 ID: 87da28
File 151100762143.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )

PROMPT: 2,25 Hours Left until votes are carried and the quest begins.
No. 845814 ID: 970213

Full TF.
Gay/Bi On.
Outfit 6.
And an ice-cream.
No. 845817 ID: 830fb7

Full TF
Gay and Bi encounters allowed
Outfit 6
No. 845841 ID: 87da28
File 151101847387.png - (205.19KB , 780x564 , ITEMSFIN.png )

Voting is over

Picks will be:
REALIST (There will be a light element of FAUV involved due to vote popularity)
OUTFIT 3 (Pic has been finished and incorporated)

Your starting items will be:

Canteen: Filled with water. Sturdy, can probably bash somebody over the head with it.

Radio: Handheld baseline radio. It has been functioning weirdly thought.

Flashlight: Hands free, solar powered.

Your Realist set:

Protein Bar: A protein bar from a broken vending machine. Contains chocolate.

Multitool: Made out of metal, it contains 3 tools (SCISSORS, SERRATED KNIFE, PLIER)

Bandages: Cotton Gauze, used for wound dressing.
No. 845855 ID: 87da28
File 151102690125.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )

We shall begin shortly.
No. 845857 ID: 87da28
File 151102714052.png - (52.37KB , 500x500 , PANEL1FINB.png )


It had been said, back before the world had gotten into the mess that it was, that the sixth building, the only one remaining in that area, was once a hospital, specializing in mentally ill patients, that was abandoned at the beginning of the world war. Other said it was simply another horrid building from the post-war era, a shanty box to put dissidents in. Either way, what was now a crumbling rundown structure, soon to join its five other friends, had beyond its years ordeals which hid from the foliage outside to the walls that were once painted teal, to the pained feeling these doors gave when opened.
No. 845859 ID: 87da28
File 151102719976.png - (76.91KB , 500x500 , 2B.png )

There was but one ordeal that was dinstinct. The structure had been build on something seperate from it. You entered looking for it among the dusted glass and rusted remains of objects, the reflected moonlight showing the semblance of the miserable sight around you. It was november, and the cold was digging to your bones, the melancholy of the weather just part of the short days at the end of spring. The wind came at midnight, whistling a heavier weight on to you, one that you were prepared for, yet also on degree, wanting for.
No. 845860 ID: 87da28
File 151102734787.png - (75.22KB , 500x500 , Panel4B.png )

The truth was that the building had no basement. You were justified in that belief as you descended the curled gazed space around you, more pearly now, signs of an older age. There wasn't even a scent to it, unlike the slayed floor above. You were surprised to find down there elevators, unlike any you had ever seen or even fit the place, but not reluctant to open one. But you didn' have to do such thing. A blade of light appeared, light bathing through as one of the elevator doors, spread wide, soaking the wall and floor in front of you with a wash of other-worldly shine.
No. 845861 ID: 87da28
File 151102744149.png - (67.69KB , 500x500 , Panel4FinB.png )

The silence which had now laid full seperated this space from the world above, and left your empty self to think. This was where the real ended and the dream begun, the pill between two worlds, the end of the river that all of your old friends so diligently daydreamed about. Those that searched the darkest places and never came back again. You grew up, and you wondered what golden line they had crossed that took them away from you. But that was all old tears, from which not even the marks remained.
No. 845865 ID: 87da28
File 151102809765.png - (99.51KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

It's up to you. You've suspended your disbelief, the only companion to take you out of this, you breathed with a certain calm, the wheel spinning inside your head, and for now, thinking with endurant patience.

The spring was ending after all, and the day was silently coming to its end. Only the present remained.

No. 845870 ID: 4ead4f

Check radio
No. 845872 ID: 8f4e2e

Keep an eye out for horrible psychology monsters
No. 845881 ID: 87da28
File 151103194966.png - (83.49KB , 500x500 , PANL 12.png )


You pull out the radio from one of your pockets, eyes gazing down the plane of light. The long piercing scream of static ended the silent awareness of the present. What were you expecting anyways, to order pizza this deep underground, or worse, happen upon military comms. There was nobody to call anyways. If there was, you'd be thrifting away with them.


The light fell obliquely down your face. You were a midnight transpasser, about to go into the dream. Where did this supersition of psychological monsters come from? A day ago? A month? Forever? You barely knew. Maybe an answer was down there, maybe what was needed was a purge. You sat in silence for a few moments and you laughed to yourself. What evidence was there; that the elimination of superstition will inevitably lead to happiness? That the ignorance of your own nature is the source of all problems?

Perhaps... one should not be in search of monsters to kill after all.
No. 845884 ID: 66a4ca

Enter into the light!
No. 845886 ID: 5d13f5

Onward we go then.
No. 845895 ID: 88bd6f

Step forward Minotaur.
No. 845896 ID: 91ee5f

What's your name?
No. 845899 ID: 586902

Yeah but silent Hill is still really possible here, be wary
No. 845902 ID: 87da28
File 151104042096.png - (73.37KB , 500x500 , PANEL13.png )

You took your first steps, and you recalled a hazy image in your head, forming by itself into another body. You saw that image then clearly. Yourself. "My name..." you think

But names are for mortals. Now you enter the immortal life.

No. 845903 ID: 3d229a

Into the breach, Let us go, rather than stop and forever wonder...what if?
No. 845904 ID: 87da28
File 151104076478.png - (55.23KB , 500x500 , Panel14.png )


The time came. You provoked yourself, as you took the first steps and passed through the soft cloud of brilliance in front of you, eyes closed, and disappeared into the deep white.

No. 845905 ID: 87da28
File 151104110757.png - (114.97KB , 500x500 , Panel15.png )

An empty space appears before you. You’re inside the elevator. A whimper came out of you, immobile you glance around. There are no controls on this thing, and the immaculate state of it reminds you of quieter times.
No. 845906 ID: 3d229a

wait for a bit, if nothing happens, prod around on the walls and floor maybe there's a secret panel or something?
No. 845907 ID: 2c8807

Examine all surfaces, if there aren't controls then perhaps a maintenance box or exit.
Perhaps elevator is time based, but waiting shouldn't be inactivity.
No. 845908 ID: 66a4ca

Say "Ground Floor". Check the radio again.
No. 845912 ID: 3ce125

Could be voice activated, but don't we want the basement level?
No. 845918 ID: ba506f

give it a minute, look around and see if you can't see anything other then the light and bare walls. If nothing happens I guess walk out and try look around back in the hall, maybe there was something back their that could clue you in on what you're supposed to do.
No. 845919 ID: 33cbe7

Could be touch activated. Lick the wall.
No. 845921 ID: 70e4ea

Where is the light coming from? Is it an electrical sorce or natural light?
No. 845962 ID: 87da28
File 151105453278.png - (129.27KB , 500x500 , 16.png )


You check your radio again. An eternity of static met your ears, again, a few words came out, punctuated by the compeer of momentarily silence “Begin… Greetings… Hera-Alpha, copy?...”

Despite your donkeysish insistence, neither the radio, neither the elevator retort


You spread your gaze around, eyeing the elevator, gaping at its opulence. Such material was of rare character, it shines and reflects, the peachy color making you wince with memories of Mediterranean adventures. But there was no hidden seal, no broad sneak in its surface. The damn thing was perfectly flawless.


You pinched your eyes. There was something off with the shine, it bloomed like a floret mound in the spring, it didn’t strain your eyes like that rotten light in similar buildings of this age. There was something off here, a felt ditch, but and unseen one.
No. 845987 ID: 3ce125

A felt ditch? What?

Okay how about you push on the walls?
No. 845989 ID: 7152b7

Why would there be controls when the only destination is where you need to go?

No motion is required to achieve meaning.

Step outside to somewhere new.
No. 846075 ID: 66a4ca

Look outside. Is the outside still the same as before?

Check out the ditch. Check the sound it makes if you knock on it, compared to knocking on other parts of the elevator.
No. 846085 ID: 970213

Yeah, peek back into the hallway to see if anything has changed. Or to see if the doors have even closed behind.

Maybe try closing your eyes and leaning in against an elevator wall, to help hear anything mechanical working away behind them.

Maybe close your eyes and dream of a far away place with topless lizard women.
No. 846090 ID: 9d4af9

This one gets it.
No. 846093 ID: b7627b

Well there's a light, right? You might be able to pry the cover loose with your multitool.
No. 846094 ID: b7627b

It suddenly occurs to me that you might not be able to reach the light, but also that simply deleting the post would be a shame.
No. 846124 ID: 87da28
File 151111111322.png - (116.28KB , 500x500 , Pnael 16.png )


You spared another moment, closing your eyes, other senses taking control where your vision failed. Water droplets seeping through decollated cracks in the distance were the only thing hinted, aptly able to be heard barely above your own heartbeat. Not even the wind could riddle its way around here. The silence was almost savage in nature. Uncommonly uncomfortable, you let your imagination run to calm you down. Fern green creatures you saw, unusually curvy. Too much Ovid, you thought, as you opened your eyes and returned to more important matters.


Controls. Control. How silly it was that you thought that was. So many things were beyond that, your dreams, your nightmares. Others waste their life searching to gain control over their wasted time. The issue to you hadn’t been trying to find, whether you had it or not. The issue was to manage to live despite of it.

No. 846129 ID: 87da28
File 151111154371.png - (85.40KB , 500x500 , 8B.png )


You peeked outside. Still the same unearthly silence, the pale long hallway gazed back at you. An unusual scent was barely detectable, the bare hints of moisture in the process of seeping in, bringing in the bacterial mash of the world above. “Must have started raining” you induce

No. 846130 ID: 87da28
File 151111158515.png - (77.80KB , 500x500 , Panel17.png )


You raised your head. The soft light was satisfying to look at, even if the feeling of intimacy were not reciprocated. You pulled out your multi-tool, arms raised. Too far away to reach. You took a breath. There were numerous objects you could use as a platform. You thought you saw some stool or half steady wooden ladder above, maybe something else to try and reach it. Or maybe you could think of something else...

No. 846134 ID: ae9b99

find that stool or ladder.
No. 846140 ID: 66a4ca

Eat half of the protein bar and go to sleep.
No. 846150 ID: 3ce125

Yeah go get something to climb on.
No. 846185 ID: 686512

Guess we start climbing
No. 846221 ID: c31aac

Press start
>Language and text
>purple prose
>set from 100% to 30%
>save changes
>exit menu
No. 846242 ID: 87da28
File 151113485109.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )


You do realize there's a Quest Discussion linked where you can set your complains about the prose pal.
No. 846282 ID: 4c148e

As a quick test it would be fairly simple to remove a glove then gently toss it into the light. To see if it's really solid or just another opening. Alternatively poke at it with a long object from the ground.
No. 846322 ID: c88e6d

Sit beneath the light and think. Relax and clear your head. Something is happening, and without any system to interact with, it can be assumed that the elevator will move when it will.
No. 846340 ID: 88bd6f

Try asking the elevator to take you where you're going.
No. 846678 ID: e0b748
File 151127241131.png - (178.58KB , 500x500 , Panel18.png )


You sat carefully tend to an idea. You’d be chump if you went all the way upstairs and got the ladder if the lesson was that this had been an old elevator light. You twitched a bit, then headed outside and picked up a fetid scrap of molding concrete from the hallway, Stalling your gaze at it, you arms shivering as they prepare their aim. You threw, the rock flew upwards the light, devoured by it but not coming back.

A short time passes, before you induced that the concrete had gone towards lands unseen.

No. 846679 ID: e0b748
File 151127244553.png - (174.47KB , 500x500 , Panel19.png )


The short suspense left you hushed. There was a chink in the marble here so to speak, something was amiss here. You tried not to think about it too hard as you went and found a ladder from above. Could you have asked the elevator politely, instead of snouting around it; Maybe snack a bit and rest your body for the night?

Nah, that’d be obscene, now that you tried to throw a rock at it as well. The elevator would be justified in thinking that you’d attempted assault.

No. 846685 ID: e0b748
File 151127284662.png - (127.07KB , 500x500 , Panel20.png )


You set up the ladder, its wooden frame shown it was made by master hands despite its worn state. Shame it was left here for the wind to shit dust on it. Who knows, maybe he’d make a good pal back home if this whole thing end up being a stale cake.

No. 846686 ID: 91ee5f

What are you waiting for, an invitation? Start climbing!
No. 846689 ID: b1df3d

Aw yeah progress.
This sounds like an impossible space. No way of knowing which direction gravity will pull when you go through that opening.
Best be careful going through, hold onto the edge until you know which way is up on the other side.
And good luck!
No. 846692 ID: 9e4723

So that light is like some kind of portal? I can't shake the filing that if you cross it, you will find yourself upside down on the other side.
No. 846710 ID: 66a4ca

Climb up on top of the elevator car.
No. 846746 ID: 7152b7

No. 847222 ID: e0b748
File 151139935259.png - (90.67KB , 500x500 , 21.png )


Your head remained upwards, a discussion erupted inside your mind about crossing over it. The light above gleamed above you, yet underground. Would phosphorescence finally illuminate your thoughts?

The steps were few, and you slowly ascended them. You hesitated as you reached and grabbed the edge of the opening, quite thick and scaleable. You suspended your imagination, not wanting to dream of more demons than hell could hold dragging you over to the darkside. You’d kick their ass anyways if they tried anyways.

No. 847223 ID: e0b748
File 151139962013.png - (116.53KB , 500x500 , Panel 21.png )


There was only melodic silence. Nothing touched your hand, save for that hint of cool that came by from moment occasionally. Tempted you pushed your head, your head peeking through the hole, keeping at it hands steady. It was an elevator vent, a deep colored blackness expanding upward, greasy thick rope run parallel to it, along with a sturdy looking wire that held a plate light, the sourced that soaked the place vividly. The elevator car itself was in pristine condition, a serene contrast to the building it held it in, even though you couldn’t eye what was around its edges. You’d have to climb up there to see...

No. 847226 ID: b1b4f3

Go up and look for a maintenance ladder.
No. 847267 ID: 3a183f

>it's fucking nothing
I'm not surprised, yet I still feel cheated. May as well climb the rest of the way up and see if you can at least come out of this with a forgotten quarter or penny left up there.
No. 847306 ID: 66a4ca

Grab one of the beams and pull yourself up.
No. 847593 ID: 936a16
File 151149766021.png - (79.44KB , 500x500 , 23.png )


You got up through the hole and stood up careful of your step. Between the gentle light and the fragile chill, a bitter tastelessness hovered over your mouth at the impiety of the situation. You still held your head high though, nothing lost but time. Funny then, that it takes more effort to waste time then to use it effectively. Not that you’d gain anything material here. Instead of a dumpster, you found a dump. Nothing here beyond faint concrete dust, probably asphalt from the walls, and the elevator was pretty compact, so no plying pieces off.. You’d be upset if your only way up had been two sturdy hands and daydreams of scaling up greasy wire. Thankfully you found an emergency ladder, the faint scarlet bloom shined off glimt in the darkness as if looking against the early dawn time through a window.
No. 847597 ID: 33cbe7

Go up and look for more maintenance ladder.
No. 847614 ID: 4ae792

If there's no way further down, I guess the only way to go would be up. I'm guessing the elevator is already at the lowest point in the shaft.

Don't forget that light you have. Looks like it's pretty dark in there, a good time to switch it on.
No. 847655 ID: 66a4ca

Hmm, in the beginning, you went to the bottom floor of the building, the fact of which makes me suspect that you were trying to go further down, rather than up.

Flash your flashlight around the elevator car and look at what lies below. If it goes further down, then perhaps you can climb the ladder down.
No. 847681 ID: 9e4723

If your objective is to go down, maybe you have to move the elevator out of the way, like going up, call it there, and then go back down through the ladder again. I maight have the wrong idea here, but is worth a try, you have to go up now any way.
No. 847715 ID: b1b4f3

Climb ladder down.
No. 847858 ID: 936a16
File 151157413978.png - (88.89KB , 500x500 , 24.png )


A slight twitch ambushed your body. Something had been bothering you, and you’d been sure it wasn’t your stomach yet. You looked around, and it became clear that the walls surrounded the elevator’s frame, to it its design, to you its confinement. There was no way down, a direction you hadn’t been sure had been your goal. What had been your goal anyways? To free yourself? Of what? Free of the earth, free of the people, free of yourself? Too many questions, distant as well, yet as inescapable as your body was to your own bowels.

You turned on your flashlight and attached it to one of your front straps for hands free use. With courage, you set your body upwards, climbing concrete and asphalt walls, the rust eaten ladder leaving mediocre tarnish on your hands. The flashlight guided your way, the forces of technology not able to brighten the world of the disenchanted. Step by step you ascended, until your eyes spotted something. Your focus triggered, you pointed the flashlight to the source. It had been a phrase, the long stank spray still a sunset in the midst of the gloomy corridor. “Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters” it spelled. Whimish, you thought, as you continued upwards and left the stain adrift for the void to drown out.

No. 847859 ID: 936a16
File 151157420839.png - (65.70KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

You looked up, the gleaming pinpricks of light coming off flashlight the only way to sweep the darkness away. It had been strange how peaceful this whole place had been. You’d have expected blacker holes to get snapped into. Thankfully you reached the top, just as your arms begun to feel the tense muscleburn.

No. 847862 ID: 936a16
File 151157444867.png - (60.85KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

You peeked your head, upper body rested by the edge, hands squeezed, mocked by the burning sensation of climbing. You shut off the flashlight as you blanked out for a moment, visionless while left the unrestrain of your heavy breaths take over. As soon as you regained your self, you stared at the darkness in front of you. You paused for a few moments, eyes distill and get used to the darkness. The shape of things became evident. What looked like a mirror lay just across you. The walls too black, hard to be observed from this position. The distinct silhouette of a something jagged away from one side of the wall, too hard to make out. Yet one item had been enough to make you blink and bring a grin to your face.

No. 847863 ID: 936a16
File 151157448144.png - (48.26KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

In front of you laid a pillow, resting on its sod a piece of concrete not unlike the one you threw up the elevator gap. The grin betrayed your reaction, even if it had been to shield your apprehension. You knew what one had to do in order to oddly feel true distance.

No. 847864 ID: 7152b7

Inspect this daintily lain stone.
No. 847867 ID: b1b4f3

Hump the pillow.
No. 847873 ID: 91ee5f

If that's the same piece of concrete you threw up the hole in the elevator, then someone must've brought it up here when you left to go get that ladder.

Which means that someone is up here, waiting for you.
No. 847892 ID: 66a4ca

Inspect the pillow. And the mirror. And the furniture.
No. 847902 ID: ae1f26

I guess this explains why the stone didn't make a noise, or come back down.
That stone must be pretty lucky to land right there, better keep it. Special stone.

Best knock before entering the room ahead, you don't want to catch some poor lizard woman with her top off.
No. 848423 ID: f5b988

Sit on the pillow to rest, have a snack.
Listen if you hear any noises?
No. 849180 ID: 936a16
File 151218847690.png - (75.74KB , 500x500 , Panel21.png )

You announce your presence, two knocks, awaiting in fantasy what sort of creatures lurk behind the jagged. Only the fine particles in the air were moved by your introduction, their tears a bit dry for your taste. concrete shadows.. A little more than half a minute passes before you disperse with the daydreaming again.

What was more discerning was the nature of the pillow right here. Even in the uncaring darkness, it reflected the barest of light to be visible, like marble. The concrete piece you had thrown sat on top of it, a conceit far more weening in your mind that it would stain the fabric. Reverting to more pressing concern, you do have to wonder how the heck this thing managed to travel two dozen meters upwards to fall just perfectly in its shiny altar. It was almost as if, unlike the world above, that there were are bigger forces structuring the unordered with tranquility.
No. 849181 ID: 3485b4

That definitely looks like a very spooky thing to the right there. Shine some light on it.
No. 849200 ID: 66a4ca

Same as before. Check out the pillow. What does it smell like? If you can, take it with you. Also look in the mirror. And perhaps check the furniture if there's any drawers or any useful items hiding.
No. 849476 ID: 936a16
File 151229162904.png - (70.21KB , 500x500 , Panel22.png )


You greeted the light with a placid timidness. Light always made life’s worries easier, even if it made them more pressing. A moment ago, you had put aside logic to let your mind sing with fancy fantasies. They had been more sensuous than terrifying, unusual considering the gloomy darkness around you.

No. 849478 ID: 936a16
File 151229171347.png - (95.08KB , 500x500 , Panel 21R.png )


Your first target had been the pillow. It’d been a pearly delight, the ugly concrete piece above like a plastic cup among river pebbles. You approached it, leaned forward to see if it’s scentsy or of it stinks. A single whiff took you for a split second to far off harbors. It smelled like moonlight, if you had words to explain it. Still, this synthesis of untypical and typical had you confused. Obviously, an object as soft and silky as a pillow had been enough to stop a rock without emitting any noise. But what the heck had a pillow, one that had still not dropped its splendor decades ago, been doing here? You didn’t suppose it had been laid here half a century ago by the last technician to visit it.

No. 849479 ID: 936a16
File 151229176194.png - (102.92KB , 500x500 , Panel23.png )

Your light strobed like a searchlight, locked focus on anything of interest. Only bare concrete, moist one at worst. That had been besides the old scrappy and rusted size long steel extruding from the right wall.. Rebar it seemed, yet, it looked quite abnormally jagged. Not even up in the most desolate of cityscapes did you come across something like that, not anything that hadn’t the unfortunate experience of having a tank round hitchhike through it. What looked like half a dozen of nails also seemed to have been hammered through the wall, stitched in their place quite haphazardly. It all looked quite pathetic and it brought an unwanted weight to you.

No. 849482 ID: 0d1514

LOOT PILLOW. Throw rock at rebar!
No. 849492 ID: 66a4ca

Something must've caught the rock and put it on the pillow. This cannot be a coincidence.

The rock, heavy and still, together with the pillow is a metaphor. "To sleep like a rock".

This is what you should do. Take a nap on the pillow. Of course, you should remove the rock and dust first.
No. 849521 ID: fe4fe7

Throw another rock, see of it lands on another pillow
No. 849522 ID: 9e4723

So, we are going to ignore the to pices of metal on the concrete wall? Can we do something with that?
No. 849656 ID: 22faaa

Somehow, taking a nap on this pillow in the middle of an abandoned building when someone or something clearly set that rock on that pillow doesn't seem like a good idea.

Perhaps you should check out the rest of your surroundings with the flashlight. Look for footprints in the dust.
No. 849737 ID: 7152b7

Loot Pillow. Investigate damage. was it recent?
No. 849739 ID: 91ee5f

Look for a way to continue moving forward.
No. 850393 ID: 07de7f
File 151270599736.png - (108.14KB , 500x500 , Panel26B.png )


Quite the imaginative being you had been. You even entertained the thought of letting the repose of sleep take legs to your mind. Maybe sweeter worlds could be found there. It had a certain pull on you. What had been at first a lowly thought now seemed like a symbol, an effort that had to be worked for. But still, it would be a mortal mistake to go to sleep at such a place. Sweeter worlds, you thought. Sweeter, but unreal. But hadn’t germs been as unreal? Wasn’t the emergence of multi celled organisms, things beyond his senses, equally as a construct as his deepest fantasies? Isn’t the real what he had evolved to perceive? It didn’t matter. The respites he brought on by thought ate away at his focus.

No. 850398 ID: 07de7f
File 151270912239.png - (87.67KB , 500x500 , Panel29.png )


Twin corroded rebars extruded through the wall, as if having had sneezed through them. It would take everything you had in excess to take them out. That would include pain as well. Thankfully the nails next to the wall had been put there by sloppy hands. They almost looked pullable.

The pillow had the power to make a blind man find his light. Quite a pretty sight. Warm too, you mused. Like sleeping next to a smooth waterfall that thing would be had you decided to lay your head on it. But that’d by a one way ticket to uncertainty. You’d rather be conscious if you are to face uncertainty. There’d been no way you’d let that beauty to turn to sap and blackness down here, she’d be leaving with you once you dealt with this place. Maybe you could invent a plausible excuse for the MPs. Or even just bribe the pricks with it.

The mirror sat still, sickly as it had been stained. The rest of the space was too dark for you to gaze into. An echo of life almost attested itself through the dirty mirror, an image not unlike your own. It looked like it needed a good wipe.

No. 850399 ID: c88e6d

Give it a good wipe then, you silly Fauv-Realist.
No. 850400 ID: 91ee5f

Go wipe the mirror. Get a good look at yourself and reflect upon your decision to come to this building.
No. 850410 ID: 6cc25a

>They almost looked pullable.
Pull them.

>it needed a good wipe
Wipe it. Use bandages.
No. 850452 ID: 9e4723

Try and see if there is something in the back of the mirror, or behind it. But first clean it and take a look at your self.
No. 850500 ID: 9d4af9

As a Realist, you should't use your sterile medical bandages for cleaning mirrors. Try your sleeve maybe? Also take the pillow with you. Who knows when you'll need a good pillow.
No. 850507 ID: 2ce7a1

Or use the pillow to clean the mirror.
No. 850531 ID: 07de7f
File 151281622763.png - (140.22KB , 500x500 , 30.png )


Your fingers are strong, but not strong enough to pull them bare. Neatly you slid your multi-tool out of your pocket, sourly pulling the nails off the wall, leaving lonely clouds nailholes behind.

You keep your mind on the pillow of course, you'd be spending much time with it, after you rescued it from this dark deep place.

Instead your gaze turned to the mirror. The collected sot and dust must'd had years to brew on its surface, barely the hints of a human outline visible through it. You took a moment to check behind it, being met with the nimble plane of concrete, before you brought the mirror face to face. How quaint, that the symbol of reflection of beauty itself had endured such grief. Then again, to reflect hadn’t always been the most comfortable of things.

You pulled out a piece of bandage, having preferred not to spread your bare palms against such a callous surface. Even your sleeves were too conscious to muddy up. Having ditched any evoked thoughts of using the pillow for the job, you proceeded to clean the mirror with the spare bandage. A little bit of spit went a long way as you started to knead it with your hands. Silent moments pass before the deed is done.

No. 850532 ID: 07de7f
File 151281633443.png - (209.37KB , 780x564 , 30.png )

LOSE: 1x Bandage

GAIN: 6x Finger length nails: They're a bit rusted, but they will hold up being used again.
No. 850535 ID: 07de7f
File 151281648097.png - (95.89KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

You were now able to reflect on the mirror, and the mirror to reflect back to you. Seemed like quite a short-lived adventure to get here. You held your face staring at it, almost having felt a tight breeze skim through your face. Lips went dry, throat too. You took self-control and focused on your face. Still quite young, wrapped in this wall of flesh. Thankfully you’d stopped smoking cigs a long time ago. When they’d have to open you up, the meds wouldn’t need to cringe too hard. Either way, you were still fine display, even if that wasn’t your intention.

To reflect on something hadn’t always been the most comfortable thing. Broken surfaces did not reflect that well, even if they were still beautiful. Wouldn’t that explain your behavior? Why had you chosen to come down here? You hadn’t been some worthless hypocrite. You had been looking to cross the lines, not just find isolated points. To don the mask of anything without assuming your role would be just deceiving.

No. 850536 ID: 07de7f
File 151281656807.png - (163.12KB , 500x500 , 32B.png )

Your hand reached to your throat to caress it, another annoying streak of wind lacing your warm face, the glimmering from the light making terrifying shadows of your face. This had to mean something. Maybe the time for theoretical reflections was at due. A mirror, a pillow. To rest meant to sit back, to reflect. And within it on kept an alive an interplay. In the same way a mirror had been fragile, so had been what it reflected.

What had you come here to do.

It had been days since you breached the riddles.

It had been weeks since you had been let go of your duties.

It had been months since the last of your old friends disappeared across the line.

It had been years since you became aware of the first whispers of the place beyond the real.

But what had been eternal? What had been that even motivated you to search for this place? What explained your detachment? That hadn’t been answerable. Like an institution, it took decades to build, maybe never to perfect. To secure such a definite answer, that would be the end of your worries.

The pillow sat in your back. Maybe it had been the time, the time for self-introspection again. All the luck in the world couldn't beat good introspection.

No. 850547 ID: 6cc25a

So, what are our options? We were supposed to find something, but there's nothing here.

Walk through the mirror? Don't think that's gonna work since you already went full deviant on it and nothing happened.
I guess break the mirror then. At least you can take a shard of it with you.

Look around one more time if anything else catches your interest, then return to the ladder. Is there anywhere else you can climb? If not, then return to the elevator.
No. 850563 ID: 9e4723

Well, since we are here, let's reflect about yourself. Why are you here, what were you expecting to find, where do you come from, who were you, answer those kinds of questions.
No. 850640 ID: c88e6d

Hmmm. Feels like something needs you to wait here, or they wouldn't have put the anomalous rebar, mirror and pillow to distract you. They never built elevators like that either. This entire place was set up specifically for you.
No. 850732 ID: 07de7f
File 151290198957.png - (143.34KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

You couldn’t remain indifferent, that hadn’t been how you got here. It had been exactly that mental indolence that had produced a world like that above. But it hadn’t been totally in your control, that you had to admit. Your mind had been active, and unlike the ignorant masses above, who had no pretense of searching for hidden unreal truths, you could not rest in the surrender of your will. You’ve entered a battle, a search to get rid of of this impulse, that one way or another, all of your old friend’s claimed would be won once you’d crossed the line.

No. 850733 ID: 07de7f
File 151290201897.png - (96.02KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

Well, now you had been here, and drifting in your sight had been the suffocating image of yourself, staring at you at this dead end. You clenched your fist. Introspection would only make your thoughts drunk, but without the wine to accompany. There had to be a reason. How could there not been? Maybe a kick to the mirror? Maybe a seat by the pillow? Or would you have to go back above, rushing to any cliff down the rocks in search of it.

No. 850734 ID: 07de7f
File 151290204931.png - (131.61KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

You saw your reflection blink, as you stood there facing. Lycurgus said once that long hair added beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. But you had to admit, your locks of hair made you drip, as your hand went ready to punch.

No. 850738 ID: 07de7f
File 151290270106.png - (109.11KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

A marble of sweat form on your forehead. And in that moment, you didn't regret a single step you take towards this.

No. 850741 ID: 6cc25a

>You saw your reflection blink
Hmm. Reflections don't normally blink...

Lightly kick the mirror. If that doesn't work, then punch it~

Is it just me or did the stone disappear?

Uhh. Stand on the pillow? Or check what's under it?
No. 850745 ID: 6cc25a

Nevermind the stone.

Also, another change to my suggestion. You should try punching yourself first.
No. 850753 ID: 07de7f
File 151291254816.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )

Decided to make a poll early to gauge so far how's it going. Go here and voice feedback.

No. 850762 ID: 91ee5f

Did you blink or did your reflection just blink on its own?
No. 850793 ID: c88e6d

Break the 'mirror'.

If you're asking our protagonist for a straight answer, I fear you will be disappointed.
No. 850794 ID: 91ee5f

You're right. The purple prose might be too hard to decipher.
No. 850795 ID: 2a13fa

Considering your eyes close when you blink and thus you cannot see your reflection blink alongside you, I think that it's safe to say the reflection blinked on its own.
No. 850908 ID: 07de7f
File 151299058091.png - (112.70KB , 500x500 , 37B.png )

There was a silence, of about a few moments. You blinked, but the human like reflection didn’t. Your eyes hadn’t been mistranslating, and this hadn’t been a momentary bout of lunacy. Your reflection had been anything but. Was it an imitation? Was it real? You gathered the courage to move, legs ready to kick, hands arching back, ready to act.

No. 850909 ID: 07de7f
File 151299061887.png - (94.08KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

You lay in your place, seeing in the glimmer your likeness pick up its radio and bring it up to its ear, without fear, without judgement. A faint echo of static begun playing, coming from your own radio.

No. 850910 ID: 6cc25a

Listen to your own radio.
No. 850935 ID: 9e4723

Ok, the mirror is going silent hill on us. Check your radio, see if is just static, try to fix it if not. that mirror is definitely special, so we have to keep an eye on it.
No. 851096 ID: 07de7f
File 151303770726.png - (101.09KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

Your radio slid from its case, holy hands bringing it up to your ears. Had it finally been time? Had you finally been ready to give your health or your sanity? No, those had been patronizing detours. You had still been alive, this sacred body had been your gateway to reality. You gripped the radio, ready to transmit and receive the marks of the old timers.

Static streamed like a river. The image figure stood still. You hesitated, and sat still for several moments. The momentary silence cut through suddenly:

“WAR AFFRONTS NO SLEEP TO ANY SOUL. YOU ARE NOT HERE TO PRAY, YOU’RE HERE TO PASS THROUGH.” The voice’s intent got mixed between the static, utterly different from your own, a heavy deep vibration that dug dig into your bones. You couldn’t decipher if that had been a question or a statement, a minor suspense of agony hanging in the air. The mood had changed, almost metaphysically affecting the environment. You disregarded, and focused at what had been at matter.
No. 851106 ID: 7152b7

Touch the mirror.
No. 851114 ID: 9e4723

Time to go to Narnia, touch that mirror!
No. 851199 ID: 6cc25a

Answer, "I want to pass through".
No. 851228 ID: 07de7f
File 151309000676.png - (53.20KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

Hands are raised, a brief momentary reluctance being only that, the mirror’s dirty surface touched, caressed, pressed into them. That hadn’t been it. An unconventional entrance you thought, a false conception of what had been at issue the image looked back to you.

The radio slid back up, once again ready to speak to this sweet-bitter creature. It had been unlikely that your radio could do a signal output, especially from underground. But you had abandoned any perverse notions of normal space. There hadn’t been any reason to hold back now.

No. 851229 ID: 07de7f
File 151309003476.png - (102.71KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

"I want to pass through" you said, neither commanding, neither permissive.

There was a silence of several seconds.






No. 851231 ID: 6cc25a

"I don't need to understand. Show me what is unreal."
No. 851375 ID: d5b450


Yes please
No. 851560 ID: 07de7f
File 151320679765.png - (112.79KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

No. 851561 ID: 07de7f
File 151320686685.png - (107.06KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

No. 851562 ID: 07de7f
File 151320688405.png - (98.15KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

No. 851563 ID: 07de7f
File 151320690374.png - (86.12KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

No. 851564 ID: 07de7f
File 151320700975.gif - (2.88MB , 500x500 , 47ANIB.gif )


Kaleidoscope visions dance through your eyes, strange incomprehensible pictures hang and crawl through a scarlet night. A burning sensation envelops you.
No. 851566 ID: 07de7f
File 151320718989.png - (89.75KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

You feel like ash before you are reborn again.
No. 851567 ID: 07de7f
File 151320721994.png - (75.94KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

No. 851568 ID: 9e4723

I can SEE, I can see the FUTURE! Kirby, is not pretty.
No. 851569 ID: 07de7f
File 151320730288.gif - (3.03MB , 2000x500 , 49C.gif )

No. 851570 ID: 07de7f
File 151320737850.gif - (872.90KB , 2000x500 , 60.gif )

No. 851571 ID: 07de7f
File 151320745868.gif - (753.97KB , 2000x500 , 61.gif )



But life... life was still worth living… right?
No. 851574 ID: 07de7f
File 151320760257.png - (188.69KB , 2000x500 , 62.png )



Everything is silent, including yourself. You are left adrift in a sea of magenta, floating for minutes, years, millenias, and endless far horizon screeches into the depths of eternity, You shrug, you dream, you think. Pages of thought pass and go in splits, meaning abandons you and returns. In this fluid formless chaos every concept in your mind wanders away. You eyes gazed submerged in the infinite expanse, and you felt content eying it.

You think. A body, a mind. Both together.

You are.

Then you put back all the piece together. You were able to see, with perfect insight what had happened. Your life hadn’t changed in the slightest. Not your material life. But you mind had been blessed, even so lightly. On this beautiful night, you realized you had been playing this game wrong. You set your eyes forward, you could see.
No. 851575 ID: 07de7f
File 151320764267.png - (86.12KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

And then thought to yourself “This is the nonsense that you almost got yourself killed for?”

You had changed, but only incrementally. The indolent self-referential musings in regards to unreality seemed childing now, the pseudo-schizophrenia just a cut tumor, a past event that is a stranger to you.
No. 851576 ID: 07de7f
File 151320767148.png - (89.96KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

You looked forward. The mirror had returned to its pious nature, it’s only saying a reflection, a real one now. A few kicks and motions confirmed it. Had this been it? A figurative pill for the headache while your body did the rest? Everything had seemed possible before. Now… now you didn’t know what to do. That pressing tensions had gone. But there had still been something missing.
No. 851582 ID: 9e4723

Did we just talked to ourself? What was that all about?
It seem like a revelation.
Were we escaping from something, from our responsibilities, a war?
No. 851591 ID: 7152b7

Who are we, and what are we doing in this hole anyway?
No. 851634 ID: b7627b

I think it may be time to wake up from this fever dream or whatever it is.
No. 851675 ID: 07de7f
File 151323285678.png - (128.31KB , 500x500 , 65B.png )

You gulped your throat, hand slipping around the concave of your jacket’s hood. What a frenzy had that been. You just had wished that the bittersweet ride, had given you a few more answer. WHo had that been? Yourself? The indulgences of the imaginative mind on a trip? Either way, at least the vibrating anxiety was gone, and you wouldn’t need to concern yourself with that battle. There had been bigger legends to live up to, bigger escapes that could restore our broken wholes. Maybe the answer was in philosophy. Maybe in Art. Or maybe one day you’d need to breath the air of the unreal once again. That’d be for later. A nice cup of hot tea is enough motivation now to carry your dirty laundry back home, unless the lifers actually become competent once in their sorry life and --

No. 851676 ID: 07de7f
File 151323294848.png - (74.22KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

The sound of ripping metal interrupted you. You turned around in horror, instincts arching you back as the sound of violence against metal erupts from down the shaft. It’d been one with no restrain, something dominating breaking through like an avenging lion.

No. 851677 ID: 07de7f
File 151323297598.png - (80.90KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

Your hurt pulsed, your dovish stance staying for a few moments before being shed, dignity regained as you let the stream of thought carry you. But that irresistible flood that usually carried you way like a tide was absent, not to be missed or gifted back. It’d been like you had a bulwark against it, your thoughts now waging directly, your perception clear. This had been the bullshit you had been fed all of your life. Thing’s aren’t what they seemed, an apple wasn’t an apple, it was just the world of appearing. Nonsense, You could now clearly see back, how directly you are linked to reality.

But then you realized you had carried your thoughts away again. You dreaded, and hoped that you wouldn’t have to deal with the opposing will of whatever the heck had happened.

No. 851681 ID: 6cc25a

Go check out the sound. Carefully peer over the edge down the elevator shaft.
No. 851684 ID: c88e6d

You know what happened down there. The elevator's been pulled into darkness. The only way out is the opposite direction. Acquire your pillow and seek the unknown.
No. 851720 ID: 17e0b4

Awww shit da acids kickin in now!
No. 851724 ID: 9e4723

Did the elevator fall?
Is the ladder intact?
If not, we need to find other way to go forward, or back.
No. 852241 ID: ceeb42
File 151346736352.png - (225.82KB , 780x564 , 58.png )

GAIN Pillow: Silky and pearly looking. This thing looked like the loosened of limbs and muscles, perfect for a decade's sleep.
No. 852242 ID: ceeb42
File 151346742248.png - (81.95KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

You picked up the pillow and rushed over the edge, your mind drawing with anticipation. You freezed, keeping it together as your eyes peered down. You had been sure that the elevator must have hit the ground like a chembomb, fearing it took the ladder with it.

You exhaled, a drop of sweat slipping down the shaft into the hellfire of a light below. The elevator had still been there, it’s lavaish light straining your eyes. You’d spend too much time in the darkness. You turned to face the mirror. You’d been glad that the light hadn’t died down. The recalled words of the mirror silently passed by your head. You’d never been into psychedelics, too many empty husks of former comrades destroyed by the artificial sunlight. But this had been unlike any drug you’d ever taken, or any pill you’ve ever swallowed. Why had it passed so quick, why had enlightenment come with no much sorrow.

Small thoughts for now. Trust no light without warmth, and skim by the darkness after you checked your back. You guess it had been time to go down.
No. 852331 ID: 6cc25a

Go down and see what happened with the elevator.
No. 852359 ID: c88e6d

Ladders are for jerks. Let's go the other way. Surely there's something else up here besides rubble and this one magical pillow and the traumatic memory of being enlightened by angry mirrors.
No. 852416 ID: 7e6047

Is there anyway else to go up here?
No. 852534 ID: ceeb42
File 151362629185.png - (83.36KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

The mirror stood, oblivious to your signing. There had been nothing more to miss here. The rebar would be its only company, until some other soul grinds himself up here.

Your muscle ached. Struggling you made yourself down the luminous light, cold bars a sadness burning your skin, worried thoughts doing the same to your nerves. With each step, your eyes got used to the sweet warmness, until finally you made it down.

No. 852535 ID: ceeb42
File 151362633532.png - (110.86KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

Carefully you watched as if you had 14 eyes, throat shimmering, sitting, bitten lips. Nothing to be scared of, right? You had to break a few eggs to make an omelette, with no danger comes no delight. You just hoped you would find the omelette before you found the broken eggs.

No. 852536 ID: 6cc25a

Look through the hole into the elevator car. If it's clear, then jump down.
No. 852544 ID: ceeb42
File 151363229383.png - (126.71KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

Your head floated above the hole, your head casting a echoing shadow below. In the peach lighting beneath you, you met the elevator chamber that attracted you, only a mansize hole had been shredded right in the middle, from outside to inside it seemed.Had you rushed even with no fault of your own, you’d be taking a one way ticket to the honey pouch. Like a worm through an apple, whatever had come up must have given hell, sharpness that would make you pale if you touched them. Even as you wondered above and afar like a cloud, the eruption had been enough to produce an unease, the blood starting to flow a bit faster, ready to go down into the bloom and make a break for it. But the landscape outside had been marred with obstacles, and the city buses were kilometers away. This could be a bitter harvest, you thought.
No. 852549 ID: 6cc25a

You're probably thirsty by now. Drink some water.

RIP our ladder. Anyway, throw one nail into the bottom hole and listen how deep it falls.
Then carefully climb down and swing to the side so that you don't land in the hole. Use the flashlight to shine down there.
No. 852552 ID: b7627b

Get back into the elevator and gaze into the abyss. Don't forget to let it gaze into you.

Take care not to fall.
No. 852587 ID: c88e6d

Careful. Don't try to jump back down there. You'll get hurt. Turn back.
No. 852662 ID: ceeb42
File 151366961723.png - (107.85KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

You turned your head behind, doubting your actions. A few careless moves could bring you closer to the unknown. What had been left to see here exactly? You’d reach the star you had been searching for, and now it had been time to come down again, so to speak. It’d been a bit maddening, but you were never one to indulge in self-pity.

The glowing warmness blanketed your face once gain, hands gripped on the pillow. He’d do anything to go unconscious on this pillow, the way back home just occurred to be worrying. You gazed downwards, and just hoped that the sleep to come would not be of the permanent type.

But while plans are useless, planning is indispensable. One of the rusted nails made an excellent plan, pulled from your pocket, as you held it above the narrow bloom of the hole. You relaxed your grip and down it went, utterly at the mercy of gravity. Into the big dark void it went, your whole body still waiting, anticipating. But just like the rock, the nail was off vacating at the bottom of a distant elevator shaft, one who’s bottom must have been beyond hearing distance, if that.

No. 852663 ID: ceeb42
File 151366965968.png - (224.86KB , 780x564 , ITEMSFIN65.png )

LOSE: 1 Nail
No. 852664 ID: ceeb42
File 151366968377.png - (103.26KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

Your actions so far obligated that you take responsibility for you all that you gained. You slipped your butt to the edge of the, dropping the pillow first, before you lowered your body down the hole. Thankfully you wouldn’t have to make the army lifers cry. You’d taken some care to refresh your body with the repose of exercise, and you’d been rewarded kindly. If they ever needed something to soak up bullets, you’d make an excellent first liner.

You crouched, legs arched as you hit the floor, orientation steady, extra conscious of the big fuck-off hole in the elevator. Quite a dreamy sight. It took the words away to see such a synthesis of unknown violence. Only in the most gooked out buildings had you seen something like this.

No. 852666 ID: ceeb42
File 151366972335.png - (125.24KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

You’d survived those ruins after all. This’d be the same if all went well, just another pass by, an interesting tale to tell back at the bars. The treasure had been found, if only it had been words in the mind than anything material.

But there had been something new in the air, something refine. That uneasiness had been more durable than you thought, more concrete than just a creation of your mind.The poetic words you impelled towards yourself had been awakening. Your thoughts certainly had been affected, if not so reflected upon. What the heck had this unmerciful insensitive been that had been hanging all around.

No. 852667 ID: ceeb42
File 151366975173.png - (107.23KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

You turned your head, and remained strangely calm from what you saw.

No. 852668 ID: ceeb42
File 151366980893.png - (99.42KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You still almost shit your pants.

No. 852669 ID: c88e6d

....There can be only one response.

Grab its crotch to ascertain sex.
No. 852672 ID: e24b91

offer sex
No. 852682 ID: ceeb42
File 151367085068.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )


This will take you to the quest dis for a quick reminder.
No. 852683 ID: 830fb7

*back away slightly*
Who... who are you?
Reddy yourself for anything.
No. 852689 ID: 6cc25a

Get ready to defend yourself with your trusty pillow. Ask, "What are you?", but also compliment its nice cloak.
No. 852700 ID: b7627b

Panickedly explain that you didn't make that hole, maybe step aside in case it wants in?
No. 852725 ID: 9e4723

No need to be rude! Say hi to the fellow: Ask who he is, what is he doing here?
No. 852745 ID: 4769c1

Grab crotch to establish dominance
No. 852825 ID: d5b450

Jump down the hole, it's your only chance at escape
No. 853151 ID: 0d4b79

Turns out this entire thing was a beginning to a Dr who episode.
Anyway pull on ring to hear prerecorded message or to begin long journey to getting an extra life.
Or maybe hold up pillow to placate sentinel?
No. 853505 ID: 54c9b7
File 151403556527.png - (124.91KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

A metallic thudding sound was made as your back forcefully hit the elevator wall. An ominous cloud hung in the air, the creature’s gaze radiating towards you. Was the creature demonic or angelic? Had it been the one that had punched through the elevator? If that was so, you doubted it wanted to go back down the pernicious void. You just hoped that it hadn’t been ruling over you with its trepid sight while planning to throw you down where it came from like a sacrificial lamb.

No. 853506 ID: 54c9b7
File 151403560243.png - (143.09KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

Throwing the first punch or going straight for the gun had never been the right solution. You put on a sweet face, your hand raised, sweating under your mask. You glanced over its face, colorful as the dawning sunrise, before opening your mouth. “Hi,” you blurted out, “What are you…”, followed shortly after.

The reflected gaze had been both insensible and provoking. You couldn’t tell if its skin had been ghoulish or gorgeous - like a poppy; not at that distance at least. Its porphyrogenic cloak was as silky as the deep blue sea, more penetrating than the rain whose fate had been to splash against the earth down below. You could compliment the creature, but would it care? Had it even been conscious? Maybe the silent blackness beneath would be your destination, and the question was only whether it would be by your own hands or the creature’s.

No. 853507 ID: 54c9b7
File 151403573468.png - (138.66KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

A foxhole is no place for pacifism. You readied your hands, prepared to go for its crotch, if it even had one. Probably make a run for it after that, or bash its head in, an awful repeat you’d encountered above way too many times. When you have the chance to be the wasp, sting the shit out of them.

It made no noise when it moved, no echoes either. You tensed up, its controlling eye testing your pressure. The subtle figure moved, eternally slowly. But then, the golden circlet sprang forth, pulling the cord with it and causing the body to disrobe, its cloak falling to the ground, the circlet coming down soon with it.

No. 853508 ID: 54c9b7
File 151403575794.png - (129.65KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

What looked like it’d been standing hadn’t. Moving broodingly silent, a warm nude body revealed itself. With it came a renewed sight, its bodily details more distinguished. It lacked legs, its lower body ending like a Gabriel's Horn, all of it covered with what looked like thin ash, beneath it a sobbing smoothness. You were dazzled for a moment when you eyed its chest. Three sets of perky breasts, toned like cerberus, weird too. It could’ve used a bath, or if hostile, a nice dousing with fire. But whether it was decaying or not, it had soon entered the elevator, its robe resting on top of the pillow and partially down the hole.

Your shoulders weighted down on you hard. You exhaled. Lots of choices, many drowning. Sit still? Make a run for it, even throw something at it for distraction? Or take your chances with the unknown and make acquaintances with whatever the heck had been down the hole?

No. 853509 ID: b7627b

Maybe if you stand really still it'll ignore you?
No. 853513 ID: d5b450

You know, somehow it looks slightly less threatening without the robe. Not that I think it's friendly or anything, but still. Wait and see what it does.
No. 853518 ID: 6cc25a

So we asked what it was and it showed us its body as a result? So it follows commands? Or did it undress for some other reason?

Ask, "Can you take me where you came from?"
No. 853521 ID: 9e4723

Ok, this is diferent. Did you have knolege of beings like this existing or is this complitly new?
Asuming "she" undestands you, try asking more things. Who is "she", where does "she" come from, does "she" have a name, things like that.
No. 853525 ID: 91ee5f

.....is it.....trying to seduce you???
No. 853527 ID: a2f18b

Wait, it's not coming onto us, is it?
No. 853538 ID: 7152b7

This brought to you by the letter 'T'
No. 853577 ID: c88e6d

Uhm..... Grope it in greeting?
No. 853583 ID: d36af7

First reach out a hand and ask politely, "may I?" Then grope if it doesn't seem to be saying no.
No. 853587 ID: af6e04

Perhaps this is a sign of trust. You should strip down too.
No. 853593 ID: f97b68

Wait and see what happens.
No. 853664 ID: 60d78b
File 151415018136.png - (139.57KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

You let out a deep measured breath through your nose. The situation now demanded your full attention, and while this rose hadn’t show its thorns, there was no guarantee your blood would not be shed. The orb of light on the creature’s head never blinked, while its gaze, unchanging and wide, was fixed towards the elevator space. You remained still, but you hoped that if you kept up with your plan of motionlessness, amity might ensue. You wondered, had your previous question been answered, but in a dissonant way? Or would it have been the same if you had simply stuck with the gruesome quietness, the same that you were suffering now, waiting for the creature to make its move?

No. 853665 ID: 60d78b
File 151415023476.png - (99.36KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

Your hand had still been in the air, so you decided to venture forth, and hoped you weren’t breaking the glass of this fragile situation. A pond of questions arose in your mind, of the creature’s identity, of its name, or even of its gender. You had also just realized that, although its crotch had been quite wooly, no hole had been visible, not even an imitation. Same went for the mouth as well. Did it want you to strip as well? If so, you’d rather take your chances trying to breeze past it. You’d prefer to be patient and first see if it expected variability, or even worse, arousal from you.

No. 853666 ID: 60d78b
File 151415025465.png - (115.38KB , 500x500 , 79.png )

You decided to play it safe, so you stood firm while your mouth opened again, “Can you take me where you came from?”. It responded with hush motionless, as if letting those words absorb into its skin first. They seemed to grow, as soon enough there was development, of the kind you didn’t except. From its twin sets of breasts, liquid started flowing out, fully transparent and turning the reflective skin into deep lush Prussian blue, the kind you couldn’t avert your eyes from. It trickled down the creases of her breasts, down the thin cone of its body, finally dripping down its robe and into the deep abyss below.

No. 853667 ID: 6cc25a

Do we need to drink that? We totally need to drink that, don't we? Ugh, I hope it won't taste too bad.

Move closer and have a drink of that bluish liquid.
No. 853674 ID: b7627b

This is going to end up like when Wan drank a buncha blue juice, isn't it? Go ahead, though perhaps quicksave first if you can do that.
No. 853695 ID: 7152b7

If you drink it... huh...
It could have all sorts of efects.
Turn you into a Cyclops?
Give you more breasts?
Remove your Genitals?
Embue you with the essence of 'T'?

Perhaps you should concentrate on your most desirable outcome when you drink that, so you don't end up as a giant T.
No. 853706 ID: b1b4f3

Just jump down the hole.
No. 853719 ID: 948e33

Maybe that's it's way of pointing down the hole? We shouldn't really assume too much from just this.

First, move closer to it- watch it VERY carefully for any amount of hostile movement. Move our hand closer to its body (only ONE hand, just in case it decides to take it) slowly tp gauge its comfort zone. Place hand on breast, and if it has not reacted at this point then might as well have ourselves a sip. A small one though. Don't want to push our luck from that point.
No. 853720 ID: 948e33

If DOES end being hostile, fucking book past it and running for our insignificant little life.
No. 853732 ID: 3abd97

Quick! It's vulnerable while it's exposed!

Punch it in the tits!
No. 853736 ID: d5b450

Oh come on now guys don't drink that fucking shit, it's probably more poisonous than nightshade or something else equally horrible. And probably tastes rancid as hell.

Anyway I think it's less an invitation to drink and more of a way to indicate the direction that it wants us to go
No. 853924 ID: f57dd4
File 151427638574.png - (121.70KB , 500x500 , 80.png )

A deep confusion was soon inflicted upon you. It dripped below, its path a bit unnatural, maybe a sign that it was the originator of this whole scene. But beyond that, it almost tempted you, to get close, to taste it. You could reach out, unrushed and easy. See how it could react. But you couldn’t do this without asking first, even if the action would be something that you’d no way in hell do. You’d be sure that even jumping down would be something you’d have to ask permission for. The only thing you wouldn’t tolerate would be hostility, its dreary bits looking quite sensitive to your fists, if you had to guess where to plow them before gunning for it.
No. 853925 ID: 6cc25a

I think the fact that the liquid flows down the hole is a coincidence. You know, because of this thing called gravity? If it wanted us to go down the hole then it would probably do so first, or push us, rather than undressing and springing a fountain.

So, ask it politely if you can drink, and then take a sip. Just touch the liquid with your tongue first in case it tastes bad. Tasting bad would probably mean it's poisonous.
No. 853926 ID: 3abd97

Punch it inna tits.
No. 853948 ID: ae9b99

Maybe you can use the pillow to cushion the fall after you jump down the hole?

also, don't drink that.
No. 853952 ID: 7152b7

Drink iiiit.
Drink iiiit.
No. 853954 ID: d5b450

Whatever you do don't drink it!
No. 853956 ID: b7627b

Or maybe just squeeze past it and out of the elevator.
No. 853965 ID: 7ec3c6

drink it. what could possibly go wrong?
No. 853978 ID: 4769c1

T-Taste it
No. 854083 ID: c88e6d

Do it! It'll be fun!

That and if you do it, maybe it will be your friend! Your only other friend is your angry reflection from another dimension, after all, so maybe this scary monster is nicer. And more present.
No. 854477 ID: bfec60
File 151456505515.png - (147.35KB , 500x500 , 81.png )

Ask it… ask it what? What absurdity had you indulged in? You were on an elevator, while in front of you stood a floating wine-red colored demon creature, out of its tits seeping milk more blue than blueberries. And in front of it was somebody that had been suffering from some sort of corruption. On one hand glaring at it in distaste, on the other contemplating refreshing your lips with its milk.

You remained silent, helpless for a second as you recovered your soul. The decisions churned in your mind like a stomach trying to digest food. But you weren’t just any fluttering idiot or wasting your thoughts on frivolous ideas. The correct way for you to act, would be the most sensible one. Hug the wall as you pass it by, give it a sweet farewell, and then bail as soon as out of sight.

No. 854478 ID: bfec60
File 151456509277.png - (140.19KB , 500x500 , 83.png )

You began doing so, sliding against the wall, facing opposite to the creature. It remained still, its eye locked on you while the wretching dryness of your throat had been seeking a sip of water. You still hadn’t shown any fear during your approach to your way out, even if internally you may had been drowning in it. You realized that this nonsense was not worth pursuing further, but the scent of its milk was quite intense even at this distance, blooming vineyards was the closest you could imagine. The thoughts had been tempting. You could excuse yourself and slip right by it, saving your soul from itself first.

No. 854479 ID: bfec60
File 151456511708.png - (124.55KB , 500x500 , 84A.png )

You paused as mystical madonna had interrupted your departure. She raised her arm, first touching her breasts, before extending it towards you face. You were somewhat secure in knowing that it hadn’t hurt you yet. Its body language, if one could call it that, had been too wailing to even brush against you. But appearances could always be deceiving.

The first thing to move had been your hands, bitterly cool as the sweat that you’d coated the elevator wall with had drenched your palms. Then you closed in, your face leaning towards the hovering hand. As you sniffed, the ardor and freshness veneered down your nostrils straight to your brain. How crisp, how stretching…

You’d judge the first lick as emasculating, the mellow richness too scarce to let go. You let your tongue get the best of you. Uncaring of anything else that covered it hands, you plunged your lips all around its fingers, stripping them of any milk along with rogue dust and soot. You’d been determined to enjoy every single drop of this, and as you mopped it up, leaving nothing besides gravel skin, you left a trail of saliva, your tongue trying to savor whatever drops are left.

No. 854480 ID: bfec60
File 151456514173.png - (126.88KB , 500x500 , 85.png )

That flavor, that relishment. You’d almost gone numb tasting it, amnesia included. If it had been a remedy, it’d cure any disease. If it’d come out of a woman’s breast, you’d declare her a saint.

A funeral silence soon set in, the content of her chests now reaching your stomach. You sensed it blossom too, staring back at the creature as it pulled its arm back. It only took the first sensation from your inside to realize what a burning mistake that had been.

No. 854482 ID: 6cc25a

So, why was this a mistake? What did drinking the stuff do to us?

If we're deciding on what happens to us then..
you obtained a massive erection, but too much blood left your head and you pass out!
No. 854530 ID: 3abd97

Spontaneously combust.
No. 854538 ID: a363ac

No. 854547 ID: 28cb85

Are the walls melting?
No. 854551 ID: 7152b7

It only took the first sensation from your inside to realize what a burning mistake that had been.

You're about to to get...
No. 854584 ID: fe7355

The demon's milk had a effect entirely like triple distilled syrup of ipecac, causing you to projectile vomit right into the demon's eye.
No. 854629 ID: d5b450

Lol ur fucked now, boy
No. 854704 ID: b7627b

Better continue moseying out of there and get to a spot where you can sit for a while.
No. 855720 ID: 5b9ff0
File 151495297698.gif - (2.19MB , 500x500 , 86.gif )

You held still, a tension running down your body, trying to bolt it to the exit. You hadn’t even even halted to give it a kick to the crotch. In the span of of a few seconds though, a sickness inflicted on your body, unknown in content, but not so in its origin, as you brought your palms to hold your face from the dizziness. Your knees become weak, arms heavy, tasting their decline.

No. 855721 ID: 5b9ff0
File 151495302774.png - (111.51KB , 500x500 , 87.png )

From your throat came a growing urgent need to vomit, one that was disrupted momentarily while you tried to hold yourself by the elevator entrance. You probably had enough energy between this moment and the next to do something, after which you guessed you’d be either dead or clinging to life.

No. 855722 ID: a363ac

Tell the creature you love it.
No. 855731 ID: 9e4723

And that is why our parents say to not to accept gifts from strangers.
You should probably throw up, to purge that shit from your sistem. Or just endure it, probably it already mes you up. If it is similar to that wierd vission you have had before, it might not be that bad.
No. 855743 ID: 51018d

Do you know how to do that thing they do in the movies where you stick your hand in your mouth to cause yourself to vomit? Cause that sounds like a good thing to do now
No. 855776 ID: 6cc25a

Drink some water from your canteen. Maybe it will help with the digestion. Or vomiting. But I prefer digestion. It's bad manners to vomit.
No. 855879 ID: 7152b7

Strip Naked.
No. 856316 ID: 8c9b96
File 151514801659.png - (132.53KB , 500x500 , 88.png )

A worrying sweat cooled your body. An obscuring dizziness started to grow. To vomit made no sense as the urge was unwanted, even if you recollected the finger technique to do it. They used to hand out capsules for that up above. It wasn’t pretty.

You reached for your canteen, fumbled with the cap and with your focus slipping somehow managed to guide it to your lips. A merciful coolness washed away the warm juiciness from the milk, the mix of different liquids creating an alarming insensibility in your throat.

No. 856317 ID: 8c9b96
File 151514804666.png - (133.68KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

It took a few moments before it reached your stomach. You surrendered exhausted laying down in the cold cot, lowe body softened by the creatures robe. I’d be a future matter if it’d been determination, water, or luck that kept you breathing. You were a burned down building whose foundations barely stood. You could maybe make a final struggle, surprise the fuck out of it. At least it wouldn’t be the milk that burned you to the ground.

No. 856322 ID: 6cc25a

Cover yourself with the robe. At least you'll be warm :p
No. 857276 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550043521.png - (147.50KB , 500x500 , 98.png )

Even pulling the robe around your body was beyond your capability. You laid on top of it, drained of energy, the full consequences of your foolish actions being quite clear. You’d been reduced to pure breathing, a cycle no louder than a whisper, demanding immense strength to maintain. You’d figured you drunk a relaxant, a powerful but also an anomalous one. How else could it drop you in seconds without killing you. Such silliness, but such obliviousness. These were the banes of mankind. Fruits paralyze, insects infest, predators maim, and in the end the poisonous water kills.

No. 857277 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550048267.png - (123.54KB , 500x500 , 96.png )

This lethargy you crashed with could be what you deserved. Your eyelids violently struggled to remain open, similar to how your lungs were trying to keep up, foolishly attempting to budge any semblance of strength from your decaying body. The creature hanged at the edge of your eyes, close but distant, its image looming over you maddeningly like death.

No. 857278 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550058149.png - (117.05KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

In this unusual tranquility an avalanche of words perturbed your mind. In the same way a chilling force washed over your body. You felt like you were floating, at first just a blurry suspicion, but then reality hit you when you sensed that the actual space between you and the floor grew.

No. 857279 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550059885.png - (127.03KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

You were leaned forward in a bitter fashion, facing the flat-faced creature. It stared at you, and you returned the favor. It swayed back to the elevator and easily brought you closer, levitating with you above the hole. You spent a moment gazing at each other, trying to ascertain what exactly must’ve possessed it to do this to you. Intimate confidence? Maddening indifference? Staring the lion at its face, you couldn’t figure out anything.

No. 857280 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550062511.png - (97.49KB , 500x500 , 99.png )

It blinked, the first time doing so since the two of you met, affirming its consciousness. It raised its arms, neither shaken or taken back, its palms sliding against your cheeks causing your body to tremble. Under this sensuous facade it seemed that it began lowering you, no recourse coming from your useless body, the needle-sharp hole endangering you only in your thoughts as you barely grazed it.

No. 857281 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550066923.gif - (1.49MB , 500x500 , 94ANB.gif )

Beneath it somewhere, the boundary of no return, the space you assumed all of your lost friends faded into. You were descending down towards it and whatever sense of discipline you had was slipping against this fear of the unknown, slowly being replaced by a maddening dysphoria.

No. 857282 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550071652.png - (70.37KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

A brilliant darkness surrounded you, the blip of light of the elevator shrinking in the blackness before disappearing like a dying star. A similar feeling began assaulting you, as if the last of your sanity had been leaving you. Again, you couldn’t figure out if this had been a terrible dream.

No. 857283 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550076344.png - (22.15KB , 500x500 , 100.png )

Were you dead? No, you still had your thoughts, you still existed, even if your bodily senses eluded you. You were afraid, small, without awareness. You couldn’t have been more alien to yourself at that time. To admit that your problems might’ve been in some way related to your previous actions may finally be due.

You began reflecting and let your sacred land be open.

No. 857284 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550081768.gif - (1.64MB , 500x1500 , 101FIN.gif )

No. 857286 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550226707.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )


(Check link please)
No. 857328 ID: dc91a0

I just realized that we Trusted a T's tits to not traumatically total us.
And in doing so it brought us Tranquility.
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