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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 152204520176.png - (184.25KB , 945x945 , 2ThreadBQTitle.png )
875477 No. 875477 ID: 339cf2

Thread 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/741609.html

Discussion Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103324.html
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No. 875478 ID: 339cf2
File 152204523998.png - (112.32KB , 945x945 , Scene 1a.png )

Ah… Morning already…?

Huh… I suppose I actually don't feel quite that bad… That felt like a good sleep, I don't think I even had a single dream tonight…
that's not something that happens so often…

Oh well, I feel like I got a good rest at least -- maybe even better than usual.

Good thing too, that was a tiring day yesterday… And I get the feeling that won't be a particularly uncommon occurrence from now on.

Alright, I need to recap and get my thoughts straight.

What happened last night… Right, that talk we had with Enviki, the tovolean. I get the feeling we can trust her, but with everything else that happened with Haxťe and that Fortune-Teller, I don't think it's wise to not be at least a little suspicious. For now though, I think it's safe to assume she was being truthful. If nothing else, her colours were more interesting to look at, heh…

Besides the issues posed by Enviki and what she said, I think it's best that we get to know Nguoro and her family. If nothing else, this 'inlomer' I heard about seems interesting, and Nguoro and Katreš' reactions to questioning seemed interesting. Perhaps there's something about the slave they don't want me knowing, or maybe there's something I
should know about them and I'm just missing something. Either way, I think I should probably learn more about them, maybe I'll even talk with the slave herself if, she's allowed.

And that other raitekian, Hiēo. I feel like his name sounds like short for something else. Nguoro did seem to be… Very close to him, though she seemed to regard him with respect as well. She claimed he was a better psychic than her, and from what I've seen of her I don't get the impression that's something she says about just anyone. Not only that, but Enviki also advised me to study with them about psychic things.

Well, I suppose there isn't really much else to do but meet up with Nguoro and Hiēo for now, though I am rather hungry still. I didn't eat much of anything, besides that pastry I shared with Eliri last night. Maybe I could convince them to come with me and get something to eat. I suppose that's my first decision to make this morning, should I eat first or head over and see Nguoro first?

No. 875479 ID: 3423e2

Eat breakfast first.
No. 875488 ID: ad51b8

food first, don't want to be distracted by a empty belly all day now do you?
No. 875490 ID: 91ee5f

You should probably get something to eat first. That’ll hopefully give Nguoro and Hiēo enough time to wake up and eat their breakfast.

.....you didn’t wake up before the food stalls are open, right? That’s a mistake that I don’t think you should try to repeat.
No. 877444 ID: 21c067
File 152298897599.png - (155.74KB , 945x945 , Scene 2a.png )

>.....you didn't wake up before the food stalls are open, right? That's a mistake that I don't think you should try to repeat.

I sure hope not, though I feel like with how late I was up and how long it feels like I slept, it may not actually be all that early anymore.

Who knows though, we'll see when I get out.

>You should probably get something to eat first. That'll hopefully give Nguoro and Hiēo enough time to wake up and eat their breakfast.

Right, good plan. If I was up late and they were up with me, they probably slept for a while too.

So breakfast it is then.

No. 877445 ID: 21c067
File 152298898349.png - (303.09KB , 945x709 , Scene 2b.png )

...Hmm, what's this that somebody left by the door, a letter?

Oh, it's from Daiďa, and it's written in my language! How thoughtful. Let's see what it says...

Jaa Žan,

Good morning, I hope you slept well. I heard you'd had a rough night after I met you, I didn't want to wake you. If you have the chance before I head out this evening, come find me in the šekini-tavern just to the East of the town's center. I'd enjoy having another talk with you, and I think there's more we should discuss, regarding the tovoleans and their plans. I'm told you were in contact with them as well.||-


Interesting… Daiďa did say when we met before that she was with the tovoleans who wanted to keep us going to the conference -- Enviki's tovoleans. And she heard I was in contact with the tovoleans 'as well' she said… Enviki did say I had already met other 'descended masters' like I was, I wonder if Daiďa could be one of them.

And she said to meet her at a šekini tavern that's right nearby, which works perfectly since I was going to get something to eat anyway. Surely it wouldn't hurt to go eat while we spoke, right?

No. 877452 ID: f6b57a

Morning meal with a side of intrigue it is.
No. 877461 ID: b1b4f3

Seems reasonable.
No. 877467 ID: 91ee5f

>Surely it wouldn't hurt to go eat while we spoke, right?
Yeah, it should be good. As long as you don’t speak with your mouth full of food. Not only is it rude, but you also end up spitting food all over whoever you’re talking to. Nobody wants that, right?

Don’t forget your crystal! And bring some money for food!
No. 887271 ID: 505cdd
File 152794367847.png - (89.87KB , 945x945 , Scene 3a.png )

>Morning meal with a side of intrigue it is.

>Seems reasonable.

Indeed, breakfast with Daiďa it is. Hopefully she's still here, though she did say she wasn't leaving until afternoon or evening today.

>Yeah, it should be good. As long as you don’t speak with your mouth full of food. Not only is it rude, but you also end up spitting food all over whoever you’re talking to. Nobody wants that, right?

Of course not, I know how to eat and speak properly, I've had many official conversations and meetings over food.

…Okay maybe not
many per se…

…Or any really, I suppose… I did just start this job, but the point is I know not to talk with my mouth full. Etiquette was a very important subject in my schooling, not to mention while I was still being raised. My guardian Kuper wasn't the most experienced in that area, but he certainly put a lot of effort in teaching me to act properly.

Ah, I got side tracked. Back to business.

>Don’t forget your crystal! And bring some money for food!

Right, of course. I definitely don't want to forget that, now that I know of its importance. Luckily, it along with my coins are safely stored in my bag.

It looks like it's almost midday, so still
technically morning. I'm actually a little bit surprised, I certainly felt like I slept for much longer than that. Unless…

Unless more than a day has passed. That would be less than ideal.

Anyway, I'm entering into what appears to be 'marulieri plaza', there are marulier everywhere! Almost more of them than tellikans here.

No. 887272 ID: 505cdd
File 152794368212.png - (193.01KB , 945x945 , Scene 3b.png )

Hmm… This place looks like an inn of some sort, maybe Daiďa meant here? I'll ask someone, they probably speak tellikan language here, right?

I try to catch the attention of a marulieri who looks like they know who's in charge.

:jofjaa: "Excuse me, what is this place?"

:jofnomar: "Hm…? Oh, hello. Yes, this place, is Pitikaso Home, delicious šekini food, good sleeping bed for two-legs. You do eat?"

Ah, right... I always seem to forget that what they call themselves isn't 'marulieri', but 'šekini'. I'll have to make a note to try and get used to saying that instead, I don't want to be disrespectful

:jofjaa: "I'm looking for someone, a šekini diplomat called 'Daiďa'. She wears a necklace, her eye-colour is green, and her tail was cut."

:jofnomar: "Ohh, do not know, many šekini stay here, some tail some do not. You come for drink maybe? Not expensive, only little coins."

:jofjaa: "No thank you, maybe later. I'm only looking for Daiďa right now, maybe we'll come here though. I need to go find her."

:jofnomar: "Ehh…Wait wait, do not leave here, I call Lisesa, he find you friend."

He looked nervously around the room for a moment before muttering something in his own language and calling somebody else over. Another marulieri approached and they spoke for a moment, and the new one moved to a desk nearby, seeming to search through a book.

:jofnomar: "Lisesa do find you friend Daiďa, she stay here. You buy drink now?"

:jofjaa: "Ah, thank you but no thank you. I'll speak to Lisesa about it."

:jofnomar: "Yes, Lisesa very smart, good for talking to."

The šekini leaves me and another one approaches.

:joflisesa: "Hello suskenian, you are looking for a šekini diplomat?"

:jofjaa: "Yes I am, her name is Daiďa. Do you know her?"

:joflisesa: "Yes indeed, come. She has told me to wait for you, you'll have to excuse Tekemura's behavior. Those waruli just can't be trained the same way we can."

:jofjaa: "It's no problem. Thank you for taking me to Daiďa."

:joflisesa: "That is no problem for me. You are a suskenian, yes? I have always wanted to meet one of you, maybe we talk after your business with the diplomat?"

:jofjaa: "Maybe, I do have a few other things to do today, although I would certainly enjoy speaking with you about your kind as well."

It may be interesting to speak with him, especially because we know so little about them back home; When I get back, I may be able to bring useful information for the schools.

…Or I suppose
if I get back home. With all the tovolean stuff going on, I may as well prepare for a delay on the return trip, in case something happens. I wouldn't want to be taken off guard.

Soon enough, he takes me around to a far corner with a table where Daiďa is sat with another šekini, reading a book to herself. The other šekini was the first to notice me though, and directed her attention to me.

:jofsajkyr: Daiďa, Daiďa! Tạho tolìhan sụki!

She turns around to see me and smiles.

:jofdaida: "Jaa, hello! I'm glad you were able to make it."

:jofjaa: "Thank you Daiďa, I got your message."

:jofdaida: "Indeed, it would seem so. Did you sleep well? I'd heard you had a bit of a rough night."

:jofjaa: "Yes, I did. I slept very well actually. I expected to have difficulty, so I'm not complaining."

:jofdaida: "Hah, I know what you mean. Something about travelling does just seem to make it harder to sleep."

:jofjaa: "Indeed… You said you think we have a few things to talk about?"

:jofdaida: "Yes, at least I think so. Nothing too formal or urgent I suppose, though I'd like to talk about the tovoleans and the conference, if you don't mind."

Well, it's pretty much what we came here to do anyway. Is there anything I should add before we get started and down to business?
No. 887541 ID: 121391

>Is there anything I should add before we get started and down to business?
I can't think of anything right now. But you could ask, subtly, about channelers during your talk. So far every other Tovolean mention involved some psychic stuff, and they had more contact with Tovoleans than your nation. It would be interesting if an official from another nation flat out confirmed the existence of this psychic stuff. It would certainly make your report back home a little more credible at least.

Just ask in a way that doesn't make you look crazy if he is a 'nonbeliever'.
No. 887546 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, this sounds good.
No. 887592 ID: b1b4f3

How many other diplomats have they contacted?
No. 887847 ID: c0641d

Ask if she’s aware of what the “other faction” is claiming, themselves. Maybe express that you aren’t convinced that either side is giving the full picture, and maybe they themselves don’t even have it (the full picture, I mean).

Speaking of going home after this (assuming that’s going to happen), there is the issue of your unauthorized spending. Fortunately, considering you live in a world before the advent of the receipt, committing budget fraud will be as easy as tacking an extra night of “lodging fees” onto your report to more than cover the blown cash (assuming you’re supposed to be the eyes, ears, and mouth out here, and not just the mouth). Man, has finding a free place to stay made things convenient on that front. Otherwise, we’d need to spend a while realistically tweaking our food expenses across the board. (Unfortunately, we’d still need to donate/burn the physical evidence(s) of our spending, like that outfit, before we complete the journey, but that was always a given.)

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