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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 152696074865.png - (240.12KB , 1600x1200 , F50D7156-8384-485D-A96E-1DA438CAB9F7.png )
885481 No. 885481 ID: 5245b2

>Thank you for using WORLDWEAVER beta v10.10.18
>Console can be brought up by entering “/console” at any point
>Enjoy your Quests!
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No. 885482 ID: 5245b2
File 152696102276.jpg - (2.51MB , 2700x3948 , FF29448C-3B9D-4EE0-82F7-5E881F02E69B.jpg )

About the image: Found amongst the papers of the late Constable Reginald Guster Wrowlings: Presumably the last file made on the beasts that stalk the moors before his untimely madness and subsequent suicide.
The rest were illegible, due to the violent nature of Wrowling’s death. Of the snippets that could be read, the pages seem to be about his investigation of the Moors surrounding our fair city.


No. 885483 ID: 4a7d52

No. Some things man wasn't meant to know.
No. 885484 ID: 1a6f80

No. 885507 ID: 094652

Oh what the hell, su-NO
No. 885556 ID: fcfceb

You decide to leave the creatures of the Moor be. After all, being driven to such madness that you would claw your own eyes out before ripping the jugulars from your throat does not seem at all pleasant. There are things mortal men are not meant to know.
No. 886850 ID: 5245b2
File 152765313063.jpg - (659.22KB , 1920x1200 , 6835705-jungle-wallpaper.jpg )

There is a deep rumbling in the dense brush. Something is moving around you.

>Call out
No. 886854 ID: 9032fc

>call out

Call out to it, stand your ground.
No. 886877 ID: 5245b2
File 152766001149.jpg - (659.22KB , 1920x1200 , 6835705-jungle-wallpaper.jpg )

The movement stops. A voice devoid of volume answers you. "AMON? RATHER, IS IT YOU, FENRIR?"
No. 886880 ID: 3583d1

"We are one and the same. But today I am Amon."
No. 886890 ID: 5245b2
File 152767043042.gif - (237.66KB , 300x231 , Femel-Jungle Psychic.gif )

No. 886891 ID: 5245b2
Audio (mindscape)_jungle-ambient_(online-audio-converter.mp3 - (1.66MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz , (mindscape) jungle-ambient (online-audio-converter.mp3 ) Length: 0:44

No. 886892 ID: 5245b2

some music that Clock actually made? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS????
No. 887672 ID: 5245b2
File 152817450505.png - (730.87KB , 1600x1200 , Title.png )

It’s Monday morning. Why does it have to start on a monday of all days? It’s raining too. I love the rain under normal circumstances, but not like this. Not in our sleepy little town. Bastion’s talking to Nate about the incident report. Never seen anything like this, Never in our town.
No. 887676 ID: 78569c

Is that right... Any other circumstances me and you would be at each other’s throats... but for one I agree. Looks like we’re going hunting.

Alright first things first with any Critter Crossing what is the name of the town, what is our name/position here, and who all lives here?
No. 887689 ID: 5245b2
File 152818073090.jpg - (469.52KB , 3613x2710 , IMG_1164.jpg )

Henry’s dead. Never stood a chance by the looks. Contorted, Is what I’d call it. Body charred. Teeth stark white against the blackened corpse. Looks like he was in pain too. Grim scoops up the remains and zips up the body bag, the only one we’ve got. Roster’s making calls. How could this've happened?
No. 887690 ID: 3583d1

What can we tell based of the crime scene alone? Does any evidence immediately jump out?
No. 887692 ID: 5245b2
File 152818199212.jpg - (544.83KB , 3763x2823 , IMG_1165.jpg )

Sure. The crater. It looks like he was hit point-blank with a bolt of lightning.
No. 887694 ID: 3583d1

Yeah... that would do it. Anything else to suggest possible fowl play? Or would we have to wait until the autopsy is completed for that? Any witnesses?
No. 887695 ID: 3583d1

>fowl play

No pun intended I swear...
No. 887697 ID: 5245b2
File 152818324487.jpg - (577.89KB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1168.jpg )

I heard him scream. He was just leaving. God, why did this have to happen?
No. 887713 ID: 3583d1

Easy there old timer, did he have anything metal on him that would have helped the lightning hit him?
No. 887718 ID: 5245b2
File 152818836504.jpg - (505.32KB , 3024x3024 , IMG_1169.jpg )

Nothing big enough that it would have drawn it to him. His old dog tags, maybe some change? Pah, I don't think so. I would have been deafened by the thunder.
No. 887719 ID: 5245b2
File 152818868697.gif - (1.18KB , 64x64 , IMG_0666.gif )

A train is arriving. Mistmoor Station, that's your stop.

Who are you? What are you?

(Accepting many possible PCs, this could be a team effort, this could be someone on their own)
No. 887721 ID: 3583d1

What about anything near him? Like a lightning rod or something. Slim chance but it is possible. Also who even was Henry, if we was wearing dog tags he must have been military or former military. Also how could you not Jesse the thunder. If it was close enough to have struck him in town it must have been near deafening
No. 887722 ID: 3583d1

Well, might as well stick to what I do best here

Name: Harlan O’Connors
Species: Wolf
Occupation: Police Detective, retired.
No. 887770 ID: 69bdf1

I’ll throw in a couple more I thought of.

Name: Aaron Petrovsky
Species: Bear
Occupation: Soldier, Honorably Discharged

Name: Cassandra Weatherby
Species: Raven
Occupation: Librarian

Name: Father Gregory Rasmussen
Species: Badger
Occupation: Priest

Name: Shiela Hargrave
Species: Nanny Goat
Occupation: Mechanic

Name: Heather Ross
Species: Fox
Occupation: Informant

Name: David Welty
Species: Snake
Occupation: Electrician

Name: Howard Talison
Species: Buffalo
Occupation: Construction
No. 887854 ID: 5245b2
File 152825736569.jpg - (1.47MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1171.jpg )

Your names are HARLAN O'CONNORS and ARRON PETROVSKY, the Police chief here at Mistmoor is an old friend, and you have come with your large Russian friend to investigate a strange death. The train's electronic bell chimes, forming you that you have arrived at Mistmoor station. You tap Aaron on the shoulder. You two have been awake for a long while, viewing and reviewing the details of the case. Aaron elected to sleep, but you did not, something gnawing on your thoughts.
No. 887855 ID: 5245b2

You and Aaron exit the train. The Mayor, her secretary, and Roster are waiting for you.
No. 887856 ID: 5245b2
File 152825749973.jpg - (1.27MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1172.jpg )

No. 887867 ID: 5245b2
File 152826287233.jpg - (0.96MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1173.jpg )

"Mr. O'Conners, Mr. Petrovsky. I appreciate you coming on such short notice. I'm Mayor Kei, and this is my secretary, Kirea. We have a lot to go over, Town Hall is this way."
No. 887872 ID: 3583d1

Ask the mayor to what do we owe the pleasure?
No. 887881 ID: 5245b2

"One of our own is gone, Henry Jarvis. Former Army, Artillery division. He was a friend to many of us, Owned his own sweets shop. His wife Agnes used to run the library."
Roster chimes in. "He death was... unusual. We'd just like an extra two pair'a eyes on this. His friend, Former Mayor Works, is convinced this is a murder."
No. 887882 ID: 3583d1

With what level of authority will we have on this? We’ll also need his body moves to forensics.
No. 891330 ID: 5245b2
File 153083920502.gif - (20.63KB , 620x215 , Shut Down.gif )

The Feed suddenly goes dead.
No. 891332 ID: 4cce9d

Woah, what did I touch...?
No. 891334 ID: 5245b2
File 153084121180.gif - (1.27KB , 64x64 , Input.gif )

>Established Connection was forcibly closed by a remote user!
>Attempting to reconnect...
>Connection not found!
>Reverting to Command window!
No. 891335 ID: 5245b2
File 153084127147.gif - (1.27KB , 64x64 , Input.gif )

>WorldWeaver beta v10.10.18
>Please input a command
No. 891336 ID: 4cce9d

>Trace back last data point entry/commands
>Attempt to connect to previous user.

Gonna go find who just pulled the switch on us, the jerk...
No. 891343 ID: 5245b2
File 153084467752.png - (1.06MB , 3516x2634 , Mindscape Map Pinned1.png )

>Log: Last Connection was made in MINDSCAPE
>Location has been marked on your map
No. 891346 ID: 4cce9d

Thinks they can hide in the deep dark huh? Well my mama didn’t raise no bitch! Let’s go get’em!

>Enter mindscape at location of previous user
No. 891350 ID: 5245b2

No. 891353 ID: 4cce9d

Well how do you recommend I get down there because that were the hacker who somehow kicked us is hiding out
No. 891354 ID: 5245b2

[Admin]: You expect a caveman to have the materials to build a submarine?
No. 891356 ID: 4cce9d

Well maybe there is something below the deep dark? Because seriously, how the hell did he do that?


alright look I have an idea of how to get down there but.... ughhh you won’t like it...
No. 891376 ID: 5245b2

[Admin]: Oh Boy, I like where this is going...
No. 891379 ID: 3583d1

Alright so... I think I figured out why my mind beasts and your seem to intermingle well. And the fact of the matter is we both share a common factor, the World Tree, Yggdrasil. It’s in my head too.

It would explain why Amon has blended so well. But I have one other mind beast in my head, but in order for him to appear he would need to evolve from another beast. A snake work best, and when it evolves it is big enough to get us down the hole and find the hacker.

This mindbeast is Jormungandr, the Serpent of Eternity, brother to Fenrir.
No. 891386 ID: 5245b2

[Admin]: Okay, first of all, it took a lot of coding to get Amon into my head, and the loophole that got him in was because I had no guide. I have one now. Femel is my guide. It'd take a mountain of code and breaking of the rules to even get the slimmest possibility of another foreign Mindbeast in. Besides, I already have a Jormungandr. You've seen him before!
No. 891649 ID: 5245b2
File 153103015269.png - (7.13MB , 5024x4034 , Hunger.png )


>OR SELECT A CHARACTER: https://pastebin.com/aZfPYebm
No. 891650 ID: a9c815



No? I don’t like talking with scary faces that I think want to eat me or the person I select...
No. 891651 ID: 5245b2

[Admin]: The shit? I didn't press any buttons-
[Admin]: ...
[Admin]: This is Fraxure's fault. I just know it. I'll kill him if this corrupts my bubbles.
[Admin]: All the same, this was a Worldweave that got minimal testing. I'm curious as to what I put on here...
No. 891653 ID: 5245b2

[Admin]: Fraxure's tracking down the culprit, in the meantime, this isn't a corrupted file... Hm... Maybe we should play along for now. Okay, Console, Let's play a game.
No. 891654 ID: a9c815

Alright then... I pick Grimm. For obvious reasons.
No. 891678 ID: 5245b2
File 153106418218.jpg - (443.45KB , 2268x3024 , Grimm 1.jpg )

Your name is Grimm. You are the President of the United States of America. Well, what's left of it anyway. Ever since the fateful day when the Hunger started, you've begun hearing voices. You've informed everyone of this, and have arranged contingencies in case you become violent. Nevertheless, you swore an oath to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and even if the Library of Congress were to burn to the ground, you recognize that your duty is to the remaining survivors. You enjoy helping out your fellow men, whether it be tending to the crops, securing the perimeter wall (Which you constructed, not to boast) or making Morale calls to the sick and wounded in the infirmary. Today seems to be an average day, you get up, pick out a nice suit, shine your shoes, and select a navy blue tie with white pinstripes. You aren't entirely sure why it was a navy day, but you decide to go with it. It's Autumn, and you can tell it'll be time to harvest soon. You will keep the peace. Come Hell or High Water.
No. 891697 ID: 1145fb

There! Looking sharp!
>What do you do?
No. 891704 ID: 896ddf

Make America great again
No. 891705 ID: 780a88

*extreme stare of disapproval*
Fuck you, and fuck your references.
No. 891707 ID: 896ddf

Sorry but I couldn't resist, I will go to the corner of shame
No. 891731 ID: b78bac

You chuckle at the thought of Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan. America still is great, this last remnant of it. You muse about what he would do in your shoes. The only thing you can say is “Die.”
No. 891738 ID: dfa6a7

Can we get a review of what’s happening in the world right now?
No. 891756 ID: 50822d

Of course. A strange malady has come over the magic of this world. Those most connected to it become warped and violent. Telltale signs are inky discharge from the eyes, nose and mouth, ravenous hunger (that nothing but fresh meat can sate, and only to a certain degree.) ymptoms of Hunger Infection include ravenous hunger (for which anything other than fresh meat/souls does little to sate), random mutation, uncanny regeneration, mental instability, increased aggression and in most cases, total regression to a feral state. Magic Users can become infected if they consume a large enough quantity of Infected flesh. Things that do not need to eat (i.e. Ghosts and Golems) will attempt to absorb the soul of anything they come across.
No. 891758 ID: dfa6a7

Hmm that bad huh... alright how is the U.S. doing when it come to fighting these things? I assume since you are the president you are held up in some bunker or something?
No. 891767 ID: 50822d

No. I lead by example. I would not allow myself to be cooped up "for my own protection." Men who hide when they're needed? Usdi watali. The Infected are everywhere now. Powerful. Dangerous. They have power beyond that of mortal men. They eat whoever is nearest to them. Men, Women, Children, Family, Friends all no more than meals. I refused to stand by and let my people die.
No. 891770 ID: dfa6a7

Noble. We need more of that.

How is our military doing? Do we have some safe zone set up for civilians?
No. 891773 ID: 50822d

We do indeed. The National Mall and some of the surrounding city has been retaken thanks to our brave greencoats. We're constantly expanding, taking a little more ground every day. I can only hope that our infrastructure can handle the massive influx of Survivors.
No. 892013 ID: 95390b
File 153125799442.jpg - (1.17MB , 3024x3022 , D983004A-0D14-496A-A82F-7FCB1D4B0A2D.jpg )

Your name is Grimm Maasaw. You are the Beacon of Humanity’s Last Bastion. There are duties to perform and you will get to them. What first?

No. 892024 ID: dfa6a7

How are our supplies doing?
No. 892031 ID: fabcb7

Supplies are holding for the time being. With this harvest we should have a small surplus, but not enough to last the Winter.
No. 892134 ID: 3583d1

Then obtaining more supplies and building the infrastructure should be our top priority. Any able bodied man or woman should begin working to strengthen any community walls they have set up and make any necessary changes to make their environment safer. New crops will take time to grow but the sooner we begin the better chances we have for winter people should also begin this as well and tend to any live stock we have available. Scouts are highly valuable and should get a small majority of food and supplies if they are successful in finding new supplies or usuable goods. If they are unsuccessful they get the same rations as a worker. Children should not work for long hours but should be educated as to what they can do now as well what they can do in the future.
No. 893209 ID: ecf542

You have attended to the Harvest and Infrastructure. Livestock is hard to come by, as the Infected will devour anything and everything they can. You have seen that the children are well fed, you always had a soft spot in your metaphorical heart for them. You recall the years before your presidency where you ran an orphanage. Now it is evening, the sun is getting low. You can probably get a few more things done before sunset, after dark is too dangerous to bring anyone else outside the walls. What should be done?

No. 893229 ID: 3c1fb0

Boost the morale of the people with a rousing speech for the end of the day, thanking them, for they are America, not the land we stand on, not the money in our pocket, but them. For as long as they breathe and are alive, there is a fire that can never be extinguished, that fire is the fire of hope.
No. 893303 ID: f6d85b

You decide that a speech would be adequate, but you make sure not to be longwinded. You aren't the type to talk just to hear your own voice, Especially because not everyone can hear you, so you normally use sign language.

It's dark now. What do you do?
No. 893402 ID: 3c1fb0

Best not to scout at night with low visibility. Check the perimeter walls how are they holding up?
No. 894456 ID: 5245b2


You call up the Watchmen. All is well.
No. 894460 ID: 5245b2

The only thing left now is to investigate a Sector in the hotel district we have labeled the No Go Zone. No one goes in that area and returns. It took three scout teams to figure that out, sadly. You have decided that you and You alone must investigate. You need to pack light in order to be less bulky, allowing you to fit into narrow passageways and crevices. What should you bring?
No. 894467 ID: 027085

Flashlight, knife, at least one hand gun with a silencer and at least 4 clips, rope, light body armor, signal flares, some food and water. Any clothes should be tight and breathable so as to avoid something grabbing on to you. And of course back pack.
No. 894492 ID: 5245b2

You modify the voice's checklist. A pocket bolter (a modified slingshot to fire bolts and arrows) and compound bow (a coveted find, much more powerful and compact than your days on the plains) in the stead of firearms, the gunfire would only panic the Survivors and attract the Hungry. You elect to bring fire starters and torches (One can never be too careful. You don't need food and water, but you'll bring them in case you run into any Survivors. Your clothing choice is a basic black clothing, easy to tear away in case of snatching claws. You don't need armor, you're pretty durable. You shudder as you recall those dark days in Japan.

All set, you move out to the No Go Zone.
No. 894585 ID: 5245b2
File 153267695246.jpg - (597.37KB , 3024x3024 , IMG_1391.jpg )

That's... odd. Something is painted on the wall here. "Grand Hotel, 345" and an arrow which I presume is the direction of the hotel... Very strange indeed...
No. 894664 ID: 8d35bc

Proceed with caution.
No. 900544 ID: 362247
File 153616989498.jpg - (2.38MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

rolled 8 = 8

Duly note-
No sooner than the thought goes through your head, a bolt of fur, claw teeth and muscle comes barreling at you from the dark alleyway!
>>Roll 1d20 -5 for ambushed reaction!
No. 900551 ID: f14948

rolled 1 - 5 = -4

Here goes nothin...
No. 900552 ID: f14948


Can I spend a date point to reroll?
No. 900554 ID: 094652

rolled 16 - 4 = 12

Seduce Lycan (yeah, right)
No. 900555 ID: f14948

Fucking auto correct, I meant FATE POINT.
No. 900576 ID: 362247

You attempt to strike a pose This is Madness. I love it!
The beast knocks you to the ground and pins you with its mutated paw! It’s trying to bite down on your arm!
>>Roll 1d20 (would be plus five wrestling expertise, but minus five on account of disadvantage) to unpin Grimm!
No. 900580 ID: 7861a3

rolled 20 = 20

Let’s hope it’s better than last time...
No. 900581 ID: 7861a3


I am laughing my ass off right now.
No. 900592 ID: 362247
File 153619523835.jpg - (1.35MB , 3024x3024 , FE1786E2-E018-4364-A8F0-D762D09BFE9D.jpg )

Grimm shifts his weight to one side...
No. 900593 ID: 362247
File 153619528436.jpg - (1.20MB , 3024x3024 , C6EE8126-6810-4065-85A1-816FCB9972FA.jpg )

...and in one swift blow, dislocates the jaw of the monster!
No. 900594 ID: 362247
File 153619546747.jpg - (1.51MB , 4032x3024 , CBE99127-024C-4604-9423-1B40FD098589.jpg )

As he rises, the thing bounds off, yelping pitifully as its jaw flops uselessly around.
>Continue to the Hotel
>Return to the Capitol Hill
>[unlocked] Hunt down the Lycan and put it down
No. 905892 ID: 362247

Hello all! I’m back from the dead on this fine Spooktober! I’d like to continue with the Hungerverse, but I can substitute for something else if it’s getting a bit stale. Let me know!
No. 905963 ID: f69b82

We’re to do a job, keep moving.
No. 906126 ID: 5245b2

You shake off the remaining drool off of your now-exposed arm. Best to keep moving.

You reach the grand hotel, there are more signs pointing to the entrance. If memory serves, the third floor should be where all these signs are pointing to. What do you do?
No. 906210 ID: 93115d

Look for a service entrance instead, something tells me that going through the front doors would be a bad idea.
No. 914172 ID: 5245b2

Howdy all! Yes, it's that time again! It's true! I give up on a project in favor of some half baked idea that turns into a project! Rinse and repeat! So, who would y'all wanna to?

List of OCs:

List of Others (Not quite OCs but not Personas either.)

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