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File 153807097405.jpg - (446.57KB , 1250x1250 , ASCX5P5.jpg )
903596 No. 903596 ID: e4958d

Prologue: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/854952.html

“The more laws and restrictions there are,
The poorer people become.
The more rules and regulations,
The more thieves and robbers.”
Lao Tzu

Let us descent into a world with no laws and no restrictions.
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No. 903597 ID: 094652

Sudo Enhance Technology.
No. 903598 ID: e4958d
File 153807140101.png - (1.13MB , 1200x1090 , purch.png )

Technology Enhanced.

Which Race
-The tribe leader be?
/Oilive Dryad
/Dog Race
/Giant Bufo Race (Frog)
/Terraman (Pteranodon-winged devil man)
No. 903601 ID: 93f082

Dog Race.

Coz I'm a furry trash.
No. 903602 ID: e4958d
File 153807246158.png - (1.93MB , 1900x1500 , slave.png )

You hit rock bottom some time ago. A slave to a stronger tribe. Everyone of your tribe are slaves now.
No. 903603 ID: e4958d
File 153807272630.png - (1.55MB , 1900x1500 , citylite.png )

You're livestock in the only Town on the cluster of islands. The bloodtown. In its center is the Arena. You're about to become a gladiator... If they're sadistic enough they'll force you fight against your own people...
No. 903605 ID: e4958d
File 153807307347.png - (137.54KB , 633x500 , guard_type.png )

On the way towards a cheering mass you see one of the slavers guards. Automatic pistolguns, metal masks, shoddy uniforms, textile clothes, composite breastplate. Nothing too high tech, affordable yes, and still deadly.
No. 903608 ID: 93f082

Can we free our hands? If so, then we could wait for the right moment to try to steal a gun from one of them and make an action scene heh.

Perhaps we could drop on the floor and pretend to be out cold. Would that work?

In case of no options, then just follow the slavers.
No. 903611 ID: e4958d
File 153807415835.png - (88.77KB , 350x350 , given_item.png )

Finally, you're under the Arena. They give you a metal pipe as a weapon...

You could roll one D6 (not only first roll matters, second roll is kind of coping against retaliation, still works) to roll 6 would untie and automatically knock out the warden with furry storming. Second roll would attempt to use the hand ties to choke the warden.
No. 903612 ID: 93f082

rolled 5 = 5

Choke them like goblins
No. 903614 ID: 094652

rolled 3 = 3

Well, prepare for the arena...
No. 903654 ID: 2202fb

rolled 1 = 1

Are we still lactating? That feature can have surprising survival and utility value.
No. 905369 ID: e4958d
File 153884728735.png - (1.29MB , 875x875 , low_res_arena.png )

>Rolled Failure

You hear cackling from the arena floor as you prepare for a last desperate attempt to get released from the bondages. "Look! The captured Blood Jinx from the dark north! What are you going to do now dear enemy? Defeated! Ready to be beaten by a lowly being."

Your attempts are just causing the slave driver nervous as you collapse on your own misplaced movements.

"Get up you bastard thing! It's your turn!"

The arena door is opened and you thrown on the grey smelly dust thats surrounded by high metal walls and audience on every side.

In the middle there's a metal baulk to which a female creature is tied with metal wires. The loudspeaker cackles:

"And look! Here comes the opponent! Hold on to the comedy! The humor! An unknown tribe dog from the west!"

You land on the dust from losing the balance from a kick of the slave handler.

"It doesn't look like it's going to take a short time! Hhahaha! Beat up the pale prisoner, dog. And we won't feed you to the dog dogs no! You will alone go FREE!"

You hear a soft raspy voice from the carroty northroid.
"Psst, don't listen to him, he's bluffing. Instead, I hid some ... sorry if its weird, but you haven't been captive like before have you? I hid some small poison grenades in my... well, anal. Grab em. You can step on the steel bar to which my hands are tightened."
No. 905371 ID: 93f082

Yeah, I kinda doubt the announcer is telling the truth so...

Do as the lady wishes and proceed with the anal exploration I suppose. Touch her other places first so that it doesn't seem too suspicious. Altho I'm not sure how we're supposed to use the grenades that would help her get free. While you're doing your stuff, ask her what you're supposed to do with the grenades.
No. 905374 ID: e4958d
File 153885149504.png - (1.26MB , 825x1061 , low_res_jinxing.png )

"Mmmm! You're not taking any chances on me, on Us! Take your time, it maybe the last touch for us both, if they grow tired and just release the dogs on us... Can you reach the top of the pole with your hands tied, might be the best approach after this current step..."

Interrupted by loudspeaker:

"Let them love!!!!"
"The dog rape her!!!!"


"Yes let them do it last time!!"
"Let the Jinx on ground!!"


"I wanna see _real love_!!!"

There's a lot of noise now with the hollers of the audience.

"You have better ideas?"
You present your uncertainty "How am I supposed to free us with a couple of grenades? Throw them into the audience?"

"No, there are three types in there, one is poison gas, one is corroding poison gas, one is liquid poison that slowly goes through the skin. You need to use your pipe weapon as an instrument to precisely coat both of my cable ties with the liquid and then do the same with the corroding poison gas. Use the tear gas if they start realising what we're doing, probably will soon. We have better chance together, By the way... I will give you more than just my love if you get us both unbound."

No. 905379 ID: e4958d
File 153885344223.png - (338.23KB , 825x825 , low_res_icandothis.png )

Roll 2 posts d12 for collateral damage, 12 incapacitates both hands, 11 one hand and the lower score the less burns, more rolls than 2 will cause more skin damage.
No. 905380 ID: 93f082

rolled 6, 8 = 14

Ah, was wondering how we were gonna get the goods out of her butt. It looks like she's done with that part!

So we're holding the grenades now and we need to apply the correct substance to our weapon. Unless she already told us, ask her which color is which grenade, then proceed with the liquid poison first and the corrosion afterwards.

Be careful not to spill too much, and if you do spill, try to have it land on our own ties. Maybe that will undo them.
No. 905381 ID: 93f082

I forgot to add, you should pretend to be getting oral from her at the same time. For the obvious reasons.
No. 905388 ID: e4958d
File 153885766873.png - (570.24KB , 825x1175 , low_res_pipe_operation.png )


You pretend, but can't help the wood. She misunderstands and copes with the situation.


(Blood Jinx)
No. 905389 ID: e4958d
File 153885791235.png - (902.30KB , 825x825 , pipe_corroding.png )


The corroding effect extends to both of her hands and also begins to corrode away a lot of the hair on her pelvis, the corroding agent of the poison is creeping and removing the hair very effectively, but also causes cosmetic damage to the skin around the pelvic region. You get her hands free though. Now she's only tied from her feet.

"Can you borrow me the pipe and some of dem nades?" She asks as you free her hands.
No. 905392 ID: 93f082


Yeah, lend her what she needs. Tell her to say if she needs anything else.
No. 905397 ID: afdebc

You've gone along with her plan so far, you may as well continue to.
No. 905403 ID: e4958d
File 153886122293.png - (703.67KB , 875x1125 , low_res_fu_all.png )

You decide to trust all your weapons to Blood Jinx.

"It hurts so much now, but Darling, run for the door and plant a corronade there, I'll create this diversion, watch out for militias!"

You run to the barred exit giving a glance back, you see the base of the metal baulk explode from the chemical force, elevate a bit and then fall down as Blood Jinx sows panic and chaos to the house with more minigrenades she had had inside her all along, you almost avoid the thought what would have happened to her if even one of the nades had been activated while still being in her.
No. 905404 ID: 93f082

Well, you can't blame the girl for being resourceful.

Get the door open with a corrosive grenade. While everyone's busy, see if you can undo your ties as well.
No. 905525 ID: 094652

Note to self: Do not piss girl off.

Splat the grenade at the top of the gate, let the acid spread out. Then kick the door in, see if you can flatten some guards.
No. 906718 ID: e4958d
File 153946068076.png - (303.61KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

No. 906719 ID: e4958d
File 153946069696.png - (275.12KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

No. 906721 ID: 7efe6b

Wait for Blood Jinx and get out with her.
No. 906726 ID: afdebc

Looks like there's someone on the other side of the door you just melted. If that's a fellow prisoner, they might be willing to cooperate (or not), if that's a guard, you might need to subdue them before you're getting out.
No. 906730 ID: 2202fb

If they are a guard, that also means they should have weapons and armor.
No. 906758 ID: e4958d
File 153947285518.png - (771.31KB , 1600x1200 , PERF_LAND_BJ_H_RES.png )

Blood Jinx lands next to me. Her hair is burning from the creeping acid. She's in the spotlight posing theatretically. Soon as Blood Jinx bounces back she yells sharply


Unprepared, you see a flash and a loud bang that puts your senses off-balance. You feel a strong and stringy hand around your mouth and nostrils. You smell something pretty sweet underneath a strong smell of acid. The palm of the hand is clasping your mouth shut and you're starting to run out of oxygen.

You hear loud coughing from all around as soon as your ears stop ringing so loudly. Two creatures are coughing in front of you most noticeably, then you hear two creatures collapse. You want to fight back to breath in air, but the strong fingers push your nostrils shut and the palm pushes your jaw way too tight against the palate. You're starting to lose consciousness as you're taken down on the ground and dragged through a hole to a different room. A finger slips into your mouth and pushes against your teeth. On top of a stinging bitter taste a mellow taste of meat soothes you to a slumber while you fight against the rush of emergency.

> Fight against the slumber / > Surrender and fall asleep
No. 906760 ID: afdebc

Fight against the slumber!
No. 906820 ID: 7efe6b

I think that staying awake increases our chances to get out, so try doing that.
No. 906827 ID: 094652

Stay awake! You are disposable to captor and rescuer if you give up at this crucial point!
No. 907293 ID: e4958d
File 153978948119.png - (1.21MB , 1600x1400 , wbjinxwapon_06_tg.png )


Blood Jinx stand in front of you. Some security guards with skull masks that have been forcefully removed from then mutilated faces hang on the chestspiece of both skull-masked guards, while another couple of black-masked militias lie twisted a couple yards behind you and Blood Jinx, holding their throats with poison gas floating around the entrance to the arena.

She says,
"I'm running out of tricks quick, why don't you grab that Rattlegun you handsome and throw me the Rizzledirk?? Find any knife boy? My fuse gonna burn out soon so... BTW! Wonder if they risk dogs after us now that we killed their couple ofe elite guards... Oops!"
No. 907295 ID: 7efe6b

I'd say a good idea would be to dress up as security guards, but we probably don't have enough time.

I'm assuming you know what "Rattlegun" and "Rizzledirk" are so, do as she says. Also, try to block the passage with something heavy before making your getaway.
No. 907307 ID: e4958d
File 153980317078.png - (181.93KB , 800x600 , low_res_civilians.png )


>Salvage gear if time

There is some time!

Soon as you get a bit messy clothes or something resembling clothes in the case of Blood Jinx as there was no slim fit on either of the skull guards-


As soon as you finish applying clothes - straight out of the arena - reactively shot civilian bodies appear.

Blood Jinx "They have nice jackets, I'm not cold but they conceal us in the nite rite?"
No. 907313 ID: 7efe6b

Uhh, yeah. Take their jackets as well I suppose.

And then get out of there. I suppose you know which way is out, right? And after you're out of building, where to go?
No. 907316 ID: e4958d
File 153981130668.png - (1.06MB , 1600x1200 , town_figures.png )

Blood Jinx "My place is far north out on the sea. How would we get there without a floter? My buddies have a way to get here, but they don't know where I got shot down, not until some weeks unless we get a DM to them somehow. I don't know where these people have their antennas. They have vehicles we could take. What do you know about the town handsome?"

All you know is: "Nothing much, there's a harbor to the west, guarded boats. Some sort of suburb over the river to north, hard to go there unnoticed on foot. They had a palace building next to the harbor."

Blood Jinx "Aha. And hey, I remember the double door hall next to the arena actually. That's where we could head easiest."
No. 907330 ID: afdebc

Neither of you is in great shape right now. Instead of planning a way out of town immediately, what you probably need is to find a place to lie low. Rest, recuperate, gather more resources.
No. 907373 ID: 7efe6b

Go to the doubledoor hall and find a place where you can get cleaned up. And then the plan should be to get to the storagehouse or palace to get a good look at the harbor and see which ship could easily be stolen.
No. 907398 ID: 10c408

Double doorhall is right out, it's too close.

Palace is also out, too much security that'll be looking for us.

If you can make the run, go for the storage house so you can lay low, get supplies and recuperate without being seen.
No. 907673 ID: e4958d
File 154007299069.png - (1.29MB , 1600x1150 , st_jmp_lg.png )

>Double-door too close to patrol search area

>You exit to the streets and make your way to the alley between the Harborhouse and the Harbor storage in silence.

Blood Jinx finds something of interest. It's a "Jump power node" She mutters. "Turns off the streetlights if manipulated right. Otherwise might overload and make it "daytime" for half an hour until the least resistant bulbs start to suffocate and explode everywhere."

Overload on purpose, makes hiding really hard and alarms the whole town to wonder about. || Roll as many dice 1d6 as you disable town districts or buildings off jump power. If the score is 1, then overload chances. || Leave the node be and head into the storage house its lights on hoping to find dark places to hide in for a while. || Refuse to roll, take a look and manipulate the node yourself (Removing Blood Jinx's Bad Luck Charm)

Otherwise, it's midnight, jumplights are steaming as usual, the night is full of dance from the light and fog created by the jump power bulbs. Few people are in the streets, Blood Jinx did a good job at the arena or these slave drivers don't care to chase after you in the night fog, or at least not right now.


Jump power is a recent discovery in the Dead Salters' Archipelago. It's mainly extracted from tune crystals in crumbled stonegrounds and quarries. Tune crystal can be jump ignited as a powder mixture with cheap minerals. The minerals react with air creating brightly burning, but cool foam when mixed with tuned crystalpowder and jump power is applied to this mix through a wet metal wire. The burning state is facilitated by the characteristic of the minced tune crystal that has 'jumped ignited' into quasiliquid state on which the burning of aerofoam takes place. This burning state continues as long as a long, wet metal wire is attached to another burning crystalpowder on that other end - or at least until the mixture becomes too dirty suddenly or very slowly over time. The effect of jump power is called by jump engineers "spooky action paired at a distance". Jump Power is preferred in the Archipelago, because it doesn't cause air to react with building materials or organic substances, like plants, but yet still emanates light and other effects. Other uses have slowly been discovered relating to jump power technology, more on those in later trivia.
No. 907723 ID: 7efe6b

>Leave the node be and head into the storage house its lights on hoping to find dark places to hide in for a while.
I think creating panic here isn't the best idea, even if it everything worked perfectly. Besides, it's dark enough already and, if someone was searching for us, they'd be using their own light sources anyway, so I don't see much of an advantage there.
No. 908221 ID: e4958d
File 154046536640.png - (428.31KB , 800x600 , warehouse_skip_art.png )


The warehouse is silent, except the cracking sound of some fainting ceiling jumplights.

>Spend 1 hour catching breath, tending wounds, fixing gear and hiding
>Spend 3 hours to nap, recover and loot the warehouse superficially
>Spend 8 hours to take turns to sleep, recover and loot the warehouse thoroughly
>Try to reach the individual lights with something to mess up the jump reaction in the lights
>Something else
No. 908224 ID: 2202fb

Are any of those vehicles?
No. 908236 ID: 7efe6b

>Try to reach the individual lights with something to mess up the jump reaction in the lights
>Spend 3 hours to nap, recover and loot the warehouse superficially
Try to mess up the lights so that if someone came in, they would have a harder time discovering us. As for the amount of time spent here, I think 3 hours would be good enough. We can't become complacent.
No. 908355 ID: e4958d
File 154057860758.png - (375.32KB , 800x600 , crouching_low_res.png )


>Check if there are vehicles under the covers
You find out that half of the covers are vehicle parts. You find some machine-looking parts and some wreckage salvage.

Blood Jinx "Ush, they've salvaged some of my shot down floter. Can't do anything with that, but that part there, it's a boat motor. And those curved plates are T-boat hull pieces. But we could install the boat motor to a fish boat. Other boats could be locked. It would be the easiest way to get a vehicle."


"I'm making some darkness in here."

Blood Jinx "Do it!"

You happen to find a long pole in one wreckage pile and start poking the jumplights. You notice that the pole starts to glow after an effective contact, but nothing dramatic happens to the light source itself, only the cover glass seems to shatter with some noise.

"Add some dirt to the pole, there was a filled ol' bucket somewhere, stick the pole inside it but be careful with the jump power, if the side of the pole pours down wet, it might conduct jump energy to your hands and make burns."

You take note and proceed. This time you are able to shut down one of the lamps. Immideately, another lamp in the warehouse shuts off. The one you made dirty hisses and spits out sparks.

Taking down all six light pairs in the warehouse you finish making it completely dark, less the light from the street through the small windows near the ceiling.

"Someone's coming!"

"Hey look, it's dark in here. I can't switch on the lights. Someone's been here."

"Lamps are spitting sparks, at least some. Creepy. Let me take a surface look, let's say it's empty if nothing jumps at us ok? You heard that there was a slave breakout at the arena, that's why we were put out to investigate."

"Yeah, crazy shit, they threw some poison balls to the bench rows, killing lots. A canine beast and a Northron hag. I guess they're not here anymore, whatever this mess is. Let's get the fuck out and go investigate."

"Yeah I'll speak to the survivors. This warehouse seems empty to me..."
No. 908371 ID: 7efe6b

Oops. Should've made it look less obvious that the lights were messed with. The problem is that, even if they don't find us, they'll probably notify others or the warehouse owner, so we'll need to move out as soon as the two are gone.

Just keep quiet until they're gone. But if they come too close, shoot them before they notice us.

As for the boat motor, that stuff is usually pretty heavy, so I'm unsure if we'll be able to carry it out. Perhaps if there's a cart or something to load the motor onto, might be something around, whatever they used to bring the parts in here in the first place.

If there's nothing, then we'll have to go to the harbor empty and hope that a boat would be unlocked. Altho I don't see a problem with finding one of the boat owners and threatening them into unlocking one for us.
No. 909054 ID: 2202fb

Go for simultaneous silent takedowns and take their gear.
No. 909134 ID: afdebc

Let them go, then time to move on before someone with more brains finds you.
No. 909178 ID: e4958d
File 154107918966.png - (535.07KB , 800x600 , watersedge_s.png )


You ignore Blood Jinx's pleading glance at you. When the street guards leave, she gives another look back with disappointment for another chance for macabre vengeance missed.

You decide to check out the nearby waterfront. An arachnoid figure is standing at the end of one pier. There's absolutely no sign of patrols as you enter the scene, at least not at the moment.
No. 909188 ID: 2202fb

Use the rifle's sight to see what is going on.

If you end up needing to take a shot, hide and only shoot once before moving. It will be nigh impossible to find you so long as you dont do any follow up shots.
No. 909189 ID: afdebc

Sorry babe, survival trumps vengeance.

>what do
Surviel things.
No. 909192 ID: 7efe6b

Hide the weapons in your jackets and go talk to the person. Act casually and don't immediately decide to threaten them until we're sure that their boat is usable.
No. 909193 ID: e4958d
File 154111338099.png - (476.16KB , 1600x1200 , scoped_surveil.png )

You surveil the harbor using the sight of the rifle. It does take a few seconds. Blood Jinx examines her burns. Then you hide your gun so does Blood Jinx and you walk down to the pier to talk to the person.
No. 909221 ID: 2202fb

shitshitshit! One of you should have had overwatch before trying to talk to anyone! From now on, have one person stay hidden with the other in their sights during the entire exchange so we dont get massacred if things go south.

btw, 1/2 from 5 hours ago? did something happen?
No. 909243 ID: e4958d
File 154116727944.png - (1.60MB , 1600x1200 , arkavna.png )

Sorry, fell asleep, and second time after my surgery wound got treated in the morning, continuing


The spider lady seems to be a bit startled, but she replies softly "Greetings..."

"A warm night isn't it?"


"Taking care of your boat? Checking it out?"

"Not my boat, but I come here sometimes to watch the sea."

"I see. My name is..."
No. 909249 ID: 7efe6b

>Choose your name

Ask her why she's watching the sea. If her goals align with ours, then perhaps we can invite her along.
No. 909260 ID: a6405f

Regardless of what your name is, whatever you tell them, it shouldnt be your actual name.

Ren seems fine, either for a fake name or a real one (but not both), although you still need a last/family/formal name. How about Gillespie for a formal name?
No. 909286 ID: e4958d
File 154119907196.png - (271.57KB , 800x600 , ren.png )

"...Ren, nice to meet you."
Spider Lady responds "Arkavna."
"Why are you watching the sea, Arkavna?"

"Some things in life put me to mood of sadness. In this town, in my life. I'm too different to live here, but everyone only respect me because I'm so... well different." Arkavna emphasizes her self-judgement with spidey leg movements, but her face is restrained anger and fear.
No. 909290 ID: 7efe6b

Tell her that you're well aware of the racism in this town. Also, tell her that you're about to leave this place, if she'd like to try her luck elsewhere. If she chooses to do so, she better get her stuff right away.
No. 909291 ID: e4958d
File 154120058772.png - (366.46KB , 1600x1200 , lies_.png )

Blood Jinx steps from behind me without warning and speaks slippery lies.

"I'm Discorda, Ren is my good friend. I fled from my man after he nearly beat me to death and poured... acid on my hands and on my pussy after very rough sex. Well, nice to meet you, you're not alone... eh"

>Roll jinx d6 != 1 to save against bad luck triggered by lying

Blood Jinx is about to offer a handshake, but which hand, the one that's free or the one that's holding the OOPS?
No. 909292 ID: 7efe6b

rolled 6 = 6

>which hand
The right hand. Now that we know her motives, I don't think it matters if she sees our guns anymore. I don't think we're fooling those 6 eyes anyway.
No. 909403 ID: 2202fb

Be friendly and try to recruit her. If things go well, tell her that your names and story are bullshit but you cant tell her the truth until you are positive she can be trusted.
No. 910709 ID: e4958d
File 154222130432.png - (1.25MB , 1200x1600 , 6.png )

"Umm... I lied, but we actually carry weapons." Blood Jinx shows.

"Are You the dissidents?"


"The underground resistance of the city? Can I join you?"

"Umm..." Blood Jinx is hesitating.

"Yes, you can join us, but we're not the dissidents, just escaped arena fodders." Blood Jinx nods and hides her weapon again.

"Oh! That fuss at the arena. Great! Let's get going then, I'll show you to my place, it's not far. I'll help you. You can hide at my place."
No. 910723 ID: 7efe6b

Tell her to lead the way and follow her. Ask her why she's so inclined to help you.
No. 911129 ID: 2202fb

This is clearly a trap (lol no shit)

This is too good to be true and her dialogue just screams (incompetent)runaway/resistance catcher.
No. 911507 ID: e4958d
File 154292581448.png - (719.68KB , 1200x900 , closeup.png )

BJ: "It dripping sucks to be the saint, but it's a trap cuz my lie was smaller."

No. 911547 ID: d49918

I'm not sure what she means, but it seems the fog has revealed a rather distressing fact.

If the targeting laser is coming from Arkavna, then we should point our guns at her. She can't win a 2-on-1 situation.
But if the laser is coming from somewhere else, then we either need to find an object to use as a cover or jump in the water.
No. 911572 ID: e4958d
File 154302038872.png - (0.98MB , 1600x1550 , evasion_1L.png )

It's not coming from Arkavna,
You jump into water to take cover from bullets behind the pier.

Unfortunately you had to let go of your gun to...

You press your head against her medium tits. They feel soft and you can hear her rushing heart over the sounds of clashing waves and her gunshots aimed high up. Her boot latches on your groin, massaging the phallic region while you fall onto the harbor waves, clutched tightly together...

Her loud, but now greatly distant and rolling yell prepares you to accept, that you are hitting a very different soundscape once you reach the cold water.
No. 911573 ID: e4958d
File 154302044913.png - (558.29KB , 1600x1200 , 2L.png )

Even beaten and without nose, she is so beautiful...
No. 911633 ID: 7efe6b

Not the best time to be getting all lovey-dovey. We'll need to get some air sooner or later. Of course, poking our heads out of the water where it's safe. I'm not sure her gun's going to work when wet. If yes, then we can return the fire from the cover of the pier. If not, then we'll have to swim as far away as we can before checking if the situation is safe.

But first, look up and see if you can spot the spider lady. We dropped our gun, so it's possible she might use it.
No. 911635 ID: 094652

Uh, I think she's drowning. And creeped out.

Swim to shore, you'll need to steal another gun to get back to fighting strength.
No. 911659 ID: e4958d
File 154309878610.png - (540.72KB , 1600x1200 , swimming.png )

She's not swimming, you grab her and float you both with maximal effort until you reach the side of the pier. Arkavna is reaching for the gun! You are reaching for the gun while still in the water! She is now gasping for air and floating. Your left hand is still grasping her night gown! There is no time to find a new gun!
Arkavna is grabbing the gun! You're reaching for the gun, but it's hard with just one hand! Good news is the targeting laser is not finding home, at least not yet. You can only see the outline of the shore where it originates from. It's really foggy. The shooter must have aimed for a long time, maybe 30 seconds until getting a good shot.
No. 911741 ID: 7efe6b

The question is, we still don't know if Arkavna is on our side. Is she trying to grab the gun to return the fire at the shooter, or does she intend to point it at us.

Since Blood Jinx isn't swimming, we can't really try avoiding the risk by submerging and swimming away. That means we have to try and get our gun back before Arkavna takes it. If she's faster then, well, we surrender.
No. 911743 ID: e4958d
File 154315510561.png - (691.01KB , 1600x1200 , chemical_reaction.png )

BJ: *gasp* "I can't move my legs! I can't --" *gasp* "move my legs! And it hurts, Get me out of here! Get me out!"
Blood Jinx drops her gun in the water as she has visibly a bad control of her fingers now.

"Hang on! Grab my chest!"
No. 911744 ID: e4958d
File 154315518124.png - (767.19KB , 1200x900 , struggling.png )

There's no chance you can grab the gun with just one hand now, so you >>911741
Try really to grab the gun.
You are stronger.
No. 911751 ID: 7efe6b

Blood Jinx's blood doesn't react well with water huh. Since the gun is giving you support now, you can grab it with both hands and wrestle it away. You can also use the leverage to get up on the pier. Just make sure that when she lets go, that you don't fall back into the water. Once she lets go, point the gun at her and ask her what game she's playing while dragging Blood Jinx up. If she makes any sudden moves, blast her.
No. 912957 ID: e4958d
File 154394358285.png - (265.90KB , 1200x460 , risingshot_tg_res.png )

The spider flees. You blast her.

You see the sniper relocate to close your escape from the pier. It seems he is trusting you don't spot him move behind the fog as he could probably not see anything from his former position.
No. 912982 ID: 7efe6b

Ask Blood Jinx if she can walk. If not, or no answer, then we carry her. We should move to the closest cover we can find on land. If there's none, then we move to the Harborhouse or Storagehouse, whichever is closest, while pointing our gun to where the sniper moved. We should see his laser if he starts aiming at us and be able to shoot him first.
No. 912989 ID: e4958d
File 154396751802.png - (100.68KB , 800x600 , gun_and_carry.png )


Hit, hit, hit.

The sniper didn't get a chance to return fire. She was a female Brasarian.

She has a keycard in a chain,
a couple of bounty brochures in a inside pocket
a couple of chip cards,
two guns - a custom handmade auto sniper rifle
a machine pistol,
a stiletto
a tubekey bundle
a scope for the auto sniper
a red barret with an iron cockade of two dog skulls
a black and red duster
a pepper spray
an id card
ammunition of two types
a picture of a killer dog inside her wallet
two gold coins in her wallet
a white bear tooth talisman that has been broken and repaired with black glue
a car key
a letter in the pocket of the duster
two packets of cigarettes
a jumpspark lighter
No. 913131 ID: b70ae2

That's... a lot of items. It's too bad we're already carrying a lot, otherwise I'd take the extra guns.
Take the keycard, id card, and the gold coins. And the cigs.
Check out the bounty brochures and the letter, and then we should move. The gunfire probably attracted attention.
No. 913339 ID: 2202fb

Sling the rifle over your shoulder and grab the scope. The rifle looks interesting and the scope can be used for makeshift binocs for the time being (plus it is a scope). Also grab the ammo, the knife, and the car keys. Depending on what the ammo is, it could be very useful, a knife can be used for a multitude of non-killing survival stuff, and the car keys could give us some wheels. Additionally, fill your pockets with as much extra (not specifically mentioned) stuff as you can reasonably carry without making it too much of a liability.
No. 913524 ID: e4958d
File 154436682229.png - (434.10KB , 800x511 , speed_res.png )


BJ now has an impressed and emotional tone of voice: "I'm very satisfied wiwth you saviour. You get so much good things done, I'll die happy if escaping wiwth you crashes. I could take her coat with all the stuff in it let's go. Your mighty gunshots were heard by many. Leave the old rifle behind, only take its ammo, that Brasarian autosniper gun is world class quality. Let's go! I need to modify our clothes with that stiletto when you find a hideout. Seems I can't use my legs now."

You reply while checking out the bounty brochures: "Yes, gunfire probably drawed their attention.


... Let's head to the Harborhouse or back to the Storage"

//[2/3] & [3/3] soonish
No. 913581 ID: 2202fb

Keep the sight from your old gun.
No. 913605 ID: e4958d
File 154445891164.png - (378.81KB , 800x600 , speed_res_2.png )

No. 913718 ID: e4958d
File 154455236506.png - (815.05KB , 1200x600 , res_2_hangings.png )

You climb back up towards the storagehouse until a hail of loud talking cackles through the misty night air.

A bossy voice inquires "The storage bay has lost its lighting! Who's done this? The lights can't be turned on!"

"We check-"

One of your earlier hostile acquaintances interrupts the second voice "Shut up Scrolly, they can be anywhere. There were shots near the harbor, how about splitting up half..."

Bossy voice yells "NO! These escaped Lunatics are dangerous as it fucking gets! It's for sure they have stolen weapons and shoot civilians the lot they find them."

"Yes sir!"

"Check the whole waterline from next to the storage bay and around the piers, they could be hiding in the water or swimming across the fucking bay to get to more civilians."

The weak voice inquires "Sir, wouldn't that spoil their guns?"

"Look Scrolly, I know you want to believe what you want to think in your dimlit witless balloon of a head, but did I already repeat myself twice about how resourceful these two creeps are?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Get to it then!!!!" The lone officer disappears inside the storagehouse.

Blood Jinx looks at me very pleadingly.

"I know you would like to pick out that lone free hanging officer and majorly screw up their search efforts, Pup. But I'm more experienced in situations we've stranded in. Don't you agree the officer seems a bit hard and too confident for just you to kill. And after all, who would carry me to safety if not you Pup?"
No. 913729 ID: 2202fb

Yeah, just get a vehicle and beat it.

btw, most quality military guns can work while waterlogged, they just cant fire while submerged.

So how does this full auto sniper rifle work? I mean, sniper rifles generally only need one shot to do the job. Is it like a burst type thing or is it just a rifle that happens to have a scope that can also fire in full auto? If it has a suppressor and we can get to a sufficient distance, we may actually be able to neutralize these guys and then leave.

If you do go after them, it will need to be quiet bc more gunshots will just draw more people onto you.
No. 913782 ID: b70ae2

The name's Ren. And I think she's projecting a bit as our objective isn't really to kill people, but to get out of here.

Well, we can't get a boat while they're searching the docks here. Also, I wonder what happened to the boat motor that we may or may not have been bringing along. Anyway, there's 3 options that I see.
1. We could make our way by cleaning these guys up. For that, we'd ideally need to find some high ground to pick them off from. And not make the same mistake of using targetting laser in the fog. Perhaps if we made our way on top of the Palace building, but something tells me that building wouldn't be quite open to visitors.
2. We could hide again in one of the nearby buildings. There's apartments behind the storagehouse so we might stay there until these guys are gone.
3. We could look for other options by crossing the bridge over the river and checking out the buildings and piers over there. It's plausible there would be some boats over there as well.

I'm somewhat undecided which of these options would be best. I guess first go with 2 to see if we can gain access to the apartments, and if that doesn't work, then go with 3. If there's no boats over there, then we go with 1.
No. 913783 ID: e4958d
File 154461682725.png - (522.85KB , 800x600 , speed_res3.png )

"The name's Ren."

1 - You sneak through the streets to find the Palace building next to the docks. The front doors to the plaza seemed to be guarded by riflemen, but the backdoor has the ladder and no guards, only a civilian smoking a cigarette at the moment.

2 - There are people inside the apartments, but there's an easier way there to the rooftop.

3 - Blood Jinx agrees to crossing the river and she thinks the scopes would be useful to gather some more detailed info about the surroundings, the bridge, the river and opportunities to cross the river unnoticed.

Blood Jinx explains that Brasarian rifles are more accurate and sophisticated than the handcrafted southwestern Rednyan large caliber "cannons and semi-cannons". She doesn't want to explain in depth right now, but she says it's recoilless in 'slow-mo autofire' sniper rifle, but low rate of fire in close combat against heavy armor compared to these Rednyan rifles with bigger caliber. The gun you have also has a laser target, a suppressor and a flash hider.
No. 913798 ID: b70ae2

The rooftop at the apartments isn't very useful because it doesn't provide a clear sight of the docks. I'd go with the Palace first then, since its rooftop seems accessible.

Wait for a few minutes until the civilian is done smoking and moves out of the way. Assuming he does so. If he doesn't move, then off him quietly with the sniper rifle.
Then, climb up the ladder (disable the camera first). Once we're up there, Blood Jinx can treat her wounds, modify her clothes, read the bounty hunter letter or whatever, while we do our business.
No. 914215 ID: e4958d
File 154498542196.png - (414.94KB , 800x600 , nightn.png )


Waiting off the smoker and then
First, getting rid of the camera,
You climb on top of the apparent Palace or the dictator's government complex. You hear loud talking from below time to time. The building must be filled with people.

As a sidenote, you haven't found a cart yet to move heavy objects.

Most of the lights are dark on the other side of the river. There's a promenade around the peninsula other side of the water. You spot a fire exit ladder leading to a lit apartment.

You do not spot any vehicles. They seem to be as rare here as on your own island. The night is getting mistier all the time. Most of the mist could be caused by this source of lighting.

Eventually you spot a single wheeled vehicle parked 300 meters away at the end of the Palace side waterfront pavement. Taking a look through the scope of the Brasarian sniper, you notice no one near the vehicle itself.

The harbor patrol has investigated the shot mercenary and is slowly moving towards the vehicle. You see no sign of the hard officer emerging from the storagehouse.
No. 914216 ID: e4958d
File 154498643994.png - (318.35KB , 800x600 , carn.png )

No. 914238 ID: b70ae2

First, check the nearby rooftops (especially the storagehouse) with our sniper scope to see if anyone else might be there trying to do us under.

Can you get a clear aim at the patrol at the harbor? If so, try to take out as many of them as you can. But give priority to not getting noticed. Well, if this sniper doesn't have a silencer, then we can't shoot right now.

Check on BJ and how she's doing. Ask her if she'd be good enough to cover us with the sniper rifle while we go solo to try to get to the vehicle before the patrol. She took the keys from the mercenary, right?
No. 914252 ID: e4958d
File 154500509136.png - (271.74KB , 800x600 , aim_roof.png )


You give the sniper rifle to BJ.

BJ is able to hold the gun and assures that she can land all the shots that need to land, although she can't move if spotted.

"Here, take the keys! Go! I want that car!"

You hurry towards the car to drive it close to the ladder for an escape.

You hear badly suppressed sniper rifle shots and all members of the patrol fall dead in front of you. You run past them to the car as there is little time to waste now.
No. 914313 ID: e4958d
File 154508034621.png - (143.22KB , 1000x600 , encounterd.png )

Then out of the blue...
No. 914319 ID: b70ae2

I thought every one of our tribe was enslaved. What a twist.

Tsk, we don't have much time to chat, but this seems important.
Apologize and ask if she's ok. Then ask her who she is and how come she's not, you know, being escorted on a leash. Nice shoes.
No. 914320 ID: 2202fb

Last i checked, if stripped of all jewelry, paint, and makeup and made to wear the same outfit, most human tribesmen would look the same as well.

What i am saying is these guys are the same race, not necessarily the same tribe. They might not even speak the same language.
No. 914322 ID: 094652

Tie her up and take her with you. Hostage, minion, cannon fodder, whatever you call her, one more on your team is one more target for your enemies to shoot at instead of you.
No. 914324 ID: e4958d
File 154508871907.png - (678.06KB , 1100x800 , custom_made.png )


You ask if she's okay, but she doesn't reply immediately, so you proceed to take her as a captive. She's murmuring, but you carry her some last steps to the car that looks like crafted in some wealthy garage by hand.

Since you've lived all your former life in an island, you have no idea how cars are driven, although you've steered a boat countless times and know something about balloons.
No. 914428 ID: b70ae2

Hmm. There should be an opening somewhere to unlock it with the key you got. As for driving, that may be a bit more complicated. Or not. The only thing we need to figure out is how to accelerate, how to decelerate, and how to steer.

But first, ask that female if she knows how to drive this.
No. 914429 ID: 094652

Think about horses. They zoom forward, you can turn them left and right, you can also make them clop backwards or stop completely. Figure out those basic controls and you're set.
No. 918618 ID: e4958d
File 154818115663.png - (355.69KB , 800x600 , in_the_van.png )

The lady is less confused than she is knocked out. Her breath gives off a strong tinge of liqeour. She is passed out or nearly there. You try to speak to her but she mumbles gibberish in return.

The car is a single-seater, but in the military sense of single-seater, so there's room for one man and two thin women on the drivers seat so that you are still able to steer. You think of horses and try to push with your legs.

The car pushes forward forcefully, but as soon as you displace your foot off the pedal, some force undoes your charging speed in a split second. You learn to turn the vehicle by turning the steering wheel that has a symbol of a snake biting its tongue carved in it. The material seems to be steel in everything else except the seats, which are of black leather.
No. 918643 ID: ebd50b

Well, we can figure out how to drive in reverse later. Being able to accelerate, break, and steer should be good enough for now. Drive back to the Palace and try to evade the patrols.
No. 918644 ID: 094652

Crash into the nearest gun store! Or anywhere with good supplies and ammo, really.
No. 918647 ID: 10c408

don't make the car go forward anymore, check and see if blood jinx is running towards us.

If she is, wait and squeeze into the rest of the car so that BJ can drive.
No. 918676 ID: 2202fb

She is already in the car.
No. 918681 ID: 89b4c8

>>918647 >>918676
Blood Jinx is still on top of the roof of the Palace, covering us with the sniper rifle. Also, I don't think she can properly move yet on her own.
No. 919191 ID: e4958d
File 154860585114.png - (283.88KB , 1130x600 , driven.png )

Blood Jinx is on top of the Palace still.
You learn to use a stabilizing pull and a gear stick to make the vehicle behave a bit controllably. It's not super fast, but now you're able to move faster than on foot and inside a protected cabin. The militaristic feel gets to you. A figure is approaching from the waterfront. Blood Jinx opens fire at the figure, but misses.

The figure shoots at Blood Jinx with a pistol attempting to hunker away from the deadly exchange of shots. You recognize the figure is the guard captain.
No. 919199 ID: 89b4c8

I'm not sure what exactly we can do here. But based on the order of preference, here's what I'd try:
1. Drive over him (assuming he's in our path)
2. Gun him down while driving (assuming we took a gun with us and can do that while driving)
3. Stop and open fire (assuming we took a gun with us)
4. Avoid the fight and just get to the palace
No. 919855 ID: e4958d
File 154921087341.png - (344.96KB , 810x506 , rooftopB.png )

Your moves are determined. Like running a program you have decided to reach Blood Jinx whatever it takes.

You manage to get to her in time.

BJ: "I hit him in the gunhand. He's prolly bleeding his veins off this very moment. You got the ride?"

"Yes, I've got the car."

BJ: "Let's dust off then, my furry friend."


"Was wondering if you could drive the car?"

BJ: "MY legs are still senseless. If it's the usual driving setup, no chance."

"Ah I see. I had to use my feet to make it move forward."

BJ: "You were driving hand brake on but yeah, we could make it. I'll give you a crash course. Where are we going by the way?"


"I'd crash into the nearest gunstore or ammunition storage."

BJ: "We still have at least the officer after us if he's not bleeding out on the pavement. You should first finish him off?"

1. Carry BJ to the car and explain the captive. Finish off the officer at the docks.
2. Get in the car together and find the fastest place to resupply for a road trip or just for getting out of the town alive.
No. 919856 ID: e4958d

// 2/2 probably not needed
No. 919861 ID: 2202fb

but just run him over.



Go somewhere with military supplies and try to find a bigger vehicle with either bigger guns, armor, and/or more cargo capacity. Load up on weapons, armor, explosives, equipment, ammo, and fuel. Then run like hell. Try to find a convenience store or something to rob for food and other non-military supplies away from populated areas.
No. 919862 ID: 2202fb

Additionally, get a lot of tape and rope whenever you can. Military vehicles are conspicuous so you will want to tie on military netting if you find it or foliage if you dont so as to disguise the thing.
No. 920136 ID: 834378

There doesn't seem to be much reason in pursuing that officer either since he's not the only one we've offended in this town. That said, he is in our way of getting to a boat. The question is, do we really need to get a boat? BJ said her place is north over the waters, but that we could also contact her friends by sending a message, so a boat may not be necessary. Also, if cars exist here, then it's likely there's places that we could drive to (and that this isn't the only town on the planet).

So I'd first ask BJ if she knows of any places that are in the car's reach, and if it's likely we'd find means of communication there. If yes, then we should just get the supplies and escape the town. If no, then we kill the officer and pursue the boat.
No. 920749 ID: e4958d
File 154996636045.png - (1.77MB , 2000x1280 , CONVO_CAR.png )

You go around the town in the mili-car and conversate. Your captive is still unconscious, probably from the shock of running into You as well, or maybe she is pretending like a predated game.

"You said your place is in the north over "the waters", what did you mean by that exactly and how far are we from there?"

"Yep, I mean it's really far I came in the sky here ok? It's like a thousand DU's away."

"DU's? Do you mean thousand day walks away?"

"DU is a distance measure we use in north, it's very scientific but kinda catches when you hang out with the science nerds. And no haha. Not day walks, more like hour walks."

"Tell me about this place over waters?"

"We should head there now. For some reason Brasarians, who made this car btw, are superstitious about radio. They think radiowaves make them sick or something. Don't believe a crap in that, but people believe crazy everywhere right. By the way, glad we're almost out of this hell hole! Oh to answer your Actual question, my place is floating elevated above the waters, call it a floating island. Many floating islands over there tied to the north by the globe's gravitonic field. Jump crystal deposits there, they don't like to kinda hang out with the normal rocks you see..."

"That's interesting. About the radio, what's that?"

"As Brasarians kind of supply this region with tech, you surely can't have seen one yet. It's an old way of communicating by radio waves which are super short pulses in the air. They travel great distances and work in a multitude of different frequencies. Used for communicating really."

"So you would communicate to your friends about our location?"

"Yeah. Tell them to come get us with an airship."

"Okay, where should I drive to?"

"There's a neutral faction about 500 DU's form here in the northern coastal area. We should pick the only road leading there. It's a small village, with a center bar that flocks with all the strange people that people here call northrons. Not all are friendly of course, but inside that village they just want to have a decent drink before going about their lonely lives."

"And we have machine food for the car to reach there? What does it consume?"

"Consumes jump fuel. You only need to fuel it once every year. There's a certain power limit to the reactor, which defines how much jump crystal powder is required per year. Looking at the meters we're half year past the last refill. Me and my clan, we sell the all jump fuel."

"Ah, I see. Can we find a shop here that has rope or something to conceal the car from airships etc.?"

"I'd just get the hell out of there before they send the rest of the militia after us. They'll be bringing tanks next round and we can't just fight tanks. Luckily we have a faster vehicle to the north..."

"So that will give us what? 2 days time to sort us out in the northern coast village?"

"Quite so. Oh and... nevermind. What are you planning to do with the furry friend girl once she wakes up? She's one of them??"
No. 920760 ID: 834378

We can drop this girl off in the village then. I'm sure she'll find her way back if she really wants to stay here. But yeah, getting out of here asap is a good idea. But hmm, 500DU, I think that would take about 2-3 days of constant driving to reach, so I think we should still try to grab some food for the trip. Or at least water. Not sure where they'd keep those heh.
No. 921431 ID: 5da03e

We question the girl when she sobers up, then leave her wherever it is reasonably safe and she has good access to passenger lines. She was minding her own business when she had the bad luck to literally bump into me. She could have been mistaken for me by over-eager soldiers. Taking her along seemed like the least bad course of action at the time.
No. 922494 ID: 17559c
File 155066623071.png - (477.95KB , 1000x600 , robbery.png )

Water, road rations, random snacks, toilet paper, some alcohol. Cash. Black Tape. Paint, forest green.

"Anything else we need?"

No. 922504 ID: 834378

Sadly, we'll have to make do without those.

Well, that was easy. Let's take off then.
No. 922597 ID: 5da03e

First aid materials like gauze, tape, antiseptics, and aloe gel for Blood Jinx's burns. Condoms are a good idea. Cyano-acrylic adhesives are useful. So is duct tape.
No. 922893 ID: 17559c
File 155094846696.png - (734.00KB , 1000x640 , CONVO_DOMS.png )

"Condoms? Sadly we'll have to make do without those, whatever they are."

"Condoms. You don't know condoms? They're used for... many things."

"I have no idea?"

"Jeez, you're not very civilized? Maybe the first thing MY people started doing from elements of nature after becoming... well, intelligent was after mincing of food and bloodletting of our enemies, was making the precursor dildo. Are you getting it?"

"Yes, I think so. But why can't you just say condoms are for sex?"

"What fun would that be? Like to say, well, you know. I'm into... a special white dogperson."

"Aha, Just sex, no breed contact."

> Just decline interest in Blood Jinx
(Distance from Blood Jinx emotionally)
> Ask more about condoms, and play innocent, pay attention
(Create foundation for a long term relationship)
> Insult Blood Jinx for going too far
(Fast decrease affection with Blood Jinx)
> Proceed to degrade the handled product of condom, for "science"

> Just joke about condoms and the situation
(Fast gain affection with Blood Jinx)
> Shut up and drive
(Skip, increase Stasis in the relationship with Blood Jinx, not increasing nor decreasing)
> Inquire why condoms, why now? Make it into a relationship game.
( ->Time passes)
> ...
No. 922984 ID: 5da03e

>Just joke about condoms and the situation
"Do condoms come pre-lubed with burn ointment?"
Also get burn ointment and other first aid stuff. Painkillers.
No. 923003 ID: 834378

Joke about condoms. It's not like our species are compatible.
No. 923037 ID: 2202fb

You seem to recognize them once you saw them. Do you just call them something different?
No. 923269 ID: 17559c
File 155110410037.png - (338.00KB , 770x1200 , cona.png )

"And hey, look at this?"

"Anything goes, all you need is multi culture, species incompatibility and Love, unless you're compatible. Then you need these. With the dick pic printed on it. You don't need science, just mirrors."

"Hahaha. I wasn't thinking too much about them really. Did you know, that you only need a condom, clear water and sunlight to light up a campfire? You can also use it with duct tape, to fix things or to store liquids or powders."

"Talking about fixing things, we need to fix your legs with something and you really need painkillers as well. I saw some near the condom shelf."

You can only find painkillers in the weird grocery store, no medical equipment, except 'Xenosex' lubricant next to the condoms.

"Thanks, but my legs need chemical fixing, repair, not only medical attention. I have an alkali metal bloodstream system. You may guess right, about half of my blood consists of biochemical jump liquids. It makes my bio-metallic muscles much stronger and a lot faster, except when the bloodstream becomes mixed with small amounts of water, which rarely does."

"What about drinking water?"

"Nope, don't much need to. Metallic muscles. I also weigh a bit more than you'd think."

"Why not go fully metallic?"

"Fear. Complete lack of feelings."
No. 923431 ID: 834378

That's... nice. I don't think we'll need to light up campfires tho. Let's drive.
No. 923952 ID: 5da03e

Go ahead and take the condoms and Xenosex stuff. It could be useful, either for field solutions or as intended.
No. 924099 ID: 2202fb

Grab some vaseline, fertilizer, magnesium supplements, and some buckets. We can use this to make molotov cocktails, bombs, thermite, and napalm.
No. 925502 ID: 17559c
File 155241528466.png - (253.71KB , 600x385 , end_1.png )


You stock up supplies and exit the town of horribles. There are no gates, no walls to keep people in to your surprise. The journey to north begins. If something was to keep these townfolks stacked up like that inside this town, it would be free circus, comforts of powered town life and daily bread. It's hard to imagine any of those you crossed with to survive without vehicles in the barren outside world. So last on the list would in your mind be plain fear to exit the safety.
No. 925525 ID: 834378

Well, this drive's gonna take a while. Not sure what to do to pass the time. If we even need to do anything. We're not in a particular hurry anymore, so it's fine to stop and take a break every few hours. Or if we notice anything interesting by the road, we may stop to inspect those.
No. 925526 ID: 2202fb

fuck, we forgot jerrycans and fuel.

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