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File 154719161662.jpg - (471.17KB , 640x720 , TGSims2Title.jpg )
917158 No. 917158 ID: 8d26c4

It's back! For those TL;DR types -- the Quest will create one or more avatars, then try to find their future in a world populated by sim-humanoided versions of characters from various quests, as well as whatever pre-gens provided by Maxis who live in the neighbourhood. When Quest suggestions an action, the Sim will try to complete this action over the span of a couple of days and the results posted.

The Backstory

Due to shifting interests and a changing community, TGSims is being rebooted to 2.0 (although the original crew is still fine and alive in Pleasantview)

In the original we lost several members due to time and personal reasons -- or they just weren't that available. Plus even though the concept did include allowing the Quest community to suggest actions, it was just never really adopted. This time I'm hoping to incorporate more interactivity.

So, let's get on to creating a TGCHAN SIM!
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No. 917166 ID: 8d26c4
File 154719769693.jpg - (347.64KB , 640x720 , CharacterGen.jpg )

Rather than bicker about and argue over points to assign, you simply need to choose 2 parents for you sim.

In the picture about, we see that Sim Nem + Sim Anon44 = pretty boy that the game kept dressing like a girl until his teens. He eventually hooked up with Sim Riotmode's half-alien daughter and learned ninja skills.

These parents don't have to like each other, and it doesn't matter if they're man/woman, man/man or woman/woman.

Choose Your Parents. You will need 2, but their gender is irrelevant and you can mix and match.

1. One of the existing sims in the neighbourhood (you'll be presented with a list of existing sims)

2. A Quest character. They will be "SIM"ed to the best of my ability. If you wish to try to potentially romance that quest character, it's highly recommended you don't pick it as one of your parents.

3. A TGChan Community member or author. Smik isn't available because for accuracy I'd have to make him a widower and I'm not going through that again, not even in the Sims. You may choose his stand-in, Bob boB. Said community member should be active in some capacity on site.

4. If you really have to, a character from a piece of media. I'll do my best but no promises.

I'll then force your parents to live together and try to raise your sim. God only knows what happens from there.
No. 917191 ID: 575ec0

Let's go with Slinko Boy, and Deem.
No. 917210 ID: 2202fb

Slinkoboy with Slinkogirl
No. 917238 ID: 9bb4d2

How about Eastwood and Delli?
No. 917269 ID: 8d26c4

ERROR: User "Slinkogirl" not found.
No. 917274 ID: 8d26c4

>How about Eastwood and Delli?

You'll need to be more specific. Which Eastwood? Which Delli? You'll have to specify the origin. Heck, even if you meant Clint Eastwood you'd have to specify the actor or a character -- Dirty Harry is different from The Man With No Name is different from the actor.
No. 917283 ID: 8d26c4
File 154726699103.jpg - (407.50KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_1.jpg )

How long have I slept?

I feel weak and weary and broken.

The stone is dark and empty and lifeless around me.

Ah, I can feel it. Yes. The gold.

Even this meagre collection can conduct the earth pulse and restore a tiny trickle of mana to me.

But it is hardly enough. Everything but my Heart is... numb. I need more, I need to build a hoard and restore myself.

And for that I need ...

Yo, Deem. Look down.
No. 917287 ID: 8d26c4
File 154726793822.jpg - (431.07KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_2.jpg )

... or up, depending on your perspective.

Deem: What the hell?



You can call me Narrator.

Deem: I don't like the sound of this.

You're not going to like the feel of it either, shortly. Look at it this way: You won't have to worry about a leaking heart and your body is not at all broken. But just a heads-up: we use Simoleons here, not gold... Earth Pulse is more fulfillment of your aspirations... but you can still manipulate your dungeon. Oh, and you're not so much living in a dungeon as a hole in the ground. OK HAVE FUN!

Deem: Things will never be right again. My head hurts.

?: Mine too.
No. 917288 ID: 8d26c4
File 154726811503.jpg - (446.85KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_3.jpg )

Deem: How long have you been standing there?

Slinkoboy: Ohh.... the whole time.

Deem: Why are you dressed in a chef's hat?

Slinkoboy: I don't know.
No. 917290 ID: 8d26c4
File 154726856242.jpg - (445.18KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_4.jpg )

... then something happened to Deem.

Deem:I'm broken and bleeding power! Aaaaaaaah! AAAAAAAAAH!
No. 917292 ID: 8d26c4
File 154726877190.jpg - (515.37KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_5.jpg )


And that's how you came to be in this world. Thrust upon Deem and Slinkoboy just as they were trying to get a grip on their new surroundings.


No. 917295 ID: c4809e

You are named Baby
No. 917301 ID: 87bb36

No. 917303 ID: 8d26c4
File 154727063060.jpg - (491.92KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_6.jpg )

For reasons unknown to either of them, Deem and Slinko decide to name you "Baby".

Genetically speaking, you are very neat, active, outgoing, extremely playful and only slightly a jerk, the last of which is mostly your mom's fault which is fine because you inherited her complexion.

Deem is relieved to know her Dungeon Heart didn't break but is rather perturbed about having a child, considering that the last she knew she was incapable of having a child.

Slinkoboy in the meantime considers the fact that he is a father of a child with Deem without actually ever getting a chance to "roll to seduce dungeon" to be "A Very Slinko Beginning" to his life as a sim.
No. 917307 ID: 8d26c4
File 154727143377.jpg - (328.88KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_7.jpg )

Also your father has no attraction to your mother.

This is not especially unusual, except perhaps for a lack of taste on Slinko's part. However it may strain their parenting of you.
No. 917321 ID: 8d26c4
File 154727465852.jpg - (588.49KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_8.jpg )

Given their general incompatibility, they came to an agreement and Deem told Slinko he could live out in a shed she constructed while she grew her dungeon.

Deem was not quite used to this whole "above ground dungeon" aspect but her powers seemed to more or less work the same.

Deem had SIMOLEONS to acquire and empower her earth pulse! Or aspiration points. Whatever.
No. 917322 ID: 8d26c4
File 154727468888.jpg - (357.22KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_9.jpg )

Deem might be new to parenting but she had a general idea of what to do.
No. 917324 ID: 8d26c4
File 154727585821.jpg - (381.81KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_10.jpg )


As a toddler, you have very little control over your life. As a sim, left to their own devices your parents are about as bright as the average toddler, but that's the point of the Sims because if they were smarter it wouldn't be fun.

As Quest Suggestors, you have a degree of control over your parents and can shape your toddler life.

Were you:

1. Left mostly up to the whims and mercies of Sim AI?
2. More or less looked after by Deem, who sought to make you a practical minion?
3. Looked after mostly by Slinkoboy, whom Deem used as live-in babysitting? Slinkoboy was more focused in making you an interesting character.
4. Raised equally by both parents?


Do you have a favourite toy?
A. Shapes
B. Xylophone
C. Severed robot rabbit head.
D. Blocks
E. Drawing
F. Let the kid pick for himself.
No. 917325 ID: 8d26c4

(I should note here that new sims may still be generated if you wish by suggesting more genetic pairings as long as I have some vague idea who they are. Even though Deem and Slinkoboy are parents, they're not actually a couple and are subject to the whims of Quest)
No. 917331 ID: 8848bd

3 and B
No. 917334 ID: cc0a23

1, and B. I think is long past time for Baby to get started on his career as a professional xylophone player. He can't be mooching off his parents forever, he needs to get out of that basement/dungeon/hole in the ground and make his living in the real world.
No. 917347 ID: 575ec0

3 and C
Severed toy heads are the best.
No. 917377 ID: 8d26c4
File 154732397556.jpg - (442.19KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_11.jpg )

Congratulations! Baby has managed to reach CHILD STAGE without being taken away by a social care worker! This is mostly because after re-reading Dungeoneer, Deem's interactions with Alkaline meant she'd be a much better mother figure than my original "ha ha baby=minion" gag would allow.

Slinkoboy helped, teaching Baby how to talk. Deem taught Baby how to potty. Nobody considered teaching Baby how to walk to be very important so Baby taught himself upon becoming a child.

Baby has reached Rank 6 Creativity! Now far too old to play with a child's xylophone, Baby has graduated on towards more exotic musical instruments.

While Deem is loath to spend her precious [strikeout]gold[/strikeout] simoleons that she could be using to expand her dungeon, she does recognize the value of increasing Baby's levels.
No. 917382 ID: 8d26c4
File 154732586494.jpg - (440.87KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_12.jpg )

Deem: I recognize that my dungeon spawn -- which I still can't believe spawned from my heart without fracturing it further -- is a potentially powerful minion. Also Baby has only Rank C Creativity, not ... whatever you thought it was.

L1 Mini-Me?

Cooking: E
Mechanical: E
Charisma: E
Body: E
Logic: E
Creativity: C
Cleaning: E

An immature... Deem-spawn? Marked for greatness because of Deem.

Deem: For a child, Baby has remarkable creativity but I get a sense that it's not his true passion. Still, this creativity could be exploited to create more simoleons for my hoard. I could set him to painting -- I understand that painting is one of the few ways for children and teenagers to generate a respectable income. Or I could buy him a musical instrument allowed by children and eventually set him to busking. Alternatively I could invest in some of his other skills and as I understand it, better prepare him for the free university education offered by this world -- but that will only help me if he moves back home afterwards. To be perfectly frank, if I were him I'd be more interested in setting up my own dungeon so perhaps it's best not to count on his returning my investment.

I suppose we might decide on something for Slinkoboy as well; he does well raising toddlers and the laws of this world require that Baby have adult supervision until he is a teenager so he might be useful as a minder. Or we could send him out to acquire a job and contribute Simoleons to the hoard, but the options of painting are open to him as well.

We need to decide on an investment for the time being however. They're not going to be contributing much until we do.
No. 917383 ID: 2202fb

Omg, Baby looks like a blue/albino version of Will Smith.
No. 917393 ID: 8848bd

Invest in Cleaning because cleanliness is next to godliness after all.
No. 917398 ID: 575ec0

Slink is known for "painting" on the internet...
Honestly, both he and Baby could be your painting slaves Minions, leaving you to spend all your time expanding the dungeon. Perfect!
No. 917490 ID: 8d26c4
File 154735345249.jpg - (278.58KB , 640x720 , TGSV2_12.jpg )

While Slinko and Baby's skills aren't paying dividends yet, it's only a matter of time.

Baby greets Deem as she returns home from work. The picture says all it needs to.
No. 917527 ID: 8d26c4
File 154736006731.jpg - (379.31KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_13.jpg )

Baby has been painting for Deem a lot. For awhile, it was fun. Baby liked painting. Baby liked raising his Creativity.

But is this all Baby wants to do? Please Deem? What if Baby wants a pet? Wants to rollerskate? Slinkodaddy seems to be perfectly happy just endlessly painting for Deem, but let's face it: Slinkodaddy is also Deem's little bitch and he's not even getting laid.

Not that Baby thinks in that direction yet, Baby is just a child. But he isn't as interested in painting lately.

What should Baby do?

A. Baby should bug Deem for a pet.
B. Baby should stop being Deem's bitch and go play video games on her computer when she's not looking.
C. Baby should actually try making friends. Baby currently doesn't have any friends, or even enemies. The school bullies would try to taunt him by calling him Baby, but that's his actual name. First it frustrates them, but then they realize that's his ACTUAL NAME and even they just kinda pity him and leave him alone as a result (plus they like his hot mom).
D. Baby should listen to his mother and keep working on his paintings and anything ELSE that will generate some cash. And then once he figures out how to make that cash, he should quietly start building up his own hoard in secret.
E. Baby would like to explore the world. Explore new places, discover new things.
F. Baby needs to start taking more pride in his appearance. He might not have the urges yet but he's snooped around in Slinko's Underbed Library and his Internet history and while he doesn't understand WHAT yet, he knows he's missing out on SOMETHING and he'd better get ready now.
G. Suck it up, Baby. Keep painting until they're actually worth something.
No. 917533 ID: 8848bd

E, run away from home.
No. 917597 ID: 575ec0

A. Pet.

With a coat that suggests that it's the unholy spawn of Luner the Suggestion Cat from Razzay's Quest, and QUESTING BEAST from Mahou Shoujo Mystical Dungeoneer.
No. 917618 ID: 2202fb

A. F. Ask Slinkoboy about his collection that you have explored extensively (though dont understand).

So a QUESTING BEAST but with white marks?
No. 917629 ID: 575ec0

No. 917632 ID: 8d26c4
File 154741785464.jpg - (389.76KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_14.jpg )

An occurrence!

Sadie McArthur, whom Baby met once, has decided to just walk into the Dungeon and use the toilet uninvited. Baby's relationship with her is 20/100 -- improper for uninvited toilet usage. Then again, clearly she likes Baby enough to make the trip.

Wat do?!
No. 917649 ID: 2202fb

Inform her that she is missing her dingaling. Ask her where it went.
No. 917653 ID: 575ec0

She will be Baby's play slave.
After all, what are dungeons for?
No. 917718 ID: 2202fb

No. 917724 ID: 8d26c4
File 154750176242.jpg - (472.21KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_15.jpg )

This man stormed over and yelled at Slinkoboy for peeping on him with the telescope. I suppose you want to imprison him as well?
No. 917728 ID: 8d26c4
File 154750348408.jpg - (239.62KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_16.jpg )

The little girl has become unresponsive to attempts to get her to play, because it is past time when she should be out on her own.

Second intruder is also trapped within the dungeon. Secondary intruder is also unresponsive.

The World of Sims 2 forces all doors to become unlocked to guests who are supposed to leave, but it does not save them from the walls sealing themselves shut. Still, at some point even Baby will have to leave for school and Deem's not impressed with his antics. (Actually she is impressed, she just doesn't approve of his manipulating the dungeon without her)

In the meantime, the intruders weep for their release.

Wat do?

1. Release intruders; they will not die before a family member will need to leave.

2. Attempt to accost intruders. This may not work; Deem's mana is limited.
No. 917733 ID: 465a14

Release kilt guy, I can respect his fashion choices and it's all Slinko's fault for being a pervert anyway. Kill Sadie McArthur if at all possible.
No. 917756 ID: 575ec0

... Kill Baby's friends?
We best be sacrificing her soul for some rosebud.
No. 917765 ID: 8d26c4
File 154751574892.jpg - (474.51KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_17.jpg )

Deem is shocked that you would kill a child, intruder or no. She releases both captives and they go on their way.

Baby: Mom...

Deem winces at the word. She considers complaining but last time she did that you reminded her that no matter how she wants to put it, you share elements of her and Slinko and you are a child, therefore you are her child, therefore she is your mom.

Deem: Baby. What you did was WRONG. The dungeon is MINE, and you STOLE that from me. Also trapping a little girl could have had severe consequences for us.

Baby nods and continues painting.

Baby: Can I have a pet?

Deem is stunned for a few moments.

Deem: ... NO. No, no, no. You can't even handle making friends with a child, I don't want to even know what you'd do with the responsibility of another living thing.

Baby: Can I run away from home?

[b]Deem[.b]: That's not something you ask... No, you can't run away from home. Literally. The guard will just return you.

Deem ponders briefly she is to blame for your actions, or if this is the result of some influence of Slinko's.

I'm kidding. She IMMEDIATELY blames Slinko for this and informs him she's cancelled her decision to give him proper living quarters in the dungeon, or a bathroom extension to his shack. Slinko responds by saying he wants to be better at cleaning for her.

Deem sighs and wonders at what point she lost control of everything. She's not smaller than everyone else and still no one properly respects her authority. She feels that she deeply misses a group of people she has no memory of. That doesn't make any sense so she consoles herself by buying a pickup truck.
No. 917768 ID: 8d26c4
File 154751621836.jpg - (445.88KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_18.jpg )

The next day, Baby brings a new girl home from school, named Sadie Garth. Dang it Sims2, there are more names besides "Sadie".

Baby: Mom, a new Sadie followed me home from school! Can we keep her?

Deem considers taking advantage of her new flesh body and begin drinking.

New Sadie attempted to follow Baby right into the bathroom and he had to shoo her out so he could do his business.

Wat do?

1. Obtain New Sadie. Since Deem won't let you misuse the Dungeon to abduct her, you'll have to accost her instead (make her your friend)

2. Focus on obtaining Old Sadie. Since Deem won't let you misuse the Dungeon to abduct her, you'll have to accost her instead (make her your friend). Baby is still thinking about her and obtaining her will earn mana.

3. Accost both Sadies.

4. New life mission: Obtain All Sadies.

5. Ignore Sadies, get puppy.
No. 917778 ID: 575ec0

4. New life mission: Obtain All Sadies.

You... You didn't include this option and think we wouldn't pick it, right?
No. 917787 ID: afdebc

Obtain All Sadies. Thou must.
No. 917789 ID: 8d26c4

>You... You didn't include this option and think we wouldn't pick it, right?

In one of my games of Sims 2, one of Nem's children decided she would befriend all the generally disliked jerks of the neighbourhood and have them move in with her. This included the Vampire Lord who got the crap beat out of him by an old lady. Twice. And he had NO friends other than Nem's kid. It was pretty hilarious, especially when the vampire then got abducted by aliens and impregnated with twins. One of which turned out to be an even bigger jerk.

That is when I discovered Sims is even more fun when you create your own bizarre missions.

So no, I didn't think you wouldn't pick it. ;)
No. 917797 ID: 465a14

deem they're sims not people

also you murder intruders for profit how have you fallen this far

5. Ignore Sadies, get puppy.
No. 918022 ID: 2202fb

Super Secret 6th option! Obtain all Sadies and get puppy!
No. 918024 ID: 0163cc

Get ye puppy
No. 918374 ID: 8d26c4
File 154795717839.jpg - (345.69KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_19.jpg )

Baby has become a teen. Perhaps he should consider a name change. Or at least be called "Babe".
No. 918375 ID: 8d26c4
File 154795725728.jpg - (408.03KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_20.jpg )

Along with Baby, the Sadies have also become teens. Baby likes what he sees in Sadie #2.
No. 918376 ID: 465a14

where's your fucking puppy Baby

you don't deserve a new name until you get that dog
No. 918377 ID: 8d26c4
File 154795908259.jpg - (469.57KB , 640x720 , TGSims2_V21.jpg )

It's time for Baby to make some TEEN LIFE CHOICES!

Due to Quest's suggestions for OBTAIN PUPPY and OBTAIN SADIES, Baby is now of the FAMILY ASPIRATION.

But that is not enough! Baby is no longer a child, and Deem thinks that as her spawn he should be able to refine his own appearance. Besides, she needs to get out and meet people in order to secure additional funding for her Dungeon -- she might as well take him with her and do some clothes shopping.


1. Should Baby change his name to "Babe", stay with "Baby" or choose something else entirely?

2. What kind of fashion should Baby wear? Suggest something general, such as "Goth", "Conservative", "Punk", "Pirate", "Clown", "Nerd". You may also choose "Random".

3. Should Baby change his hair and accessories to:
A. Match his outfit?
B. Pick stuff at random until he's happy with it?
C. Leave it the same
No. 918379 ID: 465a14

1. Baby
2. Random
3. Get ye puppy
No. 918380 ID: 8d26c4
File 154796064206.jpg - (353.52KB , 640x720 , YePuppy.jpg )

No. 918414 ID: 575ec0

Baby is fine
Pirate because he stealin dat Sadie Booty
Random accessories
No. 918424 ID: 8d26c4
File 154801037404.jpg - (359.45KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_21.jpg )

>Random Accessories

New Commands!
You can now ask Baby to "Change Appearance".
You can now ask Baby to "Change Clothes".
You can now ask Baby to "Buy New Clothes", although not every clothing option is available to every life stage.
No. 918425 ID: 8d26c4
File 154801060060.jpg - (426.03KB , 640x720 , ChooseOutfitA.jpg )

PIRATE was not available for teens.
Please choose an outfit.
This is Outfit A, Kilt.
No. 918426 ID: 8d26c4
File 154801061463.jpg - (422.58KB , 640x720 , ChooseOutfitB.jpg )

This is Outfit B, Kimono
No. 918427 ID: 8d26c4
File 154801063368.jpg - (313.26KB , 640x720 , CHooseOutfitC.jpg )

This is Outfit C, that kid from the Bazooka Joe bubblegum comics.
No. 918438 ID: 575ec0

C, all the way.
No. 918440 ID: 498ed0

No. 918443 ID: 8d26c4
File 154802527173.jpg - (383.94KB , 640x720 , BabysNewLook.jpg )

Baby now has a new look! Clearly nothing could go wrong with a collar so tall he can't see while swinging around a hammer!

Baby has obtained BOTH SADIES as friends! Baby also has a friend named Lora, who is not a Sadie but is still a girl. Baby will be able to take all these girls with him to college when it is time. It should be noted that Baby doesn't know a single male his own age.

Baby has also decided to take his artistic skills in a three dimensional direction and become a toy maker. Currently he can make bricks with faces on them.

In the meantime, Deem is still quietly and slowly building up the Dungeon while Slinko has taken an interest in robotics. Deem has allowed this because robot servants would be very useful.

Baby is well on his way to bigger, brighter things.

Please make some suggestions:

BABY should focus on:
1. Scholarships.
2. Girls.
3. Girls named Sadie.
4. Ye Puppy
5. Toymaking
6. Obtaining male friends.

A. Do you have suggestions for DEEM?
B. Do you have suggestions for SLINKO?
C. Would you like to create a NEW SIM? If you'd like to create a new sim, please specify a set of parents from TGChan or if you'd like to be spawned by splicing some random playable sims from the neighborhood. Note that anyone the Dungeoneer sims have encountered are now available as well regardless of age, and anyone you suggest as a parent won't show up in college.
No. 918444 ID: 8d26c4
File 154802574466.jpg - (327.57KB , 640x720 , YePuppyGrowedUp.jpg )

Ye Puppy hath grown up!
Change appearance (Y/N)?
No. 918451 ID: 465a14

A. Kill Sadie
B. Kill Sadie
No. 918458 ID: 8d26c4
File 154803018933.jpg - (409.53KB , 640x720 , YePuppyNewLook.jpg )

Ye Puppy has a great new look!
No. 918606 ID: 24ebf1

No. 918626 ID: 8d26c4
File 154818823496.jpg - (336.26KB , 640x720 , YePuppyMission.jpg )

Baby has focused on Ye Puppy.
Ye Puppy now knows how to STAY, COME and PLAY DEAD.

Ye Puppy is housebroken, and supposedly knows to stay off the furniture. Supposedly. Like, it's almost full in terms of learned behaviours but it's been a long time since Ye Puppy has ever used her pet bed, mostly sleeping on the other beds and occasionally the floor NEXT to her pet bed.

To continue focusing on Ye Puppy, you will need to get Ye Pet Job for Ye Puppy. Or you can just let Ye Puppy have a happy pet life of eating, sleeping, playing and peeing out in public.

(Despite Baby's training, Deem is Ye Puppy's master. This should surprise no one.)

Wat do?

1. Choose new mission (see >>918443 )
2. Get Ye Puppy Ye Job
No. 918656 ID: 24ebf1

Give puppy job of mail delivery.
No. 918675 ID: 2202fb

Fukkit, lets do 3 instead.
No. 918944 ID: 8d26c4
File 154838974537.jpg - (506.51KB , 640x720 , TGSimsV2_22.jpg )

>Fukkit, lets do 3 instead.

Baby has made moves on Sadie #2 (Sadie Garth). He's doing pretty well. Should he make this Sadie his first kiss or should he obtain other Sadies?

>Give puppy job of mail delivery.
Ye Puppy has obtained a job in the SERVICE industry.

Deem and Slinko have both been pressuring Baby to obtain additional scholarships. Deem knows it's worth valuable cash in Baby's college life which, if his Earth Pulse operates like hers, will be very important.

Slinko just goes with whatever Deem says.

Baby has already obtained a scholarship for Creativity. Should he obtain another scholarship? There are addition scholarships for:

- Charisma
- Logic
- Body
- Mechanical
- Cleaning
- Cooking
- Being top of your teen career of a shitty, shitty part-time job.
- Being abducted by aliens (note: Baby can't normally get pregnant through alien abduction as he is just a teen)
- Being a vampire. Because being undead in college really sucks.

Please make a suggestion. Or several.
No. 918947 ID: afdebc

Get a scholarship for Charisma.

>Should he make this Sadie his first kiss or should he obtain other Sadies?
No. 918971 ID: 977456

Baby's first kiss should be saved for the perfect Sadie. Perfect The Sadie by compressing all Sadie's into a single point, to achieve a Sadie singularity. Maybe if they all use the same shower at the same time? Anything less would be unworthy of Baby.
No. 918979 ID: 8d26c4

Technically feasible - Deem would simply have to splice Sadie #1 with Sadie #2 and so on and so forth, but that Sadie still might not be the Sadie that Baby really wants.

Clearly there is only one solution. I must begin... the Sadie Project.

No. 918992 ID: 8d26c4
File 154844821632.jpg - (476.73KB , 640x720 , SadieCreate.jpg )


We are going to create some Sadies, one of which will be Baby's True Sadie. The others Baby will have to try to befriend.

To do this, we have 3 Adult Base Sadies to splice and make baby Sadies. Then we shall expose the various spliced Sadies to different environmental effects to make additional, exotic Sadies.

To create a new Sadie, just suggest "Create new base Sadie(X)" where X is the name of a TGChan Author or Quest Character. The new Sadie will be a female approximation of that person or character, if that person/character was a Sadie.

New Command: SPLICE SADIE (X with Y)
If you would like to specifically create a new Sadie from two existing Sadies, please suggest two Sadies to splice together. One of those Sadies must be an adult Sadie in order to carry the child.

Base Sadie Notes
Red Sadie is based off Red from "Spooky Date Quest".
Sadie L. is based off Lilly from "Spooky Date Quest".
Sadie J. was created with the create-a-sim's randomizer.

You may now suggest general Sadie-management actions, and will occasionally be prompted with a Sadie life-decision. However, these Sadies will effectively become "NPC's" once teens, although they will all eventually meet Baby at some point. Leftover Sadies will be left to their own destinies.

You may still suggest actions for Baby.
You may still create non-Sadie sims.
No. 919008 ID: 977456

Create new base Sadie(Baby from TGSIMS QUEST 2.0 Alice Dietrich from Bloom)
No. 919023 ID: 8d26c4
File 154847443878.jpg - (452.99KB , 640x720 , YouAskedForThis.jpg )

Sadie A. Dietrich has arrived!

Let the experiments begin!
No. 919024 ID: 8d26c4

Please note that it is thankfully impossible to have Baby romantically kiss the offspring of a Baby/Sadie-Alice splicing because he would genetically be her father... and the game knows this and forbids romantic encounters between bloodlines.
No. 919028 ID: 8d26c4
File 154847740950.jpg - (298.79KB , 640x720 , CuteBaby1.jpg )

Aw, maybe Alice's genes aren't so dominant, aren't you the cutest little OH MY GOD
No. 919029 ID: 8d26c4
File 154847754769.jpg - (364.62KB , 640x720 , CuteBaby2.jpg )

Sadie L. had a boy. He's not the OH MY GOD
No. 919031 ID: 8d26c4
File 154847793883.jpg - (446.94KB , 640x720 , CuteBaby3.jpg )

No. 919080 ID: 8d26c4
File 154853002467.jpg - (447.01KB , 640x720 , SpaceSadie.jpg )

Also for fun we got the Alice Sadie alien-pregnant and I'm not sure if it's at all made a difference.
No. 919082 ID: 8d26c4
File 154853461249.jpg - (418.67KB , 640x720 , NewBaby4.jpg )

New Sadie has arrived, splicing Red Sadie and Sadie L.
No. 919127 ID: 2202fb

Jesus fucking Christ! What have we done!? We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could, we didn't stop to think if we should.

Lets keep going and see what happens! :D

Suggesting we cross a Ceridwen-class Sadie with a random Sadie.
No. 919149 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857061025.jpg - (439.51KB , 640x720 , NotAllToonsSimWell.jpg )

>Suggesting we cross a Ceridwen-class Sadie with a random Sadie.

This is about as good as I can do.
No. 919162 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857194407.jpg - (506.60KB , 640x720 , Baby CJ.jpg )

Baby Sadie "C.J." has entered the world. One of the more normal looking children, relatively speaking.
No. 919168 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857565796.jpg - (577.19KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis1.jpg )

So next in our experiment, we simply invited Baby over to the Sadie Project and had all the Sadies check out Baby to see what they thought.

All of them (except Sadie Bot 2000).

Even the moms -- they were de-aged to teens just to see.
No. 919169 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857619832.jpg - (527.96KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis2.jpg )

Sadie: Red (De-aged)
Chemistry: 2/3 Bolts
Original Character: "Red" the Deep-One Mermaid from Spooky Date Quest.
Genetic Mother to: R.L. and R.A.
No. 919170 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857629991.jpg - (356.23KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis3.jpg )

Sadie: Alice (de-aged)
Chemistry: 2/3 Bolts
Original Character: Alice Dietrich from Bloom
Genetic Mother to: R.A., J.A., Space, Steve
No. 919171 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857657393.jpg - (579.45KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis4.jpg )

Sadie: C.J.
Chemistry: 1/3 Bolts
Genetic Daughter of: Sadie J. (Random Gen Sim) and Ceridwen (from Dragon Romance)
No. 919172 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857675010.jpg - (405.74KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis5.jpg )

Sadie: J.A.
Chemistry: 1/3 Bolts
Genetic Daughter of: Sadie J. (Random Gen Sim) and Alice Dietrich (from Bloom)
No. 919173 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857695169.jpg - (434.54KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis6.jpg )

Sadie: Lilly (De-aged)
Chemistry: 2/3 Bolts
Original Character: Lilly the mad scientist and reformed demon from Spooky Date Quest.
Genetic Mother to: R.L. and Steve
No. 919174 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857715257.jpg - (512.87KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis7.jpg )

Sadie: R.A.
Chemistry: 2/3 Bolts
Genetic Daughter of: Red (Spooky Date Quest) and Alice Dietrich (from Bloom)
No. 919175 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857813033.jpg - (514.92KB , 640x720 , SadieAnalysis8.jpg )

Sadie: Space
Chemistry: 1/3 Bolts
Genetic Daughter of: Alice Dietrich (from Bloom) and a random alien.
No. 919176 ID: 8d26c4
File 154857840542.jpg - (372.77KB , 640x720 , ChoicesChoices.jpg )

Choices, choices!

What Sadie is the BEST SADIE?

Please Suggest a Sadie

1. Red -- but we'll get to that after he graduates from university.
2. Red -- but we'll get to that now by screwing with her age. It should be noted that Red will still be a genetic mother to a couple of sims.
3. Alice -- but we'll get to that after he graduates from university.
4. Alice-- but we'll get to that now by screwing with her age. It should be noted that Red will still be a genetic mother to quite a few sims.
5. C.J., generated by (Random Gen Sim) x Ceridwen (from Dragon Romance)
6. J.A., generated by (Random Gen Sim) x Alice (from Bloom)
7. Lilly -- but we'll get to that after he graduates from university.
8. Lilly -- but we'll get to that now by screwing with her age. It should be noted that Red will still be a genetic mother to a couple of sims.
9. R.A., generated by Red (Spooky Date Quest) and Alice Dietrich (from Bloom)
10. Space, generated by Alice Dietrich (from Bloom) and some random alien.


11. Sadie Garth (townie)
12. Sadie McArthur (townie)

12. Some other Sadie that Baby has no chemistry with:
A. Ceridwen
B. Sadie J. (Random)
C. R.L. (Red x Lilly)
D. Steve (Lilly x Alice)
No. 919177 ID: 8d26c4

(Note: I'm not against more splicing but the game was beginning to complain about the number of sims on lot, making new source material harder to do. If you would like more splicing, there's always the option that created Baby -- splicing two TG-related characters/people together)
No. 919178 ID: 8d26c4

Additional note: Yeah, I made a copy/paste error but you know what I meant
No. 919226 ID: 2202fb

Hmm, lets do a harem of the top Sadies. If we need to thin the herd, have them do a competition to prove their worth. The winners get to join the True Sadies and the rest get locked in a room with no doors or windows.
No. 919229 ID: 465a14

Sadie deathmatch. All the Sadies enter, only one leaves.
No. 919233 ID: 8d26c4
File 154865405946.jpg - (395.92KB , 640x720 , No.jpg )

>If we need to thin the herd, have them do a competition to prove their worth.

Sims can barely find their way through their own homes, never mind trying to actually COMPETE.

>Sadie deathmatch. All the Sadies enter, only one leaves.

Sim fights mostly involve slapping each other like children. To be more accurate, sim fights first involve insulting each other, crying about it, poking each other, crying about it, shoving each other, crying about it, and then finally actually fighting. Like they were 10.

We're not about to throw away some perfectly good Sadies just because there's so many on a single lot that the game is forcing me to have the sims network with each other and the use cheats in order to add them to the household.

If you can't pick a True Sadie we'll just send all the actual teen Sadies with at least 1 point of chemistry with Baby to University and let the cards fall where they may.
No. 919234 ID: f55c68

No. 919241 ID: 977456

Using environmental hazards to thin the herd sounds like fun, but... tiebreakers.
10: Space
No. 919244 ID: 2202fb

We could start modding the game :D
No. 926549 ID: 8d26c4
File 155312959863.jpg - (649.85KB , 640x720 , Choose Dorm.jpg )

Since you couldn't decide on the Sadies, you don't get to decide on the Sadies.

Instead you get a much simpler choice.

Choose a dorm for Baby:

A. The dorm with 14 rooms. Lots of sims. Lots of irritation.
B. The dorm with 8 rooms. Fewer sims, fewer competition for items, less interaction.
C. The dorm with 9 rooms. Same deal, just one more sim.

The Sadies have been randomly scattered across the dorms, except for the mom Sadies, who are holding down the fort. (Unless I decide we need more Sadies).
No. 926590 ID: 2202fb

Option D. the dorm with 31 rooms!
No. 926750 ID: b8ca3a

No. 929183 ID: 8d26c4
File 155484159280.jpg - (507.10KB , 640x720 , At College.jpg )

Baby Dungeoneer is now attending college in a largish dorm with 13 other students!

Among these students are 4 Sadies:
- McArthur
- Garth
- The Red/Lilly gene splice
- The half-alien Alice gene splice

There's lots of things to do now! Baby could try to befriend all the Sadies. He can think about his future and plan his studies based on a desired career. He could attempt to use his scholarship funds to remodel the dorm. He could focus on making his own Greek House, or join an existing Greek House. He could pursue romance. Or he could actually study.

What is Baby's PRIMARY MISSION? (Choose ONE; additional selections will be ignored).

1. BEFRIEND all the Sadies!
2. Think about your FUTURE!
3. Something something GREEK HOUSE!
5. Focus on your STUDIES!

What is Baby's SIDE QUEST? (You may choose up to 3, but the order will assign priority)
A. Remodel the Dorm! (this is never a primary mission)
B. Befriend the Sadies!
C. Consider your Future!
D. Get your own Greek House!
E. Join an existing Greek House!
F. Romance!
G. Focus on your studies!
H. Build robots!
I. Make toys!
J. Arrange flowers!
K. Sewing!
L. Pottery!
M. Networking (obtain as many friends as possible)
N. Obtain cheerleaders! (befriend as many cheerleaders as possible)
O. Obtain Mascots! (befriend as many good mascots as possible)
P. Obtain evil Mascots! (evil mascots basically ruin things for everyone)
Q. Collect the SOULS OF EVIL MASCOTS (well, basically obtain their ghosts who will then annoy you nightly)
R. Obtain streakers! (Streakers are not obtainable during college for some reason, but you can obtain them after you graduate)
No. 929204 ID: 5da03e

No. 929206 ID: 465a14

No. 929209 ID: 2202fb

No. 929366 ID: 8d26c4
File 155495651829.jpg - (484.85KB , 640x720 , boring.jpg )


If anything at all interesting happens you will be notified.

Would you like to create a new sim in the meantime?

If you'd like to create a new sim, please suggest two parents. They don't have to be of different genders. The parents may be a TGChan Quest character or notable author.
No. 929369 ID: 2202fb

I kinda wanna see a play-by-play of the nerd-man studying.
No. 929466 ID: 8d26c4
File 155503558776.jpg - (379.51KB , 640x720 , Now What.jpg )

Baby has maximized his grade and is now painting outside on a dark and stormy night. It is not even the end of the semester.

Now what?

A. Remodel the Dorm!
B. Befriend the Sadies!
C. Consider your Future!
D. Get your own Greek House!
E. Join an existing Greek House!
F. Romance!
G. Build some additional skills!
H. Build robots!
I. Make toys!
J. Arrange flowers!
K. Sewing!
L. Pottery!
M. Networking (obtain as many friends as possible)
N. Obtain cheerleaders! (befriend as many cheerleaders as possible)
O. Obtain Mascots! (befriend as many good mascots as possible)
P. Obtain evil Mascots! (evil mascots basically ruin things for everyone)
Q. Collect the SOULS OF EVIL MASCOTS (well, basically obtain their ghosts who will then annoy you nightly)
R. Obtain streakers! (Streakers are not obtainable during college for some reason, but you can obtain them after you graduate)
No. 929468 ID: 465a14

No. 929504 ID: 2202fb

Can we keep studying by going into advanced classes, start an internship, and join a grad program?
No. 929518 ID: 8d26c4

No. Sims 2 University is limited by a single program. On the flipside, your university degree and GPA can let you skip right through until the 2nd or 3rd last tier of a career. I've had a sim go from college grad to C.E.O.
No. 932888 ID: 8d26c4
File 155790933148.jpg - (429.21KB , 640x720 , FirstSemesterDown.jpg )

Baby has completed his first semester and has made it on to the Dean's list, along with his Sadie dormies. He has failed to capture any evil mascots as none bothered to show up.

Baby has also decided on his own volition to major in history. In the world of Sims 2, this actually has decent career opportunities.

Now what?

A. Remodel the Dorm!
B. Befriend the Sadies!
C. Get your own Greek House!
D. Join an existing Greek House!
E. Romance!
F. Build robots!
G. Make toys!
H. Arrange flowers!
I. Sewing!
J. Pottery!
K. Networking (obtain as many friends as possible)
L. Obtain cheerleaders! (befriend as many cheerleaders as possible)
M. Obtain Mascots! (befriend as many good mascots as possible)
N. Obtain evil Mascots! (evil mascots basically ruin things for everyone)
O. Collect the SOULS OF EVIL MASCOTS (well, basically obtain their ghosts who will then annoy you nightly)
P. Obtain streakers! (Streakers are not obtainable during college for some reason, but you can obtain them after you graduate)

... or Create New Sim?
No. 932893 ID: 5ba090

Can I get an F
No. 932900 ID: 2202fb

F. and lets name it Sadie
No. 932908 ID: e51896

No. 932916 ID: 465a14

M. Make some friends! (make friends as many as possible)
O. Build furniture! (make furniture or get items in exchange for friendship or friendship points)
P. Make some friends! (make friends by talking to them)



1. Create Your Own

2. Set The World

3. Create Your Enemies

4. Build The Walls Up

5. Build The World

6. Create Your Enemies

7. Build
No. 937472 ID: 8d26c4
File 156168925703.jpg - (313.78KB , 640x720 , Semester2.jpg )

It is another semester gone.

Baby has made many a small toy robot Sadie.

They are beginning to spill out into the hallway. Learning robots takes a long time.

Now what?

A. Remodel the Dorm!
B. Befriend the Sadies!
C. Get your own Greek House!
D. Join an existing Greek House!
E. Romance!
F. Continue to build robots!
G. Make toys!
H. Arrange flowers!
I. Sewing!
J. Pottery!
K. Networking (obtain as many friends as possible)
L. Obtain cheerleaders! (befriend as many cheerleaders as possible)
M. Obtain Mascots! (befriend as many good mascots as possible)
N. Obtain evil Mascots! (evil mascots basically ruin things for everyone)
O. Collect the SOULS OF EVIL MASCOTS (well, basically obtain their ghosts who will then annoy you nightly)
P. Obtain streakers! (Streakers are not obtainable during college for some reason, but you can obtain them after you graduate)

OR: Create new sim?
No. 937486 ID: c3f16e

F is clearly the superior choice.
No. 937568 ID: 8d26c4
File 156177326265.jpg - (654.11KB , 640x720 , RivalAppeared.jpg )

Due to your incredibly dull life choices, your dorm has been beset by RIVAL HIPSTER MANCHILD!

Hipster Manchild will attempt to STEAL YOUR SADIES! The HORROR! Literally the horror, should he manage to inject his DNA into the Sadies!

You have now entered into TURN-BASED SIMULATED CONFLICT!

You must honour your mother Deem and defeat this intruder! Unfortunately direct combat will require slowly escalating tensions since even though you know it is your destiny to defeat your rival, you literally aren't mad enough at him to just attack him outright.

Perhaps you could ruin his social or academic career? Maybe arrange an 'accident'?

Plan carefully -- for every action, Hipster Manchild will have his own reaction!

Would you like to move first?

A. Yes, Baby will act first.
B. No, let's see what Hipster Manchild tries to do first.
No. 937570 ID: 1ed92d

No. 937582 ID: 8d26c4
File 156177749107.jpg - (509.12KB , 640x720 , PlanOfAttack.jpg )

Baby decides to act first. What should he plan?

A. Sabotage Hipster Manchild's academic career. If he can prevent him from maintaining his grades, he will flunk out of university. Move his assignments around. Distract him from studies. Make him miss classes. (Evil)

B. Sabotage Hipster Manchild's social life. Baby can use his INFLUENCE that he obtains from making friends to force Hipster Manchild to do things around the dorm. (Evil)

C. Sabotage Hipster Manchild's needs. Baby can purchase things that are extremely attractive to sims to keep Hipster Manchild from maintaining his needs, or barricade him in items. Or irritate him to the point that Baby can beat the tar out of him. While this can kill Hipster Manchild, even weakening him may interfere with his goals as he will have to scramble to maintain himself. (Evil)

D. Redirect Hipster Manchild's attention. Baby can use his INFLUENCE that he obtains from making friends to force Hipster Manchild to pay attention to other sims and leave his Sadies alone. (Good)

E. Befriend Hipster Manchild. Surely if Hipster Manchild is Baby's friend, he will stop trying to steal his Sadies. Maybe Baby could turn him into a minion! (Good)

F. Baby changes his mind and makes more robots named Sadie. Maybe if he makes enough robots it will confuse Hipster Manchild and he will attempt to horde them instead. (Boring)
No. 937584 ID: 1ed92d

D. is the best plan I think.
No. 937642 ID: c571e8

C! Deem's child cares not for your judgements of morality, and will excel at using his minions to solve his problems.
No. 937643 ID: 189b8c


Lock them in a doorless room.
No. 937701 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188386661.jpg - (497.13KB , 640x720 , BabyTurn1a.jpg )

Baby decides to use a combination of REDIRECTION and INDIRECT MURDER.

Baby used INFLUENCE (1,000)!

Baby influenced Hipster Manchild to FLIRT WITH THE LUNCH LADY!
No. 937702 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188391340.jpg - (661.77KB , 640x720 , BabyTurn1b.jpg )

Hipster Manchild flirted with the Lunch Lady!

Lunch Lady REJECTED Hipster Manchild!


Hipster Manchild lost 750 Influence!
No. 937703 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188396706.jpg - (486.28KB , 640x720 , BabyTurn1c.jpg )

Baby deployed ROBO SADIE ARMY!

Baby hopes that the robo-sadies will block Hipster Manchild's path to his dorm. Or at least confuse him.
No. 937707 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188487011.jpg - (330.68KB , 640x720 , HipsterTurn1.jpg )

Oh no!

SPACE SADIE seems to want to become friends with HIPSTER MANCHILD!

It appears that the Sadies have become impatient waiting for Baby to interact with them -- Space Sadie initiated conversation with Hipster Manchild!

And the Red/Lilly Sadie hybrid is trying to join a Greek House on her own!

What do?

A. Influence SPACE SADIE to flirt with another girl! Hipster Manchild can't have her if she's gay!

B. Influence Hipster Manchild to flirt with another guy! Hipster Manchild can't have her if he's gay!

C. Annoy Hipster Manchild! He... umm... well it will distract him from Space Sadie. This may make Space Sadie like you less since she wanted to be friends with him.

D. Influence another sim to pick a fight with Hipster Manchild! This has the additional advantage that Space Sadie won't blame you.

E. Purchase a super-interesting item! Hopefully Hipster Manchild will be so entranced by it he will forget about his bladder and then make a mess of himself in front of everyone! Hopefully nobody else will be so entranced by it that they do the same.

F. Flirt with Space Sadie! Baby is a FAMILY-oriented sim however, so once he flirts with Space Sadie she will be his Prime Sadie. You may get a chance to alter Baby's priorities later in your academic career.

G. Create your own Greek House! This will allow you to flee with your Sadies away from Hipster Manchild. As a bonus, you can manipulate your Greek House much like a dungeon at the cost of your earth-pulse known as Simoleons.

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