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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 154935325967.png - (130.09KB , 500x500 , NaomiTitle.png )
920125 No. 920125 ID: 15c57b

-Life in a Shell of Lies
-The Snail knows Only One
-Hermit Crab

Previous Chapters:
I: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/827536.html
II: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/831712.html
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No. 920126 ID: 094652

Hawt futanuki action plz!
No. 920128 ID: 15c57b
File 154935395649.png - (194.93KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_001.png )

It's bright and early.

A cool breeze floats on the wind as the sun slowly rises over the mesa.

You've been in these deserts a week, Searching for your bounty. Stories say that he's a real gunslinger. One of the originals.

You don't think that is entirely true. Though, if he takes you down; were you ever one to begin with?

You finish your morning routine. Loading your guns, and finishing with a cup of trail coffee.

The tracks on your mark have gone cold since last night, but you know for a fact he is in this desert.

It's the last place they would look.

You've got some time to yourself.
Come to think about it, that's all you've had, for a very long time.
No. 920131 ID: 260817

Woah a bounty hunting gunslinger. Well, since it seems like we are the ones on the hunt this time, maybe we can do something around this camp. If bullets aren't too expensive, maybe its a good chance to prove to yourself that you stand a good chance against someone who's considered a mean outlaw true gun fighter
No. 920135 ID: 080aaf

Did you set those bottle up for gunslinging practice?
Looks like someone off in the distance wasn't as careful about hiding their fire. Check a look there.
No. 920143 ID: 834378

Why a gun? Why not.. a sword?!

No tracks? Well, time to head back then.

Also, no futas plz.
No. 920163 ID: f6fa28

>>no futas plz

Second, third and fourth, this.
No. 920177 ID: 864e49

But how else would she use scrotum magic.
No. 920222 ID: b1b4f3

Is that smoke in the distance?
No. 920262 ID: 056f59

By the big rock formation, I think that is smoke. Probably not the mark if its being that visible. I think, make sure your skills are sharp and your guns sight true, if you think you can spare the bullets.

Afterwards, check out the smoke. Maybe the source can tell you more about where your bounty is. Futa is alright in small amounts... But mostly only with girls.
No. 920269 ID: 59ed7a

Check the smoke of course, but not without making another cup of coffee first. We can meet a friendly soul by this fire, so there is no need to pre-judge and forget about our manners even in the darkest of places.

Also press futa pedal to the metal
No. 920272 ID: 3e6031


Fak u....futas
No. 920628 ID: 15c57b
File 154988725261.png - (111.57KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_002.png )

The bottles were part of the trail. The last clues they were here was the same whiskey you've been seeing at the other camps they've been to.

You decide that since it's the end of the line, you might as well get a couple practice shots in, just ready your shooting arm.

Why not. They know you're coming already.
No. 920629 ID: 15c57b
File 154988761528.png - (204.18KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_003.png )

You spin around. Iron clearing leather as you do. Fanning four shots to the bottles. Each one shatters as the shots ring out along the desert.

The can hit wasn't as clean as you'd like... Though now you can compensate for next time you fire.

Your journey has been long. You've forgotten just how many bullets you've gone through, but you've always got the right one for your mark. Somehow you've always seemed to make the most of what you have though, and you think some practice was good for your hand.
No. 920630 ID: 15c57b
File 154988774528.png - (128.73KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_004.png )

You pause for a moment in thought. Lifting that rifle of yours up, you take a knee.

You keep trying to push these weird intrusive thoughts... Where the hell did they even come from?
No. 920631 ID: 15c57b
File 154988793847.png - (161.78KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_005.png )

You take your sweet time to line up a fine shot with a bottle way out in the distance you saw glinting in the sun. Mighty convenient these outlaws are drinkers.

Your rifle's shot hits true, even against the desert breezes.
No. 920632 ID: 15c57b
File 154988821548.png - (264.61KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_006.png )

You think you could cut the hair off a fly's tit with guns like these.

You've had enough practice to be familiar and a real dead-eye with pretty much all the gun's you've held.

With your revolver in hand, you flip a coin up in the air. One for the road you think, as the bullet rips and your tiny target is blown away.

You couldn't help but notice the smoke from the base of the mesa is becoming more... Agitated.

Someone probably doesn't take too kindly to shots ringing out on such a quiet early morning.

You make another pot of coffee. For the road.
No. 920633 ID: 15c57b
File 154988865448.png - (324.03KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_007.png )

You take a stroll towards the mesa, coffeepot in your offhand. It's tradition around these parts when you meet someone out on the trail to share something you have, and they will do the same.

You near the source of the smoke clouds at the top of a pile of large stones.

After a little bit of a climb, you are able to arrive at a small camp. The figure by the fire, smoking something oddly green from a pipe, and seemingly watching you. Besides him is a dusty ashen tarp. Probably for the smoke signals, and a banjo.

You look him over, and he does the same. He seems mild mannered so you approach, setting your coffee pot to warm by his fire, and to shield yourself from the frosty morning nipping at you under your layers.

Crow: "Welcome. I hoped to get your attention. Why are you shooting so early? Other people are trying to enjoy a nice sunrise... But that probably isn't why you're in this desert. Is it."
No. 920652 ID: 080aaf

Well I figure if you aren't shooting you aren't going to hit anything, and I aim to hit a varmint.
No. 920669 ID: 834378

Practicing. For the bounty. And you?
No. 920758 ID: daa216

Trying to clear my head. Ive been thinking some strange thoughts recently.
No. 921053 ID: 5da03e

"Le meglio è l'inimico del bene, right? Well, practice makes perfect."

Saying this accomplishes several things. It implies knowledge of Italian, strongly implies a good education, acknowledges that it is good to watch and enjoy the sunrise, and openly states that you are openly pursuing perfection.

If you don't like Italian, say, "Good is the enemy of perfect, right? Well, practice makes perfect."
No. 921776 ID: 15c57b
File 155040303197.png - (423.94KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_009.png )

You: "Well, the saying goes 'Le meglio è l'inimico del bene'... and, practice makes perfect."

The man simply nods, waiting for you to continue. Puffing from his foul smelling pipe. You warm your hands by the fire, waiting for your coffee pot to heat.

You: "I'm out here practicing. I aim to hit a varmint. Ain't one I'm keen to miss."

He looks you up and down another time.
No. 921780 ID: 15c57b
File 155040443772.png - (161.56KB , 800x800 , Wanderer3_008.png )

Crow: "This Varmint... You mean that outlaw gunslinger and his boys?"

Crow: "I heard about all the news when I was arriving home here up from the kokomos. Hoped the rumors weren't true. That there were still any of those left.

You check the coffee pot, and pour yourself a cup.

Crow: "If that's your quarry, bounty-hunter. I can see why you'd stop for the morning. I myself would want to experience the sunrise a last time myself, if I was meant to fight them, and everyone else crazy enough to try for a bounty like that."

You hold the cup in both hands. Letting the warmth seep past your gloves.

You look up to him, and offer him some.

He takes his own cup, and you fill it.

You: "Truth is; Shooting helps clear my head. I've been thinking real strange thoughts recently... None I think I'd like to admit..."

You take a sip of your coffee. It's as black and bitter as boiled dirt.

Crow: "I see... I get those sometimes myself. Care for a smoke? Should steady your nerves."
No. 921784 ID: 080aaf

Perhaps you'll take a smoke break to celebrate your bounty, after it happens. Time to get going.
(He doesn't match the descriptions of the outlaw or his accomplices, does he?)
No. 921789 ID: daa216

You always should accept a puff from a pipe. Just common courtesy. Ask the crow what brings them out this way before doing so.
No. 921790 ID: 834378

Of course. Smokes get pretty scarce around here.
No. 922002 ID: 00a169

Ask him a bit about himself. If he's seen any clues to your quarry, and try to excuse yourself. We should be getting going and a celebratory smoke after would be pretty fitting.

Take a parting puff anyway, since you don't want to be rude, and tell him he can keep the rest of the coffee.
No. 926810 ID: f274b0

Support this lets not be rude and the best smoke is a smoke earned
No. 928035 ID: 14e16e

also in favor of this. Learning why he's here is only fitting now that he knows your buisness.
No. 928036 ID: 688dd6

Nice shootin', Tex. Keep it up.

Politely turn him down. Say you prefer cigs, and your nerves are plenty steady.

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