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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155029131570.png - (300.85KB , 598x872 , SIREN_1.png )
921457 No. 921457 ID: b5fb67

Written by Anon44
Illustrated by LonelyWorld

Warning! This quest contains lewd situations!

"Looking for the best rates on ship parts? Bargains are the name of the game here at Siren! We've got conduits, sensors, s-foils, main deflector dishes, all kinds of great gear ready for YOU! Stop by Siren for the best deals you'll ever find in this sector! Call C-200-9932-"

Siren 1: "Turn it off, already! We're here."

Siren 2: "It's a good commercial, though."

Siren 3: "Well, you're probably one of the few. It was the cheapest ad spot we could get, considering."

A weathered ship flies towards a hulking wreck in the distance. The occupants lean into the viewports, their imaginations running wild with the thoughts of salvage, and the riches that they entail.

Siren 4: "Wow! This has to be one of those old repurposed colony ships! Those things are full of old tech they don't make anymore!"

Siren 1: "Yep, this is- or was, rather- The Curious Sojourner. Went through several owners before a core reactor explosion put it

Siren 3: "So how come we're the first to salvage it?"

Siren 1: "We're the lowest bidder. Also made an extra arrangement with the former owner to recover all data on the main computer."

Siren 2: "OK, we're ready to dock. Projecting force field and atmosphere around exposed superstructure..."

Siren 4: "Grab your tools, girls, let's get to work. Where should we start?"
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No. 921458 ID: 080aaf

Start in the sickbay. Gotta check for zombies!
No. 921459 ID: 094652

Step 1: Compare the blueprints the client SURELY gave you with the ship, and analyze which areas would be non-critical to damage.
Step 2: Scan for organic matter. It's a matter of protocol and safety; the movies will tell you that monsters hide in haunted ships and are the #1 cause of unseen death, but really, it's the nightmare diseases that survive the crucible of extreme environments that will ruin your life in the long run.
Step 3: Surgically detach the computer room section and bleach any disease-ridden zones. Push away from the rest of the ship and hack it later.
Step 4: Surgically remove the cargo room.
Step 5: The rest is cost-inefficient, leave a beacon and emergency supplies for others to find.
No. 921463 ID: b1b4f3

Start in the engineering bay. That's where the good stuff is.
No. 921470 ID: 2202fb

Who are we and what do we have to work with?
No. 921498 ID: ad51b8

think they might have a map of the place in the cock pit or command deck or whatever they call the place with the steering wheel on a ship of this size? Plus we do need to recover that data so might as well knock that off the check list and hopefully map out the ship while we're at it so we're not just running around blind. Hell, maybe you'll get real lucky and find some cameras that are still working so we can spot the best area's to loot.
No. 921601 ID: df5c09

Recovering the data on the main computer ought to be your priority one since promising you could do that is what got you this gig. Blow that and the client will be displeased. Might even withhold payment. But they will definitely not recommend you lot.

Now, how to go about collecting the data and getting it outta here? Safest, if the computer core is unpowered, would be to extract the off-line data drives, haul 'em to your ship then low-level dupe 'em bit-for-bit to new drives or to image files. That'll allow harvesting the data without any pesky system security in the way or the risk of the OS or other programs twiddling the data that trying to copy from a live computer core entails.

Since this ship was taken down by a core reactor explosion, and presumably the engineering bay was adjacent to the reactor, I highly doubt there'll be anything left of the engineering bay. But even if there is, whatever was in it will have been hit with the explosion and been some combo of melted, blown apart or irradiated into worthlessness.
No. 921673 ID: 2202fb

i.e. rollcall
No. 922716 ID: b5fb67
File 155081150892.png - (583.10KB , 598x872 , SIREN_2.png )

Siren 1: "Scans show no lifesigns... scattered small organic signatures though, but I chalk that up to any plants that may still be in


Siren 3: "Plants are still in this ship?"

Siren 1: "Well yeah. This was a colony ship, plenty of places to stick plants both decorative and functional."

Siren 4: "Yeah yeah yeah. So who's doing what? I gots to get my loot on!"

Siren 1: "Here's the plan, ladies: [Siren 2], you're going to head to Engineering and look for any valuables like industrial motherboards

and core fuel. Remember to take your meds and radiation equipment, we don't need you glowing in the dark."

Siren 2: "No problem."

Siren 1: "[Siren 3], you're heading to the Primary Computer Core to extract everything you can. If you can't copy the data directly, then

either clone the drives or pull the drives directly from the mainframe. We can decrypt the data later."

Siren 3: "We can't download it from here?"

Siren 1: "Can't. Core is offline, need you do to do it manually."

Siren 3: "Understood."

Siren 1: "[Siren 4], you're going to secure the cargo bay so we can cut the entire section away from the ship with our cutting laser.

You'll be working with me as I coordinate the process from here."

Siren 4: "Sweet! Probably all sorts of goodies in that place!"

Siren 1: "We're docking in five. Load a copy of the map into your personal devices and get ready!"

From left to right, we have Sirens 1, 2, 3, and 4. Please give them names!
No. 922720 ID: 993657

Su-Yeong, Tracy, Noor and Pauline
No. 922730 ID: 0c3c2c

Angie, Grace, X and Lana.
No. 922731 ID: 094652

Pendragon, Phoenix, Disque, Kimba
No. 922736 ID: 080aaf

Not Important, Cheese Armsteak, Sylvia, and Hilda.
No. 922742 ID: 05ebc7

No. 922743 ID: 05ebc7

No. 922744 ID: 2202fb

I like these.
No. 922771 ID: 9c522c

Widowmaker, Zarya, Symmetra and Tracer
No. 922792 ID: 5da03e

I like these names too.
No. 922804 ID: 58ccd4

Kate, Deleah, Janice, Mary
No. 926096 ID: b5fb67
File 155279433249.png - (582.64KB , 598x872 , SIREN_3.png )

Names decided!

Siren 1: Su-Yeong
Siren 2: Tracy
Siren 3: Noor
Siren 4: Pauline

Tracy heads to her quarters and downs a couple Anti-Rad pills in preparation for her mission. Noor sets up a Personal Analytical Device, or PAD, in anticipation of pulling data from the main computer. Su-Yeong and Pauline coordinate how to set up the cutting laser after doing a full inventory of the cargo area.

Who are we going to follow first?
No. 926097 ID: 094652

rolled 1 = 1

I'd say Pauline but let's keep this fair.
No. 926100 ID: 080aaf

No. 926102 ID: e51896

No. 926110 ID: afdebc

No. 926115 ID: cbdfa8

Its tracy then
No. 928455 ID: b5fb67
File 155423923998.png - (568.24KB , 598x872 , SIREN_4.png )

Tracy straps on her trusty sword and enters the airlock into the ship proper along with the others.

Su-Yeong: "Test test test. Everyone receiving?"

Tracy: "Five by five, Siren 1. Making my way to Engineering now."

Noor: "Lima Charlie, Siren 1. Heading to the Primary Computer core."

Pauline: "I hear ya, Su! On my way to the Cargo Hold!"

Tracy walks down corridors for several minutes, following the helpful signs leading to Engineering. After rounding a corner, Tracy finds the main entrance to Engineering but is stopped cold by a large sealed blast door. Tracy pokes a nearby door switch, but nothing happens.

Tracy: "Siren 1, the main door to Engineering is sealed. Can you do something about it?"

Tracy waits while she hears rapid key presses over the comm.

Su-Yeong: "Sorry Siren 2. It looks like the door malfunctioned after sealing and is jammed shut. You're going to have to go around."

Tracy's eyes wander around the entrance. To her left, she sees a door that leads to an adjacent lab. Above the door is an air duct that might lead to the other side, though it could be a tight squeeze. To her right is a maintenance shaft that leads to a storage room. All the paths lead to Engineering eventually.

Which path does Tracy take?
No. 928456 ID: b1b4f3

Storage room. See if there's anything useful or valuable in there.
No. 928469 ID: 8eaf98

Lab sounds like the kinda place hazardous experiments would be if we were in some kind of story. Storage sounds safer let's go storage.
No. 928499 ID: 080aaf

Try the air duct, it's the shortest detour.
No. 928524 ID: 8eaf98

that is what they WANT you to think, it probably actually goes through the rest of the ship first =P
No. 928531 ID: 080aaf

It's literally right above the door. Even if it didn't let out right behind it we could cut our own exit.
No. 928533 ID: 8eaf98

>>928531 it was joke -_-
I have no good reasoning for not wanting to take the air vent other than I would rather not, because of the mentioned possible space concerns and not wanting to get stuck.
No. 928561 ID: 2fb5cd

Storage room
No. 928574 ID: 2202fb

uhh, are they mostly naked or is that suit just an unfortunate color?
No. 928598 ID: b5fb67


It's a suit.

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