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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155259940763.png - (141.95KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03142019-000-000.png )
925718 No. 925718 ID: af3241

� You wonder if perhaps this time will be different.

You are a Seedling. Your first proper pair of leaves have just burst free, and you feel the urge to grow.

Your soil is Blackish. The air is Blackish. You feel warm.

You may:

▲ [Grow Up]
❧ Growing Up will increase Stem height.

▼ [Grow Down]
❧ Growing Down will increase Root depth.

☀ [Bask]
❧ Basking will feel nice.

👁 [Declare an Observation]
❧ Declarations will result in a single Observation you make about your surroundings being made True.
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No. 925842 ID: 2202fb

time to grab Solid Snake.


Tighten around the objects and anything. Encase them. Protect them.
No. 925844 ID: d63ea8

It looks like Anything wants to bask alongside us. I agree that we should try to open up our (branches?) above Anything.
No. 925845 ID: ad51b8

No. 925846 ID: 10c408

Grow Down.
No. 925847 ID: a04083

Go down, and use the metal gear to finally make the boss' vision of a united world into reality.

(don't deal with the lights yet, all of em might be something you don't want, and we don't know a lot due to the cryptic nature of their names, just spread the roots sideways and see what more the soul holds)
No. 925848 ID: a04083

No. 925853 ID: e51896


I want to see if any rain clouds are coming. we might need some hydration at some point
No. 925854 ID: 235ba5

Observe: An ivory pillar crumble, ruining the pseudo-symmetry of your garden.
No. 925881 ID: af3241
File 155269264950.png - (706.11KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03152019-000-011.png )

▲▲ You eagerly [Grow Up] towards Anything, focusing your growth on the few stems closest to it.
❧ You feel something overwhelmingly alarming when your Stems touch Anything, causing you to halt your growth prematurely.
❧ Three of your Stems have been burnt and will not grow. You have dropped two old leaves from shock.
No. 925882 ID: af3241
File 155269265665.png - (1.22MB , 1332x2650 , grow-03152019-000-012.png )

👁 You [Observe] the sensitivity and intelligence of the Small Crystallis and of the Broken Crystallis, and you add them to your Garden.
� The Small Crystallis is feeling ���. It has no thoughts. It knows its duty.
❧ You feel nothing from the Broken Crystallis.
❧ You feel protective of both Crystallises.

� You feel your self-image improve.
No. 925883 ID: af3241
File 155269266086.png - (319.25KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03152019-000-013.png )

?🛇 You cannot ?🛇[Open Up]. You may ▲ [Grow Up], ▼ [Grow Down], ☀ [Bask], and 👁 [Observe].
?🛇 You cannot [Grow Towards]. You may ▲ [Grow Up], ▼ [Grow Down], and 👁 [Observe].
?🛇 You cannot ?🛇[Spread Roots]. You may ▼ [Grow Down] and 👁 [Observe].

▲ You [Grow Up], seeking the new Lights that hang loftily far, far, far, far above you.
❧ Your Stem Height has increased.
❧ Anything has moved toward the back of your Garden, away from your Stem.
❧ You feel fixated on the non-compliance of your burnt Stems.
No. 925884 ID: af3241
File 155269266573.png - (600.26KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03152019-000-014.png )

?🛇 You cannot ?🛇[Open Up]. You may ▲ [Grow Up], ▼ [Grow Down], ☀ [Bask], and 👁 [Observe].

▼ You [Grow Down], beginning to place more of the Wooden Object in your Roots.
❧ Your Root Depth has increased.
No. 925885 ID: af3241
File 155269267170.png - (1.12MB , 1332x2650 , grow-03152019-000-015.png )

☀ You take a break and [Bask] for some time.
❧ While you are basking, you reflect on the loss of your old leaves. You feel a faint connection with them from where they lie on top of your Soil.

❧ You feel optimistic about your new growth. Your feel ��� in your burnt stems. You feel humbled about your new journey towards the Lights. You feel desirous of the Wooden Object. You feel a sudden protectiveness towards your Garden. You feel admiration of Anything's deft movement through the air. You feel emptiness where Anything once chilled your stem.

∞ Anything rots one of your fallen leaves away.
❧ You feel the faint connection with your fallen leaf wither away to nothing as it rots. You feel curious. Your Roots feel Ferality in the empty soil where the fallen leaf once was.
No. 925886 ID: af3241
File 155269267667.png - (518.23KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03152019-000-016.png )

?🛇 You cannot ?🛇[Spread Roots]. You may ▼ [Grow Down] and 👁 [Observe].

▼▼ You [Grow Down] with determination, your Roots continuing to crawl their way across the vast surface of the Wooden Object beneath them.
❧ Your Root Depth has greatly increased.
❧ Your Roots have discovered a Fine Metal Shape as they move across the Wooden Object, and they Add it to your Garden.
No. 925887 ID: af3241
File 155269268105.png - (935.88KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03152019-000-017.png )

👁 You [Observe] an Anxious Desire For Rain and add it to your Garden.

👁 You [Observe] one of your Garden's Ivory Pillars crumble into your Soil.

Your soil is deepest Blue. The air is greyish violet. You feel warmth from the Small Crystallis, whose growths pulsate through local Roots. You feel defiant. You feel satisfied with the Broken Pillar. You feel nothing from the Broken Crystallis. You feel nothing from the Broken Pillar. You feel a faint chill from Anything. You feel the past from the Ivory Pillar.

You feel the Anxious Desire rumble in the distance as it obscures the three Lights. You feel something old in the Anxious Desire. You feel something new in the Anxious Desire. You feel change in Anything. You feel ��� in Anything.

You feel the urge to grow.

▲ [Grow Up]

▼ [Grow Down]

☀ [Bask]

👁 [Declare an Observation]
No. 925890 ID: 10c408

It occurred to me... We, collectively, may want to only have a single instance of each option happen per update, so that we don't over expand/observe things and miss an opportunity.
No. 925892 ID: bcc41d

Observe the past.
No. 925893 ID: 575ec0

Observe the cloud's fine waters as they rain down upon your soil.
No. 925901 ID: e20bdf

Grow toward the remaining pillar. Provide it with support and support yourself in return.
No. 925905 ID: ad51b8


wonder if the clouds will effect basking at all
No. 925910 ID: 977456

Observe soiled-soylent-soul soil ten times quickly.

Bask 2: Bask Harder.
No. 925915 ID: cbdfa8

Time to Bask
No. 925922 ID: b1b4f3

Grow down.
No. 925936 ID: 2202fb

Superbask. We need nutrients.
No. 925938 ID: d63ea8

Grow down from the fallen, non-rotten, leaf.

Observe moss growing from the fallen ivory pillar.

I hope we haven't scared Anything off.
No. 926071 ID: 0be68b

Grow down.

You observe more machine components.
No. 926181 ID: 3d8693

Let us ☀ [Bask] .

I love quests like this.
No. 926484 ID: f2320a

No. 926510 ID: 575ec0

Grow Down.
No. 926552 ID: 542cdf

Basking seems to be an appropriate thing to do.

So Bask
No. 926572 ID: af3241
File 155314000625.png - (302.95KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03182019-000-018.png )

❧ You feel your sense of organization improve.

👁 You [Observe] the past within the Ivory Pillar and Add it to your Garden.
❧ You feel your perspective shift
No. 926573 ID: af3241
File 155314001745.png - (153.12KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03182019-000-019.png )

It is known that all that was is now again

It is known that all that is now must go again
No. 926574 ID: af3241
File 155314002273.png - (242.97KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03182019-000-020.png )

It is known that shapes it made spake more loudly than it.

It is known that guilt made it speak more loudly than love.
No. 926575 ID: af3241
File 155314003141.png - (896.60KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03192019-000-021.png )

❧ You feel your perspective shift.
❧ Anything observes your return. You feel a nameless panic dissipate.
❧ You feel nothing from the Ivory Pillar. You feel not quite yourself.

👁🌧 You [Observe] Black water begin to rain down from the Anxious Desire in colossal boulders upon your Garden.
🌧 It is raining.
No. 926576 ID: af3241
File 155314004486.png - (1.12MB , 1332x1332 , grow-03202019-000-022.png )

?🛇🌧 You cannot Grow Toward. You may Observe.

☀☀☀☀☀☀ You hunker down and [Bask] for a very long time.
❧ While you are basking, the storm in your Garden continues. You feel alarm as the first droplets violently crash into your soil. You feel the warmth from the Small Crystallis grow fainter. You feel that you are getting better at weathering the blows of the water droplets. You feel disoriented when a particularly large water droplet nearly bends your Stem in half. You feel your burnt stems sear in the rain. You feel more yourself. You feel your roots becoming saturated with water.

❧ You feel a chill in your stem as Anything shelters under your leaves.
No. 926577 ID: af3241
File 155314005344.png - (549.89KB , 1332x2650 , grow-03202019-000-023.png )

🌧 As you finish basking, the storm passes.
❧ You feel the Anxious Desire move on.

▼⩻ You attempt to [Grow Down] from your fallen leaf.
▼🗸 The Fallen Leaf successfully grows its own Roots.
❧ As a Propagated Part of you, the Fallen Leaf and can now be ⁂🍂 [Addressed] to ⁂🍂▼[Grow Down].

▼▼▼ You [Grow Down], continuing to cover the Wooden Object.
❧ You Root Depth has greatly increased.
❧ Some of your Roots find their growth slowed by the abundance of water in your Soil.
❧ Your Roots feel a change in the shape of the Wooden Object as they grow.
No. 926578 ID: af3241
File 155314006297.png - (660.01KB , 1332x1332 , grow-03202019-000-024.png )

👁 👁 👁 👁 👁 👁 👁 👁 👁 👁 You [Observe] Soiyuil ten times before you Add it to your Garden.
❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ Soiyuil has been waiting ten times.

👁 You [Observe] Moss.
❧ Moss is vibrating!

👁 You [Observe] More Machine Components, and you add them to your Garden.

Your soil is Black and watered. The air is Black. You feel beside yourself. You feel plump. You feel supportive. You feel a faint chill from Anything. You feel a faint energy from Moss. You feel a faint heat from Soiyul. You feel nothing from the Ivory Pillar. You feel nothing from the Broken Pillar. You feel something far away from the More Machine Parts.

You feel the urge to grow.

⁂ [Address]
❧ Addressing a specific Part will allow you to direct them in a certain way. If no specific Part is addressed when giving direction then the direction will be given to yourself.
❧ Parts:
🌱 Yourself
🍂 Fallen Leaf

▲ [Grow Up]
▼ [Grow Down]
☀ [Bask]
👁 [Declare an Observation]
No. 926580 ID: bcc41d

🌱 Grow up.
🍂 Grow down.
No. 926584 ID: b1b4f3

Observe: a tiny bug scuttling across the soil.
Grow Out?
Grow Sideways?
Grow Up.
No. 926587 ID: 977456

No. 926611 ID: 575ec0

Address: Fallen Leaf
Grow up
No. 926628 ID: 7dc36a

🌱 Grow up: Warmth and Shelter is needed, can and will the Lights aid you?
🍂 Observe: Anything is curious about you. Can you help Anything? Anything you can do to help?
No. 926648 ID: df0c42

🌱 Grow down.
🍂 Grow down.

You observe an intelligent ambulatory crystal.
No. 926650 ID: f2320a

Do the leafs look like animals?
No. 926651 ID: d63ea8

*Lurks in unison.*
No. 926671 ID: 2202fb

Declare: We have company! We have another unidentified plant! Bogey to our 2:00!
No. 926698 ID: 8eaf98

👁[Observe] the Small Crystallis' past.
👁[Observe] the Broken Crystallis' past.
No. 927259 ID: d63ea8

Perhaps we should more cautious about examining the past. We loose track of our surrounding and we will likely have a delayed reaction to any problems that might arise.
No. 927321 ID: 8eaf98

>>927259 huh? observe the past of every single bit of dirt around us individually? OK!
No. 928014 ID: dadde6

This is vaguely creepy. I approve.
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