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929 No. 929 ID: 61da19

This board is for making icons up to 64x64, which can be used in posts.

To do so, post the icon here, then use it elsewhere by typing :nameoficon: in your post. You don't need to type .png or .gif. This works for all boards.

This board is not intended for discussion, so please keep all icon-related discussion in this thread. Feel free to ask questions here, too.
No. 930 ID: d9d1e5

is there any way to get vertical alignment with these icons alongside text ? it would be a tremendous help to presentation
No. 939 ID: 34cbef

can we have the music back?
it'd be pretty cool to have a picture update that can also have music
No. 940 ID: de9231

music is broken unless you use lowercase everything, fixing it is on the todo list
No. 1107 ID: dff0a8

has the music been fixed yet
No. 2515 ID: f0e552

how about now

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