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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 146359601626.jpg - (8.15KB , 261x193 , Confesabear.jpg )
27787 No. 27787 ID: cd90cb

Come and tell confessabear your sins TGchan. All shall then be forgiven.
No. 27789 ID: b1960b

i fucked confessabear's wife
No. 27790 ID: 0b4dd7

i secretly recorded video of enemy fucking confessabear's wife
No. 27792 ID: 15a025

I secretly recorded Confessabear fucking confessabear's mother.
No. 27793 ID: 7b65b9

I secretly confessed to confessabear.
No. 27794 ID: 595d54

I don't seed torrents. Because I'm too scared of viruses to torrent anything.
No. 27798 ID: 4c553a

I think Confessabear needs to make some confessions of their own.
No. 27799 ID: cd90cb

Your sins have been forgiven.
No. 27800 ID: cd90cb

I shitpost on quests all the time
No. 27802 ID: 4c553a

I prefer Coca Cola over Pepsi.
No. 27809 ID: 0eaeaf

My wife is a lady of change masquerading as a daemonaette who's masquerading as a psyker who's masquerading as a bloodthirster of unfettered fury who's masquerading as a Chaos Sorceror who's maquerading as Mephiston.
It's a complicated relationship.

No. 27814 ID: 2f5847

I am a newfag and do not know how to make spoiler text. Forgive me Confessabear.
No. 27815 ID: 094652

*Stuffs acid bomb into Confessabear*
No. 27819 ID: bbc034

You monster!
No. 27829 ID: e0273c

Ok, Confessabear; once, when I was little, my sisters brought her friends over, on the other room... I couldn't contain myself, and i started watching trough the key hole, and well, I didn't know that it was was my sister but... Wait, do you hear that ticking? Confessabear... is it coming out of yoBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
No. 27830 ID: 99d7d8

I stole confessabear's head after the explosion.
I plan to make them into a cyborg.
No. 27834 ID: 8a9edc

I hope Greg's getting the help he needs.
No. 27897 ID: 9f3729

One time when I was 6 I found a can of hairspray and a lighter after seeing eight legged freaks and snuck into the garage bathroom to shoot fire at the ants infesting the sink
I'm not even apologetic over it since ants are enormous fucking assholes and deserve what's coming to them, but I feel it important to clear the air
No. 27915 ID: 650554

I didn't update my quests despite having the means to, Ive been lazy
No. 27917 ID: 433720

I make promises I'm not sure I can keep.
Then I beat myself up over it...
No. 27958 ID: dc7870

I never got into anime.
No. 27959 ID: dd37fc

Im not actually a mouse

Im so sorry
No. 27963 ID: bc40c0

When my mother wouldn't let me see Armageddon I got so angry I peed myself.
No. 27975 ID: eb56bd

I have a bunch of ideas for quests, but I don't make them because they're nsfw and I'm afraid someone will think it's my fetish.
No. 27976 ID: 398fe1

So what? You're anonymous.
No. 27997 ID: d44b4b

I binged through CheeQuest while listening to AWOLNATION and now I cannot break the association between the two.
No. 27998 ID: 8ecc1b

Funny, I get that all the time, but instead of it being a piece of music being associated with someone else's work, I usually have it linked to specific ideas of mine. For example, "CATCH" by group_inou always brings up a ridiculous fight scene in my head. Funny what music can do, eh?
No. 28007 ID: 9f3729

one time I sat on my brother for like an hour after he made me mad
I just played xbox while he struggled
No. 28011 ID: e196c0

me too but even if I use a web proxy and a different name I can't disguise my art style because I'm not good enough at art to do that and people will recognise me
No. 28027 ID: 9876c4

What's the fetish in question?

Confessabear apparently likes incest and NTR.
No. 28043 ID: 4dc2d2

I secretly think everyone on tgchan are gigantic chucklefucks and it's a secret club for tripfags.
No. 28054 ID: d3c670

what's a tripfag
No. 28057 ID: 71d443

Someone who uses a tripcode. A tripcode's like a password for anonymous imageboards, it's something you put after an exclamation point in the name field and it gets encrypted. It's fairly redundant here since every post shows an ID based on your IP; on /quest/ there's mostly namefags instead of tripfags. (generally the term is used derisively when people do this without being a poster of thread-related original content, making their name/trip unnecessary.)

*ahem* Confessabear, I reposted a reply due to a typo and I didn't sage the repost.
No. 28422 ID: ca7e3d


Confessabear sometimes i scream at my cat like the cat lady from the simpsons.
No. 28552 ID: 5e2c69

I forget to take my name off when posting out of my threads and it makes me look like an attention whore wait its still there god damn it
No. 28553 ID: d7e51c

i've gone on a hiatus for years now and still secretly lurk wishing i could return to doing quests again
No. 28556 ID: 9876c4

As an actual attention whore, you're gonna be fine, and go unnnoticed unless you tell everyone all about it too.

Which you just did. Hmmmm.

I secretly wish you could too, unless it's some sort of dadaist unbirthing futa nonsense.
No. 28577 ID: 03ac41

i legit liked hallelujah money
No. 28605 ID: f4437e

I'm still here and that's probably some sort of crime
No. 28610 ID: 1060e6

I have no capacity to actually finish a quest and it makes me sad.
No. 28852 ID: 47f66f

I'm playing an Eldritch Scoundrel Kitsune who's Chaotic Good in a party of Chaotic Neutral crazy folk - a Changeling Oracle, a Dwarven Brawler, a Tengu Sorcerer, and an Elven Ranger.

They want to break and steal and destroy everything. I ultimately want to help people once I settle old gambling debts.

No. 28853 ID: b1b4f3

>steal and destroy everything
isn't that Evil rather than Neutral?
No. 28874 ID: eda54c

I refuse to pander to the porn addicts on this site.
No. 28876 ID: 40bcd0

That's probably for the best given you can only draw one thing
No. 29261 ID: 115a35

I killed a cat with a crowbar then incinerated it's corpse.
No. 29294 ID: 112d4e

I created multiple reasonably popular quests and subsequently finished none of them as I hit a potential fork in the narrative and never decided on where to take the quest next and kept putting it off and off until I didn't feel I could return to the quests out of shame.
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