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File 156553038704.png - (16.38KB , 247x247 , qr.png )
29328 No. 29328 ID: 3e9573

- Hide/Show suggestions
- Hide/Show author comments
- New view mode: Comic-style view (Paged per update or per update sequence)
- Navigate between updates with buttons and hotkeys
- Auto expand images
- Expand/collapse the Reply form and move it to the bottom
- Remember position in the quest
- Auto load and store settings for each thread individually

You can use the above feat- oh. Yes, hello quest readers. I'd like to present a new site extension user script that makes it easier to navigate quest content on this site. If you like reading quests, then using this extension will make doing so much faster and more convenient.

Note that the above set of features may expand over time as the extension is further developed.

1. Get a browser extension for running site extension scripts. I recommend Tampermonkey over Greasemonkey due to the fact that it runs scripts twice as fast:
2. Get the site extension:

The extension cannot be installed on most mobile browsers since they don't support browser extensions (ie. Tampermonkey). However, there are some exceptions.

Documentation in the posts below, tho I also made a 2min video that demonstrates all of the initial features here:

Man I hate writing documentation
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No. 29329 ID: 3e9573
File 156553043767.png - (206.51KB , 1500x750 , 1hidesuggestions.png )

Showing and hiding suggestions.
A quest reader may sometimes wish to skip reading suggestions posted between the updates to reduce distraction and to increase the rate of their progress.
The extension adds a "Show suggestions" setting which allows hiding only suggestions while keeping the rest of the quest content shown. This feature is mostly useful when viewing the whole thread because suggestions aren't as distracting in the comic view modes.
No. 29330 ID: 3e9573
File 156553048083.png - (260.33KB , 1500x750 , 2authorcomments.png )

Showing and hiding author comments
The quest author's own posts, even when not part of an update, sometimes hold interesting information. The reader may wish to keep these posts visible despite hiding other suggestion posts.
The extension adds a "Show author comments" setting which allows toggling author comments separately from suggestions. This feature is mostly useful when the user turned off viewing suggestions. It's also useful in case the extension makes a mistake and accidentally identifies a text-only update post as an author comment instead.
No. 29331 ID: 3e9573
File 156553052497.png - (215.98KB , 1500x750 , 3viewmode.png )

New View mode: Paged comic-style view
A quest reader may be used to reading comics online and as such may prefer navigating comic-style content one page at a time. Since quests, especially image ones, are in many ways similar to comics, the reader may prefer navigating quest content in a similar fashion.
The extension adds a "View mode" setting which allows converting a thread into a set of pages by showing only a specific set of posts at a time. This can be enabled by selection one of the two setting's possible options:
- Paged per update
- Paged per sequence
The former will manage pages, where each page contains a single update post. This allows for a very consistent navigating experience.
The latter will manage pages, where each page contains a sequence of update posts. When a quest author makes multi-post updates, navigating this way allows for a more author-intended navigating experience.
In these two modes, navigating between updates is done purely through buttons and hotkeys.
No. 29332 ID: 3e9573
File 156553054769.png - (107.25KB , 750x750 , 4navigation.png )

Navigate between updates with buttons and hotkeys
A quest reader may find it slow and inconvenient to use common means, such as a mouse scroll wheel, to navigate between updates and may wish to use a more purpose built set of tools to accomplish this.
The extension adds a set of buttons to the top and the bottom of the thread which allow the reader to move to the next, previous, first, or last update. This is useful due to the fact that it requires a single click to accomplish something that would normally take several mouse scrolls.
The extension also provides keyboard shortcuts to add to the ease of navigation.
- Left arrow: Move to the previous update
- Right arrow: Move to the next update
(I thought about binding Home and End keys to First and Last button actions as well, but that didn't seem useful enough)
No. 29333 ID: 3e9573
File 156553062465.png - (151.77KB , 1500x750 , 6expandimages.png )

Auto expand images
A quest reader may prefer to keep the images expanded at all times.
The extension adds a setting which allows automatic expansion of images upon visiting a quest thread. The expanded images are limited by the window's width and height. Only the visible images are expanded, so if using a paged view mode, less data is transferred.

(Actually, I tried dynamic image expansion in a normal thread view also, but that kinda messes navigating due to images changing sizes on the fly and causing visual element reflows. If there is demand for it, I may revisit this and try to make it work.)
No. 29334 ID: 3e9573
File 156553064755.png - (189.60KB , 1500x750 , 5replyform.png )

Expanding and collapsing the Reply form and setting its location
A quest reader who never uses the reply form may prefer to hide it to reduce distractions. They may also find it more convenient to have the reply form at the bottom, near the posts they're most likely replying to.
The extension adds a button above the Reply form which allows collapsing and expanding the form. It also adds a setting which controls whether the form is located at the bottom of the page, or the top.
No. 29335 ID: 3e9573
File 156553068326.png - (80.71KB , 750x750 , 7rememberposition.png )

Show the last viewed update when opening a quest thread
A quest reader does not always remember the last line they read in a quest and they may find it bothersome to bookmark the location every time they pause reading it. They may find it convenient for this process to occur automatically.
The extension adds a label showing the current position in the quest. The position is saved on-the-fly and automatically restored when opening the quest thread. While this frees the reader from having to remember where they were, it also makes it more convenient to check whether a new update has been posted in the thread, since the remembered position would stay the same, while the total amount of updates would increase. If the reader opens a thread and notices that the current position does not match the total amount of updates, they would immediately know that a new update has been posted.
No. 29336 ID: 3e9573
File 156553070451.png - (76.04KB , 750x750 , 8remembersettings.png )

Persisting the settings
A quest reader may wish to view different quests in different ways and may find it convenient to have their view settings saved.
The extension saves any setting changes automatically and also automatically restores them when opening previously visited quest threads. If the reader opens a never-before visited quest thread, the settings of the last visited quest are used. If no quest threads have ever been visited, then the default settings are used. As of writing, the extension uses browser's internal storage (localStorage) to store the settings.
No. 29337 ID: 3e9573

Other notes:
The extension works for all quest threads in /quest/, /questdis/ and /graveyard/
The extension doesn't work when viewing "Last 50 posts" or "Last 100 posts". This is intentional.
I've tested the extension on the latest Firefox and Chrome and found no issues. If someone prefers a different browser, I could test that as well.
The extension seems to be compatible with tgchan-BLICK.
The extension can make mistakes, because there is no server-side data telling it which posts are updates, and which are suggestions. So it's more or less guessing what's what. It does a pretty good job tho.

Please post any comments, bug reports, feature requests, etc., below as they are greatly appreciated.
No. 29338 ID: 3e9573

Thanks for the feedback! I'd like you to be as picky as you can heh.

>it doesn't always keep track of which update you're on
Yeah, it doesn't detect scrolling when dragging the scrollbar or when using mousewheel autoscroll mode. I'm trying to fix it so that any scrolling would be detected, but using IntersectionObserver sentinels is some next-level fuckery, so that could take a while heh.
>if you don't click off of the menu
- Fixed so that navigation doesn't work while a dropdown menu is selected
That was definitely a bug.
>the text in the second post still wraps
I intentionally kept this original layout behavior. But as you say, it's quite annoying due to the inconsistency that it causes.
- Changed so that reply elements never wrap to the right of the OP post
There is another similar default layout inconsistency where a post's text sometimes wraps underneath the image instead of wrapping to the right.
- Changed so that text always wraps to the right of the images of update posts.
I accomplished this by forcing update posts to always stretch 100% of screen width. I tried many other approaches, but nothing managed to work perfectly. I should probably add some settings to control these layout changes in case they would be undesirable to the user.
>unexpand the images
- Fixed.
I've had this implemented but removed it because it was problematic if the user manually expanded the images where the extension would immediately contract them again. Well, I suppose I'll just enable it again.
>"last 50 posts"
This is intentional. The extension needs to "see" the whole thread to be able to properly determine which posts are updates. Also, if it doesn't see the whole thread, then it cannot navigate to the start, the position cannot be stored / restored properly, and various other bugs would be had. I could, in theory, make the extension load the whole thread in the background when opening the "last 50/100 posts" view, but that would kinda defeat the purpose. I have added a note in the documentation tho.
>mixed quests
How does one differentiate between author comments and text-only updates? ;)
>sometimes in sequence view navigating to the next update brings you to the middle
I think I know what the problem might be and I think I fixed it, but not sure. Does it happen when there are .gif files contained in the sequence?
>a setting to automatically go to the latest update when viewing active quests
You mean, when opening any thread in the /quest/ board, that stored position should be ignored, and instead always start at the last update?
I'm not sure if that would be useful. I mean, when opening a thread, the first thing you're usually interested in is whether there have been new updates, right? If it always displayed the last update, then you'd have to rely on your memory, rather than the extension showing you if and how many new updates there have been posted. I've added an explanation about this in the documentation. But do explain why this would help you.
>an ability to go to the next thread
I'd love to add this, but I don't have a database of which threads belong to which quests. As of this moment, the site hosts 3940 quest threads, so it would be quite a job to organize them all.
No. 29343 ID: e7c7d3

>Usefulness of automatically going to the latest update.
I guess where I'm coming from, as a guy with lots of free time and little life, I check the sight quite frequently and have a pretty good idea if a quest updated or not. So most times I'm clicking on a thread not to see if there's an update but to reply. So I had suggested that feature to save myself some clicks. It definitely would not be useful to someone who checks in ever few days or once a week.
No. 29344 ID: 3e9573

Do you use Watched Threads site feature?
No. 29345 ID: e7c7d3

I do not. I keep forgetting that feature exists and notice the button to do so once in a blue moon.
No. 29346 ID: 3e9573

Well, the WT list provides the exact feature that you're looking for. Whenever anyone posts in a thread that you're watching, an alert is added next to a thread on the WT list. Clicking on the alert will take you to this new post.

The extension recognizes this and shows you the update containing the post that you're trying to see, which in this case would be the last update.
No. 29347 ID: e7c7d3

Good to know! I"m still very much learning this site, so a lot of my suggestions will be from the perspective of someone only aware of half the features.
Case in point, since I didn't see much activity on /meep here, I mostly ignored it. So in actually reading the first pinned post and finding out that it's actually another extension and not general site updates. Imagine that!
Basically, take anything I say with a grain of salt, but I will still try to note any bugs I find.
No. 29348 ID: 312a22

This is a really nice extension, especially for reading through completed threads.

I do have a suggestion for full thread mode: only expand images after the most recently viewed update. That way it wouldn't waste time and bandwidth expanding all the images in the thread, when you only want to see the latest update.

>I'd love to add this, but I don't have a database of which threads belong to which quests. As of this moment, the site hosts 3940 quest threads, so it would be quite a job to organize them all.

Well, that data has already been organized. You'd just have to scrape it from the Wiki. Still a lot of work just to add a next thread button though.
No. 29350 ID: 3e9573

>only expand images after the most recently viewed update
Done. Actually, I made it even better. It will now only expand the current and the next image, and will expand images on-the-fly as you scroll up or down.

The only problem is that I had to disable smooth scrolling when navigating up using buttons/hotkeys. That's because if the scrolling up was smooth, it would bug out due to images changing sizes while scrolling, causing it to scroll to a wrong location.

Among other things, I also added a new feature. The tab title, which up until now always showed the board name (eg. "Quests"), will now show the quest title instead.

>Well, that data has already been organized. You'd just have to scrape it from the Wiki.
Adding a button is simple. The problem is the data. Some quests have a lot of threads, with various timelines and settings, which may be entirely unconnected. For instance, https://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest you can't easily determine which threads is next simply going by the thread list. And you even have NSFW threads mixed with SFW ones. Well, I'll see what I can do.
No. 29351 ID: 3e9573
File 156616690852.png - (81.70KB , 750x750 , 9wikilink.png )

Link to quest's wiki
A quest reader may sometimes find that a thread does not provide easy access to its own wiki article. They may find it convenient to always have such a link available without having to do any searching.

The extension adds a link to a quest's wiki article to the top and the bottom right of the page. It accomplishes this by searching the wiki for the thread ID and enables the links if the correct article is found.

(I had to do a whole lot of scraping, checking what redirects where and whatnot, and correct a whole bunch of stuff in the wiki, but I'm now happy to report that pretty much all of the current ~3950 quest threads can be found. There's still some corrections to be done, but this is mostly due to problems in the wiki.)
No. 29352 ID: 3e9573
File 156616696789.png - (65.48KB , 974x600 , 10questdislink.png )

Link to quest's discussion thread
A quest reader may find it convenient to have quick and easy access to a quest's discussion thread.

Similar to the previous feature, the extension adds a link to the quest's latest discussion thread, if it can be found in the wiki.
No. 29353 ID: 3e9573
File 156616705122.png - (302.17KB , 1500x750 , 11selectthread.png )

Navigate between quest's threads
A quest reader may wish to navigate between the threads that belong to the quest that they're viewing.

The extension adds a dropdown menu, where each (properly titled) option represents one of the quest's threads. Changing the selected thread will cause the browser to navigate to the newly selected thread.

It's like magic.
No. 29354 ID: 3e9573
File 156616712681.png - (154.05KB , 750x750 , 12titles.png )

Show quest's title and author in tab title
When a quest reader has a lot of quests open in browser tabs, it becomes important for them to be able to differentiate between them. Up until now, the tabs were titled by the board names. If a tab contains a quest thread, it would be convenient to show the quest's title and author instead.

The extension changes the title of the tab in the browser to the quest's title. Similarly, it changes the title element at the top of the thread. The priority is given to the Subject element of the OP post, however the extension will still search the wiki to find the author's name.

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