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File 155736394765.png - (241.79KB , 1200x1200 , 1.png )
932320 No. 932320 ID: 5fc3a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

>"You want to leave the ship? Why?"
"Well, sir..."

How do I say this?

"Some of the stuff I had our guys get me, so I could fix the ship, it's, it's uh, it's wrong."
>"'Some'? You only put one thing on the shopping list."
"And... it's the wrong battery, sir."
>"You blaming our errand runners?"
"No. I mean... it was probably an honest mistake."
>"Don't be patronizing, Anashi."
"I didn't..."
>"Alright, we're all very busy. Can I trust you to be able to go out and get whatever battery you need on your own? You can't talk to anyone if you do, we've had some people lingering out there, asking too many questions."
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No. 940486 ID: 8b270f

u-um I have to tell you something... I-I don't want to go back to my boss...
I,i want to leave. (twiddle with claws)
No. 940655 ID: 29e9f3

It's entirely too late to try running off with her. Buy the battery and head back to the ship.
No. 940800 ID: 3a9c13

Buy the battery and go back to your boss, just keep calm and it shouldn't be your problem soon
No. 941307 ID: 15a025

Make an excited happy sound, grab the battery, and run off to pay for it.
No. 941473 ID: 96d056

Congratulations you can get your battery.
Let's get it, say oyr farewells and return to the ship...
Or follow her

File 155805281289.png - (1.89MB , 1200x1600 , 01.png )
933050 No. 933050 ID: b5b4b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Know, our child, that among the long and trackless eras when silence ruled the stars, and the hopes of our ancestors were spent on dried and hollow bones, there rose and crashed a cresting wave that glittered with steel and fire; an Age when sparking coals of written word and carven stone were spilled and burned away across the world, when the serpent-spiders in their secret kingdoms wove tapestries of death and cunning from sea to sea, and queens of queens tied tribes one to another, to strive with them and with each other, writing histories of dreams and nightmare onto pages doomed to crumble.

Hither came Zorya, red of fur and marked in white, heavy-formed, brazen-eyed, blade in hand, an amazon, a champion, an unrejected rogue, with affections fierce and rage the same, to rip reality from legend and become, and be, a Queen of Blood.
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No. 941204 ID: a9af05

This will work.
No. 941207 ID: 58b4f3

This with the obligatory Mortal Kombat, "Get over here!"
No. 941281 ID: 864e49

From Hell's heart, I stab at thee!
No. 941304 ID: 15a025

Agreeing with the C & D combo. He can suffer a little while we focus on not getting completely swamped by pirates.
No. 941313 ID: 094652

For Pete's sake, I spit bad breath at thee!

File 139189761660.png - (129.51KB , 500x450 , Ch5Opening.png )
561485 No. 561485 ID: db5510 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Legacy Quest

Chapter 5: Goes Thump in the Night

Older Chapters
Chapter 1 - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/445572.html
Chapter 2 - http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/450063.html
Chapter 3 - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/474421.html
Chapter 4 - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/507761.html

Discussion Thread - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/59003.html

Story by Kaed
Art by Lovar, Sime, Fen, Rue, Thuq, and Corrie. At one point or another.
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No. 825166 ID: 3ce125

Oh, can you use your tree sight to scout ahead, see what it's doing and where it is?
No. 825200 ID: 5322c5

Definitely scout ahead, yes.

And if you feel you have time, or find them on your way, several large stones/small boulders for throwing, and perhaps a middling tree limb (From one of these dieing mistbanks) to extend your reach will be useful.

We can educate you in the technology of advanced death, bows, attle-attles, axes and otherwise, later.
No. 941297 ID: 9ba167
File 156488288935.gif - (81.45KB , 750x750 , TreePing.gif )

>we're going to have to deal with this beasty at some point and it might be growing stronger as well

Yes, I've been stalling on this decision too long, and wandering off after it blindly in the dark will just make things harder on the khal who has been injured. I don't know how long he has until he bleeds out, that was a very serious wound.

I still don't have a lot of energy to spare, but it should more than be enough...
No. 941298 ID: 9ba167
File 156488289949.gif - (341.86KB , 1000x1000 , FarSight.gif )

... to do a search this section of Mistbanks for the creature.

However, this will take a few minutes to do, as without knowing the precise location, I can only search all of them for vision of the creature, whatever it is.

So, now would be a good time to plan out some general battle tactics. It may be surprising, but I have very little concept of effective combat beyond 'hit something with a heavy object'. That might work for a feral quillbeast and a rock, but this creature can move quickly, and is intelligent enough to use some form of camoflague for hunting. And it appears to be diseased or venomous in some fashion.

A large stick or log does seem to be the best option as a weapon, though, if only because there is some inherent humorous irony in beating it down with a piece of its victims.
No. 941305 ID: b1b4f3

Since it can move quickly and you can't, the best option for you is to take it by surprise and eliminate it before it can do anything.

Optimally you want a very large sharp stick to throw at it and impale it from a distance. You could also chase/lure it into traps you've constructed ahead of time, but I doubt we have time to set up any traps.
Aside from that you've already listed several problems with attempting any kind of tactical non-brute force approach: we don't know where it is, you don't have any weapon skills or equipment or even any powers beyond growing flowers on your body, it might be hard to see, and it moves faster than you.

What options do we have, exactly? We need options to form a plan.

File 154831681977.gif - (93.77KB , 560x481 , LILFRIEND-1.gif )
918806 No. 918806 ID: c82427 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

you r a demon, to yung too rememeber the fall, too yung to see r-rted movies, but old enough to buy gift on your own now. you have a coin, which you must buy you older sister a "thoughtful gift"
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No. 938048 ID: 9ccbed

No. 938049 ID: 6c8278

Lick the floor
No. 939490 ID: 726018

kiss the pupper
No. 939491 ID: f59afb

AC; Awkward kiss
No. 941230 ID: b1b4f3


File 155821282252.png - (945.43KB , 1000x1000 , soulbound cover.png )
933248 No. 933248 ID: 03af74 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Can be NSFW

This will be my first quest so I'm starting with the Forgotten realms world setting~
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No. 934335 ID: 94e3ab

Also examine the condition of the bars and where they're secured. Since this place appears to be very old it's possible the bars have been significantly weakened by rust or the stonework they're mounted in cracked. Might be enough to work a bar out or work away at a rusted spot 'till one breaks.
No. 934336 ID: 891b91

(Oops, so he did. Somehow I managed to completely miss that panel when I went back to see if he had checked the door yet. Thanks for pointing it out!)
No. 934373 ID: f3310b

Wow, your lockpicking skill sucks.

Two other things that I can think of are...
Inspect the floor outside your cell. Maybe something of use is lying there. Perhaps something we'd be able to reach with the string.
Inspect the walls for.. a secret passage? Anything suspicious under the bed?
No. 934388 ID: e51896

give out a loud whisper to the adjacent cells, loud enough so that any potential person hiding in the shadows of the other cells can hear you, but not loud enough for a guard from another room can hear.

see if anyone will respond. Maybe they might know why we are locked up.
No. 941123 ID: 03af74

I've been sick but now that I'm getting better I'm planning to start doing these as warmups again

That said, I might start doing them in batches, as drawing this stuff is quite fun and easy

File 155969626966.jpg - (114.67KB , 750x750 , 1.jpg )
934841 No. 934841 ID: 11bf02 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Jesus fucking christ i hate myself.
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No. 940888 ID: e5e15e
File 156445766238.png - (318.76KB , 750x750 , 34.png )

Okay back in time.


That's me getting shot. Unfortunately kid doesn't have the red shit on her face so... huh.

I... might not be able to go back in time? In which case I have no clue what the fuck is going on now.
No. 940889 ID: 96426b

Tell her to run. Live her life! You'll hold them off.
No. 940898 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Well at least put a shield around the kid (and yourself) and fastforward a bit to see what happens.
No. 940928 ID: 8b8dfb

You don't need to go back in time to fix this. Teleport her forward in in time right before she would have gotten hit by the explosion.

This way, you will avoid a paradox because after the explosion you realized she was missing. She actually vanished because she was moved forward in time by your future self.
No. 941111 ID: 4b08a5

If all else fails, ctrl+z exactly six times. You will be exactly where you left the bomb. Now grab the girl and leave, once you are safe ctrl+s. It's just a couple Windows shortcuts, and it even works on Mac.

Disclaimer: this will not work with Unix based Operating Systems, Unix does not have an undo feature.

File 154116441039.png - (818.56KB , 600x848 , 00vhsupload.png )
909237 No. 909237 ID: 73c479 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The Distant Early Warning Line was a system of radar stations spanning the Arctic regions of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland and and the Faroe Islands. Built to detect incoming Soviet bombers during the Cold War and provide early warning of any land or sea invasion, it was built between 1954 and 1957 and was the northenmost and most capable of three radar lines in Canada and Alaska.

As a body's distance from the Earth increases, the force of gravity - zzt
-approaches zero- zzt
the absolute at which all motion ceases- zzt
45 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 939992 ID: 73c479
File 156380282752.png - (331.03KB , 850x386 , hangar1final.png )

There’s a smaller door set into one wing of the hangar’s main doors, and Ripley begins to unlock the padlock holding it closed. It squeaks uncomfortably as she tries to get it to move, frozen solid against the sheet-metal door. “We have to make sure nothing’s gotten in there,” she explains. “We don’t have any planes at the moment, but Eichel’s been saying he saw fox tracks over here so we’re making sure nothing got inside and got stuck. Not much of a problem now, I guess, but if anything’s died in there I’d rather take care of it now rather than in the spring when it starts defrosting. ” She finishes with the lock and tugs on the door. With some resistance it swings open.

The hangar is dark, just barely warmer than the Alaskan wilderness outside. Your boots crunch on the rough concrete floor as you step inside, the sound amplified by the large, empty space and distant ceiling. Ripley’s breath clouds the air in front of her as she exhales, illuminated by the stray beam of light finding its way in through the small, high windows. “Huh,” she says. “Looks clear to me.”

The hangar really does seem to be empty as far as you can tell, save for a couple oil drums gathering dust in one of the corners at the far end. You follow Ripley into the center of the floor, where she pauses, arms crossed, and gives the space another once-over. “I don’t know,” she finally says, turning back to look at you. “I don’t see anything. If there aren’t any holes in the walls, maybe the locked doors were enough to keep them out.”
No. 939995 ID: 3d1dd5

Check near the drums or any other clutter in here. If something was sheltering in here it'd try to have made itself comfortable.
No. 940154 ID: 415370

It's possible to miss a curled up critter in the dim lighting in here if it's next to a oil drum or one of the wall studs. ...Though, if it's a fox it'd have its white winter fur coat, right? That'd show right up. Still, the both of you better sweep the nooks and crannies just to be sure. Check around and inside the oil drums and where the walls meet the floor. Look for holes and openings big enough for a critter to get in. Push any doors to check if there's a big enough gap under them or between them for a animal to get in. Wish you'd brought a flashlight. That'd help a lot in checking the dark areas.

Ask if they've had troubles in past winter months with foxes or other critters gettin' into the outbuildings, getting trapped and dying. Or them getting into the heated main buildings and causing trouble. Gnawing holes through the walls or eating food stores or suchlike.

Also ask why she isn't wearing any gloves. That seems like a invitation to frostbite around here.
No. 940297 ID: 58ee15

Tell her that she sounds disappointed. Did she found out that her secret stash of booze has been depleted or something?

Tell her why you're here, that you suspect an accident. Make it sound like you don't suspect any foul play. Does it ever get lonely around here? Could it have been suicide?

Thank her for allowing you on the tour and ask her if they got any better attractions.
No. 940565 ID: d46402

“Funny. I didn’t think there was something more interesting that a dead body. I wasn’t told pest control was a part of my duties.”

It wasn’t a deadpan joke but a plain and simple complaint. You don’t mean to be rude and she personally didn’t drag you here but you have a job to do and rather get it done.

Either way, you idly play with a crack in the concrete as if it were a potential fox saboteur secret passage. More likely just from the oppressive ice.

File 155029131570.png - (300.85KB , 598x872 , SIREN_1.png )
921457 No. 921457 ID: b5fb67 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Written by Anon44
Illustrated by LonelyWorld

Warning! This quest contains lewd situations!

"Looking for the best rates on ship parts? Bargains are the name of the game here at Siren! We've got conduits, sensors, s-foils, main deflector dishes, all kinds of great gear ready for YOU! Stop by Siren for the best deals you'll ever find in this sector! Call C-200-9932-"

Siren 1: "Turn it off, already! We're here."

Siren 2: "It's a good commercial, though."

Siren 3: "Well, you're probably one of the few. It was the cheapest ad spot we could get, considering."

A weathered ship flies towards a hulking wreck in the distance. The occupants lean into the viewports, their imaginations running wild with the thoughts of salvage, and the riches that they entail.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
33 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 928598 ID: b5fb67


It's a suit.
No. 940528 ID: b5fb67
File 156418383250.png - (428.79KB , 598x872 , SIREN_5.png )

Tracy opts for the Storage room. She gets down on all fours and slowly crawls through the duct, making sure to keep the sword flush with the passage.

Opening the grate on the other side, Tracy enters a storage room. There are many unlabeled containers line the storage racks along the walls, some tipped over and their contents spilled on the floor. Making her way slowly throught the room, Tracy hears the sound of dripping. She imagines some kind of liquid container might have ruptured and has started leaking when the gravity came back on. She notices no noxious fumes or poisons of any kind.

Tracy is briefly startled when a drop of liquid hits her skin. She braces for the burning sensation of caustic acids, but nothing happens. Shrugging off the liquid as harmless, she continues through the room. She doesn't notice as several more drops catch her, and start dissolving her armor and outfit...

A large door appears in front of Tracy. It is partially ajar, but not wide enough for her to slip past. The door is either jammed or something in the other room is blocking it. She spies the consoles and blinking lights in the engine room behind the door. Her prize is nearly in sight! But how will she get past this door?

Tracy thinks. Maybe there are tools in this room we can use? Can she use her sword to wedge the door open? Maybe just some muscle to force the door open? Or something else?

How should Tracy open the door?
No. 940529 ID: b1b4f3

Search for tools.
No. 940535 ID: 0fae41

It's partway open already, use your WOMANLY PHYSIQUE to muscle it further.
No. 940537 ID: 3d1dd5

It probably has an escape hatch or release mechanism in case the door's stuck. Look around for anything with emergency or hazard markings on it.

File 148869440645.jpg - (317.48KB , 640x720 , SK_DungeonCrawlTitle.jpg )
785044 No. 785044 ID: e136ae hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Previous Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/665423.html

SPIKE and KITTY came CLOSE ENOUGH to completing their last mission to begin a NEW ONE.




This particular dungeon to which they shall crawl is one of the MOST EXCLUSIVE dungeons. A dungeon so exclusive that the only way to get to it is through a SPECIAL PORTAL guarded by a LEVEL 50 TITAN named ORCUS and he will NOT let you in UNLESS you are on HIS LIST.
253 posts and 111 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 939248 ID: 094652

Standard adventurer protocol is to put random junked items into your inventory for nonsensical reasons and then inexplicably use them to great effect during an encounter.
Use Garlic On Vampire.

What are you waiting for.
No. 939251 ID: 977456

The vampire's bite is kin to the gar's lick: not worth the smell.
Challenge it to suck the stupid out of Spike.
No. 939527 ID: 5b93d3

Put in your orders for breakfast. Eggs, sausage, bacon, beans, French Toast, the works. Use Spike's boneheaded recalcitrance to browbeat the bat into compliance.
No. 939533 ID: 8eaf98

Have mary do 3 and kitty do: >>939251
>suck stupid out of spike
while at the same time have spike do: >>939527
No. 939539 ID: 2df440


File 155602554171.png - (3.73KB , 639x345 , 00000-opening street.png )
930854 No. 930854 ID: e715fe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Alright. Today's the day I'm going to register for the dungeon guild. Saved up my money. Sold my old junk. When a town runs on protecting and exploiting these old holes, these otherworldly entryways, there's always a demand for more people to dive in.

Anyway, today is the day! So I'm going in.
200 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 939469 ID: 0fae41

Take spear. Our first loot!
Check for secret passages along the wall.
No. 939470 ID: 977456

Bite the spear to check if it is real gold.
No. 939471 ID: b1b4f3

Acquire spear, continue exploring.
No. 939504 ID: 977456

Oh yeah, check for secret traps, but if nothing, then --MORE--.
No. 939505 ID: 094652

Actually, have the snake fetch it for you. You never know...

File 155881309858.jpg - (219.82KB , 1200x603 , The Fallen by Dimitar Tzvetanov.jpg )
933987 No. 933987 ID: f57349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This is the voice of damage control. I bring you pieces. It may be possible to fit them back together into something other than unburied death. The choice is yours.
36 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 938104 ID: 977456

>no functional quadcopter drones or toolcan bots are available at this time
Can swarmbots grant functionality to any available quadcopter drones or toolcan bots?
No. 938288 ID: f57349

Comms officer's medical records indicate additional convalescence will be required before surgery to restore vision or hearing. Could be brought out of hibernation to haul an autodoc to the gunner's stasis pod, though, yes. Fifteen minutes from initiation of revival sequence to restoration of consciousness and pod opening, minimal combat effectiveness requires either another fifteen minutes, or very powerful stimulants. Safer option is waiting at least two hours plus a full meal and bathroom break before someone brought out of hibernation is expected to do anything physically strenuous.

relevant available drug cocktails:
>frostbite prevention
-metabolic acceleration provides more heat, but aggravates need for food and increases cancer risk
-controlled peripheral vasoconstriction retains more heat, but makes fingers partly numb and stiff
>high-G piloting nanosymbiotes
-anti-nausea, but won't address diarrhea
-MMI integrators & body-identity tweaks may allow external gyros to compensate for balance
-improves twitch response at the expense of grip strength, and sustained force in general
-not meant for use while standing or walking around, can even cause temporary leg paralysis
-blood vessel elasticity boost may interact badly with frostbite prevention
>infantry combat stims
-negates (or at least reduces) fatigue, but there'll be a crash later
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 938323 ID: 977456

I would like to send 10kg of swarmies to the copters to get at least two of them online and fabricate a geck tape roll(Scotty?) to tape our ship together and a sonic probe to survey the vessel for a damage assessment and intruder scan.
No. 939100 ID: f98f1e

>>In vacuum, one battlesuit-rated radiothermal generator would be more than enough to power routine maintenance and housekeeping - even life support for a full passenger complement, if meal preparation and bathing were carefully scheduled to minimize peak loads. It's possible sufficient insulation and other economizing will bring power consumption below RTG output, pushing the power-supply time horizon to "several years."

Then do it. Insulate, patch, and windbreak whatever you need to to bring the power consumption down, or get the wind turbine working, or both.

>>Completely ignored suggestion about medical officer in favor of talking about waking the comms officer

Fine, then wake up the comms officer and use the frostbite prevention drugs. Maybe we can give him a crowbar and have him get the medical officer out after he gets the autodoc going.
No. 939467 ID: d9acdc

Agreed, it seems that getting insulation going is the first priority. Need more information on the rates at which kilograms of swarmbots could aid in such matters, but the computational math on that doesn't seem simple. Any best efficiency recommendation for building that wind bluff in conjunction with patching hull breaches?

File 155856128784.png - (110.72KB , 750x600 , title.png )
933715 No. 933715 ID: eb6c64 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This quest is likely to be NSFW, and may contain some disturbing themes.
74 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 939049 ID: 21d87b

>to Genie
Oh yes, this should be fun! I'm sure we'll tend towards making all of you happy, as much as we can anyway. And our gnoll friend seems to know some steps to this dance, one that works to your own tune even.
Speaking of...

>to Rafela
Oh you are just delightful, and it looks like you'll be hearing a lot from us from here onward. We just woke up here, anything we should know about you or Sasza that will help us in guiding and advising you?

>to Sasza
Well you made a good try of it, another chance will come up later. But think carefully, this might be for the best; let Rafela run afoul of any hazards of the ring and the Genie before attempting to use it yourself.
No. 939061 ID: 4cf79d

Eroding the faith in all the gods will be a long process. Did all of the gods conspired together? If not do you know who was actually responsible? Could we focus on only those gods?
If this is the path you wish to take I recommend you get close to someone who is an enemy of the gods, like an aboleth.

Honestly I think it's easier to just fulfill your quota.
What you need is a group that trust each other enough to share the ring after each of them complete their wishes. They should either be naive, stupid or unreasonable loyal to an authority. Also they need to reproduce fast so you won't be without a master to serve. If their language is simple their difficulty to express what they want will be a bonus.
Essentially I'm suggesting you serve cutebolts.

Rafela, would you like to rule over cutebolds? Trust me, I have a plan!
No. 939090 ID: 58ee15

>my people’s real name has been forbidden
Ok but, what about your own name? Calling you the Slave of the Ring sounds a bit demeaning (unless you're into that).

>it can be painfully boring
So, do you prefer to be on top or on the bottom?
No. 939165 ID: e3e99e

Counterpoint: If people see you as a source of hope to be revered, and the gods as vile demons who bound you so they could dominate and destroy, then you could weaken the gods so much faster than just killing their worshippers and breaking their morale.
See, if you become the deity of a religion then your followers can spread out and CONVERT their followers. It's infectious.
No. 939461 ID: 1ed92d

This plan is acceptable. While it will cause unbelievable harm to the races that worship the gods, a region wide collapse of civilization has never really ended the world in the past, and often spurred on great change and advancement from the ruins.

Alterately, we could always try and inspire a monotheistic faith and wipe out the pantheon that way...

File 156324547128.jpg - (67.18KB , 540x897 , The West.jpg )
939238 No. 939238 ID: fe2dcd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The West of Creation is the direction of Water. Though it is haunted by fairies, dead things and the Exalted, it has produced children of its own fit to rival monsters.

You are one of them.

Are you-

1: Male?
2: Female?
29 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 939389 ID: a9af05

I've got a question: How shark like is our appearance? Are we mostly human with a few shark features or are we an anthropomorphic shark with arms and legs and a tail and all that jazz?

I personally prefer being an anthropomorphic shark lady.

However, our children can look mostly human with a few shark features.
No. 939390 ID: dee38b

I'm partial to: >>939244
No. 939400 ID: ae9bd9


i didnt realize there was an established universe.
No. 939404 ID: 9876c4

I was hoping for more Jacques Cousteau and less Jock Clouseau, but whatever works I guess.
No. 939405 ID: 91ee5f

>anthropomorphic shark with arms and legs and a tail and all that jazz?
>I personally prefer being an anthropomorphic shark lady.
That sounds good.

File 156213875399.png - (432.12KB , 690x600 , Illustration3.png )
938050 No. 938050 ID: 77bb88 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

...I feel like we've been here once before....

First thing's first.
30 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 938554 ID: 91ee5f

>The other girls don't always understand you, you can't quite seem to connect.
Other girls? Does that mean that we’re a girl?

>What are you doing right now? You should get back to it.
You were busy eating something that isn’t exactly considered food again because you got hungry. At least, you were doing that, until you spotted a tasty looking animal that actually is considered “normal food” by others. You’re now busy stalking your prey, waiting for the right moment to strike.
No. 938570 ID: ae9bd9

clearly we were eating the carcass
No. 938571 ID: 094652

You were laying an egg. That you were going to eat with bleeding crowns.
No. 938574 ID: 973504

Patrolling! Just flying around looking for anything unusual.
No. 938594 ID: a24198

Working on your nest. It's a bit lopsided but you think it's pretty good.

File 156099264482.png - (238.87KB , 877x620 , BIQ-0001.png )
936447 No. 936447 ID: 2665e5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This quest is NSFW as heck

Content Warning This is a fetish smut quest and will contain lots of transformation, corruption/hypno and specifically lots of tftg and bimbofication
It was a totally normal day, you were crossing the street. when a truck, seemingly from nowhere ran you over killing you instantly.
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No. 938384 ID: 2c97a7

I don't think she'll do that after all she did blushed when she was asked who she was screwing.
No. 938388 ID: d4b9fd

Snuggle up with the cutie. Bonus points for putting her face in your bosom.
No. 938396 ID: ac5f1e

Well, she's been stealing looks at our boobs though. You never know where things might roll if you put the twins on display.
No. 938479 ID: 3a7feb

Strip. Spoon. Snuggle~
No. 938561 ID: ac5f1e

Also forgot... what is his type? Seems Ciel has been pining for some Ardie/Hardy. Maybe ask her what she thinks he likes while you strip?

File 155106522711.png - (112.30KB , 800x700 , cover.png )
923174 No. 923174 ID: d7f01b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

One cat(?)’s quest for vengeance. Or just causing a nuisance. Or love? One cat(?)’s quest for something.
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No. 935785 ID: d7f01b
File 156054768679.png - (181.04KB , 800x700 , 67.png )

Out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse a couple of humans. Speak of the devil - or, you know what you mean. Your attention might have glazed right over them if you hadn’t been thinking of your own ex-humans back home.
No. 935786 ID: d7f01b
File 156054773053.png - (224.27KB , 800x700 , 68.png )

“Well, I’m glad you decided to drop in during your visit to Naamah, Ouija,” Parisa chirps, ever the good hostess. “I’m going to hop in the pool, if you want to come chat more. Oh - Aphra, there you are.”

Aphra closes the sliding glass door behind her, aloe in hand. She raises her eyebrows at Parisa and stalks away, toward Lord Camio, who is distantly seated in a lounge chair by the pool.
No. 935789 ID: c1eaac

go say hi to those humans!! ask who they’re here with! they don’t look like they just wandered in so someone probably brought them along
No. 936597 ID: afae42

yeah go see the humans! or go offer to help put sunscreen on camio winks
No. 938559 ID: ce39da

Supporting the humans option.

File 154719161662.jpg - (471.17KB , 640x720 , TGSims2Title.jpg )
917158 No. 917158 ID: 8d26c4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

It's back! For those TL;DR types -- the Quest will create one or more avatars, then try to find their future in a world populated by sim-humanoided versions of characters from various quests, as well as whatever pre-gens provided by Maxis who live in the neighbourhood. When Quest suggestions an action, the Sim will try to complete this action over the span of a couple of days and the results posted.

The Backstory

Due to shifting interests and a changing community, TGSims is being rebooted to 2.0 (although the original crew is still fine and alive in Pleasantview)

In the original we lost several members due to time and personal reasons -- or they just weren't that available. Plus even though the concept did include allowing the Quest community to suggest actions, it was just never really adopted. This time I'm hoping to incorporate more interactivity.

So, let's get on to creating a TGCHAN SIM!
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No. 937643 ID: 189b8c


Lock them in a doorless room.
No. 937701 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188386661.jpg - (497.13KB , 640x720 , BabyTurn1a.jpg )

Baby decides to use a combination of REDIRECTION and INDIRECT MURDER.

Baby used INFLUENCE (1,000)!

Baby influenced Hipster Manchild to FLIRT WITH THE LUNCH LADY!
No. 937702 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188391340.jpg - (661.77KB , 640x720 , BabyTurn1b.jpg )

Hipster Manchild flirted with the Lunch Lady!

Lunch Lady REJECTED Hipster Manchild!


Hipster Manchild lost 750 Influence!
No. 937703 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188396706.jpg - (486.28KB , 640x720 , BabyTurn1c.jpg )

Baby deployed ROBO SADIE ARMY!

Baby hopes that the robo-sadies will block Hipster Manchild's path to his dorm. Or at least confuse him.
No. 937707 ID: 8d26c4
File 156188487011.jpg - (330.68KB , 640x720 , HipsterTurn1.jpg )

Oh no!

SPACE SADIE seems to want to become friends with HIPSTER MANCHILD!

It appears that the Sadies have become impatient waiting for Baby to interact with them -- Space Sadie initiated conversation with Hipster Manchild!

And the Red/Lilly Sadie hybrid is trying to join a Greek House on her own!

What do?

A. Influence SPACE SADIE to flirt with another girl! Hipster Manchild can't have her if she's gay!

B. Influence Hipster Manchild to flirt with another guy! Hipster Manchild can't have her if he's gay!

C. Annoy Hipster Manchild! He... umm... well it will distract him from Space Sadie. This may make Space Sadie like you less since she wanted to be friends with him.

D. Influence another sim to pick a fight with Hipster Manchild! This has the additional advantage that Space Sadie won't blame you.

E. Purchase a super-interesting item! Hopefully Hipster Manchild will be so entranced by it he will forget about his bladder and then make a mess of himself in front of everyone! Hopefully nobody else will be so entranced by it that they do the same.

F. Flirt with Space Sadie! Baby is a FAMILY-oriented sim however, so once he flirts with Space Sadie she will be his Prime Sadie. You may get a chance to alter Baby's priorities later in your academic career.

G. Create your own Greek House! This will allow you to flee with your Sadies away from Hipster Manchild. As a bonus, you can manipulate your Greek House much like a dungeon at the cost of your earth-pulse known as Simoleons.

File 155920656764.png - (126.27KB , 765x543 , idk1.png )
934424 No. 934424 ID: 70065f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

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No. 937425 ID: 765049

Well, check it out!
No. 937427 ID: bcc41d

Be careful not to touch it until you know what it iiiis~! You never know with these lost artifacts of ancient-probably-your-civilization!

And if it's some sort of sacrificial blade, well, you can analyze and then gift-wrap it to your new acquaintance.
No. 937429 ID: 10c408

..Hm. Current evidence suggests the pillar is some kind of sacrificial altar or some such, but I'd like to suggest an alternate theory.

When you were struck down, how far did your enemies move your body before it was entombed, warded and forgotten about? We may have just found an important load-bearing pillar from the city you conquered with your armies.
No. 937445 ID: ad51b8

what is it that makes it so familiar?
No. 937463 ID: c3f16e

Welp, lets excavate the area then! If you can, just lift up all of the dirt around whatever this place is.

File 156150312369.jpg - (2.29MB , 3024x3024 , 0BCD6445-FA2E-480A-A975-4C774DE08711.jpg )
937218 No. 937218 ID: 34fb21 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You follow the character known as chronos as he hops dimensions please note that everything that happens in RebelQuest is only canon in RebelQuest unless the creators of the other quests say otherwise
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No. 937397 ID: c0fd8c

Let's do this thing, get to that hot Unnatural Selection dimension
No. 937398 ID: 34fb21

Chronos: alright but first I am going to need to grab some books about the titanic and the Bismarck
No. 937417 ID: 03ff03

Chronos: You know we shouldn’t be too hasty anyways believe me never rush a dimension jump you need to focus on certain coordinates anything could happen my friend!
I was also planning on bringing a friend or two I should go find them
No. 937420 ID: 03ff03

Friend options
Chains the hug master / the forsakened immortal being with in paralleled strength
Harley (Watcher) Quinns a trickster and reality warped planning on bringing him anyways so I can keep an eye on him
Alchemist our healer a poison slime know a great lot about herbs I don’t think he’ll be useful where we’re going though
Necros a spectral the summoner the undead necromancer but since all the dead disappear or fall into oblivion I don’t think he would be much help either
Fate NO okay then
Nebula is busy with other assignments
Gallium the protector living metal can change shape at will may be useful
Aura a highly skilled mage or magician or whatever he calls himself a master of magic but since I’m planning on bringing Watcher I can’t bring him
Camo master hunter great at hiding but I don’t think that’s useful in this mission not a lot of places to hide in the first place
Bioweapon if we want everyone to they yes we should take him a formless entity that shoots a laser from his tail the obliterates any living object it comes in contact with
Abyss likes to hide in shadows somehow I don’t think we should bring him
Dreams the wander able to manipulate dreams quick on her feet
I will bring at least two friends
who will they be?
No. 937430 ID: 03ff03

If you wish to use chance
Chains = 1
Watcher= 1,2,3,4,5,6
Gallium =3
Alchemist = 4
Bioweapon =5
Necros = 6
These are your options
two must be chosen to accompany Chronos

File 156069184306.png - (202.83KB , 1000x1000 , s1.png )
936008 No. 936008 ID: d30838 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

CW: This Quest will not be cheerful or lewd. I will help as little as possible. It is up to you to explore all available options fully.
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No. 936029 ID: e51896

one thing you have to do as soon as you can is charge your phone up. But I doubt you can do that anytime soon on the train, plus from the look of your inventory, we didn't bring a phone charger. might have to buy one, but your kind of low on money. Guess when we get off this train, you'll have to do some street performing

Check the railway map to remind yourself where you are heading, and what is your end goal.

So, I take it your hobby is bat watching with that bat detector? Or do you use it for something else?
No. 936179 ID: 3d1dd5

So you don't have a phone charger? Did you lose it?
No. 936265 ID: 0fae41

Sing Happy Birthday.
No. 936334 ID: 8d5b51

You can probably just find someone who's willing to let you use their phone charger for half an hour, right? If you go to a public area.
No. 936362 ID: ae8ec4

>put phone on low battery mode
>brightness as low as possible for you to see
>look at map and check route for where you're going

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