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File 155633395808.png - (153.57KB , 800x600 , COVER1.png )
931251 No. 931251 ID: 0e7081 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

(horror. mystery. western. comedy.)

Quiet, relaxing days are hard to come by.
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No. 933227 ID: 12c6c4
File 155820038216.png - (187.39KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

“And you even come bringing offerings this time! Quite a way to outdo yourself.” She turns a bit from the cabinets, if only to take a couple of sniffs of the air-- her eyebrows furrow for a second or two, then she hums. “So, you brought me some spare body parts?”

Alpheus huffs and stares. “It’s an eye. Blue. In some red gunk. Reckon’d it might be yours since it’s so well preserved n’ fresh.”

That makes her smile again. “Do you think I have a habit of losing my spare eyes, Sheriff? I keep them preserved better than that, at the very least.”

Masika pauses again then, thinking for a moment before she turns fully around to face Alpheus, arms crossed over her chest. The smile still lingers, tilted in such a way that only accentuates how everything she says sounds like part of some riddle. “Well, it isn’t mine. Do you plan to give it to me?”

It seems to… well, not be hers, so that is a bust; however, there might be other ways to use her medical expertise to the situation’s advantage.
No. 933228 ID: 094652

"Are you going to study it or are you going to study."
No. 933240 ID: f2320a

No. 933258 ID: 5da03e

Give it to her fop safekeeping. She's the expert at eye-storage isn't she? And this jar seems to be leaking.

Anything else she can tell us about the eye would be helpful. It belonged to someone, and it was left in the Sheriff's office for some reason. We'll have to canvas for clues next, but anything she can think of might be helpful.
No. 933357 ID: c97d7d

Might be some prank, just give it to her as a gift and move on with your day like nothing happened at all.

File 154830971263.png - (14.12KB , 650x650 , sb00001.png )
918745 No. 918745 ID: 15c122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

You wake up cold and mad as hell.
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No. 933120 ID: 891b91

Obtain hat, pilfer flashlight, pursue jar.

Or perhaps you can gain access to the interior of the large fellow's skull and replace his brain with yourself! Then YOU shall be the large fellow!
No. 933123 ID: 06d001

Check if the brain juice still looks ok to bathe in. If its still relatively clean, take a quick roll in it to rehydrate and set off to find those eggs.
No. 933126 ID: 977456

Investigate cross-spine communication protocol compatibility via direct physical coincidence.
Or stick your spine in Guard's neck and take that there bod for a spin.
No. 933130 ID: 588329

See if there's an awesome robot body you can take over.

Failing that, think about your life and the decisions you made to get here.
No. 933249 ID: f2320a

We dont want to dry out

File 154915345690.jpg - (415.17KB , 682x1032 , BB 3333333.jpg )
919776 No. 919776 ID: 70be57 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Plague_Filled_Heart
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No. 925473 ID: d63ea8

I'd say that you might want to speak with either Broweor or Mericus about who else might be attending the ball. You don't strike me as one to have social rivals, but one can't be too prepared for a gathering like this.

Broweor might even be able to offer you some advice since he'd see that you are taking this situation quite seriously.
No. 926140 ID: e51896

Broweor might be a good idea to meet with tonight and get advice before we do something regretful when we first attempt to woo a woman. Besides, we weren't originally going to meet up with a canidate tonight in the first place.

But if we cant meet him, I'd say we meet with rags, especially since most of the sick patience at the home would be asleep at that time.
No. 926495 ID: f2320a

Sounds like plan always good ro get advice
No. 926732 ID: 70be57
File 155321591898.jpg - (318.01KB , 837x525 , Plague 44.jpg )

Might as well visit Broweor. I give the letters to the maid and start moving towards his living quarters. His father greets and leads me to his room.

Amadore Bontelda: "I am sorry for visiting you at this time but I would like to talk to you about the ball."

Broweor Lorasander: "So it appears that you are interested in my idea because you started seeking me out after such a short period of time from our last talk. Very well what do you want to know about the ball exactly?"
No. 926786 ID: d63ea8

"Are there any people I should keep an eye out for? People I should stay clear of?"

Asking about an event plan won't hurt either. Anything that you learn becomes something that you can plan with.

File 155555082461.jpg - (42.46KB , 800x800 , an adventure cover.jpg )
930212 No. 930212 ID: ddec4a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The story of Barnaby Brumpton
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No. 931054 ID: ddec4a
File 155614300117.jpg - (70.26KB , 800x800 , an adventure panel 9.jpg )

==>Well might as well call the fire department.

You have some time to lose so you decide you might as well call the fire department. This fire isn't putting itself out.
Besides... it just so happens that one of the firefighters is your beautiful handsome brave husband.
Yes, hello Brenda. No, it's actually an emergency this time. No, not the kind of emergency where you want to know what brand of cereal you should buy. Yes, the kind where you set a house on fire. What? No, you didn't just say you set a house on fire. The house set itself on fire. Your presence here is purely coincidental. Listen, Brenda. You know me. I would never.
Brenda hangs up on you. You figure the firefighters will be here in a few minutes.
No. 931060 ID: 3c0b5b

perhaps kill some time by putting on a one-man show re-enacting all your favourite sitcoms.
No. 931061 ID: e8f59c

Toast some marshmallows over the fire.
No. 931081 ID: e51896

SMORES! yes!
No. 931924 ID: 609feb

Despair at your lack of Marshmallows.

File 155510646453.jpg - (167.58KB , 827x1169 , image.jpg )
929545 No. 929545 ID: 80c195 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Sand, sand, and more fucking sand.

An endless, hellish landscape. Devoid of life. That's why you're here, after all.

You've been driving for three days straight, kept awake by nothing but black coffee and blacker nightmares. You're somewhere in the southwest, it's as close as you're going to get to your destination, which is to say, nowhere.

You're driving an old beaten-up economy car, in the back trunk sits a briefcase containing 50,000$. On your person, you have a small pocket knife, a burner flip-phone, a wallet containing 60$ or so, and an M1911 pistol with only one seven-round magazine. There's a backpack on the passenger seat next to you with a change of clothes, some toiletries, a half-empty bottle of absinthe, a small tin full of medical supplies, and an almost empty bottle of painkillers.

You're going to need more painkillers soon, your gut is starting to throb again, but you have to ration what you have left.

It's about seven PM, and starting to get dark out. You could either keep driving, to where you don't know. Or you could pull over and sleep in the car. Either way, you need to rest soon, much as you hate the thought of stopping.
No. 929589 ID: 49a777

What would be the problem with stopping? As long as being stationary doesn't raise the chance of an untimely death, it would be preferable to depriving oneself of sleep; the likelihood of any unfortunate event occurring is much greater if you can't focus. I take it you aren't headed to Nowhere, Arizona, that seems a bit literal. Also, just out of curiosity, how did you get here, or, if you've always been here, how did "here" get to the point that it is?
No. 929634 ID: 80c195

You're running from a lot of things; from your past, your mistakes, and most of all yourself.

Well now one of those mistakes, in the form of a very angry ex-acquaintance, is back to kill you. You just hope you're faster.

How did I get here. I good question. It involved a lot of bodies, a lot of bad choices, and the fucking Miami job... Damn, I'm way too sober to be dredging up the past right now.

You decide to pull over and get some sleep before you collapse.

You find a nice spot in the lee of a stone about twenty feet from the road. You take a shot of absinthe, recline your seat, and try to sleep through the howling of the wind.

You must have eventually fallen asleep, because you're awoken by a sharp crack.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 929640 ID: 49a777

Well, worst case scenario you've awakened some twelve-foot-tall hell-beast that is looming over your car waiting for you to move so that it can squish you out of the car like yogurt from a soft plastic tube. Best case scenario, which, given the state of things, is unlikely, you are asleep and dreaming.

About how far back are those eyes? Just based on the fact that it used a projectile to punch through that glass, it probably can't immediately reach you, so there is a good chance you could start the car and reverse away. Given that the car does not start, you will die if you continue to attempt to start the car after it does not once or twice. Only use bullets if you know you will hit and other options are suicidal. All things considered, your best bet is escape.

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