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File 143519256968.png - (73.38KB , 800x600 , June_Quest_Act_IV.png )
650533 No. 650533 ID: 1f8505

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No. 925058 ID: 2202fb

crush it with your brain
No. 925097 ID: 5da03e

We shouldn't fight it here. We're cornered here. We should run.
No. 928626 ID: 8eaf98

Go check what it even is. It's on the way out anyway right?
No. 930764 ID: b5fb67
File 155597103653.png - (81.20KB , 1630x971 , June_242.png )


The sound of metal being slammed grows louder as Jacobe barks orders.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Grab that equipment and move it to the doors! We need to jam them so we can get the better weapons! Go go go!"

Taylor and I start moving a large piece of equipment to the Armory doorway while the others grab what they can in kind.


The sound of metal being slammed turns into the sound of metal being bent. As soon as the equipment is in place, I dart into the entrance room and look at the door.

Keel: "We need to leave NOW! We don't have a chance against that thing!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "The others didn't have access to additional firearms! We get them, we may have a better chance at survival!"
No. 930765 ID: b5fb67
File 155597104129.png - (231.78KB , 1630x906 , June_243.png )


The door to Waste Management is being hammered. Something behind the door is punching large dents into the door, and has damaged the locking mechanism.


My mind races. Whatever is behind that door is powerful, and a minute away from breaking through.

Possible courses of action:
-Trigger the lockdown now to potentially block off the threat
-Rush for the elevator (will not have time to get additional weapons)
-Barricade the Waste Management door with whatever's handy
-Fortify the Armory and wait for the threat in order to surprise attack it
No. 930767 ID: 0fae41

Barricade the Waste Management door with whatever's handy. Preferably something that will explode when the monster breaks through. Sticking around to witness that thing will not be good for your fellow survivors' sanity.
No. 930772 ID: 8eaf98

According to https://www.chemicalspill.org/diamond.html that canister contains something that has (from top to bottom) "3 Extreme Danger", "3 Flash Point below 73 F (Boiling point at/above 100 f) and/or at/above 73 F - not exceeding 100 F", and "1 Unstable if heated" it is stated earlier (in >>726285) that it is cyanuric quadrazide and that it "Tends to be kind of explosive"
So I suggest we get those to embrace their explosive tendencies once 'thing' breaks through the door. A subtle use of telekinesis should enable us to open them and a taser should be able to ignite it. Sadly we DO need to open it cause it isn't labeled an oxidizer too.
>>724129 Shows three separate canisters, it is too bad we need to hide our telekinesis cause it would be nice to save two of those three for potential later use. Actually, stupid idea: can we use the telekinesis to hold two of them together so they do not explode with the other one?
this is technically a specific execution of \/, I think
>Fortify the Armory and wait for the threat in order to surprise attack it
No. 930815 ID: ae8ec4

-Fortify the Armory and wait for the threat in order to surprise attack it
Prepare to blow that thing up with that cannister and a taser.
No. 930828 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, if the lockdown causes blast doors to come down from the ceiling, we can slide shit under where they'd come down to keep them from blocking access to our egress. Which I believe are just the armory and elevator doors? We could keep the security room open as well if needed.

That would block off the monster AND give us access to the big guns. So let's do that.
No. 930830 ID: b5fb67

Just a quick clarification for the situation that came up:

-There are extra guns (supposedly of shotgun or SMG types) in the left half of the gun safe
-The left half of the safe is locked and inaccessible through traditional means
-Forcing the left half of the safe open would trigger a Lockdown
-Triggering the Lockdown would close the armory, security, elevator, and waste management entrances with blast doors
-The blast doors can be wedged open with the furniture being moved into place
No. 930908 ID: 8eaf98

Dang, that would have been good to know earlier. Don't think there is time anymore though, plus the door dent will likely have a similar effect to furniture on the waste management door, probably best to consider triggering lockdown after the beast is dealt with at this point. I expected more murdery lockdown doors that don't stop for nothing!alternitively they are that strong but the furniture is stronger?
Also, ima potential dumb-dumb, shoot canister with a normal bullet (telekinetics to make sure it doesn't glance off?) to make a hole and shoot taser to ignite if necessary.
No. 931714 ID: 8da6b4

I sure hope it has some strong guns hidden away!

I'd agree with most. Wedge what we need open, throw that lockdown, and prep for war. If the way to the elevator isn't blocked by then, dash for it.
No. 934084 ID: b5fb67
File 155890290094.png - (115.69KB , 1221x969 , June_244.png )

"We need to fortify the armory! Now! Whatever's banging on that door will be coming through any second!"


Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "OK. Let's move as much stuff as we can in front of the Armory! GO GO GO!"

Everyone leaps into action, shoving anything they can in front of the entrances of the Armory and Security room. The hits to the Waste Management door become more and more intense...

...until it stops.

Keel, Taylor, Jacobe, and Devin run up to the hastily assembled battlements made for the Security door and draw their handguns. Everyone else ducks into the Armory room, except for me.

Keel: "We shouldn't be here, man! We had 10 guys attacking this thing before and we couldn't beat it! What hope do we have?!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Keel, not to disparage on the group, but most of them were just untrained mall cops with a superiority complex."

Keel: "That doesn't make me feel any better!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Shut up and focus!"

Suddenly, the loud sound of bending, scraping metal and glass breaking fills the air.

No. 934085 ID: b5fb67
File 155890290524.png - (388.24KB , 1602x831 , June_245.png )

I peek out to see what the armed group are looking at, and HOLY SHIT.

Bending and pushing the Waste Management doors apart is an enormous, bulky, muscled humanoid with three heads. The flesh around it is warped and pulled, almost like it was fused into place.


It does not look very happy.

Possible courses of action:
-Open fire on it immediately
-Wait for it to move in closer, then fire
-Wait to see if it ignores the survivors
-Wait for it to move next to the containers, then shoot the containers

Some appropriate theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhiGnj7QX2A[/spoiler]
No. 934086 ID: 0fae41

Red barrels red barrels RED BARRELS
No. 934087 ID: 8eaf98

Why not open fire immediately then shift to shooting at the explosives once it nears them?
I see no reason not to, so do that.
No. 934090 ID: b1b4f3

In real life, explosions are bad in a confined space. However let's side with video game logic this time and blow up the monster.
No. 934138 ID: e8f59c

Canister label says stable but flammable at room temperature and dangerous. Shoot it, why not?
No. 934141 ID: 8eaf98

hope we got our telekinesis ready to open that tank if bullets don't work and a taser to spark it
No. 934143 ID: b17d74

Use telekinesis to wave the canister in its face! If it grabs the canister, ALPHA STRIKE! Otherwise it might not automatically attack and you should save your ammo.
No. 934146 ID: e3e99e

-Wait for it to move next to the containers, then shoot the containers
No. 934810 ID: b5fb67
File 155961907008.png - (147.34KB , 1604x967 , June_246.png )

"Hit the tanks! Blow that thing up!" I hiss over to Jacobe.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Sounds good to me."

The giant zombie hesitates, standing in the destroyed doorway. Jacobe, Taylor, Devin, and Keel click off their safeties. Jacobe whispers to the others.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Aim for that canister and blow that fucker up!"

Lt. Taylor: "Roger that."

Devin: "Aye."

Keel: "Oh man..."

Jacobe gives the order.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "LIGHT IT UP!"

No. 934811 ID: b5fb67
File 155961907294.png - (32.26KB , 1033x754 , June_247.png )

The canister takes several hits...

...but it doesn't explode. The rounds dent the cylindrical container but do not puncture or ignite it.

Keel: "Oh fuck! It didn't work! It didn't work!"

Lt. Taylor: "SHIT!"
No. 934812 ID: b5fb67
File 155961907860.png - (442.11KB , 1439x1443 , June_248.png )

The giant zombie immediately takes notice.


The giant zombie starts charging towards us in an angry sprint.

Possible courses of action:
-Have them attempt to shoot out its knees
-Fire at will
-Jump out and attempt to use telekinesis to slow it down
-Bail out and head into the Armory
No. 934814 ID: 094652

Telekinesis the canister to trip the monster, then RUN LIKE HELL!!!
No. 934815 ID: d4d69a

Just discreetly telekinesis one of their top vertebra out of the back of their neck. Even if they dont die, that should paralyze them. Plus, you can just say one of the guns did it or it was a fluke.
No. 934836 ID: 8eaf98

Which neck?

There is a reason I said to have the telekinesis taser combo ready... =/

I doubt this thing feels pain, and seems to be made of muscle and I do not expect our bullets to break bones, not that this thing necessarily has bones, minor flesh damage seems like it will not do much to this fella. That said it still seems to be a flesh beast so I still think fire will be effective. so yea going to go with save lives now explain telekinesis later open canister with telekinesis, ignite with electric darts or tazer or whatever, fly new flamethrower with telekinesis, burn fleshbeast.
No. 935555 ID: 29a731

If memory serves, this thing proper does have a weakness, but it's a well hidden one. The best bet is to set it on fire, but will the telekinesis be able to actually open the canister? And more importantly, will they be fast enough to shoot it when it opens, and not kill everyone...?
No. 939421 ID: b5fb67
File 156333578167.png - (116.40KB , 1258x1014 , June_249.png )

Jacobe, Taylor, and Keel are firing frantically at the charging giant, the bullets sinking into the gargantuan fleshy frame. Not a whole lot of damage is being done.

Okay Sarah, I say to myself as I walk up behind Jacobe, it's time to step up and take some action. You've been keeping your abilities under wraps, but now you've got to do whatever you can to save these people.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Sarah, get back!"

I reach my hand out and fixate on the canister that got shot.
No. 939422 ID: b5fb67
File 156333578693.png - (100.94KB , 1283x941 , June_250.png )

I slide the canister directly underneath the foot of the giant as he takes another huge step.

The giant crushes the canister, not enough to puncture it but enough to warp it. The charging behemoth stumbles, still in full speed run, loses its balance...
No. 939423 ID: b5fb67
File 156333579031.png - (112.61KB , 1122x937 , June_251.png )

...and crashes face-first into our ramshackle barricade. Everyone at the battlements is sent flying, including me. A large piece of machinery is sent straight into the bullet-resistant glass, near shattering it. I hear the shrieks of Elena, Cherie, and Steven from the other room. I then hear a dull thud as Jacobe, Taylor, Keel, Devin, and I smack into the bulkheads.

Possible courses of action:
-Attempt to stand back up
-Stay down and assess situation
-Call out if everyone is OK
-Try to roll away from the giant zombie
No. 939425 ID: 0fae41

Stay down and keep shooting! The heads are an easy target now.
No. 939429 ID: 1774cd

Can you use your powers to open the valve on the canister? THEN get someone to shoot it.
No. 939430 ID: b1b4f3

Well this is bad. Either you wind up trying to unload all your bullets into its heads to kill it, or... you could activate the security door now, either pinning it there or outright crushing it to death.
No. 939439 ID: 094652

Use your psychic powers to pull the security door down, safeguards be damned.
No. 939460 ID: b5fb67

Friendly reminder that if there's no general consensus on what action to take, I usually just pick the one that's most in character/makes the most sense/sounds the coolest, in that order.
No. 939484 ID: ae8ec4

Supporting. Pull the security doors down
No. 940522 ID: b5fb67
File 156418257461.png - (75.05KB , 1200x801 , June_252.png )

Ignoring the aching in my body, I prop myself up, I reach out and attempt to pull the security door down on the giant zombie.
No. 940523 ID: b5fb67
File 156418257925.png - (243.92KB , 1200x976 , June_253.png )

It's not budging! The door must be locked in place unless it's triggered! I'm just not powerful enough...

Meanwhile, the giant zombie attempts to get up. Everyone else seems to be too scattershot from getting knocked away to do anything at the moment.


...except for Keel?

A bullet skims the arm of the zombie, ripping a small gash. I hear Keel shouting in fear.


More shots ring out, but they miss.
No. 940530 ID: b5fb67

And in my excitement, I forgot to post the curated suggestions.

Possible courses of action:
-Attempt to TK push giant zombie back out entry
-TK pull a gun towards you
-Call out to someone to trigger the emergency door
-Try to locate that damaged canister for another try at detonating it
No. 940531 ID: 8eaf98

-TK pull a gun towards you
-Call out to someone to trigger the emergency door
both of these they sound non-exclusive and most productive
No. 940533 ID: b1b4f3

No. 940534 ID: 0fae41

Think smaller. Get someone to call out the emergency door trigger and TK that.
No. 940989 ID: b5fb67
File 156451958734.png - (54.92KB , 1050x972 , June_254.png )

My eyes dart around, looking for a loose firearm. Devin seemed to have dropped his, so I reach out and attempt to telekinetically pull it towards me.

In the meantime, I shout out "SOMEONE ENGAGE THE LOCKDOWN!"

Cherie shouts back. "How?!"

The gun slides across the floor towards my hand. The giant zombie continues to get up, glaring at Keel as he attempts to reload. Hands shaking, Keel accidentally drops his magazine.

I scream back to Cherie: "I DON'T KNOW, JUST DO SOMETHING!"

Cherie: "But how... aw, fuck it."

I hear Cherie shout and then a sharp cracking and sparking noise emits from the safe room. Did... did she punch the keypad?
No. 940990 ID: b5fb67
File 156451959394.png - (166.97KB , 1305x964 , June_255.png )

As the handgun slides right into my hand, a message blares throughout the rooms.


Large blast doors emerge from the top and bottom of the doorway where the giant zombie lays. Unfortunately, the giant zombie becomes aware and jams the blast doors with its enormous veiny arms. It seems to be struggling though.

Possible courses of action:
-Use newly acquired gun to shoot giant zombie in the arms
-Attempt to TK force the blast doors shut on the zombie
-Attempt to TK push the zombie outside the doors
-Attempt to TK throw an object at the zombie to shove it outside the doors
-Attempt to help fellow crewmates while zombie struggles with blast doors
No. 940991 ID: 0fae41

Shoot the hands.
No. 940992 ID: 2df440

Try to push it out the door
No. 940995 ID: b1b4f3

Pretty sure both the doors and the zombie are too heavy to TK.
I also don't think it will be able to get through, but shoot its arms/hands anyway.
No. 940997 ID: e3e99e

Shoot one of its arms, then TK the arm TOWARDS you.
If you remove the support from one of the arms then it's not going to be able to hold up the door. It can use its fingers to keep you from pushing the arm out, but it has nothing to keep you from pulling it forward.
No. 941008 ID: 8eaf98

pull forward to keep it in the door no more, kill it in the door to keep it wedged open so we can get out afterward.
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