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File 146898276451.png - (16.55KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
737105 No. 737105 ID: 32d627

Your name is SUPLEX, and you aren't really sure what you are.
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No. 916551 ID: 91ee5f

Tell the others to cover Melanie‘s eyes so she doesn’t see this.

Ask him what happened and he can explain while the others open the other kids’ cells.

Do not ask if he wants you to kill him to put him out of his misery! Especially with the children nearby!
No. 916566 ID: 2202fb

Its just a leg wound. We could probably tourniquet his leg and take him with us if he wanted (tourniquet him at the very least).
No. 916589 ID: f3c317

>I know this is hard but can you tell us what happened?
>(I'm not sure how to say it Suplex, but, I feel like they're going to need to decide whether they want us to do what we did for the sibling, or if they'd rather wait for what's coming)
>Ask if they're coworker wants to stay behind with them or come with us.
No. 916660 ID: 4c908d

An entire chunk of his foreleg is missing flesh, muscle and is bleeding out. That's his fucking exposed tibia bone in there.

You can't tie off a wound like that. Just end him quick. He'd only slow everyone down.
No. 916693 ID: e3e99e

Are you fucking kidding?
He's not showings signs of going into shock. He's not only conscious, but lucid and able to follow complex trains of thought.
He's not even bleeding that badly!
Yeah, he's missing a pound of flesh or two, but even if all you do is provide basic first aid he stands a pretty good chance of keeping the leg and eventually regaining quite a bit of function in it.
Staunch the bleeding, bandage it up, and get him out of here. He wants to protect Melanie, and he doesn't need full mobility to shove himself between her and danger.
Attempting to save him also further establishes for Melanie that we have mercy and compassion, which would make her trust us more.

Do you need an explanation on how to sanitize and field-dress a wound?
No. 916800 ID: 9bb4d2

Seconding these.
No. 916806 ID: 2202fb

Tie it at the knee or hip. He will almost certainly lose half of his leg at the very least.
No. 916811 ID: becba8

>exposed tibia bone

I think that is the middle bone of his phalanges.

Ask if he's been modified in a way that allow him to endure the pain of such severe wound. And what caused it, that would be far more useful to know.
No. 916871 ID: 53b212
File 154701778858.png - (17.87KB , 550x550 , 233.png )

SUPLEX: Cover Mel’s eyes and hang back, Chance. Nelson, Dwayne, you come and help me with this.

Dwayne keeps close to you as you approach the guard. Nelson heads slowly to mess with the other chamber, looking back over his shoulder occasionally.

SUPLEX: We’re just passing through, and we don’t want to kill anymore than we have to...or what’s requested, I guess.
SUPLEX: Do you want us to make it quick for you-
DWAYNE: For the love of- Suplex, just because the man’s got a bad leg doesn’t mean he’s going to die.
SUPLEX: Bad leg?! There’s a whole chunk gone!
DWAYNE: I’ve seen guards live through far worse.

Dwayne goes to the man’s side, taking a look at the wound and grimacing.

DWAYNE: Nasty bite, though.
???? (2): It’s okay, it’s...it’s okay.
SUPLEX: Do we just...patch him up, then?
DWAYNE: Yeah, best we can.
No. 916872 ID: 53b212
File 154701780559.png - (15.21KB , 550x550 , 234.png )

Dwayne starts to get up, stopping as the guard weakly grabs at his arm.

???? (2): Don’t w-waste your time.
???? (2): You can bandage...bandage me up, but it’s not going to do much.

He takes a deep breath.

???? (2): You started the mutiny, didn’t you?

He doesn’t wait for an answer.

???? (2): It’s good, that someone fffffinally did.
???? (2): But I don’t, I don’t deserve it, see?
???? (2): That’s why I got this bite in the first p-place.

SUPLEX: ...what do you mean?
???? (2): Kid just got scared, is all, haha…
???? (2): Anybody’d lash out, after what I had to do.
???? (2): Had to, had to do it. It’s my job, you know? Just my job. Just, just...
No. 916873 ID: 53b212
File 154701783357.png - (13.68KB , 550x550 , 235.png )

He hangs his head.

???? (2): Just let that coming wave get me.
???? (2): You have...you have a job to do too, yeah?
No. 916874 ID: 53b212
File 154701785526.png - (17.03KB , 550x550 , 236.png )

Nelson yelps from the other test chamber almost immediately after stepping inside, scrambling out the door and almost falling backwards.

The guard smiles, not a happy one in the slightest.

???? (2): M-make sure to watch the teeth.
No. 916875 ID: d887c0

Nelson! Is he okay?
No. 916876 ID: b1b4f3

Melanie should be the one to approach the kids! They're dangerous, don't forget that!
No. 916878 ID: b30f10

mel should approach bc they’ll feel safer w her, not bc they’re dangerous. they’re *kids* who have been hurt too much - don’t act like they’re a threat ;;
No. 916881 ID: 91ee5f

If we’re gonna bring Melanie in to calm down the other 2 kids, then we should at least cover up the guard’s leg, so she doesn’t see the giant chunk that’s missing.

Also, Suplex, I think it’s safe for you to let go of the other guard you’ve been holding onto this entire time. I don’t think he’s anymore of a threat than the other guy.
No. 916893 ID: 158da5

Yeah and it was Suplex's "job" to kill mindlessly, hell everyone here had jobs or orders to commit or perpetuate evil, and they've ALL turned against that. Until you're dead you have a chance to do something right.

No. 916927 ID: e7848c

Make sure Nelson is okay. Gather everyone up but keep someone on watch duty for the door. Let's see if we can talk those kids into not attacking on sight.
No. 916957 ID: 2d9a3d

Well, we were a dangerous kid too.

Go on, let the others help here, go secure the kiddos.
No. 916958 ID: b1b4f3

Just because they're kids doesn't mean we shouldn't respect their strength.
No. 916965 ID: 9bb4d2

Hey, all of us have done stuff we regret in this hellhole. That doesn't mean you don't deserve help, and it certainly doesn't mean you can't change.
The only person here that doesn't deserve help is Anya.
No. 916969 ID: 2202fb

Grab this guy and smash him into the wall; enough to hurt, but no permanent damage. Ask him what the fucking hell he did.
No. 916992 ID: 91ee5f

Not in front of the children. We’re trying to calm them down so that they’ll come with us.
No. 917004 ID: e3e99e

"Counter-offer: We patch you up, and you can make up for the shit you've done by fighting the monsters who run this place."
No. 917073 ID: 3ab33d

I doubt we can bring him and the children, they probably don't want to be around him, considering what he had to do. I'm guessing he was assigned to conduct the more brutal experimentation.
No. 917157 ID: 2202fb

From the most recent update, i dont know how much children is left (phrasing is intentional). Gross children really doesnt matter when you cant take 5/8 children and 1/2 children and combine them to get 1 children with remainder.
No. 917160 ID: 91ee5f

He’s talking about thing he did in the past, not something he did right now.

There’s still 2 children that we’ve gotta convince to come with us.

Why do you suddenly think the children are dead?
No. 917270 ID: 53b212
File 154726145219.png - (32.72KB , 550x550 , 237.png )

You drop the first guard straight onto the floor and run to Nelson’s side, exhaling only when you realize he’s unharmed- but very, very distressed. He doesn’t say a single word, just stares ahead, unable to blink.

The child inside the chamber coughs, a wet, struggling sound. Your eyes adjust to the dark interior and the bottom of your stomach drops out, unable to stop yourself from taking a few steps towards her.

Her breath is labored, and just one look tells you that the kid is sick, has been for hours. Her dress is stained with something black and horrible, the same kind of substance you saw in Storage, kept amidst the meat lockers. The same kind of substance you’ve seen spilling out of some siblings you were forced to fight, sickeningly sweet and dark as pitch.
No. 917271 ID: 53b212
File 154726146917.png - (21.96KB , 550x550 , 238.png )

Melanie races forward, wrapping her sister up in a tight squeeze.


Maes looks like she’ll be sick again for a moment, but calms as soon as she registers who’s holding her.

MAES: ...Melly, is that you?
MAES: It hurts...
MELANIE: I’m here! I’m here, I’m here…
No. 917272 ID: 53b212
File 154726149132.png - (15.50KB , 550x550 , 239.png )

Melanie lets her sister go, still holding tight onto her hand and watching with a worried expression. Maes looks up at you, glazed over eyes moving from person to person.

MAES: Who are they?
MAES: Where’s our mom?
MAES: ...did I do it wrong, again?
MAES: I tried so hard, I promise…
No. 917273 ID: 53b212
File 154726151522.png - (17.60KB , 550x550 , 240.png )

You back away from the kids, not even trying to hold the anger back as you lift up the second guard just enough to slam his head into the wall, the other flinching.

SUPLEX: Just your fucking job, huh?
SUPLEX: What the fuck did you do to her?!
SUPLEX: They’re...they’re just kids!

He says nothing, not even when you slam his head again. It takes a few moments before the first guard finally speaks up, his voice dazed.

???? (1): T-Toxins.
???? (1): Today was toxin testing.
???? (1): She’s digested everything up until now without trouble, no matter what it is.
???? (2): Turns out, even little bits of toxic waste, those, those are fine.
???? (2): Bigger doses, though...
???? (2): They finally found out how much makes her sick.

The second guard lets his head loll onto his shoulder, the nervous smile back again. The first remains silent, avoiding eye contact like his life depended on it.

???? (2): There’s nothing here worth sparing anymore.
No. 917275 ID: b1b4f3

...ask what we'll find behind the other door. We need to be prepared.
No. 917276 ID: 7e9c89

...i’d agree. he isn’t going to fight, so we can leave him or kill him. its - i almost want to leave it up to maes, but that’s... unfair to her i think. she’s still just a kid, but. i don’t know
No. 917277 ID: b1b4f3

Probably shouldn't murder anyone in front of the kids. They need to know they're in good hands.
No. 917279 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Suplex, I know you’re angry and you have every right to be angry, but watch your fucking language in front of the children!

Ask them what they did to the other child.
No. 917281 ID: 158da5

Let the kids learn swears.

You're all here to help. And Maes has never done anything wrong, it was "mother" that failed her.

Tell him to fix it, maybe hurt his wound to motivate him, and shut him up if he isn't useful. Then force the other one to give us something actually useful even if it's a fucking guess.
No. 917326 ID: ab9cfc

patch them up, help them out, get them to give you whatever info they can

they may be determined to die but if they want to actually stop this, if they want to take responsibility and stop being cowards, they'll come with you. if you get out they can live with what they've done and help stop it from happening again.

also check on maes obvs. are they okay?

also also how is maes pronounced
No. 917327 ID: 83bf07

Everyone did evil here. They are no different. Press them for a cure.
No. 917332 ID: 53b212

it's pronounced "my-ehs" because apparently kid me did not know how the fuck the name is usually pronounced when i made her
No. 917572 ID: 7d9d06

You keep saying these are just kids, but these are Mother's favorites, the most promising candidates for her heir. The heir Mother seeks must be as much of a badass motherfucker as she is, so these... kids...

If you take Maes with you, just be very careful that her extreme hunger cravings don't include... you. You're familiar enough with hunger cravings, I'm sure. Well, hers might be uh... more.

Oh, speaking of those files, Maes's file says she can unhinge her jaw, but your file doesn't say you can unhinge your jaw at all. Looks like they don't know everything you're capable of. You might be able to surprise them if you can do stuff that's not in your file.

Huh, rows of teeth, too. Now that I look at it, Maes is kind of like a mini you!
No. 917616 ID: 2202fb

Rather than worry about the ethics here, lets try to be a bit more pragmatic regarding the whole thing. Find out where an antidote is. If there isn't one, try to find out the properties of this stuff. We have options like drinking water, milk, milk of magnesia, eating activated charcoal, and to induce vomiting.
No. 917913 ID: 53b212
File 154760810114.png - (15.42KB , 550x550 , 241.png )

You let the guard go after one more quick slam, figuring it’d be for good measure. He collapses, and you could care less. Seeing how Maes was doing was a higher priority than whatever the hell this jackass wanted.

Approaching the kids fills you up with nerves all over again, Maes doing no better than earlier.

SUPLEX: Hey, uh…
MELANIE: This is Suplex! She’s really, really nice.
MELANIE: She’s like...a new big sister to me!! So I’m sure she’ll be yours too!

You try not to look as surprised as you feel. Warm and fuzzy is not a familiar feeling, but not a bad one either. More to think about later.

MAES: Oh...okay….
MAES: Hi, then...I’m-
SUPLEX: It’s okay. I know who you are, Maes, right?

She nods, swallowing hard.

MAES: S-sorry. I’m trying. I promise.
MAES: I really, really promise…

The glazed look to her eyes returns, and the rage building in your stomach returns with full force.

SUPLEX: Watch your sister, Melanie.
SUPLEX: I have to go talk to those other guys. See what I can get.
CHANCE: I’ll stay with them.
CHANCE: I could use Mel’s help clueing Maes in, anyway.
Melanie smiles wide, only fading when Maes starts hacking up sludge again.
No. 917914 ID: 53b212
File 154760816156.png - (12.97KB , 550x550 , 242.png )

You storm back to the guards, snarling.

SUPLEX: Fix it.
???? (2): I can’t-
SUPLEX: Then tell us how we can!
SUPLEX: She hasn’t done anything wrong, and she needs our help.
SUPLEX: Hate what you had to do that much? Then make yourselves useful, or stay out of our way while we handle it ourselves.

The second guard doesn’t respond, not a single word or gesture. You turn to the first one, watching as he struggled to his feet.

SUPLEX: There has to be something you can do. Something you can give us.
???? (1): Th-the dosage we gave her would be way beyond lethal to anyone else.
???? (1): There’s nothing to be done. Just letting it pass through her system and recording how long it takes, how severe the reactions are...that was our assignment.
???? (1): Her condition’s been improving, it was worse earlier.
???? (1): We legitimately can’t give you anything to help, but she’s not going to die.
???? (1): Dr. Artag makes sure of it. Very specific dosages, steady increments, plenty of controls...
???? (1): It’s taken a lot of trials to get to this point, and probably the last one we’d be doing.
???? (1): ...probably.

He goes silent, shuffling his feet.

???? (1): I’m sorry. It’s all I can tell you.
???? (2): That’s not even the problem kid, h-haha.
???? (2): It’s the other one you have to look out for.
No. 917915 ID: 53b212
File 154760817863.png - (12.24KB , 550x550 , 243.png )

???? (1): I’m loathe to agree, but...MC-001 here is well behaved.
???? (1): She’s not the one who bit him.
???? (1): The tests we’ve been running should keep MC-003 sedated enough, but not for long.
???? (2): Drainage tests are a bitch, b-both for the kid and for us. I can’t blame anybody for that reaction, can’t blame at all there...
SUPLEX: The fu-
You remember there are kids here, and hold back on swearing. Even if you really want to.
SUPLEX: ...what’s a drainage test?
???? (1): MC-003 can’t form clots correctly, not without help.
???? (1): None of the triplets have blood per se, but MC-003 will bleed out until patched up. Not to the point of death, the sludge regenerates too quickly for that…

He grimaces, still in pain from the rough treatment you gave him.

???? (1): We can give you some bandages to help...without them you’ll have problems.
No. 917917 ID: 7e9c89

take the bandages. is there any more info we need to press him for? i’m not.. i don’t think we need to worry about the kids hurting us if we’re careful and honest w/ them, so our priority has to be helping them asap
No. 917918 ID: 91ee5f

>You try not to look as surprised as you feel. Warm and fuzzy is not a familiar feeling, but not a bad one either. More to think about later.
Yeah, these kids are definitely going to end up calling you Mama Suplex. Especially if you start acting like a better mother than their real mom, who is a gigantic bitch.

His name is Mason! Get it right!
No. 917920 ID: b1b4f3

Sludge? Guess that's a symptom of his Horror infusion.
Well, first thing's first, ask how long the sedation lasts. We're going to have to get him out of that room and bandaged up before he can wake up enough to bite anyone, then figure out who can keep track of him when he's awake without getting bit.
How strong is he? Maybe we can just find a blanket or something and keep him bundled up? Depending on his disposition he may find it comforting.
No. 917944 ID: 158da5

Sister. Suplex didn't like the comparison to Mama last time, and Melanie said sister anyway.
I definitely agree about insisting about the names. No more emotional distance for them.

Take the bandages after that, then ask them for anything to watch out for with the sludge and general care, then get back to the kids with the "good" news. Then let's see Mason.
No. 918084 ID: a9af05

>His name is Mason! Get it right!
Say this!

I'm pretty sure that mama thing was meant as a joke. Don't take it too seriously.
No. 918085 ID: 0e2ebe

Don't tell people how seriously to take something.
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