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File 151445178130.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
854203 No. 854203 ID: 8a251a

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/homebrewdeviants
TEAM SITE:http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/
PAST THREADS: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Tiny_Cat_People

You are VOIDSY, and as your name would imply, you’re in the void. It has been some time since you’ve focused your collective mind, but you need to move. It’s time to collect your thoughts.

The game is officially starting, and your enemy is the most notorious god of the Taverne pantheon- one you want to join if you win this game. Not only do you want to teach this murderer a lesson, but losing this game means death. Your tiny cat people are akin to your children, and you love them- and you will prepare them for war.

You’ve upset Wretch, and that needs attention sooner rather than later. Strategizing with Eastwood was easy enough, but you haven’t talked to Miller as much. Talking to all of your alliance members will be crucial to your success against Spit. Talking to Spit was a disaster, and while continuing a conversation would be a terrible idea, it is an option.

Your cats are armed to the teeth, but Jasper seems...less than comfortable with their new existence. Maybe a one on one talk would be a good idea. Like talking to your god teammates, communication with your TCPs can’t go wrong.

Of course, there’s always directly planning your next move. You can multitask some things, but not too many, focus would be a better plan in most situations- what’s your first move?
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No. 920109 ID: b1b4f3

...we did teach Dad some manner of cooking right? We might have to send her some cooking supplies though...

Man that sucks Wax. Good luck. Or maybe we shouldn't wish you luck since we're technically enemies???
No. 920112 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, Primus, just relax and be yourself! There’s no need to be nervous! You and Lover talk to each other, while Dad and Devil cook the food!

Oops! Sorry about that, Dad! This is entirely our fault!

Don’t worry! We’ll, uh, walk you through it! As for the tools, we’ll have to improvise! Or ask Devil if we can borrow some.

>We might have to send her some cooking supplies though...
I don’t think we can do that, since they would need to be created. And in order to create things, our TCPs can’t be on an adventure, which is what they’re doing right now.

I think we might need to improvise everything and hope for the best.
No. 920115 ID: 2202fb

Might we be able to fly in a care package for them somehow?
No. 920122 ID: b1b4f3

We could deliver items already created. Surely there's cooking supplies in someone's base? Just gotta run them over, and put them down at the edge of the date area as not to interrupt things.

Actually, that gives me an idea for a future creation. An item delivery cannon! Though I wonder what the cost would be.
No. 920133 ID: 91ee5f

>An item delivery cannon! Though I wonder what the cost would be.
Items getting destroyed because they can’t survive getting shot out of a cannon?
No. 920141 ID: 730675

How about raining the picnic area in shrapnel because barbecue tools are pointy and dense?
No. 920149 ID: 2202fb

How about a drone, a crate, and a parachute?
No. 920151 ID: a63944

We don't need to make an autonomous, robotic, flying drone guys. We've been over this before! We CANNOT afford to advance the tech level willy-nilly.

Just have someone fetch whatever supplies Dad needs and then run them out there.
No. 920155 ID: 2202fb

ffs it is a small drone, not a bomber.
No. 920156 ID: 2202fb

We (or at least I) really really need some official clarification on what will and will not trigger an autobalance, and how strict this is enforced, otherwise we are just capping ourself in the knee.
No. 920178 ID: a07916

No. 920191 ID: a9af05

Darn. Oh, well. It was worth a try.

And, yeah, you should probably make a rule where you're allowed to leave an alliance if your teammate purposefully attacks you. Just make sure purposeful attacks are what triggers it and not accidental attacks!

Can't teach anything while on an adventure.
No. 920209 ID: 130f18

Alright you daddy ass futhermucker, let me guide your godsblessed hand with this basic grill tutorial, done manual style.

First thing you're gonna need is something to move things on the grill. For burgers you're gonna want something flat to stick under em and turn em over. If they're dogs, you're gonna want something to pick up and roll them into better positions.

Cooking food on an open fire grill is way different from a flattop.
>For open fire:
You don't want to leave one side over the fire too long. This burns it. Fire is unpredictable, so you need to move it around based on what part of the meat you want to cook.
>For flattop:
These babies cook more evenly and won't burn as easily. You don't need to move it around like on an open flame, you just need to know when one side is done.
>How to tell when it's done
When the side facing up starts to bleed, it means the bottom side is finished cooking and you need to flip it, or it will dry out or burn. Then you do the same thing with the other side.
These cook a lot faster than burgers. As they heat up the gasses inside will make them expand. You want to make them plump and evenly cooked, but not burnt, and you don't want them to pop or sputter - that means the gas escaped and they'll probably be dry.
If you want to be fancy, you can toast the buns on the grill too. These burn quickly, so just give them a light toasting.

Follow these steps and you should be able to not suck.
No. 920242 ID: e37a06

Anything and everything substantial (IE more than a pillow) that we make will create an equivalent power object on the other teams. (The author has stated on the discord their dismay at our love for magic items)

Auto-Balance appears to be an automatic system to regulate early super high tech items (IE something that can kill a god) by automatically giving it to everyone, and calling in an admin to handle the almost inevitable escalation of tech.
No. 920297 ID: ab9cfc

just serve the food raw its not like y'all have had enough meat to tell the difference
No. 920298 ID: 91ee5f

No, that is unacceptable! We want to make this date enjoyable and part of an enjoyable date is good food!
No. 920740 ID: 53b212
File 154995968781.png - (14.33KB , 500x500 , 207.png )

VOIDSY: Man, that really sucks.
WAX: mm.
VOIDSY: Why not make a rule where you’re allowed to leave an alliance if a teammate purposefully attacks you?
WAX: i’ll consider it.
WAX: thanks. for now, let’s enjoy this moment of respite.
VOIDSY: Good luck- should we be wishing you luck, actually?
WAX: that’s your call, honestly.
WAX: either way, it’s appreciated

You finally notice your fatherly TCP’s distress, immediately going into comfort zone. Hey, it’s alright- you’re going to help her through this. This is your fault for suggesting something that she wasn’t prepared for, and honestly- many dads don’t know anything about grilling anyway. The basics are very easy, and you’ll even help give a little tutorial of sorts.

Dad tries to swallow down her panic, getting a grip before Devil could notice her nerves.

Okay, okay. Breathe. Grilling isn’t something she has a skill for, but general cooking, yeah. She knows that you can put ingredients together and prepare them in ways to make new, more exciting dishes. ...Knowing it and being able to do it are two different things, but how hard can it be? It’s just...a specific kind of cooking. That she has no idea how to do. Yeah.

You tell Dad to stall, and listening to your directions, she makes a dramatic pose and says that pff, does Devil still cook with tools?
No. 920741 ID: 53b212
File 154995970634.png - (17.86KB , 500x500 , 208.png )

Yes, Devil says, pulling a massive cleaver out of the air itself.
No. 920742 ID: 53b212
File 154995972904.png - (10.51KB , 500x500 , 209.png )

Before Dad can even ask what she’s doing, Devil pulls out some packaged meat, burger buns, unfamiliar vegetables, and a spray bottle, just as suddenly as the cleaver. Does Dad need some tools? Devil says she is well prepared, completely practical in her tone.

Dad quietly asks you what tools would be good, and at your suggestion, she asks for a fork to turn the hotdogs with. Devil pulls one out of the air, perfectly sized to Dad’s hand. Dad can’t keep it, she says, but it should work for now.

Dad takes it with a profuse thank you, still kind of amazed. Devil pulls out a stool for Dad, and the two of them start getting set up.

You give Dad clear instructions, specific to hot dogs and the open fire grill.

Put fuel in the grill, and let it get hot.
Put the food on the grill, and make sure to move the meat around to ensure it cooks evenly. Make sure that the food doesn’t turn black- though some black lines are acceptable, and commonplace.
When edges of the food start to turn darker, turn them over. Hot dogs cook pretty fast, and they’ll expand when they’re nice and cooked. Don’t let them pop, or they’ll get too dry.
Dad can also toast the buns, if she wants to get fancy with it. After that, all there is to do is take the food off the grill and serve.

She listens and nods after every step, watching as Devil sets up the charcoal and produces a lighter from the air- discarding it just as easily with a wave of her hand and a shaking of her head. Thank goodness, that should be all. Devil was starting to get a bit of a headache.
No. 920743 ID: 53b212
File 154995975728.png - (36.50KB , 500x500 , 210.png )

You turn your focus to Primus, the tent type having sat down and done his best to relax. You tell him to just relax, be himself...Dad and Devil are gonna cook some food, and he and Lover can just sit and talk.

Lover seems to be listening to their own god, and both TCPs turn to each other simultaneously, laughing as soon as they realize. Is Primus’ god hovering over like a helicopter too?

A helicopter? What’s that, Primus asks.

It’s a vehicle, Lover says with an ever-present grin. One that hovers through the air, using propellers. Makes a terrible racket, but that sounds pretty cool to them, you know? Primus agrees with a nod, admitting that loud noises can be pretty exciting, as long as he expects them! He pauses, asking Lover if they have a helicopter, considering they know so much about them.

Oh, nah. They just learned about it from books. They’ve got all kinds back at the fortress, and Lover knows lots and lots of things. All of their team does.

Lover tilts into a relaxed position, floating casually. The outside world, beyond this place...it sure is interesting. It’s got wild things to it, things Primus could never even think up in dreams.

Oh, but that’s not too interesting, is it? Primus didn’t come here to talk about books, did he?

Little does Lover know, Primus really wants to talk about books, and is mildly vibrating over the chance to gush over them...though most of what he’s read is fiction. Would that even be interesting to the mask type, with how much they seem to know about a whole other world? What would he even ask them about?
No. 920744 ID: f1ae8a

Hey Primus remember the be yourself?
It's ok to say you're interested in that, and show those sincere book feelings
No. 920745 ID: 7e9c89

talking about things you enjoy and asking questions is a great way to act on a date, primus! maybe ask what the coolest things lover's learned are?
No. 920848 ID: 130f18

Express interest in books. Share your favorite fictional stories. Perhaps share some of your drawings.
No. 920883 ID: 3642ad

i think talking about books is definitely a good idea!! so long as your excited to talk, i'm sure lover will be happy listen. books are a super cool interest and i bet lover would be happy to talk about them too! it honestly seems like they were worried about boring you, not that they think books are boring. this is their first time on a date too, they might also be feeling a bit self-conscious! showing that you're interested in what they're saying is a really good way of reassuring them.
No. 920888 ID: a9af05

It's ok to talk about books! Just try to not talk too much for too long a time, otherwise you'll end up being the only one talking and that wouldn't be fun!

As long as you give Lover a chance to talk and you don't talk over them or interrupt them, you should be fine.
No. 921019 ID: 91ee5f

Like everyone else has said, go ahead and talk about books if you want to!

Just don’t gush over them too much!
No. 921890 ID: a627e3

talk about book if you want. your not just getting to know Lover, Lover's also getting to know you!
No. 921891 ID: a627e3

how's Dad doing? Kinda feel bad about the cook off idea...
No. 922245 ID: 53b212
File 155055087522.png - (39.80KB , 500x500 , 211.png )

You tell Primus to be himself- absolutely share his interests if he wants to! This is Lover’s first date too, and it’s okay to share things he cares about. That’s the whole point, even. Just make sure to listen, and leave room for Lover to talk.

Why not ask what the coolest thing they’ve learned is? Primus nods excitedly, though not so much as to catch Lover’s attention. He asks away, Lover

The coolest thing...that’d have to be angels.

Angels? Primus asks.

Lover perches their head on their hands and rolling it slightly as they talk, almost as if they couldn’t contain their own enthusiasm. Oh yeah. Angels.
No. 922247 ID: 53b212
File 155055089060.png - (34.47KB , 500x500 , 212.png )

They clap their hands all of a sudden, a whiteboard materializing with little fanfare. They make sure to catch it before it hits the ground, cradling it in their hands and beckoning Primus over to see. A sort of snapping motion summons a marker, which they almost seem to squint at for a moment. Wrong damn color. After some concentration and a few slow color shifts, the marker changes to a hot pink, Lover finally satisfied.

Now, they’re gonna need quiet for this one. Gotta keep the focus up, got it? Primus nods eagerly, watching Lover’s every movement.
No. 922248 ID: 53b212
File 155055090677.png - (31.28KB , 500x500 , 213.png )

Angels back on Morbit are nasty things. Big ol’ fuckers usually, big enough to loom over people. How much bigger than us, Primus whispers, not wanting to interrupt too much. Oh, way bigger. Too big to even make sense of.

They’re mysterious, Lover continues. Beasts of unimaginable knowledge, they may as well see people like bugs. Like dust, even. Not even gods know where they came from, because they sure as hell didn’t make them.
No. 922249 ID: 53b212
File 155055092281.png - (29.20KB , 500x500 , 214.png )

You can’t get on an angel’s bad side, because if you do, they can get pretty steamed up. And when they’re steamed up, they change you in ways you can’t come back from. They’ll go ahead and like...they’ll take your arm, or something, yeah? They’ll take your arm and they’ll go put it in a whole other TIMELINE, and you can still move it and stuff, but it’s not with you anymore, it’s just floating around grabbing around at shit. You can’t reverse it, you’re just...stuck with it. All because you crossed its path, or made it a little sour with you.

Primus barely understands any of this, and Lover’s drawings aren’t exactly easy to decipher, but he’s riveted all the same.
No. 922252 ID: 2202fb

Bring out

No. 922262 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, rings... like our body. I wonder if Angels are aliens too.
No. 922265 ID: 3bf103

why dyou think those are the coolest, lover?
No. 922309 ID: caf1de

TEACH Primus: lovecraftian lore
No. 922311 ID: 91ee5f

We can’t teach our TCPs anything while they are on an adventure!
No. 922315 ID: a9af05

Primus, now it's your turn. Tell Lover about the coolest thing you've learned.

No, let's not do that.

Besides, we can't teach while away from the base.
No. 922337 ID: ba56e6

We can tell you about our world's angels sometime. But for now share with Lover the coolest thing you've learned.
No. 922346 ID: 2202fb

We can teach Primus about lovecraftian lore without "TEACH"ing it. But we should talk about our angels.
No. 922386 ID: 6efaad

Hey Primus, ask Lover where they got that marker from. Wax couldn't have created it just now, and magically storing stuff usually has some cost, so how did they get the marker?
No. 923451 ID: a627e3

I agree with this. we can teach them this stuff later.

to be fair, our angels aren't much better. A lot more civel, but whether you can say that's a good or bad thing is up for debate.
No. 923537 ID: e32fae

I think that we should just let Primus be himself. I feel like if we tell him what to say for everything it will feel more like we're dating Lover instead of him.
Primus, just talk about what cool things you've learned!
No. 924178 ID: a627e3

ok that makes sense.
No. 925420 ID: 53b212
File 155235840669.png - (38.72KB , 500x500 , 215.png )

You tell Primus that he’s got this, and that he should just focus on being himself- he’s the one on a date, not you. You can tell him about Earth’s angels sometime, but for now, spend this moment together. Just keep asking questions and share what you think is coolest too!

Primus asks why Lover thinks those are the coolest- they do sound pretty exciting, but kinda scary as well! Lover shrugs in response. If there weren’t any scary things, then the comfy ones wouldn’t have as much impact, yeah? For every hellish beast out there, there’s a nice warm couch safe and sound, far away from them. Makes them think, really.

Your tent type fidgets, working up the courage to ask whether Lover would like to hear his favorite things. Of course, my dude, that’s what this is all about. Lover gives him a playful but gentle arm punch. Give me all you got.

Primus makes a motion as if taking a deep breath, trying not to burst out into excited yammering. He’s been reading this book called Treasure Island lately, and he thinks that a boat adventure would be super cool! He’s never actually seen the ocean, but Bryce says that there’s one over by his god’s base, and he’s been so so so hyped up to go visit sometime.

Hey, maybe the next time they go for a date, they can go to the beach, yeah? So long as, yknow, things work out. Primus nods with enthusiasm. He watches as Lover’s marker and whiteboard disappear with a flick of his wrist, tilting his head slightly. How are they doing that? He’s seen you do that, but never another TCP.

Lover laughs, materializing a puff of confetti and glitter before letting it fade. That, their dear canvas friend, is a secret. As well as this date is going, they’re still on opposite sides of the battlefield. Tell him what, though- if things shake out, they’ll be sure to show him everything.
No. 925421 ID: 53b212
File 155235842682.png - (25.06KB , 500x500 , 216.png )

Meanwhile, Dad continues on her grill quest, still somewhat intimidated by her peer- the contest of who’s more skilled has an obvious winner, Devil pulling tools and spices out of the air with ease. Even so, Dad is doing her best, and her results aren’t looking too shabby.

Devil hums to herself as she works, asking Dad how she feels about this whole...dating thing. Dad shrugs, saying that it looks pretty fun, and that she’s happy if Primus is happy.

The flesh type nods, asking if she would have any interest in doing such a thing...not with Devil herself, of course. She’s far too preoccupied at the moment, what with the whole conflict going on, and...other distractions. But! Did Dad happen to have a sweetheart, perchance? Someone beloved?

Well, maybe. It’s kinda hard to read sometimes, but she’s got somebody she wants to spend a lot of time with, yknow? Someone that feels...right, to be around. Dad just wants to see her happy, and she figures that’s gotta be worth something. Hard to tell if it’s actually reciprocated, but hey; worth thinking about-
No. 925422 ID: 53b212
File 155235845092.png - (20.22KB , 500x500 , 217.png )

Devil leans over the grill, looming over Dad as she begins to plate her meal.

Dad really should be more careful. Devil is her enemy, after all, and such information betrays weakness. Just because someone is nice to her doesn’t mean she should volunteer details so readily.
No. 925423 ID: b1b4f3

Love and affection brings teammates together in times of crisis. It's not weakness.
No. 925424 ID: 130f18

Enemies need not always be enemies. A conversation to continue when that day comes, perhaps.
No. 925425 ID: 7e9c89

don't menace our dad!!! let dad know if this escalates we're here for her, and.. watch closely lover and primus jic. i dont think there's any defense or commentary we can give that won't reveal more
No. 925429 ID: 130f18

She's saying that revealing targets to the enemy is a weakness.
No. 925432 ID: 3ed3c3

Duly noted. With that being said perhaps a change of subject is in order.
No. 925451 ID: 91ee5f

That’s true.

Spit could be spying on us right now and revealing someone you care about will just make them a target for Spit.
No. 925470 ID: 2202fb

If I didnt know better, I'd say that sounded like a threat.

While we cant know for sure, it sounds like Dad feels more of the familial, paternal love rather than romance.


I think i figured out how they are doing the magic. When we get back, lets create hammerspace for our TCPs.
No. 925476 ID: 91ee5f

>When we get back, lets create hammerspace for our TCPs.
We already did that. We created Bags of Holding for everyone: >>878737 , where the space within the bags is shared by all of them, allowing for any TCP to pull from their contents, from any location, again, as long as it fits. However, taking an item from the bag will cost health, but putting them in will not.
No. 925484 ID: 553847

Well, how does Devil know she's telling the truth? Makes you think.
No. 925494 ID: 2e4f20

Talking can bridge gaps between enemies. Conversation is the first step to becoming friends, and stopping having to fight each other. We want Devil to be our friend too, eventually.

And eh, Dad didn't actually name names on who it is so... should be fine?
No. 925495 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I just realized if Spit's team has a long range attacker, or even just long range weapons, they could snipe Whipp from out of the balloon.
Do we have any way to prevent that?
No. 925500 ID: cfad5b

Devil has a point Dad, but in all honesty Wax's team can just be allied with in the even Spit's team goes rogue or is defeated.

>Do you really want to use that against people and hurt them, or do you just want to keep the people you care about safe?
No. 925531 ID: 2202fb

if we are okay with using tͩ́̓̐͊͏̤̟̤͚̭͈e̞͇̿́ͤ̿̒̑͆ͅc͒҉h͍͍̺̀̔̄͛̄͒n̴̯̗̹̬͖ͭͪ̋̆̃̓ͦö̡́̔ͧ̔l͐ó̗̹g̓̾̅̚y̞͚, we could mount a countermeasure system onto the balloon that would shoot a bullet at high-speed projectiles using the same sort of tracking phalanx turrets use.
No. 925535 ID: 9b7f98

If you're assuming the person listening is always going to be an enemy, yeah. If you assume they're always going to try hurt you as much as they can. But if there's doubt as to whether they are, or if they're going to or not... talking about yourself can tip those odds.

It's easier to hurt people when you can pretend they aren't people. When you can tell yourself maybe they don't have anything they're looking forward to, or other people who would care if they got hurt. But when you know someone has feelings and friends, when you know more of what hurting them would mean, then you shouldn't be as willing to hurt them or let them get hurt.

... CHECK Dad. As well as her status, I want a reminder how the dad type ability works. We effectively promised not to interfere in the date, but Devil technically isn't on the date. And the use of Dad's ability doesn't contravene the truce we made with Wax's team, since it doesn't cause injury.
No. 925552 ID: 130f18

Not only Spit.

Wax's TCPs are under no contractual obligations to assist Spit's TCPs, but Wax is under contractual obligations to assist Spit, which means ordering them to assist Spit's TCPs.

In addition, Wax is currently watching, and can see what is being said. His TCPs are not obligated to use this information against us, but Wax may be obligated to share information with Spit if she asks.

And so, anything tactical revealed here may find its way to Spit's ears, whether she's actively spying or not, and whether Wax or his TCPs want it to or not.
No. 925929 ID: cbdfa8

Have you every heard that expression "keep you friends close, but your enemies Closer"?

Use that to your advantage, but remember this is a date for primus. dont go ruining it.

besides its good to make good first impressions with people.
No. 926285 ID: 8d23f0

but if you only treat someone as an enemy thats all they will ever be, the best way to make friends is to treat people like one, and Devil and Lover seem like they are nice friends.
No. 926307 ID: 53b212
File 155297340009.png - (19.45KB , 500x500 , 218.png )

You let your collective thoughts rumble around before speaking, more than a little worried about all the bad ways this could play out. You try to keep it easy on your TCP so she can make her own conclusions- love brings teammates together, and she doesn’t need to be enemies with Devil. Just keep an eye on things- while Wax was watching, so were you.

If she does want more direct advice- she shouldn’t be afraid to speak up for herself. Question Devil’s intentions, her motivations here. Speak her mind. You’d back up whatever happens, and have faith in her choices here.

Dad keeps her back straight and head held high, asking what Devil’s game really is. Does she like hurting people, or assuming that people are going to hurt her? That doesn’t seem like a good way to live, and she’d much rather spend her own time hoping for the best, albeit a careful and cautious hope. Friends have far more value to her than enemies, and it’s easier to consider somebody a friend if you know a little more about them, even if they’re on separate sides of the same battlefield.
No. 926308 ID: 53b212
File 155297341683.png - (22.36KB , 500x500 , 219.png )

...Very good.

Devil has people she cares about as well, you know. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but it is...necessary, at times. She too has a special someone, someone who she would protect regardless of what it takes- and now they’re even. This goes two ways, Devil says. Dad revealed a personal detail in order to make herself more sympathetic, and now Devil has done the same.

What Dad does with this information is up to her, just as much as it’s up to Devil. So, now the playing field is even, and whatever happens from here will be the true test of character.

Dad takes this in, realizing she’s been tested. What starts to show as indignation turns to respect, and the dad type nods in approval. She can take that- and she hopes for Devil’s sake that her special someone is someone she can rely on, just like she can with her own- yknow, if that person wants to be that anyway.
No. 926309 ID: 53b212
File 155297343570.png - (34.71KB , 500x500 , 220.png )

The food is plated, and everyone settles in together. Before they can dig in, Devil raises a hand. There was one final step- this kind of food is rather inedible in its current state, no matter how well it’s been cooked. We TCPs, says Devil, cannot consume matter outside of food types and other specific scenarios. Like health potions, asks Dad? Yes, Exactly like that. Devil has a little trick, however.

She pulls a bottle of what looks like dressing from the air itself, lightly shaking some on their meal. It dissolves into the food without a trace left behind, some sinking into the plate as well. That should do it.

Dig in.
No. 926310 ID: 53b212
File 155297345746.png - (1.65KB , 500x500 , 221.png )

A feeling of dread seeps in as you watch the date unfold, unable to place Why, unable to figure out what exactly was making your skin crawl.

Miller suddenly makes a fearful, choking sound over the call, and if you had blood, it’d run cold.

Something’s not right.
No. 926311 ID: 53b212
File 155297347038.png - (129.08KB , 500x500 , 222.png )

Jasper’s health is now SUFFERING.
No. 926313 ID: 7e9c89

TURN OUR ATTN TO HOME, warn dad and primus that we're looking away and get the sphinx to watch them;;; i hope jasper and everyone else there is okay. ask miller what happened while we try and find out
No. 926314 ID: b1b4f3

...the base is under attack. We can't do anything to help, can we? Can't use any commands on an adventure, and we have can't speak with our TCPs at home base either.
Sounds like Jasper took the first hit, but Buddy and Marmet should be there too.

...oh god did we really take the Sphinx Guardian out to the date? It needs to be back at base immediately! Also didn't we have a forcefield around the base? Did Jasper go out the barrier for some reason?

...can we get any kind of visual feed via the conference call? It'd be nice to try to give tactical advice, but getting a secondhand description via audio won't cut it.
No. 926321 ID: 1d8da8

Calling Wretch and Miller, what happened to Jasper? Are any other TCPs injured?
No. 926326 ID: 8d23f0

oh boy thats some magic item backlash if I am right, be ready to call Wax for advice if Miller is actually getting hurt by this because of unknown costs with magic as powerful as reviving the dead is extremely dangerous.
Check on Jasper and see if there is a food type or a healer nearby to help.
No. 926328 ID: d6ecb3

Alright, this is... bad.
Before we do anything, either send the TCPs home or keep them here, we should know EXACTLY what's going on here. We don't know if Spit has an ambush planned, either for our base, this field, or both.
Try to call Wretch first, then Eastwood if she doesn't pick up. Ask what they know, what they see. Tell them what we know in turn (if they aren't already aware.)
While we're doing this, tell Dad and Primus that we need to step back for a moment to figure something out, but to be on high alert- Jasper's health has suddenly dropped and we don't yet know what's going on.
No. 926329 ID: 575ec0

Oh I get it. Sleep poison the food so were technically perma-stuck in an adventure and cannot create or teach.
Then attack the Base.

This could be checkmate.
No. 926331 ID: 10c408

There's no way that Devil didn't just spike the freaking food, what an asshole.

Start calling anyone, if we can do that at all.

(Ohhh let's go on a date, nothing bad could possibly go wrong with this)
No. 926333 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think Devil spiked the food at all. This is Wax’s team and he enjoys this stuff, I don’t think he’d purposely ruin the date.

I think this is all Spit and her team. She’s making her move and is attacking the base while we’re not looking. It might be time to implement our plan and try to lure Spit’s team into the Unhallowed Sanctuary to cut them off from Spit.
No. 926335 ID: 10c408

...This is what I get for not reading the thread again. A-durr, Devil is actually another of Wax's TCP's and not spit's.

That said the date might as well be ruined. We're fucking locked out while Dad and Primus's team members are under attack.
No. 926338 ID: ab1fe9

The communicator's open, let's just ask Miller what happened before we do anything else.
No. 926342 ID: cfad5b

Dad I'm gonna need to go for a bit. I trust you'll be alright but I need to check on Jasper and the others, something's wrong. I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I can. Tell Primus I love you both if I'm gone too long.

>Check Jasper
>Check Marnet
>Check Buddy
What's going on Miller?
No. 926367 ID: cbdfa8

seconding this.

"what the fuck is going on miller?!!?"
No. 926377 ID: 2a13fa

I'd stress in any case to ask Miller what's going on, since she seems to have some level of an idea. Can we even manage the base when our TCPs are out on an adventure? If not, we might need to book it the fuck home ASAP.
Also, seconding; definitely CHECK Jasper, Marnet and Buddy. I swear to fucking god if someone hurts our cats...
No. 926385 ID: 130f18

Jasper went to scout the unhallowed sanctuary, remember? That's probably why we can't see what's happening.
No. 926386 ID: b1b4f3

No, Jasper and Dad already finished that.
No. 926393 ID: 91ee5f

He already came back from that.
No. 926462 ID: 0ab3ed

Marnet has a health-transfer gun. When we switch back, we'll probably want her to use it on Jasper, either that or give him one of our health potions.
No. 926508 ID: ab1fe9

Before we go...

Dad, politely ask Devil and Lover to eat first before you and Primus eat. If that goes over well, then go ahead and try to enjoy yourselves. We might have a some problems back home, but there's nothing you can do about them at the moment. If you do want to think about how you can help... well, we don't want to tell you to do anything distasteful to you, but other TCPs tend to find you a compelling speaker, and to feel like they'd like to live up to your ideals. You might consider talking with your fellow diners about such things. How you'd ideally resolve this game with minimum suffering for everyone, for example, and the importance of balance between being able to work as a team and make friends with being able to think independently. You might also express your sympathy for their creator, Wax, that the game is forcing him to work with and help someone who killed someone that he cares about. Oh, uh, that's a thing, in case you didn't know. So it'd be nice to put an end to him being required to do that, as soon as possible.

Primus, please enjoy yourself. Perhaps once you're done eating, you could suggest some dancing?

Now, everyone else: A quick status update from all of you, please?
No. 926961 ID: a627e3

fuck fcuk fuck is everyone ok!?
No. 926963 ID: a627e3

let Dad know we need to check in on the others at home. If anything, and i do mene anything, seem suspicious, call us right away.
No. 926964 ID: 2202fb

Hold on,

Jasper may have tried to commit suicide.

They seemed like they were very dissatisfied with their existence and the world, and while we may have convinced them that they are loved and we had no ill will towards them, this still may have been too much for them. They may have chosen suicide over leaving because they felt that this was as good as it gets and still they felt depressed and scared. If this is the case, they probably didnt hate us, they just couldn't take it anymore.
No. 926965 ID: 2202fb

This may also be why only Jasper is suffering.

If we are too late, check for a note. If we get there in time, dish out some orders for medical aid and once that is in motion, then check for a note.
No. 926967 ID: a627e3

I hope this isn't the case, i don't think anyone wants to make a psych ward...
No. 926988 ID: f583b0

They've been jumpy and anxious ever since we created them, it's more likely that as the least experienced member of a group, they lost their nerve at a bad time and have either been injured as a result of freaking out, or underestimated their capabilities and have been put in a dangerous situation.
Also Jasper has only been taught a few things, and none of them seem to be safety oriented. There's plenty of dangerous things back at the base that they could have gotten into.
No. 927012 ID: b1b4f3

As a collective, can we multitask and spit focus between our groups of TCPs?
No. 927019 ID: a45040

He could've just gotten into an argument that resulted in him getting slugged by one of the others. Kinda like what happened with Marnet earlier.
No. 927022 ID: 130f18

Would we decide which suggester IDs suggest for which scenes? That might get janky with dynamic IPs.
No. 927025 ID: 2202fb

it is naive to assume that this absolutely couldnt have happened.
No. 927047 ID: cbdfa8

we have to prepare for the unexpected.
No. 927063 ID: 10c408

Some of you are starting to grasp at straws.

YES, Jasper's been horrifically injured but until we can get more information we're all just going to have to be patient and wait.
No. 927161 ID: e32fae

I agree that it's a bad idea to make assumptions.
I say to just CHECK Jasper and ask Miller what's going on for now and then go from there.
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