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File 151445178130.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
854203 No. 854203 ID: 8a251a

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/homebrewdeviants
TEAM SITE:http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/
PAST THREADS: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Tiny_Cat_People

You are VOIDSY, and as your name would imply, you’re in the void. It has been some time since you’ve focused your collective mind, but you need to move. It’s time to collect your thoughts.

The game is officially starting, and your enemy is the most notorious god of the Taverne pantheon- one you want to join if you win this game. Not only do you want to teach this murderer a lesson, but losing this game means death. Your tiny cat people are akin to your children, and you love them- and you will prepare them for war.

You’ve upset Wretch, and that needs attention sooner rather than later. Strategizing with Eastwood was easy enough, but you haven’t talked to Miller as much. Talking to all of your alliance members will be crucial to your success against Spit. Talking to Spit was a disaster, and while continuing a conversation would be a terrible idea, it is an option.

Your cats are armed to the teeth, but Jasper seems...less than comfortable with their new existence. Maybe a one on one talk would be a good idea. Like talking to your god teammates, communication with your TCPs can’t go wrong.

Of course, there’s always directly planning your next move. You can multitask some things, but not too many, focus would be a better plan in most situations- what’s your first move?
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No. 907397 ID: 4edacb

thats ok we could just shoot em with the gun if they die
No. 907401 ID: c122c9

Wax warned us that raising the dead on Morbit doesn't work. They come back wrong.
No. 907407 ID: 575ec0

Ok ok hold on, We should Create: Pristine Osprey and Mimic Octopus TCP corpses.

Don't want Seaspray to jump into a fucked up body.
No. 907429 ID: 40ae85

Seaspray isn't "jumping in", the way it works is the machine uses a corpse to store data for a type and then overwrites a living TCP's body with it.
No. 907485 ID: 56de26

Seconding this approach.
No. 907687 ID: 53b212
File 154007978213.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , 174.png )


You thank Buddy for communicating its thoughts and worries, and that you’re proud of it. You know you can trust it with this responsibility completely, and while it seems a little embarrassed, it really appreciates your encouragement.


The burner for the hot air balloon is magical, and is toggled on and off. It takes health to turn it on, but not off. Frankly, you’re surprised your cost idea worked, and something tells you that won’t happen often.

The balloon looks fantastic, though. TCPs crowd around, thrilled to see their work made real, and at such a grand scale too. Buddy puts on its goggles with a bit of fumbling, trying to make itself look more confident than it felt- it’d been taught how to use this balloon, and while going up in it should be saved for emergencies, it would do its best!

The little heartsea TCP applauds enthusiastically, the others joining in. Buddy stops them after a moment, saying that it really can’t take a whole lot of credit here...everyone helped. This was their balloon, as an alliance, and they should all be proud of that!

The crowd goes wild.
No. 907688 ID: 53b212
File 154007979695.png - (16.85KB , 500x500 , 175.png )

Dad now has sweet shoes. She feels even more confident over her new look, and tells Primus that he should be absolutely fine to take the sphinx trailer, as long as he’s careful.

You have now unleashed a species of WIZARD CLOWNS upon the world, which you affectionately call “Wizits” to yourselves. Only a few appear to have spawned in your base, but you get the distinct feeling they’ve spread to everywhere within your hilly territory.

You can’t help but feel proud over your new adorable pranksters. One approaches Dad and Primus curiously, honking when poked. Primus jumps, giggling in that whistle-y voice of his. The wizit takes a bow, introducing themself as Zebletrex the Red Nosed, looking around the base. This sure was a fancy setup! Dad extends a hand and says that Zebletrex- please, call them Zeb- that Zeb would be more than welcome here. Zeb calls over a tall, gentle looking wizit, the two exchanging brief introductions before the newcomer greets the TCPs. Her name is Numfi, Mistress of the Twelve True Honks.

Both of them would love to help with...well, whatever needs doing! They can’t speak for any of the other wizits, especially when they just popped into existence and whatnot, but they like the look of this place.

Numfi adds that if it’s easier, they could just run off into those hills. It does look like it’s a little cramped here, and if they’d just be shaking things up, that’d be no good. It’s whatever you’re all comfortable with, really...
No. 907689 ID: 53b212
File 154007981734.png - (27.87KB , 500x500 , 176.png )


You figure you may as well take up a hobby.

for fun, i’d love to make a few little examples of the morbit fashion encyclopedia so people can design their own goofy outfits for this- i’m not gonna clog this thread up though, so keep an eye on the disthread!
No. 907690 ID: 53b212
File 154007983292.png - (16.72KB , 500x500 , 177.png )


Jasper now knows how to use the UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD MACHINE.

You ask Jasper if there’s any other entrances or exits to the sanctuary, or if it’s all big and open? Were there any structures?

Just big and open, really. They didn’t really have much to say about the cavern itself, but they did appreciate being able to meet the other team representatives...it means a lot that you’d trust them with that.

Meanwhile, Marvel appears to be up to something.
No. 907696 ID: 39c40f

Glad to hear it, Jasper! Sorry to change the subject, but could you turn around and ask Marvel what's up? And please tell your fellow TCPs how this process works because I worry they may have come under some sort of misapprehension.

Primus and/or Dad, please tell the wizits they can stay or go as they like, if everyone seems as welcoming as you two, though you should also inform them that sometimes this place might not be accessible from the outside. On the other hand, while it does look cramped, that's because everyone is visiting here at the moment! So there should be more room most of the time. However, maybe we could make some more accommodations, since we are in a central location?


As for shaking things up, well, who would want everything to be predictable all the time? If they'd like to help, I'm sure there are lots of ways, but for a start I'm a bit curious as to information. They probably have a bunch of wizardy secrets, but we'll leave those for now. What I want to know is... well, how much do they know? They just popped into existence but seem to already be functional and not particularly confused by anything. Do they already know what this is all about, the whole situation with the gods and the TCPs and the lay of the land?
No. 907743 ID: 9049a1

make clown car
No. 907756 ID: 56de26

Can we teach or check these guys, or is that a TCP only thing? I'm assuming the latter, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
No. 907757 ID: 864e49

CREATE traveling air ship circus tents.
No. 907767 ID: b67388

Hey Jasp, does Marvel have an idea over there?
No. 907773 ID: 56de26

Seeing as we just made a hot air balloon, I think we should slow down on the vehicles for now.
No. 907777 ID: b1b4f3

We should probably make another expedition soon. Either that, or start combat training. We can't afford to sit on our laurels.
No. 907779 ID: b67388

Create: Silverware
Create: Sink
Create: Dish Soap
Create: Scrubbie
No. 907790 ID: 2202fb

On the contrary, lets go bigger! Lets make an armored airship! It doesn't need weapons, but it should be big and majestic.
No. 907807 ID: 91ee5f

No more vehicles!
No. 907810 ID: 56de26

We should see what these guys are capable of, magic-wise and whatnot. What are the secrets of the Twelve True Honks?
No. 907906 ID: e37a06

Don't make anything that is above "comfort item" level for the clowns, we just met them. Though if you wanna give them water flowers or whatever you think a wizard clown would like, feel free.
No. 907941 ID: 864e49

The flying circus isn't for us it's for the wizits.
No. 907964 ID: 56de26

Still, we shouldn't risk it.
No. 907965 ID: 56de26

Show the Wizits around the hideout, help them get more comfortable. Ask them if they want or need anything. Oh, I know! You can play Pictionary with them, or one of the other games you know, to hep ease them into the group!
No. 908067 ID: 2202fb

Risk what, exactly?
No. 908071 ID: 56de26

Unnecessarily increasing the tech level. Creating A huge flying armored warship (even without weapons) will certainly let Spit make something just as big and grand, and certainly something more dangerous.
No. 908076 ID: 2202fb

how do you get huge and armored from flying circus?
No. 908077 ID: 2202fb

Additionally, keep in mind that there is nothing stopping spit from making the stuff right now if they wanted to. Just as we could start an arms race by making stuff to techy, so could they.
No. 908078 ID: 91ee5f

It doesn’t matter. Anything that ups the tech level will also Spit to create bigger things.

So a giant flying circus for us could be giving Spit access to something at the same level, but much more dangerous.
No. 908079 ID: 56de26

When I said armored I was referencing this. >>907790
However, a flying circus would have about the same effect. We just made a species. We shouldn't make anything too big quite yet.
No. 908084 ID: b67388

>there is nothing stopping spit from making the stuff right now if they wanted to
Except the fact that it's how the quest works. When we make stuff, the other side gets to make stuff at about the same power level. This was explained already by the author.
No. 908092 ID: b1b4f3

It's probably fine that we have a basic flying vehicle since Spit's territory looks awful to traverse without one. She probably has traps all over the place except in the secure route that only her TCPs can use to enter and exit. Contrasting with this is our territory, secure from all directions, with the single vulnerability that we only have one big gate. If the enemy waits at the edge of the forcefield, we can't let anyone in or out without also letting the enemy in.
I wonder if Wax or Spit have air defenses?

Anyway, it might not matter since we're not planning on invading Spit's base, and the air balloon is supposed to be a toy.

ALSO guys don't forget we gave the pirates an airship way at the start! So one should already exist for neutral critters. ...that command did go through, right? We never encountered the pirates.
No. 908095 ID: b67388

There were no pirates and certainly no airship pirates, either in act 1 or act 2. What are you on about?
No. 908096 ID: b1b4f3

Okay nevermind, Primus was talking about Treasure Island at one point and I guess I got confused, or wanted to make pirates but never suggested to do that.
No. 908103 ID: 2202fb

We must find the lost city of Laputa!
No. 909944 ID: 8c7d5b

I really like the hot air balloon idea. I would also like to see more on the date and stuff.
No. 910489 ID: 1a603e
File 154209766925.png - (19.07KB , 500x500 , 178.png )

Jasper turns, seeing Marvel hunched over the corpses and taking out what appears to be a surgical kit. Seaspray isn’t phased in the slightest as he takes his scalpel to them, making cleaner cuts along the torn and broken edges. Jasper panics, asking what the hell he’s doing- he says that he’s simply making modifications.
No. 910490 ID: 1a603e
File 154209768535.png - (10.27KB , 500x500 , 179.png )

There. He lifts up his handiwork and shows Seaspray, the shell type looking it over and nodding in approval. Jasper’s initial unease turns to interest, joining the two and offering to help haul it into the machine.
No. 910491 ID: 1a603e
File 154209772113.png - (13.09KB , 500x500 , 180.png )

Seaspray follows, Jasper helping them get out of their clothes and into the machine.

Jasper asks how they’re feeling, and they have to admit that they’re nervous- but that this is something they wanted, and that they’d regret not trying. They thank both Marvel and Jasper for their help, and Jasper pushes the drawers shut, Marvel providing a bit of extra muscle.
No. 910492 ID: 1a603e
File 154209773429.png - (14.53KB , 500x500 , 181.png )

Jasper turns the machine on, floating back as it starts making a racket.

Time to wait.
No. 910493 ID: 1a603e
File 154209775834.png - (11.56KB , 500x500 , 182.png )

You try to TEACH and CHECK the wizits but find yourself incapable. It seems like it is limited to TCPs, but it really never hurts to check.

Looks like the clowns are on their own.

Dad gives Numfi a gentle nudge and asks if they can share any wizits secrets, to which she says that those are well….secrets! She thinks they all look like nice folks, but she can’t go sharing such important matters with strangers, no matter how much she wants to.

Dad nods, fully understanding- do they know anything about this world at least- about gods, about the game?

Neither of the clowns have any idea what she’s talking about, Zeb saying that all they really know is that they’re here now, they’re a wizit, and some things here and there about what that means. It sounds like a lot to catch up to, for sure...
Primus asks if the wizits need anything in particular, both insisting that they’re fine for now- they’ll make do! If something comes up, they’ll let you know...Zeb adds that they’d rather not be indebted to someone they just met, no offense. They’ll keep it in mind, though.

Well, they’re more than welcome to stay either way- it’s a bit crowded now, but only because everybody’s over and visiting. Usually, it’s just five of them...Primus points to himself, Dad, and Buddy in the distance. Jasper’s inside, and-
No. 910494 ID: 1a603e
File 154209777455.png - (12.35KB , 500x500 , 183.png )

Marnet appears to be acquainted with a wizit already, giving one piggyback ride around the spawning pool. You ask her how things are going, and she responds with a delighted burble. Could she show these guys around? They’re a blast!
No. 910497 ID: b7505e

aw! we rly have no reason not to let marnet do so, and it’ll be smth fun to watxh while we wait
No. 910808 ID: 1e8307

Well, sure, but first we should give the wizits a general overview of what's going on. They need to know, you know?

Let's see, we want to put a nice spin on it, but not be really deceptive or manipulative, so... how to phrase it... so, ok, the gods who created this world come from another world called morbit - except one, Void (Voidsy to our pals!), who was called here from yet another world, where they existed in sort of a different, sleeping form. Voidsy is the newest god involved with this world. The oldest god involved here, Wax, is the one who created the space this world exists in and was formed from, and its purpose is to provide a place for gods to learn, experiment, play and fight, together or against each other, as an alternative to doing it in their own world where it could cause a lot more problems.

Generally, the gods refer to this world and what happens in it as "the game". The non-wizit peopl collected here are Tiny Cat People, TCPs, who were created by a group of four gods who are in an alliance - those being Wretch, Eastwood, Miller, and Voidsy! We would have liked every god attached to this world to be allied, so we could all just have fun and win together without anyone getting hurt, but one of the other gods is Spit, who... doesn't do that. Since then she was "outnumbered", she was able to use part of how the rules of the game work to secure compensation for her "disadvantage" and force Wax to enter the game on her side. They have their own territory and their own TCPs. Whichever gods win, they get to take their TCPs back to morbit, and in Voidsy's case they get to go there themselves. You guys will get to go to morbit too, or go to another place if you want, we don't know so much about it but we hear it's nice. You should know that if you do go to morbit you'll be pretty small compared to most creatures there, like the TCPs will be. Hence "Tiny", you know?

You wizits were made by Voidsy, with the approval of their allied gods, using ideas from their own world. You aren't specifically attached to anyone like the TCPs are, though. Voidsy's hope was that just by existing you would generally make the game more chaotic and unpredictable and also happy and magical. But also because once Voidsy had the idea in the first place they thought you would be really fun and cute and cool! And so far you are all of those things!
No. 910857 ID: 53b212
File 154235850248.png - (11.34KB , 500x500 , 184.png )

You assure Marnet that she’s free to introduce the clowns to your base- just be careful, and don’t have too much fun- oh, and could she give them a rundown on the game? They didn’t know anything about this yet, and that feels important if they’re going to stick around.

She gives an affirmative laugh and runs off as best as she can with the large wizit on her back, patting her shoulders and telling her to go faster. The lobster type obliges, and you can’t help but smile.

You know this won’t last forever, but you’ll savor it just as much as they do.
No. 910858 ID: 53b212
File 154235852295.png - (15.51KB , 500x500 , 185.png )

Back inside, Jasper and Marvel are talking- ignoring the machine rattling on the other side of the room.

Jasper asks Marvel if they can ask him a question, to which Marvel responds they already have. The phantom type gives him a playful swat, getting a low chuckle in return. He says that yes, they can have another question, so long as he can answer it.

They nod, thinking their words over.

Does...does Marvel ever worry? About how this game is going to go, about whether they’re going to live or not?

No, he says, not much hesitation. He does not worry much. He has faith in his god and he will act in his vision as needed.

But how can you tell?! How can you tell things are going to be okay, how can you know things will turn out right in the end-

Marvel shushes them with a large hand, waiting for the phantom to relax before continuing.

This alliance will win, he says.

He beckons Jasper in closer, whispering something that you can’t make out- so quiet you doubt even Eastwood could. Jasper jolts upright in surprise before leaning back in, speaking just as hushed.

Their discussion is cut off as the machine comes to a halt, the suspense in the room somehow even more deafening than the machine itself just moments before-
No. 910859 ID: 53b212
File 154235853754.png - (23.15KB , 500x500 , 186.png )

No. 910860 ID: 53b212
File 154235854937.png - (13.48KB , 500x500 , 187.png )

Jasper and Marvel work quickly, sliding the drawer open and watching as their friend spills out, all tentacles.
No. 910861 ID: 53b212
File 154235856192.png - (18.01KB , 500x500 , 188.png )

No. 910862 ID: 53b212
File 154235857933.png - (17.52KB , 500x500 , 189.png )

Seaspray shakes themself off, quiet as they look down at their limbs, giving their wings a test flap. It takes them a moment to realize just how massive their body is, the scale apparently carrying over from their old body.

Jasper, unable to contain themself, yells a startled holy SHIT.

Marvel chastises them for language and looks around, admiring their new form. It appears that for the most part, everything seems well put together...some strangeness, namely in how this form deviates from the corpse, in both shape and size… how curious.

Jasper gets a grip, approaching and asking the hybrid how they’re doing, after all that.

Seaspray laughs, the happiest you’ve heard them.

They’ve never felt better. A bit sore, maybe…

They stretch out, almost flexing.

But this is a LOT more like it.
No. 910863 ID: 7e9c89

SEASPRAY IS SO CUTE would they like a hug. can we offer thwm a hug for after we win
No. 910866 ID: 8031fe

Hey Jasper can you check if Seaspray would like us to drop in a new outfit for them?
No. 910873 ID: 1a6dfc

If we're giving Seaspray an outfit I suggest lots of socks! Keep those tentacles warm.
No. 910881 ID: 91ee5f

I think we should ask Miller what she wants she wants us to make, since this is her TCP.
No. 910882 ID: ba56e6

Legwarmers. Keep the tentacles warm but keep the tips open and tactile.
No. 910888 ID: b1b4f3

A hybrid TCP? Do they have a hybrid ability, or is it BOTH? Or maybe they still have their old ability? I'm glad they're feeling better now regardless!
Well, now that we've confirmed the machine works with seemingly no drawback via created corpses (whyyy? Is it because of our Identity domain?) if anyone else wants a new body/type we can arrange it. Though I wonder... maybe the new type has a weakened ability? Haven't checked that yet.

>new outfit
That's Miller's job. I guess we need to create the stuff though, so she'll have to send us ideas. Or maybe the full outfit will have to wait until they get back home.
...hmm, maybe we can make something for that. A Universal Wardrobe, to transfer clothes (mundane clothes only) between bases instantly.
No. 910896 ID: 5134e0

yeah lets contact Miller and talk to her about Seaspray, I want to see what she says.
No. 911252 ID: 2a13fa

tell miller how great seaspray's new form is
No. 911301 ID: 2202fb

This could be a game-changer. We should offer this hybridization to all of the TCPs - especially the ones with chronic pain.
No. 911315 ID: b67388

We do not yet know what the Health cost of using the machine was. We should Check Seaspray.
No. 911602 ID: 440bde

Hey, let's also take an opportunity to tell all our TCPs how much we care about them. Stuff is probably about to go down real quick and it might help with morale
No. 911837 ID: 2202fb

Emphasis on could
No. 911839 ID: b67388

I would note that Seaspray is now a MIMIC OCTOPUS/OSPREY HYBRID. Nowhere in there does it say TCP or TYPE. Seaspray may not be a TCP anymore, which would be a huge problem, in particular if the KILL command is no longer required for death to occur. We should figure out what exactly the machine did.
No. 912039 ID: 2202fb

doubt it. If it did, wax probably would have been called over. What I was thinking was more like transferring buddy to a temp body and then doing extensive surgery to remove all of the shards inside of them and add on more useful and less painful blades to them. Maybe even give them another arm.
No. 912045 ID: 91ee5f

I’m pretty sure Seaspray’s old body isn’t in the machine anymore. Which means that if we did that for Buddy, they’re not going to get a temporary body.

Also, we’d have to ask if they wanted to do that.
No. 912401 ID: 2202fb

Not trying to force anything and honestly feeling kind of attacked rn. I thought making Buddy a new, less painful body might be something they would want, which is why i am suggesting we offer to do that. Same with any other tcp that wants to change. We arent forcing anything.

Rather than a temp body, we could instead just create another knife-type tcp body and operate on that if Buddy does want us to pursue this option.
No. 912407 ID: b67388

It's not a terrible idea, but we need to analyze what the machine actually did first.
No. 914861 ID: 4ab879

>Create Crossword Puzzle Book
> Teach Jasper: Solving Crossword Puzzles
Kind of unrelated, but everyone needs a bit of fun every once in a while.
No. 916179 ID: 53b212
File 154657710429.gif - (18.78KB , 500x500 , 190.gif )

Your collective thoughts are whirling, so many ideas and possibilities for what could have happened, and no one agreeing on what to look into first. You try to collect yourselves, and breathe easy. Popping in on your TCPs and telling them that you love them, while garnering some confusion at its abruptness, helps soothe your nerves.

Time to talk to Miller. She had a better chance of knowing what was going on than you did- and they were her TCP, after all.

VOIDSY: Dang, Seaspray's new form looks fantastic!
VOIDSY: We had no idea that could even happen.
MILLER: I had no idea if it were possible in a session, but it totally is!
MILLER: Hybrid TCPs are a thing we have over here in the physical plane, and while I’m not an expert per se...I know they’re typically created on purpose, through scientific means.

MILLER: Seaspray couldn’t pick between the bodies, so when they asked me for my opinion on it, I did some thinking and this is what we came up with! Marvel was so helpful, too...he did such a good job, we couldn’t have asked for better.
VOIDSY: Isn’t this kind of thing dangerous?! What about their ability, their health, are they weakened, what if they’re not even a TCP anymore-
MILLER: Whoa, breathe!
MILLER: Breathe.
No. 916180 ID: 53b212
File 154657712219.gif - (16.86KB , 500x500 , 191.gif )

MILLER: There are some drawbacks to TCP hybrids.
MILLER: says my frantic internet search history
MILLER: In the physical world, hybrids are usually made from two living TCPs, not corpses. It can be a real traumatic process, with all sorts of issues cropping up both physically and mentally…
MILLER: But, this is our own plane, where we can do anything...within reason.

MILLER: I asked Seaspray what their thoughts were on this whole situation, and we talked it over a bit.
MILLER: They told me that it was worth the risk, and that they’d be willing to take on whatever consequences it has.
MILLER: So...yes, there could be issues down the line. But they’re not ones we can discern now, or even predict easily. It’s a gamble.
MILLER: But it was a gamble Seaspray wanted to take! Strategy is important, but their health comes first to me- it’s their choice what to do there.
MILLER: And this is what they chose.
No. 916181 ID: 53b212
File 154657713902.gif - (17.20KB , 500x500 , 192.gif )

MILLER: There are some effects I can tell you now, though!
MILLER: They did suffer a health penalty, looks like a permanent one too.
MILLER: Thankfully, their health was at a solid PERFECT pre-hybridization!
MILLER: going down to GREAT was a hell of a nerf, though…
MILLER: Ability...huh, interesting! It appears to be a combined ability from the two types, from my best guess?
MILLER: Seaspray can change their form to something larger than another TCP- and doing so has a chance of making them surrender in fear!
MILLER: ...frankly I have no idea how that corresponds to anything, but hey! That’s super useful! We lucked out.
VOIDSY: Well...we’re glad to hear things are going to be alright.
MILLER: No kidding!

VOIDSY: Do you want us to make any clothing for them? We don’t want them to feel left out here.
MILLER: Hmmm...that would be very nice of you! They really like warm clothes- but not too warm. Scarves, sweaters, etc...but nothing huge! It’s kind of a weird balance, but imagine...something you’d wear on a chilly evening at the beach, maybe?
MILLER: Make sure to make it in our team colors, too. That’s crucial!
MILLER: I really appreciate this! ...But don’t take too long. You have a date to get to, don’t you?
No. 916190 ID: 6b592a

let’s make seaspray a nice shawl, and thank miller for all her advice and help before we check in on the others
No. 916192 ID: b1b4f3

A shawl matching her team's uniform, and a selection of scarves. Some matching her colors, some matching Miller's.
No. 916195 ID: 3642ad
File 154658159743.png - (69.00KB , 663x579 , comfy.png )

clothes for seaspray!!
No. 916196 ID: b1b4f3

That looks a bit too warm though...
No. 916198 ID: 055cbc

If I was going to the beach and wanted to be warm, I would just bring a jacket. But if I intended to SWIM and was concerned about being warm, that's a wet suit.
No. 916211 ID: 130f18

If it's a thin summer sort of jacket this looks solid.
No. 916228 ID: 91ee5f

Are those in Miller’s team colors?
No. 916302 ID: 610c46

Waterproof jacket and shawl would be great.
No. 916508 ID: 8c7d5b

I wonder how the rest of the tpcs would react to Seaspray's new form? I think it looks absolutely adorable, and the coat looks great on her!
No. 917101 ID: 53b212
File 154716925848.png - (24.95KB , 500x500 , 193.png )


You make Seaspray a lovely little outfit, making sure not to go too overboard on how warm it’d be. You toss in a few scarves as well, which they gratefully pocket. They thank you for your kindness, and your help with the hybridization is very much appreciated. They won’t forget this.

VOIDSY: Thanks to you too, Miller. For the advice.
MILLER: Oh? Well, thanks for the thanks!
EASTWOOD: oh my god can we please just get on with shit
MILLER: Rude! But a good point.
MILLER: Off you go! We’ll hold down the fort here a-okay.
WRETCH: make sure to keep us posted on the juicy details lmao
EASTWOOD: You planning on taking Whipp along?
VOIDSY: Yeah, for the best. If that’s alright.
EASTWOOD: I’d prefer to see this up close and personal myself, so I’m in favor.
WRETCH: you just want the drama
WRETCH: th romance
EASTWOOD: I do not-
WRETCH: hey im eastwood i cry over fuckin soap operas at 2 AM and-

You can hear what can only be the world's strangest slap fight occurring in the background, Wretch cackling. You leave them to it, filing it away as prime punking material for later.
No. 917102 ID: 53b212
File 154716928067.png - (21.35KB , 500x500 , 194.png )

Primus and Dad are ready and raring to go, Primus already on the sphinx and Whipp begrudgingly sulking over. Primus asks if she’s going to wear anything special, to which she scoffs and says that this is a potential sniping mission if shit gets bad, she’s fine in that department.

Well, suit herself! Primus feels very fancy, and while a little nervous, he admits, he has a good feeling about all this!

Dad has loaded up the grill. And the boom box. And the hotdogs. The date material is ready to go, as is the fatherly TCP herself. Let’s get a move on! To the date!
No. 917103 ID: f1ae8a

Tell the sphinx I love them. They look so amazing like that.
No. 917105 ID: daffb0

EXTREMELY dashing! Swoon material. Remember to bring flowers or a similar small gift! Some sort of entertainment to watch together would be nice as well, but... hm, you need to get a move on already. Don't want to be late.

Psst calling other TCPs, see if you can find something to pay off some wizits to turn up and do a little street show kinda thing near the picnic spot. Lemme just uuhhh CREATE: CLOWN COMFORTS there you go some circus tent packs and boxes of makeup and juggling balls and things, see if they're interested in any of those. shhhh we want it to be a nice surprise

Also everyone please remember our treaty with Wax's team including its loopholes, and to watch out for Spit's team. If we have guns they could have guns. Have fun though!
No. 917119 ID: 5bf422

compliment primus!!! and reassure dad
No. 917153 ID: 2202fb

Dont be such a bitch, Wretch, (some) soap operas are amazing!
No. 917161 ID: 91ee5f

Looking good Primus!

>Dad’s gonna grill the food
Good thinking, Dad!

No name calling. After how badly we hurt her earlier, we’re not allowed to playfully call her a bitch and get away with it. We’ve gotta earn that privilege.
No. 918112 ID: 53b212
File 154777199591.png - (13.23KB , 500x500 , 195.png )

You tell Primus he looks absolutely dashing, and that he’ll do great no matter what happens. He seems calmed by this, and thanks you for the encouragement. He’ll do his best!

On your compliment rampage, you tell the sphinx you love them. Unlike Primus, the sphinx remains aloof, though you do notice the tiniest bit of a smile.

Dad on the other hand, takes your reassurance with ease. You enthuse about her cooking idea, and she says it was just the logical conclusion, considering what you gave her!

Remember the treaty, remember to watch out for Spits team- okay, they get it already! Dad snorts affectionately, helping Whipp up and closing up the trailer behind them.

Your party leaves the base, setting out on an ADVENTURE. Primus rides along, keeping an eye out for Lover’s picnic amidst the dark.

So...what do people do on dates, anyway? Specifics would be nice, what to expect...Primus knows it involves getting to know someone, but that could mean a whole lot of things!
No. 918113 ID: 7e9c89

you talk about yourself! maybe about your team, about us.. you could play some games like eye spy!
No. 918115 ID: daffb0

Well, this is a first date, to be specific! So the main aim is just to get to know each other better. You want to find out what sort of person they are, and they want to find out what sort of person you are! You don't really know for sure if you like each other yet, so you're just trying to find out. Of course, you both want to enjoy yourselves, too, especially if it turns out you do like each other! So, you generally just sort of... talk, and try some enjoyable things. Often the people dating are trying to get over some uncertainty or nervousness as well, so often it's more relaxing things you go for.

Hey Wretch, while they're getting to their destination, had a thought: in a game in our world, there's a minor item called a tanglefoot bag. Same place the bag of holding came from, but more mundane. It's a sackful of slime that you throw at people so it bursts on them, like a water balloon, only it's a stringy goo that makes it hard to move. A sticky slime bomb, basically, for trapping people without hurting them. Possibly something you'd have a bonus with?
No. 918122 ID: 130f18

If you're a real degenerate, you hold their hand.
No. 918125 ID: cffc8e

Play a game of Squares on a napkin, you know, that game where you have a grid of dots and you each draw 1 line between 2 dots a turn and if you make a square you get an extra turn and the aim is to get complete the most squares as possible, its great.
No. 918126 ID: cffc8e

Play a game of Squares on a napkin, you know, that game where you have a grid of dots and you each draw 1 line between 2 dots a turn and if you make a square you get an extra turn and the aim is to get complete the most squares as possible, its great.
No. 918188 ID: acdd32

Skeet is fun, like hunting but you arent actually killing anything. plus if you do this, you would already be armed. (Semi-auto shotguns, breaks hold too few to be fun and pumps can be difficult on a beginner when shooting clay pidgeons)

If you do this, you should probably either teach dad range safety and etiquite (if it isnt too late) or at least have them be the one in charge.

Guns can be fun!
No. 918203 ID: 2202fb

How can they have sex(consensual or otherwise)? They literally dont have any orifices.
No. 918224 ID: a9af05

That is not an appropriate thing to mention in front of the Cats. They're too young for that!
No. 918227 ID: 53b212

could we maybe not imply that wax would encourage nonconsensual sex between TCPs

they're asexual as a species and i Really don't appreciate this line of discussion.

No. 918261 ID: a627e3

No. 918263 ID: a627e3

What happens on first date depends on the people going on the date. it can range from small talk to games. Here's some things to keep in mind. Have fun, get to know your date, and most importantly make sure YOUR comfortable with what's happening. If you think there just using you for something, GET OUT OF THERE! you'll just get hurt at best, and killed at worse, but that's just the worst case scenario witch most likely won't happen. I hope...
No. 918264 ID: a627e3

Dating can be fun, but it can go bad real fast if you aren't careful.
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