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File 153150401246.png - (151.60KB , 800x800 , FG-OP5.png )
892578 No. 892578 ID: bfb318

Previous Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
Quest may be NSFW at times. [Warnings: Gays, Smash Bros, Magic, Nudity, Dangeresque Situations]

Gallsby is the best damn cop on the force.
He is also the only damn cop on the force, because Frillsby is taking the day off to go on a date.

Chapter 7
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No. 916406 ID: 10c408

Ask villi to guesstimate how hold knife man was.
No. 916408 ID: 0c3c2c

These three don't sound like our suspect. Maybe a relative. Gahn and Montgomery will be the two first calls, I think.
No. 916420 ID: 91ee5f

>the threats she makes are physiologically impossible.
You don’t know that. If she’s pissed off enough, she may be capable of actually doing those things!

>I see Villi go to take out a batch of bread for lunchtime.
Villi said none of the dough for his special “keep you awake” donuts was stolen, right?

Or was that just his magic power and the donuts are normal donuts?

>Frillsby’s face
It is now very obvious that you have not gotten any sleep at all. Hopefully you can stay awake long enough to catch the bad guy! Otherwise, you’ll have to let an unsupervised Gallsby find him!
No. 916643 ID: 4dbee9

You guys are looking at this all wrong. And by all wrong I mean way to closely.

You're missing the forest for the trees, and it's a forest of defining features. We think he drove a Trans Am while committing the crime, but there's the very real possibility that the perpetrator walked a certain distance before entering a vehicle, and that your Trans Am is complete coincidence.

What you do have is a possible modus operandi, which is worth a lot. How many people walk around committing armed robbery with magic knives? Not many, I'd wager. That little pice of info, then you've got the fact that he chose to take less than half the cash in the register; leading me to believe this either was not a mad cash grab, or this person felt guilty about stealing.

If the former, it's not much of a stretch to assume the he is an experienced criminal who has a certain level of caution, a level of caution that led him to take only a portion of the cash. If he is a practiced criminal as I suspect, than he must have committed previous crimes. Rather than giving them a goose-chase car description, you should be cross referencing the perp's MO with police files. They probably already have a file on him, assuming he's committed crimes in the past, and a file full of info will do you far more good than sniffing around a mechanics shop.

Or, you know, maybe I'm getting too serious about this. Maybe we should just let magical gay police luck bring us to the perp rather than using conventional, grueling police methods.

Detective Phelps, signing off.
No. 917402 ID: bfb318
File 154733430780.png - (130.94KB , 800x800 , 585.png )

>Did you rule out the trans ams that are the wrong color?
I'm reducing the suspicion level on the wrong color cars, but paint jobs exist, and it's tough enough relying on car registration let alone keeping track of who gets paint jobs.

>Jurisdiction concern
The longer I take the longer our criminal has to drive off, but that just increases the inconvenience. We're allowed to pursue criminals outside of our jurisdiction, if their criminal act was done in our jurisdiction.

Sometimes I think of all the weird magic people have like Villi's ability to stay up from normal, non-magical donuts, but I could use that about now. I barely slept last night. I can power on though, fueled by nothing more than the thought of this investigation being carried out by an unsupervised Gallsby.

I get another idea, though, but I'm already spread thin. So I call Yams, first.

>"Hi, Frillsby! Uh er this is Frillsby right and not someone using his phone?"
"Hi Yams, it's me."
>"What's going down? Need something lifted?"
"Yeah. I need police records in neighboring towns lifted into my brain, specifically crimes committed with blades. Possibly with only a portion of the cash stolen."
>"I'm on it! And if you need anything literally lifted, you know where to call!"
"Thanks, Yams." I hang up.

>How old was the criminal?
Villi said something about looking kind of young, but maybe early 30's at his oldest.
No. 917405 ID: bfb318
File 154733434021.png - (157.06KB , 800x800 , 586.png )

I've called all three of my possible leads already to learn what I have, and anything else has to be done in person.

I find pictures for Montgomery and Gahn. Villi confirms neither of them look anything like the perp, so I'll head to the mechanic. He seemed cooperative, but didn't feel comfortable giving privy info to people over the phones.

"Come on Gallsby, we're going to Wizzy Lizzy. Bring your map."
"Here's some stuff for the road!" says Villi, suddenly feeling generous. More generous than usual, that is.
No. 917406 ID: bfb318
File 154733435670.png - (206.95KB , 800x800 , 587.png )

I drive. Gallsby keeps making calls to various surrounding towns, jotting down places on his map. After the sun gets high enough to start frying my eyes, we reach a small, unassuming looking mechanic's shop simply called 'Wizzy's'. We go in and find who I figure is Wizzy Lizzy, mostly because that's what's on his nametag.

>"Hey, there." he says. His voice sounds two octaves too low for what's appropriate. "What'chu need?"
No. 917407 ID: 86eb65

Car stuff.
No. 917411 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's obviously not blademan, he's got no ears.

Ask him about trans ams, see if he's done any work on any recently. Also show him the picture, see if he recognizes the perp.
No. 917427 ID: 0c3c2c

Request information on all Trans Ams he's seen lately with a dark paintjob and male drivers.
No. 917482 ID: a9af05

Tell him that you were the one that called earlier. Then both of you show him your badges and ask him your questions.
No. 917502 ID: 91ee5f

>show him your badges
Wait, do they have badges yet? I know Frillsby mentioned that they didn’t have badges before.

Because we should probably ask Mayor for some badges, next chance we get.
No. 919186 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154859686351.png - (123.74KB , 800x800 , 588.png )

"Car stuff."
>"Coincidentally, car stuff is what I do."
"I'm looking for someone. They drive a Trans Am. I called earlier."
>"Oh yes, I remember that, officers."
"I have this picture. It's... maybe it'll help."

I show him Blade Man. Lizzy Wizzy adjusts his glasses a bunch of time, squinting.

>"Hmm? This fellow reminds me of all those times my father told me put the nintendo down."
"Does he also remind you of someone who looks like that?"
>"Oh, yes, this must be Samson. Yes. Came by a few months ago. He stood right over there in that corner, juggling knives. Weren't any other customers to scare off, so I let him juggle his heart out."
>"Can we see all the forms he filled out with his personal data?" asks Gallsby.

Without a second of hesitation, Lizzy says 'sure'. I still don't have my badge and all I said was that I'm a cop, so I'm very concerned about all the private information that I've ever put on forms. I don't call him out on it now, because it's very convenient for me.

>"Wow really just like that?" Gallsby is trying to jinx everything now I guess.
>"Normally I wouldn't, but..."
No. 919187 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154859687809.png - (147.18KB , 900x600 , 589.png )

Lizzy shuffles through some paperwork and finds it, handing it to me.

Samson Hamson. Lives on 1234 5th Street, Villesville, 09876.

>"Didn't notice the obvious fake info till I put my glasses after he left."
"Hold on, this phone number down here... looks less fake."
>"Naw, I thought so too, but that's the number you get if you spell FUC-KOFF on the keypad, pardon the language. Oh, but that reminds me, we traded numbers at the end. Said I could call him on his personal cell if I ever wanted to sell some more antiques, and he gave me a different number."

He looks at his phone, and shows me the number.

>"I guess you could try, if you wanted to call him up."
No. 919192 ID: 86eb65

As it turns out we do have some antiques we want to sell!

Can we track down any info from that number before we try calling it/having this guy call it?
No. 919195 ID: 0c3c2c

Try the second number.
No. 919197 ID: b1b4f3

Ask him if he wouldn't mind calling Samson himself and offering to sell an antique to him. It'd be more believable that way. All we have to do is lure him over here, and we can catch him.
No. 919200 ID: 91ee5f

>this must be Samson. Yes. Came by a few months ago. He stood right over there in that corner, juggling knives. Weren't any other customers to scare off, so I let him juggle his heart out.
He juggles knives? It sounds like might be some kind of performer.

>I still don't have my badge and all I said was that I'm a cop, so I'm very concerned about all the private information that I've ever put on forms. I don't call him out on it now, because it's very convenient for me.
>"Wow really just like that?" Gallsby is trying to jinx everything now I guess.
You might want to consider getting badges before you finally run out of luck and Gallsby ends up jinxing it!

This should work.
No. 919211 ID: bddb0f


Thank the nice man.

Also: couldn't you try looking up the second number in, I don't know, a phone registry to get an ID?

If you call him, you'll warn him. If you get an ID with an address where he lives, you can try visiting him.
No. 919212 ID: bddb0f


Oh, and although the 'lure the perp in' plan sounds good on paper we WOULD be involving this gentleman in in police business and possibly put him at personal risk - if not now, then later, once the perp has done his time. We PROBABLY shouldn't involve the civilian any more than he already is unless knife guy suddenly upgrades from 'weird shop thief dingus' to 'dangerous criminal to apprehend ASAP'.
No. 919254 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154868288797.png - (138.09KB , 800x800 , 590.png )

"Gallsby, can you look that number up?"
>"Already on it."

I throw Mayor a text asking where the heck those badges are at! She claims they're supposed to show up today.

>"What'd he do, anyway?" asks Lizzy.
"Theft by knifepoint."
>"Didn't hurt anyone, I hope. He seemed like he was the type to get up to no good, but not the type to do the real bad stuff."
"No, but he's left a long trail of bread crumbs behind him, and the bread crumbs are crimes."

>"Get a load of this guy." says Gallsby. "Samson Hamson. 456 Genero Street, Citypolis."
"Great, I have to ask big civilian favors. Lizzy, how do you feel about calling him and luring him here with an antique to sell?"
>"Like a sting?"
"Exactly a sting."
>"Heh. You know, I always wanted to do one of those. It's too bad I only got the chance on a fellow car enthusiast, but it's my civic duty. I have a spare car that I can pretend is for sale. Just tell me what to do."

His tail starts twitching and he looks off in the distance. I can already tell he's daydreaming about how it'll go down.
No. 919256 ID: daa216

Just call and say he's got a nice car which has to go today. The sort that our perp would really like. He seems excited to help, maybe gallsby should reward his cooperation with a blowjob.
No. 919257 ID: 0c3c2c

Yeah, telling him about some car you've recently decided to sell and asking him to come in would probably work. This knife guy doesn't seem like he's trying to avoid getting caught.
No. 919267 ID: 86eb65

Keep it simple. What is the spare car? Is it something he would like?

If not say you might need to make up a story about a car that just came in.

Then call him up and tell him if he is interested to come on down sometime during business hours. But that you are not going to hold it for him forever. First come first serve and all.
No. 919789 ID: 15a025

This. Just make it sound like business as usual.
No. 919835 ID: 9125e0

This guy seems really Weird, don't leave Gallsby alone with him, problems will occur.

let's just keep this simple. Mr weird Mechanic will lure the edgelord with a car deal, while you Gallsby pop out from the shadows. Then proceed to punish him for sicking his hand in our goatboys jar.
No. 920275 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154947214102.png - (85.16KB , 900x600 , 591.png )

"Alright, just keep it simple. Is it a car he'd like?"
>"It's - well I'll spare you the details. I think he'd like it, yep."
"Thanks, Lizzy, if you could."

He dials a number.

>"Hey, Samson? It's Wizzy Lizzy. The mechanic. Yes. You told me to call if I had an antique to sell? Right, a 1985 Mazda RX-7. Some people have asked about it, but if you show up today, it's yours. Rush? Oh no, it just takes up room I could use, is all. No no, nothing's wrong with it. Little wear and tear of course, but you can see it yourself.... Alright, see you later."
No. 920276 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154947215109.png - (137.13KB , 800x800 , 592.png )

Lizzy gives us a thumbs up.

>"Alrighty. Samson says he's a ways away, but he'll be here in about four hours. Can I get you guys any coffee or anything? Snacks? Oil change?"
"I'd go for a snack."
>"Ditto that with coffee!" says Gallsby.
"Also an oil change, actually, since the price looks good."
>"So the answer is yes."
No. 920277 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154947215739.png - (210.34KB , 800x800 , 593.png )

Four hours never sounds like long, until I have to wait them out. We first kill the time by pulling our car into where Lizzy needs to work on it. That kills two out of two hundred and forty minutes.

We take a brief walk around this small town. It's... a small town. That's all there is to say about it. A town, small. Not much to do. It feels like days pass. Gallsby dozes off now and then and I think he gets 3 full nights of sleep in these four hours. I read magazines until my life is comprised of esoteric knowledge, mildly interesting stories, ads for things no one needs, and other things.
No. 920278 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154947219558.png - (215.38KB , 1000x800 , 594.png )

The doorbell dings and I wake from my stupor that was an existence of neither sleeping nor waking. Someone walks in, reminding me why why I'm in a mechanic's purgatory.

>"Samson, how're you doing?" asks Wizzy Lizzy.
>"Living the dream, ya know?" says who I'd bet all these magazines is Blade Man.
No. 920281 ID: 1f45b6

Oh no! He's hot!
No. 920282 ID: 86eb65


Yeah this is a pickle all right. I think in light of the minor nature of the crime and the hotness of the suspect there might be room for leniency and possible some "public" service.

Unless he is of course a total asshole. Then we throw the book at him for petty theft and such.

That being said lets make sure this is the guy. Check the car and figure out his story.
No. 920283 ID: 10c408

He caused Villi to faint and experience childhood trauma. Plus he robbed a freaking bakery of all places.

Don't just throw the whole book at him, throw the entire constitution at him.

Later, anyway. right now just wait.
No. 920286 ID: 91ee5f

Well, he does bear a striking resemblance to the sketch you got: >>913939 .

At least wait for him to come all the way into the store and away from the door before you go confront him. And make sure you get between him and the door. That way he doesn’t immediately run out the door.
No. 920289 ID: 0c3c2c

Wait for him to move forward, then move in behind him, cutting off his escape route. Then politely inform him he's under arrest for shoplifting, menacing with a knife, and improperly filling out address forms.
No. 920291 ID: b1b4f3

Let him come inside, walk up to the counter focused on Lizzy, then walk up behind him and clamp a hand on his shoulder to block his magic and tell him he's under arrest.
No. 920304 ID: 57ff42

Given how hot he is let's get his side of the story instead of just arresting him.
No. 920305 ID: 465a14

he robbed a cute furry boy, remember, we can fuck him in jail or whatever
No. 920307 ID: bad12e


Does he pose with a menacing aura …?
No. 920308 ID: daa216

The hell is that thing? Better wait for him to get away from the door and anti magic touch him to be sure it isnt an illusion.
No. 920316 ID: 864e49

Yes he's hot but what the fuck is he wearing? Dose he think he's in a video game?
No. 920317 ID: 2735ca

Hold on a minute. Pretend you heard about this car deal going down and that, when the owner here said he'd promised the car to him, you were wondering if you could persuade him to hold off on the car so you could make a case for getting it.

That should get him further into the shop. Once he's in, you can casually drop that you're cops looking to get a sweet new car that'll intimidate crooks and look cool when you do that thing where you lean out and put a siren on top when there's a chase on.

His reaction when he hears you're cops should guide your next action after that.
No. 920320 ID: f8863b

"hey, you! you're under arrest for being too sexy under penal code 80085!"

"And also robbery!"
No. 922128 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155053156569.png - (172.13KB , 800x800 , 595.png )

Damnit, he's hot. That'd earn him pardons from all sorts of crime, but that doesn't include robbing cute goat bakers. That outfit's also a missed mark from 'average, law abiding citizen.'

I don't need to lure him in farther. He walks up to the counter on his own and makes smalltalk to Lizzy. I'm able to walk by him and see his Trans Am outside, and that's good enough to confirm probability that this is our perp.
No. 922129 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155053157487.png - (178.84KB , 800x800 , 596.png )

And Gallsby is double checking the sketch versus the suspect.
No. 922130 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155053158361.png - (200.08KB , 1000x800 , 597.png )

He's checking it pretty closely, too.

>"Hey, you." says our criminal. "Are you two cops?"
>"Nope." says Gallsby, so confidently and smoothly that I actually believe he's forgotten that we're cops.
No. 922131 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155053159737.png - (198.54KB , 1000x800 , 598.png )

I grab his shoulder.

"I am. You're under arrest."
No. 922132 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155053160343.png - (161.62KB , 800x800 , 599.png )

Ow damnit!
No. 922133 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155053161835.png - (250.51KB , 1200x800 , 600.png )

I'm blocking the exit, but he leaps back deeper into the waiting area. Gallsby and I start to chase, but he shoves his hand down his shorts and whips out a knife, and twirls it around in his palm.

>"Don't move! Hands where I can see them, and I'll let you rent-a-cops live! I can throw a dozen knives a second and a champ at throwing them, and I'm not going to go along nicely. Lizzy, you stung me?!"
>"Sorry, buddy." says Lizzy. "But what'm I gonna do? Obstruct justice?"
No. 922138 ID: b1b4f3

Be sarcastic at him and ask if that's all his magic can do, make him good at throwing knives? He's only got one!

Trick him into revealing how his magic works, basically.
No. 922140 ID: b970b2

"You keep knifes in your shorts?" Ask something like this but with Gallsby-phrasing to try and get him to reveal whether or not the knifes are magically summoned. Does your anti-magic cancel out summoned objects?
No. 922144 ID: bcc41d


Frillsby, steeple your fingers, where he can see them, and set about distracting the guy.

"First off, we're not for rent and even if we were, you probably can't afford us if you're resorting to petty theft. Secondly, you are either under arrest for said robbery or resisting arrest. The former is the vastly better option to pick, for a variety of sensible reasons. Thirdly, I keep thinking your get-up is reminding me of someone or something. Where's the inspiration from?"

Gallsby, if you can, use the distraction to sneak up and use those claw-arms for what god intended: hugging sexy dudes. Try not to get shanked before the anti-magic hits. Back off if Samson is actually capable of producing tons of unerring projectile weapons and shows it.
No. 922146 ID: bad12e


We gotta ask: is his magic NOT slicing his dick off with his own knives, or like ... uh ...?
No. 922148 ID: bcc41d

Oooh, here's a thought for an additional distraction / ability verification gambit. If he's such a champ at throwing knives, tell him to prove it. Like reach slowly for the Sportswole magazine and toss it into the air.
No. 922150 ID: eeb7d9

I bet his magic allows him to hide the knives inside him to then be able to throw them really fast. Kinky.
Gallsby, can you deflect knives in mid air?
Also ask him what is up with those clothes, we are trying to arest him, but his get-up is very distracting.
No. 922151 ID: 86eb65

Read him his rights. And inform him that if he does not put those knives down right now he will be adding resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon and possibly attempted murder of a police officer.

Also those are magic knives so just tackle the idiot as his weapons poof as they hit you.
No. 922153 ID: 465a14

Just conjure your magic handcuffs to lock him down.
No. 922163 ID: 91ee5f

Conjure anti magic handcuffs around his feet so that he ends up tripping!
No. 922170 ID: 4c908d

What if the knives aren't magical and he's just summoning them from a stockpile somewhere?
No. 922184 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155054177211.png - (144.21KB , 800x800 , 601.png )

>Conjure handcuffs
Maybe I should've tried that right away, because he's staying too far away now.

"If you don't put that knife down right now, you're going to be charged with a lot more than petty thievery!"
>"Petty thievery? What're you talking about?"
"Are you denying you robbed a store earlier?"
>"Not at all, but why would that be what you came here to charge me for?"
"What else have you done?!"
>"None of your business, as a matter of fact!"
>"Where'd you get your getup from?" asks Gallsby.
>"Custom tailored, but don't change the subject! I've got knives!"
"That's all your magic can do, make you good at throwing knives?"

Through conversation or tricks, I want him to spill what his magic is. If he says his knives are magic, we can tackle him right now. But if those knives aren't magical...

>"Nah. It's all skill, baby."
>"Does your magic let you keep knives in your shorts without cutting your junk?"
>"... You really aren't a cop, huh?"
>"I already told you I wasn't!"
No. 922185 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155054179610.png - (167.32KB , 600x800 , 602.png )

Gallsby takes a step forward.

Samson flings the knife right by Gallsby, and it sticks into the desk at Gallsby's side.

>"That's a warning shot!"
No. 922186 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155054180814.png - (212.35KB , 1200x800 , 603.png )

I don't have time to react well before Samson starts pulling out another knife from his shorts, and Gallsby starts taking out his gun.
No. 922187 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155054182359.png - (139.97KB , 800x800 , 604.png )

Wait a minute why does Gallsby have a gun.
No. 922188 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155054183027.png - (212.96KB , 800x800 , 605.png )

Why does Gallsby have a gun?!
No. 922191 ID: 4c908d

No. 922192 ID: eeb7d9

Quick! Keep acting like he is not a cop! Question why does he have a gun! Tell him he is under arrest, do it now!
No. 922193 ID: 86eb65

Gallsby where did you get that gun?

Also wander over and poke at that knife and see if it dissolves.
No. 922195 ID: 91ee5f

That’s a good question! Not only can he not hold it correctly, he’s not exactly very responsible to be trusted with one. Although, that might actually be a taser.

But you don’t exactly have time to worry about that right now!
No. 922197 ID: 91ee5f

Frillsby is currently blocking the door. If he moves away, Samson will attempt to run for the door!
No. 922204 ID: 10c408

...We need to get a tazer. Unarmed, even with anti-magic, isn't going to work when criminals stop thinking with magic and start using their brain more. Like Samson here is.


Start acting, take a good long look behind samson and then quickly shift your gaze back to him. Do this a few times until he gets nervous enough to believe that he's about to get struck from behind by Lizzy.

This'll let you or gallsby do... something.
No. 922216 ID: b1b4f3

Gallsby kick the gun to Frillsby.
No. 922270 ID: 9d9102

Get Samson while he's distracted!
No. 922283 ID: b23117

You're both gonna die. I hope Yams and Khivet get you a nice present for when you respawn. Or at least visit you in the hospital if you only almost die.
No. 922301 ID: 0c3c2c

Just.... Just kick Blade Man in the fork while he's distracted by the sad picture of Gallsby with a gun. Or distract Blade Man while Liz smacks him in the head with a tire iron for being an asshole.
No. 922303 ID: 90f3c0

He must be pulling knives out of a pocket dimension in his pants. Grab him by the crotch to cancel out the effect.
No. 922312 ID: daa216

Huh, guess Gallsby is more cop than you thought. Go wide, make it so the perp has to decide which direction he will aim.
No. 922313 ID: bad12e


Gallsby, quick! Flying tackle and scrub that dish into submission!!
No. 922325 ID: a9af05

Quickly dash in close enough to summon handcuffs on the criminal scum!
No. 922326 ID: a9af05

And by criminal scum, I meant Samson.
No. 922353 ID: 75c493

Wake Up
No. 922366 ID: b23117

Wait. Doesnt Gallsby literally have knives for fingers?

Do some anime bullshit!
No. 922370 ID: bb78f2

Do YOU even have a gun?
No. 922373 ID: b1b4f3

...yeah either Frillsby is dreaming or the criminal's magic extends to anyone near him, allowing them to pull weapons out of their pants.
No. 922374 ID: c1212a

You should probably ask him.
No. 922385 ID: fce6e9

Try pulling out a weapon too and shooting the garbage out of him
No. 922539 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155069986896.png - (184.68KB , 1200x800 , 606.png )

>Involve Lizzy
Lizzy was behind us, but he's already going into the back room and out of sight.

No time to think, I'm going to tackle him and hope I can cancel out knife-magic! I try to pull out a weapon from my belt, but no weapon miraculously shows up.

>Gallsby, kick the knife to Frillsby

Just as I leap forward I see Gallsby kick the gun to where I was standing, and is now kicking the gun towards no one in particular. At least I'm between Samson and the gun and door.

Shit, he's throwing the knife at me!
No. 922540 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155069987862.png - (34.42KB , 1000x800 , 607.png )

No. 922541 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155069990164.png - (134.16KB , 1000x800 , 608.png )

Oh I'm fine, they're magic.

>"Why - " Gallsby stutters. "Why did you scream? Why would you do that to me?"
"I felt it hit my clothes and forgot my clothes aren't antimagic, so I thought the knife was - just grab Samson!"
No. 922542 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155069991239.png - (242.87KB , 1200x800 , 609.png )

The criminal's backed into a corner. He's summoning hella knives, but since they're hella magic knives, he's got nowhere to run!
No. 922543 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155069992249.png - (214.93KB , 800x800 , 610.png )


Except through the window, now that I think about it.

His car is parked on the opposite side of the building that the window was on, so he's either going to try to go around for it, or book it on foot.
No. 922546 ID: 470289

Grab the gun and do a murder.
No. 922548 ID: 10c408

Leave the gun where it is. Frillsby, go chase Samson.

Gallsby, go blockcade samson's car.
No. 922550 ID: 91ee5f

>Gallsby, go blockcade samson's car.
And slash the tires with your claws!
No. 922551 ID: 465a14

Well, from the shards of it, that wasn't safety glass. Call an ambulance quick and hope it arrives before he dies of blood loss.
No. 922553 ID: 86eb65

Shoot out his tires. Then track him on foot.
No. 922555 ID: bcc41d

Orrrr he's gonna roll around on the ground in abject pain, because yeowch that's gotta hurt. Unless he knocked out the glass with his knives.

... he probably did.

Don't try to emulate him. The remaining glass of the window is NOT magic. Tell Gallsby to use his claw-hands to shred the rest of the glass away from the sill of the window while you strip your shirt and bundle it up. Use the bundle to quickly hoist yourself over the glass remnants and follow.

Unless it's just easier/faster/SAFER to run out the door, in which case do that instead.

Don't delay, and don't let Samson get to his car. Yell for Lizzy to secure the gun and call 911 for backup, this just got pretty serious. Get up close and grapple him, but remember he seems pretty martial, so don't open yourself to sucker punches.
No. 922556 ID: 0c3c2c

Grab the gun and shout "WARNING SHOT!" Then shoot out his front tire.

Hopefully Gallsby loaded it. However he did.
Also, tell Gallsby to grab him.
No. 922559 ID: b1b4f3

Frillsby get the gun, go shoot out his tires. Gallsby chase that fucker. Start telling him you're gonna stab him once for every minute you have to chase him. (don't actually stab him to death)
No. 922563 ID: eeb7d9

Oh, cool, you didn't die. Surround him! Block all the possible exits!

You need to practice your coordination. Play some dance dance revolution or something.
No. 922570 ID: afdebc

>broken the window
So now you can add property damage onto theft, assault with a deadly (magical) weapon, and resisting arrest.

Chase him, send Gallsby the other way for the car. Don't stop to think about how crazy it is to ask Gallsby to drive.
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