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File 153150401246.png - (151.60KB , 800x800 , FG-OP5.png )
892578 No. 892578 ID: bfb318

Previous Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
Quest may be NSFW at times. [Warnings: Gays, Smash Bros, Magic, Nudity, Dangeresque Situations]

Gallsby is the best damn cop on the force.
He is also the only damn cop on the force, because Frillsby is taking the day off to go on a date.

Chapter 7
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No. 913444 ID: 745eba

Frillsby touched Villi though, so it can't be someone else magically shapeshifted to look like him
No. 913445 ID: becba8

You can buy the donuts on your own, but you can't abandon Villi if you thing he is having a medical emergency. Call an ambulance and wait until they get there.
No. 913460 ID: 75c493

He went back to the bakery without being noticed during your patrol?
No. 913462 ID: b1b4f3

>the Villi here was an impostor
Did you forget that he's a workaholic? And also that a shapeshifter would've been dispelled by Frillsby's dick?
No. 913463 ID: daa216

Did Villi die? Did we get sucked off by a ghost Villi?
No. 913473 ID: 15a025

Say they can, but to please keep an eye on the cashier until you can arrive to the scene.

Before heading out, check and make sure Villi actually left the mansion.
No. 913646 ID: bfb318
File 154449306536.png - (127.66KB , 800x800 , 570.png )

"No. Stay there and keep an eye on him, we'll be right over."

I hang up. Double blue balled, I guess.

>"Let me change real quick!" says Gallsby, who runs inside. I'm not sure he was wearing pants.

While I get to the car, I message Ceo.

"Is Villi there?"

Luckily, she responds.

>"Nah, he left for the bakery hours ago."

I guess he left. Considering by the time he left Gallsby and I widened our search beyond the house and graveyard, it's not surprising that he left without us seeing. Either way, I'm still not dealing with any shapeshifters or doppelgangers.
No. 913647 ID: bfb318
File 154449317649.png - (173.44KB , 900x500 , 571.png )

We get to the bakery like there's a blowout sale, or a collapsed goat in need of assistance.

Once we're both inside, Villi's standing up at his register. There's someone sitting in the nearby chair that if I had to put my life savings down on, I'd say is the caller.

"Villi. Are you alright? And you, sir, stay there for a moment."
"Y-yes I'm fine! I'm sorry to cause problems!"
>"Are you sorry for being sorry too?" asks Gallsby.
>"Well stop!"
"Is it true you fainted?"
"Yyyyes again. I couldn't move! I'm sorry, I wasn't, uh, hurt or anything, but, um, I thought I stopped being a fainting goat."
>"Hold it." says Gallsby. "You can just 'stop' being a fainting goat?"
"Er, well, yes, I mean I'm sorry if what I said before was misleading, but I used to be a fainter, but then I got a resistance! That's the silver lining of my childhood, I guess!"
>"Tell me about your childhood." says Gallsby.
"One time in elementary school, a kid asked me if I was a fainting goat. I said yes!"

"That might have been the worst mistake of my life. But it gave me resistance to where I could proudly say I'm not a fainter! Except now..."
"Yeah we got off topic. What happened?"
"I was robbed! At knifepoint!"
No. 913648 ID: 86eb65

Pull out your notebook and start doing police work. Ask him for the description and if there are any cameras nearby.

Have Gallsby dust the goat for prints.
No. 913650 ID: 6c5a99

It's legit police time!! Get the deets! Secure the witness! Ask if anyone saw anything or anyone suspicious!
No. 913651 ID: daa216

Was he robbed by a ghost? Or a ghost wearing a white sheet? This could be the big break in the case we needed.
No. 913655 ID: 9125e0

Did the suspect oz ectoplasm, did or did not he say Phrases like OOOoooOOOOoooohhhh or other ghastly wails, was his or her penis visible? was the suspect wearing a bedsheet or other type of cloth possibly torn? did the purp have a green purple or blue glow? How much money did the asshole make off with?

Also, did he smell like Onien

On the blowjob karma scale what would you rate the events that are occurring Frillsby, You were blue balled twice, maybe our friend came to town for some eggs or something
No. 913657 ID: 91ee5f

The look on Frillsby’s face just let’s you know how uncomfortable he is. He’s sleep deprived and blue balled!

I wonder what’s going to happen first, he passes out from lack of sleep or he finally gets his rocks off?
No. 913658 ID: afdebc

Interview the goat and the other witness there. Find out how the robbery went down, what was stolen, a description of the suspect, find out if Vivi has any cameras. Try not to leave the other guy waiting in the corner forever either, since he was helpful and actually called this is.
No. 913669 ID: bb78f2

Oh no, a case when we're tired as hell. We need the legally questionable energy drink if we're gonna crack it!
No. 913670 ID: 10c408

Alright, as important as police business is, the polite thing to do is for Villi and his customer to handle their business while you get information from both of them.

Nothing can possibly go wrong with this.
No. 913683 ID: 65c9b9

relize that there is some universal constant GAY FORCE that you have upset by kissing a girl (ew) and it will not allow you to have an orgasm until you go to the roof and shout "I AM GAY! AND I LOVE BOY PENIS!" and its making trouble in town every time you get close to orgasm so for the safety of the town you must publicly reassert your gayness
No. 913690 ID: b151ce

Thank the call-in dude for callin' in and ask him what he saw when he came in if Villi is low on details. Also ensure that he got his pastries.
No. 913736 ID: 6c5a99

Do you know what the robber took? I mean if they were a robber and he fainted then they would have taken something while he was out, right? What's missing?
No. 913791 ID: bfb318
File 154463328891.png - (137.27KB , 800x800 , 572.png )

>Consider karma for all of this
Darrin the karma-bringer is probably not in town, but I don't know because even if there is karma going on, I have done nothing to deserve most of today.

>Consider universal gay force
I hope Darrin doesn't have a sibling with similar magic powers. That would be too much.

"Alright. Run me through it. What time was it, and what did this person look like?"
>"It was about 5:19, I know because it was about time to bring out the bread but the timer hadn't dinged at 5:50 yet. Uh, then someone who I thought was a customer came in! He had knives! So many knives, and he walked right up to the counter and yelled 'gimme the dough!'"

Villi looks down.

"Then I fainted."
"How much did he steal?"
"A box of assorted donuts and an entire cake!"
"How much money?"
"Oh right sixty dollars! I start with 150 in the register though so that was nice of him to only take 60."
"No, Villi, it wasn't nice!"
"W-well it could've been worse!"
"That doesn't mean it was nice! Do you have any cameras?"
"I do but it's only for show... that was dumb in hindsight!"
"Did the criminal look like a ghost?"
No. 913792 ID: bfb318
File 154463329736.png - (138.70KB , 800x800 , 573.png )

"... no?"
"Not even someone in a bedsheet?"


"No, that wasn't a bedsheet."
"Any monstrous noises come from him?"
"Er... can you give me an example?"
".... oooOOOOOoooOooohhh."

Villi shakes his head. I do other impressions of some of the unworldly noises I heard, and Gallsby does the same even though he never heard him. I can't imitate them at all and Gallsby is just making noises. We all look stupid.

"It was all intelligible words! I don't know if it's the graveyard person, but are you sure the person in the graveyard was a monster or ghost?"
"There were definitely spooky monster noises."
"He seemed well spoken when he robbed me! What if he showed up in the graveyard to keep you two busy there while he robbed people in town?!"
>"Clearly we're dealing with a criminal mastermind." says Gallsby.
"No, that has too many ifs and b- ifs to be master of anything."
>"Frillsby did you just omit 'buts' from your sentence so I couldn't quip about them?"
"You're damn right Gallsby."
>"Now's not the time for that! Don't worry Villi, we'll question the first shifty eyed, rat faced, criminal looking guy we see!"
No. 913794 ID: bfb318
File 154463335666.png - (97.51KB , 800x800 , 574.png )


>"Villi aren't you going to say whether or not this is the criminal?"
"I- I wasn't going to say that!"
>"So he is the criminal?"
"No but if I said that right away without provocation, I'd be calling him a shifty-eyed rat faced criminal looking guy!"

"Which he's nnn-...nnnoooot....?"

Villi immediately moves into a new sentence, and talks about what the perp looked like. Apparently a lot of knives floating around him, and what may have been either scarves or belts or tattered clothes. He had one horn, but that may have been a big knife on his head, he isn't sure. Over the course of the description, it's made clear to us that the criminal was in possession of knives.

>"Hey so can I get that donut already?" asks the shifty eyed, rat faced, criminal looking guy.
"Right I'll get that!"
"Gallsby I got a dusting kit and put it in the car. Can you dust Villi and stuff around here for prints?"
>"Yes Frillsby I definitely can do that thing you're as - "
"I'm hella tired, I'm allowed to ask stupid questions! Wait, Villi, was the criminal furry?"
"There's not going to be any prints, then. Okay, Mister...?"


"What's your name?"
"Tell me what you saw when you came in."
>"This bakery which looks like how it does now, and that goat, except horizontal. Oh, I didn't see the perp, but I've practiced forensic drawing before if you wanna hand me a pencil and paper."
No. 913795 ID: 3deaa4


Couldn't hurt. Here, have this sketchpad I've been doodling on while interviewing Villi.

Also, what's that on Villi's horn? How'd it end up there?

Tell Gallsby to see if there are any outside actual functional cameras on other nearby stores that might've caught grainy spooky footage of the perp as he moved into Villi's shop.
No. 913796 ID: 6c5a99

>gimme the dough

So either this guy likes puns, or he actually came in here wanting to make a purchase and Villi misinterpreted him because he had magic that tragically made knives float uncontrollably around him. Is Villi sure he had 120 dollars in the till to begin with? How much would the food that was taken have cost to buy? What time was it when Villi fainted, and what time is it now? Could someone else have wandered in and taken the money or the food seperately?
No. 913797 ID: 91ee5f

>it's only for show...that was dumb in hindsight!
Yes, it is.

Let this be a lesson and you should get a working camera.

>talks about what the perp looked like. Apparently a lot of knives floating around him, and what may have been either scarves or belts or tattered clothes.
Frillsby, do you know what this means? You’re dealing with an anime character!

>Oh, I didn't see the perp, but I've practiced forensic drawing before if you wanna hand me a pencil and paper.
That’s unusually convenient. Either he’s lying or he’s telling the truth and the universe is trying to make it up to you for getting you blue balled twice.

There’s only one way to find out. Hand him a pencil and paper.

>Also, what's that on Villi's horn?
It’s a donut.

>How'd it end up there?
He probably fell on it when he fainted.
No. 913799 ID: 86eb65

Practicing forensic drawing? That sounds like something a shifty criminal would say!

Just joking. We would be very thankful if you would art it up for us.
No. 913800 ID: b1b4f3

No. 913802 ID: 0c3c2c

Let's give it a whirl. We can take this mysterious witness along for questioning and drawing. And possibly ear rubs.
No. 913836 ID: bb78f2

What's your stand power?
No. 913855 ID: afdebc

>"I do but it's only for show... that was dumb in hindsight!"
A deterrent is better than nothing, even if it didn't work here.

>Oh, I didn't see the perp, but I've practiced forensic drawing before if you wanna hand me a pencil and paper.
Sure, couldn't hurt.

Thank Russel for his patience and for calling this in. Ask what time he got here so we can establish a timeline. (The perp was here at 5:19 and had left by...?).
No. 913869 ID: 9125e0

His eyes are too shifty.......dont give him the pencil and if you do point out that if he trys to stab you Gallsby will stab him back
No. 913870 ID: 10c408

We can't determine when the perp left since Villi had a severe case of fainting goat syndrome and Russel arrived late. We can narrow it down to when russel arrived though, but it's probably about the time he called us.

Barring any further unlikely witnesses, our best bet is to get other evidence first.

Starting with the donut stuck on Vili's horn, that evidence is absolutely crucial.
No. 913938 ID: bfb318
File 154474449713.png - (112.23KB , 800x800 , 575.png )

"I don't see why not. Gallsby, can you go to the nearby buildings and check if they have security cameras?"
>"On it! Just give me like 3 hours for when the rest of the block opens for business. Except for Randy, I'll go check his place out since he's open all the time."
"If you order food, get me something too. Speaking of that, is that a cookie on your horn, Villi?"
"Huh? It is! I wasn't anywhere near any cookies, how'd that even...?"
"And Russell, what time did you get here?"
>"I dunno, a minute or two before I called, probably."

I got the call at 5:34, So 'probably' just after 5:30. Apparently Villi faints for awhile.

"Villi, can you describe what the burglar looked like so Russell can draw it?"

I hand my pencil and notebook to Russell, and he starts scribbling furiously as Villi describes him, and Russell asks various questions about specific looks.

Then he keeps scribbling in silence.

... "Russ - "
>"Hold on!"

He continues scribbling. This is apparently something that needs extreme detail.

>"Okay! Done!"
"Let's see what you got, Russel."
No. 913939 ID: bfb318
File 154474450458.png - (163.57KB , 800x800 , 576.png )

No. 913941 ID: afdebc

Well, he's distinctive at least. Unless he can put the blades away.

This is a perfectly ordinary question that as magical gay policemen we have to ask everyone, so don't be offended, but just to confirm: your magic power isn't turning into Blademan or something like that, right?
No. 913942 ID: b1b4f3

Thanks Russel. Thanks a lot.
Ask Villi if that looks right.
No. 913943 ID: eeb7d9

Ok, that looks pretty cool. But how much did you added in that pic? Or does he really look like that? We need a precise picture of the perpetrator in order to identify him. Also, are making us lose time. We can punish you for that, you know?
Then again, that is a pretty cool fucking drawing.
No. 913945 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and check where the cookies are. If the criminal put a cookie on Villi while leaving, he may have left evidence on or near the cookie jar or whatever.
No. 913947 ID: 91ee5f

Well, Villi did say the robber came in and said “gimme the dough!” Maybe it was someone that bakes cookies and ran out of dough, so they came here to get some dough from Villi?

We already know Villi is missing $60 in the money dough, but what about the food kind of dough? Is he missing any of that kind of dough?

I was right! We are dealing with an anime character!

Show it to Villi to see if this is right!

And also compliment Russell‘s amazing drawing skills!
No. 913955 ID: 86eb65

I will pin this masterpiece to the official police fridge.

Thank you for your hard work citizen.

Then salute him and go check those cameras.
No. 913957 ID: 0c3c2c

Holy shit, we're looking for a guy who KICKS ASS.

Once we beat the shit out of him, we should totally get his autograph. Then throw him in a cell.
No. 913971 ID: de6d84

Amazing picture. Thank him for it.
No. 913990 ID: bfb318
File 154480609130.png - (158.63KB , 800x800 , 577.png )

Well, I was listening in to Villi's description, and this drawing does fit that criteria.

"Your magic power isn't turning into blademan, is it?"
>"I wish it was."
"What is it, then?"
>"I can make small objects in people's peripheral vision move a little bit."
"That's heinous."
>"I know."
"Remember to use your power responsibly. Villi, does your burglar look like Blade Man?"
"... he... kind of reminds me of him? Maybe?"

"I think... um... okay, I'm really just remembering Blade Man now. I think he replaced the actual burglar in my head."
"Great. Well, thanks, Russell. It's a masterpiece."
>"I know."
"Oh, I almost have your donuts now! I was able to save the next batch in time."
No. 913991 ID: bfb318
File 154480612105.png - (150.72KB , 800x800 , 578.png )

"Do you happen to own a cookie jar, Villi?"
"Oh, yes, I keep it over here on the - ah?!"
"What's wrong?"
"The lid is askew!"
"Is it?" I take a picture of it.
"It's supposed to be lined up with the rest of the jar, otherwise it looks all wrong! Ah, he took a couple cookies! Wh-who would do this?!"
"... the criminal?"
"Er, right, but... how did y-you know to check that?"
"I suspect our criminal put a cookie on your horn."
"Why, you ask? I don't know. The motive is missing. Maybe he thinks of crime as fun and games. Either way, stealing from the cookie jar is only one item on the list of offenses. What about the rest of your dough?"
"I checked it, if there's anything else missing it's really minor stuff, like from the cookie jar!"

I see no other evidence left behind, inside or around the cookie jar.

I get a message from Gallsby.

It's a video from Randy's security camera.
No. 913993 ID: bfb318
File 154480618359.png - (549.31KB , 800x800 , 579.png )

Or it's... some kind of data from his camera. There's a car that drives by that I don't recognize, and it's the only car that drives by during the time of burglary.

"Do you recognize this car, Russell?" I ask while he eats his donut.
>"Is there supposed to be a car on your phone?"
"Yes. Did you see a car driving around before you found Villi?"
>"Like, anytime before?"
"No, not 'anytime'. When you were walking here."
>"Maybe I saw some brake lights, yeah. But not the car or anything like that."

It's so dark, and the video is in such bad quality that I can barely make out there's a car at all, let alone the kind of car, license plate, driver, or any other details.
No. 913994 ID: 65c9b9

the only person in town that we know has a car is Ceo's friend so lets call her. (thats how cars work right everyone knows each other?)
No. 913995 ID: 10c408

That's not Poe's car, so he's out of the list of suspects.

Text Gallsby back, ask which way the car went when it left Villi's. Maybe it got caught on someone else's camera.
No. 913998 ID: b1b4f3

If he skipped town there's not much you can do. Let's see if we can follow the trail anyway, what's in the direction the car is going?
No. 914000 ID: eeb7d9

I am starting to see a patern here. He steals mony, but not all of it, he takes cookies, puts them on wierd places, uses blades. The culprit is an asshole! Case closed.
But really, the guy is just pissing off, is more of a clown than a creiminal. We need to look for people who are assholes and are really anoying.
No. 914006 ID: a62780

You can tell a couple of details:
2-doors, that windshield that pretty much touches the sunroof which itself pretty much touches the door windows.
The vague shape in the rear window seems a bit too central and far back in the car to be the back of a seat, it might be part of a roll-bar.

Not much but it's something, perhaps blademan fancies himself as a motorhead maybe?
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