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File 153486863577.png - (476.66KB , 1200x1200 , 0.png )
898339 No. 898339 ID: e77725

Twitter: @HeroRena
Tali's Stats: http://pastebin.com/9XdsZ5bC
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Magical_Academy_Quest

Journal Entry #41

Hey, journal. I'm technically not home right now so this is more of a mental entry. My class all went on a trip to the Aelor homeland and uh... We got all split up. A few of us made our way to a seemingly abandoned city and we found Tessa in a well.

We also found a giant mysterious monolith!
That was guarded by a dragon.

Oh and that dragon is now staring at me.
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No. 922175 ID: e77725
File 155054050842.png - (205.58KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

>Alpherialum sighs and a burst of flames surround her. When they fade she looks... Different. Her hair, scales, and wings are still the same color but she looks much more healthy.

>Oh and she isn't leaking mana from her eye hole anymore.

"I am Alpherialum, bringer of the end. And I am restored. Thank you, tiny elf of Minia. You have done all that I asked for and more. In return I shall grant you a boon. Ask it of me, and if it is within my power it shall be granted."
No. 922176 ID: 49ea2b

Huh. Do we have any long term goals she could help us with? Besides the short term goal of "help us find the rest of our friends".
No. 922177 ID: 1774cd

Could you not bring the end? We live in the world and we're fairly fond of it not being ended.
No. 922178 ID: d856aa

Tali, ask her if we can trade down our boon for a number of favors. Mostly in the vein of:
1. A ride for us and our friends to the others.
2. A gift for Fael
3. Alph's number just incase we want to hang out.
No. 922179 ID: 9caba2

Ask yourself: What would Vaisi want?
And then realize what you must ask for, lest she bother you for the rest of your life: A bigger dick.
No. 922180 ID: d856aa

Also, if that doesn't work ask her if you can lay the dragon. Then fuck the dragon.
No. 922194 ID: 98db10

I'd suggest embiggening yourself and asking to have sex with her, but I don't think your wife would like you riding a dragon that isn't her.
No. 922196 ID: 3674e7

I wonder what it would be like being able to dragon transform at will (both allows for dragon sexy times and gives us cool dragon powers). Also ask for help with locating and gathering your friends.
Oh and offer her a place in the dragon stables to live becouse she probably has nowhere else to go and could teach us/other dragon friends a lot.
No. 922198 ID: d856aa

Oh hey yeah, offering to let her live at Minia would be cool. She just has to promise to not kill all the other dragons.
No. 922199 ID: 06095b


Fael is a good girl, and if she can give us something, even just advice that will make life easier for her, that'd be nice.

Relatedly, if she's looking for a place to settle down, like she mentioned, Minia might not be a bad bet. There are lots of dragons there she can socialize with and, if she really wants to stick it to the Ceer for holding her captive for god knows how long, you'll probably come across plenty of Ceer artifacts that need a good smash from something bigger than your noodly elf arms.
No. 922200 ID: 1a6fd4

Yes, let's bring the Ceer hating dragon home to our Ceer girlfriend. What could go wrong?
No. 922202 ID: afdebc

Enhance knockers!
No. 922213 ID: 080aaf

A protection spell strong enough to fuck dragons.
No. 922214 ID: 2202fb

Hows about mentoring our dragon? Or we could bring her back to be our so's mount and we can be dragon rider buddies.

(sorry about names, been a while)
No. 922215 ID: e3e99e

Why is she bringer of the end?
Could she, you know, NOT bring the end? This is where we keep all our waifus.
No. 922217 ID: e5229b

At least she's not the final boss. Could she round up all our friends that are lost in the desert and drop them off somewhere with a teleport stone?
No. 922218 ID: bb78f2

Can we go on a date? Not sure what you like to do on a date as a dragon, but I'm eager to learn your interests.

I speculate the whole "End" thing is a metaphor, freeing her didn't bring the end, she's just like... one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you know, not the cause, just a symptom. She's a natural creature with a role in the ecosystem, we shouldn't interfere in such things. She might not even play her part for a millennia, she's a dragon.

Ok, no one is escaping the heat death of the universe unless you hop into a much younger universe. Which is the true solution to the Apocalypse. You just run away.
No. 922219 ID: 345fd7

Hold on, bringer of the end of what?

If she’s the bringer of the end of a particular city or something, it might have already happened.

In which case, you could ask for, like, Aelor strength. Or if she can bless you with knowledge, an underdtanding of biochemistry would go a long ways towards figuring out how to help Ceer reproduction.
No. 922220 ID: 49ea2b

Can we... can we ask for more natural magic? Cutethulhu gave us natural comfy magic, can Alpherialum give us some too? Maybe natural fire magic?
No. 922222 ID: b1b4f3

For the boon, we should try to get her help collecting the other lost students and returning them to Minia, or to the rest of the field trip as intended. Out of curiosity you should ask what end her title refers to.
No. 922228 ID: e77725
File 155054821627.png - (89.81KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

Oh geeze. Those are a lot of really good ideas...

"Maybe... Something Fael would like? She's my dragon. I mean... She's not -mine- but I'm her rider. I ride her. Like... In battle. Yeah."

"I see."

>The dragons appears to think for a moment. Then, she plunges her hand into her fucking torso like it's a completely normal thing to do and pulls something out.

"Here." She says, and hands Tali a tiny ember. "This is pure elemental fire, the oldest flame around from the oldest dragon around."

"Oh wow... What uh... What do I do with it?"

"You can do many things. You can use it on yourself to give your elf body a new natural magic, make yourself immune to burning, give it to your dragon to give her a boost in her might. It can be used as fuel, a catalyst, whatever you could imagine. It is my gift to you."

"Oh wow. Thank you! Oh, and uh... Can I ask you one more favor? Can you 'not' end the world? I like the world."

>She shrugs.

"Eh. It won't happen for another few thous... It will not happen in your lifetime. That is all you need to know."
No. 922229 ID: 49ea2b

Ok, look, I love Fael as much as any of us here, but... Natural fire magic. Immunity to being burned. Yes. A thousand times yes.
No. 922230 ID: e77725
File 155054849689.png - (144.81KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

"Now..." The dragon says, "Is that all? I feel that what you have asked me is so small in return for the gift you have given me."

"Well... My friends are kinda scattered throughout the land. Do you think you could help us find them?"


>She moves to stand and begins walking back to the hole she made in the wall.

"O-oh and! If you need a place to stay you're welcome at the school! There's a buncha dragons there and you can make friends! It's really nice there!"

>The dragon turns back and smiles at Tali.

"I wish to stretch my wings for a bit and see the land. But, I shall keep that in mind. I shall meet you outside."
No. 922231 ID: d856aa

No. We're giving it to Fael as long as she's been a good girl and not poisoned anyone or been a nuisance.
No. 922232 ID: e77725
File 155054854323.png - (60.51KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

>She leaps into the cavern and flies out. Straight through the top. Just smashing through it.
No. 922233 ID: e77725
File 155054856678.png - (173.80KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

Man... It feels good to help people.
You know?
No. 922235 ID: d856aa

Wait, I thought we helped people for promises of favors in the future and potential loot. Also tits.

Anyways, grab your new pet Tali. We've got friends to rescue.
No. 922236 ID: 7d1452

Is it safe to leave that void mote thing lying around?
No. 922237 ID: 1a6fd4

>I feel that what you have asked me is so small in return for the gift you have given me.
I don't suppose we could ask for a second one, then? If I have to choose who gets it, then I choose Tali. Power that we wield will always be better than power wielded by others, even our closest allies.
No. 922238 ID: e3e99e

Ok, get your new slave prepared for transport. Vaisi is going to love having someone she can abuse without consequences.
No. 922250 ID: afdebc

Pet poor broken Ceer in the head. There there, it'll be okay.
No. 922251 ID: 2202fb

sun burns
No. 922255 ID: bfb6f3

Whelp, grab your new ceer friend and let’s head back home. And if they try to attack you again comfy magic them.
No. 922257 ID: 345fd7

Boy howdy I do sure hope we’re not responsible for the end of the world.
No. 922258 ID: b1b4f3

Well, the Ceer managed to capture her once, I'm sure they could do it again.
No. 922282 ID: 0cfbce

i don't think the gods would like the world GONE, cause they need worshipers to live so it will probably be a more a flame of rebirth. burn the world down and start anew.

anyway, what is that ball of pure darkness back there?
No. 922304 ID: 679a6d

Friendly reminder Tali, don't forget to get your illusion back on before you meet back up with the rest of your class.
No. 922305 ID: 9caba2

Be sure to keep holding hands with the Ceer so you don't lose them!
No. 922308 ID: 4787a7

Let’s take Ceerdine to Gears. If we collect enough researchers together and force them into a think tank maybe we can get them to make some breakthroughs on a Ceer NICU or something.

What were the rules again for what spells work on Ceer and what ones don’t? I’m wondering what sort of hoops we might have to jump through to get some anatomy scans. Y’know, x-rays and microscopes and such.
No. 922367 ID: 0cfbce

nothing but comfy magic works on a ceer unless they let you.
No. 922480 ID: d9c0b3

See, I thought comfy magic worked because it was “beneficia”l, and other buffs would work too, but buffing an enemy is usually a bad idea, and comfy magic just happens to count as beneficial when it effectively isn’t.
No. 922481 ID: 49ea2b

There are plenty of other buff spells with drawbacks, tho. It's just a matter of tailoring one that does what we want as a side effect rather than a direct one.
No. 923138 ID: d856aa

If you can't get two Tali, give it to Fael. She deserves a present. There are more opportunities for personal power.
No. 923141 ID: 0c3c2c

I think we should go find Fael and say, "Hey, Fael, do you want this fragment of Primal Fire?"
No. 923169 ID: b73a76

She does deserve a present, but knife-ears needs to git gud.
No. 923172 ID: d856aa

Knife ears seemed to do pretty well in this situation and he even has a wand that makes people explode and a new pet ceer.
No. 923195 ID: 49ea2b

>he even has a wand that makes people explode
On a side note: The wand is a Ceer artifact, and you know what those do. Us orbs are one thing, but we should probably consider giving the wand to Ceera instead of having Tali use it.
No. 923201 ID: 1a6fd4

Hmm. He already used it once, but he's not showing any signs of ceerification. Should we test how much he can use the wand until they start appearing? Then he can go hug a tree or quaff syrup or bone Alisya or whatever he needs to do to get his Earth back on.
No. 923225 ID: 977456

That was when she didn't know a Ceer's weak-point. Now she can hit on them for massive damage.
No. 923234 ID: d856aa

I believe Ceera's confirmed that Ceerification only happens rapidly if you overuse them without restoring your elemental mana. Hell, Tali has three orbs he uses fairly frequently and the book and isn't a Ceer yet.
He'll be fine as long as we don't go blasting things with it constantly.
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