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File 153588375181.png - (30.86KB , 500x500 , Opening.png )
900061 No. 900061 ID: f7b510

The sun burns high in the sky. Cracking the land with it's blistering heat. The way is vast and unchanging. Seemingly never ending in almost all directions.

Why would you be here? What drives someone to a place like this? Madness? Insanity? Who are you?
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No. 900063 ID: 33cbe7

You're a water elemental and you might be more than a little lost after the party last night.
No. 900065 ID: ff82d2

You're a 20 year old human male. Your class is NEET.

The last thing you remember was walking to a shop to buy some drinks when suddenly you were attacked by a thug. You also remember him shooting you in the head. But then, why is it that you're not dead, instead of waking up here in this world?
No. 900066 ID: c23250

You are as the title implies, a wanderer. A rat of this wasteland. To be more specific, you are a driver. A skilled survivalist and warrior. With skills in mechanics and knowledge of the time before. You seek what anyone would seek in a land like this. Water.
No. 900067 ID: 1bf2e8

You are a survivor. Something has prolonged your life to the point where your history blends together in an unreadable mess. You seek guzzolene, and water, and weapons. For what? You don't know. Only a feeling that life is going to suddenly get harder than you can imagine.

also maybe you are secretly cute
No. 900070 ID: dbf422

Obviously madness. No one would come here if they were perfectly sane. Not with what is promised at the end. Salvation.
No. 900078 ID: 5fc773

>what drove us here

A car obviously
No. 900080 ID: b61eb0

You are Kiyoshi Tsumori and were once a depressed officeworker who found new purpose in a broken world
No. 900081 ID: ad51b8

are we picking races here as well? If so I vote for a girtablilu, or scorpion person.

either way as for why we're here... I'm actually kinda divided between a simple runaway outlaw or a mad profit following visions in their dreams in a journey they hope will end with them finding the physical avatar of their god... eh why not combine the two. Run away outlaw searching for their god.
No. 900083 ID: 556258

You're a lizardperson named Nate. You're a pretty hardy one, hardier than the already hardy race of yours. Your shirt and pants are the only possessions you have right now.

You're here in this inhospitable desert because you were exiled from your country. They weren't too clear why.
No. 900091 ID: 4f1cbc

This sounds fun
No. 900098 ID: 094652

Your name is Sarai Jiu-Liang. You're a former cybernetics engineer stuck in a desert after civilization collapsed. Your memories are corrupted between the point when everything was on fire and three months ago. You have supplies, a degree, and no idea what to do. You're screwed.
No. 900136 ID: 704031

Combine these!

I think a little bit of all these suggestions would be great. A desert rat.

You seek to cross the great salt sea to find... something. Your purpose is survival, but you know beyond lies your salvation. How will you do it? You are unsure.

Also maybe you ARE secretly cute
No. 900194 ID: f7b510
File 153594459157.png - (35.79KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_1.png )

This sun baked hell is your world. You weren't born into it, you don't think. It was born around you. Forced to live. Stripped of all that you had known once a time long, long ago. A crazy-eyed warrior. One who stops for nothing. Lest the demons of your past catch up with you. An outlaw in a land without order.

Your quest... Salvation? Yes. That sounds familiar.
No. 900195 ID: f7b510
File 153594498538.png - (116.80KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_2.png )

Your memories have suffered in the time that has passed. How many years has it been since... Anything... One? Ten? A hundred? You don't know.

You are a remnant, stripped down to one core instinct.


It is only through your dreams that you glimpse the life you had before. The skills you have. Mechanics, electronics, your degree? They are a horrible mish-mash of sights and feelings that draw you forwards. You don't know where you are going, and you don't know how to get there, but you do know what lies at the end of your road. Salvation.

What do you need to reach it?
No. 900196 ID: 33cbe7

Your pilot's license. And your passport!
No. 900197 ID: 9a9227

I like this so far. I'm sure wanderer will let us know more details about the choices soon, but as for the question.

You need parts and wheels. Fast ones. The fastest ones possible, and to do that you need eight cylinders. No less.

You need to find people. To corpse? Or maybe to trade for necessities. The heat must drain our water supplies greatly.
No. 900199 ID: 3a3544

You need to follow the smoke! Over there in the distance! What is it?
No. 900206 ID: dbf422

Gas. Or that's what it's called, since actual gasoline is worthless these days. Whatever that liquid you shove into your car is, you need a lot of it. You need to find someone who has some, and get it from them. How you get it depends on the person who has it.
No. 900218 ID: f7b510
File 153595509423.png - (80.09KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_3.png )

You need equipment.

Parts to beef up your car, fuel for the journey, and for yourself. Food and water are valuable and tough to come across, and you don't have enough for more than a couple days.

In the distance you spy smoke. A telltale sign of danger, but it's something you have to risk.

Your tires kick up salt and grime as you near the source of the smoke. You see enormous rigs of steel atop rails. A train? Nearby it seems like some sort of camp with several vehicles nearby.
No. 900220 ID: 3a3544

Proceed to the train engine. You can probably find someone in charge there.
No. 900235 ID: dbf422

Make sure you have an idea for a getaway before you park. And don't leave the car until you know you aren't dealing with bandits.
No. 900240 ID: 094652

Remember, your car is both fragile and a powerful battle armor. You must decide if you wish to use it in combat as a battering ram or leave it behind so it doesn't get shot up.
No. 900285 ID: ff82d2

Park your car where it won't be noticed and then walk/sneak towards the objective.
No. 900355 ID: 6eea28

Stay in the car, head for the train engine and try to find someone who looks important. If there is a sign of danger, put the petal to the metal and flee
No. 900414 ID: f7b510
File 153605343288.png - (76.59KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_4.png )

You decide your safest place is your car, and that the quickest way to see what goes on is to head to the front of the train.

As you near it, a truck and a man on a motorcycle pull up along side you somewhat, as if to guide you along a path. You were already heading in this direction anyway.

Ahead of you begins a large work camp. Dozens, if not hundreds of men working. Welding, hammering, lifting. All around hastily built tents.
No. 900416 ID: f7b510
File 153605369949.png - (39.29KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_5.png )

As you near the lead train car, you notice the sheer size and scale of it. It's guns, as large as any you have any seen. All of it's cars are armored to high hell. Weapons of all sorts decorate the sides. If this thing laid full broadside, you don't expect the damage to be anything less than apocalyptic.

That's when you notice other vehicles have pulled from some of the tents you passed. Real wasteland speedsters and cars armed with harpoons and ballista mounted on their roofs or flatbeds. Tandem bikers with explosive spears. They form a wide V around you. Like a funnel, guiding you forwards, threatening to grind your sides if you near one of the edges.
No. 900420 ID: f7b510
File 153605491591.png - (131.19KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_6.png )

That is when you reach the front most car. The engine.

A humongous monster of dark steel, smoke stacks pouring pitch black fumes, steam and smoke into the air, fire belching from the exhausts and the many 'eyes' of the front ram. The atomic train seems to be being fitted with more parts and guns as workers hammer new rails into place at it's front. Only now can you see most of these workers are slaves, bound and branded with hideous markings and scars. The largest gun you have ever seen sits on a nearby train car, being put together by workers.

If this is the unfinished train, you can't imagine what it will look like once completed.

Finally, Atop a throne of car parts and blades at the top of the train sits a monster of a man, though you can only see the faintest form through the glimmer of the sun and reflection across all the steel and chrome.

Suddenly, you hear a voice amplified through the air. You know it must be the monster atop the train speaking.



Ahead of you, you spy barrels of guzzolene being filled from an enormous tank near the base of a stony cliff face. Warriors pulling their machines to block you. That was your goal, but is the danger worth it now? What do you do?

You have three shots with your pistol, and a quarter tank of gas.
No. 900424 ID: ff82d2

Pass the barrels and shoot them to take out your pursuers. While they're stunned from the explosion, see if you can grab a barrel or two that didn't explode.

Alternatively, shot the barrels in a way that the explosion sends one of the barrels flying towards the monster train. Once the flying barrel is right next to the Engine Head, shoot the barrel to take out the boss. Declare yourself as the new warlord.
No. 900450 ID: 0e2ebe

I agree with plan number one. Just don't spend much time looking for an unexploded barrel.
No. 900458 ID: edee3d

If you think you have a good way to ignite the explosives then do it without leaving your car. Maybe the explosion is large enough to cause a rockslide. If that’s the case, hit your hand break so that your pursuers end up smashed or way forwards from you. Then speed back off towards the distance. You might be able to outrun any pursuers that follow you.
No. 900463 ID: 094652

Brakes. Turn. Gun. Opposite Direction. Gas. Now.

Engine head might be the worshiped overlord of this army, but he's still a mortal. He can direct the horde to glory, oblivion, or some mix of the two, but he cannot physically grab this train by the balls and turn it around 180 degrees.

If he can do even a tenth of such an impossible feat, you're screwed and should probably surrender right now. So let's assume he can't just multiply the velocity of this train by -1 within the next fifteen seconds. That's fifteen whole seconds for the slaves and the soldiers to realize their "Savior of the Supersonic and Paragon of Propulsion" is flawed, that those who flee in the opposite direction of the will of the train can make it out alive.

If there is any suspicion, any possibility, any speculative thought of imperfection in the horde, it will cause a fracture. It doesn't matter how small, or how easily fixed the fracture is, that's your window of opportunity to raid and retreat.

Besides, if you keep moving in this direction, all it would take to bring you down is a single order from Engine Head to "Go to Glory" and the whole gang will kamikaze-dogpile your car, killing you instantly. He only needs the engine after all.
No. 900469 ID: 69d4b9

Join the Road-Dogs. Bring your V8 to the Monster Shouter as an offering, a bribe, a bride-price all in one.
No. 900478 ID: 7a9d9c

If I am not mistaken, pretty sure it was implied the train and the parts were not completed yet. Instead they were being added on to while the track is built in front of it.

In any case, you should try to escape. Use your skills as a driver, maybe you can cause some kind of distraction. Leaving with a quarter tank is better than leaving with no car, or not leaving at all.

Maybe stalling their progress with kabooms is enough to stunt any pursuit. So I am siding with

Except maybe dont even try to grab any fuel at all, just get out. We can worry about guzzolene later.
No. 900488 ID: 33cbe7

Look at the size of that damn thing! This was a suicide mission. Blow up their gas and run.
No. 900518 ID: f7b510
File 153613871620.png - (76.54KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_7.png )

You pick your final gear and see in the distance an enormous tank of fuel, with pipes lined all across the cliff face and in towards the camp. Immediately you see what must be done.
No. 900519 ID: f7b510
File 153613879929.png - (64.64KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_8.png )

A single shot rings out over the wasteland
No. 900520 ID: f7b510
File 153613912341.png - (77.91KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_9.png )

A fire ignites the fuel, and a moment later you witness a fire show to rival The Bombs.


The occupants of the trucks that pulled in front of you to lay fire are incinerated in a flaming burst of ignited guzzolene, the following explosion shakes the earth as the fuel lines, pumps, tanks, and gas pockets all ignite at once.
No. 900521 ID: f7b510
File 153613933975.png - (59.89KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_10.png )

With your split second timing, you crank the handbreak and slam your clutch as your wheels scream, trying to find purchase to bring your car to a halt.
No. 900522 ID: f7b510
File 153613949750.png - (127.50KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_11.png )

As if caught by surprise, dozens of cars careening onto their sides to avoid the ball of fire, or smashing into each other as they attempt to avoid the explosions.

All for naught, as the majority have traveled too far when the rock slide caught them.

Numerous boulders and stones slide from the cliff face, smashing and crushing cars, workers, and warriors alike. Coming down onto the train with enough force to shatter steel.
No. 900523 ID: f7b510
File 153613972572.png - (25.06KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_12.png )

An enormous booming voice yells a bloodcurdling warcry. Demanding his soldiers to fly into battle after you.

You've already begun your escape when you notice a single truck in pursuit. It's mounted great crossbow, it's single driver and gunner ready for war. You watch through the rearview as the gunner loads a jag tipped harpoon with metallic coils. They seek to drag you down.
No. 900524 ID: f7b510
File 153614007316.png - (25.46KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_13.png )

You've got to lose your pursuit.

Ahead of you, you spy the great salty expanse. In one direction, a rusted hull of an oceanliner lays against a mountain of dead coral and stone.

To your right you spy a craggy canyon passage with a maze of steel and iron shipping containers, shielding from storms and intruders alike.

Straight ahead, you see the empty, from which you came.

Your quarter tank should be plenty to arrive at either locations but may leave you stranded should you go straight.

Through your rear view mirror you catch a glint. A pair of binoculars or long lookers, or what you suspect, a sniper scope.

Avoiding both may be a challenge.
No. 900526 ID: 33cbe7

Left to the boat. The sights with the gun attached are more important to dodge!
No. 900528 ID: ff82d2

Go right. The maze is great for evading and hard for the truck to maneuver.
No. 900530 ID: dbf422

Agreed. That spear is way more dangerous.
No. 900656 ID: f7b510
File 153622637366.png - (139.13KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_14.png )

You focus your attention to pressing matters.

The truck begins to pick up pace, so you begin maneuvers, hoping to throw dust up into the warrior's eyes, and trick him into an early fire.

You hear him shout.

Gunner: "You FOOL! You came ALL this way to get CORPSED! The Tycoon of Torque SHALL HAVE YOUR FLATTY AND WE SHALL CHOP THE REST!"
No. 900657 ID: f7b510
File 153622658108.png - (83.87KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_15.png )

You managed to dodge his coiled shot. The harpoon lodges itself deep into the earth and the coils fall weakly to the ground. You see the gunner pull a latch and the tied down end falls as well.

They begin to gain on you, if only just. Your evasive maneuvers costing you some speed. He seems to be loading a single regular bolt and prepare to fire.
No. 900658 ID: f7b510
File 153622714579.png - (131.97KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_16.png )

Suddenly you hear a sniper shot ring out over the sand, reverberating like a drum. It surprises you just enough for the gunner to launch the crossbow, embedding itself deep into your car.
He shouts once more.

Gunner: "GLORY! YOUR GUZZOLENE SEEPS! Stop this fool's game and surrender for your bashing! The SULTAN OF SPEED demands your tribute!"

He is right. Your fuel is leaking. At this rate you might only barely make it to the maze, and it's too late to try and speed for the ocean liner. The driver laughs maniacally from behind his truck's armored shades.
No. 900659 ID: 094652

>Gas Trail
Only one hope left... straight line, wait for the suckers to line up behind you, and SHOOT YOUR OWN GAS TRAIL. Let them burn on your afterburn.
No. 900662 ID: 2099fb

Try to shoot the gunner! It might be hard with the crossbow in the way, but you don't have much choice. You'll have to try to go in a straight line to use as little fuel as possible to make it to the containers. If you don't then you might as well be a sitting duck. Not to mention you dont want to get shot or bolted.
No. 900728 ID: ff82d2

We can't get away now, which means that we'll need to defeat these fools. Continue to the maze until you're dry, then stop your car where the sniper can't hit. Exit your car and use it as a cover against the crossbow while using the remaining gunshots to take out the drivers. We need the truck intact for repairs and salvage.
No. 900791 ID: dbf422

Dodge to their side and brake suddenly to get right alongside them. If you have a clear shot on the driver, take it, if not, try to hit the crossbow guy.
No. 900811 ID: f7b510
File 153631930076.png - (108.65KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_17.png )

You make a sudden left and brake enough to speed alongside the truck. You aim for the driver, but he swerves to hit you, so as you dodge to avoid the ram, your shot instead strikes the crossbow, causing the limb and string to become inoperable.

The gunner hoists a spear and readies himself as you try to line up your final shot at him.
No. 900812 ID: f7b510
File 153631933555.png - (64.09KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_18.png )

Suddenly you hear a loud bang come from your forward right wheel. The sniper placed another shot, but this time after finding his mark, he managed to pop your tire.

To avoid skidding or some kind of failure, you slow down.
No. 900813 ID: f7b510
File 153631945720.png - (83.38KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_19.png )

Your pursuit takes advantage of your speed and the gunner jumps, landing atop your car.

No. 900815 ID: f7b510
File 153631985533.png - (85.70KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_20.png )

Gunner: "Stop your ride and MAYBE we kill you QUICK!"

You level your pistol, and quickly dispatch him, and feel as he rolls under the rear wheels. Now that you are nearing the canyon crevice you spy many shipping containers ahead of you, along with ditches and car hulls.

Your last pursuit is the driver and his truck. You are nearly out of fuel, but you think you'll make it on fumes.

((By the way, this quest might become NSFW due to gore or violence or other situations due to the themes that are being suggested))

No. 900830 ID: 094652

Since your car is on the verge of uselessness, utilize the last of your momentum. Aim for the doors of a random container and jump out at the last second. See if you opened the right loot crate.

Takedown the other driver and steal his truck, use it to distract the remaining enemies. Move any gas tanks in hidden stashes for later.
No. 900831 ID: ff82d2

Try to survive and continue until there's a safe stopping place. Perhaps inside one of the containers where you can neither get shot by the sniper, no rammed by the truck. I assume you have some weapons other than the gun you can fight the truck driver with.
No. 900911 ID: 3dc840

You've got to speed for the container yard. If you can, use the ditches and car hulls as barriers or obstacles for the truck driver.

As far as you know, he hasn't a way of attack besides ramming now, and is probably going to try and run you down. So arriving at a place that is kind of fortified will be good, especially if you can manage to get on top of a shipping container or onto a rock face. At this distance the sniper should have trouble firing on you as well once you arrive.

You might have to figure out a way to patch the damage to your car. The fuel leak and the tire. Best case scenario is we can just take what we need off the pursuit truck.
No. 900955 ID: f7b510
File 153640145584.png - (82.26KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_21.png )

You race as hard as you can for the containers. The truck surprisingly nimble as you dodge and weave around ditches and hulls of rusted out cars.

You check around for any open containers to hide in and spy one dead ahead.
No. 900956 ID: f7b510
File 153640169554.png - (58.21KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_22.png )

As you near your destination, you see many more ditches and remains, Many of the containers lie open and bare, ancient holes of rust and sheets torn from them.

Rusty jagged pieces of metal lie half buried in the ground, and you notice your engine die as you run out of fuel.

You shift to neutral as your momentum carries you forwards. You await your ramming, which doesn't seem to come. You glance back, and see that the truck pulled away and is seen driving back towards it's home. A sudden feeling of relief washes over you.
No. 900957 ID: f7b510
File 153640180079.png - (85.25KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_23.png )

Suddenly you hear a loud click

Then ringing in your ears

Then darkness.

What do you dream of?
No. 900963 ID: dbf422

For once, it wasn't the past. But a race. A grand race and a prize greater than imagining. It's a close call and you're not alone, somehow. You're pulling ahead when your tire blows out. But maybe if you...
No. 900966 ID: ff82d2

You dream of a lush green land with plenty of food and water everywhere you look.
No. 900996 ID: 094652

You dream of the previous Age. Plenty of food. Plenty of water. Plenty of gas. And it still wasn't enough to convince everyone to lay down their weapons and live in peace. Some said it was because the high rulers intentionally kept the plenty from the poor, to leave them sick and weak and unable to take over, but those sick and weak subverted the rulers in all the worst ways. Some said it was because the warhounds believed everyone became corrupt and decadent and they needed to make everyone starve to redeem themselves, and one day they did. Some said it was not an age of plenty and our harvest of the earth was doomed, and now that doom is here.

Whatever the case, you lived your life with a dull fear. Now that fear is here, and strangely enough it is a muscle that replaces what is lost in your mind.

Alright, enough soliloquy, you're in a minefield and if you don't wake up, the bandits will get a dinki-di and sniff their way to your car.
No. 901051 ID: 6a4d3c

You dream of your past, but it comes back in flashes. You remember the life you had before. Before all of this. You had a goal, a drive, and then things started to become bleak. War, famine, depleting resources lead to the downfall, but what really sealed the deal was the big boom. Nuclear war. You've survived by the skin of your teeth, ruthless, cunning, always on the move, this is just another day in the life for you. Even if that life has been extended by some force beyond knowing.

Suddenly, your dream has become a nightmare. Another one of those visions of the promise of 'salvation' whatever that is. At the end of this long road, and a finish line. Whatever it is, you have to take it to reach your salvation.
No. 901052 ID: 8c402d

You dream of the horrors you have seen, lifetimes ago it feels. They aren't connected. just flashes here and there. Bombs, death, war. Something you had was taken away from you. And made you something different. You are angry. Furious, and mad in all senses of the word. You have to avoid dreaming too long. The temptation of the past is alluring, but you can't slip into the long sleep yet.

Not when there are other cars out there, and your salvation lies at the end of a very, very long road.
No. 901058 ID: f7b510
File 153649004318.png - (75.74KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_24.png )

You dream of the past. Your memories haunt you, and only vague pieces are clear enough to be understood. You Remember the time before. When industry and production ruled. Fueled by combustion. Engines of the past that rumbled and churned out products and devices for that modern era.

Resources ran low and wars were fought to divide what remained. Society was at it's bring when the atom was harvested for it's full potential. Limitless, clean energy for all was the idea. But in the decades that followed, even this wasn't enough to repair the damage the first fall had done.
No. 901059 ID: f7b510
File 153649014745.png - (133.30KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_26.png )

War. The war to end all wars. Or so we thought.
The truth lies somewhere beyond your senses. Your loss before the bombs was magnified, all that you had learned, all that you had accomplished in the time before was meaningless. Like your life now. Without purpose.
No. 901060 ID: f7b510
File 153649031633.png - (28.81KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_25.png )

You dream

A dangerous race. More challenging, more deadly, than anything you had experienced. It's legend will echo in the foreverdreams of this world and the others. From it's victory, you will pull what you need to find it.

No. 901061 ID: f7b510
File 153649040756.png - (52.75KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_27.png )

But you can't keep dreaming

You awake with a start. A burning sensation and pain all over.

You pull from yourself your simmered robes and torn mask.
No. 901062 ID: f7b510
File 153649050478.png - (78.78KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_28.png )

It is clear. You had driven over a landmine and took a tumble. Your car is totaled and in your haze you clambered from the wreck before passing out under the wasteland sun.
No. 901063 ID: f7b510
File 153649106435.png - (105.12KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_29.png )

You are battered and bruised and burnt, but alive. Your car had saved you on many occasions, but it looks like you won't be returning the favor this time. It's integrity is gone. The explosion forced a hole through the block and blew out your transmission. Your supplies likely lay burnt from the leaking fuel from your shattered tank.

Another day in the life of you. A rat of this wasteland.

You could try to scavenge from the wreck. Take what you can, but it still seems unstable.


Burnt Cloak and Robe
Shansei .45 Pistol
Torn Clothing

What do you do now?
No. 901064 ID: ff82d2

You should definitely scavenge and try to find a backpack or something to carry stuff. You also need to get your wounds fixed up, so any cloth that you can scavenge can be used for bandages. Lastly, see if there's anything in the containers nearby.
No. 901066 ID: 33cbe7

Head for shelter. Try not to trip over any more mines!
No. 901067 ID: 094652

Calm down. This is a vehicle minefield; these mines are rigged for maximized damage at the cost of coverage. Too dense a minefield, and the whole thing will blow when one idiot snowboards his way in. So while the mines are lethal to armored targets, they need to be spaced out VERY carefully. You can walk your way through, easy. Just don't tap the mines until you have bomb tools.

For now: the V8. Once those bandits walk their way in, they'll take the V8 with them if they can find it. Instead, take any broken pieces out of the V8, scatter them around, and bury the V8 in sand. Come back for it later.
No. 901077 ID: ae9b99

try not to get your clothing any more damaged than it already is...

(...and fail to do so)
No. 901080 ID: dbf422

If you had a pack, get it. Otherwise you need to move. You can't risk the car going up in flames or rolling onto another mine while you're near it. The V8 is done, so no worries about that besides the obvious. And your wounds will wait until you're safe, and you have your burnt robes as makeshift bandages.

Okay, now you just need to leave. Get low to the ground, maybe there's visible bumps where mines are. Or maybe they make a noise. Use any signs you can to plot a course out in the direction you had been going.
No. 901174 ID: 0a0507

Try to take some stuff from the car if you can. Even if it may catch fire soon, you've got to risk pulling some food or water or other supplies out if you can do it fast enough.

Your car is toast, but you should bring something if you can. The shift knob. The lucky 8 will bring you good fortune. Then seek shelter to bandage your wounds and count anything you could pull from the wreck.

As for the engine? If any part of it survives the oncoming fire, you should take it apart and bury the pieces, or hide them. That way you can come back for it later on.
No. 901176 ID: f7b510
File 153657385603.png - (77.10KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_30.png )

You decide that most of your stuff is forfeit, but you can't let it all go up in flames. You quickly leap for the car window to pull what you can from the wreckage that you can reach.

You grab a satchel and a tank of fuel
No. 901177 ID: f7b510
File 153657466121.png - (104.23KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_31.png )

The task is a lot more difficult than you expected. The explosion and crash dinged everything up pretty bad. You come out with a few more extra scratches and tears than you would have hoped for.

You don't even watch as you hear your car go up in flames.

Now you carry your things, stuffing your cloak and robes into your satchel. You look around for the nearest container and begin on your way. Stopping only to make sure you don't spy any more vehicular mines.

It seems like they will be relatively easy to spot on foot, being spaced apart as they are, but while moving in a vehicle they are almost impossible to avoid.

You find the container as you expected. Almost entirely empty. Filled with dust and salt, and the few scattered rusty tin cans and pieces of metal. You find yourself a soft pile of dust and settle in to view your things.


Shansei .45 Pistol
Burnt Cloak and Robe
Torn(er) Clothing
Plastic Bottle: Half Full of Water
2 Shotgun Shells
A foot of wiring
A spanner
Small Battery
Canister of guzzolene: About two cups worth
Short Spare pipes
Lucky 8 ball Knob

Could have sworn you had some food in this bag...

You decide you will assess the engine damage when the flames die down. See if anything else has survived.
No. 901186 ID: ae9b99

Nothing much to do now except probably examine the rusty tin cans and pieces of metal. Sadly the food in the tin cans are most likely spoiled, but it never hurts to check anyway. It might not even be food.

Also, when you are done going through this container, check the other containers in the area for any useful prizes.
No. 901194 ID: ff82d2

Does the pistol have any ammo?
Well, your top doesn't seem to serve much purpose anymore, being torn as it is. I suggest tearing it into strips of cloth and using the strips to bandage your wounds.
Yeah, nothing much to do while you wait for the fire to die out other than checking our a few other containers.
No. 901197 ID: ae9b99

It does say we have 2 shotgun shells, though I wonder if they're compatible with the pistol
No. 901215 ID: dbf422

Well, instead of your top, you could use your cloak for bandages while you wait. And then looking at the probably worthless cans is better than looking at nothing.
No. 901225 ID: 2755f5

bandaging up does seem like a good idea
No. 901233 ID: 5847f8

Consider that this place isn't as abandoned as you think. There could be people here hiding out around these containers considering there are mines around and your pursuers stopped chasing you for some reason. Stay on your guard when you investigate the other containers

But that goes without saying.
No. 901267 ID: 6a4d3c

We had three shots for the pistol before while fighting the raiders, but we used three shots. One for the barrels, one while trying to shoot the driver, and one while dispatching the boarder.

But you bring up a good point. If we can find a spring, we might be able to fashion a jury rigged shotgun. We will need a weapon, and even a piece of junk shotgun sounds better than just using the pipes to bash whatever might dwell in the minefield or deeper into the canyon. There has to be a reason that the road raiders stopped chasing us even after the mines.

Plus, who is to say that they won't regroup with the survivors to try and take our scrap? As soon as the flames die down we have to get working on taking anything usable out of the engine and hiding it before anyone notices you didn't actually die to the vehicular mine.

Use your robes to bandage yourself, then keep your cloak to drape over yourself and obscure that you are carrying a satchel or weapons. Try to look through the containers or scrapped cars for anything that could have been glossed over.(and a spring) We need something to eat, and that much water wont go far.
No. 901310 ID: 72a86c

Recon after you bandage yourself up and take a sip of water. After what you've been through you must be parched and hungry. During your search of the area for scavenging, take note if you find any trails or anything that could mean lizards or bugs or something. With all this scrap metal and containers and refuse, it could make homes for small things you might be able to kill.

Otherwise maybe you get lucky and find some canned food you can still eat. But a weapon should be a top priority. If you can get a spring to try and fashion a shotgun, great. Otherwise you might have to use your piping as a cudgel
No. 901420 ID: f7b510
File 153675060451.png - (40.18KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_32.png )

You take a short rest to treat your wounds. You can't clean them too well without water, but you use your robes as makeshift bandages, and are able to half to bleeding on some of the smaller cuts while bandaging the larger burns and slices.

Removed: Burnt Robe

You then spend a while searching some of the nearby car ruins and find what you are searching for. A spring that must have fallen off one of the valves of a blown engine.

With some patience and elbow grease you are able to cobble together a makeshift shotgun. In order to fire it, you have to unscrew the pipes, load a shell, screw it back together, aim, then use your other hand to pull the screw back and release to fire.

You don't think this one is a work of art, even as far as pipe guns go. Even with scarce firearm ammunition; there's a reason crossbows, zipguns, peashooters, and air rifles are common. They tend to fail catastrophically much less than makeshift firearms. This one in particular is pretty trash. There's a chance it may not work at all, or worse.
No. 901421 ID: f7b510
File 153675112875.png - (85.64KB , 500x500 , wasteland_33.png )

You gather your things and begin a look around the area. In particular for useful things. Taking care to avoid any tell-tale signs of landmines, you take a look around.

The sun is an absolute pain. Reflecting on the great whiteness of the ancient seabed, making it difficult to see.

Almost everything in plain sight is absolute garbage. Rusted out hulls and ruined vehicles not even suitable for scrap. You note the entrance to the canyon looms eerily overhead, like some kind of ancient archway. The passage is shaded, but not shrouded in darkness until the sun gets lower.

You glance outwards to the salty dunes and cliffs of the construction camp. Squinting at the bright light. Beyond which lies the doom train, and the warlord Enginehead. He who has caused quite a bit of a block on your road.

In the other direction you spy the enormous oceanliner. A massive rusted monolith to a time long ago that sits crooked against ancient seastone and coral. To walk to either destination would take you easily a day, but the sun might kill you before then, or if any other raiders search for you, they will easily spot and run you down.
No. 901422 ID: f7b510
File 153675137330.png - (41.22KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_34.png )

As you search through the maze of shipping containers and piles of ruin, you find yourself in a clearing. Three containers lay in front of you.

One is laid on one end, standing to meet the sun. You can't get a good view, but you suspect its closed.

Another battered container that seems to have an enormous lock and chain.

And a third container with doors still attached. It is closed, but in front of it, you see faint tracks. You follow them to the door where they become deeper. Unlike any you've seen before.

If that is a foot, it's enormous.
No. 901427 ID: 38a9e3

Well, you know what they say about big feet...

Any way we can take a peek inside the container without making a sound?
No. 901449 ID: dbf422

I'd leave the third alone. Clearly, someone's living there and they might not appreciate company. Though unfortunately, I don't know how you'd get into the standing container without a big friend, or into the locked one without alerting anyone nearby.

Maybe you could get into the locked one if the third is empty. You'll have to check.
No. 901452 ID: ff82d2

Lock and chain? Are you any good with picking locks? Could perhaps use the wiring you have to unlock that one. This would be my first choice.

The standing container... that also seems promising. Getting inside can be as simple as finding something to use as a ladder. Whatever long piece of scrap would do. Similarly, if we jump inside, then we'd need a metal shaft or something to climb to be able to get back outside. This would be my third choice tho.

As a second choice, I'd try to enter the container with the large tracks in front of it.
No. 901578 ID: e176c9

Put your ear to the third container, see who's home.
No. 901658 ID: 5755d0

Maybe peak in. Just a crack? Even if it's something dangerous, you've still got your shotgun
No. 901793 ID: 7bfe9d

You've got your shotgun! If all else fails with either the lock or the thing inside the container, you can always shoot your way out of a problem.

I can't think of a more effective thing than bullets.

Plus since this is pretty early in the quest, what we choose now will probably influence how we handle things in the future.
No. 901802 ID: d49498

Maybe consider keeping that shotgun stowed out of sight before peeking into the unlocked container. Keep your hand on it under the cloak or something, someone living out here on their own may not respond to well to a shotgun barrel peeking through the door. Keep it as a surprise?
No. 901829 ID: 2a7417

Tracks that big mean you'd better let the shotgun take point.
No. 902958 ID: f7b510
File 153776397602.png - (55.86KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_35.png )

You put your ear up to the third container, but don't hear a single sound. You catch a whiff of a foul smell of decay and take a step back to compose yourself.

You make your way to the chained up container. It lies in the shadow of the cliff face beyond. Soon the shadow will extend and darkness will consume the wastes, but with it brings the threat of cold. You were mostly protected in your car and robes. Always on the move, but now the biting cold of night can come swift and deadly without shelter or a fire. You have quite some time until then. You estimate it to be about three in the afternoon.

You kneel down to the lock and try to use whatever you have to pick it.

Sadly, it seems like without any proper tools like lockpipcks, this task might require a prybar or something similar. Anything like that would easily be noisy and alert the inhabitant of the other container. But if you don't care for sounds, you think you can spend some time to find something to use.

You bet your shotgun could handle it as well.
No. 902959 ID: f7b510
File 153776427235.png - (74.14KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_36.png )

You return to the previous unlocked container and test it for sounds once more. After, you decide to take a peek inside.

You keep your shotgun prepped under your cloak and pull the container door back just a crack to see inside.
No. 902960 ID: f7b510
File 153776454824.png - (148.82KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_37.png )

You see deep scratching gouges and dents along the sides of the container as the light begins to pour through the slit.

Suddenly, your eyes are drawn to the darkness at the far end. Bones line the ground, and you hear nothing but a burning scent suddenly rises up, as a set of bright blue eyes peer straight at you.

An enormous mutant beast seems to be occupying this container. Pitch black ichor or smoke wafts from it. It sees you, and it feels angry. Very angry.
No. 902961 ID: 094652

Shut the door and make it look like you went in there. Let the bandits deal with it. Or vice versa.
No. 902962 ID: c9afbd

Is there smoke coming off that paw there? Maybe better shut that door and try knocking on the side of the container to see if it's sentient, though it looks unlikely. I think the sun is hurting it. You could be about to make an enemy.
No. 902965 ID: dbf422

No need to waste ammo if you can just close the door and leave it there. If the light hurts it worse than you angered it, you should be fine if you close the door.

Do that and go back to the locked container. The ammo would be better served there.
No. 902966 ID: b1b4f3

Don't just close the door. Close the door and run the fuck away.
No. 902974 ID: 915f16

Oh that’s going to be fun to deal with when night comes around. Half tempted just to swing the doors wide open and let the sunlight finish it of so you don’t have to waste the ammo.
No. 902981 ID: 93f082

Hmm, with all those bones on the ground, I think it's likely that it's a carnivore, so entering doesn't seem like it would be a good idea.

There is some merit in trying to use the sunlight to kill it. But even if the sunlight hurts it, there's very little guarantee that it would stop it from killing us first.

Well, better just close the door and leave it be. Then go check out the standing container. I'm not sure, is the door to that one on top or on the bottom? If it's on top, then see if you can climb in.
Considering we already alerted the beast to our presence, there doesn't seem to be much use trying to sneak around much anymore. So try finding something that can open those locks.
No. 902983 ID: 2e0f31

Close it and go to another container for now. Later, we'll rig the doors on this one to be opened from very far away. Look for some very long cable.
No. 916854 ID: 15c57b
File 154701026947.png - (59.61KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_38.png )

You retreat, shutting the door back up. Readying your shotgun. You wait, expecting the beast within to charge through the doors of the container, but it never happens. You let your shotgun rest at your side as you plot your next course of action.

Opening the locked container.
No. 916855 ID: 15c57b
File 154701039996.png - (115.83KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_39.png )

You grasp a rusted iron bar that seems sturdy enough. Slipping it between the lock and chain, you twist them until its taut.

It takes much of your strength, but suddenly the chains fall away and you're able to see within.
No. 916857 ID: 15c57b
File 154701074926.png - (113.80KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_40.png )

The doors swing open, letting loose a cloud of dust. Within, beams of light shine through bullet holes over the desiccated skeleton of an ancient rider. In his hand he clutches a small metallic object, and in the other, an ancient blade. A saddlebag rests at his feet. A pair of crates stand stacked at the far end of the container.

Whoever this was, died a long time ago, though strangely his hair is mostly intact.
No. 916860 ID: c7f906

Check behind those boxes before you loot that body. Then check the inside of the boxes as well.
No. 916861 ID: b1b4f3

No. 916863 ID: 094652

Oh no. Ryu.

Well, nothing you can do for a corpse except loot it until there's nothing left. Use the bones to check for any tripwires.
No. 916867 ID: e15a6d

Hey, clothes! And other supplies.
No. 916868 ID: 859a9d

Sweet, new clothes and a wig
No. 916879 ID: 91ee5f

>Whoever this was, died a long time ago, though strangely his hair is mostly intact.
Wouldn’t that mean he died recently and something came by and picked his bones clean when it decided to eat him?
No. 916892 ID: 158da5

No. 916901 ID: 080aaf

Small wonder, that hairdo's more hairgel than hair.
Check out the held object first. Might be a grenade, primed or not.
No. 916908 ID: 83e8f8

Inspect everything in this container and see what's useful. Wear the wig and obtain massive charisma bonus that we'll be able to use to charm the beast.
No. 916909 ID: f37295

What if that isnt hair or a wig, but a creature?
No. 916913 ID: bddb0f

Don the hair.

Inherit the hair.
No. 916920 ID: e51896

Be the hair.
No. 916959 ID: 15c57b
File 154708931969.png - (144.22KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_41.png )

You sidestep the body and saddlebags to get around to the crates. You find them cracked open already, and nothing inside but some more boxes. You check them over carefully, and when satisfied you pull a box out to check over it's contents. Nothing but tins of... pomade? Nothing edible here...
No. 916961 ID: 15c57b
File 154709021317.png - (139.07KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_42.png )

You move your attention to the body of the ancient rider. Old and desiccated, his clothing is filled with gravedust and sand. The leather of his jacket, ancient and worn, and sleeves torn in many places.

Your eyes catch what seems to be the glint of metal in his hands, and upon closer inspection it's true. There is a mysterious key, held between his fingers; but using your instincts you check for traps.

You see the key is attached to a grenade partially concealed by his hand. The pin barely held in at all. If you had not noticed it, and moved the key or his hand, it would have pulled the pin.

You carefully disarm it, and push the pin back in.

His pants and hair nearly turn to dust as you touch him, and his leather is spattered with ancient dried blood. On the crate closest to him, seven tallies.
No. 916966 ID: 15c57b
File 154709195078.png - (196.09KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_43.png )

You grab his ancient switchblade, and check through his saddlebags to find a number of different things. You add them to the list.


2 Crates of Pomade
Ancient Switchblade
Strange Key
Frag Grenade

Stielhand Grenade
A Screwdriver
Mysterious Can
Tin of Anchovies
Bottle of Soda
Sunglasses Missing a Lens
Empty Ballpoint Pen
Box of Cigarettes (3)

Brittle Pants
Torn ancient leather

You take a seat, looking over the bags and your equipment, and the body of the rider in front of you. You can likely carry everything except the crates of pomade if you stack the saddlebags onto your shoulder, and your satchel onto the other one.

You remember you haven't eaten in a while. It is still the afternoon, and you don't think the beast in the container will come out until darkness falls... Three, four hours tops.
No. 916967 ID: e51896

Ah, so this guy was locked in here for 7 days before he died. Most likely someone locked him in here. If that is the case, that tin of anchovies is most likely empty as he would of eaten them all already... But then again, there is dried blood on him, so maybe he was murdered before he had a chance to eat. Maybe carefully open the anchovies and see if any food is inside.

If no anchovies are inside the tin, try using the screwdriver or switchblade with the mysterious can to open it. there could be food inside that.

One thing to note: The coat and pants will come in useful during the night to keep you warm when the desert gets cold, but there is no need to wear a jacket in this heat.
No. 916973 ID: c7f906

Be careful with that potato masher, there's a way to booby-trap them by removing the fuse so it explodes the instant you pull the pull cord.

Alright, you could kill the beast with one of those grenades, or improvise something lethal with all that probably flamable pomade & maybe the Bepsi bottle once you've drunk the probably entirely flat & lukewarm contents. I'd suggest the latter, no sense wasting a good grenade or making that much noise. Or, you can lock the thing in its crate with what's left of the lock and chain or by baring the door with that rusty iron bar you grabbed if you feel like keeping it alive for some reason. Maybe to sic it on somebody who comes snooping around? Maybe you're fucking nuts and planning to tame it?

Is it wise to start a fire to heat up food? I'd suggest waiting until it's closer to dark to do that, You only have two crates to burn. Maybe investigate the last container first?
No. 916974 ID: 094652

... Wanna groom the monster?
It's basically grease. You now have lots of literal grease.

... Try the key on the lock you broke open.
No. 916983 ID: 158da5

How flammable is this pomade? I don't think you have anything to light it with, but flammable goop would be good trading material.

Either way, eat, drink, then grab what you can and start walking. No need to confront the beast when you have hours to get away from it.
No. 916994 ID: 91ee5f

>If that is the case, that tin of anchovies is most likely empty as he would of eaten them all already...
The can is unopened, he didn’t eat them.
No. 917006 ID: 57d656

Hmmn. Maybe when he got shot he was paralyzed and couldn't move. Someone must have locked him in there. The jacket is old, but maybe its still usable? You seem like you have a pretty small frame but maybe you can use the switchblade to cut off the torn sleeves and turn it into some kind of roadleather vest. It could come useful for when the cold arrives(And check the inside pockets for any extra clues). As for the grenades? Don't mess with them right now. Who knows how old they are, and they might come in handy in a pinch.

I vote you try opening the mysterious can. At least we know what is inside the anchovy tin, so thats a safe bet for when its needed. Drink some water but try to preserve one last good gulp for if you get desperate, but honestly we need to find a way to stop lugging around the gas canister.

Use the chains to wrap around the handles on the door to the beast's container, and use the iron bar to barricade and hold the chains together. It should buy you some extra time when it finally decides to leave when night falls.

I am kind of torn on the subject of the pomade. It seems like having this quantity of it could make it a useful trade good for you, but how are you supposed to carry around two crates of it without a car? I guess if you are so inclined you could try using your 'new' cloak as a sled. The ground outside is mostly hard dry seabed right? You should be able to drag it. Otherwise, try to remember where it is, and grab a box of pomade. If you find people willing to trade, you might be able to work a deal together and come back to grab the rest another time, or sell them the location so THEY could come get it instead. As much as I would like to see you become a pomade sales-rat.

We have a few hours, but that might not actually be a lot. The only safe place I can imagine right now is the top of the canyon. Especially if there are more than one of those mutant creatures.

I think the standing container is a writeoff until we get a rope and can fashion something, or a vehicle to pull it down. Especially if the door is faced down.

Eat, lock the beast, leave. Dont drink the bepsi. I bet it could be valuable even if it has gone flat, I bet there are a lot of wasters who would just want to taste something other than dirt and might pay you for it.
No. 917096 ID: 080aaf

Eat, drink and be slick. Bring the key back to the locked container.
No. 917099 ID: c7f906

Almost forgot, you could go and see what's left of your car while there's still daylight.
No. 917735 ID: fc458a

Eat the anchovies and drink the soda. Assuming they didn't go bad yet. Check the boxes if it's written anywhere what exactly the pomade is made of. If it's made of fat or lard, then it's edible heh.
No. 918297 ID: 15c57b
File 154790080646.png - (127.77KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_44.png )

You begin to devise ways to handle your situation... But quickly you are distracted by the sound of your stomach. Since you already know what is inside the unopened tin of anchovies, you resign to opening the mystery can.

You give it a tentative shake or two, and don't feel the contents shift much if at all. That's a good sign, right?

You use your new screwdriver and cut into the top of the tin to open it up. The contents is dark, and doesn't produce a scent your rat-nose can pick up.

...You give it a little lick

It doesn't make you hurl, so it must be edible you hope.
No. 918298 ID: 15c57b
File 154790132435.png - (149.22KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_45.png )

You eat it up without much of a second thought. Turns out it was a can of chili. You thank your luck for a moment before looking to the rest of your possessions. You wipe the can clean and toss it in the sack, along with filling one entire saddle bag with the box of pomade you pulled from the crate. You saw the ingredients on the pomade, and yes it is flammable. You suspect this could have many uses besides styling your hair.

There is no way you are going to be carrying those crates out. You can't even lift one by yourself onto the floor.

You decide to hold off on drinking the sweet, sweet Bepsi. The simple sugars and sweetness of the drink would give you a well needed boost if you really needed it, or might come in useful later. So you drink your water, leaving the last gulp for emergencies.

You figure you have to keep carrying around the jerrycan. Your water bottle wouldn't be able to hold all the gas even if it was empty anyway, and you don't suspect anything else you have of carrying it.

Your attention is drawn back to the clothes of the rider.
No. 918299 ID: 15c57b
File 154790223845.png - (109.95KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_46.png )

You shake the bones and dust from the jacket before pulling it free. The leather seems sturdy enough, even if creaky and ancient. It is surprisingly un-cracked.

But the sleeves are way too long for you, and quite ruined. You use the switchblade and slice the sleeves off as best you can.

As you adjust the fitment with the belts, you notice the internal pockets. Pulling forth, an old lighter, and a folded up message.

It reads;

If you are reading this, I bit it, and you can read.

And hopefully, since you ARE reading this, you must be smarter than the trogs that did me in and found my trap! Hey! Great job! Now pat yourself on the back, because I wont do it for you.

Wasteland rules states finder's keepers, so you are entitled to all my earthly possessions. Including my jacket(what's left of it), my title, switchblade, and my lighter, and not to mention my ride.

Yeah that little key you finagled off my(Read: Your) grenade? The key to my chopper. You'll find it north east of Pitstop in the tomb of The Rider. Don't worry about why when or how. Find the bike? It's yours. I won't be riding it anymore.

Maybe in the next life I'll buy a Cadillac.

-The Rider

No. 918300 ID: 15c57b
File 154790245193.png - (158.55KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_47.png )

Well, the lighter works at least. You've never heard of those landmarks. They might as well be gibberish to you.

You collect yourself and don your cloak. You keep your shotgun in the jacket belt, and pile on all the sacks of equipment. Carrying everything together is quite cumbersome, but you manage. You head out into the sun again.
No. 918301 ID: 15c57b
File 154790313278.png - (94.96KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_48.png )

You make your way, carrying the iron bar and chains. You decide that the beast inside seems dangerous, but you while the grenades might be able to do it in, you don't want to risk it charging for you in it's dying rage. Mutated beasts are unnatural. You never know what they might do. Especially in their death throes.

You pass your car. It is a smoldering wreck, and still hot. You will need ages to sort through it, and if you wanted to try and scavenge for engine or car parts, you'd be there even longer, and time isn't exactly something you have a premium of, now that you noticed just how fast the sun is sinking.

You use the chains, wrap them around the handles, and shove the iron bar in a way to hold it all together in a sturdy way. It should hold it, and even a creature like that will spend some effort trying to get out.

You reason to yourself.

You honestly don't know if this was more of a precaution against it, or to make yourself feel better.

>Wanna groom the monster?
What do you take me for? Crazy? I should be asking you that. Getting close to that thing is probably a quick, but horrible death. One to avoid.

You head off in the direction of the canyon. You see the way begins to change quickly as you move, do you take the low ground and stick to the canyon floor? You spy rubble and debris down that path.

Or do you take the high ground? There seems to be a perfectly hikeable track alongside the inner walls of the canyon. It seems to scale it pretty far up out of sight. You might stay in the sun longer if you go high.
No. 918302 ID: ad51b8

go high I guess
No. 918303 ID: 158da5

A motorcycle sure would be nice, a good step to getting four wheels again. Maybe if we ever get the lay of the land.

I'd say go high. Canton interiors are notorious for ambushes.
No. 918304 ID: 158da5

Canyon* for that matter.
No. 918348 ID: e51896

high ground.
No. 918351 ID: ebd50b

Stick to the canyon floor. We're not gonna find anything up there and would only waste energy.
No. 918439 ID: 080aaf

...Wouldn't this be the Rider's tomb? I guess they made a decoy tomb. It didn't work.
Go up, see the sights before you die.
No. 919593 ID: c1212a

Bring at least a few cans of pomade. If our lone rider was a member of a gang we'd better have something to offer or trade. Or put in our hair to get our rep up.

Try and remember things from before everything went to shit as you take the high road.
No. 919617 ID: 2fe26a

Take the canyon floor. At least you'll be expecting the ambush.
No. 920260 ID: 15c57b
File 154945299466.png - (158.10KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_49.png )

You decide to yourself to take the trail up into the craggy canyon mouth. As you walk up the slowly ascending trail, your mind wanders to the time past.

You hate doing that.

All it does is bring up bad feelings of regret and loss, but its only generic feelings. Things from your past show up in short bursts, soon to be forgotten again. Though you remember vaguely key parts of your life. Only when it matters.

... You got your first car at sixteen.

You glance around. The canyon floor is cluttered with fallen stones, debris, and ruins. Ancient hulls of sailships and other maritime things are intermixed with the ruins of shipping containers, cars, and other boats. Who knows what could be hiding down there, ready to eat you.

The trail inclines sharply in some places. The can of chili you ate earlier is powering you, but you are pretty small framed, and all this weight is tiring you out fast.

The sun is sinking quick. Shadows are spreading across the wasteland behind you, seemingly faster every moment.

... It was an old busted up muscle car. Pontiac.
No. 920261 ID: 15c57b
File 154945359862.png - (114.56KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_50.png )

Ahead of you even the path begins to become littered with debris. This trail leads under unstable looking overhangs of piled stones and scrap that almost looks set up as a clever defense. Though every detail begins to become exaggerated to you as you notice the light creeping away. If you had left earlier, you feel like you could have made it to the top before the sunset, but now...

... So much for all that book learning.

You feel like you've made great time, but you aren't even half way up the canyon yet.

You don't know if you will be able to see the sun one last time. Whatever that creature was, it probably will find you and eat you.

As you make your way past the debris and stacked stone piles, you notice caves and holes in the sides of the cliff along the trail. Some of them seem pretty deep. Deep enough to hide in, but they are dark. You might also be able to outrun the shadows if you do something to pick up the pace.

Then again, you do have a shotgun... Some grenades too...

You remember your first drive in date. At least, you think it was a date...
No. 920263 ID: ad51b8

think you could knock over some of those overhangs to buy you more time or do you think that would just waste more time then it would grant you?

Either way I say double time it or find a good defendable location and set up a kill zone for anything trying to follow you.
No. 920265 ID: 6f7479

Knocking them down by hand would probably take too long. I think a good idea MIGHT be to try and set up some kind of tripwire, or maybe just throw the grenade to try and take down one of the overhangs. Then duck into a cave, the deepest you can find. Maybe, just maybe. We can hide out and avoid getting vored
No. 920266 ID: 080aaf

It wasn't with some weirdo who ran around dressed like a samurai, was it?
Might be best to pick an unused hole, rig a present at the door, and hunker down. Consider your options for carrying this crud. A wagon? A bicycle? You just need something vaguely wheel-shaped.
No. 920313 ID: c1212a

Option one- stash crap you don't need in a hole, mark it out so you can return for it later, make better time. Alternatively, take some of that debris & block off one of the entrances to a hole to sleep for the night. Turning an overhang to a booby trap would also work, as suggested- if it isn't set off you can just disarm it and reclaim the materials. Take the timer out of the potato masher and use that so it'll go off instantly if tripped.

Do you remember any specific years at all? Even a decade?
No. 920514 ID: 834378

Choose a cave (preferably empty) that you can block off with rocks and stuff.
No. 922469 ID: 15c57b
File 155064788140.png - (233.59KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_51.png )

Your mind quickly fills with options and possibilities for how you might be able to get to safety... All the caves and holes would take too long to squeeze into, and leaving anything at the entrance would surely alert them to you if they passed by while you were trying to get in.

You run as fast as you can up the path, until right at the next turn you spot it. The marked mouth of a spraypainted cave entrance you won't have to squeeze to fit inside.

But... Neither would they, if they found you out. You resolve to give it a try anyway.

Without much time to wait or think, you skid to a stop and rush inside the painted cavern. There, you find barrels and detritus to barricade the entrance, and make it appear you were never there.

>Do you remember any specific years or even a decade?

Something... About all this brings back a familiar feeling. You can't exactly scratch it.
No. 922470 ID: 15c57b
File 155064824064.png - (197.27KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_52.png )

After barricading yourself in as well as you could, you turn around to glance about the cavern proper.

Your first sight was the enormous pool of briny smelling water. This place must have been here since shortly after the waters receded.


That's right... You remember that now. The last thing anyone could have expected were the seas to drain. Where did all the water go? The Ocean, as far as you know. Is gone.

There seems to be a small cache of maritime items and boxes lay here among the fish bones and shells. An ancient boat lay on the stone shore, and light reflecting on pieces of glass seems to dance on the surface of the water.
No. 922471 ID: e51896

inspect the boxes
No. 922473 ID: b1b4f3

>tomb of the xxxxx
You found the tomb probably.
Inspect the goods, check if the boat is seaworthy.
No. 922474 ID: 094652

>Oceans are gone
That doesn't sound normal. At all.
Even if the planet itself was cracked open, the magma supercore at the center would evaporate the oceans with enough heat to fuse the rocks back together.

... You don't think... well, there's a lake here. That's something.

Mark this location for later; if you can find a water purifier, this swamp cave could become a water mine.
No. 922475 ID: 158da5

You found a tomb at least. Anyway, don't know how useful a fishing rod is, but that tackle box is sure to have useful stuff. Hooks and fishing line would be great for a lot of things.
No. 922476 ID: 080aaf

This sounds like the tomb of the sailor instead. Maybe they're following a trend.
Nice fishing rod, maybe you can use what's left to make a bindle.

Hey, water is water. Collect some, purify it later. Take the boat deeper into the cave.
No. 922477 ID: c1212a

Water? Water! Try not to drink it without boiling it first. May want to go as far as set up a distiller or filter if it's really gross.

It's a tomb, but it doesn't look like it's of any rider- Neither the sign out front nor the character of the place. Look through the tackle box and the boat, being mindful of more traps. That cavern on the other end of the cave might keep the beast at bay, but you'll need a light source to navigate the boat by. If you need rope or a bouey there's some out front you could snatch.

...those bent things jutting from the water don't look like stalagmites.
No. 922492 ID: ad51b8

well if the boat is sea worthy it might be a good last ditch option to sail deeper into the cave if that thing find's it's way in here.
No. 922500 ID: 834378

Take the boat and venture into the darkness.
No. 928044 ID: 15c57b
File 155401821388.png - (228.65KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_54.png )

The traps are cruel and dangerous. Rusty hooks, cutting lines, and tripwires lined to pull apart rubble to topple over. You spy iconography of all sorts of nautical things. Hula girls, tiki mugs, plastic leis and old seafood signs.

You finally reach the tacklebox, and find a plethora of random tools and angler equipment that aught to have more than a couple uses, even if you aren't trying to go fishing.

You set it in the old boat. It is of metal construction and seems seaworthy. No spots of rust have eaten enough to seem risky, so you place the heavy bags and cumbersome items down into it. You note it has an paddle inside, but the engine is remarkably fine. It is ancient. Burns guz. You pull the cord once, and it still draws life.

You finagle with it for a moment, and then tap the tank. It yet contains some fuel.

A couple more cranks, more than you would have liked, and suddenly the engine cranks up. You push the boat the rest of the way back into the water just as the rubble at the door is smashed apart, shining sunrays inside for but a moment, before the thick ichor of the beast choke them out.

You look up and are enthralled by the tales of some ancient battle, and the repercussions of it. An ancient myth of some forgotten water god.

You look to your left and to your right, and see floating in the water, rusty cans and barrels and pieces of metal and bone jutting from the depths. All surfaces of the stone itself are covered in a myriad of images at all sizes.

As you near the back of the cave, the creatures grow stranger and stranger. Scenes darker and harder to look at. Not to mention the pitch darkness of the sunless tunnel beyond.
No. 928045 ID: ad51b8

well unless that thing can't swim it's starting to look like you might have to go for the tunnel and hope for the best. Also don't like how we found a working engine. I mean yeah, it's for a boat and it's not like that's going to be helpful anywhere but in this cave but I still would have though that someone would have tried to scavenge it for parts or at the very least siphon the gas out of it.
No. 928049 ID: 834378

Into the cave! Do we have something to lighten our way? Don't want to hit something in the dark and sink our boat.
No. 928050 ID: c1212a

You can admire the murals later, you've got company. Even if it can't swim, you want to get out of sight so it'll lose interest.
No. 928056 ID: f2320a

No. 928085 ID: 080aaf

I hope that thing can't swim. Get deeper into the cave and cut the motor, hopefully it will give up.
No. 937705 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188446246.png - (1.21MB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork 3.png )

The only path ahead is certain for you. You make your way forwards into the bleak darkness. You fashion a torch by covering a piece of your cloak with a tin of pomade and setting it alight. Your journey through the tunnel is quiet save for the rumble of the boat motor. The creatures on the wall grow stranger and more alien as they are drawn deeper into the cave.

Your mind wanders to the subject at hand. Why has no one removed this engine yet? Could you be the first one to get here? No that is foolish. It even had fuel. Does someone call this cave home? You grow uneasy in your seat, gripping your shotgun. The sound and light are obvious, and echo throughout the cave.
No. 937706 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188484546.png - (1.37MB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork 2.png )

You feel you have successfully evaded the monster on your tail. You don’t think it can swim, or would want to considering the oily chemical-ridden state of the water, and to be frank neither would you.

The scenes on the wall change. Monstrous fish of all sorts, baring fangs and spikes and teeth line the walls of the darkness deep in the cave. You are unsure what the story tells anymore, as black tentacles reach up from the waterline, painted to the walls in a way that inspires the dark horrors in the back of your mind.

You worry there is no end to the darkness.
No. 937708 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188502982.png - (517.30KB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork 4.png )

When the engine finally sputters into lifelessness you feel as though hope had finally run out. But the momentum of the craft in the slick water carries you around a bend and into an open cavern. A single whale and a rider decorate the wall. Across from it? ...
No. 937709 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188526273.png - (1.03MB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork.png )

A unnatural green light dimly glows from within a diver’s mask. His throne sits atop a rocky hill above a stone shore. Treasures and trophies decorate the land and cave walls below him. Fetishes hang from the roof, and another cave continues forwards past this chamber.

You sweat
No. 937713 ID: ad51b8

stand next to the other tunnel and find something to toss at the glowing scuba suit. If it doesn't react move and closer and see if their is anything good. If it does start to move or something book it down the tunnel.
No. 937735 ID: c49ece

Good news! There's a paddle right there you can use to keep going. Bad news! you need to take it from a scorned deep sea god.

Maybe pray for guidance or something, or leave an offering of a fishing pole to abate it's anger.
No. 937812 ID: f2136e

Look inside the diver's helm.

Also, that harpoon looks handy.
No. 937813 ID: b1b4f3

The Rider. This is his Tomb.
Pay respects, do not attempt to steal anything. Yet.
No. 937817 ID: 0fae41

What could be causing that glow? Take a look inside.
No. 937918 ID: 6bcdd8

This must be the tomb of the diver. Some old god of the water world. Looking back to the murals, it feels like he was a survivor of the catastrophe and people might have looked to him for his power over the creatures of the deep? Everything here is maritime. We could probably use the gas in the canister to power the boat, but do we really want to give up our gas? Maybe we can use the paddle there, but we'd have to pay respect and offer something in return. Probably something suitably maritime like the anchovies.

We could also scrap the torch and improvise an oar with the other stuff we've got
No. 938117 ID: 45b80a

Somehow I doubt that this is actually the tomb of The Rider. It looks more like the tomb of a forgotten Watergod. I vote we use half of our fuel to get out of this place. No mortals should be here.
No. 938364 ID: e51896

I'd be careful with that glow. Something radioactive might be inside. I don't want cancer or something
No. 938366 ID: 9876c4

While reverence is always an option, we HAVE TO survive.

He's dead, we're alive, and that's it.
No. 944495 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782692045.png - (138.51KB , 800x800 , wasteland_59.png )

You approach the mound of burial goods. You need to get out of here, and using your own paddle as a torch brings the need for the oar by the throne.

The suit's glow shifts as though something is moving within. Your mind races to fill the gaps. You spy the forms of eels that swim within the suit. Your heartbeat races as you grip the oar, but you have to offer the diver one last look...
No. 944496 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782710122.gif - (61.23KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_60.gif )

The shape of a skull is visible briefly, when suddenly the eels swim away from the helmet, as if to clear the wearer's vision. Your mind cracks, if just for a moment.
No. 944497 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782727012.png - (123.90KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_61.png )

Your mind is intruded with visions of the sea, of the life within, and of sinister beings that shouldn't dwell within, but still do. A force wants to fill your brain with more and more, but your tempered resolve pulls you forth just long enough to bring yourself back to reality. You rush back to your boat and launch as quick as you could.
No. 944498 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782755133.png - (43.24KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_62.png )

The world seems dull as it clashes with the images shown to you, as though your mind struggles to replace the world around you with that of the visions. In your haste your torch falls into the greasy water and falls extinguished. You manage to navigate to the far cave by light of the helmet, but the smoothness of the walls seems not normal

You can't even make out the ancient frescoes that you were certain marked the walls of the cave.

Soon your boat comes to a stop. Not for want of your paddling, but because of a surface you've arrived to. Land? Fresh air? Before you were lost entirely into your mind, you notice the faint light above, and scramble to gather your things, and make up the shallow rocky shore's hill, to a small exit, barely large enough for you and your things to exit into the night.
No. 944499 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782771320.png - (154.14KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_63.png )

You've come onto a rocky outcropping, somewhere high in the cliff face opposite the entrance of the canyon.

It is the dead of night, yet lit well by the stars and full moon. You tighten your cloak around you as you examine your surroundings.

An ancient combi lay turned into a shelter. Bottles and charms lay throughout the area, or hung from strings. You hear nothing but the faint whisper of a desert breeze.
No. 944501 ID: 094652

Equip your gun, then check inside.
No. 944502 ID: 0fae41

Knock first against the van window.
No. 944504 ID: b1b4f3

Okay first, is this place accessible from any other direction? Will you have to go back through the Tomb? If so, you should make note of a possible replacement oar so you can return the one you borrowed next time.

From the look of things I'd wager this is that dead guy's home. Investigate, check to see if anyone's been here recently.
No. 944512 ID: b3c4cf

Sneak into the van
No. 944690 ID: 28c1e4
File 156807796075.png - (170.22KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_65.png )

For the most part, the outcropping is isolated. There is a thin path that leads up the cliff in a precarious fashion. Pictographs are placed atop the stonefaces and rock walls around, and a myriad of simple things such as barrels and boxes and piles of nonsense scrap lay about, alongside the small rocks and fishbones are small shards of glass, oily stains and the like. The place looks simple, and seems as though no one has been here for a while. There is a fine layer of dirt across everything outside, as though blown in on the wind. Typical for the wasteland however.

Several tarps seem rolled up on the rockfaces by the bus. Large stonecolored pieces of cloth that when unfurled and propped up would shade the spots nearest to the bus to make it at least livable during the day.

You test the firepit, and note it does not seem to have had any life recently either.
No. 944691 ID: 28c1e4
File 156807848353.png - (189.69KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_64.png )

You rub your eyes, and slowly ready your shotgun. You don't want to take any chances and use it to pull open the bead curtain that blocks view into the camper.

The bus and it's surroundings are covered in little knicknacks. From bottles to bones, to spent bullet casings and shards of glass creating a simple windchime. Inside, most things seem packed into bags or shelves along the walls to save on space. Simple living accommodations for a simple life, but more than most people you've seen have.

A shelf contains several bobbles and devices from a time before, all in several pieces. A watch, a music box, a small electric device of unknown use.

You ponder on your lonesome.
No. 944703 ID: e7c7d3

Any stashes of food or water to be found?
No. 944704 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah this was that skeleton's home alright. See if anything's around that's of use. I suppose it's possible there's some food...
You can at least spend the night here in safety if nothing else.
No. 944888 ID: b3c4cf

It's getting late and this place seems safe to sleep in. Try to set up a few traps around just in case tho.
No. 944929 ID: 28c1e4
File 156835425835.png - (169.66KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_66.png )

You are still full of fuel from that can of chili. That meal alone is often more than what you would need for a few days, thanks to your small frame.

With a string from the bead curtain you rig up your shotgun to fire at knee-height on the average person. It is difficult but it offers you some protection and at least a warning.

The night passes quickly, and you find you are awakened, not by a gruesome death, but by the sun slipping through the curtains. You've survived another day.

These are the struggles of someone without a ride. You used your car as a mobile home, every time you felt too vulnerable to sleep, you would carry on. Mobility and safety you don't have as a pedestrian.

You lie in the bed in thought. It isn't often you sleep on a spring mattress instead of the cardboard lined rear of your car, or the dusty ground of a desert camp.

What is your plan now? Sleeping in someone's combi? You are pretty sure you've evaded the ichor beasts, but now this place is unfamiliar. You are no longer on the salty dead seabed, and instead in the high rocks of some cliff. The tomb of an ancient hero close enough to smell the strange brackish scents of what could very well be the last beach, of the last sea.

What is there to even do?
No. 944932 ID: ead869

Well, you are alone, and you had a very stressful day yesterday so... maybe masturbate for relief?

Main goal for now, We should probably try to find that bike. Check to see if it is safe outside by peeking out the window, then, look off into the horizon from the cliff. Maybe you might find the bike?

But first, anything hidden under the bed and mattress?
No. 944933 ID: b1b4f3

Thoroughly search for supplies.
Then look around the edge of camp. Perhaps the bike is parked nearby?
No. 944943 ID: 094652

Do the thing.

Leave some vendor trash behind and a note saying you needed shelter for a day.
No. 944948 ID: 9876c4

I'd like to vote for the non-lewd option.
No. 944955 ID: b3c4cf

> >>918299 >You'll find it north east of Pitstop in the tomb of The Rider
I'm not sure in which direction we were going but, we could assume that the cave was the tomb of The Rider and that this combi is the "Pitstop". In that case, the ride should be somewhere north-east of here.

I suppose we should first search this place for anything useful (assuming we haven't already done so) and then see if we can head north-east. Since we can always come back, we could leave our stuff here for the time being to make scouting easier.
No. 944964 ID: e51896

the sun always rises in the east. use that logic to figure out where north-east is
No. 944993 ID: ad51b8

maybe give this place another once over to see if you missed anything and then we can figure out where to head next. I mean their's nothing but sand as far as the.eye can see so just wondering the desert with no idea where to go doesn't sound like the best idea to me.
No. 945201 ID: 28c1e4
File 156869925148.png - (159.99KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_67.png )

You consider shacking up here. After all, it seems safe enough. High up in the cliffs above the seabed, and the desert as well, but quickly push the thought from your head.

You look about the place, to try and find more that could help you out. There are a lot of useful things. Screws, bolts, fasteners, and much more all sorted into plastic containers.

Small carvings of stone or sticks, little pieces of artwork, and various creations are scattered about the place. Your eye keeps getting drawn to the artwork on the stone walls above the camp.

The art depicts machine cults and various tribals and symbols. If there is a running story, you can't extract it.
No. 945202 ID: 28c1e4
File 156869963648.png - (136.19KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_68.png )

You find yourself looking further, outside of the combi looking for further supplies. There appears to be several barrels full of different liquids of unknown purpose, some old tyres off the bus, different pieces of metal and bones being shaped or scrimshawed into other small things.

You climb up to peek in the crate that is stacked above, since they are too large and heavy to move on your own.

Within you spy ropes, cloths, zipped bags of heavy smelling plants. But it is hard to reach the bottom.


A long, large caliber gun barrel rests, pointed at some tail.
No. 945203 ID: 28c1e4
File 156870013558.png - (193.96KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_69.png )

The ancient damascus gun belongs to a weathered wastelander. Patient and cunning. He lives alone, but has had his fair share of unwanted visitors in his time as caretaker here, but none so brazen as this.

You KNEW that skink that took your boat was resting in your bed! Cost you a whole bungle of hours... Doesn't have much meat on her bones.

>>Until the next update you can suggest for both characters
No. 945205 ID: 91ee5f

>But it is hard to reach the bottom.
Keep trying to reach the bottom. Lose balance and fall in.

Keep staring at that ass and consider tapping it. Laugh your head off when you see her fall in the box.
No. 945206 ID: 9876c4

>Scavenge all the food
>Throw it in the pot
>She is right out in the open
>Jimmy, take the shot
No. 945211 ID: b1b4f3

At least try to get an explanation out of her. How long have you been away from camp?
No. 945214 ID: e98d61

Snipin's a good job mate.

So, tap or double-tap?
No. 945215 ID: 9876c4

Double tapping a Jezail generally ends in dissatisfaction.
No. 945224 ID: 864e49

Do this. No try killy yet.
No. 945225 ID: b3c4cf

While ending her would be pretty easy, you gotta admit that she's cute. Take some binoculars out of your pack and get a zoom in on dat ass.

And then quietly approach her. You'll have to be pointing your rifle at her at a point-blank range if you want to capture her alive.
No. 945227 ID: 094652

Work on collecting the necessary parts to build a proto-vehicle.

... She's desperate and quite possibly the only sane being you've seen in the past ten years with all their body parts damaged but still intact.

No. 945229 ID: a9af05

No. 945262 ID: 0fae41

Mouseketeer: You're exposed while you scrounge, in more ways than one. Enter the box fort!
Bushman: Set better booby traps, not welcome mats, ya bloody bogan!
No. 945298 ID: e51896

mousey: accidentally fall in crate trying to reach the items deep inside (be unaware that you almost got shot)

Snipey: shoot at mousey, but miss when she unexpectedly falls in crate.
No. 945312 ID: 28c1e4
File 156878637688.png - (219.83KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_70.png )

You see some interesting things at the bottom of the crate. Pieces of glass, various tubes and ropes, and more zipped baggies of foul buds.

You reach for what looks like a set of bulbs but reach too far and slip right in!

At least you landed in the rope and bolts of cloth.
No. 945313 ID: 28c1e4
File 156878695184.png - (173.41KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_71.png )

Though you could end her from your spot up in the cliffs beyond her view, she isn't even aware of you.

You pull your longlookers and cast your gaze. Looks like she's rooting through your grass box. You wonder what she expects to find.

You've been gone for a bit more than two weeks. Your life hasn't been as quiet as you'd like it to be with all the commotion lately, but you still have to leave sometimes to gather the few things you can't make for yourself up in these cliffs.

You can't help but bust a lung when you catch the poor puny thing take a tumble into your crate. How's she made it so long?
No. 945314 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, the wastelander must've just missed the ichor beast, having arrived after it dug into the cave past the improvised barrier we made...
wastelander: well you can tell she's unarmed, just walk down there and ask her what she thinks she's doing rooting around your camp.

wanderer: rope's useful. Get some of that. Might be able to fashion some spare clothes out of the cloth, too...
No. 945323 ID: ad51b8

Sniper, got anything of good value down there? If not I'm wondering if you should take the shoot or not. I mean if she's got nothing on her then I'm wondering if she's worth the bullet. Also have to worry about the noise of the shot attracting any unwanted attention. If you're bored I guess you could follow her awhile to see if she's actually going to leave you alone or not and if she looks like she's going to stick around then figure out what you want to do with her.

Wanderer, alright you're off to a bad start today but hey better to get all the bad luck out of the way now when you're not in danger and no one is around to laugh at your clumsy ass. I say take the rope if you think it's still of good quality and be careful getting out of the dumpster. Last thing you need to do is break something and get all cut up. Not sure how good that thing that chased you yesterday sense of smell is but I rather not leave it an easy trail to follow Plus whatever else might be out there. Also you got a distention in mind or you just going to pick a direction and go and hope for the best?
No. 945331 ID: 8d4593

Welp Sniper bro, Now's your chance to confront your hot would be burglar.
She won't be able to see your approach, and she won't have anywhere to run since that box is out in the open.
No. 945337 ID: a13082

Rat: Altho you're in a compromising position, there doesn't seem to be any need to worry for now. If anyone lived here, what's the chance they'd be coming back right now? Still, if there's nothing in that crate, you should climb out and move to the rest of them.

Kangaroo: Approach the trapped prey.
No. 945577 ID: e51896

Mousey: well, at least now you can reach those items. Go and grab them

Snipey: alright, shooting her while in the box will probably damage the box which we don't want. So it is probably best to get down off that cliff and approach and question her before she escapes that unintentional trap she got stuck in. She might even have some stuff for you to steal. Go there while keeping you gun pointed at her.
No. 946767 ID: 28c1e4
File 157056332558.png - (213.55KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_72.png )

You sigh. At least not having broken any of the glass and bulbs inside the crate. You begin to look around through the stuff within.

A wonder someone would just leave this stuff here in boxes. As if they aren't expecting visitors.

Whoever lived here, sure had a collection of some rare stuff...

You are stunned when suddenly the light is cut out, as the lid is placed back onto the crate and nailed in place.

You squeak
No. 946769 ID: 28c1e4
File 157056411546.png - (172.94KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_73.png )

He raps on the crate with his closed fist.

Kangaroo: "Hah! Captured! You clumsy dag!"

Kangaroo: "Bet ye thought you could swipe a freebie from the Angler, while he's gone bush, eh? How'd that work out for you! Bloody Drongo!"
No. 946770 ID: 9876c4

Even if you can't speak his ghastly vegimite tongue, he seems to be telling you ya fluffed up.
No. 946773 ID: c2f1f6

..Can I get that in the queens' English, you backwards provincial?

Act surprised at the sound of your own voice, it's been a while since you've heard it, huh. Keep him talking, and your shotgun pointed at his voice. A wood box won't stop bullets, but that goes both ways, so be careful. Talk like your hiding something and knock around some of the junk that's in here like you're hiding something, maybe he'll get curious and crack the box open to peek. Then you can have a nice talk face-to-shotgun.
No. 946774 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you thought this place belonged to a dead guy, since you found it by following directions on a skeleton's note.
No. 946775 ID: ad51b8

I got like, one and ten words there. Think he might have suffered a jaw injury at some point hard to tell without seeing him. What do you have on you to protect yourself again?
No. 946855 ID: 8b7c8a

Speak, say you can't hardly catch his lingo and tell him the other things too. That you thought this place belonged to a skeleton.

But say it while stringing it together in an odd way, since you've grown disused to talking to others
No. 946860 ID: 1f2742

I mean, he's calling you names and said you stole something, that's good enough to pretend to be fluent.

You assumed it was loot! Like, from a dead guy. It happens! Probably. Glad he's not shooting you for it.
No. 946872 ID: 8b7c8a

What a good idea! Pretend to be fluent. Maybe just try mimmicing him since you don't remember your old accent anyway
No. 946948 ID: 28c1e4
File 157086719352.png - (151.13KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_74.png )

You consider laying into him. Some cliffdwelling roughneck living out in the boonies talking to you like you should know what's going on? But you pause a minute to unravel his words. If you stay in his good graces, this can be resolved as a misunderstanding, and no need to sling hot lead.

You: "... No freebie! Thought this was loot! A dead guy said to follow the note, I hit the landmines, and got passed this mutant beast, and wound up here!"

You can tell he is trying to hold back a chuckle.

Angler: "Can yeh...*Snicker* repeat that, mate? I can barely understand yer accent!"
No. 946950 ID: 28c1e4
File 157086806023.png - (120.83KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_75.png )

Grr... You grind your teeth, this blowhard!

"I said! I hit the kabooms with my ride! The damn muties chased me into the cliffs! I only barely found the Rider's Tomb! How was I supposed to know a damned bogan lived here!"

Angler: "Do yeh even HEAR yerself mate! You're bein' bonco!"

This is getting on your nerves.

You do have your satchel with you, which includes your full range of explosive ordinance, including your grenades, your pipe shotgun, and your ancient switchblade.
No. 946951 ID: 28c1e4
File 157086878878.png - (155.73KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_76.png )

But you stop and really listen to yourself. Damn is that what you sound like? It's almost embarrassing. This has been the longest conversation you've had in ages.

You: "Listen. I found you here at the Rider's Tomb, and I thought it was deserted. There's even a dead man in the cave, I thought it all was his."

Angler: "So you were the Hoon that blew it to the ground boomies, aye? That was Gnarly! I thought you were defo maggotchow!"

Finally, you might be getting somewhere.

Angler: "But ye got it wrong mate. This aint the tomb of a rider. This is the Tomb of The Ocean Man!"

The name causes a chill to run up your spine.
No. 946953 ID: 28c1e4
File 157087008151.png - (126.32KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_77.png )

So you did fluff it then... You should have known it wasn't pitstop. Nothing around here looks like it anyway. You collect yourself further.

You: "Well... You gotta see the possibility of mistake, right?"

Angler: "Eh... More like an excuse to me... Nanny wuckas though, I'm just out here tryna have a good time, not hear some fuphy from no sunbaked sheila!"

You: "Uh... huh... Well, I ain't a bother. Let me out, and I'll be on my way."

Angler: "Crikey! With them muties out? Tell yeh what, I've been flat-out trudgin' fer days. Hard yakka, bein' caretaker fer this place. I crack you out, we dig some seatucka, and ye can lay it on me insteado talkin' through me grass box. But yeh can't tryta blast me. Fair dinkum?"

Well, he might let you free, you think. Maybe we can get somewhere with him after all. You're pretty lost now, especially since this is no Rider's tomb.

Easy mistake. What kind of stuff should we try to do or discover, should we accept his offers?
No. 946955 ID: 094652

>Fair dinkum?
"Fine... but you'd better have condoms."
No. 946956 ID: 1f2742

You only blast what tries to blast you, so fair dinkum. When it's safe enough you'll head out and try to find anything actually related to riders. Maybe bogan knows a thing or two that he'd be willing to part with.
No. 946965 ID: ad51b8

> I crack you out, we dig some seatucka, and ye can lay it on me insteado talkin' through me grass box. But yeh can't tryta blast me. Fair dinkum?"
Ok so what I can make out is, he'll let you out, ????, talk to him outside of the box?, but only if you don't shoot him, asking if it sounds fair?

that's all I've been able to get out of that so I... I guess he's willing to let you out if you don't shoot him? So I guess agree? I honestly have no clue what the hell a seatucka is.
No. 946970 ID: 9876c4

I think there's an idle promise of eating fish together.

Sounds like a good deal to me.
No. 946981 ID: 015bf2

"Fair as can be."

You want to know where that friggin' pitstop and the Tomb of the Rider is from here. You got the need for speed and figure it's an auspicious place to go now that your last ride's been wrecked.

See if you can trade some stuff too; .45s bullets, additional rations, water for your journey. He any use for cans of Pomade? That's a potential score, long as he keeps out of view of the monster nearby. Or, hell, maybe he wants to catch the damn thing.

Shake a pack of cigs at him, ask if a few luxury goods can help make up for the fuckin' fuel you spent using his boat. Then dig out the tin of anchovies and ask if the Angler's at all interested in tiny dead fishies, or if he only goes for the biggest catches.

Heh. Maybe they can be used as bait, even so.
No. 946996 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds fair. If he can tell you where the Tomb of the Rider is, you could try to find the bike mentioned in the note.

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