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File 153722139454.png - (102.70KB , 500x400 , ADQ000.png )
902109 No. 902109 ID: 11f77a

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Arthocob_Date_Quest
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html
Takes place in the Team Port Echo universe so... may or may not be canon-ish. Prequel maybe?
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No. 936358 ID: 891b91

B1. Give her some space, you don't want to annoy her by being clingy, and her walking off like that is probably a solid sign that she'd prefer to be alone for now. Instead, let's pass some time trying to find some info about the sigil.
No. 937370 ID: 11f77a
File 156161261929.png - (246.40KB , 557x496 , ADQ067.png )

>Give her some space, don’t want to be clingy. / A sign she wants to be alone for now.
Although I should just let Eudora be—I still want to stick around. I won’t try and bother her; I’ll be careful with what I say. Even if she won’t like any company… no one should be alone after being yelled at like that.

I catch up choosing my words carefully. She notices me but we’re heading off in the same direction anyway.

Ganymede: So... that was... weird, huh?

Eudora: hrrf

Eudora: That guy deserves a fist right in his stupid jaw.

Eudora: Him and his premonition crap. I hope he...

Eudora: —falls off a cliff or something.

Eudora: I’d show him an empty shell...

Ganymede: Yeah...

Eudora: Those kinds of lunatics can’t be reasoned with, Ganymede. A good sock in the face will scare them off like roaches in bright light.

Eudora: I’ve heard villages get ruined when those Worm-Followers move in. They show up out of nowhere—

Eudora: —Just be smart around those guys. Alright?

I nod. Something in her voice tells me she’s a lot more… serious. Yeah, there’s that grumble but she’s concerned. I mean—she’s defended me before when I’m bullied by the other orphans growing up. Ah it could be my imagination though.

I don’t say much else during our walk.
No. 937371 ID: 11f77a
File 156161282223.png - (248.47KB , 557x496 , ADQ068.png )

We finally reach the old Rhoth Orphanage together. We climb the front steps before I drop a new question.

Ganymede: So what did you get in trouble for anyway?

Eudora: Huh?

Eudora: Oh. Mother Umbari caught me punching Bruk in his dumb face. But that old zipper didn’t catch him starting it first.

Eudora: Now I gotta help paint a mural in the main hall for punishment.

Eudora: Idiot gets off no problem.

Eudora: I might as well get the thing over with so... I have to go straight to her for brushes and a paint can.

Eudora: Join if ya want, I guess. I think I’m just gonna hang in my room once it gets late in the day.

She splits off and I’m left alone. I sneak a peek at the dagger like wondering if I still have a wallet on me. Eudora doesn’t know about it.

The sun is still rising over me; could be past lunchtime now. I should think how I ought to spend my time before dinner comes.
No. 937375 ID: 0fae41

Painting with Eudora sounds pretty nice actually, if you're prepared for your courier job.
No. 937378 ID: 891b91

Seconded. I don't think she'd suggest (in her own way) that you join her if she wanted to be alone, so it looks like I was wrong on that front. At the very least she might appreciate the help.
No. 937448 ID: 4f51b2

I concure, go and help her.
No. 937484 ID: 91ee5f

Might as well go help her paint.
No. 937605 ID: b3bffe

I’m guessing those worm cultists are the reason she is an orphan
No. 937636 ID: 11f77a
File 156183897950.png - (215.77KB , 557x496 , ADQ069.png )

Mother Umbari: Glad you could finally arrive...

Umbari: Some of you are serving your detention here, but I see we have a few volunteers as well.

Umbari: The more the better, I suppose...

Umbari: The Art Club has traced the lines and numbered where you need to paint. So try not to use the wrong color.

Umbari: This month we’ll be painting Ichneuman 14:8-22

Umbari: Bhothogoshol’s descent to gift The Herald his amber instrument.

Ganymede: Hey, that’s a nice chapter!

Umbari: Yes, yes...

Umbari: I’d like this mural to be finished by the end of the week. So no rush jobs. Everyone good?
No. 937637 ID: 11f77a
File 156183902309.png - (328.64KB , 557x496 , ADQ070.png )

Everyone: Yes, Mother Umbari.

Umbari: When you’re finished with your spot I’d like each of you to paint a nice motivational quote. It doesn’t have to be today.

Umbari: It can be from a book or film. Maybe a quote of your own as long as you run it by me first.

Umbari: Now start brushing until dinnertime. You can take five-minute breaks per hour.

Umbari: Don’t worry about trying to reach higher up the wall. Do what you can. I’ll be in my office if there’s anything you need.

Everyone: Yes, Mother.

She parts.
No. 937638 ID: 11f77a
File 156183920428.png - (304.79KB , 557x496 , ADQ071.png )

Everything’s fine the first hour or so. It’s just me, Eudora, and two others. She’s taking care of a section further down so I’ve been next to Nennekee the whole time. Her sister is a guard and old enough to move in a small house in the village. But it’s better if Nennekee stays in the dormitories.

The other orphan is Gemlik. Normal guy like me. He’s cautious of Eudora and keeps his distance while he paints. I guess we chat sometimes if we happen to be in the same room and need to pass the time.

Nennekee: Hey.

Ganymede: Oh! Hey Nennekee. What’s up?

Nennekee: Oh, not a lot really...

Nennekee: You're doing pretty nice on your end.

Nennekee: So what are you gonna put in for a quote?
No. 937736 ID: b7abf4

“Faith makes all things possible... Love makes all things worthwhile.“

Paraphrased from the Preacher Xoodys' correspondence with the distant planet of Sweden
No. 937737 ID: 2202fb

Just a heads up, they are probably going to steal our quote so we should probably come up with a backup.
No. 937803 ID: 891b91

"Bhothogoshol brought us here to kick ass foster peace, love, and harmony throughout the universe and chew bubble gum, and we're all out of gum!"
No. 937820 ID: 0fae41

"Try You're Best"
No. 937870 ID: 60790c

“Only the Cheeki may know peace from this Breeki.”
No. 938306 ID: 11f77a
File 156234674289.png - (304.17KB , 557x496 , ADQ072.png )

Ganymede: Hmm, I’ve been thinking about—

Ganymede: “Bhothogoshol brought us here to foster peace, love, and harmony throughout the universe and chew bubble gum.”

Ganymede: “And we’re all out of gum!”

She snorts with a stifled laugh, didn’t think she’d actually find that funny.

Nennekee: Now who said that? You’re screwing with me.

Nennekee: I never knew you had a sense of humor, Ganymede.

Ganymede: Alright, alright. Maybe not that. But it’s a candidate for sure!

Nennekee: Yeah suuuure.

Ganymede: How about “Try You’re Best?”

Nennekee: Huh, not very inspirational but I guess it gets the job done.

Ganymede: I mean, the “you’re” is the wrong word. Like the misspelling was still an attempt to make a correct sentence.

Nennekee: Oh, I can see the humor in that, I guess…
No. 938307 ID: 11f77a
File 156234681606.png - (306.54KB , 557x496 , ADQ073.png )

>They’re probably going to steal our quote. / Should come up with a backup.
Hmm, good call. I’m not sure if Nennekee would do that. Maybe Gemlik. I see him snooping over there... I make sure to be a little quieter at least. I can think of many better quotes along the week.

Ganymede: Well I was really thinking of something like...

Ganymede: ‘Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things worthwhile.’

Nennekee: Ooh, that’s really touching.

Nennekee: That works very well with the picture.

Nennekee: I might just… end up with a quote from the Voxxus Neb.

Nennekee: Or something from my sister.

Nennekee: Maybe she’s heard of some good advice when patrolling the roads.
No. 938309 ID: 0fae41

Hopefully nobody ends up with the same quote, twice, right? Haha, wouldn't that be awkward.
Follow that up with some awkward silence.
No. 938379 ID: 183136

Its clear her sister means a lot to her

Maybe instead of quoting her sister she'd like to write something about her sister?

"Dedicated to my sister and best friend in the world [NAME HERE]"
No. 938389 ID: a9af05

Just remember that no matter what you think of, you have to run it by Mother Umbari first.
No. 938395 ID: f2320a

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
No. 938408 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Eudora what quote she's gonna use.
No. 938483 ID: 1ed92d

What's this particular mural symbolic of anyway?
No. 938524 ID: 11f77a
File 156255440625.png - (264.42KB , 557x496 , ADQ074.png )

>What’s this particular mural symbolic of anyway?
Oh! I love sharing Arthocob history! It tells the ancient story of a great warrior!

Long before we knew life was beyond Relik’s eyes, when Ralligoraugh* was dangerous land and many kingdoms were at each other's throats, there was Bogn. He was only a serf when Bhothogoshol spoke to him in a vision—and put him on a quest to Rac-Naquagha. Bogn went on a long journey, learning to fight and survive on his own. He’s made many allies, and enemies. Just before crossing into forbidden land—soil scourged by Mi-yok—Bhothogoshol appeared before him to deliver an instrument of golden amber to help him pass.

Some records say it was a trumpet given to him. Other stories describe it as a weapon. Whatever he was gifted, his foes couldn’t strike him down! Have faith in Bhothogoshol and good things will come!

Those sound like some nice alternatives. I’ll hoard them for now—perhaps I’ll wait for the very last day to write my message.

>Ask Eudora what quote she’s gonna use
I’ll keep that in mind! I’ll talk about it during the next break or if I paint next to her.

*Ralligoraugh: Home planet of the Arthocobs
No. 938525 ID: 11f77a
File 156255450743.png - (209.50KB , 557x496 , ADQ075.png )

>Her sister means a lot to her / [she should] write something about her.
Ganymede: The both of you are pretty close, huh?

Nennekee: Oh, absolutely. We’re all we have left… after what happened so long ago.

Nennekee: Even though she lives in the village, I miss her in the dorms.

Nennekee: She sleeps in the barracks so… I can’t really stay with her.

Nennekee: I could try and visit—I’ll see her on patrol at least.

Ganymede: You could write something about her. Or a dedication.

Nennekee: Maybe. Even for our troops.

Nennekee: I’ve been thinking of joining the Guard, too.

Nennekee: Someday we won’t live here anymore, you know? I’d hate to move from this village. I don't know where I'd go after this.

Nennekee: It's a little scary out there.

Nennekee: I guess I can be a teacher too—at least it’d be safer.

Nennekee: I guess I’m making excuses to talk to someone, sorry…
No. 938530 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her it's fine, you don't mind talking.
Ask her what subject she'd teach.

Also Ganymede since Eudora doesn't have feelings for you, have you considered other girls? Are there any others you find attractive that aren't huge jerks? Maybe Nennekee?

Also don't forget to keep working while you talk.
No. 938536 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you keep working while you talk. You’re allowed to multitask.

>other girls?
After all the stuff we had Ganymede say about always having feelings for her even if she doesn’t have any for him, it feels kinda wrong to consider other girls.
No. 938537 ID: b1b4f3

I disagree. You can have feelings for more than one person at a time, and Ganymede should know better than to ignore other opportunities for love.
No. 938558 ID: a9af05

I agree, it does feel kinda wrong. But that doesn't mean that we're going to immediately ditch Eudora. We'll keep trying to win her over, but that doesn't mean that we should keep chasing after her forever.

I think she's just afraid of opening up because she doesn't want someone to hurt her feelings. Or she doesn't want to hurt someone else's feelings.

There's many possibilities on why Eudora doesn't want to open up. We'll get her to open up eventually, either by winning her heart or by finding someone else for her.
No. 938800 ID: 11f77a
File 156281668436.png - (274.15KB , 557x496 , ADQ076.png )

>Don’t forget to keep working while you talk / multitask
Back to painting I go.

>Tell her it’s fine [talking].
Ganymede: It’s fine, Nennekee. I don’t mind talking to you.

Ganymede: I’m a great listener, even if I don’t know what to reply with! Just know that.

Ganymede: What subject would you teach, by-the-way?

Nennekee: Oh! Right, right. I’m… thinking on the spot really.

Nennekee: Maybe if I complete more classes I could teach a universal language.

Nennekee: Hmm, but so many languages out there hurt my throat. We sound terrible.

Ganymede: They’re just louder, that’s all.

Ganymede: Learn a language you always find funny. Instead of one that just about anybody takes only to pass the school year.

Ganymede: I never cared much for Paligrijan*. I was thinking of trying Gortian since it’s popular for space travel and off-worlders. And they sound funny when angry.

Ganymede: But who knows if I’ll ever leave this place too. I really like it here.

*Paligrijan: Language of the Zephcynths, Icynths, and Relicynths. An interesting cross between a mammal and insect from a neighboring star. Their planet is a little more barren. They generally work with the Arthocobs for trade.
No. 938801 ID: 11f77a
File 156281685285.png - (208.87KB , 557x496 , ADQ077.png )

>Have you considered other girls? Are there any others you find attractive that aren’t huge jerks? Maybe Nennekee?
Oh my, Nennekee? Do you think she’d like me? In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever thought—

>It feels kind of wrong to consider other girls
>It does feel kind of wrong—but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to immediately ditch Eudora. We’ll keep trying to win her over, but that doesn’t mean that we should keep chasing her forever.
>Should know better than to ignore other opportunities for love
I… don’t know. Thinking about it—my whole life I’ve only had sights on Eudora. Blinded by a love since childhood. Have I really ignored opportunities and signs that other girls may like me? I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather date. I barely know someone like Nennekee even when I’ve lived here for so long. Do you think Nennekee would like a guy like me? Oh Bhothogoshol, why do you pluck my heartstrings?

I agree it doesn’t feel right in my stomach. To let go. To suddenly… give up and find someone new. Yet some of you make a point. I can’t miss opportunities to be happy with others. But what if it’s too late?

Maybe Kyzil was right... when she said Eudora can’t feel love. Would she really not notice me if I went to Ndepthteph’s Maw and back? God, Kyzil’s such a bully but she knows how to spit daggers.

>I think [Eudora]’s afraid of opening up because she doesn’t want someone to hurt her feelings. Or she doesn’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. […] We’ll get her to open up eventually, either by winning her heart or by finding someone else for her.
That’s the thing. There’s something; something she’s suppressing and—being the only person in the village who knows more about her than anyone else—I know she’s not mean out of spite. Eudora… she’s alone too. Anyone who thinks they know her just avoids her.

Perhaps… it could be time to reach out to others. Not necessarily ditch Eudora, like you said. But I’ll find a way to her heart someday.

It’s just about time for our five-minute break again. I notice I’ve been a little quiet thinking about this.
No. 938802 ID: 0fae41

I don't see a reason you need to deprive yourself of friends to pursue Eudora romantically, nor a reason to give up on her without ever asking how she feels.
"It's nice here, but I think a little bit of travel to get new perspectives can also be... nice."
Go sit with Eudora for the break and ask how she's doing.
No. 938872 ID: 4f51b2

Yes you can have friends too, if a girl wants you in a romantic way you can consider it if you wan too. But I don't think Eudora is out of your reach at all, we just need to discover the way to her hearth.
Go seek Eudora.
No. 939417 ID: 11f77a
File 156333508193.png - (232.59KB , 557x496 , ADQ078.png )

>[no reason to] deprive yourself of friends to pursue Eudora romantically / you can have friends too.
Well, it’s not that I deliberately avoid people. I guess I never had anyone openly want to hang out with me. I dunno’. I’ve been a quiet kid and kind of solitary. Maybe it hasn’t bothered me until now.

>If a girl wants you in a romantic way you can consider it if you want.
Of course. I don’t think I have any secret admirers asking me out yet (except Kyzil who… is probably most definitely lying). Eudora can still be on my sights for now.

>I don’t think Eudora’s out of your reach at all. We just need to discover the way to her heart.
Exactly. I just need oooone good clue! And it’ll be an easy road from there!

I continue before Nennekee notices anything.

Ganymede: While it’s sure nice staying here where it’s safe, a bit of travel to get new perspectives can also be… nice!

Nennekee: Well… I suppose that could be right.

Nennekee: I only hope I’ll have it figured out when I graduate from here…

She doesn’t say much else—kind of trailing off as she focuses back on painting. A moment later I place my brush down and start my break.
No. 939418 ID: 11f77a
File 156333534075.png - (249.80KB , 557x496 , ADQ079.png )

>Go seek Eudora / and ask how she’s doing.
Eudora’s sitting on the staircase bored to death. She’s watching people walk in and out of the main entrance of the orphanage. It’s close to dinnertime so everyone should be back from work or from hanging out outside. I don’t know what’s going through her head but I’d stare out into space too, I guess. I have some sweets from the market to share; I place it on a step.

Ganymede: Painting’s aint bad of a punishment, huh?

Ganymede: So, how’re you doing?

Eudora: Alive, I suppose.

Ganymede: It’s looking nice on your end.

Eudora: I'm not much of a painter but… at least it’s just the sky and some trees.

Eudora: I don’t care much for art anyway.

Ganymede: So, what quote are you thinking of using?

Ganymede: I have a few good ones in my head in case you're stuck. I was brainstorming with Nennekee.
No. 939419 ID: 11f77a
File 156333552246.png - (224.30KB , 557x496 , ADQ080.png )

Eudora: Man, I don’t know!

Eudora: You can make one for me. But I’m just gonna leave it blank.

Eudora: Never liked those gushy motivational messages.

Eudora: That stuff just sounds fake.

Eudora: I mean, whoever said those quotes meant well, I’m sure, but—

Eudora: —slapping happy words on a sign or poster…

Eudora: It’s dumb.

She just stuffs a bite of candy in her mouth—not saying much after that.
No. 939420 ID: 0fae41

It doesn't have to be happy words. Spite is a powerful motivator. What's some lesson you would tell your younger self?
No. 939424 ID: b1b4f3

Actions speak louder than words, right? She can just take a quote that matches that mindset.
Did something happen to her arm?
No. 939428 ID: 5cee1b

So you’re saying you’d rather do something meaningful then just say empty words?
No. 939432 ID: 7fb87a

Then write what feels most real to you. You know kindness isn't the only form of motivation.
No. 939436 ID: 91ee5f

>That stuff just sounds fake.
“No, Eudora, you misunderstand. When I asked what you were going to write, I didn’t want to know what you’d write because you were told to write it. I want to know what you would write.”

“Maybe this will help. What motivates you? What would you tell yourself to keep you motivated? That’s what you should write!”

If she ends up saying something that wouldn’t be approved by Mother Umbari, then help her change the wording so that it has the same meaning and will be approved by Mother Umbari.
No. 939447 ID: a9af05

>Then write what feels most real to you.
No. 939465 ID: 1ed92d

Shrug and suggest writing something that makes her feel something.
No. 939703 ID: 11f77a
File 156358215188.png - (250.97KB , 557x496 , ADQ081.png )

I notice her bandaged arm. I mention it first…

Eudora: It’s nothing. A bit of chitin must’ve cracked when I punched Bruk yesterday. Doctor says it’s healing quickly, though.

Eudora: My arm, not his face. I don’t know how that creep's doing.

Ganymede: So anyhoo, you’d rather do something meaningful than say empty words, huh?

Eudora: I don’t feel compelled to have to do anything, Ganymede.

Eudora: I guess it’s like having to smile in a picture. You’re asked to, but you’re just waiting for a flash. And if you wait long enough your face feels unnatural.

Eudora: Kind of lying to yourself…
No. 939704 ID: 11f77a
File 156358220868.png - (252.47KB , 557x496 , ADQ082.png )

>>939432, >>939447
>What motivates you?
>Suggest writing something that makes her feel something
Ganymede: Well—your quote doesn’t have to be happy and goofy! You ought to write what feels most real to you.

Ganymede: Kindness isn’t the only form of motivation. Maybe persistence is a good topic! Or how you like… uh… fighting back jerks! You’ll have to dance around the words so Mother Umbari can accept it.

Eudora: Uh. Huh…

>What would you tell yourself to keep you motivated?
Ganymede: I mean, think of this as a good exercise—

Ganymede: What lesson would you tell your younger self?
No. 939705 ID: 11f77a
File 156358222432.png - (255.74KB , 557x496 , ADQ083.png )

No. 939706 ID: 11f77a
File 156358230741.png - (270.15KB , 557x496 , ADQ084.png )

Eudora: To hit harder next time…

I may be wrong but she didn’t seem to answer nicely. She leaves her spot and walks past me—stalking out of the scene. She still wears her apron so… maybe she’ll be back to continue painting.

I hope she’ll be okay.
A) Was it something I said? I ought to catch her and ask what’s wrong.
B) Well I’ll enjoy chatting with the others here till she gets back. I’ll speak to Gemlik and Nennekee some more. (About what?)
C) Fast Forward after dinnertime. (What should I do before the day is late?)
No. 939707 ID: 0fae41

You could probably wrangle that into something she'd let you put on the mural! As long as she thinks the hitting is metaphorical.
B. Talk about Eudora.
No. 939709 ID: b1b4f3

Shouldn't you know by now? She doesn't like thinking about the past. Didn't something horrible happen to her village?

Hmm... A.
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