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File 153851463109.png - (335.41KB , 1959x3921 , ns4-op_edit3.png )
904535 No. 904535 ID: 7fd053


Time to take a supersoldier into my enemy's stronghold and defeat his evilly wizardly ways!

:jozi2:"Grab my hand and hold on when we warp." Josie holds her hand out. I grab on.
:glinp2:"OK, but how come?"
:jozi2:"You'll see. You have to stay quiet, though."
:glinp2:"Mmm OK, ready." We warp to Zorgonok's Eeevil lair, but we get there totally silently and without any of the usual warping visuals! I look at her inquisitively.
:jozi2:"Perk for worshippers of The Manifold Shimmer. Stealth warps."
:glinp2:"Ooooh..." We're standing in front of the doors of Zorgonok's castle. Someone would see us if they looked straight down from the roof or out of a window on this side, but since we got here without the usual flashy and whooshy, I don't think anyone will!
:jozi2:"I'd like to do some quick recon. It should only take a few minutes at most, but you'd be on your own. If you busted in, that should keep attention away from me. Otherwise, we can bust in together and just wing it. Up to you. And hey."
:jozi2:"I'll keep you from dying as much as I can, but if you DO die, I'll retreat and call in an Unholy Eraser strike."
:glinp2:"What the FUCK you can DO that!?" She has that kind of firepower at her disposal??
:jozi2:"Yeah, but I'd rather you don't die, obviously. So, you think you can last for a couple minutes on your own? You'd know this guy better than I would."

Of course I can! But maybe I'd rather she just comes in and kicks ass right outta the gate?
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No. 932898 ID: 2c8418

Does throwing items at the cube still activate it?

Could be useful for changing the boss’s floght path.

You could try abusing the gravity switch to lather Simulated Stage Hazard Material anywhere useful.
Or just everywhere.

You could try trip gunning, or sneaking up to a laser rifle.
No. 933252 ID: 968283
File 155821529388.png - (37.14KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-90.png )



I revert, load the trip gun, tell Aki to try to take out his jet pack, and do stuff the same up until he misses me. Then I grab the crate!
:glinp2:"Special delivery!"
>-pkow! KABOOM!-
:stanath:"Haaagh! How'd you know I like damaged goods!" Dang, he got outta the way so I couldn't get in close. But I scorched him a little!

"HuUUH?!" He shakes his gun and looks at it! I had to turn around and shield the Trip Gun from him to use it, but it worked! Aki's trying to get behind him, and hits the jetpack with their shard attack! Just enough to damage it some. "A pincer attack! I get enough of those from the Salikai!"
I toss the body armor at the gravity cube.
"Whoooaaa!" Yep! It works! He loses control for a moment before he gets stable again. Unfortunately, I didn't get the lava anywhere useful, and if I get it everywhere, that'll be dangerous for little ol' Glinp! If I had a plan, I bet either usin' it for something specific or smearin' it all over the place could work for me.

Got a lot to work with here, looks like. Even now I might be able to use the current state to take 'im out! Though maybe I shouldn't stick with throwing the body armor. The lava’s gonna munch it in a minute.
No. 933259 ID: e7848c

What if we figure out a way to get him to launch with his jetpack and then switch gravity on him so he flies right into the lava?
No. 933284 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can change gravity to dump the lava on him when he's disoriented?
No. 933659 ID: 1e95e9
File 155848918945.png - (118.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-91.png )

>-chwaah, chwaah, chwaah, chwaah!-
I Super Jump up to the cube and start spreadin' the lava around while also shakin' up loverboy. The platform gets chewed up by his laser blasts, but between me and Aki, we take off his left foot with the lava!
"GYAAAH!" He shakes lava and charred ankle bits off his leg. "What, you're getting hot in that Neumono outfit and you wanna spread the feeling?!"
>-sput put pop!-
>-blam blam blam!-
His jetpack sputters! And he shoots at Aki, getting close enough to knock 'em over with the third shot! And he and the cube are too far away for me to toss something!
:glinp2:"Noooooooyaaay!" He turns to me but then looks back toward Aki after I see them start to reform.
:stanath:"Are you KIDDING MEEE??" He lines up another shot! Then he notices there's lava on his gun. "Aww shit!" He tosses it into the lava!
:glinp2:"Ha h"
>-KABOOOOSH!! Blomm!-
"AA-!" gods damn, that thing packs a ton of energy! The crates and Aki and me get splashed in lava and I DIE.

Uh oh! But for sure there's somethin' to this lava idea. I either need to find a strategy that'll take him out faster, like all in one go maybe, OR one that'll keep us from dying from exploded lava.
The disorienting and sudden shift tactic is looking solid. What tricks could I come up with to make it go better?
No. 933664 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can use the cube as cover to avoid getting melted by the lava. Can the deployable tunnel be used for easy cube access? Ooh or maybe you can make a tunnel that drops lava on him.
No. 933675 ID: 8eaf98

I don't think the tunnel does much in empty space? can we frendium em just to see what happens?
No. 933794 ID: 83bf07

More disorientation, eh? Would a trip gun round be enough to throw him off even more in the middle of all that?
No. 933969 ID: 1e95e9
File 155874866646.png - (88.50KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-92.png )

Using the cube to block the lava might do the trick!
The tunnel deployer just clears out a straight line, with no dimensional whatsits.


:stanath:"BLEW IT!"
Platform gets an owie!
>-chwaah, chwaah, chwaah, chwaah!-
I mess around with the cube, and then...
Super Jump and toss the Friendium at him...
:stanath:"H-huhh? (cough) what did you... grrghl!"
and land again. He's just floating there confused and making gross sick noises! And not attacking! Aki makes their move.
:nsaki:"Koyōsetsu!" Direct hit to the jetpack!
:stanath:"Gaaah! I'm -BLEGH- SICK of you two! AAA"
>-pchoing, chwaah, ploop-
One tactical Super Jump to the cube, and he takes a dive into the lava! His guns both get submerged too! Aw sh-
>-zoit, chizt!-
Hey! We're back!
:jozi2:"Oh good, you're not melting this time."

The Friendium stuff makes ‘em temporarily not attack me for whatever reason, and they get sick? Anyway, it worked!
I'll only try to redo that last one again if I come up with something really good. Otherwise it's time to move along!
Seeing how the soda affected Aki, it'll probbaly rejuvenate me some if I drink it. Should I drink it before the next fight?
No. 933972 ID: 7f48fa

Nah, save it for after the next dude. You're going big on the golem.
No. 933975 ID: 91ee5f

>Should I drink it before the next fight?
Save it for after fighting the golem.
No. 934072 ID: 58b4f3

>Big potion against golem
You sure we can't save that for when we fight Zorgonok?

I agree.
No. 934089 ID: 8eaf98

>I'll only try to redo that last one again if I come up with something really good.
Nooo my quest to throw frendium at all the sentient things for science may end here *tear*
No. 934163 ID: d5584f

Save it for the golem, but you have to drink it dramatically.
No. 934194 ID: 968283
File 155898715994.png - (60.26KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-93.png )

:glinp2:"Yeah! Good job with the jetpack, Aki." I wobble and fall on my butt. "Whooh!"
:nsaki:"Thank you. What did you throw at him?"
:glinp2:"Some weird chemical... that I found earlier. Friendium Paranoiathol."
:nsaki:"I have never heard of it."
:jozi2:"Huh. What did it do?" I explain.

>drink soda after rock monster, use embiggening potion
:glinp2:"Well, since those two were in fact two of the three bosses I fought before, the last one oughtta be a biiig rock monster! It's got a big crystal that I think powers it, and it can shoot a ZILLION rock fragments from its hands. The crystal can also use some kind of barrier but it only blocks some things?"
:nsaki:"What do you suggest?"
:glinp2:"Don't you worry! I got a trick up my sleeve."
:nsaki:"Are you sure you do not need more rest?"
:glinp2:"Yes!" I stand up slowly. "Because of my trick. You'll see!" I go to the last telepod.
:jozi2:"I expect a detailed report when you get back!"
I immediately take the potion, get up on the middle platform where the monster is, and do a double-fisted downward slam that dunks it through the platform and into the lava!
... but that's not the end of it...? Oh no! It climbs back out, and now it's a giant lava monster!!
:glinp2:"THAT wasn't part of the plan!!"

Time for a different plan!
No. 934196 ID: 8eaf98

I just realised what if we hit ourselves with the frendium? should tell us a lot more about what it really does.
become dwarf, mine crystal out of golem, smash crystal.
No. 934197 ID: 83bf07

Frontal assault! As soon as you go big, super fist it in the gem to knock its head clear off the volcano.
No. 934226 ID: a9af05

It didn't work because you sent the crystal into the lava and the crystal decided to abandon it's rock body and collect lava around itself so it would have a lava body!

You need to smash the crystal so that it can't create a new body!
No. 934228 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, it's not a rock monster, it's a golem. The crystal is its brain, and it's using a rock body only because it's convenient.
No. 934260 ID: 91ee5f

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we gave Aki the giant potion? Would their projectiles also become giant sized? If they did, then having a bunch of giant sized projectiles flying at the golem could do a lot of damage!
No. 934473 ID: 968283
File 155925421081.png - (43.51KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-94.png )

'Rock Monster''s a general enough term, plus the crystal is probably a rock anyway!

I use the pickaxe to dig the crystal out of the lava, but the crystal's barrier deflects it! It's a big barrier, too! But the monster hugs me and I'm not THAT invulnerable with this potion so it's a BAD hug!


I go back to before that duplicate Stanath battle, and take out the F.P.
:glinp2:"Josie, don't catch this."
:jozi2:"Sure." I toss it up and hit myself with it!
:glinp2:"(cough, hack) oogh..." Damn I feel sick!
:genericnpc:"Well Pew, how do you feel about this whole Snorks issue? Is it mistreatment like they’re saying?" Josie and Aki are gone! Replaced by two HUMANS! And Skelly and Tsuchinoko too! But Tosfir is still a chicken.
:genericnpc:"Tom, you know, there's a growing sentiment that they deserve a second chance. Of course it's all bonkers. Your position?" 'Pew' looks at me.
:glinp2:"OH NO I'M HALLUCINATING! BLEGHHHHH" But I wouldn't know that if I wasn't immune to mind control! This stuff messes with your head!
:genericnpc:"Am I hearing this right? Don't tell me you're on their side!"
No thanks!!


I try the giant pickaxe solution but without the lava dunk. The barrier's still a problem, but I can still get the CRAP smashed out of me while I try to mine it out from the sides and the back.
Got an arm off!
Annd the other!
And then the potion wears off. So I still have a stompy angry pile'a rocks! That's progress, but let's see what else I got here.



This time I try Super Fisting it!
Wow! The barrier blocked my giant Super Fist! The monster's torso cracks a little, and it gets sent flying into the wall! And... the barrier also hits the wall. Interesting! Because I was able to get up to the original monster's crystal and zap it with my spear, but Miko's sword was stopped by the barrier! Is it triggered by speed? Hmm.
:glinp2:"Hoooh!" Another Super Punch at the crystal to see if the cracks in the torso get worse. Not really! It just smashes the wall that's right behind it, and I look around after that because I got a hunch. Bongo! After smashing the boss into the wall and breaking pieces off of the monitor, the adjacent walls show some cracks on the stone 'floor' that those monitors display, and one of the stray stones has moved. I still don't know why that's happening.
>-PKOWWW! gyauwwww...-
I break off one of its arms before the potion wears off.



:glinp2:"Hey Aki! Drink this size growth potion!" I give it to 'em.
:nsaki:"...Ah, alright." glug glug!
:glinp2:"Now give 'em the ol' uh koyosets!"
:nsaki:"Hmh! Koyōsetsu!" Yeah! Giant leaf projectiles! The monster gets hit in the crystal, then blocks with its arms. Aki waits for it to stop blocking, then goes for a glowy claw strike barrage! The crystal weakens and it puts its guard up again.
:nsaki:"Hm. What's our next-" Aki belches loudly!
>-creeeeak... CROMKSHHH!-
The rock monster falls over and the crystal smashes on the platform! "Ah."
>-zoit, chizt!-
:jozi2:"-re's no WAY, hahaha!" Tsuchinoko is rolling on the floor and squeaking.The door opens finally!
:tosfir:"buk buk"
:jozi2:"You should've told me sooner! Skelly here's such a riot!"
:glinp2:"For real??"
:jozi2:"Hahah... Ah, well..." Josie shrugs and sighs. "Looks like joke time's over, Skelly." I eye her suspiciously. She looks dead serious! "Time to kick some ASS, huh!" Tsuchinoko hops on her shoulder and looks serious too. Fine!!
:glinp2:"Mmmuh huh...! But you did real good there, Aki! As usual! And now I am thirsty as fuuuck..." I take out the soda and drink it up! It doesn't fill me up with energy, but it's a definite improvement! "Ready!" I hop at the door and it lifts up into the ceiling and I sail through into the next room while a cold wind rushes past me. Good thing I got this coat! But I also still have the shiny ornament that the cat monster liked, if the coat gets burned up by a fireball or something. That's been in my inventory this whole time.
Everyone else follows me.

:zorgonok:"UGH, you made it through there TOO? So be it!" Oh he's right here! Wow!! "I'll take care of you myself!" He starts charging up a ball of weird lightning!
No. 934479 ID: 83bf07

Trip gun immediately, have the #squad fan out and attack!
No. 934483 ID: b1b4f3

No. 934487 ID: a9af05

>Aki belches loudly!
Wow, rude. At least say, "Excuse me" or something like that!

>-creeeeak... CROMKSHHH!-
>The rock monster falls over and the crystal smashes on the platform!
See? Even the rock monster was so offended by your lack of manners that it fell over and died!

>Zorgonok is here!
Let's kick his boney ass!
No. 934505 ID: cde034

Oh, well i guess you still have your original clothes on.

Take those off too.

But in all seriousness, try a fireball at that puzzler he has strapped to the wall. It looks important, and seeing what it broke might help figure out what its supposed to activate, or something like that.

Zorgnarok is here, might as well approach him.
Try asking the ol coot what he has prepared for you, he might spill the beans!
No. 934660 ID: 1e95e9
File 155944233416.png - (60.99KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-95.png )



I revert to load the Holy bullet and then get back to where I was.
>-sklitter, bwum-
I Trip Gun his lower jaw, but some wibbly barrier thing blocks it. Shoulda figured...
:glinp2:"Fan out and attack!"
:jozi2:"Roger that!" Tsuchi squeaks.
:nsaki:"Hmh." Skelly says nothing.
:tosfir:"buk" They split up. I gun it for the weird doohickey on the far wall.
:zorgonok:"Trilmus! Leave us!"
:trilmus:"Yes sir!" I turn around and look up at the source of the voice. The upper-level walkway has a well-dressed cutebold on it, who zooms outta here through a door. I don't get close enough to use my fireball before...!
:zorgonok:"Now BEGO-AAGH!" Josie kicks him off his chair and his lightning ball goes flying into the ceiling!
Ceiling chunks fly all over the place! My longtime foe lands on the floor and gets jumbled, but he pops up into shape! "DAMN you, Tozol!" His eyeflames flare up.
:jozi2:"That's tricky, no soul and all." I fire the Holy bullet while he gestures to turn the ground under her into grabby snakes! She's too fast anyway, go Josie!
He tries to dodge, but it's homing! But he's got that barrier! But Aki is using her leafs on him, so it gets a little bit overwhelmed! A pinprick of Holy gets through and scorches his bones!
I fireball the contraption finally, and it does NOT ignite.
Josie leaps over and rips off a chunk of the upper walkway and discus tosses it at him. She does a super fast spin and everything! But he zoops back up to the big stage area and also zaps the platform piece into BEES.
"Nicely done! But you will NOT win against ME!" His flames are sparkin' and his body is rattlin'! And his coat is billowin'! Fuck it's gettin' even colder in here!

I'm not real sure what he's gonna do next, but there are now a lot of bees, and part of the stage area is snakes.
If the Holy spell hadn't been weakened by the barrier, I think it woulda taken him out... Maybe I should experiment with that?
But there's a lot goin' on in here that I could try to mess with...
No. 934663 ID: e7848c

Revert, trip the cutebold then super fist them from underneath. Inform your posse that the big bad probably has a barrier and it needs to be taken out.
No. 934665 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe try Fist before Holy? Gotta weaken the barrier before finishing him off.
We still have that tunnel, maybe it'll tunnel through his barrier? Use Fist on him at the start of the fight to reveal the barrier so that you'll "know" to use the tunnel on it or otherwise try to get rid of it before using Holy.
No. 934694 ID: 055cbc

I mean, it is probably faster to shoot the barrier with trip gun that everybody can definitely see than it would be to explain that theory. Plus, Glinp is supposed to be trying to limit the miraculous foresight where its not needed.

Is Tsuchinoko any good at making friends with snakes?
Reverting to use fist bullet first might be worth a try.
No. 934838 ID: 968283
File 155969449347.png - (165.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-96.png )



I load Fist, 'n' stuff.
:zorgonok:"Trilmus! Leave us!"
>-sklitter, pchoing, pkow!-
I trip the cutebold, and then I have to Super Jump up to Super Fist the platform.
:trilmus:"EEEEEE!" She falls on me!
:zorgonok:"Leave my poor assistant alone! I'd rather not kill her too!" I don't know what to DO with her at this point, but I stand up and apply the ol' noserubs to stop her from wigglin' away.
:glinp2:"Really? Can't you bring her back with necromancy powerrrs?"
:zorgonok:"I'm more of a thaumaturge than a necromancer! Uneducated fools keep making that mistake now that I'm undead!" I quick draw and fire the Fist bullet at him.
:glinp2:"A barrier, huh! That figures."
:zorgonok:"SO B-AAGH!" Josie kick, lightning ball goes into ceiling. This time he twirls more and the ball goes at more of a sideways angle.
I can't try the Portable Tunnel Deployer while I'm holding Trilmus, so we'll just hafta see if she's got another escape plan! I whip it out and run for the lich to stick it to 'im. He unjumbles himself and I stick the PTD on his barrier.
>-bwum, tchgwaat, clunk-
It opens up a hole in the barrier! And then then the barrier kind of rolls so the PTD, with the hole, drops to the floor. Trilmus was flailing their arms and running around, but Aki grabbed 'em.
:zorgonok:"Nyagh!?" He whooshes up to the walkway and charges up another lightning ball, while the PTD swings around and clangs into stuff on the outside of his barrier. "You detestable dinosaur! DIE!" He tosses it at me! Wow he charged it up quick!

What am I gonna do about that?
No. 934843 ID: e7848c

Quick, camouflage! You'll be stunned, but alive. Joz and Aki will probably cover you while you recover. Inform them there's an opening in the barrier!
No. 934844 ID: b1b4f3

Toss your spellgun to Jozi if possible, use your Disguise ability to survive the blast, then wake up after Jozi executes him with the Holy bullet.
...you did load the Holy bullet after shooting Fist, right?
No. 934879 ID: 91ee5f

Turn into an inanimate object!
No. 934886 ID: 8eaf98

when the choice is between death and not death, the choice becomes clear death obviously =P
No. 935188 ID: 968283
File 156003356777.png - (75.38KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-97.png )

The tunnel is supposed to be wide enough for me to walk through, but I guess it works different on magic barriers. Or it wasn't intended to go on a sphere. Or both! Instead, it's big enough for Zorg to stick a leggy out.

>disguise, throw caster gun with holy bullet to Josie
I didn't have time to reload the gun, so...


I load Holy instead of Fist, and use the Trip Gun to make the barrier show, then do everything else the same.
:glinp2:"HOLY!" I toss the caster gun to Josie, disguise as a detached metal ceiling sprinkler, and I DON'T get blown into pieces!
Ooooooooh fuuuuckkkk aaaaahaaaah! So LOUUUUUD!
OK, Josie caught the stuff. Zorgo looks around and evades my pals with acrobatic leaps! He zaps the PTD, and the barrier closes back up. Damn!

That's interesting that my sprinklersona didn't get destroyed! I don't think it took much damage at all! But what am I gonna do now?
No. 935189 ID: b1b4f3

He's faster than a Tozol? Hhhhhow?

It occurs to me that we haven't destroyed his phylactery yet anyway, so this fight is pointless.
No. 935241 ID: a9af05

>That's interesting that my sprinklersona didn't get destroyed! I don't think it took much damage at all!
Could it be because you're made of metal? Maybe you can knock that attack back at him with your spear?
No. 935476 ID: 968283
File 156029184691.png - (56.17KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-98.png )

Oh yeah, and I've had the magic body armor that I didn't throw at the Neumono too. That could be useful here so I can take an extra hit or something! I'd just have to put it on, but I can do that in a snap. Can't remove it easily though.

She's obviously goin' easy on 'im so I don't get left out! Like we agreed on! Plus, magic can make you faster than a Tozol, that's no surprise.
If we can destroy his body, he shouldn't be able to do much for a while! That oughtta make destroying the phylactery easier. At least I hope so!

Hitting it with my spear could be worth a try!


:zorgonok:"DIE!" He launches it, but I whip out my spear and swingggg!
Got 'im! "Well, well! You continue to surprise me!" Whoops, it broke the PTD. "But I have a surprise for YOU!" He produces a remote from somewhere and presses a button!
:glinp2:"W-whoa!" The suspicious-looking circular area on the floor opens up! It's an acid pit! I almost fall backward into it, but Josie rescues me with a side-tackle! We end up next to the contraption wall.
:jozi2:"Watch your step, bud." She pats me on the head and zooms away again. In the meantime, Aki tries to wear down his barrier with their projectiles. Skeleton doesn't seem to be able to get up to where he is, so it's not able to attack. It also doesn't have a weapon. Tsuchinoko's got mad mobility though. Seems to be exploring the area.
Zorg long hops back to the stage and starts doing his thing where his coat billows! I can see Aki's breath, but I don't feel it get much colder this time! Tsuchinoko hops over here.

Next move?
No. 935480 ID: b1b4f3

I guess the PTD isn't useful in this fight then, at least not without somehow immobilizing him first.
Hmm, would the slime grenade work against him? You could also try getting in close and using the pickaxe against his shield.
No. 935488 ID: a9af05

>Slime grenade
Could we possibly throw that through the hole the PTD made in the barrier? That would help with immobilizing him!
No. 935495 ID: b1b4f3

Also what other stuff do we still have?
No. 935497 ID: a07b94

I'll just think about this real quick here...

maybe useful stuff:
warm shiny
inspirational ink
trip gun with 3 ammos
magic body armor
dwarf transformation pickaxe

probably not useful stuff:
ghost costume
decorative skull
photo of some ketzas
circuit board maps

I definitely used the slime grenade already, to trap the cat monster for a while.
No. 935501 ID: b1b4f3

We should probably experiment with the Inspirational Ink to find out what it does...

Also try using the sulphagne to get rid of the shield.
No. 935523 ID: 83bf07

Oh sweet, at least now you know you can play dead man's volley with him. Unfortunately we lost the opening in his barrier. Seems like that wind build up thing has a limited range. Can Joz get past the barrier and hold him still long enough for you to dematerialize him?
No. 935681 ID: 1e95e9
File 156047447387.png - (96.23KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-99.png )

Where's that Trilmus... Ah, there they are, curled up in a ball in a corner, on the opposite side of the room. Poor thing must not be a fighter! That or they're chargin' up a SUPER attack that I better watch out for! ...but prob'ly not.

I pop open the ink bottle and dip in a claw. It doesn't feel weird or anything! I try doodling a kaiju battle on the floor. Hmmm, I dunno. Given the name, it might be something I'm immune to, even if it's some kinda buff! I try splashin' some out on the floor. It arranges itself into two shapes like a triangle and a square, with some lines radiating out from 'em. Huh! The shiny warm thing is a square pyramid...
:zorgonok:"Stay back, Tozol!" He turns his chair into a big plant monster that grabs her and picks her up!
:jozi2:"Oh noooo it's got me... Aki help."
I down the sulphagne and aim my eyes at Zorgo. It's gettin' all foggy over here! I'm closer to him than I was last time, I think this side of the room is just warmer for whatever reason.
:zorgonok:"Did you just drink my sulphagne!?" I don't think it's gettin' past the barrier!


I go back to before I stuck the PTD on the barrier. This time, I ask Josie to hold that asshole still for me!
He's a slippery bastard, but she gets 'im not long after the kick down to the floor. I slap on the PTD and she has trouble keeping him still because his bones aren't physically attached to each other! I drink up.
:zorgonok:"Drinking my sulphagne!?" He fights and kicks, but Josie's really on the ball here!
:glinp2:"Yeah! Prepare to be deleted, you bony bozo!" I aim my beams through the uh, 'tunnel,' and... I delete ONE rib before Josie tosses him away!
:zorgonok:"Yaaagh!" Yo, fuck! Lava shoots out of his finger!! It stops before he clatters against the wall.
:jozi2:"Didn't know he was about to do that, exactly. Yikes. Sorry, couldn't take chances."
:glinp2:"It's all good. Thanks!"

Ulp! So just tryin' to keep him still isn't enough. What's a folk gotta do to take out an evil wizard around here, anyway! That's what I wanna know.
No. 935690 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder why Tsuchinoko isn't hiding from the fight? Is it immune to magic?
Try combining the ink with the shiny thing.

You could also try messing with that control panel, maybe it'll do something useful.
Have you tried wearing the body armor yet?
No. 935869 ID: 83bf07

I think it's time to play meta. Try convincing him that we have them in a constant time loop that will only break once he reveals his weakness.
No. 935870 ID: 91ee5f

>Try combining the ink with the shiny thing.
>You could also try messing with that control panel, maybe it'll do something useful.
Might as well try both of these.

>Have you tried wearing the body armor yet?
I think he’s already wearing it under that jacket.

We better not. He might know a spell that’ll help him counter our 1 advantage over him, once he’s made aware of it.
No. 935875 ID: a9af05

I agree with what >>935870 said. Let's not tip him off, just in case he knows a spell to counter our time powers once he knows about them!
No. 935936 ID: b1b4f3

...I wonder if we can get a shot through with the trip gun once the PTD is attached. That might delay him long enough to get the holy bullet in.
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