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File 153851463109.png - (335.41KB , 1959x3921 , ns4-op_edit3.png )
904535 No. 904535 ID: 7fd053


Time to take a supersoldier into my enemy's stronghold and defeat his evilly wizardly ways!

:jozi2:"Grab my hand and hold on when we warp." Josie holds her hand out. I grab on.
:glinp2:"OK, but how come?"
:jozi2:"You'll see. You have to stay quiet, though."
:glinp2:"Mmm OK, ready." We warp to Zorgonok's Eeevil lair, but we get there totally silently and without any of the usual warping visuals! I look at her inquisitively.
:jozi2:"Perk for worshippers of The Manifold Shimmer. Stealth warps."
:glinp2:"Ooooh..." We're standing in front of the doors of Zorgonok's castle. Someone would see us if they looked straight down from the roof or out of a window on this side, but since we got here without the usual flashy and whooshy, I don't think anyone will!
:jozi2:"I'd like to do some quick recon. It should only take a few minutes at most, but you'd be on your own. If you busted in, that should keep attention away from me. Otherwise, we can bust in together and just wing it. Up to you. And hey."
:jozi2:"I'll keep you from dying as much as I can, but if you DO die, I'll retreat and call in an Unholy Eraser strike."
:glinp2:"What the FUCK you can DO that!?" She has that kind of firepower at her disposal??
:jozi2:"Yeah, but I'd rather you don't die, obviously. So, you think you can last for a couple minutes on your own? You'd know this guy better than I would."

Of course I can! But maybe I'd rather she just comes in and kicks ass right outta the gate?
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No. 911859 ID: 7fd053
File 154327925174.png - (64.04KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-23.png )

I give Josie the gun, and take the chalk and eraser! She puts the gun in a pocket.
Never seen the reverse time board game before. Looks complicated!
:jozi2:"Huh. Looks like fun."
:glinp2:"Yeah, maybe! But we gotta move on..."

Cash money! It is an awful big coin, for such a small Ketza...

No secret notes here. And over at the drawing area, it's way too smudged to see any previous drawings.
:jozi2:"Want to see a magic circle I can do?"
:glinp2:"You betcha!" I hand her a chalk rod and she draws a really complicated-looking one, really fast! "Damn, I've never seen someone draw one that perfect, except for robots! What does it do?"
:jozi2:"Yeah, well. Beep boop," she says, shrugging. "Step back, now." She scratches out part of it with her toe.
...A bunch of confetti comes out of the diagram.
:glinp2:"...That's what it does? For that whole magic circle??"
:jozi2:"Yeah! Isn't it great?"
:glinp2:"Pfffhahah, that's... Yeah, that's pretty good! Geez, why is it so..." I gesture to the spent and smudged configuration, with a meager amount of confetti on and around it. "complicated just for that?"
:jozi2:"You really want to know?" The way she's askin' makes me think maybe I don't, for some reason?
:glinp2:"Maybe... not?"
:jozi2:"Heheh..." She pockets the chalk, but I still have some too.

We go back into the hall. Axeface is still dead! "Oh, he didn't come back."
:jozi2:"Hah, he must be harder to replace! Cool." She flexes, and then grabs the bust. "Heh. The Earth in the zone my ancestors came from didn't even have this guy." She tosses the bust in the air and catches it with one hand as we walk. She's still dragging the robot's big gun along, too. It's scraping the ground noisily.
:glinp2:"I'm glad we don't have him here..."
:jozi2:"Yeah, it's nice here on Space Puke Island." She kicks open a door not far from the secret room. Oh, it's the lab! Also it was actually two doors in a row and we just broke their decontamination buffer room thing.
:drfungus:"AAAAAAHHHH!" Whoaaa, what even is this guy? A mutant Lizardfolk?? He's got one normal hand and one big spooky claw hand!
:jozi2:"That's our guy." Josie's a blur! She puts down the big gun and bust at super speed, flies over and grapples the scientist, and holds 'em against herself, facing out.
:glinp2:"Alright, mack! You better answer our questions or we're gonna rip ya a new one!" Josie holds his claw hand.
:jozi2:"Use this and I'll remove it."
:drfungus:"Yes, yes! I'm a thinker! Not a fighter!"

There's a whole buncha stuff goin' on in here! We got stuff bubblin', glowing orbs, tubes, a mess of floating shards in one corner, weird tools, weird samples in jars... I'm not disappointed by this lab!
What do I ask this dude?
No. 911860 ID: b1b4f3

>complicated confetti circle
It's probably that complicated to get around her antimagic. I mean, tozols aren't known for their magical ability. I'm surprised it's even possible for her to have activated the circle, where did the mana come from? Maybe... most of the circle is detailing where to get the mana, since it can't come from her?

>what to ask
First thing's first, ask where the lich's phylactery is. Second, ask what the lab's for.
No. 911866 ID: e7848c

Ask what he is
ask what he does
ask how do we achieve as much damage as we can to the lich's operations
Demand for any access keys or cards he may have
He got any sweet secrets he may know that would be worth his life?
No. 911871 ID: afdebc

Who are you?

Whatcha doing in this lab?

Where's your boss?

Where's your boss' soul-hidey-place?
No. 911880 ID: ff0763

They seem amenable enough that they might fully help you if they think you will take Zorg down, doesn't seem to be a fanatic and some sciency types don't care so much who they are doing science for.
He wouldn't be supposed know where the phylactery is but he might have some ideas on general area or possibly what it looks like.
And make sure to ask what the most sick science nicknack in the place is for a souvenir, bitches love sick science nicknacks!
No. 911885 ID: 0d72fd

Lets see if Glinp can pass the speech check and oust the scientist on their darkest secrets. Or have Josie intimidate him.

And by darkest secrets i mean wheres the biology research.
To understand death, much to the chargrin of the lich no doubt, you must understand life.
This fortress of gloom doesnt look well staffed with fellow softies, and their hand didnt get big from using it too much.
Wheres the devient reproductive research?
Did wandering thoughts lead the scienctist into modifying themselves down there as well?
Surely they can be coerced into sharing.

Also yeah important questions too uh phylactery, uh...
No. 911886 ID: a9af05

Threaten to eat him!
No. 911981 ID: 4dc321

Oh hey it's an indahl.

First, ask how to disable whatever Zorgonok's using to spy on the room.

Then ask the other stuff like what the lab's for and where the phylactery is.
No. 912030 ID: 4dc321

(also ask him if he's a robot)
No. 913032 ID: 7fd053
File 154398038979.png - (49.98KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-24.png )

:glinp2:"First things first! How do we make it so Zorgonok can't eavesdrop on us?"
Josie shoots out... four cameras!
:drfungus:"What a specimen! If you got the microphones, that should do it. Except that now his monitors can get in through the doors you destroyed! Not to mention all the contaminants you've let in..."
:jozi2:"Hm. I got the mics. If I let you go, will you be a good mad scientist who stands in one place and doesn't attack, or a dead one?"
:drfungus:"The former." Josie lets him go and jams the doors back into the frames. Kind of. Then she grabs him again. "Wh... hrm." His face has trouble decidin' whether to grin or frown, but settles on a frown.
:jozi2:"Didn't say I'd let go for long. We're not done with you yet."

That could be it... I didn't recognize all the stuff she put on it and I dunno how much is standard for can't-use-magic types. She did activate it by breaking part of it, so I think the order she drew the stuff in must've been important somehow.
:glinp2:"Where's Zorgonok's phylactery?"
:drfungus:"You think he'd tell me that? What kind of fool do you think he is?? Ghk!" Josie gives him a squeeze. "I DON'T KNOW! It's too important of a secret!"
:jozi2:"I think he's tellin' the truth... probably."
:glinp2:"Y'know what it looks like, or any hints?"
:drfungus:"...Come closer." I do. "I think it's a large object," he whispers. "And it probably doesn't look like anything special. That's all I have."
:jozi2:"Seems legit. Again, probably."
:glinp2:"Thanks pal!" I step back again. "So, what's the lab for?" He looks at me like I'm a idiot!
:drfungus:"We do research here! Research and production of new weapons and upgrades for our mighty soldiers! Mostly designed by ME."

:glinp2:"Uh huh, and what are you? And what's your name?"
:drfungus:"My name is Dr. Fungus! I'm a male Indahl, modified, improooved!" He squirms. "Not to Tozol levels, obviously, but I'll get there..."
:glinp2:"Are you a robot?"
:drfungus:"No! I have made many robotic designs; surely you've run into a few on your way here! But my own improvements are of organic and magical natures."
:glinp2:"Biological improvements you say..." My eyes wander up and around the room, and land between his legs.
:drfungus:"Hah, curious about that, are you? I could improve you as well, if that's -ggh!"
:glinp2:"Now now, let him finish!"
:jozi2:"C'mon, if you want mods, you don't need 'em from this guy."
:glinp2:"I know! but what'd you enhance yourself with, doc?"
:drfungus:"Firstly, I must call attention to my teeth!" He grins teethily. "I'm quite happy with them. Indahls don't normally have any!"
:drfungus:"As for the part you're so curious about... Restored prehensility, of course!"
:jozi2:"I thought that's what was goin' on there..."
:glinp2:"Aagh, this is just raising more questions! What's the best stuff in here that I can grab and take with me?"
:drfungus:"Errr... hmm. If you were to kill Zorgonok... I believe he would make the fortress self-destruct. Ah, we have some specimens that you ought to free! I'd hate to see them lost! They're in the menagerie, on the next floor up, and we have one in another part of the lab. As for smaller things, there are some rare samples in the supply room." He points the way with his head. "Anything you don't recognize is probably valuable. Now, as much as I'm enjoying your company, miss, would you please let me go?"

Maybe we should try usin' him as a hostage or something? Or we could let him go. Or whack 'im...
No. 913046 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what the lever does.
No. 913060 ID: afdebc

What kind of specimens? (Just cause they're things he would want to save doesn't mean they're not monsters we'd prefer to die in a self destruct).

What, no cool weapons? I thought you said you designed weapons here.

>Maybe we should try usin' him as a hostage or something?
Using hostages against evil necromancers is hard, since they don't usually care about the lives of their underlings.
No. 913077 ID: 62fa98

Pull the lever. Watch his reaction. Grill for any weapons and access keys
No. 913117 ID: 0d72fd

Hey, at least he seems devoted to his work. He probably wouldn't do anything {i}too{/i} harmful.
Hostage seems like a poor idea against a lich, but he could still be useful.I think his allegiance is tied more to his work than his boss; He designed all the useful stuff, ask him if there's anything we should be worried about.
And any {b}weak points{/b} therein. Or a meat shield for a trap.

I don't want to suggest too much and stay here, but the stuff in here is more intractable than moldy furniture. He said Weapons and Equipment development. If there is nothing that tickles your fancy, ask, or "ask" him to make you one. A new spear maybe?
Threaten his life and see if he can make a more sustainable sex attribute effect-er than the caster. It makes for good distraction material, a rechargeable one saves on moolah.

If you want to waste him, you have more spectacular options than asking Josie to take out the trash. See if there's anything dangerous to toss him in. its a Mad Scientists Lab! Moving Parts, Processing equipment like centrifuges and presses. There is a Jacobs Ladders and Strange Chemicals right there! If you can't find anythin, I'm sure you could ask him. He seems to feel pride in his work.
Throw him in that mod machine he used on himself and just start pressing stuff that looks cool even.
No. 913388 ID: 7fd053
File 154424386033.png - (68.73KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-25.png )

While we talk, I scope out the lab for dangerous things to toss someone in.

:glinp2:"What kinda specimens?"
:drfungus:"Living creatures pulled from other realms! Beasts with fascinating biologies, mostly harmless!"
:glinp2:"What about cool weapons? I thought you designed weapons here!"
:drfungus:"Weapons for our special fusion of robots and spirits! Like the one your Tozol friend dragged in with her. Not weapons meant to be wielded by mortals."
:jozi2:"Got any magic batteries?"
:drfungus:"Yes, in the supply room."
:jozi2:"Then I'm gonna wield it."
:drfungus:"Such beauty..."

I find an incomplete weapon-lookin' thing on an adjustable robo-arm.
:glinp2:"What's this?"
:drfungus:"It's a size-changing ray... not yet complete."
:glinp2:"What would happen if I fired it at something~?" He gulps.
:drfungus:"It would be very deadly..."

I point to the conspicuous lever.
:glinp2:"What's that lever do?"
:drfungus:"Pulling it down will shut off power to the lab and activate an alarm! Pulling it up doesn't do anything."
:glinp2:"K. Gimme yer access keys!" He sighs.
:drfungus:"My keycard is in my coat pocket..."

I get a keycard!

:glinp2:"How quickly can you make me a spear better than this one?" I show him my zappy extendo-spear.
:drfungus:"Errr... Not quickly enough, I don't think."
:glinp2:"Not even if your life was on the line?"
:drfungus:"My life is in jeopardy either way! Pretty soon they'll-"

>-bang, bang!-
:genericnpc:"They killed you yet, doc?"
He looks at me.

Do I have him try to call off whoever's out there, or do we lure 'em in here for a brawl, or what?
No. 913403 ID: 080aaf

Lure them in here! You've got a size changing ray to test out. Set it to Lorg, then tell them it's finished!
No. 913415 ID: 908948

Hey, no hitting on the Joz. This is kinda like a date for us. Rude, Doc.

Naturally we get them in here with Jozi getting their attention and then you pop out and zap them with the janked shrink ray.
No. 913418 ID: 757ccd

Use the shrink ray on them and see what it does.
No. 913432 ID: afdebc

>Do I have him try to call off whoever's out there, or do we lure 'em in here for a brawl, or what?
Have him lure them in!
No. 913519 ID: 7fc008

Another vote for raygun ambush.

Ask the Indahl for the coordinates on those creatures before someone else does him in. More info on the castle at least.
No. 913566 ID: 7fd053
File 154440581516.png - (74.41KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-26.png )

>Lure 'em in and use the ray!
I whisper to the doc real quick.
:drfungus:"Help! They're going to kill me because I won't talk!" he says as we position ourselves!
:genericnpc:"We're comin' for ya!" It's some robots! The ray takes a second to warm up, but I blast one!
That's definitely not correct for a size change ray! A spirit escapes the flayed and mutilated remains of the robot. There's two more, and I can't fire the ray again! One of 'em's like the one I encountered when I first came in, and the other's got a bunch of floating spiky parts, with some sort of ethereal connections. Josie grabs a floating spike arm and puts a giant crimp in it, which breaks the ethereal connection somehow, and leaps up and jabs it through the other robot's dome!
>-crshhh! THUD!-
:genericnpc:"Even if I don't stand a ghost of a chance -!" Josie impales its head with its other spike arm, and the magic holding it together vanishes as a spirit is released.
:drfungus:"What an amazing specimen!" He claps his hands. She puts him in a hold again. "Magnificent... Your Precursors were geniuses..."

:glinp2:"You're not hitting on 'er, are ya?"
:drfungus:"Hah! Not at all. I'm merely voicing my admiration. I recognize fine craftsmanship when I see it!" Sounds legitimate.

:glinp2:"How do we find the menagerie?"
:drfungus:"There's an elevator in the room past that decontamination chamber." He leans toward a door. "That room is where you'll find the intelligent specimen, too. The menagerie is in one of the rooms you'll see once you step out of the elevator, on the floor above."

But first we check out the supply room! Hoo boy, some of this stuff's illegal around here! There's sulphagne, "Friendium Paranoiathol" (whatever that is), Inspirational Ink, Dragon scales, newt eyes, frog toes, bat wool, dog tongue, Hamfuzz, Spellwater...

I take the sulphagne (makes you temporarily able to fire dematerialization beams from your eyes), Friendium Paranoiathol, Inspirational Ink, and Hamfuzz. There's not much of any of 'em left.
No. 913567 ID: 7fd053
File 154440584805.png - (62.37KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-26b.png )

:jozi2:"I guess I'd better break this decontamination chamber too." The doc huffs.
:drfungus:"You might as well... Just don't damage the specimen..."
:glinp2:"Do it!" Josie busts down the first door, then uses it to dislodge the second one.
:nsaki:"Hnn?!" There's a... some kind of fluffy person floating in a tank! Their limbs are restrained and they have an oxygen mask on. There's some machines hooked up next to the tank too.
:glinp2:"How do we free 'em?"
:drfungus:"You have to input the code!" The overhead lights turn off and are replaced by red ones!
:genericnpc:"Lockdown initiated." The triangular keypad attached to the tank changes to the same color scheme as the hallway puzzle.
:drfungus:"Ah. Now you'll have to solve a puzzle on the keypad instead." Luckily there's a button to help with that! Beep!
:genericnpc:"Starting at the bottom triangle, create a path which does not pass over any space twice, and ends on one of the corners. Each space must share a side with the previous one; only sharing a corner does not count. For exactly two colors, your path must go over every space containing them. It can be any two colors, and the starting triangle does not count."

Oh boy! I might as well give it a try, right?
No. 913590 ID: 055cbc
File 154442817489.png - (93.23KB , 1024x1024 , spirals.png )

I think this is valid. That was more complicated than it sounded.
No. 913591 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, you cleared blue and pink. I don't see any other color picks that work. Green is obviously impossible due to it being present in two corners, and you can't pair up blue and yellow due to them being on opposite sides at the start. So it's either blue and pink or pink and yellow. Pink and yellow is impossible since you're forced to go up-right to the edge of the board and then around to the left, surrounding a yellow triangle on two sides which makes it impossible to return to.
No. 913595 ID: 4dc321

Seems compliant to me, anyway. Nice work.
No. 913660 ID: 7fd053
File 154449778137.png - (58.28KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-27.png )

Oh yeah, and I grabbed a magic battery too but I gave it to Josie.

Josie shoots out some more cameras.
:drfungus:"There will be more coming! If you don't stop suppressing me so I can escape, they'll see you haven't killed me, and they'll be wondering..."
:glinp2:"In a minute, doc!"
:jozi2:"Yeah, chill bruh."

Beep boop bop! This works!
>-Cloonk! shhggwgwggwopop!-b
The restraints come undone, the fluid drains out, and the glass slides down. The prisoner falls forward, and the mask comes off and swings around and almost hits me in the face! I catch the big fluffy fella.
:glinp2:"Easy there!" Smells like wet dog! And they've got fangs... Maybe some kind of otherworldly Dogfolk?
:nsaki:"Arigatou... gozaimasu..." OK, and they know an Earth language.
:glinp2:"Uhhh uhhh, you're welcome!" They seem kinda out of it!
:nsaki:"Ah, English... Are you rescuers?" Two Earth languages!
:glinp2:"I guess! We came to kill the bossman around here, and I didn't wanna leave you in there!"
:nsaki:"I see..." They stand on their own but they're still shaky, so I stop supportin' 'em but I stay handy.

They don't look hurt, at least not now. So I guess I got some questions for this guy and the doc! Probably only time for a few before reinforcements come.
What are my questions, and are we gonna sit here or try to get to another spot?
No. 913689 ID: 83bf07

What are you and do you know how to escape from here?
No. 913701 ID: 91ee5f

What is your name? What is your species and gender? How did you get captured?
No. 913704 ID: a9af05

No. 913719 ID: d68939

Holy wow, what a hottie.

Any question is a valid question right now.
No. 913721 ID: b1b4f3

We can just lead them out, you know. However...
Ask if they can fight, and if they want to help you kill the bad guy.
No. 913754 ID: 4dc321

Oh dang

Take five and help them recover. Got any food or drink for 'em?

Ask their name and how they ended up here, and if they want to help beat up Zorgonok.

Oh, and if they know any other prisoners we gotta rescue. (The fortress is going to blow up when we kill the boss, so we'd better be careful with our order of operations)
No. 913861 ID: 7fd053
File 154466603641.png - (41.35KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-28.png )

"My name is Aki."
:glinp2:"I'm Glinp!"
:jozi2:"Josie." Aki straightens, and goes and grabs the blue orb in the device next to the tank.
:nsaki:"And I know you," they say, looking at the doc. "I am... not sure how I feel about the experiments."
:drfungus:"I tried to make it painless! There's no sense in causing undue pain on your test subjects, I always say!"
:nsaki:"I appreciate that... That is why I'm not sure if I hate you."
:glinp2:"Can you fight, and do you wanna help us take out his boss?" Aki holds out an arm with a pointing finger, and summons a few glowing floating shards of some kind, which launch themselves into a wall and then vanish after a moment.
:nsaki:"Yes, to both. However... I need a safe place to keep this." They look down at the orb cradled in their hands.
:glinp2:"Hey doc, you got a spare inventory around here?"
:drfungus:"There should be some inventory belts in the minions' quarters! They're down the hall from the lab."
:nsaki:"That will make this inaccessible?"
:glinp2:"Yeah! Unless someone takes the belt. Then they can access whatever's stored."
:nsaki:"Very well."
:glinp2:"K let's go thataway." We make our way back out of the lab. I offer Aki my protein bar and pork chop, and they wolf 'em down, and look pretty rejuvenated!
:nsaki:"Thank you very much! I should be in much better condition now."
:glinp2:"You're welcome! So what uh, what species and gender are you?"
:nsaki:"I'm a Renamon. Like many of my kind, I am genderless. You may use 'they' pronouns to refer to me." That prob'ly explains the SFW nudity! I ain't never heard of a Renamon, but I bet that'll be on account of the 'pulled from other realms' bit the doc mentioned!
:glinp2:"Know any other prisoners we should rescue?" They shake their head.
:nsaki:"I know very little of this place."
:drfungus:"I don't believe we have any prisoners at this time. Now, are you planning to use me as a meat shield?"
Josie shoots... something!
:glinp2:"I dunno maybe..." Oh it was a turret! And there's another puzzle lock, to get into the minions' quarters! I headbutt the info button.

:genericnpc:"Use your finger to trace a path from the beginning of the maze to the end." Really? It's a big maze, but that's it...?
No. 913862 ID: b1b4f3

The real problem here is you're too short to reach the whole maze. Josie's gonna have to give you a boost. The solution is very simple otherwise, there are barely any dead ends.
I wonder if you can just drag your finger along the outside wall? Beginning to end.
No. 913872 ID: 4dc321
File 154467228991.png - (56.57KB , 1024x1024 , asjklgajklsgjklas.png )

There is no fucking way the guards have do this every time they have to unlock their room. This has got to be a trap.

Luckily, Glinp is immune to traps, so if it blows your arm off just revert.
No. 913931 ID: bb0e67

Specifying stick your finger in it does sound a bit suspect. On the one hand, it's the obvious method. But on the other, it's obvious, so why specify unless your finger removal electrocution trap depends on it. Use a stick or something maybe.
No. 913932 ID: 864e49

>Like many of my kind, I am genderless.
I see what you're doing there.

Also what you're doing is taking all the fun out of it.
No. 913961 ID: 7fd053
File 154475578444.png - (77.05KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-29.png )

Genderless folks can be plenty fun!

Josie puts doc under her foot and gives me a boost. I try CHEATING by goin' around the maze instead of through, but it doesn't work. Using my spear seems to work in place of my finger, though. The 'floor' of the maze gets a glowing trail that follows it. But then Zorgonok's voice comes over the speaker system.
:zorgonok:"Attention all combat personnel! The intruders are at the door to the minions' quarters on the ground level. Destroy them!"
:jozi2:"You might need to be quicker, li'l buddy."
:glinp2:"I'm tryin'!" I can only do this so fast!
:genericnpc:"There's nowhere to run!" Oh no they're here already! Josie pulls me away.
:jozi2:"Not enough time. Stakes too high. Need all hands." She turns the big gun she's been dragging around on the enemies. Oh there are a few of them!
:genericnpc:"gzjhbzkl!" "Gweeeh!" "Bzbzbz" etc.!
:jozi2:"Heheheheh! No recoil! You made this one, doc?"
:drfungus:"Ngh, yes, it's my own design, modified from a superc-"
:jozi2:"Nice, love gun chat but I need info. Describe enemies."
:drfungus:"Mostly bound spirits, some demonic! A few regular demons and spectres. They shouldn't pose a threat to you, even the top ones."
:jozi2:"How many- aw dammit." She yanks me away to dodge a missile that takes out Aki and doc-y!

No. 913964 ID: becba8

Obviously rewind.
If the solution is simple but implementing it takes too long focus on the enemies. Rearrange the furniture to create obstacles for the robots and to reach the puzzle without needing someone else help.
I'm not sure if Glimp have to be the one solving the puzzle. If that is the case he must do so after the robots got destroyed, presumable giving us more time before the next wave. If not put Dr. Fungus to solve it and Aki to watch him while Glimp and Jozi kill the robots.

>Genderless folks can be plenty fun!
Are you talking about anal?

Do we have to use "they"? I hate to use plural for singular.
No. 913965 ID: 4dc321

Tell Josie to shoot down the missile this time :^)

Better idea: Ignore the puzzle and punch down the door. (Then find a defensible chokepoint to deal with the guards)
No. 913967 ID: b1b4f3

The door puzzle broadcasted your location. Either don't do it at all, or set up a trap to handle all the enemies that swarm at you.

I think we should try to get through the door at least once though... Is there a way to bypass it?
No. 913969 ID: 91ee5f

Rewind and say that this seems too easy and you think there might be some kinda trap that activates if you try to solve it.

Or you can tell Josie the solution and she can probably put it in faster than you. Which would mean that you guys can get into the room and close the door before those guards show up and start shooting at you!
No. 913972 ID: b1b4f3

Wait a minute what if the door only sends an alert if it doesn't recognize the finger? Or it activates a camera? Have the doc do it while the rest of you stand a distance away.
No. 913977 ID: 83bf07

Revert to seeing the puzzle. Tell the others to barricade and prepare for battle. Say it will take you time to solve the puzzle and you have the feeling you're overdue for a a big attack.
No. 914022 ID: 7fd053
File 154483402516.png - (35.93KB , 1024x1024 , ns4-30.png )

I was just thinking in general!
'They' doubles as a singular and a plural. It's weird, but languages just kinda do stuff like that!

I think if she coulda done it, she woulda.
Yeah! Punch my problems away!


:genericnpc:"Use your finger to trace a path from the beginning of the maze to the end."
:glinp2:"Just one finger? How about a couple more!"
Josie follows up my door knock-down with another camera disable.
"Puzzle solved." If it WAS a trap, this is probably the best way to get around it.
:drfungus:"Oh! How interesting..." Aki doesn't seem fazed.
:glinp2:"Looked like a trap to me!" I walk in. "Are these the belts?" There's one room on the opposite wall to where we came in, and one to the right.
:drfungus:"Yes, any of those will do." They're probably near the door for easy grabbin' on the way out. I hand one to Aki.
:glinp2:"Just wear this and put whatever you want inside!" They put it on and tighten it and put the blue thing inside.
:nsaki:"This seems perfect! Thank you." Their posture becomes more confident.
:jozi2:"We've got company."
:drfungus:"Oh, that's probably just the mothbot. Just a harmless servant, not worth your time!"
:drfungus:"Oh yes!"
:jozi2:"How about you call 'em out here, then?"
:drfungus:"Oh, Mothbot! Come out and say hello!" A robot shyly steps out from behind a corner.
:liaua:"Greetings, Doctor Fungus." Gosh it's kinda cute!
:drfungus:"Won't you show these fine people how harmless you are?"
:liaua:"Absolutely." The bot steps closer. Josie tightens her grip on the doc.
:drfungus:"Hk! Relax, my d-dear Tozol!" He struggles.
:liaua:"Please, do not harm the Indahl! What can I do for you?"
:glinp2:"You got any uhhhh... maps?"
:liaua:"I'm sorry, I don't!" Oh here's Zorgy on the speakers again!
:zorgonok:"Attention all combat personnel! The intruders are at the door to the minions' quarters on the ground level. Destroy them!"

HMM! Maybe the maze wasn't the trap after all? What are we gonna do about this situation...
No. 914023 ID: b1b4f3

Take cover inside the room, maybe the tactical advantage will let you win without losses.
No. 914024 ID: c688ce

What an unsightly trash golem, I hope something extraordinarily violent happens to it >>914022
No. 914031 ID: 86eb65

Well go back and do the maze!

Repeat your fun interactions with the moth lady and continue on alarm free.
No. 914034 ID: b1b4f3

When we tried to do the maze the alarm interrupted us.

It's possible the doc has something to do with this, like something in his pocket he was able to activate without being noticed. Have we searched him yet? Why are we dragging him along in the first place?
No. 914039 ID: becba8

Attack Mothbot to see if it's really harmless. If you can destroy it easily rewind, otherwise the good doctor have some explaining to do.
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