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File 154043069125.png - (205.43KB , 1039x709 , Title Card.png )
908163 No. 908163 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 913219 ID: 91ee5f

I agree.

No more attempting to talk, no more attempting to stop the giant vehicle from going over the cliff. It’s time to bail before we get ourselves killed!
No. 913220 ID: 2202fb

Shackle seemed to care about the vehicle though, just like how troy cares about his truck.

As for troy trying to stop the vehicle, i doubt the thought even crossed his mind. He currently has no agenda regarding this situation other than just escape and survive. We should at least ask, and if that doesnt work, offer to pay him extra.

We could try to caesura a drag chute. Vol could try to ditch the bike (for now) and get into the driver's compartment.
No. 913221 ID: 91ee5f

Stop trying to save the doomed vehicle. It’s not going to happen no matter how much you want it to.
No. 913222 ID: 2202fb

We still have good 10-20 seconds before we are fucked.

If we could get some chains caught on a wheel, it should blow the transmission. At that point it is a simple matter of making a caesura wall for the thing to coast into.
No. 913223 ID: 2202fb

You say that but my suggestions are still worth trying. Let Heretic (glory be thy name) decide on whether to let it live or die.
No. 913224 ID: a451fc
File 154407468564.png - (153.91KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 9.png )

You slip one of your arms out of the chains to grab for a Gnawbur scroll and release it onto Shackle. You see the small demons swarm Shackle's chains and on biting down are immediately deterred. It seems that since Shackles abilities are granted from an angelic source demons are not effective in breaking or eating his chains. You quickly retrieve the Gnawburs before they escape off of the car.
No. 913225 ID: a451fc
File 154407469243.png - (320.92KB , 1039x709 , Shackled 10.png )

>Con Legno Cannon
Vol warns that not only is this ability extremely inaccurate at long ranges, but also that your shield would have an easier time surviving a fall than a strong magic blast like the Cog Legno Cannon.

>Shoot him
>Caesura Spike
You take your free hand again and grab your shotgun firing the shots straight at Shackle's face, but his head breaks open into chains allowing most of the pellets to either pass through or bounce of of the chains without harming him. You now only have one Silver Slug left to load, and you aren't sure you can load your gun while chained like this.

You see Troy's truck turn back around and head for the Chucklehead, now driving alone as the rest of the convoy had been dealt with. Troy and Vol's voice comes through your ear piece.

VOL: Roland I got an idea to get ya outta a there! We're pullin' back round to get ya!
TROY: We have to kill Shackle first!
VOL: Wat? Savin' Roland should be more important! Dat fall'll kill the bastard anyway!
TROY: I seen 'em survive worse things! He'll be on our asses if we don't! Rol just cut his chains off with your shield!
YOU: W-what? How?
TROY: I don't know! Just try something!
VOL: Dat's ridiculous! Roland jus' barrier yourself so I can get ya outta there!
No. 913227 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah probably not worth using the silver slug against him since it's anti-demon not anti-saint/human. Man we have got to get more shotgun ammo.

Okay, make a buzzsaw with your Caesura to cut chains with. You can make sharp edges and you can move Caesura. Should be simple application of both at once. Alternatively, you could try a pinch cut, by making a sharp hollow shape around the chains then shrinking it.
No. 913229 ID: 2202fb

Doesnt need to be that complex, just make a caesura bar in between some links and expand. It should rip open the link and thus free you from the chain.

Alternatively, since the chains are also a power and thus not actually physical, we may be able to "will" the caesura through them like what troy seems to be hinting at. Try forming a caesura sphere around Shackle, but pretend the chains arent there. Close your eyes if you have to.

Tell troy to keep this thing from careening off the cliff. In addition to the thing itself, there may still be living crew members that we could interrogate.
No. 913230 ID: 2202fb

Also, since troy isnt being chased, he can safely ditch the truck. Tell him to doors into the driver's seat.
No. 913232 ID: d3602f

I'm all for demonic bolt cutters.
No. 913235 ID: 91ee5f

Put him in a Caesura and shrink it as small as possible as quickly as you can to crush him! Make sure the barrier is as thick as you can make it so that he can’t break out!

Or if that’s too much, put his head in the Caesura and shrink it as small as possible as quickly as you can to crush his head! Again, make sure the barrier is as thick as you can make it so that he can’t break out!

He already said that he’s not ditching his truck! What part of that do you not understand?
No. 913238 ID: 91ee5f

Or you can make a new type of Caesura Sharp! Instead of a giant fist, make a giant sword! And remember to make the barrier really thick, so that it can’t be broken when you attack with it!

Just make sure you create it behind him, out of his line of sight! That way he won’t have time to turn himself into chains before you cut off his fucking head!
No. 913244 ID: 2202fb

This is different. We arent dooming the truck we are getting out of it and moving to a different vehicle with the intention of returning to the truck once the current crisis is averted. He didnt want to lose his truck, and since it is no longer threatened, he should be willing to doors over to the Clusterfuck and stop and/or drive it to safety.
No. 913247 ID: 91ee5f

No, it’s not different. He’s not going to leave his truck, no matter how much you try and get him to.

He’s also too far away to use his ability and by the time he gets close enough to be in range, the Chucklehead will already be falling off the cliff.

We can’t save it, so stop trying already.
No. 913249 ID: 2202fb

you seem to be getting a bit worked up.
No. 913251 ID: 2202fb

As i said, i gave my suggestions. It is up to heretic on whether they pan out.

I think they are reasonable and worth trying, but i am not the one holding the reins.

Just to clarify the truck thing: troy isnt glued to it. He could easily doors to the CH and then doors back to his truck.
No. 913253 ID: 91ee5f

Because I already told you that Troy’s ability has a range and he’s not close enough to Doors over to the Chucklehead. By the time he does get close enough, the Chucklehead will be close enough to the cliff that even if he did turn the wheel, that wouldn’t stop it from falling off the cliff.

You’re just so obsessed with trying to save the Chucklehead, that you don’t want to admit that it can’t be saved.
No. 913269 ID: e1d580

It’s usually not worth paying attention to 91ee5f tbh, just let them do their own thing and don’t let that affect your posting
No. 913272 ID: 575ec0

Make a full body, form-fitting Ceasara, then make it THICC.

You'll tumble around in a normal barrier, but a form-fitting one would better distribute the force of impact across your body.

Last thing you want to do in get KO'd by a tumble with this guy still around.

91ee5f has always come across to me as one of those people who stands back and lets 3 of his friends gank you only to point down at the end.
Or as one of those people who Like/Upvote their own posts.
Or as a Yasuo main.
No. 913273 ID: 20486a

AW you beat me to the punch! It's a long shot but go with this idea!
No. 913286 ID: a451fc
File 154414059393.png - (736.66KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 11-12.png )

>Have Troy use the Doors into the Chucklehead
Troy is not close enough to do that! and if he was he definitely wouldn't have time to stop the Chucklehead at the speed it's going!

>Cut the Chains
Instead of trying to escape right away you decide to stay and attempt to cut Shackles chains with your Caesura. Before you can do anything however you can feel the Chucklehead drop and begin to fall over the edge of the cliff. Even while falling Shackle doesn't loosen his grip, his chains begin to constrict you tighter and tighter around your chest and throat strangling you. To keep himself from falling Shackle extends chains from his lower half ad grabs the cliff to keep himself from falling.

The Chucklehead crashes into the canyon, You can smell a mixture of lucy and gasoline leaking from it's burning wreckage. It's going to blow.
No. 913287 ID: a451fc
File 154414059862.png - (521.71KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 13-14.png )

Now that both you and Shackle are stationary enough you place a Caesura over the chains connecting him to the cliff and begin to close it as hard as you can.

SHACKLE: Runt's like you and Troy ought to know you place! Channing's got big plans goin' on and with rat's like you cloggin' the gears ain't nothin' gonna get done! Your gettin' in the way a' greatness you idiots!

You squeeze the Caesura tighter and tighter, doing your best to focus on the openings created by the intersecting chains. The smoke from the fire below begins to fill your throat. Finally you sharpen the edges of the opening like blades and squeeze the barrier tight a final time cutting the chains, and sending you both falling.
No. 913288 ID: a451fc
File 154414060427.png - (840.47KB , 1039x1417 , Shackled 15-16.png )

You cut the chains from Shackles arms as you fall also to free yourself. His arms and legs return to bloody nubs. As you fall you barrier yourself in a thick Caesura to survive the blast from the wreckage.


The Chucklehead wreckage finally explodes, your Caesura protects you and you're propelled out of the canyon. Shackle isn't as lucky with the damage sustained to his body, it looks like he's too fatigued to turn himself into chains anymore. He's enveloped by the explosion.

You land on the edge of the canyon, you see Troy's truck close by. Both Troy and Vol look at you relieved.

VOL: Is dat it?
TROY: I take it Shackles on the highway to hell now huh?
No. 913289 ID: eeb7d9

>VOL: Is dat it?
Do a flip and say "Tada~!"

>TROY: I take it Shackles on the highway to hell now huh?

Troy, did you hear something like moans in the ear piece? This is very important!
No. 913290 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like it. Don't let down your guard though. Time to back away from the edge.
No. 913291 ID: 575ec0

No time to rest now. What about the rest of the caravan?
No. 913292 ID: 91ee5f

>Is dat it?
“I hope so!”

>I take it Shackles on the highway to hell now huh?
“That depends, does him being a Saint and having an angel in his body change anything? Because if it doesn’t, then yeah, he’s going straight to hell.”

Get back on the Arges and ask Troy and Vol if they want to go back and look through the wreckage of the other vehicles for anything good? We might find something useful and/or good enough to sell!

Troy already took care of them.
No. 913293 ID: 235ba5

People don't survive the ol' anime "dust with speedlines" death very often.
No. 913296 ID: 575ec0

Go see if his kick-ass helmet fell off the chucklehead when he chained you while you were holding it.
It's too gaudy rad too just let burn up!
No. 913297 ID: 10c408

Take a moment to mourn the loss of the Chucklehead, we could have done sooo much damage with it in our possession.
No. 913317 ID: eeb7d9

There must still be some useful junk in the cars you blew up earlier. Go check that out.
No. 913318 ID: d3602f

We could probably give a lot of the stuff to Ada for free to help with our debt.

Also, maybe buy some chains from her. And rope. And a book from Hazel on how to tie knots.
No. 913321 ID: 91ee5f

>We could probably give a lot of the stuff to Ada for free to help with our debt.
Yeah, let’s do that!

Maybe we’ll get lucky and find some really good stuff that can be used in her robot?
No. 913322 ID: 2202fb

Well fuck. The thing looked tough though, so we may be able to salvage parts of it; i mean, you are already down here. There are two possible explosions that could have happened. The engine could have gone up or the ammo could have cooked off (or both). Parts to look at are the wheels, engine, radio, gauges, optics, storage, turret, and the howitzer in the turret. I would be very surprised if the howitzer was totalled after all of that (ofc, the barrel could be fucked and the ammo may not have survived, but it should be worth money at the very least)

Have troy and vol round up any operable vehicles that we may have flipped, killed their driver, or otherwise neutralized along with all the gear they can fit in them. Once they take inventory and you figure out how much of the crispyhead is left, we can see what is left out and see if we cant tow some of the vehicles to use as wagons to transport more loot.

See if they can find any chain to haul any Chuckleparts (if the carcass isnt worth claiming and fixing up as a side project) up along with yourself.


First off however, finish off shackle. It is kinda cruel to leave him like this so lets make it quick. Caesura around him and ask troy if he has any parting words to say and then caesura shackle's head off.

Remember to try the scroll thing though. For science!
No. 913323 ID: 2202fb

I know i am a bit obsessed with getting the chucklehead and it may be too far gone, but my inner mechanic is really geeking out on the idea of hauling whats left back and slowly fixing it up. Rebel factions claim and fix up burned out tanks all the time so it isnt unreasonable (ofc, it would take a while depending on the damage). Plus, we have an omnitechnician as a possible romantic interest!
No. 913324 ID: 2202fb

Most didnt blow up. Quite a few were simply neutralized, although a few did explode (i want to say three) and one was eaten.

Lets just hoard the stuff for now and take inventory. We could then decide on what we want to keep and what we should sell.
No. 913325 ID: 2202fb

Highly doubtful, but we should have enough gear now to safely mount an expedition to get those kinds of high-tech machinery. So while we probably wont find anything, we could still easily get it for her.
No. 913326 ID: 91ee5f

>finish off shackle.
He’s already dead. There’s nothing left of him to finish off.

>Remember to try the scroll thing though. For science!
Shackle’s angel is also already dead. It’s too late to try that.
No. 913328 ID: 91ee5f

We should also ask Troy if he’s got any idea what Shackle was talking about? Something about Channing having big plans and saying that we’re ruining everything?
No. 913333 ID: 2202fb


Holy shit, i misread that.

Firstly, lets speculate on what kind of warhead they could have possibly been carrying that has that kind of destructive potential.
Then ponder how low your karma must be after an explosion just saved you from falling off a cliff. Lastly, start herding vehicles and vehicle carcasses. Most of them should be intact enough to run still, and all but a few of the rest should still be able to get pulled along.

Also, on the subject of karma, check for snipers. That glimmer you saw when this all started could still be out there watching. Dont leave the stuff, just be careful. It would be suicide for one or two guys with a sniper rifle to try and take you guys out.
No. 913334 ID: 2202fb

Btw, since troy was with these guys for a while, he might know where the chucklehead came from. Lets ask him if he knows where we could claim a tank (abandoned bases, bunkers, forts, etc.).
No. 913335 ID: 2202fb

This lull might also be a good time to try and set up fortifications around the house (razor wire, walls, hedgehogs, actual dragons teeth, etc.) since Channing probably wont stop here.
No. 913336 ID: d3602f

The tank was full of explosives, and apparently it also had Lucy inside of it. If a gallon can power a convoy for a year, well, I'm not surprised it would have such massive kick.

If Troy found any working tanks, I'm sure they've been taken already. Almost no one would just leave a perfectly good tank to gather dust, even if they didn't want to personally drive it they could probably make a ton if they found a buyer.
No. 913337 ID: 91ee5f

>If a gallon can power a convoy for a year, well, I'm not surprised it would have such massive kick.
This just shows us how dangerous Lucifer Water is when it’s set on fire!
No. 913338 ID: 2202fb

Unless said place was virtually untouched due to its being infested with deadly demons. ;D
No. 913366 ID: a451fc
File 154423463212.png - (199.48KB , 1039x709 , Broken Chains 1.png )

YOU: Looks like it.
TROY: Good, It looks like Channing's startin' to drop the idea of takin' me back alive...This is goin' south fast!

Troy wanders over to the wreck of a nearby car.

TROY: 'least this extra scrap'll be useful though!
YOU: Shame about the Chucklehead though...part of me really wanted to keep it. Do you know where they got it from?
TROY: Probably from some bunker or another gang? I'm not sure. Sure it'd be swell to keep the thing but let's be glad with what we got! Our lives, and tons of spare parts! Now let's go collect what we can!

You get to driving back down the trail the fight took place and start collecting whatever car parts are salvageable along with siphoning gas, collecting weaponry and ammo and whatever else is useful...
No. 913367 ID: a451fc
File 154423463541.png - (251.91KB , 1039x709 , Broken Chains 2.png )

After some searching your group manages to scrounge up a sizable amount of salvage. You're glad you've got Troy's truck or else you wouldn't be able to get any of it. Though even with the truck there's a little you have to leave behind, you make sure you collect the most important parts to make the most of it.

Apart from the car parts you also pick up a few weapons and some ammo. Though most of them are completely broken and the ones that aren't are extremely low grade their parts might be useful so you take them, as for the ammunition you can't use a lot of it, but it's good to have. What you can use for your shotgun you only find 6 Buckshots. Troy finds a bandoleer of grenades he's very happy to have. A lot of the car's also have packages of personal supplies, MRE's, mixtapes, little trinkets here and there.

Once you're done gathering everything you head for home. You're really fucking tired.
No. 913368 ID: a451fc
File 154423463908.png - (95.90KB , 1039x709 , Reagan 1.png )

After a long drive made longer by a heavy load you reach your house, When you park your skipper and head for the front door you see what you think is a dead bird on your porch, but realize it's Reagan who's managed to find a bottle of beer somewhere. His head turns towards you lazily.

REAGAN: Hey! Took you fuckin' flesh sacks long enough...What'd ya get lost on the way to ya own home or somethin'?

You've never seen a drunk bird before...
No. 913369 ID: b1b4f3

Nah, got attacked on the way home. Killed them all and took their stuff. How's that body working out?

Tomorrow let's bring him to Hazel with Vol again, and stop by Ada to clear up some of our debt.
No. 913374 ID: 91ee5f

>you park your skipper
Wow, you must be tired if you forgot the name of your vehicle is the Arges.

>Hey! Took you fuckin' flesh sacks long enough...What'd ya get lost on the way to ya own home or somethin'?
“No, we didn’t get lost. We actually would’ve been here sooner if we didn’t get attacked by an entire convoy of raiders. Which wouldn’t have been that difficult to deal with, but because their leader was a Saint and he had a fucking tank, it took us a while to kill them all.”

>You've never seen a drunk bird before...
Let’s just hope he doesn’t drink and fly, otherwise he’s going to be flying head first into the windows of your house and either knock himself out or, if he hits the window hard enough, kill himself.
No. 913376 ID: eeb7d9

Nothing much, we almost die again, but we made it out fine and with a bonus. You seem to have experimented with your new body more that you should.
Gonna be able to read high demonic while being drunk or should we let you rest? We can go out and sell things while you rest a little.
No. 913384 ID: 2202fb

Carefully unload the bullets (gunpowder shouldnt be too dangerous, but it can easily ignite if you arent careful. ofc if these clowns were using black powder or hell knows what propellant, it could get a bit more dicey). Gunpowder and primers are necessities. Once we cart off the stuff we are going to sell, lets try to get a loading bench.

What guns do we have, what attachments do they have, what calibers are they, and what bullets do we have?

Anyway, lets start planning our next move. We should start fortifying the homestead first so we dont get caught with our pants down. Next, we should plan out more extensive, long term blueprints on turning this place into a fortress or bunker. Then we should see if we can get any old maps of the area that may show where there were military and/or research installations around here. Lastly, lets make a shopping list of stuff we need (like kevlar).

Do you think Ada could make you a cybernetic eye?
No. 913387 ID: becba8

Reagan, man, you missed quite a party....
I didn't remember to take anything for you, but you probable can eat a lot of eyeballs if you get there before any other crow.
No. 913410 ID: a9af05

It's the Arges.

>Reagan is drunk
I'd say it's because of his tiny body. He probably got drunk after the first few sips.

Anyways, tell him that you were delayed because you were attacked.

>Cybernetic eye
That's only for if he's missing an eye, which he isn't. It still works, just barely.
No. 913413 ID: 575ec0

Did we remember to drag back a corpse for Reagan? Or does he eat meat that isn't human.
I mean, if we forgot he's drunk I suppose. We can go grab one right quick.
No. 913417 ID: a9af05

>Debt with Ada
Oh, yeah, that reminds me.

Roland, whatever you do, don't think of Ada offering an alternate way to pay off your debt and asking you to come with her to her bedroom where she ties you up with her webs on her bed!

No, what are you doing?! I said don't think about it! .....you're still thinking about it!

Uh oh, too late. Now you've got a boner from thinking about it too much! Quick, hide your boner before someone notices and they accidentally think that you're attracted to the demon possessed bird!

>Food for Reagan
We don't need to worry about that. Earlier he said he was going to go look for something to eat before coming to our house.
No. 913431 ID: 91ee5f

>do think of Ada.....
>I said keep thinking about it!
Fixed that for you.

Also fuck you for making me laugh so hard my drink shot out my nose. That hurt!
No. 913433 ID: 7aa6d2

Bird livers are very small. Drink in moderation.
No. 913443 ID: 10c408

Pretty sure that Reagan will just find a new bird to possess if he causes this one to die of alcohol poisoning.
No. 913447 ID: eeb7d9

You guys are so evil. Then again, i was the one that proposed.
No. 913451 ID: 2202fb

>has eye
>is shitty

So we replace it.


There's that bdsm thing coming up again (seriously, you really need to do some introspection).
No. 913469 ID: a451fc
File 154432037258.gif - (82.46KB , 1039x709 , NO!.gif )

NO! You know what? You're done with this bullshit! That was the worst way to have some form of sexual awakening and you'd rather stop thinking about it RIGHT NOW! In fact? This seems like a good enough thought to get repressed. You're going to repress this and deal with it later!...THERE! It's repressed and it's going to take some miracle for it to become un-repressed any time soon, you're not going to think about chains, or ropes, or webs, or any other material used to constrict or bind! That's that let's move on!
No. 913470 ID: a451fc
File 154432037752.png - (304.06KB , 1039x709 , Living Room.png )

>It's the Arges.
You've been getting shot at a lot today okay? You're brains a bit frazzled.

>Carefully unload the bullets. Gunpowder and primers are necessities.
You delegate this task to Troy, he seem's more knowledgeable with guns than you are.

YOU: We got caught up in some trouble on the way home is all, nothing too big...how's being a bird going?
REAGAN: Sucks! But it's better than nothing I guess. *hic* Well...I was gonna do that stuff with the demon runes and all that...but I'm real drunk right now. I probably could still do it if you want me to though, as favor from a higher being or somethin' *hic*

You step over Reagan and enter your home, now that you're back in the safety of your own house what do you want to do? You've got demons you can study, A book you can try to decode in more detail, Spells to try out, and lots of new parts that you can use to tinker with the Arges.
No. 913471 ID: b1b4f3

Study your new demons, wait for a sober Reagan to translate the book.
No. 913476 ID: eeb7d9

I second this.

Oh, you are no fun, you party pooper.
No. 913477 ID: 91ee5f

You’re no fun. Also repressing things like that can’t be good for your health if you do it for too long.

>Being a bird sucks
Wait, can’t he mutate the body to make it more suitable for him? I thought possessing something let’s him do that, which is why we wanted to get him outta Lori’s body before he could do that to her.

But if he wants a new body, he just has to ask and we’ll help him find a different body.

.....hey, while he’s drunk we can probably get some info about him now. Like how many eyes he’s got or something like that?

Yeah, good idea.
No. 913478 ID: 91ee5f

Also, you worked your ass off with the training you did with Flint earlier. Now it’s Vol’s turn to work his tail off doing some blood training!
No. 913479 ID: 2202fb

You could also go back to the wreckage and try to get some of the stuff you had to leave before.


Lets see what we have to work with.
(Heretic, could we get a list of guns, list of bullets, list of parts, and list of misc loot plz?)

Firstly, make sure all of your alcohol is secured.

Then lets chat with the bird about demon shit (dont actually have them decrypt anything while wasted though). If you have any ammo belts that need loaded, that is a pretty mind-numbing task you could work on while you do it.
No. 913480 ID: 2202fb

Actually, rather than a list of just that, lets just do a general
>check inventory
No. 913481 ID: 341a80

First things first, give 5 minutes of care to Herby's, plant gotta grow strong.
No. 913486 ID: 575ec0

OOh. you should Dissect one of them Biters.
Not the chill one tho.
No. 913514 ID: 29364e

Take care of herby, and herby will take care of you.
No. 913603 ID: a9af05

Whatever you choose to do, have Vol do some training so he can get better with his blood magic.
No. 913705 ID: 2202fb

also have him work out and practice with a butterfly knife. go for that classic mafia look to go with his accent.
No. 913775 ID: 3583d1

Do we have anything to help Reagan sober up a little? maybe make the little birdy a fresh pot of coffee. If nothing else see what we can get from the books.
No. 913840 ID: a451fc
File 154465512088.png - (419.42KB , 1039x709 , Gnawbur Page.png )

>Study Gnawburs
Small, squishy, and full of teeth. Gnawburs seem to be able to eat a lot despite having such small innards. They're also incredibly durable, just like how Delphi could survive being crushed Gnawburs can also with stand heavy blunt force. though Gnawburs are also resistant to cutting, burning, and you also assume being electrocuted since they seem to bite through live wires with no issue. They can't bite through holy materials like silver or material produced by saints, but chew through most anything else with ease. You go through like 5 of the Gnawburs to get a good idea of their anatomy, their so small it's hard not to fuck up at times.
No. 913841 ID: a451fc
File 154465512577.png - (224.74KB , 754x699 , Herby.png )

>Care for Herby
Water, soil, food. Herby's looking better already.

>Vol get some training
Vol's reluctant to do any more, but he get's up and gets to it. It's good that he's getting over his squeamishness but if he's going to get any better he needs to keep practicing.

>Wait, can’t he mutate the body to make it more suitable for him?
REAGAN: This bird's so small'd probably kill the damn thing if I did that
No. 913842 ID: a451fc
File 154465512906.png - (339.66KB , 1039x709 , Garage.png )

>Inventory Check
You head to the garage to check look over what you gained from the fight and what you can use for later or sell...

>Vehicle Salvage
-High Tech Parts(x100): Technologically advanced machine parts
-Vehicle Parts(x150): Axles, distributors, pistons, etc
-High Grade Scrap(x50): Hardly damaged and very useful
-Low Grade Scrap(x100): Rusted and almost broken, but still salvageable

>Weapon Salvage
-Gun Parts(x55): Barrels, handles, and triggers
-Pipe Machine Gun(x2): Made of tape, pipe, and old metal. probably jams often
-Scrap Metal Repeater: An old revolver made of scrap metal, feels like it could break in your hand if you shoot too much.
-Slam-Fire Rifle: an odd gun that requires the barrel to be slammed backwards into the receiver to fire, seems dangerous.
- .308 Round (x30)
- 10mm Round (x13)
- .45 Round (x27)
- .50 Caliber (x10)

>Miscellaneous Items
-MREs(x5): Meals Ready to Eat each a different square meal; Pizza, Beef Hash, Breakfast Sausage, Chili, and Chicken Soup
-Box of Chalk: 20 pieces of colored chalk
-Spray Paint Cans(x3): All filled with red, green, and blue paint
-Computer Bits(x20): Motherboards, wires, and screens
-UAM Player: A Universal Audio Media Player, can play all sorts of audio media like tapes and CDs.
No. 913844 ID: d3602f

Damn, kind of was hoping we could check on those rituals, but we can't with Vol busy. Guess we could continuing practicing making our barrier semi-permeable.
No. 913845 ID: 7aa6d2

That slam-fire rifle sounds like it could be easily modified into a miniature gun-mortar for the hoverbike.
No. 913847 ID: 575ec0

Unless she want's you to do another favor to pay her back, you could invite Ada over here to take her pick of the savage. You know, if you want an excuse to invite Ada over.

Bust out the UAM. I know Troy's got some exotic beats.

I bet you could make a Quality Lath with those vehicle parts, Probably a Proper Drill Press and Table saw after trading for a couple more parts. With the right blueprints and a couple trades, the high tech and computer parts could be made into an oscilloscope and microscope, while the high-grade scrap can probably be made into a variety of hand tools.

You could probably put together your own workshop.

The guns you collected are all garbage and should be disassembled, but you could be well on your way to making your own.
No. 913853 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, maybe you can make a "decent" weapon out of these thash guns. Why don't you fiddle with them for a bit?
No. 913878 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t forget to feed Reagan. Just make sure you don’t feed him rice. Birds tend to explode when they eat rice.

>This bird's so small'd probably kill the damn thing if I did that
Then do you want help finding a bigger animal to inhabit?

.....hey, I just thought of something that I’d like to try after Vol is done training his blood magic. Troy said his power let’s him move through similar objects, right? Well, if you made a Caesura and Vol made a barrier, would Troy be able to Doors between the two barriers? If he can, that would open up lots of possibilities in the future!

But if that doesn’t work, then we can try again later when Roland learns how to make 2 Caesuras at a time to see if that works or not.

Holy shit, that’s a lot of scrap!

>build something?
Well, you could always try making a helmet for when you’re riding the Arges. It’ll hopefully protect your head from getting shot if you can’t put up a Caesura fast enough.

You could also open up some of those bullets to get the gunpowder outta them. Then figure out how to combine it with something else from your pile of scrap to try and make explosives.

Keep whatever ammo will work with the guns you and Troy currently have.

The rest of the ammo, set aside half of it for later use and the other half you take apart to get the gunpowder for making the explosives.

That could come in handy whenever you finally get around to those rituals that Vol translated from that book.

>Computer Bits
I’m not sure you can do anything with those. But Ada can probably use them with her robot, so let’s give them to her tomorrow.
No. 913885 ID: 2202fb

Troy was already going to be the one designated to dismantle the rounds. Rol was too scared.

Lets just keep the .50 rounds. The rest are probably fairly common and/or cheap. Lets not mess with the guns since they all seem like accidents waiting to happen and lets see if we can either buy or trade for some professionally made guns or break into a demon infested military base somewhere.
No. 913892 ID: 2202fb

Gunpowder makes shit explosives. It burns, but it it doesnt really explode. That is black powder. Extracting the gunpowder is still useful for if we want to make our own bullets later on, however.
No. 913979 ID: a451fc
File 154479120412.png - (87.45KB , 1039x709 , Garage 3.png )

>Disassemble Ammo and guns
Any ammunition useful for your current guns have not been listed, but the rest of the ammunition has been given to Troy to scrap. It takes some time but when he's done the ammo is broken down into Gunpowder(x30), Lead(x30), and Bullet Parts(x60): Primers and casings. You do not however disassemble the .50 cal ammunition despite not having a gun to use for it. You're a bit on the fence about breaking the guns down into more parts. Do you want to break down these junk guns?

>Damn, kind of was hoping we could check on those rituals, but we can't with Vol busy.
It shouldn't take him to long to finish his practice, and he can always start up again later if you interrupt. You're sure it wouldn't be too much of an imposement to ask about them now.

>Maybe you can make a "decent" weapon out of these trash guns.
It's a bit hard to, the mechanics of the guns seem real worn out. You aren't sure you can do much with these without time and parts, and a more solid idea of what you want.

>Use scrap to build tools for workshop (Microscope, Lathe, etc)
You are not sure if the scrap you've salvaged is enough for all of these machines, You also don't really know how to make some of these things either.

>Sell to Ada
Either for cards or to repay your debt you could give these parts to Ada. You feel like you'd be missing out on the chance to use them for your Arges though if you got rid of all of them. Do you want to sell some of ,or all, the salvage to Ada?
No. 913984 ID: eeb7d9

Hmm, well, if you don't know what to do with the trash guns, save it somewhere for when you know what to do.

As for the salvage, it would be best to use all that you can with it and then sell it to Ada. You can do this while tou wait for Vol to finish his practice abers and Reagan sobers up.
No. 913986 ID: 2202fb

Lets have Ada make a house call (since it is a lot) and see what she can do. She might be able to give us a quote on how much defenses would cost in either cards or materials as well. I doubt we can do much with the scrap ourselves.

Scrap all the junk guns. We deserve better. Btw, are the .50 rounds .50AE(pistol rounds) or .50BMG(heavy sniper/heavy mg rounds)?

(btw, lathes and microscopes? How are those made of parts remotely similar to junk guns?)
No. 913988 ID: 91ee5f

I think you you should make 2 helmets for you and Vol to wear when you guys are riding on the Arges. That way you guys will have your heads protected from getting shot if either of you can’t put a barrier up fast enough.

>It shouldn't take him to long to finish his practice, and he can always start up again later if you interrupt. You're sure it wouldn't be too much of an imposement to ask about them now.
Let Vol finish his training before you interrupt him. The Chalk might come in handy in case you need to draw ritual circles or something.

>Do you want to sell some of ,or all, the salvage to Ada?
Sell some of the parts to Ada, not all of it.

Specifically, Ada can use the Computer Bits for her robot, so I think we should give those to her.
No. 913989 ID: 575ec0

Why not figure out what you can use for the Argus first then? You can sell the leftovers to Ada.

As for the machines, The Lath is probably the most useful, followed by the drill press.
No. 913997 ID: 2202fb

We should probably see if we can't trade for professional-grade equipment before we start trying to mcgyver our own.
No. 913999 ID: b1b4f3

Definitely see if we can use some parts to upgrade the Arges.
No. 914016 ID: a451fc
File 154482626063.png - (116.89KB , 1039x709 , Garage 4.png )

>Scrap the junk guns
That's 15 more Gun Parts. It would've been more but one of the things breaks pretty badly when you dismantle it, so you get 10 Low Grade Scrap from it.

>What can you use for your Agres?
The high tech parts, vehicle parts, and possibly the high grade scrap are all useful for tinkering. Hell, you could even use the low grade scrap if you need to. There isn't a lot here you can't use really.

>Make a house call
You don't have a way to contact Ada do you? You'd have to either go to her yourself or send Troy to Dawnsprings with the stuff you want to sell since his truck is better equipped to carry a lot of stuff. Or if you want you can go with Troy to hand over the salvage, so it's either

That is sensible, but building your own stuff is so much fun! Even when it does blow up or catch fire sometimes...

It seems like you have a few options at the moment.

>Sell Salvage
>Repay debt using salvage
>Tinker with salvage
No. 914017 ID: 10c408

Repay your debt, man. You aren't some kind of cheapskate are you?
No. 914018 ID: 575ec0

Ada herself said she only expects Roland to do her more favors to repay the debt. It's not like we're planning on saying no to her favors anyway, so why give stuff away for free?

I say it's TINKER TIME.
No. 914021 ID: 341a80

You know what could be good for Arges? In-bound gun. Like, anything that can shoot and it's not our beatiful, beatiful hookershot. Install in the Pipe Machine Gun, they're pratically potatoes cannons but with bullets.
No. 914025 ID: eeb7d9

If you can, tinker with some salvage and separate some to pay back what you owe to Ada, and maybe some more, as a gift. Bitches... spiders... love gifts? Yeah...
No. 914027 ID: a9af05

Tinker with the salvage!
No. 914041 ID: 91ee5f

>That is sensible, but building your own stuff is so much fun! Even when it does blow up or catch fire sometimes...
Then make some helmets for you and Vol!

>The rest of the salvage?
Ada can get more use out of the Computer Bits than you could, so you should give those to her to help pay off your debt.

Meanwhile, do some tinkering. Anything left over can also be used to pay off your debt with Ada.
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