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File 154174696683.png - (170.93KB , 800x525 , title2.png )
910050 No. 910050 ID: 270774

This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/897413.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
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No. 917578 ID: 9dad72

No. 917580 ID: 465a14

"I will if you will."
No. 917590 ID: 2791fd

MAYBE JUST LIKE... CLOSE YOUR EYES FOR NOW. TRY TO RELAX. if you can;t fix your face just like, point it away from him at least

take deep breaths dude pascal seems to have this under control
No. 917593 ID: fd6414

Apologize, relax your face, and close your eyes. Glaring at someone like you suspect they're gonna steal your cock IS a mood killer. But don't dwell on it! People make awful sex faces all the time.
No. 917599 ID: 391da1

boop his nose
No. 917601 ID: b463f2

what face, omg

srsly though, take a few deep breathes, let go of yr stress tension in your brow and jaw and shoulders.... maybe tilt back your head for a few seconds, to help you reset, and then, uh, remember, that Pascal's mouth is just about on your dick, and maybe... moan a bit about how good that's going to feel, to actually have someone tenderly take care of this need of yours, instead of just beating one (or two, or four) out on your own.
No. 917614 ID: f38735

RICARDO.... just breathe!!! but also get into it and scrunch your face muscles rly tight AND then let them all relax. you'll notice how tense you are. just feel it. you haven't fucked in 10 years and this is going to feel amazing, so enjoy it!!!
No. 917643 ID: b12e3e

"MAKE me stop making it"
No. 917644 ID: 9d4ded

now listen to me ricardo, i am talking directly into your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to relax and moan for pascal because you BOTH deserve it
No. 917647 ID: d887c0

Ricardo, your sex face is completely indistinguishable from your murder face.
No. 917654 ID: 556568

Take your right hand. And cover your eyebrows.
Take your left hand. Cover your mouth.
Say that this really is the best you can do and apologize for having a resting murder-face.
No. 917657 ID: 02e2dc

ricardo. babe. you gotta relax

pls just stop overthinking things and just think about pascal's mouth on your dick
No. 917661 ID: b54723

okay ricardo you need to close your eyes and let pascal do his magic. you need to moan, and make sure you dont accidentally growl. moaning is good and sexy.
No. 917690 ID: c375e8

jesus christ, ricardo. see if you can relax your face or at least your eyebrows
No. 917698 ID: c1a1c6

laugh at yourself a little!!
No. 917754 ID: bd241b

praise god almighty, it's dick at last!
No. 918027 ID: 270774
File 154770557406.png - (127.05KB , 800x525 , 310.png )

“What face,” says Ricardo through a mouthful of t-shirt.

Pascal bursts into giggles, one hand pulling away from Ricardo to smother the laughter back into his mouth. “Ricardo, your face! You’re glaring at me! Look, you’re doing like this.”

Pascal scrunches his face up in an extremely unflattering impression, and Ricardo has to admit he sees himself in it. He automatically moves to cover his face, which just makes Pascal laugh harder, and then the absurdity of the situation hits him all at once and he’s laughing too. He’s in an SUV pulled over on the side of the highway and the guy who murdered him is holding his dick and he can’t stop laughing.
No. 918028 ID: 270774
File 154770559698.png - (178.50KB , 800x525 , 311.png )

“That’s just what I look like,” he finally manages to say, a little out of breath. “It’s the best I can do.” When he drops his hand from his face and looks down he finds that Pascal is looking at him like he’s got two heads. “What.”

“Nothing!” Pascal spits in his hand and gives Ricardo a few firm, businesslike strokes, which shuts him up immediately. “You surprised me.”

Ricardo lets his head fall back against the seat, still riding out a few last laughs on a ragged exhale. “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t think you could sound like that.” There’s a reflective pause, one that’s too long as Pascal trails his wet fingers slowly down the sides of Ricardo’s shaft, and then his voice is back to its normal bouncy levity. “Well, I’ll see what other sounds you can make!”

Ricardo doesn’t have a chance to lift his head before Pascal sinks onto him, one hand soft around the base of Ricardo’s cock and the other tucking strands of hair behind his ear. Ricardo gives in immediately, with a low “fuck” and a groan he really wishes he hadn’t heard himself make, and he swears he can practically feel Pascal smirking around him.

Pascal bobs a little lower, in a way that almost seems experimental, and then his head jerks and he pulls off, coughing. Ricardo freezes, both hands rising automatically in a kind of vague, helpless gesture. “What,” he barks, with less audible concern than he hoped for.

Pascal waves dismissively at him, eyes watering. “I’m fine. Is nothing. Just a little rusty, I think.” His other hand moves in distracted little strokes. “And you are big,” he adds accusingly.

“Can’t do anything about my face or that,” Ricardo mutters shakily. “And the hell do you mean, rusty? You’re the one who was making fun of me for ten-“

“Be quiet.” Pascal presses his free hand against Ricardo’s stomach, shoving him back more firmly against the seat. “Put your shirt back in your mouth.”

For reasons that entirely elude Ricardo, he follows the directions. For reasons even more elusive, he likes doing it. He watches Pascal re-settle on his haunches and lick his lips and then when his head drops again, firmly and with more confidence, his brain whites out entirely.
No. 918029 ID: 270774
File 154770561145.png - (137.79KB , 800x525 , 312.png )

For the first time in five years, Ricardo’s brain is quiet. Instead of the typical boiling of his thoughts, he can hear himself breathing hard through his nose; he can hear Pascal somehow being louder than him, and he faintly thinks he really likes this, he really wanted to do this, and that makes his stomach drop in a way that’s dizzying and entirely enjoyable; Pascal pulls off of him with a wet noise that’s entirely obscene, and as he sloppilylicks his way back up the side Ricardo realizes he’s had his eyes closed the whole time. Pascal blows playfully on the tip of his cock, trying to get him to open them again and look down at him, and Ricardo snorts and reaches out to grab blindly at the back of his head.

“Come on. Cut it out.”

“Bossy.” Pascal drags his tongue up the underside of the head. “I tell you already I just want you to sit there and be good. No more talking. Just make that noise from before again.”
No. 918030 ID: 270774
File 154770562751.png - (190.09KB , 800x525 , 313.png )

Ricardo’s halfway through asking “what noise” when Pascal takes him back into his mouth and swallows around him, and the noise he makes isn’t one he recognizes. Pascal laughs, which makes him gag and pull off again, sputtering, and Ricardo doesn’t have time to bitch at him about it before he goes back to work.

There’s no more shittalking, now, just Pascal’s muffled moans and his own ragged breathing and the sound of Pascal’s mouth wet and insistent against his skin. Pascal pulls off only once more, to order him to pull his hair — and Ricardo reaches up hesitantly, tries a slow, experimental tug. Pascal gives him an impatient little slap on the thigh, flashing him an exasperated look, and Ricardo tries again, this time sinking his fingers into the curls and twisting, and he’s rewarded with a low groan that vibrates against him and nearly makes him lose it altogether.

He looks down and Pascal looks up and he mutters fuck again. And then a few more times, under his breath, as he tries pulling again and Pascal’s eyes honest to fucking god roll back a little, thick lashes fluttering, and this time when he chokes he doesn’t pull away, just presses himself closer, stubbornly, until his nose touches Ricardo’s abs. Tears are beading at the corners of his eyes from the exertion, darkened with makeup, and Ricardo would be concerned about it if Pascal weren’t grasping greedily at his hips to drag himself closer. And that’s it — he thinks too hard about the eagerness, about how hard Pascal is trying to get closer, and even though he feels like it’s barely been more than a few minutes, he’s done. He doesn’t have time to warn him, ends up just fisting his hands in Pascal’s hair and panting loudly as he comes, and Pascal makes a surprised little noise and jerks under his grip.
No. 918031 ID: 270774
File 154770564363.png - (139.86KB , 800x525 , 314.png )

“Mm!” Pascal sits back on his haunches, nose wrinkled, and swallows. Ricardo catches it through half-lidded eyes and groans softly. “Ahaha, ugh, I forgot eating that can be awful.” One hand is still soothingly moving up and down against the side of Ricardo’s cock, a trailing, barely-there touch, and Ricardo has to palm him away because even that is too much against the sensitive skin. “Are you okay? Was it nice?”

Hhghgghh, thinks Ricardo, eloquently.
No. 918032 ID: 99a99a

bossy pascal is EXTREMELY good. god he did so good didn’t he. and you, ricardo- how would you feel if he praised you about this?

let go so pascal can breathe if he wants, and so you can relax for a hot second and bask in the first satisfying orgasm you’ve probably ever had. or had for a while at least

and after that please touch him, we gotta see more of pascal getting off please AND thank you

(and thank him. breathlessly.)
No. 918033 ID: 99a99a

No. 918034 ID: 9fcd43

"For reasons that entirely elude Ricardo, he follows the directions. For reasons even more elusive, he likes doing it."
okay so at some point we need to buy a gag
For now, though, pet Pascal's head and tell him that was amazing, and ask if there's anything we can do for him.
No. 918036 ID: ee3259

Answer him honestly and with as much enthusiasm as your serious face and montone voice will allow

Ask if he enjoyed it too, and if there is anything else he wants to do. Does he need to finish? Will he show you how he likes to be touched? Will you need to find a truck stop or something and have a shower? Lol
No. 918037 ID: ee3259

>>okay so at some point we need to buy a gag

Also im hittin that mf ditto button
No. 918038 ID: a3dfae

No. 918039 ID: 924d05

say it. say hgghh with a blissed out face. SAY IT
No. 918040 ID: ae74f3

u being flustered and happy... good and pascal likes it. absolutely pet his hair, and ask what he wants you to do for him!
No. 918042 ID: 14e641

Help fix his hair, thank him, and ask what he wpuld like.
No. 918043 ID: b463f2

just let out a slow, drawn out "fuuuuuuuuck....." while carding your hand through his hair... and once you've recovered a bit, ask him, if and how he wants to get off? maybe he'll give you direction through that, too.....
No. 918045 ID: 267f37

Joke a little about how Pascal wasn't kidding about being into Ricardo and very awkwardly try to just get Pascal's dick out and move into position to suck it. Keep an eye out for cues of Pascal not wanting you to, but like, try to have a bit of enthusiasm about it and don't make that face so Pascal gets that you want to.

Also kiss his tummy on the way down, or grab his fingers and kiss those.
No. 918046 ID: aedfd9

Ooooh my god we need to get a gag and we need to laugh more because the way Pascal looks at Ricardo when they're both happy is!!!

Pull Pascal into your arms and thank him while kissing him a hundred times. Fix his hair gently. Then flip him over and eat his ass until he comes.
No. 918052 ID: 158da5

Say it
No. 918055 ID: 503600

No. 918056 ID: 503600

kiss him. then ask what you can do for him. be enthusiastic!
No. 918059 ID: e69ae1

cover your face, cutely, and tell him honestly how good it was. ask him if it was good for him!! and what you can do to get him off too
No. 918290 ID: fbdb94

No. 918291 ID: fbdb94

get pascal to get up on the seat, get on your knees, and eat his ass. if we can also suck his dick when he's closer to coming, maybe we'll get to see pascal ahegao real
No. 918342 ID: b463f2

I'm definitely in this "Ricardo should eat out Pascal's ass with the same enthusiasm just applied to his cock" club.
No. 918551 ID: 270774
File 154812328681.png - (121.12KB , 800x525 , 315.png )

“Hhghgghh,” says Ricardo, eloquently.

Pascal makes an inquisitive noise, setting his chin on Ricardo’s knee, and Ricardo’s hand thoughtlessly finds his hair to card through as he recovers, fingers sliding over and under disheveled curls. “Fuck,” he clarifies, breathlessly.

“Ricardo,” says Pascal, wrinkling his nose again, “I wish you would just—”

Before he can finish, Ricardo grips his arm and pulls him up onto the seat. There’s a little squeal of surprise that he muffles with a kiss, his hands finding Pascal’s waist, and Pascal melts into it without complaint. “It was good,” he says, finally, when he pulls away. One hand stays on Pascal’s flank, holding him steady, while the other reaches up to smooth his hair back. “It was really good. Thanks.”

‘Thanks?’” Pascal echoes, snorting. “You’re thanking me? Stupid.”

“I liked it.” Ricardo hesitates for a moment before laying another line of kisses across Pascal’s jaw, and the hesitance dissipates entirely when Pascal grins and scratches his nape in response. “So thanks.”

He drags his tongue over Pascal’s skin, briefly, and pulls back before he can get uppity about potential biting. “Do you want me to get you off, too?” His thumb presses into the soft hollow of Pascal’s hip, slow circles. “I could return the favor.”
No. 918552 ID: 270774
File 154812331019.png - (98.88KB , 800x525 , 316.png )

“Euuuuuuuuh,” says Pascal.

Ricardo’s brow knits a little. Pascal notices, and he scratches Ricardo’s neck a little more firmly, a mindless soothing gesture. “No offense,” he says, “and it is not that I wouldn’t want this, but, euhhh — how can I say this. You have big fangs in your mouth, Ricardo, and you haven’t done this with your big fangs yet, have you? It takes practice!”

Ricardo hadn’t even really thought of that. He’d been too thoroughly distracted, when Pascal was doing it, to think about minutiae like what precautions Pascal must have been taking with his teeth. He makes a small, grumbling noise of understanding.

“So this is another thing where probably it would be better if we could really take our time, and to try slowly — hey, don’t be sad!” Pascal pats his cheeks. “Just maybe we will have to think of something else, where there is no danger that you will bite my cock off —”
No. 918553 ID: 270774
File 154812333928.png - (119.06KB , 800x525 , 317.png )

Ricardo has thought of a lot of things they could do, so it takes him about a tenth of a second to have Plan B. With two curt motions he has Pascal flipped over on his lap, and Pascal shrieks with laughter, his legs kicking in a way that’s reflex rather than resistance.

“Ugh! How rude!” Pascal yells, through his giggles. “What are you doing, you awful man?”

Ricardo feels around underneath Pascal to unbutton him, then slips his hand flat beneath the back of his waistband and slides his pants down to mid-thigh. He’s not wearing underwear, because of course he fucking isn’t. “I’m going to eat your ass until you come,” Ricardo informs him.

The laugh Pascal lets out in return is high and uneven, and when Ricardo glances down at him he’s glad to see giddiness rather than apprehension. “Good job, Ricardo!” he chirps, still swinging his legs a little. “To take a little initiative!”
No. 918554 ID: 270774
File 154812335975.png - (107.04KB , 800x525 , 318.png )

Ricardo rolls his eyes, scoffing even as he slides his hands over the soft swell of Pascal’s skin. “I’d still like a little direction.” It’s a muttered admission, one that almost gets lost in the shuffle as he repositions himself on the seat. “It — what we just did was good, but that’s because I didn’t do anything. So —”

“You did!” Pascal props himself up on his elbows, neck craned over his shoulder, and looks positively indignant on Ricardo’s behalf. “You did so do things! You pull my hair when I ask you to!”

“That’s not —”

“And I liked the way you sounded! And I very much liked the way you looked at me. Those things made it good for me.” Pascal flops back down, huffing. “Nobody ‘does not do anything’ during sex, so stop it.”

“I —” Pascal senses him about to protest and looks up again, doing that exaggerated impression of his tense facial expression again, and Ricardo sighs and drops it. “Sure. Okay.” He uses his thumb to spread Pascal’s cheeks, a slow and gentle pull, and there’s a little vindictive satisfaction in the way that makes the face-making stop immediately. “I still want you to tell me what to do, though.”
No. 918555 ID: 270774
File 154812338089.png - (120.60KB , 800x525 , 319.png )

“I would like you to just do it, that is what I’ll tell you to do,” Pascal replies, letting his face press back into the seat. “How aggravating. Idiot boy —”

Ricardo presses his face in, drags his tongue in one firm, relentless movement, digs his fingers into Pascal’s hips to hold him down when he shrieks and squirms and keeps him pinned tight against his mouth, and then he licks into the softness of Pascal’s body over and over again until Pascal frantically swats at him, his thighs trembling against Ricardo’s forearms.

“Fine! Fine, my god, you horrible man, I won’t be rude!” He’s panting, his smile wide and open and breathless, and he’s completely red in the face. “Just — slowly! Go slowly. God, I won’t even be able to enjoy myself!”

“See,” Ricardo says, mockingly, “that wasn’t so hard.” He spreads Pascal again, with both hands this time, and this time when he touches his tongue to the skin it’s a slow melting. Pascal gives a shuddering sigh, relaxing under his hands.

“With your whole tongue,” he mumbles. Ricardo can feel his hands gripping the fabric of his jeans, tightening each time he moves. “Oh. Even more slow than that. And… harder…”

It’s easy to get lost in the pure act of it. A clear direction, an easy action to fulfill, an immediate and observable response. Being directed doesn’t make Ricardo feel powerless — he feels like he has control over something for the first time in years. Cause and effect, clear cut and easy, something that finally makes sense. He fades into something, into just a mouth that moves, into a pair of hands that sink into the give of Pascal’s flesh, into a patient recipient of all the high gasping noises falling from Pascal’s mouth. And Pascal is loud, in a way that Ricardo would probably be embarrassed by if he weren’t so consumed by attention to his task, in a way he would worry was performative if he couldn’t feel the integrity of the way Pascal is shaking. He wants to reach underneath Pascal and touch him, but he doesn’t, because Pascal hasn’t asked for it.
No. 918556 ID: 270774
File 154812339739.png - (177.64KB , 800x525 , 320.png )

Everything but Pascal’s voice is distant, and so when it finally forms into shaky words again, it comes through loud and clear. “Wait,” he’s saying, “wait, wait —” and so Ricardo pulls away immediately, smooths his hands over Pascal’s trembling hips to try to soothe the shakes out of them.

“You okay?” He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand and looks down at him. Pascal’s eyes are glazed, his mouth slack and impossibly red, and the hair Ricardo had tried to smooth back into place earlier is even messier than it was before. Pascal nods, slowly, still breathing heavily.

Ricardo turns him over and pulls him back into his lap, and Pascal lets it happen, dazed and boneless. His arms come to wrap around Ricardo’s neck on instinct. For a second Ricardo feels just as stunned; there’s something about knowing that he did this, that he’s the reason Pascal is so altered, that strings his whole body through with restless electricity. “Do you want something else?”

“Mm.” Pascal lays his face against Ricardo’s shoulder and swallows, and it takes a few more panting breaths before he can speak again. “Yes. More.”

He’s soft, and he feels warm to the touch. Ricardo digs his fingers in, just a little, because it makes Pascal shudder again, and he’s already learned that he likes that. “Tell me what.”

Pascal’s finally collected himself, at least enough to string words together, and he pulls away a little, just so he’ll have space to breathe. “Anything. I don’t know. Your hand, or —” His gaze drifts, noticeably, to the box of condoms shoved aside on the seat, and he shifts a little in Ricardo’s lap. “We don’t have room for much,” he murmurs, “but if I were to be in your lap, like this…”

He drags his hips a little, almost experimentally, and Ricardo is abruptly reminded that he’s completely hard again. Pascal’s voice is soft in his ear. “Only if you want to,” he says. “I know it — it’s a lot at once for you, maybe.” He presses a little kiss to Ricardo’s temple, open and wet and messy. “Anything will be enough.”
No. 918557 ID: 93a90e

EEUUU this actually is embarrassing. god. i feel like i should anon myself. anyway “it’s not too much if you tell me what to do, and i want to touch you more.” be earnest!! smile for him!
No. 918558 ID: c375e8

PLEASE GOD PUT YOUR DICK IN THERE. with the condoms we got earlier of course
No. 918562 ID: 6cf958

you're communicating so well! "It's not too much", and you got the condoms for a reason
No. 918563 ID: 158da5

You like direction. Hands are a direction. Maybe you could do more but with Pascal like that, you might be a little on your own, and you should probably just make sure this ends without any extra stress.
No. 918565 ID: f905c7

No. 918568 ID: b54723

Safe Sex is important! Put the condoms on and get to word on Pascal! You're doing super good Ricardo!!! Keep it up!!!

Maybe talk about your feelings and what made you feel good in the future afterwards maybe if you can manage it.
No. 918571 ID: d2b127

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE FUCK HIS ASS YOU HAVE CONDOMS (fractal i love how giggly pascal is in 154812333928)
No. 918572 ID: f0088f

FANCY A HANDY perhaps both of you, in your, ricardo, thats you, your big hands perhaps. WOULDN'T SAY NO TO THE CONDOM IDEA but wouldn't have been able to turn that into a FANCY A joke.
No. 918577 ID: c211e4

No. 918578 ID: 4a7cf6

hey ricardo. hey ricardo. ask pascal how long it's been since he's done anything like this. yknow bc his reaction is so wild.

also ask pascal if he would rather grind it out or be fucked but like uhhhhh like pascal said, he's rusty so i worry he can't take...all of you...immediately.... but i will say he seems like he would rly like to be fucked rn
No. 918579 ID: 14e641

Hey, take your time. Go with what you would feel most comfortable with.
No. 918592 ID: b463f2

oh, I definitely want to see and hear Pascal riding Ricardo's cock. I'd say, ask for specific directly about speed again, 'cause that clearly worked well, and then I think once they've got a rhythym going, they're all set to have a really, really good time, together.
No. 918612 ID: 4e822a

YES he should ride you. save a bat ride a vampire
No. 918659 ID: edf5c2

get in there. get in the ass. put your penis in there
No. 918662 ID: 99a99a

pascal riding your dick is extremely good but if that’s too much too soon then stroking your cocks together is also very very good
No. 918695 ID: c1be4a

If Ricardo has mastered the ability to make his fingers not sharp, then ask if Pascal would like that!
No. 918862 ID: 97d823

shouldn't they be running?? aren't there evil vampires chasing them?? I love a good fuck as much as anyone but I feel like they should at least get somewhere more safe before any penetration happens
No. 919327 ID: 270774
File 154873335788.png - (148.82KB , 800x525 , 321.png )

Ricardo feels like he’s vibrating in anticipation, and all he can do is hope that it really is only a feeling — that it’s not translating to something physical, a tremble that Pascal could feel through the hands on his waist. “I thought we were supposed to be running for our lives,” he says, wryly, “and that actually fucking would take too long.”

Pascal scoffs. “It would if it were you. I can be nice and quick.”

“Really. Because you were just saying you were ‘rusty.’” Ricardo finds his hands moving in a slow, rhythmic back-and-forth, helping Pascal’s hips drag and rock against him as they talk. It feels natural. It feels easy. “Speaking of, you wanna tell me how rusty? Given that you told me you forgot what cum tastes like, and also that I just turned you into a puddle without even touching your cock —”

“Hush!” Pascal frowns at him, though it doesn’t have any real bite when he’s grinding on him at the same time. “It — that’s my favorite thing,” he says, a little heatedly, “the — for someone to use their mouth. So! So. And anyway, it hasn’t been that long! Not really. Just — just for only, euhh, a few decades —”

“A few,” Ricardo wheezes.

“A handful —”

“You were making fun of me for one! You were acting like one decade was insane —”

“Just, euhhh, maybe seven,” Pascal finishes hastily, “seven or eight decades, eeeuuhh, seven and a half-ish, maybe, is how long, which is not so much, so —”

“Are you being serious?”

“It’s fine!” Pascal swats him on the shoulder again, in that impatient little way of his. “I’ll be fine. I want to.” He falters a little, then leans forward, until his chest is resting against Ricardo’s. “I really want to. I… thank you, too. Because I really like this.”
No. 919328 ID: 270774
File 154873337926.png - (156.79KB , 800x525 , 322.png )

Ricardo quiets down, listening. Pascal tucks a strand of hair behind his ear. “Before this,” he continues, “actually, I… for that whole seventy years, more than that, I have not really even been touched at all. Not even in a friendly way. Anyone who cares about their standing with the Cradle won’t speak to me… anyone who doesn’t, like Minoru, will only speak to me because they are interested in the — the scandal of me, and I am so tired of that being the only thing anyone will ever talk about to me. So I avoid them.” He wets his lips. “Even Kel, who is kind to me — you know she is the type where… to be affectionate, maybe she will hit your shoulder a little, and that’s all, and it’s not the same. Touching food, when I cannot even stand the heat or texture of them, that is not the same, either.”

Ricardo is trying to comprehend nearly a century without touch, and he can’t. It’s not that his life before was full of affection — far from it — but there was his mother, at least. There were casual hands on arms, arms rested on shoulders, brushing past people, little reminders that he was alive and around others, even if he wasn’t particularly fond of it. Pascal inclines his head a little, and then he laughs. “Did you know… last night, when you came in, so angry and sudden — when you took me by my throat, I was almost a little relieved. I know that’s not charming of me. I thought, there, now at least I am near someone.” He pauses, then lifts his eyes to Ricardo again, intently. “Don’t take that as me saying I am so desperate I would do anything. I am still only doing this because I want to, and because I like it.”

“Yeah,” says Ricardo, quietly. He’s more glad for the clarification than he wants to admit. “Yeah, I know.”

“I just mean…” Pascal’s eyes have drifted back down. “When you go for so long being so alone like this, without anyone to even touch you, not even in the smallest ways… I think it chips away at your heart. It makes your chest hurt. And in that moment, even when you meant me harm, even when it was because of how I had done you harm, it made the ache stop a little.” He seems to catch himself, and he laughs again, very softly. “Oh, I am being so miserable. What a horrible thing to say! All I mean is that now, when you mean the opposite — oh, how do I say this. When we are actually touching each other on purpose, to make each other feel good, it’s so much better than that.”

He sniffles a little, alarmingly, and Ricardo is a fraction away from instinctive panic before Pascal speaks again and distracts him from it. “So I want to very badly.” His fingers flutter up to touch at the corners of his eyes, briefly, and this time his laugh has more substance to it. “If I have not ruined the mood entirely, by rambling and rambling! Or if it does not make you uncomfortable, for me to admit I have been sad without it. You won’t make that feeling worse, to say no, or to wait — I don’t want you to think so.”
No. 919329 ID: 270774
File 154873339498.png - (114.52KB , 800x525 , 323.png )

Ricardo thinks about it, really thinks, because he knows he has to. He feels like he owes Pascal that much — no, he doesn’t, he realizes, he doesn’t owe Pascal anything and he knows that, and what he’s actually feeling is just a desire to meet him on common ground. He wants to give Pascal that much consideration. It’s a realization that’s as simple as it is vaguely irritating. In the end, he comes out on the other side feeling the same way as before.

“It’s not too much. And you didn’t make me uncomfortable.” He leans back against the seat a little, still rubbing slow circles into Pascal’s hipbones. “I’m the one who bought the condoms, before we even talked about any of this, remember? I already wanted to.”

Pascal gives him a smile through his fingers. “They could have been for Las Vegas.”

“They weren’t.” His hands move down Pascal’s hips, back over the curve of his ass. “They aren’t.” A squeeze, one that he tries to make more playful than authoritative (but he barely knows how to talk with his mouth, so hands are a long shot). “And it’s hard to ruin the mood when you’ve got your dick out in my lap.”

Pascal sighs, rolling his eyes dramatically. “Ricardo, that was so close to being something suave.” He leans over to fish a condom out of the box as Ricardo reaches down to unzip his boots, both of them fumbling simultaneously. “You could have said ‘Pascal, it is hard to ruin the mood when you are so beautiful,’ or ‘Pascal, the mood can’t be ruined when I want you so badly,’ but no, you have to say dick, you awful man, you horrid—”

“Shut up. Take your pants off.”

“I cannot do everything at once!” Pascal shoves the wrapped condom in his face before awkwardly shuffling backwards off his lap to kick his pants off. “Put this on. We’ve left the lube in the front seat, because we’re fools.”
No. 919330 ID: 270774
File 154873341249.png - (132.41KB , 800x525 , 324.png )

It’s hard to be ornery about that order. By the time he’s done Pascal is back (with his boots zipped back onto bare legs, which is excessively stupid and melodramatic and predictable, and also a little hot, which Ricardo will not admit). He settles in Ricardo’s lap again, fingers slicked, and when he reaches behind himself Ricardo frowns a little. This has been bothering him.

“I’ve been meaning to ask,” he says, tentatively. “About. The claws.”

Pascal starts giggling, and the way it stumbles into a little sigh as his hips shift back does something unfamiliar and jarring to Ricardo’s stomach. “Ehehe. Don’t worry. Something so little like this, like making my fingertips flat again — even someone bad at shifting like me can do this.”

That’s a relief, but Ricardo also feels a little stab of petulance. “So why can’t I shift my teeth in and —”

“Fangs are different,” Pascal interrupts, with the exasperation of someone explaining something extremely basic. “Hush. If you aren’t going to say something sexy to me, you might as well put your shirt back in your mouth.”

His hips move again and his mouth falls open and Ricardo shuts up. He wants to watch Pascal’s face, but the stupid primordial lizard cortex of his brain keeps dragging his eyes down to watch Pascal’s cock twitch between his legs as he moves, instead. He ends up alternating, in a way that would probably look absurd if Pascal were actually paying any attention.

“Can I —” He squeezes Pascal’s ass again, his fingers sliding in close to center a bit at a time. Pascal huffs out a little laugh.

“Yes, if you like.” He withdraws his own fingers, sighing, and then Ricardo feels them against his own, unceremoniously wiping lube on him. After all his fuss about being suave, Ricardo thinks. “Don’t fuss too much,” Pascal says, snapping him back to attention. “Be quick.”

He was obviously trying to sound commanding, but it comes out a little desperate. Ricardo likes that. One of Pascal’s hands replaces his right one, holding himself open as Ricardo seeks, and then he’s slowly pressing one finger in.

“Fussy,” Pascal accuses against his shoulder. Ricardo just hushes him. He loses the capacity to say much else once he feels Pascal around him.

He goes quiet and Pascal doesn’t. The brief anxiety he had about time blurs away; Pascal opens, steady and easy and all shapeless giggles in his ear, and it isn’t until he has three fingers in that those noises reform themselves into breathless words.

“Okay, okay.” Pascal pulls himself back away from Ricardo’s chest, his arms shaking a little as he locks his elbows to hold his own weight. “Good enough.”

“What, really,” Ricardo says.

“I am older than you —” Pascal is gently easing Ricardo’s hand out, and Ricardo cooperates, though he keeps his eyebrows raised the whole time — “— and I know better.”

“Hm,” says Ricardo.
No. 919331 ID: 270774
File 154873342756.png - (143.40KB , 800x525 , 325.png )

He looks confident, though, and Ricardo’s nerves are starting to ice over again, so he needs to hang onto that confidence for now. Pascal is prim and a little businesslike when he reaches back to guide Ricardo against him, though the charm comes back when he flicks his eyes up, lashes lowered, a private little smile on his lips.

Ricardo swallows dryly.

A second later everything is pressure and sensation and any worries Ricardo had about overthinking things is gone. He’s not overthinking shit. His hands lift to grip Pascal’s hips on instinct, to slow him down, and Pascal’s resultant laugh seems distant. Ricardo’s head drops back against the seat, and he hears himself groan aloud, and he doesn’t care.

Pascal’s trembling thighs finally meet his calves, and Ricardo feels the cool pressure of him settle on his lap, and all of him throbs.
No. 919333 ID: 270774
File 154873344024.png - (117.48KB , 800x525 , 326.png )

“Wow,” says Pascal.
No. 919334 ID: 270774
File 154873345039.png - (162.71KB , 800x525 , 327.png )

No. 919340 ID: 7e9c89

IS IT OKAY TO KISS HIM. is that allowed. ask him first maybe but *please*
No. 919341 ID: 9fcd43

Take it slow! It's been a while. Plus I know we're in a hurry but I'm sure we can afford to savor this a *little.*
No. 919343 ID: c375e8

No. 919345 ID: 296c5f

Yes absolutely ask about kissing (and make it clear it's okay if he doesn't want to, sex and intimacy are two different things)
And maybe nuzzle against his neck with your nose and cheek, affectionately

Then let him ride you till you come again
No. 919346 ID: 411454

No. 919350 ID: 9d4ded

OK OK OK UHHHH YES YOU SHOULD ASK TO KISS HIM. IF U WANNA BE SEXY TELL HIM HOW GOOD HE LOOKS ON YOUR COCK??? start slow & let pascal set the pace! then when he gets into it more... ask if he wants you to pull his hair and that'll be real good shit
No. 919352 ID: aedfd9

Stroke his inner thighs with your thumbs
No. 919354 ID: a3dfae

No. 919361 ID: 23dc9d

On top of asking to kiss him, since we were on the topic of being able to shift our hands, ask him if he'd like you to shift into your big ol paws when holding or rubbing him
No. 919364 ID: 2d3269

kiss!! compliment! tell him he looks hot
No. 919373 ID: 633dc6

No. 919376 ID: b463f2

yes please, ask for a kiss, and grip his hips, and roll yours, and lick his nips, and pull his hair once you've got a rhythm going....
No. 919395 ID: c1be4a

SAY THANKS THEN KISS , ASK WHAT HE WOULD LIKE???? Ask him if you can do something YOU like wich might be thrusting up, or holding him in place, or uh some licking is always good
No. 919443 ID: 411454

ask him if that's a good wow? please let that be a good wow? and then maybe ask for some instructions
No. 919585 ID: e69ae1

DEFINITELY ASK FOR A KISS.. also ask him to grab ur chest aain bc u clearly enjoyed that and its also good for dick riding leverage
No. 921054 ID: 270774
File 155016097488.png - (152.39KB , 800x525 , 328.png )

It takes Ricardo a few seconds to remember how to talk.

“Is that—“ Pascal shifts on him a little and he gasps, and Pascal’s laughter in response is definitely a little bit at his expense. He swallows and tries again. “Is that a good wow?”

“What kind of bad wow can there be?” Pascal replies, and Ricardo feels pretty satisfied with how unsteady his voice sounds. He squeezes Pascal’s hips, slowly, letting himself look down to where their bodies meet before meeting Pascal’s eyes again.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Mm.” Pascal leans into a slow sway, moving his hips experimentally against Ricardo’s lap, and smiles a little when that draws a low groan from him. “Oh, fine. There’s no harm.”

The way Ricardo surges forward in response is overeager and he can’t find it in himself to care, not right now. His mouth meets Pascal’s rough and open and then Pascal is moving, hands braced on his shoulders, and it’s too much sensation to separate out, to keep track of, everything is just a pounding rush and slick pressure and he thinks — god, he thinks Pascal is just so —

Pascal suddenly jerks back, red-mouthed and panting. “I—“ His arms are trembling, a little, elbows locking to push Ricardo back against the seat. “Maybe that—“

“Are you okay?”

“Maybe that is a little much,” Pascal finishes. “Actually. Sorry.”

“S’fine.” Maybe he’s right. Ricardo feels dizzy in a way that’s unfamiliar. He runs his thumbs over the hollows at the base of Pascal’s inner thighs, back and forth, back and forth. “You okay?” he asks again.

“Yes.” Pascal’s hands slip from his shoulders to brace against his chest, and he starts moving again, slowly. “Ehehe. Better than okay.”
No. 921055 ID: 270774
File 155016099239.png - (143.12KB , 800x525 , 329.png )

Ricardo’s brain is absolutely fucking melting, and he at least wants to try to say something while he still can. Pascal’s hair is bouncing lightly around his face as he picks up speed and it’s just so — fucking —

“You look —“ Ricardo thinks beautiful and he knows for sure he can’t say that. His brain diverts to good and he knows that’s not good enough. He lands somewhere in the middle. “Hot.” Great. Fine. Whatever. “You look hot like this.”

His voice almost fails him before he can get the entire thought out, and Pascal’s legs are already starting to tremble. He’s smiling, though, breathlessly, and Ricardo stares.

“Do you want—“ God, talking is too hard right now. “Can I—“ Instead of finishing the sentence, Ricardo just reaches up, grabs impatiently at Pascal’s thick hair, and it seems like talking is mostly beyond Pascal’s ability by now too, because all he does is enthusiastically nod.

“Yes,” he manages to gasp out, “yes —“ and this time Ricardo isn’t hesitant when he sinks his fingers in and pulls, dragging Pascal’s head back. He can barely breathe. When he noses along the arched swell of Pascal’s chest, tentatively, Pascal doesn’t move away — kissing here, apparently, is different than kissing his lips, and Ricardo opens his mouth against his nipple and drags up to his collarbone, and at some point in all of this the ribbon in Pascal’s hair is coming loose between his fingers, and everything is so insanely good. It feels impossible that he could be coming again, but he is, and one hand slips down to grip Pascal’s hip and hold him down, helping Ricardo grind into him as he rides it out.

Pascal is making little noises in his ear, stupidly hot little noises, and he says “Wait, Ricardo, keep going, I’m not done yet,” and Ricardo can’t do anything but give it to him, even though he’s spent. He pulls Pascal down harder, with numb and shaky arms, and thrusts up into him, his eyes flicking down to where Pascal’s hand has slipped between his thighs, and then Pascal gives a trembling cry and spills against his stomach.
No. 921056 ID: 270774
File 155016100597.png - (147.06KB , 800x525 , 330.png )

Pascal flops against Ricardo’s chest immediately, still shivering, and Ricardo feels like he’s melting into the seat. There’s a stretch of silence that could either be seconds or minutes.

“Oh, my god,” Pascal says, finally. His cheek is practically stuck to Ricardo’s throat with sweat. “That was so fun. I want to do it again.”
No. 921057 ID: 270774
File 155016101538.png - (124.94KB , 800x525 , 331.png )

No. 921058 ID: 270774
File 155016102724.png - (101.70KB , 800x525 , 332.png )

“Ah, but we can’t,” Pascal sighs. He peels himself away from Ricardo and wobbles back upright. “We have to be running away now! To Vegas, to Vegas.” He stretches, arching his back, and Ricardo can’t help but run his hand up the curve of his ribs as he does so. Pascal looks down at him, expression bright. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah,” Ricardo says, and it’s the truth. It’s frankly fucking embarrassing how much better he feels, honestly, because the idea that all he needed was a good fuck is somehow a little demeaning. He’s clearheaded, relaxed, focused — this is fucking stupid.
No. 921069 ID: 11b5c9

be a gentleman and help him Fix His Hair and get dressed
No. 921072 ID: 142ae6

Say thank you! And tell him that was different to all the sex you've had before (don't say "the best" or anything because 1. It might go to his head 2. It might make things weird, like you think only he is the dispenser of good sex)

Also did you get wet wipes? One of you should go buy wet wipes to clean up.
No. 921074 ID: c323d9

say you still have a tiny bit more time and pull him close for a hug. post sex cuddling
No. 921080 ID: be1ca5

Well. since he got naked he should change his clothes. choose a cute outfit
No. 921094 ID: 9fcd43

Definitely say thank you and tell him how awesome that was for you. Specifically thank him for the feedback and communication, that was great.
No. 921116 ID: 3bf103

cuddles if he’s amenable and then helping him get dressed and put together!! also seconding thank him, its goofy but cute
No. 921297 ID: 594c32

clean up somehow - wet wipes or tissues or something.

also, thank him as best as you can for the Good Sex!!! and def use this opportunity to choose a new outfit for pascal, it'll be fun

probably good to get going asap after that, you've sort of just fucked on the side of the road which i doubt is very subtle
No. 921300 ID: b463f2

Yes, a hug, and maybe nosing at his hair and breathing in deep, exhaling evenly, and then murmuring in his ear how good that was, and that y'all can do it again later?

And totes agree with new outfit time... maybe one of the (many :D) sheer shirts, and some shorts? and then... make some miles on this trip!
No. 921306 ID: 158da5

Check the glovebox, chances are it's full of napkins.
No. 921532 ID: a0eb68

boop his nose
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