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File 154174696683.png - (170.93KB , 800x525 , title2.png )
910050 No. 910050 ID: 270774

This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/897413.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
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No. 912950 ID: 14e641

Later we can show Pascal youtube and the diffrent make-up tutorials, pet videos, and music stuffs!
No. 912951 ID: 75bbe4

petition to take pascal to vegas
No. 912977 ID: 986b2d

I think we maybe have to take Pascal to Vegas now that we've said it. Whoops!
No. 913069 ID: 270774
File 154399717977.png - (101.89KB , 800x525 , 269.png )

Ricardo watches the other toy with the phone for another moment longer before reaching over his shoulder to input the passcode correctly — he’d been paying attention when the store employee helped set it up, anticipating this, and he murmurs the numbers aloud to help Pascal retain it. “You’ll use it,” he says. He ends up resting his forearm on Pascal’s shoulder as he taps at the screen one-handed, his own phone held up in the other for reference, and navigates to Pascal’s contacts to add in the few numbers that he has. “To talk to people. To tell me what you’re doing if we’re separated.”

“You do not need to know what I am doing,” Pascal grumbles, but he’s perking up a little as Ricardo finishes, his interest slowly stirring.

“For practicality’s sake.” Ricardo pauses for a moment. "This you'll find useful," he adds, recalling the hundreds of photographs on the nightstand. A few swipes of his finger, and he opens up the front camera. “Look.”
No. 913070 ID: 270774
File 154399722212.png - (169.55KB , 800x525 , 270.png )

“AH!” Immediately, Pascal begins frantically slapping Ricardo’s side, overcome with excitement. “Ricardo! It’s like a mirror!” His hand closes around a bunch of fabric in the side of Ricardo’s shirt as he tilts his face back and forth, observing himself from every possible angle in the camera. “Oh! Oh! I am so much handsomer than I thought! I look better in motion!” His free hand drifts up to pull on a loose ringlet and then release, letting it spring back; then he shakes his entire head, bursting out into delighted laughter at the bounce of his hair. “I am so cute!”

He suddenly springs up on his tiptoes, trying to angle the phone to catch Ricardo in the frame as well. “Here, you look too. You’re also handsome. Agh, I cannot see.” He’s bouncing a little on the balls of his feet, his smile open and breathless. “I have not seen myself moving in - well, I have not. It’s different than photo!”
No. 913071 ID: 270774
File 154399723873.png - (104.09KB , 800x525 , 271.png )

And Ricardo can’t help it. He cracks a smile, inevitable and odd and uneven, at the other’s enthusiasm.
No. 913072 ID: 270774
File 154399726186.png - (120.41KB , 800x525 , 272.png )

It disappears the second he sees himself on screen. Ricardo can’t remember the last time he saw his own face. He doesn’t know what he was expecting, so he doesn’t know why what appears on screen is so jarring, why it fills him with so much immediate discomfort — even when it’s exactly what he recalls.

"You can record yourself, too," he says quickly, hoping he can keep the focus on Pascal’s vanity rather than on his own appearance in the frame. For some reason, he’s already capitulating to his sire’s insistence, bending his knees awkwardly to make it easier for Pascal to fit them both in the picture. His free hand moves up to steady Pascal’s wrist, which had formerly been weaving too much with excitement to guarantee a clear photo.

“Record? Oh, like a moving film? I saw some of those, when they started- ah!” He turns to Ricardo abruptly, yanking urgently on his shirt. “You smiled! I saw it! Oh, no, I wish I had known how to take picture.”

He leans in, eyes narrowed, as if expecting the smile to reappear on its own with enough patience. “I didn't think you could! That surprised me. Maybe I imagined it.”

He shrugs and turns back to the phone, plopping his head against Ricardo’s shoulder. “Oh well. We take picture anyway.” He finally seems to figure out the shutter button, and Ricardo tries not to flinch when the sudden sound goes off, grating and too loud.
No. 913073 ID: 270774
File 154399728901.png - (100.06KB , 800x525 , 273.png )

Pascal doesn’t bother loosening Ricardo’s steadying hand from his, even as he tilts the phone back and forth inquisitively. “It doesn't come out anywhere?”

Ricardo realizes he’s thinking of his polaroid camera, back at the apartment, and weathers an uncomfortable wave of emotion — exasperation mixed with something he doesn’t care to examine. “It — no. It doesn’t.” He reaches to tap at the screen for him again, opening up the photo library. “It keeps them all saved, here.”

“Hmph. If it doesn’t come out, how will I put the picture up on the wall?” Pascal demands. “Maybe I will just put the entire telephone up.” His forehead stays pressed to Ricardo’s shoulder, hair shifting as he readjusts. “Well. Hm. Okay, the phone is good, I think.”
No. 913074 ID: 2e3701


tell him he's so cute

also tell him he can look at it any time on the phone, or he can get it printed at a shop, if he really wants.
No. 913076 ID: 7e9c89

HE IS SO CUTE can we kiss his hair. pat his head. Something.. we gotta teach him more about the phone later! let’s just show him how to find music, before he wanders off — he said he liked music and that way he’s happy while we both get our space!
No. 913082 ID: e0ca8d

You can get them printed when there's enough of them, at a printing place or something. But it's nice to see it made Pascal smile. Alright time to get eating.

Oh, and Ricardo. Maybe double check yourself in photo mode. Your eyes are different.
No. 913087 ID: 589a85

yeah ricardo you got some eye stuff going on. zoom in on the photo
No. 913089 ID: 8bebba


also definitely show him how to play music - you bought headphones right?
No. 913096 ID: 11b5c9

take a selfie and send it to minmin and bunji so they know you're savvy and hip with the kids
No. 913106 ID: 14e641

So cute!!!!! I love him. We can show him how to look up music and such on the road. For now lets get some food. It might be better to take a bus to Vegas. Its not as comfortable as flying but its easier to ditch and change directions with.
No. 913107 ID: b463f2

Pascal is TOO CUTE I love him so much... and that s m i l e from Ricardo..... whose eyes are definitely starting to take on a new hue.
No. 913108 ID: 7eaad9

ricardo your eyes!!!! first say under your breath that pascal is cute and then distract him by asking him to have a look at your eyes.

also i think taking a plane would be more efficient but buses could be safer idk, so talk to pascal or maybe ask minmin about it. no one will be able to get you up in the air unless they knew the Exact flight you're on, and anyone can join your bus whenever, so maybe a plane is the best?
No. 913119 ID: f0787e

very good idea. gaze into each other's eyes
No. 913143 ID: 2791fd

ohhh my god oh my god hes so cute. hes so CUTE. im fucking beside myself i dont even have a suggest i'm just in love
No. 913145 ID: e3a778

I don’t know if we should try to kiss him, even on the head, it’s true that he’s momentarily distracted right now but we may very well still be in the doghouse.

Extended intense eye contact under the pretense of eye-color-checking, however, sounds perfectly good. And after that, we should discuss bus or plane with him briefly, then split up to eat.
No. 913168 ID: aedfd9

THIS IS SO CUUUUUUTE, Ricardo take an hour to think about how cute this is

When was the last time a person made you smile like this?
No. 913169 ID: aedfd9

Oh yeah also we should steal a car and show Pascal how to make a road trip playlist, I bet his selections would be awesome
No. 913242 ID: 9fcd43

We should definitely show him more phone stuff later (especially instagram, he's going to lose his fucking mind) but for now I think we should split up and give him that space. Double check that he knows his password and how to call us if it's an emergency, then go monch.
No. 913248 ID: e0ca8d

Yeah, writing it on something would be a good idea. Maybe even just his hand.
No. 913330 ID: c1212a

Set the picture as a background.
No. 913391 ID: 270774
File 154424645942.png - (181.19KB , 800x525 , 274.png )

Ricardo squints a little at the photo that’s still lingering on Pascal’s screen. “Can you send that to me?”

“Oh, you want to have it?” Pascal giggles a little to himself, tapping aimlessly at the screen. “That’s a little cute of you, Ricardo. Hm, how do I do it?”

“Here. Messages, then type in my name. The camera icon to add a photo.” Ricardo gives a few instructive swipes at the screen. “I want to check something.”

His own phone buzzes when he receives the message, and he opens it and pinches in to examine his face. Sure enough, around the rim of his iris, the hue is noticeably deepening.
No. 913392 ID: 270774
File 154424647062.png - (145.06KB , 800x525 , 275.png )

Pascal has popped up onto his tiptoes to sneak a glance at Ricardo’s screen. “Oh, yes,” he says, “they are finally changing a little, aren’t they? Let me see.”

He reaches up and guides Ricardo’s jaw with both hands, til Ricardo’s looking at him instead of the phone. Ricardo’s finding himself reciprocally staring into Pascal’s eyes, dimmer than they usually are but still a bottomless wine-red, and he needs a distraction. “Why now?” he asks.

“Well, it’s not as if it’s been all at once,” Pascal says. He’s still on tiptoe, his face so close that Ricardo can almost feel his breath against his lips whenever he speaks. “Your pupils already changed, after all. You know, to be like a cat’s! Mine took such a very long time to do that. I think I mentioned it already, that in the beginning I was so troublesome, and had to be forced to feed.”

It occurs to Ricardo that he had simply never realized that his pupils had changed. No reflection, no reason to take photos of himself — and no one there to tell him.

“I was inconsolable, when mine started to go red,” Pascal laughs, his tone light. “I wept and wept. I was such a nuisance. I’m glad that you don’t mind so much!” He pats Ricardo’s cheeks before lowering himself back down onto his heels. “You should take more pictures of yourself, you know. Or you’ll forget what you look like. When I was younger, I would just sit with my covenmates, and we would describe each other — and now you see that’s why my head is so big, because always they would just say ‘beautiful, beautiful, you’re so beautiful!’”
No. 913393 ID: 14e641

Hm, what effects eye change?
No. 913394 ID: e1d580

Good thing they were right
No. 913395 ID: 3981d9

Tell him they weren't wrong, but you like other things about him more
No. 913396 ID: 3057cf

they WERE right!! tell him that you’d be happy to describe him too, but that you can jsut take pictures together <3
No. 913398 ID: b463f2

mb ruminate a bit on how close his lips are/were to yours......
No. 913399 ID: 813d5c

>beautiful, beautiful, you’re so beautiful!

I mean, you are. Haven't you seen yourself?
No. 913416 ID: e0ca8d

Good thing you have Ricardo, Pascal, to keep quiet about your beauty long enough to appreciate your other features.
No. 913450 ID: aedfd9

(God, this is so sad. Poor Pascal.)

"Well if you like... we could still do that. Describe each other. On top of taking photos." You know, since Ricardo doesn't know what changes to expect when.
No. 913458 ID: 9fcd43

This, yes. He's so fun and charming that he made Ricardo *smile,* for goodness' sake (though I'm guessing Ric's not ready to admit that part.) We should tell him the rest, though. It'd be good for him to hear.
No. 913475 ID: a3dfae


also they were right, pascal
No. 913492 ID: 270774
File 154433695398.png - (153.56KB , 800x525 , 276.png )

“It’s not like they were wrong,” Ricardo says. For once, it’s not something blurted out — he finds that he wants to say it, and he lets himself. Pascal is so close that he could have kissed him, but — his mercurial mood could potentially swing both ways. Ricardo lets the moment pass, and eventually turns his face away. “But if they’d shut up about it for two seconds, maybe they would’ve noticed the other stuff, too.”

“The other stuff?!” Pascal echoes, sounding delighted. Ricardo suddenly feels like he overestimated how prepared he was to have an interaction like this.

“We could do that, too,” he says quickly. It’s still a capitulation, something almost affectionate, but at least it isn’t dealing with the fallout of heartfelt compliments. “Describe each other. If you wanted.” Pascal is still peering at him slyly, looking smug and suspicious. “And I don’t mind taking pictures together.”

“That would be fun,” Pascal admits. He doesn’t seem fully distracted from the earlier comment, but he’s at least placated enough to move on. “Because I will be so bored when we’re traveling! It can be a way to pass the time.”
No. 913493 ID: 270774
File 154433697017.png - (83.50KB , 800x525 , 277.png )

That’s a perfect segue away from wherever the hell the conversation is currently, and Ricardo jumps on it gratefully. “Yeah, we need to figure that out. How are we going to get there? Plane? I’ve been using Greyhounds, the past few years. Cheap.”

“Well… It depends. Traveling, I know about. There are benefits and risks with each thing, I think.” Pascal is fiddling with the phone as he speaks, though he still seems attentive. “A plane will be the fastest and safest, but only if we can get on without problem. You remember how I said humans will always overlook any of our strangeness? This is only true when it is not their job to look for strangeness.” He finally seems to lose interest and slips the phone into his pocket. “And to be held up by security would be terrible for us. It is not that I think there will already be Cradle wards at the airports — they cannot possibly have some at every airport, America is too large — but they will be waiting, and watching, and listening. If we run into problems, maybe they will hear about it. And so to avoid this, I will have to use quite a lot of hypnosis, and then I will not be well fed if something is to happen. But then, of course, it’s as I said. Once we can get on the plane, we have no problems.”

He starts walking again, back in the direction of the more populated areas they’d stalked the night before, and Ricardo follows. “A bus, though… it is easy to get on, but it will take much longer to get to Las Vegas. Maybe two days, instead of a few hours. That is much more time for something to go wrong, and many more opportunities for us to be spotted.”

“There is third option,” Pascal adds, as they cross the bridge, “but I don’t like it. Still, I will say it anyway. We can get our own car, and drive ourselves.” He’s already making a face just from saying it aloud. “Even though it is the same distance as for a bus, we will not be able to just be sleeping as someone else drives us. We will need to take breaks and get fuel ourselves, and sleep in the daytime because we cannot see so well in the sun, and so maybe it will take four days or so. But it is also very secure, and very unlikely we will be spotted, since we will be in our own vehicle. And if something goes wrong, it is very easy to just change course, rather than to be stranded if we had to abandon the bus, or something like this.” His eyebrows draw together. “But I will be bored! And cramped, and uncomfortable!”
No. 913494 ID: 2791fd

No. 913495 ID: 14e641

A car could be cool. Maybe even an RV.
Wait....can Pascal even drive?
No. 913496 ID: 7e9c89

ROAD TRIP IS NOT SAFE BUT I WANT ONW ANYWAYS??? please let’s get a cool car...
No. 913497 ID: 9f39fb

Get a car, teach Pascal about music and video apps on his phone
No. 913499 ID: 23dc9d

I mean if you buy your own car you can fuck in it. Can you say the same for the others? No. It also happens to be flexible for whenever we have to escape elsewhere but I mean thats not the priority here.
No. 913503 ID: 70df1e

road trip road trip road trip!
No. 913505 ID: a3dfae

time to make a roadtrip playlist!
No. 913506 ID: 87f46e

i'm voting for road trip mainly because i feel like if you guys were to do a bus it'd be too easy to get stranded and end up in the wilderness needing to fight a bear and i really don't trust the planes to not end up like that one scene in jjba if it ends up that there's another vampire on their plane and i don't think it's a great idea to have a plane go down. that said i'm also thinking about how awesome a plane fight would be and how awesome getting off a burning plane would be so i'm still kind of undecided
No. 913507 ID: 2e3701

Waves a small flag for option number one. I wanna spend as much time in vegas as possible
No. 913508 ID: a71752

ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP.... seeing if we can get an RV is a very good idea, since it provides comfort and shelter and pascal will not get so cramped! it would take longer, but i feel like an RV could provide extra safety, though it requires more upkeep, maybe?
No. 913511 ID: aedfd9

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAD TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!!! And if Pascal gets bored then he'll just have to find a way to entertain us both! Plus it'll be useful to have a car in the long run, we're not gonna WALK across Vegas when we get there
No. 913512 ID: 5e7e41

Road Trip.
No. 913513 ID: 9fcd43

I vote plane, fun as a road trip would be. Pascal having to use up his blood supply might be a problem, but if we're traveling with Kel she should be able to take care of anything that might come up. (Wait, I forget, are we traveling with Kel or is she meeting us there?)
No. 913520 ID: 4ae17e

are you kidding me it HAS to be a road trip
No. 913522 ID: e0ca8d

Pros of car: it'll be convenient to have one in and around Vegas.

Pros of bus: just the smartest choice. And then you could just get car when you're in Vegas.

Getting an SUV with the right seating, or a truck with a cover over the bed, and load either with extra fuel cans and blacked out windows and curtain dividers, and you'd be pretty set.

That said, bus is probably better, so the car stuff are just ideas if that's what we end on.
No. 913523 ID: fd6414

I would suggest a car, but there's only three ways to get a car: buy, rent, or steal. I don't think y'all have the money to buy a car, and driving cross country in a rented or stolen car is gonna get you a lot of attention.

Besides, Pascal cannot drive. I just know it.
No. 913525 ID: b463f2

road trip, with a truck with a sleeper attached! so there's comfy bed space, but also can leave the sleeper somewhere once you're in vegas, and just have a vehicle.

it may take longer, but that's more time to get to know each other, and it'd be safer than the plane option for sure, and more reliable/freedom-having than the bus option. plus... vehicle once you're in vegas!
No. 913526 ID: eaaa82

i vote for taking a greyhound. the faster you get to vegas the better, but with the flexibility to ditch if things go south. you can steal a car halfway along if you need to.
No. 913527 ID: 0d39c7

No. 913531 ID: 5705fd


planes are a terrible idea, and while buses have their advantages, being in an enclosed space with a ton of humans while probably hungry (how long can we go between feeding anyways i don't remember) seems like a bad idea, and getting a car will be troublesome now but a big help later

No. 913533 ID: 986b2d

A road trip is just a FUN idea on its own (Pascal could definitely hypnotize us a car) but on a more practical level, we don't want to be trapped in an enclosed space if an unfriendly vamp somehow manages to follow us. Either plane, bus, or train could leave us in that situation, and we REALLY don't want that.
No. 913537 ID: e3a778

Road trip is the best possible option on all fronts, but we have to convince Pascal of that. If alluding to car sex achieves that, so be it.

If we leave Pascal in charge of getting the car, though, we have to very firmly tell him to get something inconspicuous, or he’s going to show up with a yellow Lamborghini.
No. 913538 ID: 6cf958

*chanting, banging fists on table* ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP

also seconding alluding to car sex to achieve this
No. 913539 ID: 2791fd

it's the most secure option! objectively! i dont just want road trip makeouts
No. 913574 ID: b463f2

this. all of this.
No. 913620 ID: bb78f2

Can't we bat shift our way out there?
No. 913642 ID: 2791fd

Pascal is bad at shifting and will probably tucker out before long.
No. 913694 ID: e0ca8d

Also there's a hard time limit. Not only in the bat form itself, but in blood used.
No. 913764 ID: 9fcd43

That's another good point, do we know if we'll be able to get a reliable source of blood while on the road? We'd have to stick to traveling through populated areas for that entire time.
No. 913766 ID: e0ca8d

If they don't use their powers, I've gotten the impression that they can go for awhile without feeding. Dunno if that means once a week or every other day, but they'll pass at least close to a populated town often enough.
No. 913851 ID: 5b93d3

>And cramped, and uncomfortable!
No. 913906 ID: 270774
File 154472147478.png - (136.02KB , 800x525 , 278.png )

“Pascal.” Ricardo stops walking, and for once Pascal doesn’t seem to be guiding all their movements along in that easy, careless way of his — he stops, too, and turns to listen. “To go by our own car would be the most secure.”

“Ugh—” Pascal starts, but Ricardo presses forward before he can launch into further complaints.

“On a plane, or a bus, or an Amtrak — if we get trapped in one of those with a hostile vampire, we’re fucked.” Ricardo pauses for a second, trying not to wrinkle his nose. ‘A hostile vampire’ is one of those phrases that feels incredibly stupid to say aloud, just like asking about ‘powers.’ He wonders if he’s ever going to get used to talking about shit like this, casually (or even worse, seriously.) “But in a car we can change course if we need to, like you said. If something happens and we have to stop to feed, even though it’s only four days, we can, whenever we want. We’ll have a car in Vegas already, when we would’ve had to find one anyway.”

Pascal doesn’t look particularly impressed. “Ricardo, I wish you would stop being right all the time. It annoys me.”

“If I’m right, why are you being difficult?” Ricardo snaps. “Listen, you don’t even have to be cramped. We’ll get something low-key, an SUV or a truck. An RV, if we can find one. Something spacious we can sleep in, and we can use it after Vegas, too, if we still have to move around—“

Pascal’s attention is drifting off again. And you know, Ricardo thinks, to hell with it. To absolute fucking hell with it. If Pascal is going to bounce his way into leather fucking pants and sleep naked and god knows what else, two can play at that game.

“And if you think you’re going to be bored,” Ricardo says, a little louder than before, “I guess you’ll just have to find a way to keep us both entertained, won’t you?”
No. 913907 ID: 270774
File 154472149054.png - (104.06KB , 800x525 , 279.png )

Pascal looks up from his nails, eyebrows raised. Ricardo doubles down. “In our own car, we’ll have some privacy, at least.”

Pascal’s eyebrows are practically crawling off his face. He’s visibly fighting a smile. “Well! If you’re going to be insistent.” He turns around again, clasping his hands behind his back. “Though maybe you are a little presumptuous. Maybe I’m still angry with you, you know.” He glances back over his shoulder. “I will find a car. From someone who won’t be missed.”

“Something inconspicuous,” Ricardo calls after him. Pascal makes a dismissive hand gesture, something like half a wave, which Ricardo doesn’t find reassuring. “Inconspicuous! And large! No sports cars!”

He’s gone. Ricardo heaves an exasperated sigh.
No. 913908 ID: 270774
File 154472151071.png - (107.37KB , 800x525 , 280.png )

Hunting goes easy this time. He’s only been wandering for about ten minutes before a guy storms out onto the sidewalk from a noisy bar, his friends calling after him (“Come on, Steve, this kinda shit is why Rachel broke up with you!”) and he himself turning around to yell back (“This is why I keep saying I’m gonna move to Peru! I’m gonna fucking quit my job and move to Peru and none of you will ever see me again!”)

It kind of feels like a good omen, and it also kind of feels like getting takeout delivered right to your house.

Steve is easily dispatched and a good meal, healthy and not too drunk and with a wallet that’s a little heavier than Ricardo expected. He checks his phone when he’s finished eating, navigating with one hand and wiping the back of his mouth with the other.

6:36 PM

6:36 PM
https://bit.ly/2BgTvl0 Dog

Well, okay. The attached photo looks like it was taken while hiding in some bushes.

Ricardo realizes he needs to check in with Kel, and he decides to do so while he has a moment.

TO: KEL[code] [code]7:00 PM
We decided on Vegas. Will that work for you

His phone almost seems to buzz under his hand with more vigor than usual.

FROM: KEL[code] [code]7:01 PM


Well, alright. Glad you like the idea. Is getting there going to be a problem? Pascal and I are trying to find a car. Safest option


Ricardo frowns.

What, like a private jet?


In that case, Pascal and I should just come with you. It saves time and makes more sense



No. 913909 ID: 270774
File 154472152287.png - (119.43KB , 800x525 , 281.png )

Ricardo has about two seconds to be pissed about that conversation before he’s distracted by another text notification, this time from Pascal. He opens it and immediately groans. The message bubble is too long to read without scrolling down.

7:05 PM
Dearest Ricardo, Hello! I have found out to send letters with the phone, but not how to stop someone sending you letters, and Minmin Higuchi is annoying me very much. Please tell me how to stop someone sending you letters, because he sends me one every few seconds, and I cannot understand him, and I am worried the noises my telephone makes will scare away my prey. And also speaking of this, I hope hunting is going well for you! You are so talented a boy and you learn very fast so I am sure you are doing fine on your own, and also besides you lived fine for five years so what am I so worried about. I found some prey with a car but when I fed of him something tasted wrong, like maybe he is sick, so I spat it out and I am looking for another meal, except I am going to keep his car. But it might take me a little while! So maybe it would be good for you to do some shopping, like to get clothes because you only have this gross shirt from your prey yesterday and it’s not cute at all, and we will be in Las Vegas which is so exciting. And also you can get anything else you think we will need! If there is something you think will be too expensive for the amount of money you have from your meals, you can tell it to me, and maybe I can get it for free. This takes so much longer than writing by hand, Ricardo, especially because Minmin Higuchi keeps sending me more things while I am trying to write to you. I don’t even like him. Please send me a letter back! Your sire, Pascal Cosovei, sired by the Lord Marquess Constantin Bathory, carrier of the House of Bathory and servant to the throne of Transylvania

Jesus fucking Christ.
No. 913910 ID: 7e9c89

PASCAL TEXTS LIKE A GRANDMOTHER AND IT SHOULDN’T BE CUTE BUT IT IS AND I RLY DONT WANNA TEACH HIM HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO??? ok also. while we get what we need around the city, like maybe a cool leather jacket that isn’t gross, and a gift for pascal (comfy sweater?? jewelry???) we have to find a wild animal to take a pic of for bunji!!!!! someone HAS to be walking a dog or smth, and we should be friends (:

minmin annoying pascal is funny as hell tho. tell pascal minoru has been messaging you too and that he’s... tryinf to be helpful in his own way. sympathize with him! even if it IS funny
No. 913911 ID: f0787e

aww. at least he doesn't text like an old person. that's such a cute message, i don't think he's very angry at you anymore.

to minmin: please stop pestering pascal.
to pascal: hunt went well, going to go look for some clothes, thank you for the suggestion. will show you how to turn off sound notifications etc later.
to kel: yeah ok.

are there any shops, thrift shops, something, nearby? how much money do you have?
No. 913912 ID: e1d580

Well, first it's probably best to explain that phones are more like a personal conversation than a letter as far as etiquette goes. For the trip... luggage, spare clothes, hygiene stuff to keep yourselves clean and wash any stains out stuff, gas money... tempted to go for booze and drugs to make it a party but I don't trust either of them to resist temptation and drive sober
No. 913913 ID: 7f64c5

also lets find a dog to send a picture of to bunji... or maybe find one of those bookstores with a resident cat and send a picture of a cat.
No. 913914 ID: e572b2

ricardo, listen. i know you’re going to be embarrassed by this but listen. you have to go buy condoms and lube
No. 913915 ID: ded7a1

text bunji a 'nice' and if we see any cool animals while shopping make sure to take a picture to send him
tell pascal that hunting went well, and that most people just send little sentence-length notes rather than letters and thats (part of) why minoru is making his phone make so many noises.
and ask why he thinks the new jacket gross lol
No. 913918 ID: ea9f92

thirding sending bunji back a dog pic. maybe kill two birds with one stone and text minmin to stop texting pascal AND ask him if bunji likes all dogs or just certain dogs. ur gonna have to take a dog pic from like across the street bc dogs dont like vampires but be discreet. say "thanks" or "nice" to bunji when u send back the dog pic. dog pics are important.
UHHH tell pascal you're going shopping and tell him to text you one letter rly fast like "q" if he get into trouble, or just have him call you!
last thing: ask pascal if he knows how to drive.
No. 913919 ID: ea9f92

oh yeah also text kel what the importance of "girls girls girls" is
No. 913920 ID: f0787e

those are expensive. send pascal to steal condoms and lube
No. 913921 ID: f0787e

harold she's lesbian
No. 913924 ID: 3b17cc

Ask Pascal what would be cute, let minmin know Pascal isn't used to the whole phone thing or the whole people talking to him thing and to maybe ease up a bit. But also tell Pascal it sounds like he's made a friend and he'll have to live with that. Oh and explain how to set the phone to vibrate, he'll probably enjoy that.

Do not explain that people aren't nearly so formal with texts, let him keep being cute.

Do vampires need to brush their fangies? Get a toothbrush and deodorant etc if needed. Get some CDs and alcohol for the trip and ask if there's anything Pascal wants along those lines. Stop by a hardware store and get an axe or a big mallet or something for whatever might need axing or big malletting. Then it's clothes shopping time.

Oh and absolutely send bunji a one word reply and see if you can take a picture of a pigeon or a cat or something.
No. 913925 ID: f0787e

>I found some prey with a car but when I fed of him something tasted wrong, like maybe he is sick, so I spat it out and I am looking for another meal,

oh, and ask pascal if vampires can get sick from feeding on someone who's sick
No. 913927 ID: 70df1e

i agree if we see any animal at all we have to send a pic back to bunji

text minmin and ask him how to teach pascal how to text because he thinks texting is sending one very long letter and while its very cute you do not even begin to know how to explain to him that it doesnt have to be that way

send pascal a text back saying you hunted already and youll go shopping for clothes and essentials and stuff.

i assume what minmin is doing to pascal is the equivilent of sending carrier pigeon after carrier pigeon but the message is only like one word long (from pascals pov with no texting experience) so i think at best youll just have to tell him that minmin is just Like That
No. 913928 ID: 14e641

Oh dear sweet Pascal. Lets text Minmin and have him go easy on the old man.
Then we need to get some stuff for the car. No matter what kind, something to cover the windows during the day. Cardboard boxes, ducktape, maybe trashbags
As for clothes...maybe theres a thrift store still open around here.
Also we gotta text Pascal back and DOG!!! I LOVE BUNJI. We could do better and turn into a dog. Something big that could actually scare someone, but Pascal likes dogs and that is totally my main goal here.
In total agreement with above, we need to send and animal pic back.
No. 913933 ID: 443893

Find bunji a animal
Give Kel a disapproving emoji
For Pascal: 1. Minmin is a necessary evil, but he can be muted, so you'll still have the texts if he says something important, but won't be annoyed by them. 2. There's a way to make the phone silent in general, too. 3. You'll get clothes, luggage, and sundries at least. 4. Texts work best with brief messages.

And then do so.
No. 913937 ID: c1212a

"Pascal- think telegrams, not letters. I've already ate and am now going to get stuff for the trip. We probably have divergent ideas on what 'think we will need' means so I'm open to suggestions"

"unless you're down to just steal Kel's private jet I guess"


uh, can vampires get blood borne illnesses? Anyway tell Pascal how to silence his phone, then get clothes, camping equipment, car chargers, everything you can't pick up along the way on route 66.
No. 913940 ID: bb78f2

Ricardo, the following texts will be out of your character but I don't give a fuck I need to express my pet peeves at Pascal right now. Then again, even I write like a fucking grandma

Pascal, swipe your finger down from the tip top and press the vibrate picture when it appears, looks like a speaker with waves coming out of it, should solve most of your problems with annoying sounds.
I will teach you texting etiquette, if only to help you not being pestered by Minmin about the way you write texts. They're not called letters, but texts. This will be the most important thing I can teach you first.
Somes sentences involving talking about texts will be like "Text me back, bae" or "Did you get that text I sent you?". Text is both a noun and a verb.
It takes longer than writing so that's why people write short messages without too much thinking. It's the preferred way of texting. People hate scrolling.
Think about writing a telegram if you've ever written for one of those. Only you can send as many as you want, anytime you want. Please send only a few sentences at a time, be brief.
You can BLOCK Minmin, but just in case he has important info to send to you, don't block him. Also I don't think it will matter, he'll spoof a number and text you anyway. You're doomed, "bae".
Text's have the illusion of conversation on them, so write them like how you speak, not like a letter, so don't leave signatures. Kel can, because she can break us like twigs, and she doesn't call it a signature anyway so don't call it a signature.
Grammar or spelling is not that important overall, so you don't have to spend that much time proof reading your messages. Again, they're supposed to be short and quick to make. Complaining about Minmin's grammer and using "u" instead of "you" will probably result in a betrayal sooner rather than later.
Imagine the conversation as permanently ongoing, even when the last text is weeks apart, or even months. Some people will actually not say a sort of farewell when they're done with the texting conversation at the moment, so sometimes you're left hanging for a long fucking time before hearing back. It the culture of the time, get used to it.
No. 913950 ID: aedfd9

(Pascal's text and little text notif face bubble are so cute aaaa)
Yeah we DEF have to send Bunji every cute animal we see. This is the ideal friendship. Tell Pascal that texts are more like a memorandum or a note you would give a servant to deliver, rather than a formal letter. Also link him to a Meyers-Briggs test, since Minmin probably is asking about that. Should keep him busy. In the meantime, let's go shopping!!! Fashion show!!!!

...oh god, can Pascal drive? He has our car, but does he know how to drive it??
No. 913951 ID: aedfd9

Oh and we should probably also mention to Pascal that while we can show him how to turn sound notifs off later, his prey also have phones and will not be startled if they hear one. They're not deer.
No. 913952 ID: 97d823

i loev bunji so Much. thats all i have to say i like him so, so much. we need to find dogs to send him pictures of can this please be a dog-picture texting quest with bunji. i love that old man so much. SO much. we need to send him all of the dog pictures we can

(i lied i have more to say. "This takes so much longer than writing by hand, Ricardo, especially because Minmin Higuchi keeps sending me more things while I am trying to write to you. I don’t even like him. Please send me a letter back!" this is so cute. please tell pascal how cute he is (or at least ruminate on it for a second) & then maybe gently explain texting to him? or i like the suggestions of passing that along to minmin, although he doesnt *like* minmin so maybe we should handle it?
anyway we should definitely let him know that we're all squared away with feeding and clothing)

(OH AND KEL i think i agree with disapproving/angry emoji response, although id like to say something witty as well. try to score a laugh or a smile out of her even if she wont admit it, because i like her so, so much.)
No. 913953 ID: a3dfae

tell minmin not to bug pascal too much and maybe find out if there's a way for pascal to mute the messages so he can still see them if there's something important but won't be overwhelmed by frequent messages?

teach pascal to send shorter messages or at least put in paragraph breaks and how to turn silent mode on.
how is finding a car going? is pascal feeling ok? does he need any help or should we go find new clothes etc?
No. 913973 ID: 055cbc

Let him write letters! That was heartfelt and personal and everybody loves getting letters. You MAY inform him that most people treat these more like telegrams, because the typing is slow, just so he knows what to expect, but do not tell him he is doing anything wrong.
No. 913974 ID: 1b5d91

personally i suggest we fight kel for the right to use her private jet to vegas. i feel like she'd like it? we'd like die BUT it would be fun and we could see her in action for all of two seconds. Please
No. 913975 ID: 1b5d91

OH I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THIS IN MY SUGGESTION if you don't want to fight her we could try to steal the jet AND THEN fight her when we get caught!! like. people steal cars right. if we're really really really really really really really really REALLY lucky we could like. do that but with a plane. (oh but google how to fly planes beforehand just in case- i assume she has a driver or something that we could hypnotize BUT if not.
No. 914045 ID: 9fcd43

This! There's an easier way if he wants to do it but we shouldn't tell him he's doing it wrong because he's not. He's doing his own pascal thing.
We definitely should not do this but I'm cackling in delight at the thought
No. 914046 ID: b1b4f3

Who would fly it?
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