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File 154210861228.gif - (383.87KB , 1024x1024 , 1-000-1.gif )
910512 No. 910512 ID: 891b91

Chapter 0: >>/questarch/886861

Discussion: >>/questdis/123379
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust
Inventory: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust/Inventory

Yesterday was a blur. They ended up keeping you in the infirmary overnight, so they could monitor your health; between the frequent examinations and the steady trickle of well-wishers showing up to ask how you were doing, you didn't get much opportunity to make sense of your current situation, let alone ask any of the growing number of questions floating around in your head. Of all the things puzzling you about this place, the people themselves are the greatest mystery. They've been friendly and welcoming, sure; but sometimes it feels like they find you familiar in some way. They keep calling you Sigarzghar,, too, and you have no clue why.

But these confusions don't trouble you -- you find the others more worrying, such as why you were in a coma for three days, or why all your posessions are missing from your pockets. You wonder how long you'll be stuck in this place, but you don't have much in the way of leads to figure out where else to go -- there're Delaney and Quincy over on Gansett shelf, the tentacle twins on the Concourse, and... that's about it. You're not sure how you'd get to either of those places from here, so you certainly feel stuck. Right now, more than anything else, you need answers.

You suppose that's why you're waiting here. They discharged you from the infirmary shortly after you awoke this morning, and led you here, telling you that Cider has invited you to her quarters to discuss a few things. You get the impression she's in charge around here; surely she can help you make sense of why you're here and how you arrived, and perhaps what to do next. At the moment there's already a visitor in there with her, judging from the muffled sounds of conversation; you wager it's been 20 minutes already, and you hope it isn't going to take much longer.
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No. 935848 ID: 891b91
File 156059018658.gif - (331.72KB , 1024x1024 , 1-015-1.gif )

"Er, I'll pass on the nudist club, thanks," you respond. You feel like you've answered this question before.
"Hah! That's another 20 chits for me." Ben rubs his fingers together, gesturing at Roz. "Pay up!"
"Yeah, yeah, you'll get your money later," Roz grumbles. "But one of these days I'll prove you wrong!"
"Uh huh, you just go on believin' that and I'll just go on gettin' paid."
"Yeah, until you have to pay me," Roz fires back.

"Speaking of social movements," you pipe up, feeling a little defensive of Roz, "Is there a 'movement' for slacking off at your desk job, or is that just a perk of your dar?"
An awkward moment passes while Roz and Ben trade glances. Suddenly, Roz bursts out in laughter.
"Hah! I like this one. About time we got a sigarzghar with a spicy tongue!" Ben remarks before looking back at you. "Now, I'll have you know they put me in this position as a specialist -- how else are they going to find out whether this desk is at optimal leg-propping height?" While he lacks the equipment necessary to make conventional facial expressions, you get the feeling that if he did he'd have a shiteating grin plastered across his face.
"Well, is it?" You ask.
"Hmm. Couple centimeters too high, if you ask me." He faux-sighs forlornly. "But I suppose we all must make sacrifices."
"Alright, can it cornball," Roz says, still chuckling. "Penny n' me gotta go get wet 'n naked now."
"Yeah, yeah," he sighs as he waves you off. "Have fun, don't drop the soap, et cetera, et cetera."
No. 935849 ID: 891b91
File 156059020177.png - (90.81KB , 1024x1024 , 1-015-2.png )

On your way out, you take a brief look at the map posted on the wall. The layout seems straightforward enough.
No. 935850 ID: 891b91
File 156059021379.gif - (411.94KB , 1024x1024 , 1-015-3.gif )

"Well, that was interesting," you remark as you follow Roz into the locker room.
"Hah, Ben's an asshole, but a lovable one. Don't take him too seriously or nothin', he wouldn't scuzz me like that if it actually bothered me."
"So what was all that about, anyway?"
"Oh, we just have a bet on whether I can get any newbie sigarzghars to join the nudist movement. I gotta pay him 20 chits for every sigarzghar who doesn't wanna join." Her toothy grin returns. "But if I get even one to join, then he's gotta pay me back double what I paid him. He thinks this is his way of convincing me that the nudist movement doesn't belong here, but sooner or later I'm gonna win. Just gotta be patient!"
"How long has this been going on?"
"For a few months now. He's gotten 160 chits outta me so far." She tosses a towel, a small bottle of shampoo, and a pair of disposable shower slippers to you. "Here, it's on the house. This stuff should treat your coat pretty nice."
"Thanks." You choose to avert your eyes while Roz starts undressing, fearing what getting an eyeful might do to you, and instead focus on stripping down yourself. "How many people are in your nudist club, anyway?"
"If you're curious enough to ask, you could always show up to one of our weekly get-togethers and see for yourself. You don't even have to get naked if you don't wanna."
"I dunno, I'll think about it, I guess."
"Hey, it's your call. No hard feelings if you'd rather not." Roz's locker slams shut, and you reflexively glance to your side. Yep, that's a buck-naked Roz, with her towel draped unhelpfully over her shoulder. The sight causes you to wonder if people ever have sex in this place, but you suppress the urge to ask about it -- you don't want to give the wrong impression. After all, Roz already knows you're into women, so it might come off as an invitation...
"Anyway," she continues, seemingly ignorant or apathetic of your gaze, "I'm gonna rinse off real quick and then hit the co-ed spa. Wanna come with?"
"Uh, I'm not sure," you respond, trying your best to keep your gaze from drifting to certain parts of her figure. "I think I just wanna relax in the shower for a bit."
"You sure? Could be a good way of gettin' to know people, especially with me there to introduce you!" She studies you for a moment. "Hey, I get that the whole nudity thing kinda bugs you... if it'd make you more comfortable, you could always just keep your towel wrapped around you. It's no big deal, no one's gonna think anything of it."

A) Decline Roz's offer and grab a shower stall for yourself. You need some private time to relax and reflect on your situation a bit.
B) Accept Roz's offer. Roz makes a good point about getting to know people, and like she said, you can cover yourself up if you'd rather not go nude.
C) Suggest the two of you stay in the ladies-only section instead. Getting to know some people sounds good, but you don't think you're quite ready to graduate to the co-ed area just yet.
D) Invite Roz to join you in one of the stalls. You're a little too new around here to feel comfortable with meeting a bunch of people who are in their birthday suits, but the shock of seeing Roz's body has worn off and it might be nice to have someone to chat with while you wash each other's hair. Plus, it might be a good opportunity to ply her for information.
E) ???

No. 935851 ID: 790132

While the gesture IS nice, and by all means very understandable, I also feel like we would prefer to introduce ourselves at our own speed and pace, so to speak. Letting Roz dictate the time and place could throw things out of our narrative control unless we were particularly proactive about taking control of the conversation. And even then, we come from a position of weakness; even if we take the 'go, but with towel' option, we come across as shy or (perhaps more likely with our personality) stubborn, going against the mores intentionally. Don't want to make such a first impression right now. I'd like to hope we're going for rational, reasonable, trustworthy, but not too egregious or withdrawn.

Not to mention, the nudity thing, while clearly common, tends to denote a certain...vulnerability in people. Vulnerability that I don't think is good to expose right now, considering our long-term goals of escape. It's something that I think is possible to overcome, but would be difficult to execute unless all us suggesters were on the same page.


If We Accept: It'll possibly allow introducing us to others to be quicker and easier, but puts us in a weaker position of impression if we don't control the conversation wholesale due to the sheer nature of the place and context- which is highly likely. Choosing to wear a towel would also make us seem like we're too shy to accept the local norms or too stubborn to abide by them- both not the first impressions we want.

If We Decline: We'll likely lose a bit of trust with Roz; she's been trying hard to get us to do her thing, and we could lose an easy in or an early vouch for our person. However, the means and methods of first contact with other individuals within the cult remain with us, allowing us to shape their impressions of us however we might want.

I'm not sure which I pick right now, just felt it'd be good to get my logic out early.
No. 935853 ID: 220480

B) while trying and failing to not fantasize about getting your face between Roz's cheeks in a private stall.
No. 935854 ID: ad51b8

>B) Accept Roz's offer. Roz makes a good point about getting to know people, and like she said, you can cover yourself up if you'd rather not go nude.

Going with this so you can get a feel for what the people in this maybe cult are like. I mean yes gathering info on this place is important seeing I see it as gathering information on who people are and who's who so we can try to build up an idea of people we might be able to trust, people to avoid for one reason or another, and people who we feel that we can safely pump for information on this maybe cult.
No. 935856 ID: e2f5cc

B)Cause you need to meet people and should probably get a little more used to naked people if you're gonna hang around Roz with much regularity, and go nude as you'll probably draw more attention to yourself if you go with a towel. Plus this will get you closer to being inbetween those thighs that are bigger than your torso
No. 935863 ID: e51896


give a half jokingly excuse that you are only joining her in the co-ed showers because you have the strangest feeling that if you don't keep your eye on Roz, she might steal your clothing from the locker room to try to get you to embrace nudity
of course, that won't stop somebody else from stealing our clothing from the locker room ;)

Keep your towel when you enter.
No. 935882 ID: 726b70

B. Because males.
No. 935891 ID: 0fae41

D. Let's tackle this one body at a time.
No. 935892 ID: 4854ef

B: We might as well get used to some people now, and getting it out of the way helps.
No. 935893 ID: e7c7d3


Let's be honest, if just Roz is setting you off then a whole room of naked strangers is going to make you explode.
No. 935895 ID: b1b4f3

No. 935899 ID: d40a27

>of course, that won't stop somebody else from stealing our clothing from the locker room ;) 

Fully support. More ENF shenanigans will be fun. Imagine having to chase down your clothing thief or try to sneak back in your room without being seen... nakedly~.

B. It seems like Roz is starting to get a little dissapointed in us. I would like to keep our friendship going, and if it means going in the mix bathing spa with her, so be it. But lets keep the towel on to keep our modesty and shame intact.
No. 935910 ID: 790132

I should also mention that I already don't like this- how Roz is beginning to act. I don't know if she's doing it intentionally or what, but it almost feels like subtle emotional manipulation- guilt tripping, in other words. I could just be reading too much into things, but I've always been one of those people that really dislikes being coerced into doing something supposedly voluntary that I don't want to do.

It honestly just furthers my suspicions that this has cult leanings, if nothing else. No one should feel like they can't say no if they're uncomfortable.
No. 935932 ID: cb6404


After a bit of thought ...

... let's start off with D, sharing a shower for a bit. Just to acclimate, talk some more, and "feel things out," to help adjusting. It's still a pretty big shift, after all, considering this will be the first we've ever bathed since becoming ourselves!

That, and learning more about things, who Roz is, being a sigarzaghar, and the dars -- you know, since we need to choose one soon -- would definitely be beneficial.

After that and some time to relax, let's then do B, but keep the towel on. It could be kinda nice to meet a few people and talk some, and maybe help make this whole affair feel a bit more normal.

And besides, Roz has been really supportive so far and nothing if not nice to us, so ... it's only fair to show some of that back, right? Just not completely naked (yet).
No. 935935 ID: 7fb87a

E) Help Roz with that 'deep shampooing' she mentioned earlier
No. 935969 ID: 15a025

B. It could be a nice relaxing way to meet some other people here and have a casual conversation.
No. 935981 ID: dc9489

A because it couldn't hurt to know some more people around here, and washing off before getting in a public bath is common courtesy
No. 935982 ID: b0b724

C. Not that it's going to win but it'd be an interesting compromise
No. 935989 ID: d24c68

Hmm, B.

But not because I want to see these anthropomorphic people naked, or anything. Just, you know, for research.
No. 935995 ID: c8d2b2

B) you should definitely start meeting the other people around here and this is a nice casual way to do so. Considering your reaction towards being naked around Roz and seeing Roz naked, the ladies-only section probably wouldn't be any more comfortable.
No. 936022 ID: 864e49

B son.
Gotta scope out the merchandise. Gotta make connections. Gotta get some fuckoundations going.
No. 936075 ID: 168af0

You haven't really had an opportunity to find out if you're attracted to men as much as you are women, so I'm tempted towards B just on the basis of more chances for self-discovery. And like, better to get over the shock you feel seeing people naked in a relaxed situation, with someone looking after you, than possibly at some random future point, right? There is a big aspect of just being conditioned when it comes to this sort of thing.
No. 937386 ID: e95cec

This is sound logic. (A)
No. 937405 ID: 91ee5f

No. 937426 ID: bcc41d

B, because getting to know people with the help of an established individual is an actual no joke opportunity. If you're worried about getting involuntarily tantalized try to focus on faces and backgrounds, not bodies. Roz caught you off-guard earlier, but surely you can steel yourself somewhat, right?
No. 939820 ID: 891b91
File 156370598023.gif - (348.30KB , 1024x1024 , 1-016-1.gif )

Roz has a good point, you realize -- this is an opportunity to get to know people in a relaxed atmosphere, and having Roz there to back you up, so to speak, makes it a bit easier. You feel like Roz might be a bit disappointed in your apprehensiveness, too... but shouldn't you be allowed to be apprehensive about anything you choose? Still, staying on Roz's good side and getting to know some people around here with her backing is probably worth the discomfort.

"I guess you have a point," you sigh. "I'll go -- but I'm keeping the towel on." You almost add, half-jokingly, that you need to keep your eye on her so she doesn't steal your clothes, but you stop short when you realize that it might give her ideas.

"Sure, sure, like I said, no one's gonna think anything of it. I'm gonna go rinse off, meet you in the showers."

"Alright," you reply, acknowledging her with a wave of your hand.

After she leaves, you finish undressing and neatly stack your clothes in the locker. A key is hanging by a lanyard inside; you take it, assuming it to be the key to the locker -- a surprisingly low-tech solution, compared to the things you've seen so far.

>of course, that won't stop somebody else from stealing our clothing from the locker room ;)
You frown at the possibility that someone might steal your clothes, but as you clutch the key to your chest you decide it isn't very likely. If they had a clothing theft problem around here, they'd use high-tech lockers, not mechanical ones, right? Besides, if it were to happen you could just wait in the locker room and get Roz or someone else to bring you new clothes. Or you could just walk back in your towel, which would be nowhere near as embarrassing as being naked in public was! You clutch the locker key in your hand instinctively, as though it were a talisman, and use it to test the lock one last time before looping the lanyard over your neck. You wrap your towel around your body, tucking the corner in so it hangs like a dress, then gather your toiletries and head through the door to the showers.
No. 939821 ID: 891b91
File 156370598801.gif - (257.48KB , 1024x1024 , 1-016-2.gif )

As you enter, Roz catches sight of you, and motions for you to join her under the open shower. You do your best to ignore the pendulous sway of her breasts as she does so.

A) Duck into one of the stalls and shower off in there. You're fine with meeting some new people in this setting, but you're strictly against taking your towel off in front of any of them for any longer than you have to.
B) Join Roz and rinse off at the open shower. It might be quicker that way, and Roz would probably like it.
>1) But shampoo your fur here. You just want to get the bathing over with so you can keep your towel on most of the time you're around other people.
>2) But let the shampooing wait for the spa. A little communal bathing could be relaxing for all you know, and Roz can help you get those hard-to-reach places. After all, it's not like you'll stand out doing that in a bathhouse of all places.
C) ???

No. 939824 ID: 2df440

B 2
No. 939834 ID: 10c408

A. Establish limits first, then break/adjust them later. We're just here to have a shower, no frills attached.
No. 939840 ID: 7f086e

A) We’ve pretty much decided this already. Holding yourself to a more comfortable situation is probably the best option here; we do intend to leave Roz and the rest of the “not a cult” behind us as soon as possible.
No. 939843 ID: e51896

B1, to get this over and done with.

Also, as you are walking towards Roz, glance under the stalls and see if you can see legs in there to get an idea if other people are here.

also, as you walk towards Roz, accidentally slip and fall on your back, end up in an... inappropriate position.
No. 939845 ID: e7c7d3

B 1
Step out of your comfort zone but not too far. Show Roz that you're willing to join in but that your own boundaries still need to be respected.
No. 939851 ID: 58ee15

I'm against B, because Penny already decided to wear a towel to the spa. It would be inconsistent for her to shower nude with other people here, but then suddenly be shy and need a towel for the co-ed spa.
I'm also against Penny slipping on the wet floor here. It would be way better if it happened after entering the co-ed spa ;)

A) Hold onto the stall doors when entering.
No. 939856 ID: 864e49

Show her that you're at least a little adventures but taking it slow, also get her to help shampoo you.
No. 939876 ID: 0fae41

B 2. It's not too late to crawl back out of your shell.
No. 939903 ID: 7fb87a

B 2
it is difficult to both learn about people and avoid them at the same time.
No. 939906 ID: fd2d31

B2, but clearly show you're doing it as a necessity and not out of pleasure.
No. 939936 ID: cb6404


We've been a bit paranoid in the past, but insofar, this seems like a very relaxed and respectable atmosphere. It isn't as though Roz is suddenly making out with everyone, or anything silly like that.

Maybe it won't be too bad to talk a bit and rinse off.

So ... C: use the opportunity to talk to Roz some more, have her help you shampoo in one of the stalls (because acclimation is important!) and then go ahead and join her in the spa to meet some others -- with your towel, of course.
No. 939940 ID: e95cec

A1, a tasty steak sauce
No. 939961 ID: 744ed0

B2 my dude
No. 939963 ID: 094652

Yeah, it's that good.
No. 939987 ID: 4854ef

No. 939990 ID: 29e9f3

No. 940017 ID: 44b1b5

No. 940024 ID: e2f5cc

No. 940088 ID: 2202fb

No. 940190 ID: 446872

Maybe b2 wouldn't be so bad
No. 940653 ID: 15a025

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