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File 154346483395.png - (172.98KB , 1000x641 , 7-1.png )
912160 No. 912160 ID: 7816e7

Chapter 7

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/891196.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point

The air today is thick in Moot Point. Fog creeps through the streets, rising into alleyways as if the harbor itself was making an effort to fill the city. On the far cliff above, Augustine Moot looms; her sword lit with a powerful magelight lantern to warn sailors of the rocks below.
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No. 913189 ID: 7816e7
File 154405945129.png - (100.53KB , 700x500 , 7-10.png )

A growing anxiety gnaws at them from somewhere within the endless grey. Kol's finger points uncertainly, "Wh-" He starts, not believing his eyes, "What the fuck is that?"

They follow his gaze and once they see it, they curse quietly. Something on the horizon is moving, each slow, loping step bringing it closer to the city. Its shaggy back cresting as high as Moot Point itself, hunched as though there were not room enough for it under the sky. Giant eyes flash in the mist, piercing the gloom and striking dread into their hearts
No. 913190 ID: 7816e7
File 154405945540.png - (126.51KB , 644x700 , 7-11.png )

Casey’s voice answers him with a gasp: “Bargast...”

“Correct.” Sifr nods sagely.

“The-they’re harbingers of doom... Oh Minerva...” Casey stammers, her knees feeling weak.

Sifr huffs, “Nonsense. They’re creatures just like you and me. Once upon a time, vampire lords rode them into battle, turning them into weapons of terror. But otherwise very little is known about them.”
No. 913191 ID: 86eb65

Well we should go ask it what it is doing in the neighborhood and see if it needs anything.

Would rather get off on the right foot with it before assuming it has some horrible agenda.

Still need to be very careful though.
No. 913192 ID: 10c408

"...We're not hunting that, are we? Or... is it looking for something else in the city that we need to find first? before it starts crushing buildings?"
No. 913193 ID: 91ee5f

“Does that mean there’s a vampire lord on its back right now?!”
No. 913196 ID: eeb7d9

I can't bang that! Or can i?
No. 913199 ID: b1b4f3

>little is known about them
...Okay, let's go talk to it.
No. 913201 ID: d887c0

Okay. So, it's just a FUCKING ENORMOUS animal and not a supernatural doom machine. Good to know.
So, what's to be done? Lure it away from town before it stomps all over it?
No. 913202 ID: b1b4f3

...what does it eat?
No. 913209 ID: 10c408

History called, it would like to remind you about them being used as giant doom machines by vampires.

I mean really. We don't know a lot about them beyond what's established but even if they are peaceful they're also really big and that's a danger to everything smaller than it and this one doesn't appear to be stopping.
No. 913211 ID: b0354c

Let's pool our knowledge on this thing. Can they cross rivers?
No. 913240 ID: e0ca8d

Also, legends aren't necessarily nonsense. It could very well be a horrifying premonition of doom. Or it could be coincidence that a lot of doom happens around them.

Still, how do we get one to leave?
No. 913241 ID: 094652

Step 1 - Attempt to solve conflict diplomatically
Step 2 - Nurse injuries
Step 3 - Portals through the legs
Step 4 - Cauterize wounds
Step 5 - Begin sex sequence with giant dog dick

Simple enough, what's all the terror for?
No. 913252 ID: 10c408

It's a third the size of the city itself. The statue everyone is on? Smaller than it.
No. 913298 ID: 2007b6

Well you're not going to be able to do anything from way over here. If the one thing we actually know for sure is that it's possible to ride the giant doom-dog, let's portal over onto it's back, and we can figure the rest out as we go.
No. 913377 ID: 7816e7
File 154423751685.png - (102.44KB , 700x500 , 7-12.png )

“How is this possible? I thought they were all gone!”

Sifr’s fingers twist at his mustache, “Evidently not. From what I have heard, there are still a few living in the far north; where the boundaries between worlds are weaker.”

“Well then, what’s it doing here?” Casey stares in disbelief as a monstrous paw sails silently over an entire hill.

“Precisely what I intend to find out.” The Medium nods, “We must find its intents and, if possible, convince it to leave the city in peace before it sparks a panic.”

“And if we can’t?” Kol tears his eyes away from the Bargast long enough to question his uncle.

“Then, I’m afraid, my fellow Guardians and I will be asked to... deal with it.“

Kol and Casey share a glance and they nod, “What do we need to do?”

“Get me on top of it. As close to the head as possible... discreetly.”
No. 913378 ID: 7816e7
File 154423752073.png - (99.37KB , 600x562 , 7-13.png )

As one they turn to Gabe. Still slackjawed by the immensity, he murmurs “Maaaan, what does it even eat?” Realizing himself, the Sender blinks and refocuses. “We’re going to ride that thing?”

“That’s what I’m hoping, yes. With a minimum number of Gates. I worry they will end up will attracting its attention ”

Gabe squints, his tongue lightly clamped between his teeth as he concentrates. “Impossible to tell how big it is like this... Maybe...”

He sticks his hand out into thin air, summoning a spacial pocket and withdrawing a heavy, leatherbound tome. Cracking the pages open, he flips through pages until he finds a map of the area surrounding Moot Point. Red lines of energy lattice their way across the paper and Gabe whistles, “Wow, its bending the ley lines around it as it walks. That gives me some idea of the distance but I’m still not sure about the height.”
No. 913381 ID: 908948

Can we get a vecor and plant someone in it's path? Maybe on a high ground or landmark?
No. 913386 ID: b1b4f3

You could use trigonometry to calculate its height, knowing the distance and having a visual reading on it. Measure the angle between its feet and its head, then take the tangent of that angle and multiply it by the distance from here to its feet.
...that requires a precise measurement though. It moving shouldn't matter too much since its height is a constant, you just need the distance and angle to be measured at the same time.
No. 913389 ID: df5c09

You could theoretically get it in one Gate if you got a surveyor up here. They'd have the equipment and know-how to find the height, distance and angle of a spot right over the Bargast's head. However, it'd take time to Gate down, find one, hire 'em or convince 'em to come up here, Gate back up, wait for 'em to setup, then wait more for 'em to take their measurements and do the calculations.
So, how long until the Bargast passes the point of Guardian team intervention? Probably not long enough to execute this plan.

Second idea is opening targeting mini-Gates very high over the Bargast, adjusting position 'till one is right over its head. Then drop something glowing or otherwise visible from a far distance through and measure how long it takes to land on the Bargast's head. From that calculate based on gravitational acceleration to find the rough distance from the targeting mini-Gate to the Bargast's head. Subtract how high up you can safely fall from that distance and open a Gate that far down from the targeting mini-Gate.
May not be a viable idea due to opening too many Gates over the Bargast. How good is it at sensing Gates?

Third idea is to think over everyone you know in Moot Point, or that you can summon from farther away, that might be able to help you here. Y'all wouldn't happen to know someone who can magically accurately eyeball angle, distance and height, do ya?

Also, if you're making rough calculations, error on the side of extra height, since the Bargast will definitely notice if a Gate slices its flesh.

And when the Gate is open, could Casey create a aura tentacle long enough for everyone else to slide down it to the Bargast? Then she could hook the end of the aura tentacle over the edge of the Gate and lower herself down.

>It moving shouldn't matter too much since its height is a constant...
Except its walking across terrain that isn't flat, so there will be variation. But if it's slow enough, and the measurements and calculations can be done fast enough, that won't matter.
No. 913401 ID: d887c0

You could try comparing it to the surrounding geography or look up historical accounts on Bargast dimensions.
No. 913402 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah the terrain isn't flat but we know where the terrain is, right? My understanding is that Gabe sends portals at points relative to other points, so he'd just have to place a portal X above the ground where X is the height. Uh, plus some room for error of course.

I wonder if either of our Fey friends could help here? Maybe Nixxy? We could summon her.
No. 913424 ID: 2007b6

If you've got a topographic map, and the range, it should be possible to approximate height by comparing to the known-and-visible dimensions of surrounding hills and valleys. Open up a pinhole gate, peek through it to confirm (like you did for the ship >>/questarch/878705 ) then slide it vertically (like you did at the start of thread one >>/questarch/860241 ) to tweak if necessary, and finally expand the gate to person-size.

Can Casey's binding magic be used as a parachute and/or shock absorber? A relatively long fall might not be too much of a problem if you'll be landing in thick soft fur, then sticking like a cocklebur on impact.
No. 913461 ID: df5c09

>Can Casey's binding magic be used as a parachute and/or shock absorber? A relatively long fall might not be too much of a problem if you'll be landing in thick soft fur, then sticking like a cocklebur on impact.
...Or, could Miki's boyfriend Raith help us here? We've seen him levitate, but if he can glide or fly and would be able to carry at least one person at a time, then open a Gate way up above the Bargast and have him ferry the group down. We'll need fireproof clothing or counter-fire magic for him to carry people, right? And there's the question of whether the Bargast will immediately pick up on a Salamander flyin' around near it. And multiple trips raises the detection chance too.

...Wait, is the whole group even going? We just assumed that, but Sifr only said "Get me on top of it. As close to the head as possible... discreetly." That sounds like he's going alone, which makes sense with the "discreetly" part. It's also in line with Casey, Kol and Gabe not being quite up to the level of traipsing across a Bargast's back. Who knows what kind of giant parasites live in the fur and on the skin of a giant creature like that.
No. 913607 ID: 7816e7
File 154446938415.png - (146.58KB , 700x500 , 7-14.png )

“Hang on,“ He sighs and stands up, brushing the dew from his shorts. He makes a few passes with his hands and opens a gate before disappearing through. A moment later he returns wearing a scarf and carrying a dark, wooden box. He strides over to the base of the monument and sets the box down carefully. Twin latches thunk open and the case opens on quiet hinges. Inside is an instrument of stunning precision and complexity, milled from gleaming brass and cushioned in a bed of velvet. “Haven’t used this thing since the Academy: my Grandparents had it made for me.” The Sender's fingers trace over the polished metal with an uncharacteristic reverence, gently lifting it out of its cradle and giving each lens a polish. "It helped with training and assignments, but kind of hard to use in the field: too scared I'm going to break it." He props the theodolite up onto a monopod, which locks into an upright position as a built in stability charm takes effect.
No. 913608 ID: 7816e7
File 154446939356.png - (49.58KB , 700x437 , 7-15.png )

Gabe eyes the creature in the distance. According to the leyline map, the bargast is roughly 2.2km away. From experience, he knows that the base of the monument sits at 256m above the harbor, and the statue itself is 130m tall. The hill nearest the bargast is roughly 30m tall according to the map. A quick check through the scope gives the target area roughly 5 degrees of inclination over his position. Fortunately, the titan is moving slow enough that he has time to take measurements from one or two other positions.
No. 913609 ID: b1b4f3

Tangent is opposite over adjacent.
2200*tan(5 degrees)=200 (one significant digit due to low-precision degree measurement, base answer is 192.4750598)
200+256=456m for a single measurement.
Note, this is the measurement at the 2.2km mark. I'm not sure where that 2.2km ends in this diagram. Also, of note is that the diagram is squished horizontally, do not trust the diagram(NEVER trust a diagram when it comes to proportions).

Gabe could do another round of math at the top of the statue and at the base of the cliff. The base of the cliff should be a better position in general since the angle measurement will be bigger and thus more accurate. Two digits would be a great improvement.
No. 913610 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, hang on, where does the height measurement start at, and where are its feet? The height I just measured uses the base of the cliff as a 0 point. It may not be standing at a spot perfectly horizontal to the base of the cliff. If its feet are roughtly at the height of that hill, and we want its feet to be the 0 point, subtract 30m from the height. So, 426.
No. 913611 ID: 65c9b9

puppo is 448.47 meters~ tall. using TRIANGLE MATH we can Tan(5)=X/2.2(1000) to find the answer. (1000) is to change KM to Meters.
No. 913612 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, in the likely scenario that all measurements round to 200m+256m due to significant digits, it might be safe to average out the three unrounded measurements?
No. 913615 ID: 65c9b9

2208.40 meters is the hypotenuse. which is important if your making a gate from here. though you may want to shove 50 to 100 meters off the distence so you land closer to the head meaning you would wind up with 2133.70 meters to get an easier time getting to talk to it.
No. 913632 ID: 2007b6

>Gabe could do another round of math at the top of the statue and at the base of the cliff. The base of the cliff should be a better position in general since the angle measurement will be bigger and thus more accurate.
If there's limited time for measurements, and bigger angles are better, how about reducing the range uncertainty while we're at it by portaling over to the peak of some hill near the beast? Known horizontal distance on the map lets us triangulate, hopefully narrowing the margin of error for range to less than a hundred meters.
No. 913644 ID: 8269f3

ain't that like pemdas or some shit
No. 913654 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, going closer would give a very precise measurement. Unfortunately I think that's what we're trying to avoid here? If we pop a portal near the beast it will notice. Maybe there's a middle ground where we can get a lot closer but not so close that it will notice? Also I'm not sure triangulation will help very much since we're measuring a vertical line. Triangulation is what you use when you're looking for a point on a plane.
No. 913656 ID: b1b4f3

Okay instead of using significant figures here let's assume the error is +/- 0.5 degrees.
2200*tan(5.5 degrees)=211.8
2200*tan(4.5 degrees)=173.1
So the range of height we have here is 429.1m to 467.8m. 448m is right in the middle as expected.

Thinking about it a bit further, being at the base of the cliff is slightly WORSE for the measurement like this, because that 1 degree range covers a larger distance when you're looking up or down at an object. The most extreme example is looking at an object at an almost vertical angle. 89+1=90 which is infinite height. A smaller percentage change in the angle does not equal a smaller percentage change in the arc.

So it'd actually be better to take a measurement from the top of the statue! But only slightly, as the effect won't be pronounced at this distance. Getting closer will give us a bigger angle but the distance to the object will be shorter, resulting in overall better precision.
...wait, do we even have to do the measurement from the ground? Can't Gabe just look through a portal with his instrument to get a measurement off it? So long as he knows exactly where the portal is, it should be fine.
OH HEY if he can do that, then let's take a measurement from 450m up! If we get an angle of 0 then we know that's the correct height.
No. 913680 ID: 769498

If gabe says any nerd junk kol better call him one and give him a playful noogie.
No. 913876 ID: 7816e7
File 154467388994.png - (86.06KB , 700x500 , 7-16.png )

"Be right back!" Gabe announces over the rush of the wind. He opens a gate and steps through; a moment later the onlookers see a pinpoint of light appear on the shoreline, followed by a distant thunderclap from the top of the monument.

Gabe reappears and hands off the theodolite to Kol while he scribbles on a notepad. "Done. Our friend in the distance is roughly 450 meters tall." He beams, looking rather pleased with himself.

"Melek fucking Taus…" mutters Kol.

"Well done lad!" Gabe earns himself a clap on the back from Sifr, "Can you get us there?"

The Sender's smile fades a bit as he realizes what's being asked of him, "Woof…" he looks queasy.

"Woof, indeed."

He nods and takes back his surveying instrument and stows it back in its box. "Okay, Case: be ready to grab anybody in case we… well…. Just be ready, okay?"

She gives him a thumbs up, "You got this, Gabe!"
No. 913877 ID: 7816e7
File 154467389395.png - (109.22KB , 700x500 , 7-17.png )

The Sender nods and steps back, “Okay, get ready...”

Gabe tears open a gate and the four of them rush into the blazing disc one after another.

They emerge with a short drop: finding themselves standing in what seems to be a forest. Thick, black trunked trees stretch into a canopy of fog, while a pale mist curls around their ankles.

“Is this...?” Kol whispers. As if to answer him, the ground beneath them shifts and the forest sways
No. 913879 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, good. That was a very precise measurement of angle after all.
Also wow this thing is big. I suppose we're going towards the head of the beast, to speak into its ear?

I already see one frightening risk: making it itchy. Don't irritate its skin, you don't want it to stop for a scratch.
Also watch out for giant parasites.
No. 913884 ID: e7848c

How close to the head did we land?
No. 913897 ID: 91ee5f

How close did you get to the head? And do you know which direction the head is so you can go over there?
No. 913898 ID: 094652

>Melek @#$%ing Taus
I would pay to see that!

Also, DO make it itchy. I have yet to see the non-sentient animal that continues walking while scratching itself. Target any boils or infected hair follicles for extra effect.
No. 913904 ID: 65c9b9

Gabe make a portal above the furline and get your bearings and if its not too troublesome get a gate closer to the head if you can
No. 913949 ID: d887c0

1) Make a beeline for the head. No time to waste.
2) If the bargast is essentially a giant animal, then keep your eyes peeled for giant parasites like fleas.
No. 914036 ID: 7816e7
File 154484046303.png - (104.86KB , 700x500 , 7-18.png )

Casey looks down at the ribbons of mist curling around her legs, then in the endless stretch of trunks surrounding them. “So which way do we go?”

“Our best bet is to find the head...er... which way is that, lad?” Sifr turns to the Sender.

“Um... it was coming towards us soooo: that way.” Gabe points behind them and sets out into the fog. The others follow and as they do, they feel a gentle shift of inertia confirming the direction as the bargast plods forward.

The surface leads to a gentle incline, and they find themselves at the top of a rise. Gabe leans against one of the black pillars and stops them. “Hang on a sec...” He reaches into his inter-spacial pocket and pulls out a pair of thick socks. He sits down to pull them on and nearly disappears from sight. Gabe stands up, legs safely ensconced in wool and realizes the others are staring, “What? This thing is freezing! You might not have noticed but I couldn’t feel my toes.”
No. 914040 ID: d887c0

You're too cute, Gabe.
No. 914042 ID: b1b4f3

The beast is cold? Shouldn't it be warm, being a living animal? Maybe it's already dead, and is being piloted by a vampire, just like the old days. Is there any way we can check if it's still alive? Listen for a heartbeat perhaps?
No. 914043 ID: 91ee5f

If you wore more clothes, then you wouldn’t have that problem in the first place.
No. 914044 ID: 094652

>This thing is freezing
Does that mean an obligatory walk-and-@#$% scene?
No. 914047 ID: 10c408

thick socks and other winter gear for everyone else. No exceptions. We don't want to get frostbitten or worse while travelling on it's back.
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