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File 154501567626.png - (231.86KB , 1280x1024 , 1.png )
914273 No. 914273 ID: ca1cab

Bored. Bored. Bored. Gods Across how can anything be this dull? Had I known I'd be doing so much nothing, I'd never have agreed to this.

And now you're here. The voices Veni kept yammering on about? The ones that told him to plow that Tsang princess?

He told me if I touched his blue rock I'd feel you in the back of my skull one day. I chalked it up to all the Vrot he drank that night. And yet here you are. What are you doing here? How's Veni?

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No. 914277 ID: 094652

He nuked a city.
No. 914283 ID: 3814fa

That didn't happen yet, no need to start a panic.

He stuffed the rabbit
No. 914290 ID: e3e99e

Yeah, he WILL nuke a city.
They'll also have brought it on themselves, so that's definitely a problem for later.

Anyway, things seemed to be going well for him last we checked, but since we exist outside of your linear time that could be old news or future events.

But enough about that, what do they have you doing? I'm sure we can make things more exciting for you.
No. 914473 ID: ca1cab
File 154518238917.png - (295.22KB , 1280x1024 , 2.png )

I don't know what a nuke is, but I am glad to hear you're getting him some proper sex. Veni's such a wound up ball of problems. He knows the Makag family is ready to tear itself to pieces over his inheritance, and he thinks if he can't secure the loyalty of all the powerful members in the family, he'll make his own powerbase within the family.

Course to do that he needs to, in his own words, 'Have many wives and father twice as many children'. And his wives will take over the positions of those he boots out. But the poor tuv can't get his own priorities straight. Every woman I introduce to him has a flaw. They're too tall, too small, not enough power, not enough influence, wrong family, not enough experience, too angular. How can you be too angular? In the past fifty years he's only got what? One wife? And that one he wasted years trying to woo. Pretty tuva far from his goal of 'many'.

Hopefully with you loosening him up, he can get some damn headway. And maybe even enjoy himself. Gods know I do enough of that for the two of us.

Oh, you're interested in me now? Well, I am doing...nothing. This exchange is basically a glorified house arrest. That daoine Kellach has me kept in his quarters these little pavosh gave him for helping them take back that fort that you and Veni cleared out. He didn't trust me at first, but I think he likes me now. Course he still won't let me leave. None of the tuv let me leave.

I spend my days in boredom. I tried collecting weapons, I've even expanded to things that aren't swords, but my collection has become a small arsenal since I came here so that's no longer possible. Now I smoke meloweed, sleep, practice, eat, shit, sleep some more, and play a few card games with Kellach when he comes back. He seems to love Rezan Poker.

I certainly would like some more excitement. My usual hobbies are, bluntly, collecting swords and fucking. I'm all spent on the former, and ready for some of the latter.

No. 914477 ID: ca1cab

I should also note that this week my workload is light so I got more time to update. So I'll try to churn this one out much faster
No. 914485 ID: e3e99e

Can you not leave the apartment? Or not leave the facility?
If you can roam the facility I'm sure we can find you someone interesting.
No. 914501 ID: c3a631

If by loosening, you mean trying to get him laid by two(maybe three) girls at once, then yeah. He seems on the right track.

Can you at least leave the place, or do you mean you aren't even allowed to leave the room?
No. 914504 ID: 094652

Switch to trading cards or adventure games.
No. 914536 ID: c3a631

I think house arrest means he's not allowed leave. Like at all.
Can you sneak out? Maybe climb out the window?
No. 914621 ID: ca1cab
File 154535743809.png - (138.36KB , 1280x1024 , 3.png )

Oh I've tried sneaking out before, it's the reason they got a sentry posted right outside now. Can't use the window. Too high up, and these guys are crazy architects. Got nothing I can get a decent grip on.

Though maybe you're right. Maybe they'll let me out now. I've been relatively well mannered. Even Kells likes me now. I think.

:iagn:"Hey friend, mind me going out for a drink?"
No. 914623 ID: ca1cab
File 154535757631.png - (174.58KB , 1280x1024 , 4.png )

:iagn:"Heh. Didn't think so. What about a game of cards?"


:iagn:"Didn't think so."

Nope, I'm stuck in here. It's just as well. City's full of these angry hairballs. I don't think they'd be all that good in bed.

No. 914624 ID: 094652

... If you're really desperate for entertainment, we could play a tabletop game in your head. Just a few quick rounds on hard mode.

Lots of lewds.
No. 914625 ID: ca1cab
File 154535806455.png - (195.15KB , 1280x1024 , 5.png )

There's only one I've got my eye on in this rocky pit. I heard that daoine are a passionate race, and once you get them all emotional they can be crazy in the sack.

Personally I never had one buuuut~

No. 914626 ID: ca1cab
File 154535812223.png - (220.46KB , 1280x1024 , 6.png )

Well since Veni has the sister, I wouldn't mind getting a sample of the brother. I'd like to ravage that rabbit haunch.
No. 914632 ID: 11286a

Would he even be interested? I mean if he isn't gay, that won't work.

But if he is, roll to seduce.
No. 914633 ID: c18c89

Write a dramatic, romanticized message telling where you are and how your're trapped on paper, then fold it into a paper airplane and throw it to him.
No. 914723 ID: ca1cab
File 154545193166.png - (136.97KB , 1280x1024 , 7.png )

A-what? An air-what now? The hells are you talking about?

Oh tabletop games? Don't be silly, I don't play tabletop games...

No. 914724 ID: ca1cab
File 154545214139.png - (118.89KB , 1280x1024 , 8.png )

I don't even have a proper StrifeHammer Fictional Battles army. I mean maybe one day I will, but not now. All I got is this Kingdom State Soldier and this Demoness of Pleasure.

I like to make them kiss.

No. 914740 ID: 9d20da

Then make them kiss!
No. 914777 ID: c18c89

...okay, write a message and just crumple it into a ball and throw it, I guess.
No. 914788 ID: 094652

... @#$% it. Imma abuse powers:

[Generate that tabletop Risk-Grimm game RWBY was playing in Season 2]

There, now play.
No. 914904 ID: c150c6
File 154561533553.gif - (613.96KB , 1280x1024 , 9.gif )

[The world shifts, and the already abused delicate fabric of reality begins to warp and tear. Space shifts, time moves in impossible directions. The cosmos alter until a point of reality becomes infinite possibility and then...!]
No. 914905 ID: c150c6
File 154561551686.gif - (205.73KB , 1280x1024 , 10.gif )

[Nothing happens. The table remains a table, and the game remains intangible theory. Dark forces within creation prevent such sudden obstructions at this point in time]

We Sense You. Injection Is Suspended.
No. 914982 ID: c150c6
File 154569347568.png - (104.44KB , 1280x1024 , 11.png )

Oh I see what you're getting at. Be all funny, bring him up for some fun. Yeah that can work. I-hang on. Even rolled into a ball, he may not even notice it. I know! I'll put a rock in the middle. He'll feel that for sure! Or maybe something lighter to account for distance. Wait would he even be able to tell it was from up here and not just some-no I'm thinking too much about this. Out it goes
No. 914983 ID: c150c6
File 154569352131.png - (257.27KB , 1280x1024 , 12.png )

Actually now that I think about it, he comes by regularly to share his pay, maybe I could have just waited...


Oh it worked!

:iagn:"No, no not at all! Didn't you read my very personal message?"

:Kellach:"I can't read yer scratchy shite! The hell was that?!"

:iagn:"But I wrote it in Impraithic. That's the coininoch trade language right?"

:Kellach:"I. Can't. Read."

:iagn:"I thought you were always looking at those books of the pretty elves"

:Kellach:"I just look at the pictures ya git!"

Oh yeah I forgot, most Coininoch are illiterate unless they're training to be merchants. Just as well, I don't think he'd appreciate my prose.

No. 914991 ID: 4db2a7

Why was he already coming? Also just tell him what you want to do if he can't read. What did you write?
No. 915000 ID: c18c89

Normally I'd suggest you apologize for braining him, get him some ice for his head, make him get comfortable and read the note you wrote for him on out loud one knee all melodramatic, but you've just proven you're an imbecile so only do the first three and say anything completely different from whatever buffoonery I'm sure you've wrote down.
No. 915003 ID: 094652

Sing the Generic End-Of-Year Holiday Theme Song!
No. 915005 ID: 4db2a7

Dammit Kome you already pissed off the Outer Gods. Don't make them break the universe.
No. 915012 ID: 465a14

"Suck my dick."
No. 915132 ID: 012fa2
File 154587519116.png - (184.40KB , 1280x1024 , 13.png )

Well I don't see what's wrong with what I wrote. Hey I'm bored, and kind of stuck. Come up here, and we can fuck. Totally to the point.

New Year song? There's a bunch of them. I don't know the words to most though, and I just make random noises with my mouth. No one notices since they can't actually hear me when everyone is singing it. I do know one though. It's more a Pub Song though.

The days are getting warmer
The year is at an end
I still freeze my ass off though
So let's jump back to bed

The new sun melts the old snow
Just like how we melt our clothes
And then we fuck like Pashak in heat
But you knew that I suppose

With new green comes the rain
And old wars start anew
So before I go to fight and die
Let's have one last good screw

And it keeps going like that. It's a North Mountain song, so some of the words sound clunky when translated.

:Iagn:"So, do you need a pad for that?"

:Kellach:"Nay, I'll be better with some proper spirits in meh. The boys at the yard gave me a jar of the stronger stuff. Start pouring. I got news for ye."
No. 915133 ID: 012fa2
File 154587533570.png - (98.06KB , 1280x1024 , 14.png )

:Iagn:"Oh, what about?"

:Kellach:"They just about done with gettin' their colonizin' expedition ready, so they're lettin' me go. I decided we go back tomorrow."

:Iagn:"Why back? I thought the whole point of keeping me was you didn't trust Veni with your sister."

:Kellach:"I don't. An' I still don't. But since I gots nowhere else tae be, and this drink is supposed to be a farewell gift, I supposin' there be nowhere else that'll take me."

:Iagn:"Oh there most certainly is~"


:Iagn:"Nothing. Say, how about instead of our usual game tonight, we play a new one to celebrate?"

:Kellach:"How's thissun go?"

What do you guys think? Strip poker?
No. 915161 ID: 094652

Do you have a movie with porn spliced in between 24-frame segments? It made Kyutama P more... intense.

I forget which webcomic doctor I learned that from.
No. 915208 ID: c18c89

With options to do shots. Just don't pressure him into anything and cause a diplomatic incident, okay?
No. 915247 ID: 054285

Do it with drink. Ask him about his home life, his plans for the future, anything that'll relax him and put his guard down so he doesn't notice you trying to get him drunk
No. 915387 ID: 1d357c
File 154605681495.png - (130.17KB , 1280x1024 , 15.png )

I don't know why Veni says you're so horrible. You guys are funny. I have no idea what you're saying half the time. Movie? Webcomic? Funny words. Maybe that's why Veni keeps calling you a bunch of noisy assholes. He can't stand people that never take things as seriously as him. I think they only time he isn't a grump is when he's with his elf wife or eating rotfish. Rest of the time it's just 'blah blah family', 'blah blah economics' 'blah blah stability'

:iagn:"Oh this game is special since it has some extra rules to keep you in the game if you lose."

:kellach:"That's implyin' I will lose ya bampot. Thas right, I know yer stragety this time. This time it be me wot beats yer ass."

:iagn:"Bold! Alright. When you're out, you either have to take a shot or strip off one of your clothes. If you run out of alcohol or clothes though, you lose."

:kellach:"Well I dun have tae worry then cause I ain't gonna lose. Not once!"

Such confidence. Shame I cheat like crazy at this game. I almost feel sorry for him. You guys are all-knowing and shit right, should I cheat this time?

No. 915398 ID: 4854ef

Let him win some to get up his confidence, it'll be fun seeing him get all cocky before he loses it all.

But yes we can be quite annoying to him, we can be serious or carefree even in the most random of moments so it tends to take him out of his zone.
No. 915465 ID: c7f906

...Only if you're getting whupped like-
>You guys are funny. I have no idea what you're saying half the time.
-something that gets whupped a lot.
No. 915511 ID: 6b103f

Play it close. Let him win every now and then, and just when he thinks he is about to start a streak cheat like a motherfucker.
No. 915990 ID: ba8425
File 154647985469.png - (215.26KB , 1280x1024 , 16.png )

Oh I understand. Don't want him getting frustrated and leaving too soon. Alright, I'll throw a few games. He doesn't know the rules still so I doubt he'll notice.

:Kellach:"Ye ready tae lose?"

:Iagn:"I can see your cards, hold them closer."

:Kellach:"Oh damn, right...Hey!"

:Iagn:"Oh quit whining, you're still mad for losing all your wages last time. And the time before that, and before that."

:Kellach:"Tha's cause I was learnin' yer play. I know now, an' I gonna kick yer tail!"

:Iagn:"Believe me. I don't care. Take a new hand if you think that will help."

Not even sure I need to cheat...
No. 915991 ID: 67c1ed
File 154647995937.png - (231.19KB , 1280x1024 , 17.png )

:Kellach:"O-one more hand! Juss-juss one more, I know I can make up fer this."

:Iagn:"You have no clothes left, you drank most the liquor, even my stock I had lying around. That's your last hand!"

:Kellach:"N-no, thass not faerrr! Ye still got yer luncluth."

And a good thing to, because I am so aroused right now.

:Kellach:"Dammit all I can-I can do this. Jus lemme get 'nuther card!"

:Iagn:"I already let you do it twice."

:Kellach:"One mor' please!"
No. 916010 ID: f97dea

Never! Finish Him!
No. 916012 ID: c7f906

Welll.... that depends, what do you have to wager that I want?
No. 916115 ID: 4854ef

Yes, see what he's willing to offer up for another card, you've got the upper hand and he knows it.
No. 916118 ID: 094652

... I see you couldn't keep your pants on.

Show no mercy! A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal! (I'd say lapine but I don't know the appropriate analogy.) Finish the game and do NOT let him play his final hand!
No. 916131 ID: 2a7b0b

"You want another game? Blow me. Literally"
No. 916261 ID: d99d5a
File 154666244873.png - (206.50KB , 1024x1024 , 18.png )

:iagn:"Welllll.... that depends, what do you have to wager that I want?"

:Kellach:"Whu-what'ye want?"

:iagn:"What do you have?"

:Kellach:"What'ye want?"

:iagn:"Are you really going to be this coy?"

:Kellach:"You want me cards?"

:iagn:I...honestly can't tell if you're pretending or if you're really this innocent."

:Kellach:"Are ye tryin' tae peak at me cards?"

...this is getting nowhere.
No. 916286 ID: daa216

Flip your loincloth aside to give her an idea of what you mean.
No. 916306 ID: 4854ef

He's both drunk, and If I remember right their types don't do subtle. Be more forward.
No. 916310 ID: c7f906

I'm looking at what'me want, sunshine. I still have one piece of clothing left, >>916286 so what can you wager?

If he made you spell it out, make him spell it out too.
No. 916352 ID: 7fe11f

"I mean if you want another game, I have to stick my dong in your bum."
No. 916368 ID: c7f906

Or you could just say "do you bet your ass?"
No. 916468 ID: a32fb9

Bet each other's ass. Whoever wins, you do.
No. 916474 ID: 465a14

Dude, I told you. You have to be blunt with their culture. Just say "suck my cock".
No. 916527 ID: de5371
File 154681871973.png - (287.87KB , 1024x1024 , 19.png )

:iagn:"Alright, I'll break this down into Daoine words: I like the shape of your ass. Bet that if you want another hand."

:Kellach:"How do I do that? Whassappen if I lose?"

:iagn:"Then your ass is mine."

No. 916528 ID: 67c1ed
File 154681887797.png - (293.59KB , 1024x1024 , 20.png )

:iagn:"Look down."

:Kellach:"Whu-oh. Oh? Oooooh..."

I think he has the message now.

:Kellach:"Oh no thas nae right. I cannae do that. I think the uh-the uh- Holy textsh say sumthin bout this."

:iagn:"Well lucky you then I don't follow the Holy Way."

:Kellach:"Whuzzat mean. Yer a demon? Doesh...doesh that mean-nae I cannae do that"

It's adorable the way he drunk talks, I have no idea what he's talking about.

No. 916561 ID: c7f906

What do the Holy Texts say about gambling and drunkenness?
No. 916699 ID: c3c31e

"It means Holy Way rules don't apply. Are you in or out?"
No. 916700 ID: afdebc

Hey, if you're so sure you can win your next hand, it doesn't matter what you bet, right?
No. 916916 ID: c150c6
File 154705354370.png - (160.51KB , 1280x1024 , 21.png )

:iagn:"What do your texts say about drunkeness and gambling?"

:kellach:"Um...th-they only mention imbibing the spirits of exaltation and playin' games o chance with the devils..."

:iagn:"I'm sure. It sounds like your texts are rather vague and only apply if you're a follower. Lucky for you, I'm not."

:kellach:"Th-that's true I s'ppose...but still-"

:iagn:"Why does it matter so much? You said you only need one more hand to win, and I want to see what you got up your sleeve"

:kellach:"I'm nae wearin' sleeves no more."

:iagn:"Figure of speech. Are you going to play, or let me walk away with all your money? Again?"

:kellach:"Oh you smug-FINE! I'm in, an' I be takin' back all wot owed me!"

:iagn:"That's the spirit, that's the spirit."
No. 916917 ID: c150c6
File 154705357252.png - (160.37KB , 1280x1024 , 22.png )

:kellach:"Aaaaand ha! Rising City! Best hand!"

:iagn:"That? That's what you were hiding? I'm disappointed Kells. I thought you understood the rules already. Those are rival families. Any hand made with rival families becomes a False Hand. Basically a pair."

:kellach:"What? What?! WHAT?!"
No. 916918 ID: c150c6
File 154705359645.png - (184.81KB , 1280x1024 , 23.png )

:iagn:"I have a Zigguraut. I win. Pay up~"

:kellach:"NO! No, one more game, on more!"

:iagn:"Don't try and squirm away now Kells. You bet your ass, and now it's time to collect."

:kellach:"That's a fat load o' shite! I demand a retry!"
No. 916929 ID: c7f906

Okay be honest, is False Hand a real thing?

Offer him double or nothing. He wins, he can weasel his svelte fuzzy tail out of your bet. You win, you get his last night here- the whole night- for yourself. How's he like the sound of that?
No. 916946 ID: 12317d

Seconding the double down. Those daoine are small but they are strong. Forcing yourself on him isn't going to accomplish anything.
No. 916948 ID: 094652

He has a really long straight, you have a full house. How badly did you need to cheat?

Also, don't let him retry. He's shouting and if he continues to shout, he'll attract the guards and then you're screwed.
No. 917005 ID: e3e99e

Sure, that.
No. 917414 ID: 784e30
File 154733716748.png - (159.11KB , 1280x1024 , 24.png )

What? Of course False Hand's a real thing. You got three colors, and four families - Rok, Ota, Kiv, and Qud. Rok is rival to Kiv, Ota is rivals with Qud, you don't put them in the same hand. Do that and everything is nullified and you're left with whatever royal cards are left. That's the ransom rule. He had an Ota and Qud Triach. A pair.

Oh, and I made up the Zigguraut. You need a Foundation Hand for a Zigguraut. I didn't need to cheat in that though, even with why First and Second Lines, I outweighed his lines with a 3 and-4 - a Wedged Charge.

Yeah I don't think we should keep playing. He's dug himself plenty deep. But that's a good idea. Trick him into backing out with a doubled bet that is so outrageous even he wouldn't accept.

:iagn:"Alright Kells. One more hand. But if you lose, you're mine. I don't mean I get your ass, I mean I get it tonight, tomorrow, the day after, and every day after. I'll own you."

:kellach:"W-wait. Ye're talkin-"

:iagn:"Slave? I haven't thought that far. There are some other ways I can own you though. Win, and you walk away free, no obligations."

I think with such stacked odds against him, he'll-

:kellach:"I accept"
No. 917415 ID: 03cffe
File 154733718834.png - (183.08KB , 1280x1024 , 25.png )


:kellach:"Ye heard. I accept. One last game. Deal me in ya bastard!"

:iagn:"B-but wait. Didn't you hear what I said? I will own you-"

:kellach:"I dun care! I can beat ye this time I know it!"

I think this bunny boy has a problem.

:iagn:"I think you have a problem."

:kellach:"Don't sivy out on meh now! Deal tha deck!"
No. 917435 ID: 094652

He is going to cheat or use bunny luck
Take a deep breath and think of this as one big meta-game where cheating is just a set of extra rules and being caught counts as losing the match
Or you will be @#$%ed hard

And remember, you have us at your disposal. Ask for advice the moment your 'wut gland' starts twitching.
No. 917456 ID: c7f906

Damn, now it's YOU who can't pussy out. I must admit that plan backfired spectacularly. Whelp, time to win yourself a Bunny BF.
No. 917526 ID: e3e99e

Well, looks like you have a chance to get a cute bunnyboy husband.
Go for it.
No. 917567 ID: b62108

This is getting uncomfortable. Let him win, but try tocseduce him on the way out.
No. 917906 ID: d99d5a
File 154760468836.png - (86.86KB , 1280x1024 , 26.png )

No, no you're right, I can't back down now. If this boy wants a fight, he'll get one!


No. 917907 ID: d99d5a
File 154760486786.png - (89.68KB , 1280x1024 , 27.png )

Tie again? But-oh I see what he's doing. Trying to catch me cheating by cheating himself. There is no way he can pull of such a similar hand twice. He's goading me into accusing him of cheating so he can do the same to me. Clever. Very Rezan way of thinking...

Or maybe he got lucky. Fuck I have no idea.

:kellach:"Oi! Deal again. I'mma pummel ye good this time."

Shit is he bluffing? Is he counting cards, hiding extras? For once I have no idea what's happening and I don't like it. If you got magic cheating powers I could sure use them right now!
No. 917933 ID: ae8ec4

Keeeep cheating. It's fiiiiine. This bunny boy is too blunt for any fancy tricks. You'll be feeding him your carrot in no time.
No. 917936 ID: c7f906

iunno man, we might get in trouble. We can try, but we may be on thin ice with this sort of thing. Here goes...

[scan kellach; scan cards; scan kellach luck]
No. 918353 ID: ba8425
File 154794320672.png - (312.44KB , 1280x1024 , 28.png )

Cards: Revealed
Luck: Completely tapped

Woah what's wrong with my eyes? Are those his cards? That's his best? I think I can beat that

:Kellach:"This it ye grampet! Me ultimate hand! Clan march!"
No. 918354 ID: ba8425
File 154794325480.png - (134.19KB , 1280x1024 , 29.png )

:iagn:"That's not what it's called I told you."

:Kellach:"Well thas the name I give it feck off!"

:iagn:"You're thinking of Family War. You don't have that. I do. I win. Again."
No. 918355 ID: ba8425
File 154794326919.png - (198.19KB , 1280x1024 , 30.png )

:Kellach:"Wh-whu? I-you. B-but hand and clan-that. How?"

:iagn:"Don't feel too bad. I've been playing this game since before you were born."
No. 918356 ID: de5371
File 154794329721.png - (403.56KB , 1280x1024 , 31.png )

:iagn:"Now, about my payment..."

:Kellach:"P-p-payment? W-wait I want another try!"

:iagn:"...are we really doing this again?"
No. 918360 ID: daa216

Push him down to his knees. He has to pay up.
No. 918394 ID: e3e99e

Give him a nice, long lick up the inside of his ear.
No. 918403 ID: 465a14

Grab his ears and start playing with them. Gently tug him to his knees.
No. 918404 ID: ae8ec4

give him a big ol' smack on the bum
No. 918405 ID: c7f906

yeah he has a gambling problem & you should tell him you're concerned
No. 918406 ID: 094652

Here's a scary thought:
Ask if he's willing to bet his gender.
No. 918428 ID: 542cdf

Be gentle

At least at first
No. 918661 ID: 04c897
File 154826243203.png - (427.35KB , 1400x1050 , 32.png )

Oh I know a thing or two about long ears. Sensitive things. Wait...are you implying you can change him into a girl? Oh I certainly like a good bit of bullying but that's just mean~

:iagn2:"You have a problem Kelly-boy. Or should I call you girl?"

:kellach:"Wut ye mean by":kellhegao:"Ah!"

:iagn2:"Hws abt ynm sht mp an gt nn th tble"

:kellhegao:"N-no. wun mer. Wunmer hand, p-please!"

Even now he still wants to play! Oh I think he needs punishing don't you?

No. 918672 ID: e3e99e

"Mmm... Really, Kellach? Tell me, what do you even have left to bet?
I might consider it, IF what you can offer is worth as much as what I've already won.
If not? Well, just relax. I can promise that you're going to enjoy this."
No. 918684 ID: cdf9f7

Better idea: let's play a new game called hide-the-sausage
No. 918686 ID: c1212a

Assume the Gemini or Dejavu position- or something similarly vertical and face-to-face- and keep playing. You'll prolly end up ruining the cards but whatevs it'll be werf.
No. 918694 ID: 1a6f80

unless he is willing to bet being change into a girl and bearing our children
No. 918737 ID: 542cdf

Thaaat's probably escalating things a bit too quickly

And also I don't think that's possible
No. 918825 ID: 1a6f80

he bet himself and we win he's ours now and am sure some sort of gender bending magic we can use you can do anything with magic
No. 918877 ID: 6edf7c

Yeah but what would his sister think?
No. 918879 ID: 1a6f80

point made
No. 918940 ID: ae8ec4

I choked on my milk. Damn anon. Supporting this
No. 919083 ID: c150c6
File 154853489450.png - (352.57KB , 1280x1024 , 33.png )

I like that too!
:iagn2: "You want to play? Alright! New game, I call it 'Hide the Sausage'."

:kell2:"Th-thas nae wot I mean!"

:iagn2: "Don't be so scared Kells."

:kell2:"I not!"

:iagn2: "Of course you aren't. None of it matters either. If I learned anything from Miv and Tiv, is how to please anyone. Just lie back and think of-I dunno, your sister."

No. 919084 ID: c150c6
File 154853506443.png - (127.92KB , 727x687 , 34.png )

:kell2:"Waiiit-no-ah! Ah!:kellhegao:Ooooooh~ Oh glory~! Wot-wot ye-doin tae me~"

:iagn2:"Hush now bunny boy."
No. 919088 ID: e3e99e

Clearly, you need to kiss him.
No. 919489 ID: ca1cab
File 35.webm - (467.06KB )

Oh no, I can't just kiss at any time. It needs to be a special thing. A finishing touch given at-just. The. Right. MOMENT!
No. 919490 ID: ca1cab
File 154887034472.png - (276.95KB , 1400x1050 , 36.png )

Well...I must say, all that talk about daoine in bed was wrong. It wasn't good.
No. 919491 ID: ca1cab
File 154887036446.png - (278.19KB , 1400x1050 , 37.png )

It was even better. Granted it wasn't with a doe, but that just means one less hole.


Speaking of, I think I wore the poor boy out.
No. 919509 ID: 094652

For a second I thought that giant tube of bunny was actually your Schwanzstucker.

Quick while he's distracted by the afterglow go out to town!
No. 919522 ID: bdb73c

Well since you own him now what do you want out of him? Buttslut? Boyfriend?

Wake Kells and remind him how he fucked up literally and figuratively
No. 919557 ID: e3e99e

Round two.
No. 919559 ID: c1212a

Snuggle that soft downy rabbit fur, 'cuz it's allll yours.
No. 919725 ID: 67c1ed
File 154906923768.png - (379.97KB , 1400x1050 , 38.png )

Oh yes, he's mine now. I could go for another row, but I don't want to break him before I even get home.

:iagn2:"Hey, hey Kells. Kell-boy. Wake up. Wakey~"

:kell2:"Whur? Whuzzu? Whass goin-oh. Oh. Oh hell, that was nae evil dreamin o' mine wozzit?"

:iagn2:"Well I wouldn't call what we did evil, you certainly weren't calling it that."

:kell2:"Oh Holy Above All, I cannae believe I did tha. Ma did say I had a sinnin' streak but I never 'spect it do me tae this."

:iagn2:"You makes it sound like what we did was a bad thing."

:kell2:"It was. Holy help me it was."

Ah. Regret. It's common enough. Tiv acted much the same as you the first time. I think he'll be a bit more aggressive if I go for a second bout right now.

No. 919769 ID: ae8ec4

Tease him. TEASE HIM.
No. 919770 ID: c1212a

Tell him you're gonna be honest, you thought he was going to back out on the double-or-nothing offer. But then he was really down on it and then YOU couldn't have backed out on the double-or nothing offer. He really has a thing for gambling huh.
No. 919771 ID: bb3549

Find out what specifically he is so unhappy about. Then put him in your lap and explain why that's stupid.
No. 919872 ID: 094652

>Ma did say I had a sinnin' streak
Tell him he got it from his ma; he should see his sister.
His OTHER sister.
Hot damn those two can drink.
No. 919910 ID: 542cdf

Yes, reckless gambling is very bad and you should be ashamed of that.
No. 920152 ID: ca1cab
File 154937932948.png - (245.76KB , 1400x1050 , 39.png )

Wait, there's a second sister?! When did that happen? Is she cute? Actually wait hold that thought.

:Iagn2:"I wasn't expecting you to take that 'play for keeps' bet. I deliberately made it something so bad I thought you'd turn it down. But you proved me wrong. Still, you do have a problem. You should work on that."

:kell2:"I know. I know....the drink an' the gaming dun turned me down a dark path and Holy punishes me for it."

:Iagn2:"Well I wouldn't call it a punishment. I got you in the deal."

:kell2:"Howzat good fer me? Wot gun' happen tae me? I'm tae be yer slave? I know wot ye do tae them clanfolk we help ye round up."

:Iagn2:"Oh? What do we do with them?"

:kell2:"Old O'Cuga sez ye et em. But ma said that ye sacrifice em tae heathen gods."

:Iagn2:"Is that what people say about us? Well no, we don't eat you, unless you really misbehave. Then I might take a nip off you. And if I remember my history lessons, the last slave sacrifice was in the War of the Four Clans era, and that was thousands of years ago."

:kell2:"W-well, wot then eh? Wot happens tae me?"

:Iagn2:"I told you, I haven't thought that far. Does it matter that much?"

:kell2:"It does."
No. 920162 ID: 465a14

Eh... easy come, easy go. Don't make it hard for him to earn his freedom back, but don't just let him go either. Probably best not to plow him too much until he's comfortable with it, either so... I guess he can be a gopher for now and handle all the boring trivial tasks on your behalf.
No. 920166 ID: d1b783

Easy. He's your boytoy, or concubine, or just boyfriend. Whichever word makes him feel better.
No. 920170 ID: c1212a

We've got lots of positions open!
No. 920409 ID: ca1cab
File 154964008788.png - (263.53KB , 1021x970 , 40.png )

I had something better in mind...

:iagn2:"Kell you poor naive child, I don't want you to shine my sword or polish my spear, that wouldn't be fair. Yes I conquered you, but not in the conventional way. So I plan to own you in an unconventional way."

:kell2:"So wot do ye mean?"



:iagn2:"I'm already betrothed to the Gamin twins, but that doesn't mean I can't take a third spouse. You'd have all the benefits of being owned by a Rezan noble without all that slavery attached. And Miv is kind of like an elf. By being married to me, you are also married to her. You'd have that elf in your life you always wanted. I can tell by you're silence that you are interested."

No. 920410 ID: 094652

Do you know why all these slave races hate your guts no matter how well you pamper them? It's because you chain them to your feet by their necks, and then they see you jumping off cliffs.

In one paragraph, you managed to prove that you spit on all their traditions, obsessively confiscate any remaining freedom you have left, and are socially insane. And you then expect him to swoon in your arms at the thought of torturing his entire family with blatant heresy.

Giving your gf a pony doesn't get the appreciation you think it does when you swing that pony into the nearest divine idol you see.

>What do
Show some respect for his culture. Ask him what his people do on regular dates.
No. 920413 ID: 10c408

...Yeah, I agree with all of this. You showed that at the end of the day you are willing to utterly trample over the date and marriage customs of other races to have what you want.

He's going to flip out at you now, have fun with that.
No. 920418 ID: c1212a

I want you to know that every time you think that you've had a good idea, you were wrong.
No. 920420 ID: 174970

Dodge incoming punch and prepare to restrain the angry bunny boi. You got a lot of explaining to do.
No. 920503 ID: e3e99e

"You know, your sister got the same thing? She didn't gamble for it or anything. Hell, she didn't even get an offer!
She just outright ASKED to be a second wife."
No. 920598 ID: c150c6
File 154982327663.png - (354.26KB , 1280x1024 , 41.png )

What? I really like Kells. If anything I was unusually generous with him. How is that trampling on marriage customs? Isn't it the same for everyone? Or is this one of those things Veni kept telling me to pay attention to during lessons and I didn't?

:kell2:"Oh aye, I be interested, in breakin' yer teeth!"

Oh I guess it is!

:iagn2:"Easy bunny boy, don't want to hurt yourself."

:kell2:"Only one hurtin' is-hey!"
No. 920599 ID: c150c6
File 154982331841.png - (325.62KB , 1280x1024 , 42.png )

:kell2:"Geroff me!"

:iagn2:"Not until you calm down Kells. This is the wrong way to start a relationship."


Okay I admit, this isn't the reaction I was hoping for. Yes I can admit I was wrong, and I'd like to fix it. You seem to be more experienced in talking with lesser races. You tell me what to say, and I'll just tell him and maybe have sex again depending on the mood.
No. 920670 ID: d70be3

Okay first of all, don't refer to them as lesser races. Second you should act dumb, so act like you normally do and ask him how his people handle relationships. Act like you are super surprised to hear it isn't like your people's
romantic traditions and maybe he'll calm down.

And no surprise buttsex!
No. 920721 ID: e3e99e

"Ok, so, I have clearly misread the situation.
I was following your sister's example for how your courtships go, she apparently tried all sorts of things to trick Veni and his fiancee into claiming her, and was apparently rather angry that she had to ask them to take her as their wife.

I was quite sure that was how your people did it. Honestly, Kells, you know you're a terrible gambler, and you decided to bet yourself when you were already losing - and just to see me naked, no less! Are you sure you weren't propositioning me?
Then, when you lost again and wanted to double down I offered you a bet you could have turned down without shame - basically letting you pick between us having a fun fling or a permanent relationship, and you didn't even hesitate before offering yourself to me!

Look at it from where I am. You've been around Rezans enough to know how our relationships work, but all I know of you is what I've seen from you and your sister.
What should I have thought when you offered me your body for a chance to see me naked?
Or when you offered to make it permanent? How was that not a marriage proposal?"
No. 920851 ID: bb31cc

I don't think Kells would know about his sister yet. He might get suspicious if iagn somehow knows already and he might start asking other questions.

Stick with the rest though.
No. 921594 ID: 5ff73a
File 155035516665.png - (194.16KB , 1280x1024 , 43.png )

:iagn2:"Alright alright, sit down, I have clearly misread the situation. I honestly thought that was what you wanted."

:kell2:"An how the hell ye do that?"

:iagn2:"Everything! My people are always indirect when proposing. Hells Miv threatened to stick a knife in my ribs, and that was her way to getting me close to her. Or was that Tiv?"

:kell2:"Yer people are odd."

:iagn2:"And you aren't? I was quite sure that was how your people did it. Honestly, Kells, you know you're a terrible gambler, and you decided to bet yourself when you were already losing - and just to see me naked, no less! Are you sure you weren't propositioning me?"
No. 921595 ID: 8452ba
File 155035519089.png - (185.20KB , 1280x1024 , 44.png )

:kell2:"Ah-tha-tha wud nae wot I wanted-"

:iagn2:"Then, when you lost again and wanted to double down I offered you a bet you could have turned down without shame - basically letting you pick between us having a fun fling or a permanent relationship, and you didn't even hesitate before offering yourself to me!"

:kell2:"Well when ye say it like so-"

:iagn2:"Look at it from where I am. You've been around Rezans enough to know how our relationships work, but all I know of you is what I've seen from you and your sister. What should I have thought when you offered me your body for a chance to see me naked? Or when you offered to make it permanent? How was that not a marriage proposal?"

:kell2:"Alright! I-I wudnae think like that. I see why ye thought it was wot it was."

:iagn2:"Well was it? You certainly sounded enthusiastic when I was-"

:kell2:"I know, maybe I did like wot ye did, but I dun wanna marriage. It's...it's not right wot I did. Tha be the realm of damned folk like yers. Not Daoine."

Oh this again...

No. 921602 ID: 86eb65

Wait do you have a church full of angry preachers that say this sort of thing is wrong and promise hellfire and damnation?

Cause they are probably a bunch of repressed crazies that are eyeing altar boys you know.
No. 921748 ID: e3e99e

"Your rules are strange and mysterious. Please, tell me more. For starters, what sorts of relationships are forbidden, and why?"
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