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File 154605194364.png - (130.09KB , 800x490 , mervamp.png )
915368 No. 915368 ID: df855e

This quest is set in TVRN, a quest written by FRACTAL
Reading TVRN is not necessary but encouraged

May become NSFW
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No. 915370 ID: df855e
File 154605200141.png - (125.01KB , 800x490 , 01.png )

Somewhere, near a river or a lake, you hear a song. One that you vaguely recognize as true. it tugs at the deepest recesses of your mind, begging to be free. Your legs carry forward despite the fact that your ears burn. The song gains in volume. Before you know it, you find yourself in a body of water. Not alone.
No. 915371 ID: df855e
File 154605204566.png - (133.49KB , 800x490 , 02.png )

It’s morning on the shore. The one laying on the rocks is none other than Luce. Just Luce. She doesn’t quite remember her last name, but why share it to strangers? There are other more important details to know about her.
No. 915372 ID: df855e
File 154605210544.png - (185.19KB , 800x490 , 03.png )

Details such as her fondness of plants when she doesn’t have to take care of them and how she always manages to keep her hair perfect at any moment. All this plus the fact that she is irresistibly charming and silly. Luce was one of the funniest out of her entire school! As if there’s any competition!
No. 915373 ID: df855e
File 154605213528.png - (119.31KB , 800x490 , 04.png )

And so Luce was awake for another day. She sprawled out on her favourite basking rock, staring at the clouds overhead change shape and float on by. Calming? Sure. Maybe to others this would be considered a fun pastime. But to Luce, this was torture. To do nothing, was torture. And worst of all, she was hungry. Hungry and bored.
No. 915374 ID: df855e
File 154605215599.png - (89.90KB , 800x490 , 05.png )

There wasn't much to do in the mornings. But surely Luce could think up of something fun to do on such a nice day. And maybe it could involve food somehow!
No. 915375 ID: 080aaf

Find some fisherman's traps and raid them.
No. 915379 ID: c375e8

let's go hunt! hunting is fun, right
No. 915381 ID: ee3259

Go as deep into the water as you can and chase down the least spikey creatures you see. Alternatively, see if there are any crabs or even birds hanging out on shore.
No. 915402 ID: 270774

hunting is definitely fun. especially things with shells! it's mental stimulation, right?
No. 915422 ID: df855e
File 154607177438.png - (162.24KB , 800x490 , 06.png )

Hunting? Well, Luce isn’t exactly opposed to ‘hunting’ down some light pickings of the easiest meals out there in the ocean. Not really opposed...more like if her school saw her chewing on some mussel shells they will definitely have all the reason to make fun of her. And her reputation wasn’t in the best condition. Mental stimulation from that sort of snack is a stretch. It’s way too easy to snatch up a human’s meal! She needs her heart to be racing! Her mind to be swirling!

But the shore...The shores are always interesting with it’s diversity! Luce figured that on a sunny day like this there must be something happening there! Rolling off the rock, Luce dipped back into the water with a splash. She let the salty water clean her from any rock debris and once she ensured that she was all neat, she finally took a look around the water. There were little fish around, if any. It made sense since her entire school has been resting here for quite a while. Their little pit stop! Well, ‘little’ has been turning more into a ‘long while’, but that wasn’t her problem.

As she was swimming towards the shore, Luce popped her head above water to peek at the pebbly beaches. And in the distance she saw them. Her school. Already having their own fun on the shore. Laying and basking. Combing their hair and flashing their fins with such happiness and glee. Without her. They didn’t even ask her.
No. 915423 ID: c1eaac

rude!! let's pretend we're having a Much better time without them
No. 915424 ID: c375e8

wow how rude... maybe we should hang around a bit and eavesdrop, see if they're talking about anything interesting? or just go hunting like we planned.
No. 915425 ID: 080aaf

Well, they say mermaids are the most dangerous game...
No. 915540 ID: 094652

@#$% em. They're not doing anything but sunbathing their giant butts.

Look for some treasure to dead-drop sell.
No. 915561 ID: ecb0bc

Seek out the nearest shores and observe the most tastiest game- humans.
No. 915562 ID: 270774

we should ABSOLUTELY eavesdrop. food can wait
No. 915985 ID: df855e
File 154647739036.png - (73.00KB , 800x490 , 07.png )

Luce stood still in the water as she watched her school socialize with each other. She could feel her face heating up with every laugh and every piece of gossip they’d share. She couldn’t distinguish between the feelings of anger and sadness inside of her. But they both sucked either way. As much as she tried to shake her head and ignore the sight and idea that they are doing something without her, trying to focus back on her hunger and her boredom, she simply couldn’t. A mermaid’s school is essentially their lifeblood, no matter what kind of mermaid you are. And this especially matters to salmon mermaids like her and her own school.

It might not be the case, but the feeling of slowly being pushed out of her school grows inside of Luce. Ever since she butted heads with Malachi, her school’s self-proclaimed leader, she has not known peace. It sucked. And it sucked really bad. Luce always had a rebellious streak. Malachi knew this ever since they were fry. And she still wanted to get rid of her. Well, that’s what Luce believes anyways. It’s better to be safe and cautious than to be killed off for being seen as too weak.

As Luce waded in closer towards the shore, she kept her head low and her movement little. It didn’t hurt to employ some hunting strategy. From this distance, she could vaguely make out two distinct conversations.
No. 915986 ID: df855e
File 154647742136.png - (96.04KB , 800x490 , 08.png )

“-so I told him, and I told him very very well with- you know how I talk to fry like that you know- ‘If you keep playing around on the shores you are seriously going to get hurt. You can’t be running off by yourself to play with some measly vampires! That's what the herrings are for, fry!’ But even when I said that, guess what, you won’t believe this. It’s pretty sad actually, I almost feel bad for Caleb for having such a weak school and I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead-”

Another louder voice began to speak up on the other side.
No. 915987 ID: df855e
File 154647745497.png - (111.76KB , 800x490 , 09.png )

“-and when the orcas decided to surround us, guess who took the fall? Me. And I get no recognition for this. I get no prize, no nothing. I stay humble. Meanwhile, she’s probably off somewhere trying to get herself killed. I’ve always been thinking that she’s a danger to us, but I never said anything, did I? Now, what did you say she told you? Because if she is starting to doubt our word, especially mine, then that smells like trouble. I don't want to alarm everyone, since I hardly speak up about drama, but this is starting to get really worrying-”

Both sound equally interesting, however there’s only so much that Luce could listen to. She’s able to try to continue listening to both, but she would continue getting fragments. Or, she could just listen to one. The idea of possibly injecting herself into one of these conversations doesn’t seem that impossible either. And in fact, she likes the idea of ruining their fun a little. Out of spite.
No. 915989 ID: c375e8

let's listen to the second conversation, as interesting as vampires are i'm worried you're being talked about
No. 916004 ID: ecb0bc

Yeah, gotta listen in on the second one. Be ready to jump in all friendly-like and pretend you didnt know they were talking shit, if the need arises.
No. 916165 ID: 3efb63

listen to the second conversation, then jump into the conversation as soon as you're certain that it's you and ask very innocently what they're talking about
No. 916171 ID: 094652

>Salmon mermaid
Oh that is just awful; you spend your whole active life trying to live life to the fullest when all your instincts tell you to obey the school, swim your way up the waterfall, and die exhausted without ever seeing your children.

Also your school likes to dodge around their insecurities and they're going to get you killed from their incompetence. @#$% em.
No. 916215 ID: ee3259

Second convo, second convo! You need to know if they are talking about you, because if they are you might need to start making preparations for an ousting.
No. 916849 ID: df855e
File 154700895171.png - (134.32KB , 800x490 , 10.png )

Luce focused on the second conversation, her eyes glancing over to the right side of the shore where Malachi, Ava and Ozzy were situated. Ozzy spoke up after Malachi, her hands tangled in the deep web of brown that is Ava’s hair.
“Worrying? You did not just say that...How funny, Malachi. I can’t even tell when you are serious half of the time. Did you forget that she saved your ass once? Oh, Ava, you wanted a braid, right?”
“...Huh? Uh, yeah! A braid please!” Ava seemed to be more interested in admiring Malachi. She was considered the youngest in the school, even though they were all born roughly at the same time. It instead referred back to her experience, which was quite little. Though, she packed a good bite. That is one of the reasons she stuck around.
“Got it. Anyways, Luce isn’t trouble. I know you are venting and all, but you are taking it way out of proportion. All she said to me was that maybe we should move to another shore. That’s it. It checks out, Malachi. We’ve been here for quite a while-” Ozzy’s hand pulled at two strands that curled around each other.
“-Oh, sorry. I didn’t look there. You have a lot of knots.”
“Mmm, it’s fine...The saltwater doesn’t help it at all! Why are we even here for so long, anyways?” The younger mermaid pouted towards Malachi. She only responded with a deep sigh.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I said why.”
“Really?” Ozzy’s eyes shined with interest, and her tone intrigued. Of course. Information was always desired in the school. No matter where it came from. And it mattered especially to Ozzy, who was always kept on top of things.
“Yes, really. I promise we will be leaving soon. But this time, try not to follow Luce. Even if you say that she’s no trouble, Ozzy, she still led us to that fight-”
No. 916850 ID: df855e
File 154700900768.png - (154.96KB , 800x490 , 11.png )

“Luce!” Ava waved over to the water excitedly just as Luce was swimming closer. She flashed her a toothy grin. Ava stuck out her tongue. Ava was always her favourite.
“Hey, Ava! Another braid?” She ignored the stares and kept her voice as sweet and upbeat as possible.
“Yeah, another one! What? I like them!”
Ozzy and Malachi watched silently as Luce made herself comfortable on the beach. She couldn’t quite make out Ozzy’s expression, yet after a second, it switched back to a relaxed gaze just as she continued to braid. Meanwhile, Malachi couldn’t stop staring at her.
“I heard my name somewhere so I came over. I didn’t know you were all awake and here!”
“Oh, we thought you wanted to stay there. You’ve been laying there every morning,” Ozzy spoke up, tucking in a stray strand back into the braid. “And I thought you were asleep.”
“Well, it’s the first time you all left me out…” Luce exaggerated with a pout, using all her power to distract them from the fact that she heard every word and that she was mildly, no, extremely annoyed.
“Sorry about that, Luce.” A glance was thrown at Malachi, then came a light laugh from Ozzy’s lips, as if she thought of a funny joke.

Silence followed. In the distance, a fight or something of the sort was going on with loud yelling. Oh, humans. Luce leaned her head to the left, facing Malachi with, hopefully, a face that says ‘I admire you’ instead of ‘Why aren’t you acknowledging my presence’. Should she even try to press her luck?
No. 916858 ID: ecb0bc

"Hey so like, what's the deal with us still hanging around here?"
No. 917142 ID: 94f68c

"Is something wrong? We've been here an awfully long time..."
No. 917610 ID: d7f01b

"What's your problem with me, anyway, Malachi?"
No. 918011 ID: df855e
File 154769481848.png - (121.77KB , 800x490 , 12.png )

"Hey so like, what's the deal with us still hanging around here?" Luce tilted her head to her side, meeting Malachi’s gaze. “The sight here is kinda getting boring, with the bridge and all? You know I hate staring at moving things I can’t catch.”
Ozzy laughed again, this time it bordered on near hysterical. If her hands weren’t so busy they would be in the air.
“See, Malachi? Everyone wants to know!”
“Ozzy.” Malachi shot a glare towards her. The laughter died down and was instead replaced with a small chuckle. She went back to braiding. “It involves those orcas who you so lovingly ticked off. They...let’s see. They have us cornered here by hanging just outside of the shallows.”
“Wait- They haven’t left?...You’re kidding. I thought they’d get bored after…That’s so not like them.” Luce felt her face burn. She especially wanted to forget about that. The orca mermaids tend to have a small attention span and move onto the next school once they got bored of one.
“And guess who brought them over?” Malachi hummed.
Luce furrowed her brows while grinding her teeth.
“She made this happen?” Ozzy finally spoke up, a look of confusion on her face. “She made them want to stay around longer? Malachi, you know they would grab the first fish they’d find. They aren’t that smart. They would starve if they wanted to wait specifically for our school to feed on.”
“Do you want to personally find out yourself that they are still there? When I went outside the shallows to do the preliminary check for us a few days after the encounter, I caught sight of them. I am lucky to not have been spotted! And here I was, trying to not pin this on her by sharing this information.”
No. 918012 ID: df855e
File 154769484037.png - (88.05KB , 800x490 , 13.png )

Luce blanked. She could feel her throat tighten up. No, she knew exactly why they are staying there. And it was horrible. The worst thing she could have possibly done. She was almost, dare she even think about it, embarrassed about the whole deal. Embarrassed might be the wrong term, since if she ever showed her face again around those orcas she would face a death sentence. And that was only vaguely terrifying to her, since she has faced terror in the face multiple times. But this was different. In this case, she managed to actually scratch one of them. And scars, no matter what kind of mermaid you are, mean a whole lot.
Not that Malachi knows that. Which was good. Because if she knew, then she would definitely try to kill her as well. Luce was surrounded by death on all sides and it completely and utterly sucked.
“No, I don’t really want to check,” Ozzy finally pulled her hands away from Ava’s new braid, “-we voted on that for a reason. And you haven’t lied to us so far.”
She could hear it in her voice. The distrust. The indication that the ball was in Luce’s court and that she had to make her case known. Her face only got redder and redder. She shouldn’t have to prove herself! These were all thinly veiled insults towards her! If they had a problem with her then they should say so!
No. 918013 ID: df855e
File 154769485989.png - (57.93KB , 800x490 , 14.png )

Malachi watched as Luce stayed silent. She was pissed at her little reaction and opened her mouth only to have whatever she was saying overshadowed by the yelling that came from above the slope. Loud, annoying, obnoxious screaming.
Luce turned her gaze towards the slope behind Malachi and watched as a body began their descent down the soft soil, their hands grasping onto the branches nearby. There was shifting of the pebbles beside her.
Ozzy gave her a silent look, sliding back into the water with Ava in tow.
“See you soon, Lucey!” Ava managed to add before there was nothing but blue waves.
Malachi crossed her arms, inspecting Luce one last time.
“Well. Luce. We already ate, so this one's all yours.”
“Uh huh...” Wasn’t she just secretly bashing her in front of her friends?
Another awkward silence and Malachi finally leaves. Of course everyone ate before her. Why wouldn’t they share a meal? Luce shimmied close to the water behind her, half in the shallows and half above water. Tail hidden. She tried to ignore the anger bubbling inside her. Just like if a human was sitting and playing around in the water near the shore.
It’s always nice to scare an unsuspecting meal. Maybe that will cheer her up! Boredness and hungry-ness solved!
No. 918014 ID: df855e
File 154769487970.png - (124.70KB , 800x490 , 15.png )

The person finally made it to the bottom of the slope. Luce noticed that they brought a bright red umbrella with them. It wasn’t entirely weird to her, as she’s seen humans with them to block out the light, and today is an especially nice day. The umbrella made a pop as it opened. She could hear loud laughter from behind the trees. Sometimes she wished her hearing could focus for once, but the waves behind her were making quite a ruckus. She watched as they moved forward towards the shore. Surely, they must’ve seen her by now.
Luce gave them a small wave. They stopped. She couldn’t quite see their face. Everything was quite blurry from far away. They looked around for a second, hesitantly, before walking closer.
Oh, so it was an easy one! One where she could ask them for a hand and she would drag them right in the water! Those ones were particularly fun. Luce squinted to try and combat the blurriness of her sight.
Hold on. Were those red eyes? Fuck. Wait. Maybe they were just a really pretty reddish brown? No, as the other person walked closer she could clearly see it’s red. Just her luck. She stopped around two arms lengths away. Too far for her to crawl, to reach. Enough time for her to slip back into the deep water. She brought a hand up to her hair, curling it around anxiously. The yelling grew louder. Her weird school, probably.

“Hey. You’re...a mermaid. Right?”

Wait, what?
No. 918015 ID: ecb0bc

well it's a relief to know that our hero didn't do anything wrong by the standards of us humans.

Anyway, play dumb. "What? A mermaid? What makes you say that?"
No. 918017 ID: c375e8

just out here for a swim. what's with the umbrella
No. 918026 ID: ee3259

Ehehe this exactly
No. 918068 ID: 094652

Ignore the magic girl, swim right on by.
No. 918128 ID: 270774

well, might as well see where this goes. hell yeah you are
No. 921968 ID: df855e
File 155046018076.png - (103.42KB , 800x490 , 16.png )

“Hahah, what? I’m just out here for a little swim!” Luce lightly splashed the water around her, a large smile on her face. The other person flinched just a little. Aw, cute. She didn’t seem to want to respond back. Well that’s just fine, Luce loved to hear herself speak anyways.
“I love the umbrella you got there. Nice and red. You know it’s not going to rain anytime soon right? Haven’t you seen the sky this morning?”
“Uh...huh.” She was too awkward. Maybe she had never spoken to another being before! Luce carried herself on.
“It was nice and blue today. And the clouds too, all white and fluffy!”
“Right…” The red umbrella spun around in her hands. She shifted around on her feet.
Luce curled a strand of hair around her fingers. This wasn’t the worst conversation she’d ever had. At least it didn’t involve fighting. But it was slowly starting to become a bore.
“But maybe you hate the sun,” Luce sighed. “I don’t judge. I see people carrying them around all the times, so you aren’t a sore thumb at all.”
No. 921972 ID: df855e
File 155046025106.png - (114.54KB , 800x490 , 17.png )

And the stranger didn’t respond. Just stared. Either at her or at the water that surrounded her. It was as if she was talking to a statue.
“That’s sarcasm, by the way.” Luce spoke more quietly, more judging. She hated being serious.
It was a couple of seconds of silence. I was only the waves breaking behind Luce that gave them any sense of time passing. At last, Luce finally had enough of it. She roughly splashed the water around her, causing the stranger to jump back even though no drop landed near her.
“Hey, what’s your deal!” Luce whined, shaking her head. “You’re not saying a thing!”
And finally, the stranger spoke a sentence. Her voice was low and quite distant sounding. As if she was busy thinking of something else. Awful, because she was right in front of a mermaid! What else could be more interesting! But Luce held her tongue and only listened.
“I don’t...know what I expected from asking that.”
A laugh erupted from Luce. She didn’t bother hiding her mouth this time.
“Uhhh, it’s not obvious for you? I’m swimming!” She sunk in a little deeper into the water with a smile. There was a small smile on the stranger’s face.
“Obviously- I- Huh...I thought mermaids had better eyesight.”
“So she knew!” Luce laughed again. Finally, something fun! “Well that makes this less awkward! I thought vampires were all evil and scheming and smarter! You really had me grasping at the surface there!”
The now stranger vampire scratched at the side of her face, her eyes now fixed onto the ground.
“...I just wanted to make sure.” She mumbled, but Luce managed to catch it. A warm feeling bubbled up to her chest. She interpreted it as pride.
“I thought vampires had better eyesight too. You definitely saw them.”
“The other…?” She looked behind Luce. There was nothing but blue waves.
“...Yes. And they left you.”
“Not really but okay. They are around.” Luce huffed. “What’s your deal anyways. You want to go for a swim?
No. 921974 ID: df855e
File 155046029040.png - (109.38KB , 800x490 , 18.png )

“Well, uh-” There was distant yelling. Luce couldn’t quite make it out. This was already getting boring. Weren’t vampires more fun and deadly? She caught a grimace before the vampire swerved her head around and supposedly gave whoever a glare. How seriously lacking. They were on a roll and now it was ruined again.
“You know them, vampire?” She didn’t hide her annoyed tone.
The other turned back to her with an expression that Luce never really saw before. A weird smile. Apologetic.
“Yes. I do. Um, do you, by any chance, want to die today?”
There was a pause. Just to make sure that she wasn’t joking. Her face didn’t change. Luce began to laugh again.
“Sorry, what? What'd you just say? Die? Is this an inside joke or something?”
“...I mean it.” She crossed her free hand over her chest. Luce couldn’t stop laughing. Her lungs were starting to burn with the amount of laughter she has.
“Well, I have...so so so many questions about that. I have to unravel this. This is too funny to pass up, really! I’ve never heard of something like this happening to anyone ever!”
The vampire shifted around uncomfortably, finally settling on putting all her weight on one leg while the other dug around into the rocky sand.
“I- Sure, fine. Ask. It’s not a joke. It’s serious, but okay.”
No. 921984 ID: ecb0bc

Not unless I come back as a sexy mermaid vampire! A vampmaid, if you will.
No. 922012 ID: 270774

the first thing we have to ask is WHY, of course. but also yeah, are we gonna come back as a sexy vampmaid
No. 922022 ID: 094652

"Eww, have you SEEN the parasites on those lampreys? Pass."
No. 922435 ID: f001c8

"what's in it for me?"
No. 922600 ID: 719d94

"Not really, but why do you ask? Perhaps I could be persuaded."
No. 930341 ID: f2320a

"Not really, but why do you ask? Perhaps I could be persuaded."
supporting this
No. 931829 ID: b463f2

I mean, not particularly. is there a threat you think I need to be worried about?
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