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File 154720325129.jpg - (28.36KB , 238x206 , D6949B6C-EEE0-47DA-9705-8BB4263FCFCF.jpg )
917172 No. 917172 ID: 6a1c53

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No. 917173 ID: 6a1c53
File 154720372618.jpg - (299.29KB , 1268x1199 , 685B4C94-DBE2-43D8-A15C-E60FCAE4AC4A.jpg )

You suddenly wake up inside of a flooded home. You notice something glowing underwater, and it appears to be your shoes. This place is a mess! What will you do now?
No. 917175 ID: 080aaf

Click them together three times. There's no place like home!
No. 917177 ID: 6a1c53
File 154720564434.jpg - (210.72KB , 1019x991 , 556934F1-0252-4815-A9ED-BEBBB16CDEC3.jpg )

That’s a nice wizard of oz reference, but it’s quite hard to click your heels when they’re under water...while you attempt to do so, you start to wonder what your name was! Oh well, it’d take too much time to try and remember. Why not give yourself a new one?
No. 917179 ID: 0804d8

Farticus Mcdoozy
Wait that last name sounds right lemme try again
Stairs Fall McDoozy
Got it
No. 917184 ID: 40df11

Jeffrey "Boots" Oggert
No. 917213 ID: 6a1c53
File 154723995565.jpg - (284.43KB , 1113x1140 , AFB7E0C9-4EFB-4112-AE9F-73E53EC672C5.jpg )

That’s an unusual name, but you’re glad that you know who you are.
No. 917219 ID: 40df11

Is that a torn up sign on the right of you? And what's that dangerous looking sparking thing? Maybe you should get out of the water.
No. 917222 ID: 6a1c53
File 154724817944.jpg - (259.49KB , 1176x1088 , 7633F007-FEE0-4576-AA57-9F1DA7B18D68.jpg )

Hm, well that torn up sign looking thing appears to be a table with oddly shaped shards of glass sliding off. Yikes! And that sparking thing above you must be some sort of ceiling light. It keeps flickering, probably due to all the wires and sparks coming out of it. You need to get out of the water before something dangerous happens!You don’t see a door, or a window. The table is too dangerous to stand on, with all the bits of glass and whatnot. It’d be easy to hang on that light, but it could snap any second. You start to notice broken pieces of wood under the water. Perhaps if you had some tools, you could make something out of them.
No. 917226 ID: 40df11

Check off-screen for stairs.
No. 917228 ID: 6a1c53
File 154724938408.jpg - (131.80KB , 1366x461 , D156225A-E14D-4629-8C78-17CDF5156306.jpg )

Well, there IS a staircase, but it leads to where you are now. You start to lose hope in ever getting out this dump.
No. 917231 ID: 40df11

... go out the window?
No. 917232 ID: 6a1c53

As mentioned earlier, there is no window.
No. 917247 ID: 40df11

Ooops I've very bad at literacy. You could try and swim down the stairs to look for other rooms on this floor.
No. 917946 ID: 6a1c53
File 154762689024.jpg - (198.61KB , 1445x734 , B8418197-F45B-4576-9B4C-82A9EF78E5D6.jpg )

You carefully swim down the staircase to find a broken door! Who knows what’s beyond that door...
Perhaps a whole endless world to explore, dastardly enemies to slay, creatures to discover, people to meet, treasure to be found, and so much more.
No. 917947 ID: 40df11

Open ye door
No. 917948 ID: 6a1c53
File 154763121230.jpg - (275.73KB , 1258x888 , 1B23EFE0-6780-4AA8-B4B4-EE43E55141C7.jpg )

Welcome to ORHAM. Your journey begins now!
No. 917949 ID: 40df11

Where did the water come from? Go back inside and find out!
No. 918010 ID: 6a1c53
File 154769478796.jpg - (173.92KB , 1454x880 , 1C995328-B85D-4E7C-B521-6B1ABCD68FE1.jpg )

You re-enter the house. It seems like all the water drained out already! Where would you like to look first?
No. 918016 ID: b1b4f3

Well uh where can you go that we haven't been before? I didn't see any other doors or hallways.
No. 918087 ID: dd6906

Ok sounds good.
Go ahead and enter the next door you see, and just grab the nearest blunt object you can find.
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