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File 154791295974.png - (466.87KB , 569x740 , PentaclesKing3.png )
918309 No. 918309 ID: 2755f5

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

The cruelest prison is the one we build for our self

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 922478 ID: 582f54

Tell her you simply planned to protect her through a meal and a night's rest, but since none of you are carrying coin, Pesca now sounds like a better option... If she can push that far.
No. 922490 ID: daa216

Well with no coin and with our excitable friend here having scared her of inns, we should suggest pressing onward. Offer to let her ride on your horse. Have her sit in front of you for ...safety...yes.
No. 922491 ID: ad51b8

hmm, well without coin we could try and push through straight to Herron as our other options either need money or would have us spend the night out in the woods and I'm not seeing camping gear on any of you. Guess you could have the princess ride with you so she can try and rest on the road. May not be the most comfortable thing in the world but it would be the quickest and arguably the safest.
No. 922499 ID: 834378

Look for the inn. We'll just trade Reefa's clothes for coin. Yep.
No. 922505 ID: eeb7d9

Now that i think about it, wouldn't her attire attract too much attention? Shouldn't we find son clothes for her too?
No. 923280 ID: ac6625

This here. Do this.
No. 923367 ID: e9d41b
File 155114658374.png - (368.28KB , 657x858 , Pentacle074.png )

Garrin considers the dilemma

The long ride to Herron is preferable, if not for the royal's poor constitution.
having Princess Reefa sit in front of him seems like a desirable solution,
but on further consideration perhaps TOO desirable a situation

feeling his heart beat rise Garrin attempts to refocus

shifting his thoughts to the Princess's wardrobe, he again considers it's value.
Even the smallest piece could more than afford anything they could need on this journey.
the value of her wardrobe proves danger as well, wearing so much wealth makes Princess Reefa a beacon for thieves and bandits.

Sir Garrin needs to make a choice regarding his charge's attire.

A) Forget about the Princess clothing, money won't be needed and vagrants only a minor threat

B) aquire an article of clothing or piece of jewelery to sell for coin

c) She'll need a whole new wardrobe, or disguise. ast to not attrack attention

d) another option?

No. 923370 ID: 54c395

Making the princess change her entire wardrobe would definitely not make her happy and hurt her relationship with Garrin if he made her do so. If coin is required Garcio could easily sell his bracers for a fair bit of coin. And simple bandits should be no issue to for Garrin and Garcio to take care of.
No. 923371 ID: 2735ca

C! A disguise is just the thing, and perhaps you can sell the concept to her a bit by appealing to the old "royal disguised to walk among the peasantry" story. Obviously most real royals are too busy to ever do such a thing, but since the opportunity is here to make it useful in other ways, making some money and diverting attention, why not try it out for once and she can call it a valuable learning experience?

Possibly you should still disguise her as a nun or such, though, so you don't get common people being TOO familiar with her. Something that'll be passed over as commonplace but still gets some respect/deference/distance. If the disguise is voluminous enough she could keep wearing some of her better garb underneath, so she can change back at a moment's notice.
No. 923381 ID: 86eb65

Do we care what the princess thinks? I mean isn't your plan to sort of kidnap her and do awful lewd things to her body?

Regardless she needs a new wardrobe. Before everyone recognizes her and tries to steal away your prize.

Also selling her clothes is very suspicious. Everyone would recognize them and who would have the money for that stuff anyways?
No. 923389 ID: ac6625

D?) Think that big ass hat she's wearing might give it away. Either sell it or hide it. Garrin's cloak/cape could be put over her clothes, maybe.

As for coin, yeah, just a simple pawning of Garrin's bracers should be enough.
No. 923390 ID: 094652

This is one of those horrible, horrible moments where you need to DECREASE the demand of your stock in order to sell it legally and safely.

Of course, contraband drugs should not be considered a luxury reserved for the rich, but...

Take the princess' clothing, hide some around town, then sell what you can to the market square after everyone starts driving the prices down from market saturation. You won't look like a treasure goblin if the rarity of your goods drops from epic to uncommon.
No. 923399 ID: 080aaf

A. Psh, as if you could let go of any token she gave you.
No. 923414 ID: daa216

B. That helmet might be of the realm but it will gain unwanted attention. With the proceeds you can get a cloak for her to hide the rest of her finery. If she objects, tell her that it will make her safer and the sale will help the people. The princess loves helping people. Also we need to either set the rest of the livestock free or sell them as well. Finally ask if she can ride. If she can, you can let her ride one of the horses, if she can't...well Im sure you cant think of non princess things while riding.
No. 923432 ID: 834378

No. 924016 ID: 9876c4

C, I think.

Even if these lands are safe, there's no reason an assassin wouldn't take a swipe if he saw a crowned head. That'd be bad.
If reasonable, you could save such articles as needed (crown, signet rings, etc)
No. 924057 ID: eeb7d9

C. You can tell her it's part of the adventure, hiding from the enemy in disguise, if she starts to to complain, but make her understand that you can't afford to attract too much attention.
No. 924202 ID: e9d41b
File 155165728524.png - (501.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle075.png )

Sir Garrin announces his decision 'Princess for your safety you're also going to need a disguise, your current outfit will attract too much attention'

The Princess seems amused by this 'we haven't even enough for coin to stay at the inn, and now you wish to purchase disguises?'

Garrin nods'I do your highness, the best option is to sell your crown, it's too bulky to hide and won't fit in a pack, and would be near impossible to hide under any outfit.'

on cue the royal raises her objection 'unacceptable! this crown is one of a kind! a priceless treasure of the kingdom!'

'don't you have four more back at the castle just like it?'Garcio chimes in

Garrin is not phased, he redirects his plan 'I understand, the alternative is to sell three of the animals, and keep the ones we can ride.'

the Princess gasps'no you mustn't!' Princess Reefa struggles for a moment thinking for a justification to keep her pets, before yielding 'fine take the crown'
taking this for an order Garcio plucks the hat from her head, unleashing the princess' wild curls.
'OW!' Princess Reefa cries out 'watch my hair you dumb brute!'

'sorry your highness' Garcio responds sheepishly 'I forgot you had hair'

Reefa pouts, obviously in a sour mood 'where is it we're suppose to sell it anyways?' she glances around 'surely these local farmers would be of no use.'

'there's a trading post just north of Pesca, I bet if I take this zonos on full gallop I could get there and back within an hour' Garcio offers

Herron is a major trade hub, there are merchants travelling to and from frequently, Garrin knows it's very likely to encounter a merchant on the road to the city, though there are no guarantees.

how shall Garrin sell the crown and acquire a disguise for the Princess?
No. 924226 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, well, i am sure we will find one on the way there, so we should start moving. But we must keep ourselfs outside the road, in order to lower the chance of someone seen us.
No. 924263 ID: 06fdc0

man, garcio is a real asshole

we should go to the trading hub, don a disguise, and find a black market; a legit royal crown is gonna be hard to sell anywhere without raising a few eyebrows
No. 924289 ID: daa216

Have everyone ride towards the trading hub, you will need the princess to come along so that when selling the crown, you wont have to prove it isnt stolen. Unless you know of a shady dealer of things. Sell it for as much as you can mixed in with a trade of wares if possible.
No. 924344 ID: 5da03e

Break the crown down into constituent materials. Any gems in it should be carefully removed and sold. Any precious metals should be cut to unrecognizable pieces or melted down entirely. Cloth and padding should be discarded, there won't be enough to make plausible deniability possible.
No. 924385 ID: 080aaf

Unique or not, it is a national treasure. Sell it as a whole unit and on the down low to a traveling merchant. Good luck convincing people of its authenticity though, unless you have some royal seals maybe?
No. 924578 ID: deeb07

Can't sell it whole, that would give any political opponent a perfect opportunity to cause trouble with it.
No. 924894 ID: e9d41b
File 155193589040.png - (478.12KB , 657x858 , Pentacle076.png )

Garrin understand that he must get to Herron quickly
'We ride for the trade hub; Herron Village, we'll find a merchant along the way' Garrin's words are final and leave no room for argument, and he receives none.
'your highness, can you ride?'he adds. the Princes nods in response.
she hefts herself onto one of the animals, folding her legs on one side as if she's ready for a gentle trot.

* * *

While the royal escort rides Garrin takes a moment to inspect the crown, intact it's rather iconic and would be telling in a sale. However the knight is reluctant to take it apart, damaging a valuable item doesn't sit right with him, though he will if he must.
Garrin glances back at the princess, even without the crown she's still obviously royalty, the cartozono packs have a spare riding cape and some blankets he supposes he could make an improvised disguise until they get something better.
Even with a disguised princess he hates being exposed on the open road like this, normally he'd travel the wilderness or back paths, but the princess would never be able to manage and would slow down travel to by a considerable amount.

the ride continues in silence, The Princess seems to be enjoying the warm weather and Garcio is humming a traveling song to himself.
Does Garrin engage is companions in conversation?
No. 924900 ID: daa216

Just assure the princess all will be right. Though I've a feeling she might start complaining or talking soon enough if we stay quiet.
No. 924907 ID: 080aaf

No. Keep your ears attuned to danger. Besides, Garcio would just make a fool of himself again.
No. 924994 ID: 54c395

Make small talk with the princess and keep her calm and comfortable
No. 925135 ID: ac6625

Small talk is best saved for when we've got the protection of a generous amount of guards. Keep moving, ears listening, and eyes looking for danger. Check on the princess every now and then to make sure something doesn't swoop in and grab her off her horse.
No. 925530 ID: 834378

Do some pep talk with Reefa. Ask her about her family and friends, and what if she plans on doing anything in Crym-Z'Garr besides tending her Cartazonos.
No. 925658 ID: e9d41b
File 155252586971.png - (501.18KB , 657x858 , Pentacle077.png )

They travel in silence,
Garrin chooses not to speak with the Princess.
he imagines the less he interacts with her the easier it will be for him to remain focused

* * *

After an hour Garrin begins to hear the princess whining in pain,
it's obvious the woman has never ridden any significant distance before, though he is impressed she has yet to openly complain

It is around this time he spots the wooden cart trundling down the merchant highway to Pesca.
The vehicle is a trade wagon from Crym-Z'Garr, likely in the pocket of the Duchess.
Garrin can only guess at what it's doing this far into Ivera.

As they Ride closer the Princess and Garcio notice it as well.
'Is that what we're looking for?' Princess Reefa asks, she intends to sound aloof, but her exhaustion betrays her desire to find any reason to break.
Now close enough to see the sign, Garrin recognizes it as belonging to a winery favored by the Archduke.
No. 925659 ID: 094652

Oh look, an opportunity to get everyone too drunk to think about where you're leading them! Also, people this rich will have the funds to buy your luxuries at sufficient prices.

Go down there, ask if you can bribe them into diverting their wares to a royal cause.
No. 925669 ID: daa216

It is now. Go down there and commandeer the cart. Offer the crown if they want payment. We can pawn more of the princess' clothes later if we need more money.
No. 925670 ID: c1212a

Hello lone traveler, would you like accompaniment into town?
No. 925686 ID: 54c395

Attempt to pawn off the crown to him. Then join his convoy to Herron if he’s heading that way. Safety in numbers.
No. 925703 ID: 2202fb

hol up, if these guys are in your boss's pocket, why not contact your boss and see if she cant get them to assist.
No. 925876 ID: 9876c4

We should definitely hang out with these guys, they have molebeasts.
No. 926953 ID: e9d41b
File 155336757614.png - (598.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle078.png )

Garrin considers contacting the Duchess, it seems odd that she failed to mention other agents in the area.

the procession rides along side the wagon, Sir Garrin addressing the guard driving 'I would do business with your employers'
the guard lazily glance over appraising the group, apparently satisfied she knocks on the wagon.

In response there is the sounds of ruffled parchment, the merchant then opens a shutter. Garrin indeed recognizes her as one of Duchess Kalez's pawns a Rachnid scribe by the name of Xiatzu.
'Royalty? many apologies your highness! I was not expecting your presence!' the scorpion blusters.

Princess Reefa gives an exhausted look, Garrin addresses the merchant instead 'her royal highness would like to sell this crown, for coin, escort to Herron and any other supplies we may need'

the merchant seems stunned, but her business savvy kicks in quickly 'buy the princess's crown? escort to Herron? what is this all about?'
how much does Garrin tell her?
No. 926954 ID: ab1fe9

Tell her you were waylaid by assassins, losing your supplies for the journey in the escape. Since this merchant is familiar to the royal family, you can even suggest that she take the crown with a note signed from the Princess herself, and she could return it to the Duchess for a profit and a healthy amount of favor.

That should hopefully persuade her to trade for the money you need, but scare her enough that she doesn't want to associate with you too much longer, which will keep things more in your control and open to opportunities for the Duchess' desires.
No. 926955 ID: 080aaf

We were waylaid on our journey by a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED ambush and separated from our royal paladins. We must make our way to Herron as quickly as possible to regroup with them. The Duch- er, Princess would be eternally grateful for this service.
No. 926960 ID: 094652

Tell her the inquisitors would normally pillage commandeer this cart, goad her into attacking them, and crucify her on the side of the road claiming it was justice.

For now, they're busy purging the woods of that innocent giant community because a local giantess roadworker was stupid enough to throw 'rocks' in the general direction of your retinue.

And now you will give a fortune just to keep your conscience from burdening fifteen straws further.
No. 926968 ID: 3aa3d9


Tell her that it's official business and that's all you can say. But there is great favor to gain with the Duchess if she helps you out.
She won't leave empty handed though as the princess's crown is worth quite alot. And worth the trouble for it alone.
So you need supplies and escort in trade for the crown. But your business at the outpost also requires a disguise for the princess. So to kill two birds with one stone. Convince her to hand over all her clothes aswell to use as a disguise for the princess.
No. 926970 ID: daa216

Tell the truth. We were ambushed by a giant, lost our escort, and while we would like to just commandeer such a ride from a servant of the crown, she a kind hearted noble and wishes to compensate for the help. (also woo Yaffclaw crossover)
No. 927026 ID: 9876c4

FWIW I like this one.
No. 927414 ID: e9d41b
File 155363696157.png - (313.75KB , 657x858 , Pentacle079.png )

'we were attacked by a giant' Garrin answers honestly, seeing no reason to lie.

'a giant?! we are too far west for giants!' the merchant's words are filled with more terror than doubt

'an unusual occurrence to be sure' Garrin concedes 'regardless one of them attacked us, if you can help us reach Herron the Duchess will reward you handsomely'

'what Duchess?' the Merchant asks a worried tone touching her voice

'the Duchess of Fewelle of course, your company works for her last I heard' Garrin remain impassive, though this conversation is not going as he expected.

The scorpion seems alarmed 'Duchess Kalez? I will not be seeing her, I am not going to back Fewelle, I am not going anywhere near Crym-Z'Garr. and you should not either!'
Garrin is taken aback, not return to Fewelle? what manner of odd mission has Kalez entrusted this scribe with? he thinks.

the Rachnid then whispers, so that the princess cannot hear 'I do not wish to alarm her royal highness, but I believe there to be a plot against her family, treason is spoken openly in the streets of Crym-Z'garr, there are agents wielding the darkest powers and lurking in the shadows, this giant attack may even be related!'

Garrin can tell all is not as he originally thought, what is going on here? and what does he do?
No. 927416 ID: 080aaf

What a... curious rumor! Where did you hear it? We will be sure to guard the princess extra closely.
No. 927423 ID: 2cc14c

"Where are you headed, then?"
Regardless of the answer given,
"I cannot say much, but if what you say is true, then it's all the more important we reach Herron. If you can get us at least there, we'll see that you are rewarded."
The "reward" will be forgotten in the chaos after the bridge is demolished.
If we wish to go the extra mile, we can ask for spare sets of clothing to use as disguises during the trip to Herron. Which will also disappear with us.
No. 927425 ID: 834378

Thank the merchant for this info, but tell her that you have your orders and cannot change your destination. Explain that you're still in need of coin, for protection purposes of course, so perhaps she could draft an agreement.

A contract to borrow a certain amount of money with the crown as collateral. So later, after we repay the money, we get the crown back.
No. 927430 ID: daa216

Nod and say that you agree. Ask then for free transit to the nearest inn and see if you can borrow a set of clothes from the scribe.
No. 927450 ID: 0dd003

"If you ignore the princess, you are SO ruined. Or damned."
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