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File 154988870252.png - (148.24KB , 800x800 , 1-000-1.png )
920634 No. 920634 ID: 891b91

This quest is NSFW. Lewd suggestions are encouraged.

"I say we send the runt to do it. It's a simple enough job."

"No. Absolutely not."

"You can't protect her from the world forever, Saul. Someday she'll outlive you. What's she gonna do once you're gone? She needs experience doing things on her own."

"But think of her past -- I can't just send her back out there unprepared. She hasn't had her own kind to teach her how to survive the way they do."

"You've been preparin' her for years now, and you said just the other day she's come so far. I think she can handle it."

"He's right, it ain't like she'll be going anywhere she ain't been before. This is the perfect chance for her to get some experience doin' things on her own. I know she's like a daughter to you, but you gotta cut 'er loose sometime. An' God knows she's practically been beggin' for it for the past year or two."

A sigh. "I suppose you're right."
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No. 927421 ID: 834378

I still feel that the first thing we should do is a blowjob. It doesn't seem practical to do in the streetcar so, I think we should wait until we get off, and then do it in an alley somewhere. Fayz should tell Kaz about these plans.
No. 927457 ID: b33a0b

Yeah go fuck in an alleyway, if he blows too quickly have him eat you out.
No. 927775 ID: 891b91
File 155387315038.png - (370.26KB , 800x800 , 1-007-1.png )

>By the way Fayz, how dexterous and agile is your tail? Enough to slide it under his belt?
:3aq-thinking-blush: Hmm, maybe. But Fayz think Kaz belt just hold coat closed...

"Kaz want see different side of Fayz, then? ...maybe backside?" Fayz grind hard on Kaz, so Kaz know what Fayz mean. "Fayz always like this deep down, just tired of wait for Kaz make first move."

"Fayz, I-- nfff -- I'm--"

"Fayz think long time Kaz just not like Fayz that way, maybe not like kobold." Fayz slowly rock hips, make Kaz make cute noises. "But friend in Kaz pants say that not true~"

"I-if you... nnh, keep that up, I'm gonna..."
No. 927776 ID: 891b91
File 155387316284.png - (398.73KB , 800x800 , 1-007-2.png )

>And you might want to be careful with how your butt touches him. You don't want him to make a mess in his pants, do you? That would really embarrass him!
:3aq-blush: O-oh! Right...

>Girl, don't listen to those voices. This is adventure, a spurt of love juice is a dime a dozen. Besides, embaresment builds character. Just imagine you two lovebirds reminiscing fondly about the time you made your hubby blow his load on the transit.
>Boys will be boys and he's a young virile manbird. I have plenty of faith that he'll pull through for you a second time when you can give his pecker a more serious bit of attention in the privacy of a bathroom or something.
:3aq-tongue-blush-right: Fayz has better idea! Instead of make Kaz make mess in pants and then have sex... just have sex two time!

Fayz stop move, feel Kaz twitch, hard as rock. "Maybe Fayz should stop, let Kaz calm down?"

"Y-yeah... please..."

"Okay." Fayz scoot off Kaz lap, but still sit reaaaal close~ "Maybe Kaz should cover up with hat?"

Kaz nod, take hat off and put in lap. Not talk for few seconds, then say quiet, "...Thanks for not making me, um, 'go off' in my pants." Kaz look away and smile. "I, uh, kinda liked it, though..."
No. 927777 ID: 891b91
File 155387317424.png - (391.26KB , 800x800 , 1-007-3.png )

"Fayz like Kaz whole lot, don't wanna be mean. Maybe tease lil bit, but not mean." Fayz grab Kaz hand, put on Fayz thigh. "Besides, there better place for Kaz 'go off' than in pants~"

"F-Fayz! I--"

"Shh, it okay, if Kaz not want touch Fayz, just move hand away. Fayz will understand."

Kaz not move hand away.

"Thought so," Fayz giggle. "Now... how about Kaz take Fayz somewhere private, bend Fayz over and lift Fayz tail?"

Kaz gentle rub and squeeze Fayz thigh through skirt. "...Where should we go?"

:3aq-asking-tongue: Hmm... tavern not good place for it, but maybe Kaz home would work. Or maybe somewhere else?

>Yeah go fuck in an alleyway
:3aq-shock-blush: Y-yes, or in alleyway..
No. 927780 ID: 20b7eb

hey, i feel like you're being very hasty with all this. i think kaz is still confused and not 100% ready yet. i think you're scaring him a little. this did come out of nowhere from his perspective after all.
you don't want him to feel pressured into fucking you, right? you want him to want you as much as you want him. only way of knowing that for sure is letting him get his thoughts in order and then asking him.
No. 927781 ID: 2202fb

kaz home would be by far the best choice.
No. 927783 ID: 2fb5cd

yes this is the best option. also it has a bed you can fuck in right? so just get to your house and fuck like n one has fucked before.

give him the time of his life.
No. 927789 ID: 055cbc

Fayz bed is probably too small for Kaz, and not a lot of privacy under the counter. You thinking of using somebody ELSE's bed with or without permission?
No. 927796 ID: 6f764d

Yeah, Kaz's home would probably be best. Give him somewhere he's comfortable.
No. 927797 ID: 7fb87a

Home would be better than some random alley.
Kaz will likely perform better without having to worry about strangers watching..

P.S. don't tell him we're watching.
No. 927800 ID: e51896

sex in the alleyway is pretty arousing. The idea of being caught in the act is very exciting, but we are pretty much in your home town. If you are caught, Saul might find out and get you in trouble, and Kaz could get in trouble with his superiors plus he might not be comfortable with the alleyway...
...But... perhaps we can practice exhibitionism when you are in Millstone where less people know who you are? like maybe tonight after you get your room at the inn at Millstone for example ;)?

But for now, suggest Kaz's place. It seems to be the best romantic choice, in regards to taking Kaz's comfort into consideration. this did come out of nowhere after all.
No. 927806 ID: 080aaf

Does Kaz have a home though? He might be living in a barracks.
No. 927808 ID: b1b4f3

Go to his house! It's much more personal, and appropriate for two friends' first time.
No. 927811 ID: e9068a

Jesus Christ anon you trying to kill him or what?

Do this. Use you tail to get some daubs of your sex. You should absolutely be leaking happiness under that skirt. Use some of that bandage wrap to show him in smellovision and tease him some more on the ride to his home.
No. 927813 ID: 834378

It would be a problem if Kaz shares his apartment with someone. Indeed, if another person lives there then it would be impolite not to invite this person to join in for a threesome. So Kaz home sounds ok! Of course, an alley would be just as fine as well.
No. 927833 ID: c8452a

No. 927834 ID: ab1fe9

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please don't post images in a quest thread unless you're the author. And also please check the spoiler box on images like that.
No. 927860 ID: b1b4f3

Don't waste supplies on being horny.
No. 927869 ID: a9af05

It is considered rude to post images on someone else's quest. Unless the author asks for something to be posted, please don't do that.
No. 927903 ID: e8f59c

Yes, as a general rule don't post images in quest threads unless specifically requested.

The suggestion itself is fine to repost.
No. 927904 ID: 91ee5f

Do one of you at least have protection or something? You know, to prevent from having babies when you’re not ready to have babies yet.
No. 927910 ID: e51896

Good point, but maybe it'll be fine without protection since they are both different species?
No. 927946 ID: 864e49

Ask him exactly how naughty does he wants to be.

already addressed
No. 927980 ID: eeb7d9

I agree with this. It has to be special.
No. 928002 ID: 15a025

Go to Kaz's place. More private and probably more comfortable as well.
No. 930176 ID: ccb66b

why does it have to be just house or somewhere else? Fayz said as much herself.
Find a corner to pull him behind or a bathroom to take him into, and then go off to his house for a second round.
No. 930320 ID: 007141

I come back and one of the first suggestions I read is tgchan trying to pussyfoot away from actually getting some mid-foreplay

it's nice seeing some things never change.

Anyways arz, I say instead of a back-alley you find an abandoned warehouse. There's ALWAYS an abandoned warehouse.
No. 930324 ID: ea5947

I'd support any abandoned place.
No. 930325 ID: 540a7f

I vote bathroom or alleyway
No. 930338 ID: f2320a

Yeah, Kaz's home would probably be best. Give him somewhere he's comfortable.
i agree fully with this
No. 930479 ID: 891b91
File 155573350509.png - (290.64KB , 800x800 , 1-008-1.png )

"What about Kaz place?"

"O-okay." Kaz slide hand inside Fayz thigh, Fayz open legs a bit to make easier. "I don't think anyone's home right now..."

>Guide that unsteady hand of his to feel up the feminine outline hidden under your skirt till it soaks through your skirt.
"Good, then we go there and Fayz let Kaz come inside Fayz place~" Fayz squeeze back of Kaz hand, move it deep between Fayz thighs. "It pretty small, maybe tight fit for Kaz Junior, but... that just make it cozier, hmm?"

"Yeah, I..." Kaz trail off, trace outline of Fayz slit through skirt cautiously. "I-I guess so."
No. 930480 ID: 891b91
File 155573351344.png - (298.52KB , 800x800 , 1-008-2.png )

>hey, i feel like you're being very hasty with all this. i think kaz is still confused and not 100% ready yet. i think you're scaring him a little. this did come out of nowhere from his perspective after all.
:3aq-scared-blush: Voice think Fayz go too far??

:3aq-sad-blush-right: Fayz hope not making Kaz feel bad..

"Hey um, Fayz not make Kaz uncomfortable, right? Kaz seem kinda nervous. It okay if Kaz don't wanna do this, Fayz will understand.."

"N-no, I'm fine, it's just so sudden... it's really okay if I, uh, touch you?"

Fayz giggle. "Kaz, Fayz put your hand there in first place, remember?" Fayz stroke back of Kaz hand, push deeper into crotch. "Fayz like get touch by Kaz~"

"Oh, uh, r-right, yeah," Kaz stammer, blushing bit more. Kaz push fingers deep, eventually find Fayz slit; Fayz gasp a lil as Kaz fingers stroke up and down along slit, grind against clit through skirt. "...Does this feel good?"

"Mmmhmm," Fayz nod. "Would feel even better with clothes not in way, but... this still nice~"

Few minutes go by without say much, but that okay because Kaz is just rub Fayz pussy and Fayz like it and think Kaz like it too.

"We're getting close to my place, maybe we should hop off," Kaz say finally, withdraw hand.

"Awww, that was feel so nice too," Fayz say playful. "Kaz made Fayz make mess in panties, too... just thought Kaz like know. Maybe help Fayz clean up down there~"

Fayz think saw Kaz hat twitch. "...Damnit Fayz, that's really fucking hot."
No. 930481 ID: 891b91
File 155573352459.png - (386.93KB , 800x800 , 1-008-3.png )

Kaz home already pretty close by, so we get off streetcar and Fayz follow Kaz down alley toward home. Kaz not really say much while walk, but Fayz think he just lil nervous.

After couple turns we get to building with Kaz family duplex. Kaz dig through pockets, then look upset suddenly.

"What wrong?" Fayz ask, hug Kaz leg.

"I--Uh, I can't find my key." He start look in all pockets. "Damnit! I must have left it at the barracks."
No. 930483 ID: c1212a

Knock first, He said he didn't think anyone was home right now so there's a chance there is. If nobody answers, have him boost you through the window.

...make sure he grabs you by the waist when he lifts you up. Also maybe put on a little show climbing through.
No. 930484 ID: 8cb228

Squeeze in through the window and let him in that way! But ask first and make sure there's nothing weird that would complicate doing so!
No. 930485 ID: 91ee5f

I see an open window and only one of you is small enough to fit in there.

Ask Kaz to lift you up there and you’ll go inside to unlock the door for him.
No. 930486 ID: 094652

Fine, go to the wine store and do it in the bathrooms while you wait for your purchase.
No. 930492 ID: b1b4f3

Okay first knock to see if anyone is home that can let you in. If not, you can climb in through the window and go around to unlock the door to let him in. It's not illegal if you have the owner's permission!
No. 930498 ID: c8452a

Good plan
No. 930503 ID: e51896

umm... what if he didn't lose his keys and is actually getting cold feet, and is using this as an excuse to not hurt your feelings by saying no? Not saying he is, but just a possibility.

Maybe you should offer to also check his pockets and "accidentally" grab his dick? ask first.
No. 930506 ID: ea5947

I'd vote to enter through the window. Altho it does look a bit too small, even for Arzfayz. In that case, Kaz should break the window. A small price to pay and it would show how much he wants this.
No. 930515 ID: eeb7d9

I like this plan, let's go for it. But ask where that leads first.
No. 930517 ID: 33b450

Through the window you go!
No. 930521 ID: d8a525

You'd better hope Kaz doesn't have that kind of lock that requires the key on both sides.
No. 930539 ID: 397a79

First off, ring the doorbell or knock to check if anyone is home. If there is then you two are gonna have to find another place to have sex. If nobody responds, then ask Kaz if his family gave a spare key to a trusted neighbor or nearby relative for just in case they got locked out. If so, then he could go ask 'em for it. He could also possibly ask the landlord or building superintendent for their copy of the key, if either of 'em live in this building or nearby and he's known to 'em. Failing all that, then turn looking for another way in. The one we can see right now is the window to your immediate right, but both look for others and ask Kaz if he knows of any, given that he lived here. Perhaps there's a coal chute or basement window that'll be easier for you to get in via.

The most important thing here is not to break the window. Besides pissing off Kaz's family and their landlord, the sound of shattering glass may draw unwanted attention. If you're real unlucky it'll be from a patrolling police officer. This means do not put your weight on the window pane or sash. You're light, but not so light you won't break the glass or that latch holding the window open, especially if you're trying to squeeze through.

Getting in through this window would be greatly simplified if that latch or strut holding it partially open could be undone. Then the sash could be opened all the way out to a 90 degree angle, allowing you to easily fit through. You need to take a closer look at it to see if it can be unfastened from out here. Ask Kaz to stand under the window and lift you up so you can stand on his shoulders and keep hold to help you keep steady. (This'll also give him a prime opportunity to look up your skirt.)

If you can just reach in and unlatch the window, then ask Kaz to hold the sash with one hand while you do that so it doesn't crash open or fall on his head.
Then you can put your feet on the sill and with Kaz's assistance sit down on it and then drop inside to unlock the door.

However, if the window sash can't be unlatched to open any farther, then you'll need Kaz to hold you up to keep your weight off the sash while you step over it to stand on the sill, then slip through. Just be ready to abort if you think you're in danger of breaking the window trying to squeeze through.

And I have to say, this window design is stupid; It ought to be hinged at the top, not the bottom. As is, if it rains the water'll run right inside the building!
No. 930551 ID: 15a025

Fayz might be able to in through the window. If she can, then she can just open the door from the other side for Kaz.
No. 930623 ID: 0fae41

Yeah. I mean, who wouldn't break into a friend's house to have sex with them?
No. 930922 ID: 9786cc

"We could push me through the window and I can unlock it from inside!"
No. 930929 ID: bcc41d

Ask Kaz if the door is unlockable from the inside. If it is... you can still get in through the window and open it up. Although... this means you'd have to leave the door unlocked when you leave again. May not be safe.

Whatever else you do, pat him on the arm and encourage him to not stress out. You're both eager, but no need to rush. Show him you're not discouraged by small setbacks like these! One way or another you'll have a good time today.
No. 931649 ID: 891b91
File 155673079403.png - (230.87KB , 800x800 , 1-009-1.png )

>Fine, go to the wine store and do it in the bathrooms while you wait for your purchase.
"How about just go to store and do it in bathroom instead?"

Kaz laugh, roll eyes. "Wow Fayz, how romantic."

Fayz stick tongue out at Kaz. "Hmm... Maybe someone home, Kaz should knock on door?"

"It can't hurt I guess, but if someone's home that might put a damper on our, uh, plans..."

Kaz knock on door a bunch. "Hey, anyone home?" No answer. "...I guess not."

"What about landlord?"

"Fayz, my parents are the landlords. I thought you knew that."

"Oh, right, Fayz forgot. Umm, where that window go?" Fayz point at weird open window near door. "Maybe Fayz go through and unlock door from inside?"

"...Yeah, uh, I guess that'd work. That's the pantry, you could loop around to the hallway and get to the front door from there. Just be careful, my folks will be pissed if we bust that window."

"Kaz say Fayz too heavy?"

"No, I'm saying it's an old, crappy window and that it might break if you put even a little weight on it. Here, get on my shoulders and I'll boost you up there." Kaz kneel down for Fayz. "But take your shoes off first, I'll catch hell if I get my uniform too dirty."
No. 931650 ID: 891b91
File 155673080732.png - (394.76KB , 800x800 , 1-009-2.png )

"Fine, fine." Fayz pull shoes off, then climb up. "Hup!"
No. 931651 ID: 891b91
File 155673081650.png - (380.44KB , 800x800 , 1-009-3.png )

Fayz try get window open more, but can't move it. "Window not open more than this? Why open at top anyway? Rain gonna get in, that stupid way make window!"

"Beats me, it's always been weird like that. Like I said, it's a crappy old window. Think you can still squeeze through?"
No. 931652 ID: 891b91
File 155673082559.png - (396.62KB , 800x800 , 1-009-4.png )

"...Yeah, Fayz can fit, no problem!"

>This'll also give him a prime opportunity to look up your skirt.
:3aq-tongue-blush-right: And prime opportunity for tease Kaz!

"Hey! Is Kaz look up Fayz skirt?"

No. 931653 ID: 719d94

Why not? He'll be seeing it soon anyways.
No. 931654 ID: b1b4f3

He can't really from that angle anyway.
Also be careful. Focus on your task, don't break the window.
No. 931657 ID: eeb7d9

You sure? Oh, i don't know if i should feel relieved for being in the company of such gentlemen, or disappointed that you DIDN'T look up my skirt!
No. 931665 ID: f2320a

please focus on the window
No. 931667 ID: 91ee5f

Focus on getting in the window and not breaking it!
No. 931677 ID: c1212a

I don't know if you'll be able to get over, especially with only one arm. Tell him he'll either have to stand up and boost you some more or pick you up.
No. 931678 ID: 0fae41

Put your tail to good use boosting yourself over that window. If the other side's a pantry, landing on the shelves shouldn't cause too much of a problem, yes?
No. 931691 ID: c1212a

Also tell him he's being such a gentleman.
No. 931708 ID: d8a525

Kaz is a virgin, isn't he
No. 931724 ID: caf1de

why not your gonna be balls deep in it soon enough
No. 931728 ID: ea5947

Tell him to hold your ass. To make the entrance easier.
No. 931732 ID: ea82cb

He's gotta stand up anyway so you can get the height you need to avoid touching the window. It wouldn't be safe to keep his eyes closed!
No. 931734 ID: a9af05

This is probably going to be difficult for you, since you've only got one arm.

Please don't fall!
No. 931735 ID: ad51b8

ask him to left you a little higher so you can slip in easier. Also to hold on to your legs as he goes up so you don't fall.
No. 931745 ID: 17f233

When you enter the window do some wriggling (coincidentally raising your tail and eexposing your slit to him pain to see in the light in the process) Say that you need a bit of a push to really 'get past the tight hole' With any luck the burbboi will press your rump. Bayme 'accedentailly' rip our clothes on the opening mechanism as we enter the house.
No. 931758 ID: 7fb87a

Have Kaz stand up all the way. you need to come at that window from as high as you can to avoid touching the glass.
No. 931776 ID: 397a79

Hm, you're gonna need to be as high up and close to the window as possible for the best odds of this working. That means clearing that box of junk away so Kaz can stand in a better spot closer to the wall. So, get down, get your shoes on so you don't get your feet dirty, and help him move that junk. Oh, and also suggest to Kaz that he take his shirt off before you climb back onto his shoulders. While your clean feet wouldn't dirty his uniform, there's still the risk you accidentally catch a claw or something on the fabric and rip it, which would be much worse. ...And if things go to plan he's gonna be takin' it off soon anyway, so...

Anyway, once you're on his shoulders like before, he can brace his arms against the wall to steady himself while he stands up. That done, poke your head through the window to see what's the best option for where to step on the other side. You may need to move some items on the shelfs to make room before going in. Heck, there might even be a better entry position on the left side of the window.

Once you've planned where you can safely step on the other side of the window, it's time to go through. I leave how you move and where you place your body and limbs to that end up to you, since you know your form and capabilities far, far better than us. Just remember to put no more than very light weight, and preferably none, on the glass, sash or window brace. That and the sill should be safe to step on, and the frame safe to grab hold of. Good luck, Fayz.

>"Hey! Is Kaz look up Fayz skirt?"
*snirk* If he wasn't such a gentleman and so nervous right now, I'd say that sounds like a fib? Especially since we can see he's tenting his trousers. And besides that, his cap is blocking his view up unless he tips or tilts his head way back and we haven't seen him do that, so he's being a good boy. But, considering what you two did on the streetcar and are planning to do here, him lookin' is less than any of that. He can look all he wants, just, y'know, as long as he looks where he's going and all.

I say brush your tail tip against his back and let him know that you were just teasing him. Then add he has your permission to look if he wants to, from now 'till you say otherwise.
No. 932000 ID: 15a025

Tell him you're going to need to get up more if you're going to slip through.
No. 932094 ID: d5f100

We gotta climb in the window, but make sure to get his attention on the way in so he looks up.
No. 932979 ID: 891b91
File 155799353350.png - (379.56KB , 800x800 , 1-010-1.png )

"Ooh, Kaz is so much gentleman, but it okay if Kaz look anyway~ Fayz gonna be disappointed if Kaz don't~"


"Kaz forget he gonna be balls deep in kobold pussy soon? Of course it okay to look, Fayz want Kaz look!" Fayz lean forward, hike up skirt.

"O-oh!" Kaz fall backwards onto butt and Fayz climb down onto Kaz torso.

Fayz wiggle butt at Kaz. "Go on, take good, long look at what Kaz gonna play with soon! Too bad for Kaz that Fayz panties in the way, guess gonna just have use imagnation~"

"I.. Fayz..."

"Kaz look? What think?"

"Y-you're beautiful! Radiant! Even the panties! I--"

Fayz giggle. "Okay, okay, save some for later, hmm?"

>Kaz is a virgin, isn't he
:3aq-thinking-blush: Fayz dunno! Think this maybe bad time to ask Kaz, though...
No. 932980 ID: 891b91
File 155799353756.png - (394.51KB , 800x800 , 1-010-2.png )

>Hm, you're gonna need to be as high up and close to the window as possible for the best odds of this working. That means clearing that box of junk away so Kaz can stand in a better spot closer to the wall. So, get down, get your shoes on so you don't get your feet dirty, and help him move that junk.
"Aaaanyway," Fayz change subject, "Kaz move that box so Kaz can bring Fayz closer to window? Fayz wanna peek before climb inside."

"O-okay." Kaz get back up, and Fayz stand on shoes so don't get feet dirty. "Hup!" Kaz lift box and carry over to corner, then crouch down again. "Alright, climb back on."

>Oh, and also suggest to Kaz that he take his shirt off before you climb back onto his shoulders. While your clean feet wouldn't dirty his uniform, there's still the risk you accidentally catch a claw or something on the fabric and rip it, which would be much worse. ...And if things go to plan he's gonna be takin' it off soon anyway, so...
:3aq-grin-closed-blush: Ooh! Fayz LIKE that idea!

"Wait, maybe Kaz should take shirt off first!"


"Kaz don't want shirt get hurt, right? Well, what if Fayz claw tear shirt on accident?"

"I-I guess you have a point, but still... we're in public, it's gonna look, uh, questionable if anyone sees us!"

"Like it not look that way already? And anyway, Fayz gonna see lot more than that~"
No. 932981 ID: 891b91
File 155799354688.png - (201.72KB , 800x800 , 1-010-3.png )

Kaz fold arms, get smug look on face. "Fine, but... only if you take something off first!"

"Fayz already took shoes off!"

"Those don't count, not if I'm gonna go shirtless! Besides, like you said, we'll see a lot more once we're inside!"

:3aq-asking-surprise-blush: Voices! W-what Fayz should do??

Choose one:

:3aq-puff-blush: A) Forget about it, just climb inside! This stuff just waste sex time!

:3aq-coy-blush-right: B) Take off skirt! Kaz act so smug, so gonna make him wait see more than already see!

:3aq-blush-right: C) Take off blouse! Then Fayz and Kaz even! Except Kaz is boy and Fayz not wear bra...

:3aq-tongue-blush-right: D) Take off panties! Kaz get real show when look up skirt!

:3aq-shock-blush: E) Get naked! That call Kaz bluff and then some!

:3aq-thinking-blush: F) ???

No. 932983 ID: 0fae41

D. This is a commando operation now.
No. 932984 ID: 465a14

D, of course. E's tempting but he'll have to earn it.
No. 932985 ID: 06fdc0

D, you are still in public, so practice a little discretion
No. 932986 ID: f0d850

D, and stick them in one of his pockets.
No. 932987 ID: ad51b8

go for D
No. 932988 ID: ea5947

F) Take off your purse!

Then once you hand it to him and he gets all disappointed, also hand him your panties, which you secretly took off while he was distracted.
No. 932990 ID: eeb7d9

As long as we get rid of the panties, is all good to me!
No. 932992 ID: f2320a

support this is perfect tease him like never before
No. 932996 ID: 422cea

Do it.
No. 932997 ID: d5f100

F. Remove bandages.
No. 932998 ID: 2f5ed3

..Um...Continuity error. Fayz didn’t wear panties from the very start. Birdboy should of got a big old peek at an exposed Kobold rear.

Hand your purse to him and than hang up your set of panties on his beak.
No. 932999 ID: b1b4f3

No. 933001 ID: 891b91

>..Um...Continuity error. Fayz didn't wear panties from the very start.
If something I wrote made it seem like Fayz has been going commando this whole time, then it was my mistake; I intended for her to be wearing panties from the very start. Maybe it threw you off when she said "Arzfayz guess halfway there already, though" in >>922817, but in that case she was referring to the fact that she isn't wearing a bra. (I was surprised that nobody asked her about it!)
No. 933009 ID: 91ee5f

No. 933014 ID: 94e3ab

Wow, my fellow voices really like the idea of you going panty-less. Not that I don't find that idea appealing, but right now I'm gonna choose "B. Take off skirt!" as a balance between being practical and winding up Kaz's libido. Your skirt is the most likely to get caught on the window, so removing it will remove that risk. It'll also show you wanting Kaz to take his shirt off is as much as a precaution for his shirt as to see his sexy form and not just to oggle him.
No. 933017 ID: a9af05

No. 933072 ID: 055cbc

Mark my words, this is the start of some wacky shenanigans that will all come crashing down in some fashion five minutes from now, and you'll be standing there naked in a pile of broken foodstuffs stammering "Fayz can explain.." to somebody.
No. 933093 ID: e51896

Whoa, Fayz, already considering exhibitionism and going naked? um, lets take this one step at a time and start slow, and do D for now, remove panties.


if you are thinking of practicing exhibitionism, you can try doing that later tonight when you're at the other town where no one knows you, when you spend the night at your hotel room when everyone's asleep, ok?
No. 933115 ID: 542152

I like this idea, go with this
No. 933298 ID: 15a025

No. 933385 ID: 6528f1

B. Let him "appreciate" your panties a little bit longer, and like was mentioned reduce the chance of getting caught on the window.
Plus it means that you can make him remove your panties himself later on~
No. 933502 ID: 9786cc

B gets my vote!
No. 933517 ID: b1b909

Gonna vote B.
No. 933519 ID: 4854ef

I like D, mostly because I like seeing him flustered.
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