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File 155061975941.png - (252.33KB , 1609x902 , HeartsTitle.png )
922379 No. 922379 ID: 66629a

It's a funny thing living out on the frontier, you can get lost in so many ways, whether it be physically, mentally, looking for gold, or even just lost in the atrocity that humans can cause, you can always find a reason.

After all, many come out here, just to get lost.
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No. 932186 ID: 509e5e

Keep your gun holstered and stay sharp.
No. 932473 ID: ed041d
File 155750313967.png - (66.65KB , 451x596 , Hearts27.png )

You keep your gun holstered and just ask for your money.

"You currently have 231 dollars in your account, are you certain you want to pull out all of it?"

It's a fair point, the bank here is relatively safe and you may risk your cash at some points, it is made of paper and burns. Do you want to pull it out now or only a set amount?
No. 932496 ID: 0fae41

All but one dollar, I guess. Don't want to completely close out your account yet.
No. 932993 ID: ed041d
File 155801873055.png - (151.44KB , 1088x884 , Hearts28.png )

> Snakeye deducts 230 dollars.

With that out of the way, you head to the next stop, Wayne Brothers Firearms.
No. 932995 ID: ed041d
File 155801924617.png - (73.60KB , 814x425 , Hearts29.png )

You step inside and see Jayne sitting there, Jayne is the current storeowner, a fella from out East, you don't hate him, but it's pretty clear at times he doesn't like you.

"Hello Amadeus."

Oh yeah you also forgot to mention that the only thing you can remember is that your name is Amadeus for some reason... There's a reason you prefer being called Snakeye.

"What do you have in stock today Jayne?"

Jayne just gives you a look and proceeds to list the current inventory and their prices.

Colt Lever Action - $70
Winchester Pump Shotgun - Special deal $55
Wayne Navy Revolver - $60
Colt Semi-Auto Pistol - $45

And some new items thanks to the Jonah Offices.

Jonah Repeating Rifle - $80
Jonah Auto Gun - $90

Pistol ammo - $5 a box
Rifle Ammo - $10 a box
Shotgun ammo - $7 a box

You'd like to buy a lot of guns but you still need to save money for your parts from the auto-store, that little project of yours ain't cheap and any modifications for automatons would be naturally expensive. So you're gonna have to play smart with your money.
No. 933068 ID: 094652

Buy either the shotgun or the auto-rifle, and the required ammo X2. You're going to need firepower since you don't have a posse.
No. 933083 ID: acdd32

take a look at the jonah arms and the shotgun. Auto may not mean what we think it means.

Take a look at what kinds of shotgun shells and rifle rounds they have.
No. 933328 ID: 0fae41

The shotgun is ideal for home defense. Make those varmints git off your lawn!
Get 3 boxes of pistol ammo and shotgun ammo each. That should keep you for a long while.
No. 933742 ID: ed041d
File 155857500054.png - (84.24KB , 827x659 , Hearts30.png )

You ask to see the Jonah guns, just to get a idea.

The Repeating Rifle holds a small box like magazine of 9 rounds and is rather long, while the auto gun fires pistol rounds and holds a curved magazine of 20 rounds.

Do you wish to purchase either of these or stick with the shotgun?
No. 933762 ID: 9876c4

From my perspective, you can get a lot done with a single-action and a shotgun. 12 shots without reloading.

Getting a shell carrier and sling probably wouldn't break the bank too bad.
No. 933771 ID: 2202fb

Do they have the shotgun featured in their sign? If so, can we see that?
No. 934208 ID: ed041d
File 155900001349.png - (31.92KB , 511x228 , Hearts31.png )

Jayne brings out the shotgun, "Here it is. Winchester Pump Shotgun, 10 gauge model. On sale."

10 gauge, sounds like it'd be trouble.

Any other guns you wanna check out or have you made your decision?
No. 934210 ID: 422cea

Shotgun and 2 boxes of shells. That's one purty looking doorbuster there.
No. 934216 ID: 189b8c

Trouble? How so? Are you not equipped to deal with ungodly recoil?
No. 934223 ID: 9876c4

Is that not a bayonet lug, and can we afford a bayonet?
No. 934304 ID: 094652

That's a lot of heat dispersal holes for a pump-action shotgun. BUY IT.
No. 934626 ID: ed041d
File 155941988988.png - (17.90KB , 183x181 , Hearts32.png )

> Overwhelming vote is Shotgun

You buy the shotgun, spending 69 dollars and bringing your current cash on hand down to 194 dollars.
No. 934627 ID: ed041d
File 155941989660.png - (152.93KB , 1088x884 , Hearts33.png )

With gun shopping out of the way you head over to the William T Auto Store.
No. 934628 ID: ed041d
File 155942004171.png - (25.31KB , 362x263 , Hearts34.png )

The inside is a rusted orange and smells of oil, you see the current mechanic Mensah looking over a engine.

He's a good guy and you get along with him fine, but the a number of people in town look at him funny. You don't see why as the guy does good work and always makes sure the prices are fair.

"Hey Amadeus," he says noticing you, "What brings you to the store?"

You want to correct him about using your proper name but you've got more important concerns at the moment.
No. 934709 ID: 0fae41

>194 dollars
You, the illustrious Snakeye, require components for a confidential project.
No. 935319 ID: ed041d
File 156018739250.png - (42.41KB , 498x300 , Hearts35.png )

You prefer not to be rude so you just remind Mensah to call you by your nickname.

"Well, you here for the parts?"

Of course, you just need a few more bits and then your little project back at the farm is good to go.

"Before we go over the dealings and such, I gotta ask... Someone saw you out by the train station yesterday but you never went back through town back to your farm. What happened?"

Oh, do you tell him the truth or do you construct a lie? Mensah is a good person and you don't wanna risk getting him involved, but he would be helpful to have on hand if he knew.

You could also explain it in such a way that makes it clear it's a bad idea to get involved.

What do you do?
No. 935328 ID: 7c1196

"I saw something I shouldn't have. Lets leave it at that."
No. 935343 ID: 0fae41

You had to see a man about a horse in a town with no name.
No. 935456 ID: 9876c4

Something's brewing. You don't want to get involved, trust me.
No. 936217 ID: ed041d
File 156082104810.png - (10.73KB , 100x155 , Hearts36.png )

> You tell Mensah that it's not safe and he shouldn't get involved.

Mensah eyes you suspiciously, "Okay, one last question then. Will you be telling sheriff Black then?"

Sorry for the short update, was out of proper ideas and needed to continue
No. 936243 ID: 0fae41

Absolutely. Definitely. I'm going to go do that right now in fact, when I am done here. For sure.
No. 936255 ID: 9876c4

That was the plan.

Something I should know first?
No. 936283 ID: 094652

"You tell him."
No. 937184 ID: ed041d
File 156147183768.png - (23.35KB , 347x211 , Hearts37.png )

You assure Mensah that you will inform the sheriff, don't worry.

"Good, cause if you found trouble I don't wanna have it running through here without anyone else knowing."

You ask for the parts and Mensah hands over the last few bits, one of which is a small metal plug, you pay 50 dollars for the parts and thank Mensah, before leaving.
No. 937185 ID: ed041d
File 156147186920.png - (152.47KB , 1088x884 , Hearts38.png )

> Snakeye travels to the Sheriff's office
No. 937186 ID: ed041d
File 156147199294.png - (24.51KB , 240x241 , Hearts39.png )

As you step through the door your met with the face of Sheriff Black.

"Howdy Snakeye, what brings you by here?" he asks in a accusing tone.

Sheriff Black used to be Deputy Black, until the last Sheriff died trying to stop a attack on Oakwood. He's a bit new to all this but he's a good person even if his level of trust for you is more based on suspicion more than anything.

You also think he may blame you for the loss of Sheriff Roland last year since you helped fend the attack on town off.

How do you want to break the news of what's going on?
No. 937192 ID: 9876c4

Jonah Industries is making a move out this way. Killed two in the vicinity of the town, maybe more.
They got guns, mechs, and they're well-funded. What're you planning to do?

Let's not drag the Senator into it for now.
No. 938166 ID: ed041d
File 156225228339.png - (28.49KB , 331x247 , Hearts40.png )

> You tell Black about what Jonah Industries is doing

"Those are some serious claims there, I can't rightly just believe them considering that Jonah is also bringing industry and economy to this town. Got any evidence you can provide?"

Do you have anything to prove your statement?
No. 938174 ID: 7c1196

They probably already cleaned up the bodies, so probably not at the moment, however we may be on a hit-list so if anything happens to us, they are probably to blame.
No. 938191 ID: 9876c4

You can show him the note.

Also, I'm not blind. Those heavy mechs are distinctive, and hard to mistake.
For what it's worth, we don't know if local management is involved. But someone at Jonah is.
No. 938826 ID: ed041d
File 156285912783.png - (14.83KB , 169x141 , Hearts41.png )

You hand Black the bloody note. He whistles, "This is pretty damning, it's enough to at least start investigating..."

You also bring up the distinctive Heavy Automatons of Jonah Industries.

"This is true, that stuff is closely guarded... I'll look into it, I'll have a telegram sent to the Governer's office for a warrant. For now, if you are in trouble, you may want to get yourself a posse sometime soon. Check out Sunny's place for some folk, some are always looking for work."

You thank him for what he can do.

Anything left you want to say or will you get moving, and if so, where?

Only one picture for the update this week, got a new job so less time on hand.
No. 938927 ID: 9876c4

Future decisions should be made with a focus on surviving the week.

I'd rather not lose the farm, but I'd also rather not buy the farm.
Maybe we should rent ourselves a lookout.
No. 939833 ID: ed041d
File 156371737010.png - (24.58KB , 337x281 , Hearts42.png )

"Lookout huh? Ya might want to check out Sunny's Saloon, of course they may not be able to keep up with ya and yer lack of sleep."

You want to correct Black about the need for sleep as you can rest and find yourself more alert that way, but arguing about that will get you nowhere.

Do you head over to the Saloon?
No. 939847 ID: 9876c4

I think we should! Who's with me?
No. 939976 ID: 0fae41

Eh, not really. Our concern right now is avoiding retaliation from Jonah's goons, forming a posse to go stir up more trouble is going to invite it. Are we paranoid enough to hire a guard? Or should we just go home, batten down the hatches, and work on our project some more?
No. 939977 ID: 094652

Saloon. See if you can get a bounty there.
No. 940051 ID: 7cc158

Saloons are always a great place to be.
No. 940927 ID: ed041d
File 156450932209.png - (52.30KB , 640x252 , Hearts43.png )

You step into the Saloon, it's rather somber and empty today, you see what looks to be a gunslinger sitting at one table nursing a beer, a cloaked figure at another munching on some peanuts, Sunny behind the bar, ironically not being sunny, and finally a white coat sitting at the bar contemplating something.

You have a few options and any of these could lead into some assistance, who do you want to go talk to?
No. 940933 ID: 9876c4

We need to talk to everyone, find ourselves a good pair of eyes and ears.

Let's start with the white coat, because why not?
No. 941570 ID: ed041d
File 156509711763.png - (36.23KB , 396x264 , Hearts44.png )

You sit down next to the white coat and notice he's not drinking anything, just mumbling to himself.

"Howdy," you say.

He looks over, "Oh, Snakeye right? You're the automaton."

Yes you are the automaton, you ask why the man is here.

"I lost my job recently, been working on a project."

Where did he work?

"I worked for Jonah Industries, was working on a new automaton project. The name is Alfred Smith, and I just got fired."

Well then, shall we continue with this line of dialogue or see about anyone else?
No. 941586 ID: 0fae41

Really. Sounds like you got off fairly lucky if they let you go alive. What kinda robotics?
No. 941593 ID: 9876c4

No harm in learning more.

Does he want to find his way back into their good graces, or was this more of a permanent split?
No. 942507 ID: ed041d
File 156574702070.png - (22.74KB , 210x192 , Hearts45.png )

You ask further about the loss of his job and whether or not this was permanent.

"I was working on a new human automaton project, something meant to better fit into small spaces and shoot accurately but apparently the higher ups didn't like that. Said something about... "stepping too far into Mr. Jonah's territory" or some nonsense like that. So I lost my job, my only prototype is here in town at my place, just missing a few parts."

That sounds helpful, you bring up how lucky he was not to be shot.

"Huh? What?"

You realize that maybe Jonah Industries doesn't shoot everyone they deal with.
No. 942518 ID: 9876c4

Define 'a few parts'.

We might be willing to be a benefactor, and provide a field test besides. But you could be putting your rehirability at risk.

Nothing illegal, but danger is likely.
No. 942750 ID: 997f7c

Ask him what parts he needs. If we make a posse, it would be dope for it to be full automaton.
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