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File 155061975941.png - (252.33KB , 1609x902 , HeartsTitle.png )
922379 No. 922379 ID: 66629a

It's a funny thing living out on the frontier, you can get lost in so many ways, whether it be physically, mentally, looking for gold, or even just lost in the atrocity that humans can cause, you can always find a reason.

After all, many come out here, just to get lost.
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No. 927697 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think there's any way to avoid becoming a loose end, which means we should immediately leave and try to find the plans. Bring those to the authorities and we can take down the entire operation, which will get them off our backs and buy us some peace.

Also knock him the fuck out.
No. 928428 ID: ed041d
File 155421411631.png - (38.62KB , 350x268 , Hearts16.png )

You reckon that you need to get out of here very soon.

Considering they've shot everyone and probably could've paid off the station guy, you highly doubt that you can bargain your way out of danger.

You grip your SAA by the barrel and get ready to strike him, only for a Peacemaker to poke its head around the corner.

"I was stallin', didn't see that coming did ya?"

Good news is that this Peacemaker has hand attachments on, which means it has no long range attacks. Bad news is that these things are reported to have enough hydraulic strength to rip open a steam engine.

What do you do next?
No. 928438 ID: f07f0b

Shoot this dude between the eyes point blank and the bullet should go straight through and hit the peacemaker in the face.
Right after pulling the trigger, kick the guy's corpse into the peacemaker before the dude falls down and then back yourself up.
No. 928503 ID: 080aaf

Yeah, I'm sure your boss will give you a big pay raise when you're dead.
No. 928564 ID: 2fb5cd

No. 929107 ID: ed041d
File 155475747548.png - (27.68KB , 643x312 , Hearts17.png )

You shoot the bandit right in the face, and go to kick him.

Only to suddenly need to flee.
No. 929108 ID: ed041d
File 155475752429.png - (52.94KB , 374x447 , Hearts18.png )

A wall is broken open and you go running out, you've pissed off the Peacemaker by shooting out on of its eyes with that shot and as good as you are, you don't wanna risk being hit.

So you go running.

Do you run back home to your farm, into town, or somewhere else?
No. 929145 ID: 2202fb

Run to the wilderness and camp out for a bit. You dont want them knowing where you live.
No. 929895 ID: ed041d
File 155534726107.png - (158.46KB , 1604x1098 , Hearts19.png )

Realizing you can't afford more peacemakers near your farm, you take a direct path to a forest near the river.
No. 929896 ID: ed041d
File 155534732253.png - (20.56KB , 344x286 , Hearts20.png )

Several hours pass and nobody's come yet, it's getting dark outside, you should probably head home and refuel but you're still good for another several hours.

What will you do?
No. 929931 ID: 688dd6

It seems like we have no stake in this conflict. Do we know what kind of person Senator Wolfe is? Do we have any reason to go mucking about in his business? If we're going to ask around and try and poke our nose where it doesn't belong, we'll most likely have to go somewhere that isn't crawling with Mr. Jonah and the Senator's stooges.

In the meantime, we might as well take care of something:
>you should really invest in some more guns some time.

Collect your savings from wherever you've stashed them, go to Oakwood and buy a rifle or shotgun.
No. 929971 ID: 080aaf

You should invest in a stockpile, a backup location to refuel next time you're on the lam.
That said I think you have no choice but to slink back home if you lack the supplies.
No. 931115 ID: ed041d
File 155620786457.png - (153.47KB , 1604x1098 , Hearts21.png )

You opt to head home and rest, you need to refuel and grab whatever cash you have. You've got a busy day tomorrow if you're stocking up.

"What kind of person is Senator Wolfe."

Senator Wolfe is one of those young upstarts who promises great changes to the nations, he's been spending his time putting on a great public image. Reports however say he's a ruthless perfectionist who has driven his own to suicide over their failures. You're not certain what to believe as you only got hearsay and what the news and tabloids say.

You aren't really certain what to believe.
No. 931116 ID: ed041d
File 155620787812.png - (53.33KB , 1030x1071 , Hearts22.png )

> Snakeye rests the night
No. 931117 ID: ed041d
File 155620796750.png - (154.31KB , 1604x1098 , Hearts23.png )

With your tanks topped up, you head off to Oakwood, it's a shorter walk and your little special project still isn't ready yet. You've got to get the parts for it.

You grab about 25 dollars from your stash at home and you now have 33 dollars on hand. Hopefully that'll be enough to get what you need.
No. 931119 ID: ed041d
File 155620825151.png - (145.57KB , 1088x884 , Hearts24.png )

You enter the main road of Oakwood, represented by a map you've been sketching to keep track. There are only really several notable locations in town you can think of.

The William T Auto store, selling parts for automatons and auto-carraiges, the parts here are a fair price and it should have the last few bits you need.

the Wayne Brothers Company Firearms store, selling every gun they got available. Be careful as the store owner can be testy at times, especially since he doesn't know what the hell you properly are.

Chet's General Store, if it's not a gun or a piece of machinery it can be sold here. Chet's a decent fellow.

the Jonah Industries local office, self explanatory, avoid like the plague considering yesterday.

The Bank, you think you might have a account there, you haven't been keeping track as the tellers keep asking you what it's like to be a automaton.

Sunny's Saloon, good gal that Sunny, always keeps a spare bottle of good scotch for a decent price for you.

Watering Hole.

The Town Hall, run by Mayor White, you're fairly certain he's probably not on your side.

Sheriff Black's office, Black doesn't like you but he's a reasonable fellow and at least listens to you about troubles. Stern but fair.

Where do you head first?
No. 931121 ID: 8dbfc2

Head to the gun store. You've got a few things to do and might as well get some proper protection to do them with. Then it's off to the auto store for the parts, and you should at least inform the sheriff of the goings on before you leave.
No. 931164 ID: 2202fb

Get a full-auto longarm if they are available and the highest caliber non-recoilless rifle you can handle along with as much ammo as you can.

Get a crate or two of burlap sacks to be used as sandbags. A shovel too, if you need one. If you dont have easy access to trees, get some wood as well to be used for holding up dirt ramparts.

Also check out any compatible modifications or parts for your body.
No. 931165 ID: 2202fb

Also, get a mag-fed 20mm pump grenade launcher.

As I said before (>>923034), they can hold anything: from shells with the standard grenades, shot, buckshot, slugs, flechette, and tri-balls to more exotic shells with things like high-explosive rounds, glass, gas, smoke, flares, napalm, and thermite.
No. 931166 ID: 688dd6

Jesus Christ, you nutters. It's a Western adventure, don't try to live out your paramilitary wet dreams here. A simple lever action rifle will be fine.
No. 931171 ID: 0fae41

Bank first, then gun store. There tend to be unfortunate misunderstandings if you mix the order up.
No. 931390 ID: 2202fb

oof, you know, that grenade launcher i was thinking of was from fallout new vegas which is a similar setting.

While i used some lingo, i didnt suggest anything ridiculous. Gatling guns and elephant guns would both fit the bill.
No. 931819 ID: ed041d
File 155689357461.png - (147.61KB , 1088x884 , Hearts25.png )

> Overwhelming vote is to go to the gun store
> One vote brings up a good point about visiting the bank, more money doesn't hurt

> Snakeye heads to the bank
No. 931820 ID: ed041d
File 155689376704.png - (89.67KB , 863x398 , Hearts26.png )

You enter the bank and look about, seems they finally painted the walls a pale green colour, there is a single woman at the Kiosk, oh great is Janice.

"Hello Snakeye! Welcome back, how can we help you today-"

Sure Janice seems fine but wait for it

"-Or are you here to finally answer some questions? I got a lot about you being a automaton, nobody's seen one so human like you before! You have to have something!"

That's the reason you don't like coming here, if you knew anything you'd probably be happy to help but as far as you can tell you're a automaton who was dumped out here about 2 years ago, which Janice already knows.

You could just check your account, maybe BS Janice, or you could attempt a stickup to get her to finally shut up and maybe get some extra cash.

Not like the sidearms that the sheriff and his boys carry will do much to you, they've tried.

You generally dislike causing trouble but it's a option.
No. 931840 ID: 0fae41

We really don't have time for more questions or answers for 'em, Janice, I'd just like to withdraw anything I've got in the bank.
No. 931854 ID: 688dd6

Let's stick to good karma for now. Withdraw what you've got in the bank and go shopping. Who knows, maybe pursuing this intrigue will somehow lead you to answers about yourself?
No. 932186 ID: 509e5e

Keep your gun holstered and stay sharp.
No. 932473 ID: ed041d
File 155750313967.png - (66.65KB , 451x596 , Hearts27.png )

You keep your gun holstered and just ask for your money.

"You currently have 231 dollars in your account, are you certain you want to pull out all of it?"

It's a fair point, the bank here is relatively safe and you may risk your cash at some points, it is made of paper and burns. Do you want to pull it out now or only a set amount?
No. 932496 ID: 0fae41

All but one dollar, I guess. Don't want to completely close out your account yet.
No. 932993 ID: ed041d
File 155801873055.png - (151.44KB , 1088x884 , Hearts28.png )

> Snakeye deducts 230 dollars.

With that out of the way, you head to the next stop, Wayne Brothers Firearms.
No. 932995 ID: ed041d
File 155801924617.png - (73.60KB , 814x425 , Hearts29.png )

You step inside and see Jayne sitting there, Jayne is the current storeowner, a fella from out East, you don't hate him, but it's pretty clear at times he doesn't like you.

"Hello Amadeus."

Oh yeah you also forgot to mention that the only thing you can remember is that your name is Amadeus for some reason... There's a reason you prefer being called Snakeye.

"What do you have in stock today Jayne?"

Jayne just gives you a look and proceeds to list the current inventory and their prices.

Colt Lever Action - $70
Winchester Pump Shotgun - Special deal $55
Wayne Navy Revolver - $60
Colt Semi-Auto Pistol - $45

And some new items thanks to the Jonah Offices.

Jonah Repeating Rifle - $80
Jonah Auto Gun - $90

Pistol ammo - $5 a box
Rifle Ammo - $10 a box
Shotgun ammo - $7 a box

You'd like to buy a lot of guns but you still need to save money for your parts from the auto-store, that little project of yours ain't cheap and any modifications for automatons would be naturally expensive. So you're gonna have to play smart with your money.
No. 933068 ID: 094652

Buy either the shotgun or the auto-rifle, and the required ammo X2. You're going to need firepower since you don't have a posse.
No. 933083 ID: acdd32

take a look at the jonah arms and the shotgun. Auto may not mean what we think it means.

Take a look at what kinds of shotgun shells and rifle rounds they have.
No. 933328 ID: 0fae41

The shotgun is ideal for home defense. Make those varmints git off your lawn!
Get 3 boxes of pistol ammo and shotgun ammo each. That should keep you for a long while.
No. 933742 ID: ed041d
File 155857500054.png - (84.24KB , 827x659 , Hearts30.png )

You ask to see the Jonah guns, just to get a idea.

The Repeating Rifle holds a small box like magazine of 9 rounds and is rather long, while the auto gun fires pistol rounds and holds a curved magazine of 20 rounds.

Do you wish to purchase either of these or stick with the shotgun?
No. 933762 ID: 9876c4

From my perspective, you can get a lot done with a single-action and a shotgun. 12 shots without reloading.

Getting a shell carrier and sling probably wouldn't break the bank too bad.
No. 933771 ID: 2202fb

Do they have the shotgun featured in their sign? If so, can we see that?
No. 934208 ID: ed041d
File 155900001349.png - (31.92KB , 511x228 , Hearts31.png )

Jayne brings out the shotgun, "Here it is. Winchester Pump Shotgun, 10 gauge model. On sale."

10 gauge, sounds like it'd be trouble.

Any other guns you wanna check out or have you made your decision?
No. 934210 ID: 422cea

Shotgun and 2 boxes of shells. That's one purty looking doorbuster there.
No. 934216 ID: 189b8c

Trouble? How so? Are you not equipped to deal with ungodly recoil?
No. 934223 ID: 9876c4

Is that not a bayonet lug, and can we afford a bayonet?
No. 934304 ID: 094652

That's a lot of heat dispersal holes for a pump-action shotgun. BUY IT.
No. 934626 ID: ed041d
File 155941988988.png - (17.90KB , 183x181 , Hearts32.png )

> Overwhelming vote is Shotgun

You buy the shotgun, spending 69 dollars and bringing your current cash on hand down to 194 dollars.
No. 934627 ID: ed041d
File 155941989660.png - (152.93KB , 1088x884 , Hearts33.png )

With gun shopping out of the way you head over to the William T Auto Store.
No. 934628 ID: ed041d
File 155942004171.png - (25.31KB , 362x263 , Hearts34.png )

The inside is a rusted orange and smells of oil, you see the current mechanic Mensah looking over a engine.

He's a good guy and you get along with him fine, but the a number of people in town look at him funny. You don't see why as the guy does good work and always makes sure the prices are fair.

"Hey Amadeus," he says noticing you, "What brings you to the store?"

You want to correct him about using your proper name but you've got more important concerns at the moment.
No. 934709 ID: 0fae41

>194 dollars
You, the illustrious Snakeye, require components for a confidential project.
No. 935319 ID: ed041d
File 156018739250.png - (42.41KB , 498x300 , Hearts35.png )

You prefer not to be rude so you just remind Mensah to call you by your nickname.

"Well, you here for the parts?"

Of course, you just need a few more bits and then your little project back at the farm is good to go.

"Before we go over the dealings and such, I gotta ask... Someone saw you out by the train station yesterday but you never went back through town back to your farm. What happened?"

Oh, do you tell him the truth or do you construct a lie? Mensah is a good person and you don't wanna risk getting him involved, but he would be helpful to have on hand if he knew.

You could also explain it in such a way that makes it clear it's a bad idea to get involved.

What do you do?
No. 935328 ID: 7c1196

"I saw something I shouldn't have. Lets leave it at that."
No. 935343 ID: 0fae41

You had to see a man about a horse in a town with no name.
No. 935456 ID: 9876c4

Something's brewing. You don't want to get involved, trust me.
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