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File 155061975941.png - (252.33KB , 1609x902 , HeartsTitle.png )
922379 No. 922379 ID: 66629a

It's a funny thing living out on the frontier, you can get lost in so many ways, whether it be physically, mentally, looking for gold, or even just lost in the atrocity that humans can cause, you can always find a reason.

After all, many come out here, just to get lost.
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No. 922380 ID: 66629a
File 155061978153.png - (358.96KB , 2201x1570 , Hearts1.png )

It's a quiet day out here, you haven't grown anything but that isn't a problem.
No. 922381 ID: 66629a
File 155061986867.png - (159.35KB , 639x773 , Snakeye Splash Page.png )

Your name is Snakeye... erm... hm... okay just Snakeye because you've been told you are bad at dice rolls and that your eyes remind people of snakes for some reason.

You're a automaton, a rather fancy one considering the stuff they got out east, but for now that's not a big deal. You aren't sure where you came from or what your purpose is.

For now you just wanna be left alone.
No. 922382 ID: 66629a
File 155061993897.png - (55.78KB , 637x321 , Hearts2.png )

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be a possibility, as you hear some noise. You could go investigate but do you?

What do you do?

It's been years but I'm back Bitches!
No. 922393 ID: 1944c0

Investigate: chances are that you might get caught up in what just happened/is about to happen, and it wouldn't hurt to take some initiative on the matter.

Do it carefully though; try to get some cover in case more bullets start flying
No. 922407 ID: 080aaf

First, cover up that port on your arm! I don't want to imagine the kind of trouble the dust round these parts can cause you.
Second, creep up on your fellow gun enthusiast from behind cover. Perhaps you can bond over a common exchange of bullets.
No. 922427 ID: 2202fb

meh, lets just walk up to them. I doubt a few bullets will do much to us.
No. 922925 ID: ed041d
File 155097597210.png - (200.21KB , 1273x782 , Hearts3.png )

You opt to go check this out, couldn't hurt. Gunshot was close by to your farmstead so it's not too far off.

And there's the trouble, seems a man is bleeding and some masked fellow has a lever action.

Bigger problem seems to be that Jonah Industries Peacemaker. The hell is one of those automatons doing out here? How'd this guy get his hands on one?
No. 922936 ID: 080aaf

Wait until that mech moves on. You don't need bigger problems to handle.
No. 923034 ID: 2202fb

Looks like that guy is holding a 20mm pump grenade launcher. Watch out, that could be holding anything.
No. 923560 ID: ed041d
File 155128712273.png - (37.29KB , 373x258 , Hearts4.png )

You opt to sit by and wait, you have only your single action, and that man has a Automaton soldier.
No. 923561 ID: ed041d
File 155128714331.png - (44.78KB , 373x258 , Hearts5.png )

Unfortunately the man opts to shoot the bleeding victim in the head instead!
No. 923562 ID: ed041d
File 155128717271.png - (20.18KB , 230x143 , Hearts6.png )

The man is dead, and the bandit and his automaton are marching off.

You stood by and did nothing.

What do you do now?
No. 923583 ID: 094652

Wait until they're out of shooting range, then search the body, then follow the bandit from a distance. If he attacks someone else, snipe him and run.
No. 923621 ID: 080aaf

Well a dead body out in the open is going to attract scavengers.
Such as yourself! Empty his pockets and bury him deep enough the vultures won't gather.
No. 923743 ID: 21bd50

Shoot the bandit in the head, then duck away. If you miss, move before taking another shot so they cant get a bead on you.
No. 924122 ID: ed041d
File 155164058473.png - (39.22KB , 357x362 , Hearts7.png )

You have decided to loot the body, you find 5 bucks in a few dollar bills, and a note of sorts.
No. 924123 ID: ed041d
File 155164061554.png - (69.08KB , 424x306 , Hearts-Notes.png )

Seems it was a ambush, there's only one station nearby, and it's in the town of Oakwood, you don't like visiting there as you tend to get funny looks from the locals.
No. 924161 ID: 094652

>Come alone
Well that was stupid.

Stalk the bandits and see if they were with the guy who sent the note or just adventuring. Jonah appears to be at the heart of this either way.

Also, snapshot the victim's face.
No. 924319 ID: 080aaf

Well, even if it's an ambush, they won't be expecting you. I think you should invite yourself to this meeting.
No. 924331 ID: b1b4f3

Eh, might as well go see what this is about. They brought trouble to your land. You'd like to prevent that from happening again.
No. 924980 ID: ed041d
File 155198732838.png - (145.00KB , 1604x1098 , Hearts8.png )

You decide to go to the station, couldn't hurt after all. Though you have no horses and your little project back at the farmstead needs some work done before it's good to go, you're stuck walking, it takes about a hour to reach the station on foot.
No. 924981 ID: ed041d
File 155198737093.png - (44.73KB , 880x321 , Hearts9.png )

Well, here it is. Oakwood Station, quiet place. Seems there is a Jonah Industries cargo car here, wonder what that's carrying.

> What shall you do?
No. 925018 ID: 080aaf

Enter into the station. Anybody home?
No. 925057 ID: 2202fb

Take a peek inside. If they point a gun at you, you know that its gold.
No. 925505 ID: ed041d
File 155241669673.png - (72.77KB , 423x555 , Hearts10.png )

You decide to check the station, and oh my that is another dead body.

You begin to suspect you're probably going to find a lot of those on this venture. Shall you continue to search the station?
No. 925508 ID: b1b4f3

Now that I look at the full image, there's blood on the doorstep.

Gun out, clear rooms methodically.
No. 925521 ID: 080aaf

It's starting to look like you might need a posse to watch your back. Someone doesn't like leaving witnesses.
Sun's out, guns out!
No. 925523 ID: 094652

Check this guy's pockets, then burn the body.

If you leave too many fingerprints, the killer will eventually frame you. But right now, you need resources. Take them.
No. 925528 ID: 2202fb

Fish out the bullet. We can match it to a gun.
No. 925857 ID: ed041d
File 155267546879.png - (58.88KB , 584x392 , Hearts11.png )

You don't have fingerprints, you're a automaton. You also can't burn the body, and the guy had $3.

You draw your Single Action, you should really invest in some more guns some time.

You press yourself against a wall, and you hear something, looking out the window to the counter you see what looks to be that bandit from before. He's talking to something or someone, but you have a clear shot with how close he is.

What do you do?
No. 925861 ID: 2202fb

neck him
No. 925875 ID: 080aaf

Listen. And pull your hat brim back before you're spotted, cowboy.
No. 926505 ID: ed041d
File 155311420917.png - (10.32KB , 203x128 , Hearts12.png )

You pull back and decide to listen. You hear the bandit talking.

"Get yer asses in gear! Schmidt was a liability and we all know that, you're not in danger!"
No. 926506 ID: ed041d
File 155311429907.png - (47.63KB , 416x347 , Hearts13.png )

"Johnny! Get that Peacemaker moving, we got a bunch more boxes before Mr. Wolfe arrives! We're on a schedule here!"

"Whatever ya say boss."

Wolfe? The hell does the upcoming senator have to do with these guys?

Do you have any actions or theories you want to take?
No. 926514 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh it's the peacemaker again, combat is going to be risky.
Maybe these guys aren't bandits? Maybe the ones that got shot were the lawbreakers?

If you can get one of them alone and pull them away for interrogation, do so. You need to know why they killed someone on your land.
No. 927268 ID: ed041d
File 155353412376.png - (28.04KB , 190x147 , Hearts14.png )

You grab someone walking around the back and drag them over.

"Talk. Now," you say.

Thankfully this fella has never seen a automaton like you, judging from his shocked reaction.

What shall you ask him specifically? You've probably only got a short amount of time before someone notices he's gone missing and gets looking.
No. 927271 ID: b1b4f3

What are they doing here, why did they kill those two men, what's Mr Wolfe got to do with it?
No. 927284 ID: 080aaf

Also, remind him to keep his voice down, or bang.
No. 927406 ID: 2fb5cd

Also, "Where are the Cheetos?".
For comedy points or something

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