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File 155168466916.gif - (8.02KB , 512x512 , cover.gif )
924317 No. 924317 ID: 6fb3de

Wind howls.
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No. 929748 ID: 1101e8
File 155528121257.gif - (9.37KB , 512x512 , 25.gif )

You ask him why you can't look behind you.

S: "You m-might see something."

You haven't gone off in any wild directions so far; just a tunnel slanting gently upwards. You ask what Spots means by getting lost.

S: "F-funny. Join the fishies, of course. Drop-drop-dead. Drip drop, y-you know."

The reflection in his eyes appears to be almost random. Almost, but not quite. It's hard to focus on.

S: "F-follow! Into here, quickly!"
He climbs into a large, disquietingly organic opening, and vanishes into the dark.
No. 929749 ID: 1101e8
File 155528131403.gif - (7.83KB , 512x512 , 26.gif )

Thorne shoots you an exasperated look.

Þ: "This mad fool is going to get us killed, Eth. We can follow him for a time, but if this takes too long, we need to find our own way. The Princess could be dying."

She climbs into the opening. You follow.
No. 929753 ID: 1101e8
File 155528178313.gif - (10.66KB , 512x512 , 27.gif )

You enter the Vena Cava.

The walls look like polished wood. There is a nice rug on the floor. Sickening colourless light streams through the Windows. The smell is one of decaying skin and dry, wet vomit.


The smell has shifted. The air tastes of bland, uninteresting fruits. watery pears, maybe.

There are no doors. Spots is on the ground, sniffing the carpet, crawling in a slightly off-putting manner.
No. 929755 ID: b1b4f3

His eyes have stopped flashing. Is there some marking on the ceiling?
Ask him why he's crawling like that.
No. 929757 ID: 3bb68c

i drip drip down the hall i drip drip drip drip little fish little fish i drip drip down down down
No. 929758 ID: 080aaf

Look out the window.
No. 929769 ID: 1101e8
File 155528289021.gif - (4.88KB , 512x512 , 28.gif )

Outside rests a vast, featureless field of snow. Nothing moves. You get the feeling that nothing has ever moved here. Melancholy makes your stomach churn.
No. 929773 ID: bcc41d

Look above.
No. 929774 ID: c1212a

How do you feel knowing you lived over a place like this?
No. 929784 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, this is some serious magic shit.
Ask S what other rooms there are in this place. Maybe you can cajole a map out of him.
No. 929785 ID: 80c195

If you're in the Vena Cava, that means you're getting very close to the heart. I don't know what's in the heart, but I feel it will be important.
No. 929808 ID: bb78f2

Start doing squats to warm up.
You're gonna get cramps soon if you don't.
Your rival had the right idea earlier, is she gonna outshine you?
No. 929819 ID: 094652

This is insane.

All this time and all the royalty-approved cannon fodder adventurers and nobody reported any of this?

... What if the deer never knew royalty existed because it didn't exist when he was still on the surface?

Hopefully you can make the best of a bad situation...

But first, look at that tower. Does it seem organic or synthetic?
No. 929879 ID: 500a09

i do not like this place. something is fucking with your heads.
i no longer think this way is safe. my bet is that it's trying to turn you two into the female wolf version of spots
No. 929892 ID: d5fbf4

Have you considered the possibility that you're trapped in a magically shifting labyrinth that might possibly be a dream/nightmare. Never not a time to question the idea of being in matrix'd.
No. 929898 ID: c8452a

Maybe your new friend can explain this area.

Keep aiming upwards. My best bet is to find a "pulmonary" tunnel. From there maybe you can get to a path out of here.
No. 930329 ID: fe7123
File 155563081395.gif - (9.21KB , 512x512 , 29.gif )

It hurts to think about.

You're in the tower!

You look up.

Þ: "What are you looking at?"
No. 930330 ID: fe7123
File 155563085348.gif - (17.96KB , 512x512 , 30.gif )

No. 930331 ID: b1b4f3

Some kind of illusion? Maybe it's because you drank the water without puking it up.
It seems like when the window is visible, you're also still wearing armor. Which you aren't, so I don't think the window is there. Feel the wall where it was.

Tell Thorne you're having minor hallucinations. Let's just keep moving.
No. 930332 ID: fe7123
File 155563191865.gif - (13.24KB , 512x512 , 31.gif )

There are no more windows.
The room is dark.

Your sense of direction will not work here. Eth won't be able to draw a map in her head!

Before you lies a doorway, behind you lies the Left Common Carotid.
No. 930333 ID: b1b4f3

Ignore madman, enter doorway.
No. 930334 ID: 094652

Drag madman by the heels to the next doorway.
No. 930336 ID: bcc41d

Magic don't stick well to Thorne, does it? Well, good on her.

Tell her you see bugger all now. Windows and shit before, and a gut-wrenching sadness. It might be the water, or more weird magic. Or both.

She's right, you should find the Princess pronto.

Right now you're going downwards. If the next room doesn't provide some way to double back and head upwards, you may want to snag Spots and ask him to guide you more properly. He may be crazy, but he's also the only one who really knows his way around here and all you really need from him is to get him to cough up how to get back up to the catacombs entrance.

For now cough and ask 'The shortcut?' to remind him what you came down here for.

Looks more like she's hallucinating being her mother, what with the snow and the difference in ear shape and dress. Whatever shape was on the roof also transformed into a hand reaching through water. It looks a little odd, though. Like a kid's hand? A clawed lion's hand?
No. 930348 ID: bad12e


Clearly this place is messing with our mind and keeping us from our love. We must press onward and find her!
No. 930351 ID: b1b4f3

The shape on the roof looks like part of a heart.
No. 930352 ID: eeb7d9

Ask Thorne if she sees something different from you.
No. 930376 ID: 975dce
File 155566731388.gif - (11.47KB , 512x512 , 32.gif )

You ask Thorne what she sees; she says a simple, unfurnished room, with a plain carpet on the floor.

You and the rest of the group head on. You enter a large room with seven doors and what looks like a large painting at the far end. Candelabras hang from the ceiling. It's very quiet.
No. 930377 ID: bcc41d

Ask Spots which door leads up towards the shifters and the area you fell from.

Idly check out painting.
No. 930393 ID: b1b4f3

Lit candles? Ask Thorne to give you a boost so you can grab one.
Then check out the painting.
No. 930397 ID: eeb7d9

What is that at the end of the room?
No. 930400 ID: a9af05

Are the lit candles facing specific doors? Maybe that's a hint?
No. 930413 ID: f9b5d6

Note the positions of the lit candles - actually, take a candle with you. It's dark as hell in here.
No. 930423 ID: 975dce
File 155571711215.gif - (27.60KB , 1380x512 , 33.gif )

The candles are too high to reach, even with Thorne's help.

You look at the painting, TODESTANZ.
No. 930425 ID: b1b4f3

Todestanz? Death dance. Yeah that seems about right for what's depicted.

Alright let's try one of the doors. If the candles are pointing towards them then pick uhh the first pointed-at one on the left side of the room. If there's no pattern there, just head into the first door on the left.
No. 930464 ID: eeb7d9

I liked the idea of the lighted candles indicating the doors. Let's try that.
No. 930471 ID: bad12e


There is no penis.
No. 930472 ID: c1212a

What species of skeleton is that? Can you read anything off the tapestry above it?

You know I don't think this painting respects your species very highly.
No. 930514 ID: 527023

Hate to be a downer but it seems like all three of you are totally fucked.

Now go ahead and interpret the meaning behind that title!
No. 930522 ID: b1b4f3

The title refers to "Danse Macabre" which is an allegory of the universal nature of death. No matter who you are, death comes eventually.
No. 930536 ID: 094652

Open a random door. You need to keep moving.
No. 930552 ID: 15a025

Yeah, let's try opening one of the candle lit doors.
No. 931423 ID: 2d7918
File 155647157014.gif - (11.93KB , 512x512 , 34.gif )

The skeleton looks vague and generic, though you suppose it resembles a feline more than anything. There's writing above the painting, but you can't tell what it says; the letters are old and faded.

You follow the direction of one of the candles, but...
No. 931424 ID: 2d7918
File 155647285850.gif - (13.74KB , 512x512 , 35.gif )

You'll need to guess, or see if there's some other way to divine the right path.
No. 931432 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, the runes on the banner spell out
Yogh Eth/E D A N (?) E
which reads TODESTANZ somehow? What?
Okay, I guess the unknown symbol is Z and the E at the end merges with it or something, but the first half of the word is baffling. Am I missing something here?

I see no difference between the doors. You could check them for temperature, listen to see if any sounds are behind them, or check for smells.
If they're all identical then... well, actually this is somewhat similar to the branching corridors at the tower. The marked path there would correspond to the last door on the left. By which I mean, the door on the left closest to the painting.
No. 931535 ID: eeb7d9

Is there a pattern in the candles? If not... just go in a random door.
No. 931547 ID: ced17a
File 155665394614.gif - (8.92KB , 512x512 , 36.gif )

You decide to head through the first door you see, to the left of the painting.

You enter the same room...?
No. 931549 ID: 7f9773

>check the painting
If you notice well, this room is different due the symbol of the doors, the candles lit and the different painting. I guess this puzzle will likely be related to finding which room is different and which is not.
No. 931552 ID: bad12e


Don't have a suggestion, but just wanted to say that the art for this animation is killer.
No. 931554 ID: 7f9773
File 155665993283.png - (35.06KB , 1000x1000 , unknownCAPWVFVH.png )

Also, Deer let me post this here. While we don't have a sense of direction, this is better than nothin'.
No. 931570 ID: ced17a
File 155666412573.gif - (18.35KB , 1380x512 , 37.gif )

You check the painting, ARS MORIENDI.
No. 931578 ID: b1b4f3

Ars Moriendi means "The Art of Dying"
The runes read:
Much easier to read than the last painting at least.
This painting resembles a map. The room we just came from had diamond symbols on the doors, so we could say we went into the diamond room, which is depicted in the middle here. If we wanted to test if this is the diamond room, Thorn could go into one of the doors on the opposite side of the room.
Judging by the markings, it might be a bad idea to enter any door that's marked with a symbol matching the cut veins/arteries.

What's up with that splotch in the upper right with the x? Touch it.
We could try the circle door next...
No. 931601 ID: bad12e


I do believe we might just be looking at THE map.

We did enter the "Vena Cava," placing us on either the O or the smooshy 8-thing into the diamond.

I'd not be surprised if that spike through the heart-thing is the tower itself. What worries me are the severed veins and arteries on the rightward half.
No. 933644 ID: 3fbba5
File 155847722904.gif - (196.53KB , 512x512 , 38.gif )


You touch the mark on the painting. Searing pain shoots through your paw, and you see a room of some sort through the painting's frame.
No. 933649 ID: eeb7d9

Uhhh are you ok? Should we remove the painting?
No. 933651 ID: 3bb68c

drip drip on my head drip drip drip drip are you red or white little fish little fish drip drip down down down to me
No. 933652 ID: ea2a14
File 155848370495.jpg - (77.56KB , 813x813 , thing.jpg )

Looks like a temple or something? Is that Reno?
No. 933657 ID: b1b4f3

Another room? Weird. Doesn't seem useful though, since I presume the mural still blocks passage. Thorne can see it too right?
We gotta try opening another door.
No. 933767 ID: 094652

Make Thorne or Deerguy touch the mark.
No. 934091 ID: 6aa98e

Double back. I have a feeling something else is going on here.
No. 934101 ID: bcc41d

Take a moment to recover and try to figure out what just happened. Consider never touching possibly-bloodstained secret magic buttons again.

If there's nothing else of interest in this room, make your way to the next one. Try the... square door, this time.
No. 934548 ID: 5791fe
File 155933972161.gif - (13.59KB , 512x512 , 39.gif )

You get up, and the painting fades back into view, and becomes opaque. Your head stings a little.

You ask Thorne if she saw anything odd. She says no.

When you ask her to touch the mark, she complies; nothing happens.

Þ: "Eth. The Princess could be dying. Do we have time to touch paintings?"
No. 934549 ID: 5791fe
File 155933997488.gif - (12.06KB , 512x512 , 40.gif )

S: "N-n-not paintings. N-nobody painted them."

Spots crawls into the room, looking over his shoulder fixedly.

S: "Rooms upon rooms upon r-rooms. It doesn't want us here. It w-wants fresh hot w-w-wine, hahaha."

Spots is still on all fours. His ears flick continuously, as though irritated by flies.

S: "We can k-keep in here for a little w-while, and, confuse her. Walk backwards in loops through the squares back to the d-d-diamonds."

Thorne shoots you a pointed look.
No. 934550 ID: b1b4f3

Spots is looking at something you can't see, but it reflects in his eyes. Great.
"through the squares back to the diamonds" huh? Alright go through the square door.
No. 934551 ID: bcc41d

Took me a stupid long while to get, but seems to be someone bathing in a pool surrounded by pillars?

>The Princess could be in danger.
Tell Thorne that you'll stop poking at things, but there's strange magic in this place, and both you and that sorry sod seem to be reacting to it. She's the only one who seems, well, immune to it so far.

Go through the square door. If you're follow the madman's directions, let's at least pick up the pace, unless there's further indications of danger.
No. 934553 ID: b1b4f3

I'd like to note that Thorne puked up the shitty water that Spots said caused hallucinations. Eth did not. It's not surprising that Eth is hallucinating.
No. 934560 ID: 5b5379

But Eth didn't nearly drown, right? Maybe Thorn swallowed a good chunk and it's making her hallucinate that these things aren't happening.

This might be more subtle. Loops? Maybe head through the round door?
No. 934568 ID: eeb7d9

Why is only Eth seeing shit but not Thorn? What is up with that.
This things aren't paintings, ok, but ARE those?
No. 934573 ID: bcc41d

Probably due to blood and/or in-born magical ability. With the lantern shining, Eth could produce some light, Thorne none, while the princesses produced sheer radiance - fitting as true-blooded heirs of the royal wizard lineage who made / used this tower.

In other words, for whatever reason Thorne is blind to magic (i.e. she's a mudblood) while Eth gets weak weird glimpses, possibly compounded by the magic run-off water she accidentally swallowed.

>Spots is seeing something we can't, reflected in his eyes.
Huh. You may be right. We may want to humor him for a while longer.
No. 934574 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, yeah, it could also be due to Eth being able to activate magical devices, while Thorne can't.
For the sake of party morale, Eth should insist this is the case.
No. 934577 ID: b0b724

Tell Thorne that it's magic again, and that you don't know exactly what is or isn't a waste of time when it comes to magic. But you'll be quicker about it from now on, and move on with less deliberation next time.

Let's keep following Spots for now and at a quicker pace if possible.
No. 934608 ID: a08df5
File 155939977012.gif - (10.13KB , 512x512 , 41.gif )

You insist that something did happen, but maybe Thorne couldn't see it? She couldn't use the lantern either, after all.

Party morale doesn't change much.

You head through the south-western door, into the Square Room.

Ironically, it appears to be round. It's far smaller than the previous rooms, and only has one other door, which has no symbol; only a carved pattern.

The ceiling is low and domed. The walls are plain rock. The floor is dusty and stained granite, uncomfortable under your bare paws.

At the centre of the room sits a pedestal apparently carved from the same rock as the room itself. It is strangely decorated. On it sits a LARGE BOWL.

It is surrounded by three smaller pedestals, on each of which sits a GLASS FLASK. They bowls and flasks are pristine.

Entering the room makes you feel faintly ill.

What will you do? (Select any that apply, fill in blanks if necessary!)
A] Examine _____.
B] Try the Door.
C] Speak to _____.
D] Head back.
E] _____.
No. 934609 ID: c35acc

Look up.
No. 934610 ID: a08df5
File 155940443687.gif - (9.42KB , 512x512 , 42.gif )

You look up at the ceiling. Runes, in a circle around the dome.
No. 934611 ID: bfa316

Examine pedestal.
No. 934612 ID: b1b4f3

Starting from the top, going clockwise:
So, "The kiss of royalty/the key to the gate"
Worth noting that each phrase takes up exactly one half of the circle; top and bottom.
Too bad we don't have access to royalty anymore.

A, Examine the flasks.
No. 934614 ID: bb78f2

A. Examine Vials.

The older the building/area, the better chance we might need a different royal family or even species, judging from that, royal dire wolf blood.

We just have to hope that royal blood is spread out enough because the dire wolf royal family was like goddamn Genghis Kahn in their time.

Personal guess is one of those vials is the real kiss of royalty regardless. Dump it in bowl, puzzle solved.
No. 934615 ID: 91ee5f

Examine all the sides of all of the pedestals for clues on what to do.
No. 934616 ID: eeb7d9

A. Examine the vials.
No. 934617 ID: a08df5
File 155941156012.gif - (14.38KB , 512x512 , 43.gif )

You take a closer look at the pedestal. It's covered in strange geometric patterns, worn down by age. On each side is a large rectangle, but the only one that isn't random lines looks like a... bird skull? You can't quite tell.
The stone at the structure's base is stained.
The bowl atop the pedestal looks like a different stone, smooth and black and shiny. It's three quarters full with an opaque, glossy black liquid.

You look at the flasks.
No. 934618 ID: a08df5
File 155941169511.gif - (10.40KB , 512x512 , 44.gif )

The leftmost flask... or vial? Bottle? is full of small particles. In the gloom you mistake them for gravel, but once you get close and sniff it, it seems more like seeds or nuts; cumin, maybe, or mustard seeds. Your stomach grumbles. You haven't even had breakfast yet.
No. 934619 ID: a08df5
File 155941178547.gif - (10.35KB , 512x512 , 45.gif )

The centre vial is full of a clear liquid. It looks like water, though you suppose it could be colourless, scentless alcohol. Or something completely different. The container is a little smaller than the seeds'.
No. 934620 ID: a08df5
File 155941201421.gif - (11.58KB , 512x512 , 46.gif )

The final vial is full to the brim with thick, dark wine. It smells sweet up close. Sweet but not spiced. You don't officially have much experience with wine, but Reno enjoyed bringing it on your... excursions. You realize you're smiling, and focus.

Þ: "Gods damn this place. More riddles? Who built this, and why?"

S: "N-never b-b-built. G-grown, haha! F-from the rock!"

Spots very carefully closes the door, peering through the slit.
No. 934621 ID: b1b4f3

queen's? also lewd maybe
child's? not so lewd.

Kiss of royalty... that would match the water, as water is closest to saliva. You could try pouring some into the basin.
Ask Spots why he hasn't been eating and drinking this stuff. Does it have something to do with you being vaguely nauseous here? Maybe if you try to eat or drink anything in this room you just puke it up.
No. 934623 ID: a08df5

Oh god oh fuck. oh no pretend that says "KWÉNS" the TH is a mistake
No. 934624 ID: eeb7d9

Cervine made an oopsie.

I think Queen's blood is ok?

What does the pedestal say?
No. 934633 ID: a08df5
File 155942102859.gif - (10.29KB , 512x512 , 47.gif )

You ask Spots why he hasn't had any of this yet.

S: "Little fish drink no wine! No seed! Little fish eat flesh. F-fish flesh. Hahahah."

Thorne slumps between two of the smaller structures.
Þ: "Mind if I rest a little? I hate to say it, but you've always been better at this sort of stuff."

You nod and pick up the jar of Queen's Water. Heavier than you expected. It does smell, now that you're closer, a little like body odour or meat. It isn't appealing.

What will you do?
A] Pour the water on/into ____
B] Examine ____
C] Speak with ____
D] Other:
No. 934634 ID: aa7222

pour water on thorne
No. 934636 ID: 91ee5f

No, don’t do that.
No. 934637 ID: b1b4f3

>body odour or meat
Oh jeez, is it sweat?
A, pour some... onto the locked door. The hint doesn't mention the basin so maybe it's a red herring?

Also sniff the opaque black liquid. How do you even know it's a liquid?
No. 934638 ID: bb78f2

a. Pour water into bowl

Sometimes its important not to overthink puzzles, and the simplest solution is best
No. 934647 ID: eeb7d9

Might as well, right?
No. 934680 ID: 094652

I'm thinking there's a pun involved. Royal Tea. Do you know of any kingdom traditions involving the ratio between water, powdered nuts, and spices?
No. 934691 ID: 094652

Also Queen's Water is possibly amniotic fluid
No. 934927 ID: e39aa5
File 155977490412.gif - (13.99KB , 512x512 , 48.gif )

You try to think of any recipes involving seeds in tea, but nothing comes to mind.

Thinking about it, the fluid does smell a little like... discharge. You don't want to think about it. It's probably just stale water.

You approach the bowl. As you do, the surface of the fluid starts to tremble, almost with excitement.
No. 934928 ID: e39aa5
File 155977500342.gif - (19.92KB , 512x512 , 49.gif )

As soon as you start to pour, the liquid in the bowl vanishes, drained instantly. Similarly, the fluid vanishes the moment it touches the black stone. Nothing happens.
No. 934930 ID: b1b4f3

Erm. I guess that was wrong. Stop pouring, see if the black fluid comes back.

It's possible we have to tell a story using what we have. The wine comes first, then the water. You didn't eat any seeds during your "incursions" did you?
Try crunching on a few seeds to identify them better.
No. 934931 ID: e39aa5
File 155977623333.gif - (13.99KB , 512x512 , 50.gif )

You stop pouring, and the original liquid returns. Now that you're closer, it seems even more agitated. You can almost see something at the center.
No. 934938 ID: eeb7d9

Pay attention to that! The key is in the liquid itself!
No. 934947 ID: b1b4f3

Pour some seeds in next.
No. 934948 ID: 8d4593

Just pull whatever is in the center out already.
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