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File 155266688926.jpg - (469.12KB , 1920x1045 , alejandro-burdisio-landscape-dirigibles-y-ranchos-.jpg )
925850 No. 925850 ID: 2007b6

It's not easy to tell time when the sun's always directly overhead.

That red moon is no good either. Maybe she's afraid to linger too often in the same part of the sky, like courtiers rotate through dresses.

A few stars are visible, dancing as if in pain.

Near as anyone can tell, that distant screaming - well, the coordinated kind - comes every twelve and a half hours, at what should be dawn and dusk. If that's right, tomorrow will be the first day of Resplendent Fire, and the first full month since the cataclysm which dropped a fifty-mile-wide chunk of Creation into the Demon Realm.

What have you done?
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No. 937439 ID: 8d924c


Red and Gold listens closely to the discussion, before giving an order to the marotte.

"Marotte. You are not to speak of or otherwise communicate Lute Silhouette's identity as a Sidereal. What is your name, so I can remember you? I'm afraid I might have to continue to keep you bound for a very long time. Naneke friend, please do me the favor of not speaking of it outside this group as well. I don't want to waste time on unnecessary bindings, but it could endanger an ally if you were to speak carelessly."

Simultaneously, he observes the medical procedure performed by Luminous Alacrity, fascinated.

"Are your ah, components, First Age work? I've never seen anything as advanced as yourself before. But then you said you were...a technical officer? Do I recall correctly?"
No. 937483 ID: 7dd512
File 156169476259.png - (0.96MB , 947x533 , 57a3d51f56bfd2e4a089d47a97157e56fb949f09.png )

rolled 8, 10, 1, 3, 5, 3, 8, 2, 7, 10, 1, 1, 7, 4, 2, 4, 6, 9, 2, 7, 10, 6, 9, 2, 3, 5, 3, 5, 7, 4 = 154


She perks up a little at River's commentary, <Old Realm> "If you can synthesize any drug, that might be just as valuable. There are a number of easily administered curatives that are difficult to create that could easily stabilize most injuries. There are a lot of useful medications too that have low interactivity risk, you'd just need a little education what you can and can't mix safely."

Her medical tools put away safely, she looks to Red & Gold and asks the question that Rivers could have seen a mile away, "What age is your calendar in now ? Well .. if it was the first, probably not that." She scrunches her face as she muses to herself quietly, "I don't think he had passed more than a few years before I was born ...probably fifty given the inscription." Her voice returns to her normal volume as she addresses Red & Gold. "Probably not, they were actually made for a friend of a friend less than a century .. ahh ... less than nine ... ninety thousand screams, approximately, your time scale ? But not likely long enough to be part of a previous age unless we're just recently in your second age. And I'm a science officer, mostly tasked with exploration and discovery."
No. 937487 ID: 54735b

"Well, I can't make any drug I've ever eaten YET, I'll have to take a few days and practice it, just like trying to grow my body into armor for a lot of the same reasons, since even if I can do a lot I still need to take some time to learn new tricks like that."

(From a mechanical perspective, she needs to buy three charms, one of which she takes a penalty in training time because she'd be trying to make a whole new charm to recreate beneficial drugs and the like as opposed to just diseases and toxins)
No. 937488 ID: afdebc

Lute inclines her head in thanks to her co-conspirator covering with her.

>What age is your calendar in now ?
>less than nine ... ninety thousand screams, approximately, your time scale ?
"The Tomescu scream twice a day in Malfeas, there are seven days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 15 months in a year (and 5 days for Calibration). The end of the First Age was, oh, a millennium and a half ago or so. And portents indicate the end of the second age is nigh."
No. 937490 ID: 8d924c


"...That should be impossible. Noone has infrastructure capable of producing something like, well, you, aside from maybe Ligier. Not anymore. And the Green Sun did not build you. Where did you come from?"

Red and Gold stares at the Alchemical, but there's nothing accusatory in his tone, just confusion.
No. 937498 ID: f57349

rolled 1, 8, 4, 5, 6, 1, 9, 9, 8, 7 = 58

>coils of copper wire
Stunts lose effectiveness with repetition. A grazing hit is deflected by the copper coils, but leaves them painfully hot.

On tick 9 you've run another 27 yards and jumped 36, total of 239 yards from the ridge.
On tick 12, run 27 and jumped 36, total of 302 yards from the ridge.
On tick 15, run 27 and jumped 36, total of 365 yards from the ridge, and a third shot, more carefully aimed, scores 8 successes, a hit by 5 for post-soak damage 10. Attempting to deflect the lightning down the same path again gets the crude coils melted to slag and partially vaporized. Now, if you had some mountain-copper, forged into proper hearthstone bracers, that would be a different story.

Bridget finds herself confronted with the fact that ignorance of geomancy is holding her back from true mastery of craft.
>the silver sands all murmur
Want to learn a dot in the Occult skill, right this very second in mid-jump, for 3xp? Refusing costs 1 wp, but doesn't count as resisting UMI.
No. 937505 ID: 7dd512

rolled 6, 7, 5, 8, 3, 5, 3, 9, 10, 1, 3, 2, 1, 6, 4, 8, 6, 8, 4, 10, 6, 8, 10, 6, 4, 6, 4, 9, 4, 7 = 173

<Old Realm> "Well, a unique talent like producing life saving drugs might be more helpful in the long term than learning how to mend and operate. All the same, any effort to improve the lives of others is commendable." To Lute she looks and nods her head in understanding, "Ohh ! I understand now. Alright, regarding that, how tall would you approximately say you are ? And how much would you say this child weighs ? We use a similar time scale, I'm curious what other units of measure we might have in common. Also it will be easier not having to convert every measurement of time into half day segments."

She gives a short little sigh, but feels slightly more emboldened at the moment so she just goes ahead and airs her concerns, [i]"I really do wish you'd stop insinuating I was some mere object. What you see on my forehead ? Human. You can't fit spirits with them, you can't fit automata with the, just people. People with lives, history and feelings."
She punctuates that with a bit of a stern pount, a moment of silence, and then a slight recant. "Well, no real history with say the child, who really ought to be fitted with one but that's a cultural and technological gap that don't have in common. But I hope you know what I mean."
No. 937511 ID: 156cdf

“Well, I think I’m supposed to be some kind of antagonistic force of nature to keep people from growing complacent, but I don’t see why i can’t learn a lot of stuff, especially if I’m realistically the only person capable of making the advanced drugs. As for height and weight, it’s been a bit since I checked in, but last I checked I was 6 foot 4 and about 350 pounds. But, the fact that I’ve got a lot of muscle really though.

rolled 2, 6, 6, 6, 9, 6, 9, 7, 7, 10, 8, 9, 3, 10, 9, 8, 7, 10, 9, 4 = 145

>Ohh ! I understand now. Alright, regarding that, how tall would you approximately say you are ?
"Hmm? Well, most humans are around two yards tall. Rivers here is a hand taller than that, and myself two shorter."

>And how much would you say this child weighs ?
A squint in the bundled child's direction. "Maybe four... and three-quarter hundred obols?" 21 pounds = 336 ounces = 474 obols

"Do you measure things different... where you're from?"

>I really do wish you'd stop insinuating I was some mere object. What you see on my forehead ? Human. You can't fit spirits with them, you can't fit automata with the, just people. People with lives, history and feelings.
"I do not think my companion means to insult you- he is a seeker of knowledge, with training as an engineer, and is merely curious. After all, are you any less a person if you were born, or built, or derived from stranger processes still?"

"And, forgive our ignorance, but your form does appear to be technological in nature, and of remarkable sophistication."
No. 937589 ID: f57349

>What is your name, so I can remember you?
"My...? I... I don't..." The hopping puppeteer has no mouth, and it's voice is like phlegmy violin music, drifting off into increasingly anguished wailing as intelligence boost and dream-rain start to kick in simultaneously. "Everyone has a name! But not me! It's missing, gone, must have dropped it somewhere, I'm sorry, I'll..." Now it's flailing around, frantically checking under mugs and between floorboards for a solution to this existential crisis.
No. 937595 ID: 7dd512
File 156178250714.jpg - (507.50KB , 700x1000 , 3012d3aab2a75aa5022c719e50caa519d54e82eb.jpg )

rolled 3, 4, 5, 4, 2, 6, 1, 2, 9, 2, 1, 5, 6, 3, 2, 3, 6, 7, 1, 5, 7, 8, 3, 6, 2, 6, 5, 9, 2, 8 = 133

She looks between Rivers and Lute, nodding a little as she tries to put it together, <Old Realm> "Okay, if I understand that right, three hands to a foot, three feet to a yard, two yards for a person, so the breadth of the hand to the length of a foot to .. whatever a yard is. And were I to estimate maybe ... nine or ten kilos.. so two .. ten more. Okay, so about twenty grams to the obol. And huh, Rivers looks about two meters so, a little shy. Huh, the population must be pretty healthy if they're averaging two yards." Slipping from her own calculations and musing to answer Lute more directly.

"We do, we find one unit of measure, a gram or a meter in this case, and then all other units are a base of ten from that to the next unit, and eachother, instead of a base of three. So where as you have three hands to the foot, three feet to the yard, or nine hands to the yard, we have.. Ten grams to the dekagram, ten dekagrams to the hectogram, ten hectograms to the kilogram. But since it lines up with our number system, it makes it easy to convert. Instead of saying the average height is one meter and seven decimeters, with ten deci to the standard unit, it can be simplified to one point seven meters. It is curious that we have similar measures of time, however. It's one of the few measures we keep that's not base ten."

"As to my remarkable sophistication, you shouldn't discount your own biological complexity. Take, for example, your bones. They're designed to flex under shock and impact without breaking, under certain amounts off force. Honeycombs of calcium and collagen pad out the dense plates, keeping them light weight and springy, while housing marrow that makes blood cells that allow your body to carry vital energy to the rest of your body and help it fight off all sorts of infections and foreign bodies. Mine is merely different materials and different properties, but extraordinarily similar in function. I have more metal reinforcement and different nerve pathways, but since my cells don't strictly require oxygen, or rather since I can synthesize it internally, I don't need to take it in from the air, so there are slight differences in the types of blood produced, also in the bones. I mean, my organs are complex, self repairing and built for a specific purpose ... just like yours, and by a mind just as great. "
No. 937596 ID: 54735b

"You know, I think I've heard some of the engineers that I've dated talk about a lot of the same stuff as all that, so maybe it's a common thing for people that work with artifacts to use it as opposed to what everyone else used.

"And if your body was built, it would probably make sense if wherever you came from to be really heavy on making artifacts and stuff that engineers do, so using the engineer number stuff as a standard makes sense."

Rivers listened to the 'biology is great' speech, nodding in agreement that the human body was pretty cool. Not as cool as a lot of the stuff she personally could turn into, but regardless saying something about how awesome her own biology was over everyone else would have been rude and undercutting a cool moment. Kind of like the hooping puppeteer was doing.


"Alright, if you don't have a name, I'll give you one. How about Jeff?"
No. 937597 ID: 7dd512

rolled 9, 1, 5, 5, 6, 8, 7, 3, 10, 6, 8, 3, 2, 9, 2, 7, 7, 4, 7, 4, 1, 10, 4, 3, 1, 10, 5, 7, 1, 9 = 164

<Old Realm> "Yes that would be fair to say, compared to what I've seen here, we are more technologically advanced, but from what you've told me and .. that I can remember, of the birds and bees, survival here does seem quite a bit easier intrinsically for smaller societies. Our homelands are harsh, but resource plentiful. But much of it needs refinement so, artiface is just an every day affair. I've a number of them implanted. We also, unsurprisingly, excel at the crafting of prosthesis and synthetic organs to replace damaged ones."
No. 937602 ID: d9acdc

rolled 1, 8, 3, 5, 9, 1, 10, 1, 2, 8, 5, 1, 1, 5, 3, 3, 9, 10, 8, 7, 1, 3, 8, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6, 8, 4 = 144

>Stunts lose effectiveness with repetition.

To my knowledge this was the first time I stunted in Bridget deflecting lightning with copper wiring. I was merely pointing out that this seemed to be the very scenario suggested as a use for the copper wiring.

>painfully hot

Been a long time since Bridget worried about that sort of thing. Would Steadfast Emperor Stance mitigate such issues? I believe that's the name of the charm that means you can ignore environmental damage even if it's deliberately being used to target/injure you, right?.

>DV of three

Parry DV of four, no stunt on the second attack, and a minus one penalty for dashing, correct? That looks like five successes on damage, which is pretty nasty.

>Now, if you had some mountain-copper, forged into proper hearthstone bracers, that would be a different story.
Aside from providing a hearthstone socket, what other benefits could I expect?

>Want to learn a dot in the Occult skill, right this very second in mid-jump, for 3xp?

Yes! I will also bite the bullet and spend 9xp to bring Craft (Earth) up to 4. If I didn't have plot armor, I'd be pretty sure Bridget was about the bite the dust here, so I'd probably invest in something to keep her alive.

Blasphemy abounds in this endless expanse, thought the ghost inside the turret. The pulse of the monk nearby helped keep the time, to steady the rhythm of each shot. The anathema would reach them in... twenty five heartbeats. That would have to be long enough. One beat, two, watch carefully now-


The gunner did not miss the mark this time. Arcs seared Bridget's flesh, vaporizing copper to leave molten slag stuck to her skin. Of course, she wasn't intending to wield lightning like a brush this time- an accidental reflex, as her body assumed a repeated course of action. Tactics would have to change if she was going to make it past this thing.

In an instant, a spray of sand and glass obscures the area around Bridget. The twilight caste mark is shattered and tossed into the air, but rather than lose form it is turned by a golden blaze into a localized sunset, a mountain centered in front of the brilliant glow, it's peak an anvil to forge creation anew. This is the first glimpse of the natural world, of the Daystars light, that the ghost has had in an unfathomable eon of endless desert. Tears would certainly be appropriate, if ghosts had eyes with which to weep.

Activating Soul Fire Resurgence on every tick possible, putting all stunt rewards toward WP. Activating CNNT and spending 9 motes on the First Craft Excellency, for a total of 16 motes 1wp (plus WP expendature from Soul Fire Resurgence). That flares Bridget's anima to iconic, which is projected onto the sand and glass being thrown into the air as she attempts to craft a foxhole to hide in using Craft (Earth).

Totals at 1/11/7 I think?
No. 937606 ID: 54735b

"Well, I don't know how easy it is for small societies to really thrive. I mean, if you're small you're always running the risk of slavers, or wild animals, or roving packs of the dead, or angry gods, or marauding wyld creatures, or Anathema like myself, but I guess the stuff you need to survive is relatively simple to get to.

"But, prosthetics are pretty common where I came from to. I mean, not the really fancy artifact ones unless you're an Exalt, but a lot of the wooden ones and iron ones are still really cool."

Rivers fondly remembered the prosthetics that she had seen in her day, mostly from people that lost limbs in combat. They probably would amaze the Alchemical with how simple and primitive they were compared to advanced Autocthonian engineering though.
No. 937611 ID: 8d924c

Red and Gold moves forward quickly to embrace the marotte and their flailing limbs, seemingly uncaring that it most closely resembles hair covered in snot.

"No, no, calm yourself, child of the Wind. Names are often misplaced. Some are never granted one. We will find your name, you need not be distressed. Perhaps you did not have one before? We will grant you one that suits you."
Red and Gold remembers then the discussion that was happening previously.

"Oh, my apologies. I did not mean to imply that you were any less of a person. Humanity was as much the creation of another as any other. I'm curious as to what you mean, however. The baby should be fitted with a gem like your own?"
No. 937612 ID: 8d924c


"Much harder for those without a patron of some sort. But there are many potential patrons, and some are kinder than others. Even the raksha occasionally find arrangements which are not so dreadful for the most powerless mortals as attempting to survive on their own. Of course, more often the raksha just eat their souls. Not creatures renowned for their restraint."

Red and Gold addresses Luminous Alacrity once more.

"I was trained as a technician in a country that is widely considered to be the most advanced in artifice in all of Creation. Technically, this isn't completely correct, but we'll leave out the conspiracies of the Silver Pact and Yu Shan. Because I doubt even they could ever possibly build anything like you. I don't understand where you could possibly have come from. Perhaps a refuge banished into Elsewhere in the First Age? I've always been skeptical that the Dragonblooded destroyed all of them."
No. 937617 ID: f57349

>Parry DV of four, no stunt on the second attack, and a minus one penalty for dashing, correct?
Minus two for dashing, plus a one-die. Should be a two-die stunt, I suppose, which means only four lethal health levels. Still enough to put Bridget at a -2 wound penalty.
>Aside from providing a hearthstone socket, what other benefits could I expect?
Three bonus dice to dodging is the most contextually relevant.
You now owe the Yozi Cecelyne one (1) favor. Also, every time you build any sort of permanent structure from now on, whether humble hut, grand palace, mile-marker stele along a dirt road, or some vast manse, failing to incorporate either glass made from her sands or symbols of her worship in some structurally integral way will result in that occult knowledge being revoked.

As long as you're here, hiding in a hole, and so receptive to making deals, are there any other miracles you might be interested in receiving?
No. 937621 ID: 7dd512

rolled 1, 8, 3, 1, 3, 7, 8, 7, 6, 6, 9, 5, 2, 8, 10, 10, 8, 4, 5, 6, 3, 5, 9, 3, 9, 4, 2, 7, 6, 3 = 168

<Old Realm> "Ohh, these are more or less a human right in my society, the only people who go without are those who live outside of a city or otherwise civil social structures and the worst of criminal offenders. But you'll always have anarchists who prefer freedom to the protection and laws of society. They safeguard the soul and reveal your passions and potential in the form they take, which makes things much easier to fit people into roles their suited toward and will be happy with. It's somewhat traumatic to initially install, so we usually do it during infancy."

"It would be nice to compare, some of our designs strive for just as much aesthetic quality as functionality, although re-learning how to use new limbs always comes with therapeutic challenges."

To Red&Gold,"And you may be, but we are not of Creation, this land is very much new to my society. I wouldn't try to trouble yourself overly much, the details of my genesis are well beyond what a mere human mind, mine included, can truly comprehend and re-create. But then how well can you really understand your own biology ? Sure you can copy and tinker, but with nothing but the most raw of materials ... water, proteins, fats and minerals, what have you. Creating the depths of humanity anew without templating on any existing life is equal to such a task, so don't overly trouble yourself over that which is not honestly meant to be comprehended."
No. 937622 ID: 3732a8

“Considering that they built vast and terrible monsters that required entire armies of Exalts to kill, I’m pretty sure that Anathema like Red Amd Gold could honestly create a new humanity given enough time and resources.

“But, just because you could doesn’t mean you should, and she’s clearly uncomfortable with this line of discussion, so we should just drop it and ask her friends the secrets to their technology after we go and get her stolen stuff back from a race of thieving subterranean assholes and take her home.”
No. 937627 ID: 7dd512

rolled 9, 1, 4, 1, 4, 10, 1, 3, 1, 8, 9, 10, 10, 4, 5, 9, 10, 1, 4, 1, 6, 3, 2, 7, 4, 9, 6, 6, 6, 6 = 160

<Old Realm> "I fear, yes, that's the quickest way to bring me to convalescence without literal ... weeks of rest. It's already been probably a week since my abduction and my friends will only grow more militant and reserved the longer I'm away. Especially if they manage to find blood trails, assuming they haven't already, they might seek armed retaliation against those creatures that could be otherwise avoided. Plus yes, I would very much like my clothes and equipment back. There's a number of drugs and curatives you might find too among them Rivers if you wanted to start there, though nothing terribly elaborate. Anti-<????>, sedatives, pain killers, <????> and the like." The words she's using that are hard to make out likely aren't old realm so much as loaner words or new inventions from her naitive tongue.
No. 937630 ID: 54735b

"I will say this again, their ability to not be murdered in armed conflict by incredibly dangerous people depends entirely on their willingness to surrender everything they took from you. I don't care who they are or how dangerous it is, I'm not going to let someone threaten to hurt someone I care about, and really the only reason I'm not planning to slaughter them to the last for being monsters that would abuse slaves like they do AND for treating someone that I like the way that they did is because you've made your opinion on that course of action known."
No. 937650 ID: d9acdc

rolled 2, 7, 4, 1, 2, 4, 5, 5, 8, 8, 3, 7, 7, 2, 9, 9, 1, 9, 2, 10, 2, 4, 2, 3, 10, 7, 7, 2, 2, 1 = 145

>Should be a two-die stunt, I suppose

My intent is not to question or urge you to retcon. If you think it was a one dot stunt I'm not arguing.

>Deal with secret conditions hidden within
>Want to make more?

Bridget is less receptive now that she knows such gifts are in fact transactions, where the price is unlisted and the payment required is not agreed soon beforehand.

>Occult 1
>Bureaucracy 0

Not that upset though, given that she doesn't fully understand the situation. Speaking of not fully understanding the situation, does Bridget have knowledge of what Cecelyne symbols actually are, or has she just been told "Honor me with your buildings" by a disembodied presence?

Bridget's current objectives include:
-Find the DoM
-Restore comfort, joy, and prosperity to the village
-Ensure that whatever disaster has befallen everyone is reversed
-Put a stop to her brother Karrod

What deals are on the table, oh silver sands of Cecelyne?

Bridget continues to shore up the foxhole, to keep her out of the line of fire while she recovers.
No. 937665 ID: afdebc

"Wonders of biology aside, Lumie, I do have to wonder why you have not turned your tools on yourself. The last owner of such a wonder I knew was quiet adamant they could regrow limbs."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Will have to find her possessions, dear, before we can attempt to reclaim them."

"And before that we should really do something about the home... 'Jeff' partially disassembled."
No. 937672 ID: 7dd512
File 156186842223.jpg - (116.25KB , 450x579 , 0cbdd1dfe82eb24c61a87874ccfc2c30ef20f5b1.jpg )

rolled 9, 2, 2, 7, 9, 9, 7, 6, 7, 10, 1, 7, 7, 10, 10, 9, 2, 8, 6, 6, 3, 7, 6, 5, 10, 5, 6, 9, 5, 8 = 198

Lumie looks to Rivers and speaks an elongated word that doesn't really sound familiar, but the context rings clear as a something fond or adorable. (Like going 'awwww !') <Old Realm> "That's very considerate of you. And yes, if they insist on destructive behavior, then they should not be immune to consequence, I just don't wish harm inflicted unduly on ... well anyone really, even if they don't share the same consideration."

Turning to Lute, she grimaces slightly, "Well, yes, I actually can but, it comes back to those wonders of biology again. Starvation aside, the dehydration alone would have killed most any other person as long as I was ignored. But, most of my organs will can go into near dormancy if deprived of vital nutrients but it leaves me in a vulnerable state. Alive, yes, but lacking much of the capacity to recover without sustenance. Thanks to Rivers, her cooking and yourself, my ambient endocytic saturation rates are up to about sixteen percent of their usual, but I'm not at all yet in a healthy state; that takes some time and nutrition to come out of that shock. So to get back to your point, while I could, yes technically regrow my limbs with my tools, at my current state of health it'd take two ... maybe three days in an induced coma to restore a full limb and the energy cell that I power it with has tops a day before it needs to recharge, which can take just as long. Once my immune system is back out of shock though, I'm pretty sure I can hedge the time it takes to regrow an arm down to shy of a full charge. With the equipment and expertise that my friends have, my support team and such are used to dealing with my biology and could have me back to myself in a fraction of that time."
No. 937677 ID: afdebc

>the energy cell that I power it with has tops a day before it needs to recharge
"Ah, you're using some manner of essence capacitor? What you want is a continuous power source, such as a hearthstone."

The Joybringer holds an elongated blue-green gem blue-green gem aloft, in demonstration.

"Although... it would probably be better if we used yours, Red and Gold. Best not to risk Lumie's dreams brushing up against those who would not mean her well."

"Would you be willing to offer healing to Creeping Hunter as well? I know you did not appreciate how his tribe treated you, but he could be a useful ally if his wounds were dealt with, and able to aid us in located those who initially stole from you."
No. 937678 ID: 8d924c


"Yes, if the other marottes are reacting this way, it may also be good to get them out of the rain. Will have to set up some new orders. Can't let them sit in acid rain next time something like that happens. I may need some weather handlers sooner rather than later."
No. 937679 ID: 54735b

"Well, I suppose we would have to find them first, but considering that Lumie wound up in the hands of the tribe I'm now a counciler of, I'm pretty sure I could ask where they got her from and they could just point me out without him. But, it WOULD be a lot easier if there were a few unstopable engines of death telling them to surrender anything they took from you.

"Plus, if he knows that it's to get your stuff, and you heal him, then he'd probably let me borrow some powerful supplies, like that armor he took off for the duel."

"But, the way I see it, there are two options. I take a week to learn how to make my body as close to indestructible as possible and go with the anticipation that they'll attack us, or we just kind of wing it and risk horrific mutation and death if things get violent or fate isn't on my side."
No. 937680 ID: 7dd512

rolled 9, 2, 9, 5, 5, 6, 3, 7, 1, 6, 5, 6, 4, 6, 7, 3, 5, 10, 7, 10, 3, 10, 1, 6, 3, 5, 10, 1, 8, 4 = 167

She studies the blue gem with a quirk of her head while she speaks.<Old Ream> "Huh, I didn't know you could get those outside of city. But yup, a <???> capacitor, works even in blight as long as you don't try to overload it. I would have preferred something like what you've got, except for the obvious." She shrugs, not realizing the obvious was only such to herself. "I might be able to utilize one ? I'd need to do some testing first to see if the energy sources are compatible and if it has enough throughput ... especially if they have deleterious side effects."

"I suppose so but it would probably be best to bring him here. He seemed stable enough to move if you're gentle. But the umbrella we built hasn't been field tested yet and it wouldn't be appropriate for me to operate a medical device with the risk of hallucinogens, especially if Jeff is to serve as an example. While I could purge him of any side effects, in my current state, who knows how useful or useless I'd be if exposed."
No. 937686 ID: 54735b

"Well, if it's an issue of testing the thing, I can go grab him incredibly quickly."

Rivers limbered up, slipping on the perfected boots and putting down the baby and Lumie before she picked up the umbrella.

"I'll try to be back quick enough."

And with that, Umbrella sticking out the door, she bolted off like a silver streak, avoiding even so much as a drop of water as she ran with inhuman grace and speed, her miraculous boots never more than tapping the surface of the water running past the Immaculate Church as she did.

As she did, one of the demons of the guardian of sleep, a single Perronele, abandoned by some host either by death or by choice, having been driven from the catacombs going for miles underneath the town, spotted a handy ride in the moving Lunar, but didn't want to immediately draw attention, latching itself harmlessly onto her boots for the time being.
No. 937687 ID: 54735b

rolled 9, 4, 3, 1, 9, 1, 2, 4, 7, 6, 4, 1, 6, 9, 6, 10, 4, 5, 7, 3, 6, 5, 3, 8, 10, 5, 9, 7, 8, 10, 7, 1, 6, 8, 3, 8, 9, 2, 8, 5 = 229

But, with an as of yet un-noticed passenger, Rivers makes her way to where she remembered them taking the warchief. Either to the tent that they are getting set up, or down into the whole where their main camp is.
No. 937689 ID: 304f7c

The war camp is now set up. Tents of various kinds have now been erected. Any sentry or type of guard has abandon their position to take shelter from the weather and the cold. Through the deafening rain rambunctious beastmen can still be heard. Some are in their own tents trying to sleep. Others are in large domed tents engaging in drinks, games of dice, or gathered around the fires engaging in loud and dramatic story telling. If it weren't for the occasional round of laughter or yelling the camp would otherwise appear deserted. Two tents stand out, the Council's tent and the Warmaster's tent are both decorated more so than the others. In Creep's tent two beastmen guard talk in hushed voices. One is telling the other a story. Their weapons lay on the ground away from them. The general mood of the camp is very relaxed.
No. 937691 ID: 54735b

rolled 1, 5, 5, 10, 7, 9, 2, 1, 8, 8, 10, 5, 9, 3, 9, 1, 3, 9, 2, 7, 5, 3, 9, 7, 8, 4, 7, 10, 7, 4, 7, 7, 7, 2, 10, 7, 9, 7, 3, 4 = 241


Well, Rivers would just walk past them. They should probably recognize her from earlier considering that what she did was pretty damn impressive for them. If the guards acknowledged her, she'd give a courtesy hello, and ignore them if they tried to tell her no.

Inside the tent, she had a few goals. The first, get prepared for war. She saw that he had a set of superheavy armor, and while she REALLY hated how clothes fit and were all stuffy, and this wasn't actually something she wanted to do, she also didn't want to make Lumie wait a week, so she needed to take some short cuts.

As she took the 5 minutes to properly suit up, the living armor took the opportunity to start covering her as well.

Granted, they'd probably need another 12 hours to actually attune to it properly, but she also really didn't want to have to carry it while she was carrying someone else as she put the war-chief, who inconsiderately hadn't transformed back into a human, over her armored shoulder, used the umbrella to cover the two of them, and walked back this time, just as quickly as she could.

Once again, she gave a courtesy farewell to the guards as she left.
No. 937692 ID: f57349

>"And before that we should really do something about the home... 'Jeff' partially disassembled."
Distant wooden cracking, followed by a heavy thud, is audible over the gentle patter of rain. >>937691
>12 hours
Attuning to an artifact normally only takes about 20 minutes, but you need to establish ownership first, and it can't normally be attuned to somebody else at the same time. Attunement lasts through 25 hours out of skin contact unless it's voluntarily withdrawn.

Has Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men withdrawn the committed mote from his armor? Does he consider Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers an enemy, such that the armor's least god's loyalty to him would be in irreconcilable conflict with loyalty to her?

Normally, for rigid armor, size would be an issue as well, joints needing to be precisely fitted and so on... but refitting itself to different sizes and shapes is the main benefit of Moon-Faced Mail, so if the attunement works at all there'd be no reason to make a fuss about that.
No. 937698 ID: 304f7c

Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men has withdrawn his committed mote at this point. As far as his feelings toward Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers he mostly sees her as a threat still.
No. 937714 ID: f57349

In that case, Rivers will need one or more additional scenes of persuasion to establish metaphysical ownership over the armor before it fits right. Competent maintenance, or wearing it in battle, would be the conventional strategy. Prayers directly to the armor's spirit could also be effective, or various sorts of magical mental influence - which the living-armor symbiote could potentially help with.
No. 937729 ID: 54735b

Alright, in that case, two things apply to the first idea she has. It probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to know that Moonsilver is associated with the blood of Lunar Anathema, and there is plenty of Moonsilver etched into the armor.

So, before putting it on, she takes each piece individually, examines it for any of the wear and tear that a professional soldier would notice and be able to repair just as a side effect of being used to armor.

As soon as she was satisfied with the quality piece being suitable for wear, she stabbed a finger into her own skin to draw blood, tracing over the in-lay, the magic material glowing faintly in recognition.

(Spending 1 willpower for a success on the prayer roll to establish meta-physical ownership and 2-4 motes for Halting the Scarlet Flow, since she didn't use a lot of blood)

As she worked, the Perrenole saw its opportunity to more easily get into a position where it could barter for favors, and started went from the Lunar's boots, and in to the boots of the armor, stretching out almost invisibly, but ready to latch on to the next person that put on the armor.
No. 937730 ID: 54735b

rolled 10, 3, 7, 10, 10, 1, 9, 4, 8, 7, 1, 1, 8, 4, 7, 7, 3, 9, 4, 4, 7, 2, 3, 4, 3, 7, 10, 1, 3, 4 = 161


rolled 6, 3, 8, 7, 10, 6, 7, 9, 9, 3, 10, 10, 5, 6, 4, 7, 1, 8, 2, 7, 3, 4, 8, 5, 10, 4, 7, 6, 2, 10, 7, 3, 4, 8, 6, 3, 3, 3, 6, 1, 6, 3, 10, 6, 9, 9, 8, 9, 7, 6 = 304

Before Lute can protest it would be better to bring the mechanical medic to the patient instead of moving him, or propose an alternate route, or reiterate that a building about to fall over is of more pressing concern than a patient who is currently stable... Rivers is gone.

>Distant wooden cracking, followed by a heavy thud, is audible over the gentle patter of rain. >>937691

In moments, Lute is once again wearing a raincoat, and cocking her head as if listening to an unheard voice, and passing the umbrella she carried before and the one assembled by Lumie to Red and Gold and his bound demons. Placing the swaddled baby down besides Lumie, she announces "The child's guardians are in peril, but alive. Lumie, look after the child. Everyone else, I require assistance removing them from their ruined home."

2m personal for Efficient Secretary Technique on the location and condition of Ivan and his niece which I already stunted part of the answer to, by saying they aren't dead. Rolling for a social attack, performance 6 + manipulation 6 + stunt (and relative appearance modifiers), to get help for another rescue, enhanced by Perfection in Life for another 5m. (Anyone who doesn't resist the social attack gains +1wp, even if this puts you over your normal max, and can't choose to change their mind about helping for the rest of the scene). Aaaand some extra dice for getting through the rain or trying to extricate anyone if needed.

Between the Shard Fallen, chancel doors, and her hearthstone, Lute can get in and out of a building reduced to rubble, but she'll likely need the help moving the mortals somewhere safe with only strength 1.
No. 937766 ID: 8d924c

(Red and Gold doesn't resist this social attack at all, although if anyone starts rolling for full on social combat he'll spend some motes to improve his Join Debate.)

Red and Gold continues embracing the marotte until he's satisfied that the phlegmy creature will not destroy anything else in its distress.

"Come, friend marotte, let us assist our friend Lute here with her rescue mission. Perhaps you'd like to learn more about babies? I would be glad to help you with that."

Red and Gold clings to one of the marotte's 'limbs' as he holds the umbrella over the pair of them, following after Lute.

(With the extra willpower, I should be full up, and able to raise the marotte's Medicine specialty in Childcare to 1? Unless that requires a dot in Medicine, in which case we'll do that first.)
No. 937772 ID: 304f7c

All is dark in Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men mind. He is suddenly aware of his breathing. It isn't strained anymore. I come easy and naturally as it once did before. His body comes into existence now. He feels a warmth all over his body as if he was laying in the sun. He is laying down in a very relaxed position. Cool water begins lapping on his feet. He struggles to move but is unable to. Feeling the world around him he is laying on a sandy beach. The warmth of the sound a nice contrast to the cool water. He can hear the waves in the distance and the gentle rumble of wind on his ears. Struggling to move once again he manages to open his eyes. It is bright and the sun is directly overhead. The sky is a soft blue with white clouds. There is something strange about the clouds he thinks but is unable to determine what exactly it is. Soon he is able to sit up and is greeted with a vast ocean in front of him. It's wave are small and gentle as they reach the shore. Standing now he takes stock of his personage. He reaches for his chest and finds no trace of the mortal wound he was given. He is still naked but the temperature has a pleasant coolness that he does not mind. Looking to the shoreline and further inland there is no one else around. He begins to head deeper inland, seeing a field of strange flowers in every color right along the coast with a forest behind it. He begins to explore the landmass which he quickly discovers is an island. Reaching the other side in a few hours. The same ocean gently lapping the shore. Walking back to the other side where he woke up he feels an urgency that he needs to be somewhere else. Not quite sure where exactly just somewhere else. Wading into the cool ocean he discovers that it never comes higher than his chest no matter how far out he goes. He walks in a straight line away from the island. For hours it seems he walks. The sun still exactly over head and he realizes now what seemed strange with the clouds. They are un-moving, perfectly still just as the sun directly over head. Never moving from the center of the sky. Walking for what seemed like hours at first soon devolves into days. Waves gently pass along his chest the sun always present but never scorching it seemed. The island far out of view. For a week, he thinks, he walked never getting tired until one day he spots a landmass far off in the distance. He approaches it with urgency still feeling the urge to be somewhere. As it comes closer in view becoming clearer in the horizon. It is the same island Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men left weeks ago. Coming ashore he decides to explore the island in greater detail.

He searches the island finding no other life than plants. Nothing, no structures no traces of other life. Not even an insect. He searches further and further into the island until one day he finds something. A cave, dark and foreboding. He can't see into it. As if it were completely black. The sense he gets from the cave is something of utter terror. As if death itself was inside. The longer he looks into it the more encompassing it seems the cave widens and opens up blocking anything else from view. Until he looks away where he sees the island once again. The sense of urgency he felt now gone and he begins to appreciate the islands beauty even more. He notices that he never tires or hungers or thirsts while he is here on the island. He spends his first few weeks building a shelter. Not because he needs it. The weather is never harsh nor is he able to sleep. He can only close his eyes and relax. He begins making arrangements of flowers. The islands flowers are beautiful and are strange in their variety. He begins to collect seeds from them. He clears part of the forest and begins cultivating them. The plants grow normally just like any others, months pass. He walks through his garden of flowers and feels happy and fulfilled. He wanders all over the island always taking wide berth around the cave. He gathers, arranges and begins to look after the island itself. More time passes. He begins to weave mats and textiles from plant fiber. Spending his time anyway he can. The sun has never set once, and the clouds are still un-moving. He spends weeks at a time inside his shelter just lying on his mats with his eyes closed in mediation. Until one day.

He is lying inside his shelter when all of a sudden he hears a CRACK of thunder. Rushing outside and to the coast. The sun is gone replaced with black night. The clouds now turbulent and black. Lighting streaks across them constantly. Now serving as the only sources of light. The waves rush to the coast growing stronger and more powerful. Until they begin ripping parts of the island away. Eroding more and more of the coast. It seems constant and unending parts of the island swallowed by rushing water now black under the sky. Until it stops finally. The waves no longer tearing at the flesh of the island. No more movement at all. The ocean is eerily still. On the horizon figures start coming into view. Walking on top of the still water like glass. It freezes and cracks beneath their foot fall. Thirteen of them are now approaching from the horizon. With them a blizzard is coming.

Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men bolts from the ruined coast. He knows that he is running for his life. He runs to the center of the island and to the cave. He stops in front of it. Its maw is still black and ominous but he steels himself and heads in. The cave continues on pitch black. He has to put his arms out in front of him to guide the way. Until it gets too small to stand upright. He bends over. Continuing blindly it soon gets too small to stand at all. He begins crawling further and further into the cave. The passage gets tighter and tighter. He can barely move now and soon he is stuck. Completely unable to move his body. Hiding from death.
No. 937815 ID: f57349

Charisma 3 + Performance 1 and a two-die stunt, gives six on the dice, plus one from willpower, you're currently No Moon and thus count as a priest, and that generous offering of blood is surely worth something... I'll call that three threshold successes on the prayer roll. The armor's least god visibly manifests and eagerly discusses technical details, rambling on for an hour or so if you make the slightest pretense of paying attention, which reduces the difficulty of immediate repair or maintenance on the armor by one. Also, you've now established metaphysical ownership enough to attune to it.
No. 937821 ID: 54735b

Alright, she's going to go ahead and attune to it, suffusing it with essence as the armor shrank and grew to fit her like it was made exclusively for her.

So, after two and a half hours, Rivers finally actually left the tent for real, and walked through the town under the Umbrella and behind a steel skin with a Lunar draped over her shoulders like an incredibly heavy coat.

Then, the Perronele whispered in her ear, offering to be her armor in exchange for two things, protection from meaner demons, and a small bit of prayer, and to build a sanctum for it.

Rivers told it that she would need to talk to her lawyer first, and headed back to the tavern to see if Red and Gold had gotten back in that period of time.
No. 937822 ID: 54735b

I fucked up, and I'm using this as the experience tracking tool and to reset my name.
No. 937983 ID: f57349

You can grant a specialty with no dots in the underlying skill, though it's seldom efficient to do so.

Geoff the Hopping Puppeteer is staggered by these divinely-granted insights, but nonetheless follows obediently, rambling "So babies are actually the larval stage, and humans reproduce by having sex... with each other... it explains so much!"
No. 938163 ID: f57349

At a glance, it doesn't look much at all like the collapsed buildings you saw in the aftermath of the bandit raid. More like a big box halfway tipped over, or one of those kitchen drawers with the knob at the top and the hinge at the bottom, leaning out into the street. Upper floor appears to be entirely intact, apart from tilting at a twelve or fifteen degree angle.

Ivan and his niece are still inside, in the small apartment on the second floor. Ground floor was set aside for a shop but not yet furnished nor occupied. You told them to stay inside, and they did, and now pretty much everything is sorted out, just like you said it would be.

She weeps with joy to be reunited with her infant child, by some miracle not only unhurt but seemingly healthier than before. Looks like she's been crying kind of a lot, for at least the past few days. Hasn't said a single word this whole time, though, nor made much of any vocal sound at all beyond those incidental to breathing.

As you're turning to go, Ivan asks, more or less politely, if it's actually the same kid or a fae impostor.

Grandmother, he explains, always talked about seven blights: dry fog, the dead, fire, treachery, pestilence, sorcery, and fair folk.
Had close calls with all the others, why should the show be over so quick? Are the gods tired of laughing already?
Is no "luck" in carpentry! Only mistakes! Catch in time and fix, or get sloppy and end up broken.
That new innkeeper, the red and gold sorcerer, I go talk to him two weeks ago and just for a second he glances at my leg the way I look at an old rusty chisel fished out from behind a bench. "Worth cleaning up, or scrap?" Humans don't look at other humans that way. Real Lookshyans don't summon demons, and they don't work on spec. All this building and guarding and charity but never one word about what is wanted from us in return.
In terms of actual carpentry, though, Ivan feels he has no choice but to respect the kind of skill that can, first, piece a whole house together without nails or glue like a massive masterpiece cabinet or puzzle-box, and second, at the same time, incorporate cross-braces so sturdy the whole second floor rolls as a single unit without even cracking much of the plaster.
No. 938168 ID: 8d924c

rolled 3, 10, 2, 6, 5, 8, 5, 2, 1, 8, 2, 7, 4, 7, 8, 6, 7, 9, 7, 1, 6, 9, 7, 6, 6, 6, 3, 7, 4, 9 = 171


Red and Gold appears uncharacteristically embarrassed at the question.

"The same child. I wasn't adept enough myself to treat them, but we had a doctor available. Something I should probably learn at my earliest opportunity. If I were dealing with the Fair Folk, they'd be insisting on hauls of slaves for souls to eat. I don't value what the Fair Folk can do enough to ever make that trade. I can do better. I apologize for events today. Geoff, please apologize as well. I don't associate myself with Lookshy, now. They wouldn't take me back, anyways. Some mistakes aren't so easily fixed, as you said."

Red and Gold looks then to Ivan's niece, clearly still distressed despite the return of her child, before continuing.

"As to why I don't ask anything in return, that's simple. I can bind a demon in a matter of minutes for almost anything I might ask you for. Why would I need a mortal blacksmith's help when I could call a heranhal to draw metal from the Green Sun's light itself to craft whatever I asked? There's only one thing which mortals can really offer that a demon couldn't, and that's prayer. I could tell any of the demons to worship me, or anyone else, and they would, gladly, but there would be no power in it. So if you wanted to offer something, that would be by far the most useful thing you have to give. But I won't demand that of any of you. It would be worth much less than genuine devotion. I am sorry that I may have seemed detached from your concerns. I have dedicated myself to a very long and perhaps impossible task, and the truth is that it's unlikely anyone alive in this village will live to see the end of it. Hundreds of years, at least, it will need. I appreciate you speaking of your concerns to me. I need the reminder at times, for as much as the gifts I've been given are great, I still am human. I can fail, and have in the past, for my mistakes, just as a carpenter who grows sloppy would. I intend not to see any major failures again, but the prodding of those I'm watching over will always be useful."

Red and Gold bows his head then to the pair of them and the child.

"If there is anything you would like to ask of me today, please do. I can ask something in return, but perhaps you would be willing to arrange a 'price' in advance this time? A month's prayer in two hours of the evening, perhaps? I am open to other suggestions for what I would ask for blessings, or negotiation on the time frame. Or possibly some craftwork, if that would be preferable to ask for? Perhaps you would like additional skill with carpentry, or cooking, or an improvement to your body's health? These are things I can offer, if you need them. If you don't, of course, it's not necessary that you do."
No. 938236 ID: f57349

Ivan was saying all that to Diligent Topaz when he thought Red and Gold was out of earshot.

rolled 1, 1, 1, 5, 9, 8, 4, 8, 1, 6, 9, 6, 4, 4, 10, 3, 2, 8, 10, 7, 6, 6, 2, 5, 10, 6, 4, 1, 6, 7, 2, 1, 2, 6, 1, 4, 2, 1, 9, 2, 5, 2, 8, 9, 9, 6, 4, 2, 4, 10, 3, 10, 7, 10, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 = 296

What a pity Ivan was mistaken, and that the sorcerer was close enough to overhear, and to insert himself in the conversation.

>As you're turning to go, Ivan asks, more or less politely, if it's actually the same kid or a fae impostor.
Lute will offer her own reassurances in support of the Fiend's. It is the same child, and if you cannot bring yourself to trust us, surely your grandmother's tales covered the weaknesses of the fae? They cannot stand the touch of iron, and even cold it burns them as if it were red hot.

>All this building and guarding and charity but never one word about what is wanted from us in return.
This rings true to Lute as nothing less than a plea for purpose. Who is he supposed to be in these new circumstances? Rolling for... investigation or read motive I would think? Lute needs to appraise who he is before she can help him find his best self! I'm not looking for a whole character sheet here- but grasping something about his virtues, motivation, intimacies, important skills / attributes, or dreams, etc, gives me a starting point to riff on.

>Hasn't said a single word this whole time, though, nor made much of any vocal sound at all beyond those incidental to breathing.
Hmm, can Lute tell if there's anything wrong there, something medical, or some supernatural influence? Might just be psychological, given all that's happened. Roll to see if Lute recognizes something there?

Rolling a whole bunch of dice for social interaction and two assessments. Applying +4 Excellency to each attempt to investigate / figure out the NPCs (preliminary for possibly twisting them into new, more useful selves).
No. 938413 ID: f57349

>What a pity Ivan was mistaken
>surely your grandmother's tales covered the weaknesses of the fae?
She was a good woman, and wise, but she's been wrong before, and, well, "measure twice, cut once." So Ivan wants a solemn oath this is the same child, not some kind of trick, and that he and his family won't be punished for speaking honestly.
>a plea for purpose
Ivan's got a lot of his identity tied up with woodworking, and hierarchies based on proven skill. He's gradually getting used to the idea of sharing a town with demons, but panicked and threw salt at the last sesselja who tried to help his leg finish healing faster. Praying for a living sounds to him like giving up and becoming a beggar or sex slave, but if you could somehow recontextualize dream production as a skilled trade in it's own right... Makarios would be the go-to guy for technical details on that sort of thing. That'd really be pushing the limits of those 'best self' criteria, though.

The idea of being granted additional skill by magical fiat horrifies Ivan in ways he'd have a very hard time explaining.

>mute niece diagnosis
Seems like there's something physically wrong with her throat. Could probably be corrected by sufficiently skilled surgery, or a 2-point positive mutation.
No. 938418 ID: 8d924c


Red and Gold nods affirmatively at the proposal he swear an oath to that effect.

"I would gladly swear to such. And so I do. I swear to you that this is the same child, not any kind of trick, and that you and your family will not be harmed for speaking honestly."

Red and Gold's caste mark burns brightly enough to be visible from some angles on his forehead as he empowers the oath.

(Spending a couple peripheral motes, and personal motes and a willpower to sanctify it.)

rolled 7, 6, 4, 4, 6, 8, 8, 4, 2, 8, 2, 2, 9, 2, 2, 7, 7, 10, 8, 7, 2, 10, 4, 7, 8, 6, 2, 8, 3, 1 = 164

>So Ivan wants a solemn oath this is the same child, not some kind of trick, and that he and his family won't be punished for speaking honestly.
He wants a binding oath? Convenient that a fiend happens to be on hand.

Well, if she's making an oath, Lute's not going to at least take basic precautions against giving false testimony. She'll look over at the child, for any sign the infant was somehow switched out for a fake tonight, and double checks with an itsy bitsy spider ("How is the child related to the mortals in this building?").

Assuming there's nothing amiss, Lute will attest that she has returned the same child she found Ivan chasing in the rain earlier this very day, that she will not punish him or his family for speaking honestly. (Though there is little she or anyone else could do to protect him should he speak against the lords of hell and draw their ire).

>Ivan's got a lot of his identity tied up with woodworking, and hierarchies based on proven skill. [...] Praying for a living sounds to him like giving up and becoming a beggar or sex slave
Well hierarchies are certainly something that can be provided in hell... what he needs is a new opportunity or application for his mortal craftsmanship to mean something, with hopping puppeteers around for competition on gross construction. Perhaps instead of direct prayer, construction of wooden idols, or decoration for temples?

>Seems like there's something physically wrong with her throat. Could probably be corrected by sufficiently skilled surgery, or a 2-point positive mutation.
Well, there's no need to leave her like that, then. It's not immediately life threatening, so it can wait until Hegra is not overhead, but Lumie or the good barber could be directed her way.
No. 938427 ID: f57349

Your normally somnolent coadjutor's imaginary jade ears perk up in alarm, and it points out that your oath didn't include any sort of limit in terms of subject or temporal scope. If Ivan or his close relatives someday mouth off to, say, one of the Unquestionable, now you're on the hook for making sure they get away with it.

Want to pick up a dot in the Unwoven Coadjutor background for 3 xp, so you can get that sort of advice before it's too late?
No. 938433 ID: 8d924c

Red and Gold thanks the lion for the advice. A time limitation would have been advisable, it's true.

But if mortals do mouth off to the Unquestionable, it's better that Red and Gold take the blame than them. Mortals are fragile. Red and Gold will most likely survive their displeasure.

(Yeah, Unwoven Coadjutor is on my list right after the next 5 charms. So I should have XP for it now. As many dots as I can get.)
No. 938439 ID: f57349

Let's say just up to the 2-dot level for now, gotta pick those stat upgrades, figure out what made this particular teodozjia heroic, and spend some time getting to know each other.

"No, see, for all you know he could have a good-for-nothing cousin picking a fight with somebody in a bar back in Creation less than five days from now. That hypothetical asshole says, in all honesty, 'I don't like your face,' you fail to prevent 'punishment' in the form of a chair being broken over his head, poof, oath violated. Cecelyne's law doesn't cut people a lot of slack for things they couldn't possibly have known."
>and double checks with an itsy bitsy spider ("How is the child related to the mortals in this building?").
The Shogunate-era concept of blood separation places every sibling born to the same two parents in a single group with zero degrees of blood separation between them. Outside of that grouping, every line segment one must follow on a genealogical chart to connect two individuals counts as one degree of blood separation.
The child has nine living relatives within three degrees of blood separation, all of whom were inside the special region when it left Creation, and two of whom (the child's mother and uncle Ivan) are easily enough confirmed as the same people you're currently talking to.
No. 938494 ID: afdebc

Okay, then there's no pressing reason not to swear.

Lute will attest that she has returned the same child she found Ivan chasing in the rain earlier this very day, that she will not punish him or his family for anything they should say honestly within the next year and a day. (Though, she warns, he should not be careless with his words- if he should speak out against the lords of hell themselves and draw their ire, he stayed hand will not restrict theirs).

Red and Gold can sanctify that if he wishes (or possibly it's lumped into one 3-party oath?).
No. 938552 ID: f57349

The disembodied voice, somehow both silken and gravelly, claims that breaking your brother would be simple enough. Look behind you. No, don't turn around and then look in front. Behind you.

A glob of lightning-struck glass lands in the foxhole, forming a convenient (albeit lumpy) palm-sized mirror, which when pivoted at an appropriate angle reveals Karrod's face. Spend 1 wp to reject the gift, or else realize the significance of this (and buy off the delusion).

The Endless Desert says all that stuff about monks and villagers and calamities sounds like a smokescreen. What you really want - the root of every failure that truly haunts you - is to straighten out the borders of the world. So, dig a little bit deeper. No, over to the left there. A salt-encrusted leather bag, somewhere between the size of Bridget's thumb and an ordinary human's fist, full of... more sand. Special sand, each grain is meticulously enchanted. Sprinkle it out somewhere that should be part of Creation but isn't, such as a shadowland or the bordermarches of the wyld, and it'll create a bulwark both physical and spiritual, which can then be reinforced and extended by prayer. While you're here in this crater, you can test out the stuff's physical effects without using it up.

Throwing a pinch of the stuff causes a wall of pitted gray glass to erupt violently from the ground, six inches thick and nearly ten feet high. The walls aren't immune to lightning, but they can take several hits before cracking enough to no longer provide full cover. Again, one willpower to refuse... or, if you accept the gift, remainder of the approach to the mecha-scorpion is relatively trivial.
No. 938597 ID: d9acdc

rolled 10, 4, 10, 3, 5, 9, 4, 5, 5, 2, 3, 2, 7, 10, 10, 5, 8, 4, 2, 6, 5, 3, 4, 7, 10, 5, 6, 6, 2, 4 = 166

Bridget chuckles, like sizzling oil quenching iron, (one of the happiest sounds Birdget knows) and holds up a hand. Her third eye, swirling with golden essence, peers closely at the words as they hang in the air, their nature not physically perceived, but their essence analyzed none the less.

"Price disclosed first."

Mechanically, Bridget is requesting to be told the full cost and conditions for each deal before she agrees or declines, and is using the Twilight anima power to try and help her sus out what exactly is going on here.
No. 938659 ID: f57349

Cecelyne takes offense at such presumption; one does not haggle over miracles. You're down the two willpower for refusing. If you're so keen to see how magic works, though, she'll provide instant training in the Spirit-Detecting Glance and All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight for only a single future favor. Or, if you don't wish to be deeper in debt, she'll depart and let you sort things out by yourself for a while.
No. 938695 ID: d9acdc

rolled 10, 4, 2, 5, 8, 7, 7, 1, 3, 2, 5, 7, 3, 5, 6, 2, 7, 10, 5, 2, 9, 8, 7, 3, 10, 7, 2, 6, 8, 9 = 170

>Offers a "gift", then whammies Bridget with a hidden price.
>Gets mad when Bridget asks if there's a price associated with her other "gifts".
>Offers an ambiguously priced trade for the fourth time.

When Cecelyne is ready to talk, Bridget will be ready to listen. Until then, it seems like they'll have little else to discuss. She will remember to honor her in her buildings, and await contact for a favor in the future. Thanks offered, of course, for the generosity and hospitality afforded here.

Mechanically Bridget is uninterested in these deals with their hidden prices. Assuming she's down another WP, then that's 3 from resisting Ceceylne, 1 from MCL, and 8 from SFR over the course of the fight. Haven't been keeping up with stunt awards earned after the first 3, putting me at... 0WP; I've got five posts, including this one, which has unspecified stunt rewards (well, one of them you said it was a one die stunt, but then went back and called it a two dice stunt, and I didn't know where the final ruling landed.)


I'd also like answers to the following questions:
-does Bridget have knowledge of what Cecelyne symbols actually are[?]
-Would Steadfast Emperor Stance mitigate such issues? I believe that's the name of the charm that means you can ignore environmental damage even if it's deliberately being used to target/injure you, right? [Referencing the lightning attacks from the scorpamech]

After I have more info on Bridgets WP and mote reserves, I'll give a new course of action. >>937498 saying I'm 365 yards in, so still 635 yards to go, but if Cecelyne hits Bridget with that dot swap, she'll get +2 to her dodge DMV, so that might be help enough.
No. 938733 ID: 7dd512

rolled 5, 6, 1, 9, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6, 3, 6, 6, 10, 9, 3, 2, 6, 6, 8, 3, 3, 9, 10, 6, 7, 8, 3, 3, 10, 6 = 186

Lumie, left to her own devices, started to lose patience in lieu of curiosity as people continue to be away. Perhaps little more than half an hour since the last departure, she started assembling a little makeshift stool to gain a little vertical purchase and, with some less than precse and somewhat embarrassing use of omnitool apertures later, has managed to make a mess. Books, likely ledgers, personal accords or cook books, would be discovered half missing from their shelf in a haphazard sweeping motion, while the remainder would lay nearby to Lumie, piled up as neat as she can nudge them. Sitting atop them seems to be a new addition, what looks to be a book made of fillagried blue jade, lined with oricalcum and starmetal, with little feelers poking into the books below. Lumie seems to be conversing with the automata voice that humms from the book in a soft tone, in a language that sounds like Old Realm but all wrong and in a dialect similar to Lumie's. When anyone returns to the inn, this is the state they'd find the kitchen area they'd left from earlier, with Lumie nestled into a nook, conversing with this strange device piled atop books.
No. 938875 ID: 3cb328

Name: Heavenly Bloodshed Oblivion
Soulsteel Caste Alchemical

Iconic Anima: ???
Motivation: Set up some stable flow of resources back home

Caste Attributes: Stamina, Wits, Manipulation
Favored Attributes: Dex, Charisma, Appearance

Strength: 3 Charisma: 3 Perception: 2
Dex: 4. Manipulation: 4 Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 3 Wits: 3

Compassion: 1 Conviction: 3 Temperance: 2 Valor:3

Essence: 3 WP: 10
Essence Pool:
Personal: 19 (8 committed), Peripheral: 51 (20 committed)

Athletics 3
Awareness 2
Investigation 2 ‘
Larceny 3
Linguistics 1 (Native: Autochtonic), Old Realm
Lore 1
Martial Arts 5 ‘+1 outnumbered
Performance 2 ‘+2 Propaganda
Presence 3
Socialize 3 ‘+1 keeping secrets
Stealth. 2



Dex Accelerated Response System (Dodge)
Dex Fourth Dex Augmentation
Dex Dex+War 6th Augmentation
Dex Hundredfold Strafing Methodology

Per Perfected Lotus Matrix
Per Aim Calibrating Sensor
Int Heirarchical Dogma Lock
Dex. First Dex Augmentation


Dex Acelerated Response System (Parry)
Cha First Charisma Augmentation
App Husk-Sculpting Apparatus
App. Thousand Courtesan Calculations
Int Technomorphic Integration Engine

Class 3
Artifact 6 (5-Metal Sparrow N/A, Mobile Core Recharger 5, Atlas of the Unconquered General 5, Training Manual (White Veil), 1 dot moonsilver core (deeper darkness Hearthstone conversion.)
Artifact 4 (Order Conferring Var 3, Aerial Skiff 4, 4 dot ??? core (cap breaker Yozi Hearthstone conversion), Assault Crossbow 1)
Charms 5

18 starting
+6 Sunlight Alergy
+3 Creature of Darkness
+1 Sensitivity to Heat
28 BP
-5 WP
-10 Essence
-3 Dex 3-4
-4 Charms
-2 Artifact 6
-4 MA 3-5
0 BP

5-Metal Sparrow is a combination of a 5 dot IRA and a 5 dot Wings of the Raptor that has all 5 magic materials, and a Crawlspace Creeper’s spider powers integrated in for blunt mechanical details.

Uses the +4 APP from IRA, and prevents any APP damage as Stone or Inhuman Beauty

5m to attune in general, 10m to activate the wings (kept permanently attuned)
No. 938886 ID: f58b80


Dex Accelerated Response System (Parry)
Dex Fourth Dex Augmentation
Dex Dex+War 6th Augmentation
Dex Hundredfold Strafing Methodology

Per Perfected Lotus Matrix
Per Aim Calibrating Sensor
Int Heirarchical Dogma Lock
Dex. First Dex Augmentation


Cha First Charisma Augmentation
App Husk-Sculpting Apparatus
App. Thousand Courtesan Calculations
Int Technomorphic Integration Engine

Class 3
Artifact 6 (5-Metal Sparrow N/A, Mobile Core Recharger 5, Atlas of the Unconquered General 5, Training Manual (White Veil), 1 dot moonsilver core (deeper darkness Hearthstone conversion.)
Artifact 5 (Stability Conferring Vats 3, Heavily Armed Aerial Skiff with Twin-linked Medium Essence Cannons 5, 4 dot ??? core (Transgressive Excellency Yozi Hearthstone conversion), Assault Crossbow 2, Thousand Comforts Lounge 1)
Charms 4

18 starting
+6 Sunlight Alergy
+4 Creature of Darkness
28 BP
-5 WP
-10 Essence
-3 Dex 3-4
-4 Charms
-2 Artifact 6
-4 MA 3-5
0 BP
No. 938888 ID: f58b80

Recorrection on charms, Dodge is staying the one that I keep because it's actually higher than Parry in almost every possible situation, especially since I'm taking Larceny to two points and putting one into Dodge

The only exception being if I'm on the ground where it's 5 compared to the Parry DV of throwing a punch at 6.
No. 938908 ID: 5f3f48

An hour or a little more after they left, the vizier, fiend and bound demons return. By happenstance, they arrive at the same time as the two lunars, one carrying the other. Considerably more unusual is the fact that Rivers is voluntary clothed for the first time in recent memory, and wearing no less than full plate.

"Crisis happily averted, and babe returned home. ...is something wrong, Rivers? You're dressed for war. And dressed."
No. 938910 ID: 3732a8

“And I absolutely hate it. But, if we’re going through a mess of hostile territory right this second and I don’t have time to learn how to make my skin tougher than any steel, I’d rather have clothes on and try and take all the attacks than anyone else getting hurt.”

But, she walks into the inn, drops of the Lunar, and goes to pick Lumie up, wholly unconcerned by what she was doing to those poor poor books.
No. 938911 ID: 8d924c

rolled 7, 8, 2, 2, 2, 7, 7, 3, 9, 9, 1, 1, 8, 7, 5, 10, 1, 1, 2, 5, 1, 8, 4, 1, 10, 10, 9, 7, 5, 4 = 156


Red and Gold glances at the Omniscient Literary Advisor in recognition.

"Getting some help with the reading? I happen to have one of those in my home library, which I haven't had a chance to visit in quite some time. If you'd be willing to wait a short while, Rivers, I would like to ensure the demons are all sheltered from the rain. Afterwards, I would be glad to assist with your tunnel explorations."

Red and Gold gives directions to those of the bound demons he'd managed to locate, before preparing to head out once more into the rains of Hegra.
No. 938967 ID: 7dd512
File 156298992872.jpg - (387.42KB , 713x1119 , c070b8507564e1cf4ed8df3ed8ad9d2a2cf30aa3.jpg )

rolled 10, 8, 5, 5, 10, 6, 1, 3, 8, 6, 4, 6, 8, 6, 1, 9, 2, 8, 2, 5, 10, 3, 1, 2, 4, 5, 2, 1, 10, 9 = 160

A few more words of the foreign tongue are uttered, both the clipped automata voice as well as Lumie's when she hears people enter. She looks about to those gathered and her eyes go wide for a moment when she sees she's about to be hefted once more. Briefly, she makes a dive (more of a lean) toward the books and gets a soft enough faceplant that she can boop the jade implement with her nose before she's held aloft. In that brief time, it and the device that power it turn to a soft luminescent blue, grow opaque and matte, then fade both to transparency and from existence, each geometric facet fading independent of one another. Just in time too as she's lifted up to breathe a sigh of relief and look to Red & Gold. <Old Realm> "Indeed, when exploring new worlds, it's super useful to have a universal translator. It's a little slow for real time translations but pretty ideal for large data processing."

To the astute, Lumie seems to have quite an array of useful gadgets tucked away wherever she's pulling them from. Tugged close against the armor River is sporting, she quirks her head, "Is that just ablative layers of moonsilver ? Huh." She looks a little curious at the novel notion before shrugging her shoulders and glancing to Creep. "Can you set him on his stomach with something like a pad or rolled up cloth under his chest so he can look down without obstructing his airways ?"
No. 938973 ID: ef5bf3

Rivers largely complies, not really sure what Lumie was talking about.

"What, do they not have armor where you're from? Must be nice not to have to worry about war or twisted monsters attacking you."
No. 938983 ID: afdebc

"'Right this second' seems a might premature, ideally we would wait for the rain to pass, or at least for the lunar who has been there before to awaken from ministrations. Still, preparedness is always preferable to the alternative."

"The moonsilver filigree allows the armor to change shape with its wearer when it would not otherwise, I believe."
No. 938987 ID: 7dd512

rolled 10, 6, 7, 3, 1, 9, 4, 6, 3, 7, 2, 5, 6, 1, 9, 1, 8, 1, 3, 10, 2, 1, 8, 1, 2, 6, 3, 3, 6, 10 = 144

<Old Realm> "Ohh, yes protective gear is still important, mostly we manufacture synthetic materials for everyday use but .. It's very pretty, it just seems like a lot of metal to put between you and everything else, isn't it heavy ?"

She humms a little and brings forth her medical implements again, getting to work jabbing the unconscious and battered Creep with long needles, taking utmost care and precision to line them up, adjust some slightly, repositioning others later. To the layman it might look like she's just decisively poking him with deliberate care and then repeating the process to make a lunar pincushion. To someone with a more medical eye, or in her case medical charms integrated into her eyes, she's lining up chakras, nerves, meridians and slowly reworking the flow of essence along his spinal cord and out to the rest of his body. The tips of her needles (the ones not embedded into her patient) occasionally sparkle or literally spark, arcing to a nearby needletip as she works, continuing to converse when her mouth is not otherwise full with doctoring tasks.

"Mine for instance has a lot of composites to help with weight, camouflage, essence <???> circuitry. And heavy yeah but articulated servos make someone as scrawny as me probably as <???> as yourself.". While that last word didn't seem to make oodles of sense, her use of the autochtonian 'swol' is at least implied to be a flattering remark in context and the tone of her voice.

(Dice for Medicine to start getting Creep on the mend via Wound Mending Needles)
No. 938994 ID: ef5bf3

"Honestly, it's about fifty pounds, so it isn't super light, but it's pretty natural to wear since you're lifting it with your whole body. But, even if it isn't particularly cumbersome to wear, it's still not really as flexible as going around without any clothes almost by necessity.

"But, sounds like you've got one of the really fancy suits of magitech armor from the first age that some really well connected exalts manage to get their hands on for particularly stubborn situations. I hear they're pretty tough to keep in good running condition."

All of the stuff regarding doctoring went largely over Rivers' head. But, she'd actually seen a dragon-blooded soldier equiped with a shogunate set of battle armor, and that was where her mind jumped, since that was (in her mind at least) the next step up from 'lots of metal like a shell over your body'.


"Well, we have an umbrella, you and Red and Gold have whatever methods you've been using, and I'm sure we can think of something for anyone else to figure out. So, I'm pretty sure the rain isn't really as much of an issue as we might have thought."
No. 939002 ID: 7dd512

rolled 3, 5, 3, 8, 9, 8, 8, 4, 5, 2, 2, 2, 6, 9, 5, 1, 8, 6, 4, 9, 3, 5, 5, 1, 6, 3, 1, 5, 9, 9 = 154

<Old Realm> "Nothing quite so antiquated, the manufacture for my armor isn't that much older than I am, maybe five years ? Also how many of your obols are in fifty pounds, I'm not yet familiar with that unit of measure."

She seems relatively satisfied with her work and announces more generally, "He should be up and about in an hour or so but someone might have to sit on him if he isn't going to keep still. Shouldn't be any pain right now but if he dislodges the wrong stimulus he's going to go from pain free to <??? ???, sounds like pain convergence place> very quickly. Er, rather in an extraordinary amount of it. But it should be fine as long as he sits still. Is there any more of the baked ... umm, with the savory red sauce and melted lactate fermentation ?" Her words come off a little slowly, trying to figure out how best to translate a description of the dish Rivers made without recalling the name she mentioned or using her own native colloquialisms. "He's likely to be hungry when he awakens." She also leaves out the part where she's feeling peckish too.

After a little musing, "Things probably would have turned out differently were I geared for an engagement when we were exploring but I didn't think it necessary at the time. A mistake I won't make twice once I'm back under my own motility. And it does require a little upkeep, but nothing overly complicated." Not for her anyway, and her tools and knowhow.
No. 939040 ID: 54735b

"I don't think that anybody is actually still making things like that, or even really still can honestly. Maybe some of the really old Exalts, but if they can they don't usually."

But, she really put her head to the grindstone, doing more complex math than she had ever been actually tasked with doing in her life before. But, she knew two facts that led her to an answer. There's 1024 Obols in a talent, and a talent is 68 pounds. And eventually, she had an answer.

"700, ish? Maybe 800?"

She was wrong of course, since there's 1,536 Obols in a talent by weight and as such she was off by about 400 obols and her giving a weight of 33 pounds.

"Most nobody outside of the Realm even actually uses Obols. Too rich for most people's blood. For the civilized rest of the world, you've got the Dinnar. Still a lot of money for most people, but you can cut it up as much as into 16 pieces. Then you just add your way back to one whole Dinnar and you've got about 25 Dinnar to a pound, and you just work your way up from there, and then everyone just uses that because nobody really likes carrying around more than a years wages to weigh things with.

"As for something that isn't meaningless, I'd say you're about 80, 85 pounds last night."
No. 939042 ID: 54735b
File 156303687566.jpg - (86.89KB , 640x800 , image0.jpg )

Inevitably Radiant Hunter-Killer, or just Radiance as she tended to be shortened down to in her often justifiably exciting propaganda, was waiting near where she was told to wait for pick-up by the Kamakian representative she was supposed to meet for this 'informal ice-breaker' (pun no doubt not intended, senior Tripartate members rarely had that kind of humor in her experience, before some mission or another.

She HAD been hoping to get the scope on the local scenery, but quickly abandoned that idea when she realized how boring this whole nation felt. Sure, she wasn't going into this expecting the bustling life of Arat, but there was just nothing outside. Not even the usual clatter of manufacturing plants. But, she wasn't one to just skip out on a mission to another nation, even if so far it wasn't exactly a good time for her.
No. 939058 ID: afdebc

>"Well, we have an umbrella, you and Red and Gold have whatever methods you've been using, and I'm sure we can think of something for anyone else to figure out. So, I'm pretty sure the rain isn't really as much of an issue as we might have thought."
"Entering subterranean tunnels during the rain risks being caught by floods- which an umbrella will do little against. I would prefer to know the village were safe before we left it as well."

"And while you may be girded against danger, my dear, there are some preparations the rest of us should undertake before we depart. Hmm. I should ask Red and Gold to summon some perroneles before we depart."
No. 939081 ID: f57349

>rolled 5, 3, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4
That's a botch on Join Battle.
You open the door and some sort of demonic jellyfish blimp thing erupts out of it, easily ten times larger than the cottage it was somehow inside of. Next thing you know, Sesus Xanin, Umbrageous Waxwing Dell, and the neomah are all dangling feet-first from venomous tentacles, and the batfolk have escaped in the confusion.
No. 939083 ID: 7dd512

rolled 7, 5, 6, 2, 4, 3, 2, 8, 10, 6, 1, 5, 9, 9, 7, 10, 5, 1, 10, 3, 1, 5, 1, 6, 1, 4, 4, 3, 7, 8 = 153

She seems slightly more confused now than ever as she tries to piece things together. <Old Realm> "Wait, so .. mass is defined using a unit of barter. That sounds ... well, that level of imprecision may be why you have difficulty fabricating modern artifice. I mean, it's not trivial for something of that scope, so .. somewhat limited military assets, but easily doable. With the right components I could replicate some of the subsystems in no time. Although a full suit like mine requires a lot of <???> and precision work so, you'd need a much more specialized artisan for that."

She gives a bit of a stretch, "Alright, he should be good without too much fussing at this point, just need to keep an eye out for when he regains consciousness. It's probably going to be a while, are you sure you want to carry around that much extra weight, you've been fidgeting a bit more than usual." Looking to the former or perhaps still current Topaz, she asks, "How long would you estimate that would take ? This one's convalescence, at this rate, might not be more than an hour or two."[/i]
No. 939084 ID: 7dd512
File 156308578483.jpg - (410.71KB , 850x637 , 5.jpg )

rolled 3, 1, 4, 1, 1, 2, 7, 5, 2, 9, 9, 6, 6, 3, 2, 2, 6, 7, 10, 2, 3, 2, 2, 7, 2, 9, 3, 4, 8, 1 = 129

Radiance wasn't kept waiting too long. Longer than she might expect, but not overly so before she'd be approached by two shrouded figures. The differentiation was clear, among those that passed, few spared more than curious glances and a wide berth in passing, but of those approaching, these looked with intent toward the out of place Champion. The protective layers looked cozy and dense around the both of them. The taller figure, who's only exposed features were eyes and a tattooed brow, sported a force pike along their back along with a pack and a few other gadgets, both dangerous and not held onto utilitarian straps. The other more slight figure walks with deliberate pep and sports covers and garments that stand out with warm hues of peach and coral red. Her eyes sparkle and glow with obvious modifications and the skintone is off just enough to reveal the complexion of a champion. The spirited tone is bright with exuberance as she approaches within several feet and stops.

<Autochonian> "Inevitably Radiant Hunter-Killer I presume ? That most certainly is an intense name the Maker left for you ! I'm Luminous Alacrity Rercursing in the Reaches, although most call me Lumie." She offers a polite little bow at the waist to the newcomer.

Her more considerably armed companion cheekily chimes in, with a feminine voice, "Or Allie, or a number of less appropriate things." Her eyes narrow while her brow remains neutral, the implication of a grin obvious beneath a fuzzy scarf.

"Ohh you." champion replies with an exaggerated roll of her eyes and a gesture of her forefinger pointing at her cheek. A playful exchange, if not one that translates directly to clasast idiosyncrasies. "Or that, but not the other things. Come come though, I thought we'd be meeting you inside ? Lets get you out of the cold, you look like a pinky all on your lonesome out here ! This is Regulator Naomi Slee, she'll be joining us in the great unknown." Radient gets a nod from Slee as well before the regulator makes a gesture toward a route. [i]"And she's family nearby who've graciously offered to host. This way !"

The trio head off in relative quiet, a few blocks away past a multitude of spread out and identical looking domiciles, before arriving to one such and being ushered inside. The first room looks utilitarian, benches and cubbies with racks of clothes and room for boots and such. Once all sealed up inside, the stark difference seems to completely draw to life: The lighting is warm, the air smells of spice and the two start to strip down for the much warmer interior. Slee takes the traditional route of removing clothing bit by bit, drawing down to comfy if revealing almost silken layers of shorts and midriff exposing top in greens and golds. Lumie on the other hand seems to take a much more magnificent approach as her entire wardrobe seems to melt into a blob and wash off her, revealing a radiant silver dress. The fabric slinks naturally over the champion's curves and she gives a quick tussle to her hair before moving to help Radiant free of her protective clothing if need be. Slee Zips off ahead to a room and there's a few friendly voices who cry out in greeting, before Lumie leads the pair with a smile to the interior.

The contrast seems almost as bright as Lumie. Plain with those heavy clothes but now striped away she was all glitter and smiles and a eye stealing garment. "Okay, brace yourself for what you've really been waiting for and never knew about." Her tone gets a little lower, to a secretive whisper. "Have you ever had Kamakian Blue yet ?" The way she bites her lip and hints with one eyebrow, this stuff is being instantly hyped. Inside seems to grow more warm and cheery: Brightly colored cloth drapes, art and sculpture adorn the walls and floors and the furnature looks intimate and lavish. Games are set out, people are gathered and introductions are made. Lumie leans in and rubs her cheek to another in a form of greeting with some and conversation radiates like the heat in here, compared to the stark silence of the cold outside.
No. 939085 ID: afdebc

Okay, so working on figuring out actions by planning out what I’d like to do.

Charm Training Plan: Third Craft Excellency (9 XP, 1 Day), Fateful Craft Excellency (9 XP, 4 Days), Excellent Implementation of Objectives (9XP, 3 Days), Mother Sea Mastery (9 XP, 2 Days), Fathomless Poison Haven (9 XP, 2 Days) for a total of 45 XP.

Kimbery charms will be trained while sleeping, using the sympathetic dream link function of Lute’s manse to contact Madelrada in her sleep.

-Day 1: Third Craft Excellency
-Days 2-5: Fateful Craft Excellency
-Days 6-8: Excellent Implementation of Objectives

-Night 1-2: Mother Sea Mastery
-Night 3-4: Fathomless Poison Haven

Non-training tasks I’d like to get to, schedule more flexible:
-Work with Red and Gold, secure bound perroneles for protection of the circle
-Would probably go faster if Red and Gold secured attunement to the demesne first, which requires permission from Bridget and Edgar.
-Help escort Lumie back to her friends, learn about them
-Check up on Bonesaw and Dr Dinosaur, their situation permitting, bring Ivan’s niece’s injury to her attention, potentially allowing both to come closer to their best selves.
--Otherwise, bring the injury to Lumie’s attention
-Think about possible resolutions to improve Ivan’s not living up to his potential
-Take a nice long bath in molten glass in her Sandpoint workshop after mastering FPH
-Discuss plans and ideas for tattoo crafting with Rivers
-Roll for crafting after charms are learned
-Travel to the edge of the special area, collect some of Cecelyne sand that accumulated there when the region was banished. (Should be a good exotic ingredient for the Key to the Infernal Gate Lute plans to craft someday)
-Research and plan a way to reinforce the barrier keeping the Deer Who Hunt Men out of the area. Eventually something will disturb the carved leaves and open a gap- we need to act before that happens, and can’t wait to build an artifact 8 dome over the entire area, or until we have the capability to move the entire area with sidereal charms or adamant sorcery.
No. 939091 ID: f57349

Turns out the ghost is out of motes with which to power the cannon, and won't be recovering any without either waiting until Calibration or receiving an offering of blood. Remainder of your approach passes uneventfully.

You've got a battered and dust-clogged but probably repairable Shogunate combat engineering vehicle, a moderately dehydrated Immaculate monk, and a dead guy trying (and failing) to slay an anathema with a pipe wrench. Now what?
No. 939094 ID: 8d924c


Red and Gold chimes in to the discussion of measurements.

"Lookshy and the Realm's artificers are aware of the imprecision of measurements like this. But there simply isn't wide enough training or education. Not since the Shogunate. I intend to change that, but it won't happen overnight. I'll need at least a few months."

(Currently intended charm buys-
Miracle Gift Mastery-8 xp, 3 days
Scoured Perfection of Form-8 xp, 3 days
Cecelyne Mythos Exultant-8 xp, 3 days
Cecelyne Inevitability Technique-8 xp, 3 days
Bestowal of Accursed Fortune- 8 xp, 3 days
Ego Infused Pattern Primacy-10 xp, 4 days, and then saving for Essence 4 because too many good things are tied to Essence 4)
No. 939098 ID: d9acdc

Going to have to come back for this thing, seems like something we could use to create and protect better borders. For now though, DoM needs water, and Bridget needs to attend to Creation, so they'll be returning across the desert.

Bridget needs to spend at least 15 motes per day to invoke food gathering exercise and feed herself + DoM during the five day trip back to creation. With the farmers stone, Bridget can recover that in eight hours, so that leaves eight hours a day free to train. Old Realm, then, seemed to be the natural choice for practice, since the unlikely pair would have nothing but time on their hands to talk and practice. Unfortunately, Bridget had little patience to wait and learn. Up to this point there had been scant which eluded her should she put her mind to it, but she had failed o many tasks within such a short time that she was not content to simply let DoM plod along, explaining in excruciatingly slow detail, no structure or themes- Bridget could teach herself more quickly, no doubt. She quickly dropped the idea of having DoM tutor her in Old Realm, and instead set about using their free time to demonstrate how one gives instruction, correctly this time. By the time they crossed the endless desert and arrived at the stoop of the rented store-front turned temple, Bridget had internalized the principles of gifting wisdom to those who need it.

That's five days of training time for Harmonious Academic Methodology, bringing Bridget back to the present moment, waiting out the rain on the outskirts of town.
No. 939099 ID: afdebc

>a moderately dehydrated Immaculate monk
Squinting in the sun, and at the glowing figure before her "Oh... good. I'm chaperoning you. Don't run off again. Bad anathema."

Seems she's a little out of it.
No. 939105 ID: ef5bf3
File 156313368112.png - (160.44KB , 198x541 , Makoto_fullbody_view.png )

rolled 3, 3, 7, 8, 1, 3, 8, 4, 8, 1, 2, 4 = 52

As soon as Radiance saw the locals on the horizon (no doubt a decent distance away with her 10 dice for it) she shifted her clothes so that she was wearing clothes actually appropriate for the situation, mostly just adding a wool overcoat and heavy scarf to the ensemble.

"Well, I wouldn't exactly say that it doesn't fit, but generally people just call me Radiance. But, I think I'll just call you Lumie."

There were some things she didn't exactly want to say, like how she felt like an exposed pinkie out in this barren looking snow-scape, or that it felt weird to see a champion standing at less than 6 foot tall, or her personal curiosity if this Champion and Regulator were in some kind of relationship. After all, she didn't want to be rude.

But, she looked like she was trying to enjoy herself at the very least, even if she was hardly as cheerful as her host. "Well, that's certainly gracious of Regulator Slee and her family. Thank you very much."

One of the few things she was generally sure about Kamak was that you generally weren't supposed to ask questions out of line, so as long as Lumie and the Regulator were quiet, she was going to be as well.

As they came in side, the difference was stark enough that her incredibly keenly trained social eyes could spot it instantly, and she was glad that the fears of this being too boring of a trip were assuaged at least a bit as she took stock of what the local in doors fashion seemed to be her clothes turned into a number of countless millions of tiny gold and silver feathers, turning back over into a black dress that didn't really leave much to the eye, trying to match with what little she's seen of the interior fashion, letting herself literally glow with eye-catching golden light.

"No, I can't say I've had Kamakian Blue. I've had Kaff on occasion, but that's about the most 'traditional' Kamak food I've ever had."

As it stood, she was halfway determined that she was going to match Lumie's energy, if nothing else, after all, what kind of an event would it be if two Champions weren't both trying to be the best at something. So she followed suit with a deep bow and warm wishes as she introduced herself as Radiance, and that she hoped to make their acquaintance over the course of this trip, and paying careful attention to who's who in this 'family' to see what kind of power dynamics they had in here.

(Charisma 3+ Socialize 3+ 1st Charisma Aug for an extra +3)
No. 939112 ID: 54735b

Okay, in favor of wrapping things up so that we can push forward with the plot, especially since Rivers doesn't have anything to add to the current set-up.

Current EXP: 75 with this post (7 set aside for her goal of becoming a sorcerer engineer)

Current EXP plans:

10 exp: Armor Forming Method (65 left) 3 days
12 exp: Subduing the Honored Foe (53 left) 3 days
10 exp: Hide Toughening Essence (43 left) 3 days
10 exp: Relentless Lunar Fury (33 left) 5 days
10 exp: Scorpion and Toad Absolution(23 left) 3 days
10 exp: Scorpion and Toad Mastery (13 left) 4 days
2 exp: Lore 1-2 (11 left) at most 1 week
2 exp: Occult 1-2 (9 left) at most 1 week
3 exp: Ally 1 (Perronelle) (6 left) Instant-ish (will post character sheet soon)
3 exp: Presence 1 (3 left)
2 exp: Performance 1-2 (1 left)
8 exp: Int 2-3 (-7 training debt)

Total Training Time:
At best 3 days while waiting for Red and Gold to train Miracle Gift Mastery give some days for willpower recovery and doing other stuff for the party/self, at worst, 13 weeks 2 days.

Non-Training Goals:

Get Lumie healed back up
Get the IRA back from the Violet Eyed Underpeople
Start learning about sorcery from Mother Bog/Boglings
Visit the other towns in the creation area
Go on a date in the molten lava baths when Lute learns FPH
Learn more about Autocthonia
Get down to -3 mutation dice (14 days)
No. 939113 ID: d9acdc

A pipe wrench bounces ineffectually off the golden bonfire that DoM mistakes for the radiance of the sun. Bridget doesn't blink- examining DoM for injuries, lifting her arms and checking her tongue and what not. Dehydration should be easy enough to deal with- she can carry her if needed, while ensuring she makes a full recovery.

"Lost you after reaching the temple. What has occured?"

Bridget starts leading her across the desert, the dark sky lit only by Bridget foraging in her desolate wastes to keep DoM fed and hydrated. She hopes to make sense of why she didn't return after meeting with Xanin, how she returned to the village, what occured to strand her in a giant machine piloted by an angry ghost in the endless sands of Cecelyne.
No. 939144 ID: afdebc

Licking her lips "Sesus X- X- the exalted chased you off. Then, uh, we had a nice talk in... her demon bathhouse. Offered me a, towel I think? Agreed to help in a week. Then I left, and uh, ended up here. Ghost offered me shelter from the sandstorm." She turns to watch the spirit working the wrench and mutters to herself. "I guess he gets points for trying to fight the anathema, although he really shouldn't be hanging around like that."
No. 939154 ID: a36867

"What help was offered? When did you return to town?"

Bridget is confused as she remembers one Edgar, disguised as DoM, convincing Bridget and the monks that she was safe and they should trust Bridget. DoM is likely also confused, having left the manse to reunite with Bridget and immediately getting lost in the endless desert. Even if Bridget can give a timeline it's probably difficult for DoM to keep track of how long she was lost amongst the featureless sands.
No. 939158 ID: 7dd512

Regarding the commentary on education, Lummie comments. <Old Realm> "Ohh yes, having an educational foundation is core to the growth of a community, beyond mere survival. Not to say those aren't important as well, but a unified educational system really is best. Your children don't have prescribed curriculums ?"

"Ohh, and it's also useful to standardize your measurements to constants. For instance, a gram can be approximated, with high precision, to the mass of almost freezing water of a very particular volume. Or more precisely defined by the minimum force necessary to induce a conductive charge between lengths of starmetal at a very specific teeny tiny distance I don't quite recall off the top of my head. And all our units are defined like that. Got one unit figured out, got them all. And you use some complex universal constants, outside of blight zones, to derive a few of the starting points that all agree with each other."
No. 939159 ID: 7dd512
File 156316674664.jpg - (580.79KB , 1000x1000 , 888fc77b9e97e82f1e41c4e88b754babfdf3e16f.jpg )

rolled 8, 1, 2, 5, 4, 8, 5, 7, 7, 3, 6, 7, 3, 8, 4, 4, 10, 10, 3, 9, 10, 3, 2, 2, 6, 2, 8, 10, 2, 8 = 167

It'd become quickly obvious by the seating arrangements and by who was more comfortable cuddling with whom, that the matching tattoos shared by some people on the brow/temple indicated some arrangement of familial paring. Lumie's brow was noticeably uninked. And besides the two sparkling diamonds, the rest of the gathered soulgems indicated regulator, two sodalites and a variety of populat. The conversations seem to be flowing freely and mingling, bare toes wiggle relaxed inside on the soft carpets and children play at an ornately etched board game constructed of some semiprecious stones of no considerable strategic value.

Lumie, with a smug little smirk and wave of her hands, puts on a show as she describes the delicacy. <Autochtonian> "Consider yourself lucky, any nation who's tried to migrate out a bottle of this delicacy has found it tastes just awful outside her native soils. Mmm, but here ?" Cupped in her hands, a radiant iconography conjured bottle floats, spinning and twinkling attractively in its ethereal visage. For visual effect there's lots of twinkling sparkly stars and appropriate oohhing and awwing coming from distracted children as they look up from their game to the illusionary display. Slee snickers and a gray haired sodalite rolls his eyes as he goes to fetch some snacks, "Well I suppose now's as good a time as any."

Another couple get up to excuse themselves, make pleasant farewells to Radiant and from Lumie get goodbyes anywhere from a wave, a nod to more brushing against the other's cheeks, especially to the youngest one who's until now been staring shyly at the two Champions. She'd bounce forward to get an affectionate nuzzle, blush, then hide behind someone's leg again.

Some tasty snacks are set out, shotglasses of the fabled Kamakian Blue Flow are poured and that little amount savored by all in slow little sips. Each of the glasses has a crystal of ice to keep everything frigid cold and the viscus liquid flows smoothly around the ice, taking a pale translucent color. It's taste is an intense savory sweet and coats the back of the throat with an aftertaste akin to chocolate or coffee with every breath. Of the six conversations that are happening, nothing are of much consequence, work, gossip, happenstance and rumor. Whatever floodgates were set to keep things quiet outside are burst within and Lumie flows from conversation to conversation, laughing, getting in ribs or chiding teasingly as appropriate; She seems oblivious of any competitive edge, either too masterful to let her take notice or perhaps missing the streak entirely. Instead she just relaxes wholeheartedy between the occasional party trick or silly impression.
No. 939163 ID: ef5bf3

Ally Got: PERRONELES 1 dot

Motivation: To serve Lucien above all else.


Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 0
Perception 4,Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 5

Athletics 1 (Clinging to Host +1)
Awareness 4(Incoming Physical Attacks +1)
Dodge 2
Integrity 1(Loyalty to Lucien +3)
Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Others: five additional languages) 5
Lore 2
Martial Arts 5
Occult 3
Presence 3
Resistance 1 (Withstanding Blows +3)
Ride 1(Host +1)
Stealth 2

Backing 1

Essence Plethora (x2)—20 extra motes

Materialize—Costs 45 motes

Measure the Wind—The demon can gauge the danger others pose to its host

Shapechange—Allows the perronele to cover its host and form mouths and sensory organs as needed

Sheathing the Material Form—May add up to 5L/10B soak, with Hardness: 5L/5B

Spice of Custodial Delectation—The living armor gains a mote of Essence at the end of any scene it has kept its target safe from actual physical harm

Wine of Infinite Heartbreak—The relationship between the demon and its host is a symbiotic one

Boulder Crushing Grasp- With a strength born of the mountain, the User takes hold of a single opponent and inexorably crushes the life from him. When this Charm supplements a successful clinch attack or opposed clinch roll, all crushing damage inflicted by the martial artist becomes lethal. The damage she inflicts continues to be lethal until the clinch is broken.
Out of combat, a Jade Mountain Style practitioner can use this Charm to afflict his social foes with bone-grinding handshakes, adding one success to a relevant roll, if appropriate.

Sliding Glacier Grip-The Martial Artist shifts his position and changes his grasp with his opponent, making sure that she cannot escape their deadly embrace. When the martial artist’s player loses an opposed clinch roll (i.e., the two characters are already in a clinch), his opponent still cannot break the hold. Held by his unavoidable grip, the opponent must either crush him for damage or hold him peacefully

Pillar of Marble- By letting her Essence flow into the ground, the Martial Artist anchors herself. So strong is her connection to the earth beneath her, she cannot be moved. For one mote, she may ignore any single, non-magical effect that would incur knockdown, knockback or otherwise move her.
If a Charm or other magic inflicts such an effect, the martial artist must spend motes equal to the attacker’s Essence, and this Charm does not function if that attacker has a greater permanent Essence than the character.

Fortress of One-After stomping both feet firmly into the ground beneath him, the martial artist’s actions slow as his skin visibly hardens and takes on the aspect of stone. For every three motes spent, the Martial Artist adds one to both his bashing and lethal soak and ignores fatigue penalties for the rest of the scene. There is no limit on how many motes he may spend on a single activation of this Charm.
Martial artists practicing this technique, which is deliberately slow, suffer a -2 Dodge DV penalty without appropriate magic. This Charm ends immediately if the Martial Artist completely breaks contact with the earth or moves more than a yard from his original position. For this reason, Jade Mountain Style practitioners use Pillar of Marble Stance to resist knockback and other such effects.

First (Ability) Excellency—Linguistics, Martial Arts

Second (Ability) Excellency—Resistance

Third (Ability) Excellency—Awareness, Linguistics

Join Battle: 8 (9)

Bite: Speed 6, Accuracy 9, Damage 2L, Parry DV —, Rate 1

Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 9, Damage 2B, Parry DV —, Rate 1, Tags P

Tentacle Slam: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 2B, Parry DV 5, Rate 3

Soak: 2L/4B to 7L/14B (5L/10B and Hardness: 5L/5B from Charm)

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Dodge DV: 4 (usually does not dodge) Willpower: 7

Essence: 2 Essence Pool: 75

Other Notes: A perronele suffers from a two-die internal Awareness penalty when it has no visible sensory organsmanifested. It can manifest such organs anywhere on its
surface, but doing so makes spotting the demon much easier (two extra dice to [Perception + Awareness] checks made to do so).

The being wearing a peronelle enjoys the demon’s soak atop his own. There is no mobility penalty from wearing the demon. Attacks that get through the peronelle’s armor inflict damage on the demon (as well as its host if it gets through that being’s soak as well).
No. 939166 ID: 7dd512

rolled 9, 1, 1, 5, 4, 1, 3, 5, 10, 5, 2, 6, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 10, 7, 5, 2, 3, 8, 1, 6, 6, 4, 6, 9, 2 = 131

-- Plans --
Since we're prepping for potential downtime, here's what Lumie has queued up already for builds while she's away:

Flash Shutters ( - Already built - )
Resonance Harmonizer ( 3 Days )
Resonance Harmonizer ( 3 Days ) 2nd
Resonance Harmonizer ( 3 Days ) 3rd
Dynamic Reaction Enhancement Syste ( 5 days )
Secondary Televactory Assembly ( 6 days )
Precursor Technology Absorbtion ( 2 days )
Precursor Technology Absorbtion ( 2 days ) 2nd
Endodiagnostic Analytical Routines ( 4 days )
Pattern-Meding Integration ( 4 days )
Comprehensive Surgical Systems ( 7 days ) 2nd
No. 939167 ID: 8d924c

rolled 3, 6, 4, 9, 6, 6, 3, 1, 3, 4, 2, 5, 5, 10, 9, 5, 1, 10, 7, 4, 2, 6, 3, 9, 8, 7, 7, 9, 5, 3 = 162


Red and Gold abruptly snaps his fingers, his face lighting up as if he's remembered something, and goes storming up the stairs. Before long, he can be heard coming back down them, along with an ominous rumbling. At first, it may seem to originate with the teodozjia padding down the stairs after him, but it can eventually be pinpointed to the purring of the tiny white cat Red and Gold has in his arms. He places it on an empty shelf, along with a bowl, filled with some unidentifiable foodstuff.

Red and Gold then turns to the teodozjia.

"I need you to gather up my bound demons, bring them here to shelter from the rain, keep them under control and stop them from breaking things. You're the best suited for this, you'll be fine in the rain, and they'll listen to you, I've told them to. Once you have them under control, you should assist any villagers who might get caught in the rain as well. You can give the other demons orders if you need them for that. Thank you, Blue Jade."

Red and Gold turns back to Lumie and Rivers then, smiling brightly.

"That's resolved. Oh, and it's illegal to harm cats here, if you're from somewhere they're dealt with differently. They're teodozjia-kin, after all."

Red and Gold strokes the tiny white cat as it rumbles and crunches the food from the bowl.
No. 939171 ID: f57349

Teaching style may involve a lot of Socratic dialogue. Disciple of Mela's rationalization probably involves the idea that, while the Fifth Diligent Practice is resistance to the commands of the Anathema, it can surely be no sin to recite from and/or meditate upon the Immaculate Texts. This is no burning Blasphemous, silver-tongued Trickster, or oath-weaving Deceiver; what harm could there be in a student asking simple questions? http://www.threepanelsoul.com/comic/im-just-saying
No. 939182 ID: 5f3f48

"Standardized education in Creation's Age of Sorrow could stand to be improved in many ways more pressing than a universal system of measurements. Basic literacy is far from universal!"

>Oh, and it's illegal to harm cats here, if you're from somewhere they're dealt with differently. They're teodozjia-kin, after all.
"Have you run that past the blood apes yet?" asked in the tone of a teasing hypothetical, since so far as Lute knows, Red and Gold hasn't summoned any.

"I agree we should remain long enough to see the village weather the weather. Are you agreeable with summoning living armor afterwards, before we seek out Lumie's allies?"
No. 939183 ID: 5f3f48

"I left the same day, if that's what you mean? I've not returned yet, unless the village was swallowed by these sands."
No. 939184 ID: 7dd512

rolled 2, 5, 1, 9, 3, 1, 7, 2, 10, 9, 1, 9, 9, 1, 10, 10, 6, 8, 8, 1, 2, 10, 6, 3, 9, 9, 9, 6, 5, 9 = 180

<Old Realm> "Ohh, how curious, its fur goes all the way up it tail too ? And retractable nails." And with a glance to Rivers she further asks, "Is that the sound to which you're referring ? This isn't one of those cold weather adaptive variants is it?" She observes the strange animal. A glance was made to the big one but it's simply put not as cute as the small one, who's obviously more worthy of attention. "Well, for all you may have lacking in mechanical and <???> engineering, it looks like you have a lot of biodiversity and genetics figured out ? Adapted to cold weather survival, armor umm... I sort of wish I had a third example. Ohh, flight, yes. Rivers did mention some sort of airborn ... umm ... <???> .. no <???> ? ... hmm cultivation assistant. I'm not sure what you'd call them." She also leaves out the part about being intoxicated and so far beyond exhaustion during that conversation so as to explain the lapse in memory.
No. 939192 ID: 54735b

"Oh yeah, and I mean, it isn't like nowhere is generating artifacts. We make a lot of them in lookshy, just nothing so fancy as first age armor like you have, since things like that take a lot more resources, and they're way harder to make than more general artifacts that are more broadly usable. I mean, why build something for one soldier, when you can field a ship that can hold hundreds of soldiers for the same cost?"

Red and Gold would definitely know that she probably picked most of this up from one particular colleague of his, Sonju Minow, who was particularly obsessed with air supiriority the stories of the Five Metal Shrike, and how it would guarantee Lookshy's aerial superiority, and was always shot down for her attempts to petition missions to find it. At least that's a good indicator of what she might already know.
No. 939195 ID: 7dd512

rolled 10, 8, 2, 4, 3, 9, 10, 5, 6, 9, 8, 8, 9, 9, 1, 5, 2, 7, 2, 6, 4, 5, 8, 8, 6, 3, 2, 8, 1, 1 = 169

She offers up a shrug of her shoulders. <Old Realm> "I suppose, even if the analogy doesn't make complete sense. Maybe it's a matter of infrastructure then. I mean crafting colossal or municipal <???> takes a considerable amount more materials and labor than personal scale armaments, just from sheer scope alone. And I don't know why you insist on denominating it as a relic ? Not even ten years ago it was produced; as in it's construction started after you were born. And granted it's core design is a classic, but the micro <???> and <???> are every bit as good as the <???> <???> you'd find laticed in a <???> like mine." At this point, slightly on the flustered and defensive, she's being a lot less careful with the terminology that doesn't really have much in the way of direct translation. Regardless, it sounds technical and complicated.
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