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File 155266688926.jpg - (469.12KB , 1920x1045 , alejandro-burdisio-landscape-dirigibles-y-ranchos-.jpg )
925850 No. 925850 ID: 2007b6

It's not easy to tell time when the sun's always directly overhead.

That red moon is no good either. Maybe she's afraid to linger too often in the same part of the sky, like courtiers rotate through dresses.

A few stars are visible, dancing as if in pain.

Near as anyone can tell, that distant screaming - well, the coordinated kind - comes every twelve and a half hours, at what should be dawn and dusk. If that's right, tomorrow will be the first day of Resplendent Fire, and the first full month since the cataclysm which dropped a fifty-mile-wide chunk of Creation into the Demon Realm.

What have you done?
242 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.

rolled 5, 9, 8, 4, 4, 1, 1, 9, 6, 3, 2, 3, 5, 2, 9, 3, 1, 5, 3, 10 = 93

>You're not using any charms to investigate them, are you?
Lute appraises her allies of her insight via Morse's telepathic charm. [The flame is the creation of a master of one of the Draconic Paths of Enlightenment. It will burn any creature of darkness, and anyone who does not love one of the same things its creator does. These flames can burn for centuries- the dragon who birthed it may not stand before us, or may be long dead].

>"So, wait, are you saying the outside world is actually gone?" asks Carl, "Or does Sijan still exist, and I'm just gonna need to hand over a heap of jade or prisoners or joss sticks or whatever to send any heavy packages there?"
"As has been explained to me, we have been moved from one world to another. The world we knew still exists, it is just far away and difficult to reach. Your package would have to cross the alien terrain outside, and spend 5 days in the Endless Desert that connects the two, before it could travel to Sijan under familiar skies."

>Cast Out Beyond Regard. I will gladly lend my people's support to your cloud-herding project, kindly prince, if you in turn provide me with a drop of blood from whoever issued that condemnation.
OOC: she recognizes the solar charm that would normally be used to exile a chunk of creation. Problem is we can't give her what she wants, since a solar didn't do this, it was a fate glitch after the cult of syrinx prophet executioner got too successful with the omen weather.
No. 931966 ID: 8d924c

Red and Gold blinks as he receives the message from Morse, before responding to the Guildsman.

"Oh, no, Creation is still where it was. Only this piece is here in Malfeas, now. Still, Sijan will be hard to reach. I could make it there myself, but I am currently prioritizing keeping the people here alive and safe. That is, er, part of what I mean by poaching. The dirt, the water, the stone, everything here is valuable in Malfeas, and the people perhaps most valuable of all. Luckily, I do have influence here. Not enough, yet, but I do intend to see to it that no harm comes to the people here, as best as I am able. And indeed, the Lawgivers have returned. I wonder where you came across that information?"
No. 931967 ID: 0640da

rolled 8, 2, 3, 1, 2, 9, 5, 1, 5, 1, 1, 4, 8, 2, 5, 5, 10, 5, 3, 4, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 5, 9, 5, 2, 3 = 134

[Eugh. No wonder I feel disgusted by it. I'll share the findings with the rest...] Morse makes this information known to the other members of the party, adding that [The vile artifact you see before you is birthed of the misguided leanings of a dragon. It will burn any creature who touches it that carries an unholy aura about them or does not share an emotional bond with the attuned. Red and Gold, don't touch it... Lute says you're fine, dear. Don't worry. They won't try to hurt you if you toy with it.]

I... might have to roll Resonance for warning Red and Gold.
No. 931976 ID: d61718

rolled 7, 6, 4, 8, 10, 5, 4, 7, 7, 9, 3, 7, 9, 5, 6, 6, 1, 9, 9, 4, 7, 2, 10, 1, 4, 7, 3, 6, 10, 5 = 181

>I will gladly lend my people's support to your cloud-herding project, kindly prince, if you in turn provide me with a drop of blood from whoever issued that condemnation.

"You hunt my brother Karod. We share blood; if that suffices, I shall bleed. I fear he is outside this realm. I can leave, but cannot hunt alone. I must shepard the lost and secure their freedom. Help will be rewarded as I am able. If I can banish pockets of Wyld that greatly aids us."

Bridget genuinely believes her imaginary twin brother is responsible, and is happy to offer any aid to hunt him down. She would go after him herself, but the people here need her more right now, and she cannot abandon them. Wyld Shaping would let her reward people more generously and with greater options, and could also help support efforts to protect and rebuild, if she had access to any Wyld pockets.

>Anyone claiming to have our city's best interests at heart need only touch their hand to the flame within my lantern.

"I know nothing of Aketon, yet love all Creation. I am mandated to shepard the weak, expand creation, to treat its ailments. These people suffer greatly, as we all have. Any who travel here will be cared for. If you can provide for this flock I shall aid you."

Bridget watches Rivers reaction to the lamp carefully, to judge whether she need exercise caution herself. She is not as invincible as she once believed. She is unsure what is best, to bring survivors here, or to send them to Aketon, but whatever will provide for the most people she'll throw her weight behind.

>I'm just gonna need to hand over a heap of jade or prisoners or joss sticks or whatever to send any heavy packages there?

Bridget had remained quiet after the introductions, wanting to support her allies and allow their more gentle touch to take the place of the sun's unbridled might. Their gentle touch is no longer appropriate. As the guild representive speaks, golden light erupts from Bridget. She clears the space between them with less than a step, forgetting her goal of overshadowing Diligent Topaz, caring only about the grave injustice that is flagrantly, callously, being thrown in her face. The offender has their clothing not so much gripped, as enveloped, by a hand nearly as large as their torso. The forge trolls unblinking golden eye blocking Ligers light as it burns the twilights crest in Carls retina. They are barely able to touch the ground when Bridgets voice begins to burble and snap, an icy lake threatening to swallow them whole.

"Rare that I hesitate to strike slavers down. Wherever the denizens of creation are imprisoned, they shall be free, no payment or exchange given. Head hung in remorse and slaver no longer, your needs are met as all others, no better or worse.
Further, trade that aid us can be conducted outside this realm, once I can safely return, or all are saved from this disaster."

Bridget is aiming for three ticks and making a social attack to intimidate the Guild member into freeing any slaves they have access to, and giving up the practice. She spends a peripheral mote to flare her anima to the highest level allowed.
No. 931994 ID: afdebc

>Eugh. No wonder I feel disgusted by it.
[Am I allowed to tease you about love where the diplomats are unable to hear it?~], a coy voice teases, with a playfulness not reflected in the face presented to the table at large.

>She clears the space between them with less than a step, forgetting her goal of overshadowing Diligent Topaz, caring only about the grave injustice that is flagrantly, callously, being thrown in her face
The lawgiver's servant pales, a nervous expression flitting across her features, at the sight of her master's righteous ire being stoked, and her hands twitch an aborted gesture to hold the giant back.

Since Lute's playing Bridget's advisor, adding an extra die to her pool for cooperation with her intimidation-based social attack. All acting and body language, no dialog.
No. 932057 ID: f57349

>I am currently prioritizing keeping the people here alive and safe. That is, er, part of what I mean by poaching.
"So you're saying we're as dear to your heart as the deer in your game preserve."
No. 932083 ID: 0640da

rolled 8, 6, 6, 2, 7, 8, 6, 10, 6, 8, 4, 4, 4, 9, 8, 2, 1, 6, 4, 9, 10, 9, 1, 1, 5, 7, 6, 2, 9, 5, 6, 1, 8, 10, 7, 4, 2, 8, 9, 1, 2, 2, 9, 4, 6, 8, 8, 9, 6, 1 = 284

Bridget, Morse, Red and Gold and Lute, roll Join Debate for me. If you have any social units with you or in the building, roll Join Debate for them as well.

@Rivers, you rolled 4,6,6,8 for a total of 1 successes

Join Debate order of dice: Gerald Isslor, Iridescent Bile, Carl Akbarson, Minister of Crocodile Tears, Assorted Mortals. I'll tell you the turn order once all players have rolled. If we end up doing this in the combat thread on the discord, I'll also post regular summaries for XP, but we'll know more later. Hopefully this isn't too awkward.
No. 932105 ID: 304f7c

Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men
Full Moon Barbarian Warrior King

Motivation: Protect the Herd

Strength 5 Dexterity 3 Stamina 4
Charisma 5 Manipulation 1 Appearance 1
Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Wits 2
Essence 2, Willpower 6

Compassion 1, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 3
Flaw: Curse of the Raging Bull

Abilities / Skills:
Athletics 3
Awareness 1
Dodge 1
Integrity 1
Martial Arts 1
Melee 4
Resistance 1
*War 5
Craft Earth 2
Presence 2
Socialize 2
*Survival 5
Occult 2


Mutations: Enhanced Sight and Smell, Fur, Large, Tail, Ugly

Artifact #2 Victorious General's Galea
Artifact #3 Moon-Faced Plat Mail
Followers 3 Cult
Resource 3

Master of combat with an axe
Leading a army
Hot headed
Prone to grudges

BP Spent: 15 Free with Chargen
-9 Artifacts
-6 Abilities
No. 932106 ID: f57349

With the errata, you get 18 BP to start with, and raising WP to 6 costs one of those. Mutations also cost BP, or provide extra BP back in the case of negative mutations, and if you're taking Ugly with all your social attribute dots in Charisma that would actually mean Appearance 0.

Should list the actual dot ratings for Backgrounds, and provide more detail, particularly for Followers and Resources. Is your Moon-Faced Mail regular articulated plate, or superheavy?

Goats don't usually have tails long and heavy enough to directly aid in balance. How about basing the racial template on gazelle beastfolk from Compass: Wyld p. 160? One point each for enhanced smell, enhanced hearing, and fur, two points for fast movement (meaning +4 yards per tick, +4 strength for jumping, two dice to checks for competitive running, and overland travel as fast as a horse) and two points for horns.

For ease of readability, don't put charm names in all caps, and split them up into separate headings by attribute.

What's your spirit shape? What does your iconic anima look like? If you're taking Deadly Beastman Transformation as one of your starting knacks, what are the additional mutations you gain while in that form? Could say, since you were a beastman pre-exaltation, some of your racial-template mutations got shuffled over into DBT, meaning you've got a goat spirit shape and a non-beastman form (maybe with just Horns and Ugly) you could use for blending in to human settlements. Victorious General's Galea could be designed to subtly make your horns look like they're decorative extensions of the armor, rather than growing out from your actual scalp.
No. 932137 ID: 0640da

The room is silent for a moment, before Carl speaks up in his defense. "Listen, you Solar Troll. It was a slip of the tongue. I was merely referring to the forms of currency your... companions of choice use. Am I not mistaken? You will find no slaves among my cargo, I can assure you of that." Carl looks around for approval, and gains only icy stares as his parry fails. The question still lingers in the air as to his guilt in the matter.

Before anyone else can speak, Minister of Crocodile Tears speaks up, his teeth gnashing and turning into a crooked smile. "More importantly, my dear Solar, is that we are on the same side if you truly love Creation... but we have seen claims from many who thought themselves saints before. Paragons of virtue. You blame your brother, but how are we to be sure you are not yourself to blame for this tragedy? Rather than blather, perhaps you wish to put your jade where your mouth is and prove to us you tell no lies. My flame can discern your truth-- you only need touch its fire."

He's made a Manipulation attack of 1 success against Bridget, trying to trip her up. You are welcome to respond to the attack however you like, but it is also Dutiful Topaz' move.
No. 932148 ID: f57349

There's a brief tickle of unpleasant nostalgia, the mnemonic equivalent of being patted down for concealed weapons and incidentally groped, as somebody else's conscience runs through all her depredations as an Anathema and any dubious deals she's made. Apart from a mild smell of burnt hair, Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers' hand is entirely uninjured, which visibly comes as a surprise to the lizardman holding the lantern.
No. 932172 ID: 304f7c

I tried to explain things better this time!
Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men
Full Moon Barbarian Warrior King
A small beastman with goat’s eyes. His spirit shape is a goat. His warform is a towering twelve foot beastman with the head of a goat, twisted ram’s horns and hooves.
Tell: Silver goat’s eyes
Motivation: Protect the Herd
Anima: Ram

Strength 5 Dexterity 3 Stamina 4
Charisma 5 Manipulation 1 Appearance 1
Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Wits 2
Essence 2, Willpower 6

Compassion 1, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 3
Flaw: Curse of the Raging Bull

Abilities / Skills:
Athletics 3
Awareness 1
Dodge 1
Integrity 1
Martial Arts 1
Melee 4
Resistance 1
*War 5
Craft Earth 2
Presence 2
Socialize 2
*Survival 5
Occult 2

Charms:Relentless Fury
STR Charms:Essence of Overwhelming Strength, Impression of Strength
DEX Charms:Essence of Resurgent Dexterity, Golden Tiger Stance, Wary Swallow Method

Mutations for DBT: Enhanced Sight and Smell, Large, Horns, Huge, Ugly
Mutation: Gazelle’s Pace

Artifact #1 DEATH AT THE ROOT 5 dot
Artifact #2 Victorious General's Galea 2 dot
Artifact #3 Moon-Faced Mail Superheavy 1 dot
Followers 3 A tribe of herd animal beastmen
Resource 3 Tools, Weapons and Armor

Master of combat with an axe
Leading a army

BP Spent: 18 Free with Chargen
-9 Artifacts
-6 Abilities
-2 Mutation
-1 Willpower
No. 932190 ID: f57349

Looks like you're all set apart from four free specialties and tweaking mutation loadout. Can't take negative mutations as part of your Deadly Beastman package, nor size increases. If you want your battle form to be twelve feet tall instead of just nine, that's what Devastating Ogre Enhancement is for. Gazelle's Pace explicitly can't be concealed, so if you want a human form for blending in around folks who don't like beastmen and mutants it's a bad one to pick for always-on.

How about dropping Ugly (Appearance 1 already means you're not exactly conventionally attractive), taking Wolf's Pace and Enhanced Vision as permanent mutations, then making the DBT package Elemental Adaptation (Wood) [1], Enhanced Smell [1], Fur [1], upgrade Wolf's Pace to Gazelle's Pace [1], and Horns [2]? Wood adaptation provides a benefit to climbing (among other things), to support the image of mountain goat cliffside agility.

Resources represents some sort of ongoing income, not just equipment on hand. Whatever food supply or mineral resources you've secured in the caves, the economic productivity of the tribe's noncombatant women, children, and elders, that sort of thing. Working out the full details of that, the tribe's specific assets and culture, is what I meant by more information.

So, do you want to be just bursting up out of the ground right in the middle of the diplomatic meeting, or exploring some caves solo first to get a feel for the system?
No. 932191 ID: f57349

Oh, almost forgot - you need to specify a Favored Attribute, apart form physical attributes which are already in-caste.

Incidentally, how about having the helmet as a tattoo artifact? Main advantage is it can't be stolen, disadvantage is can't be voluntarily removed in order to benefit someone else, or free up those four committed motes.
No. 932279 ID: 9646f1

Shortly after the visitors had arrived, violence threatened to sour a potential alliance. Seemingly just as quickly, the conflict was diffused.

As Bridget held aloft the suspected slaver, his hollow words garnered no support from the other diplomats. Minister of Crocodile Tears, surprised by the lanterns decision to spare Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers, turned instead on Bridget. Wanting to capitalize on the Lunars success, and salvage the the meet, Dutiful Topaz interjected:

(copy pasted from discord chat)
"As the flames of Aketon have illuminated, through many of us are strange to each other, we can still share common values. We have all of us come together on this day to try and find a path forwards through recent crises and our change in circumstances. In this spirit, can we not set aside minor disagreements, and try to find the ways in which we can help one another?"

The delegation, mesmerized by the supernatural performance, were put at ease. Her words have... clearly impressed the audience before her. They regard her statement for a few moments, and then accept her apologies... even Iridescent Bile shakes her head. She was so caught up in the moment and frustrated by all the little things she nearly lost to herself. The mood has eased considerably and the tension drops a small amount.

Bridget takes this moment to shift subjects and start fresh, allowing the command that she test herself in the flame be forgotten in the wake of Dutiful Topaz's reminder that they are here to help each other, not fight. Carl is gently released, ignored for now, not yet ready to publicly repent. Instead, she turns to Iridescent Bile.

"My companions are more diplomatic; I use deeds. What can I give to secure help for these people and aid against Karod?"

Mechanically, Bridget is using dodge MDV 7 against Minister of Crocodile Tears' attack, stunting off of the opportunity to start fresh provided by Lute.

Currently it is Tick 1. Turn order:

Tick 1:
Iridescent Bile
Carl Akbarson
Red and Gold

Tick 2:
Morse Song

Tick 3:
Gerald Isslor

Tick 4:
Bridges the Moon and Sun
Minister of Crocodile Tears

Tick 6:
"Dutiful Topaz"

If anyone can confirm/correct the record of any mistakes, that wouldn't go amiss.
No. 932286 ID: 8d924c

rolled 7, 7, 6, 8, 2, 7 = 37

Red and Gold looks prepared to possibly step in as things get heated, but they are resolved amicably. He instead takes the opportunity to respond to an earlier jab, clearing his throat.

"Far dearer than deer, but I was only intending to illuminate how others of Malfeas would approach this matter. As far as they're concerned, the reason they will hold off from the borders is to avoid displeasing the Unquestionable. Which is good for all of us, so long as we can then keep her satisfied with what we've done here. And while I've been working to improve the local area, that simply won't be good enough. I am willing to make concessions to reach a good working relationship with your city, but some things will have to change. It is not built for shelter from the Silent Wind, or to cultivate foodstuffs grown on the light of Ligier. There is likely far too much said against the Yozi in whose bodies we now reside. I can grant gifts of prowess to those willing to help me resolve these problems. And with a chance to direct the actions of those willing, we could build something greater than any here have seen before. I have seen the great armories of Lookshy, and the treasures of the Realm. I could bring us all to heights even they would tremble at. I ask only your cooperation. Is that so much?"

Red and Gold flourishes the sleeves of his robes as he delivers his speech, looking plaintively at each of the diplomats and others.

(Making Charisma+Performance(3) attack, channeling Conviction for automatic 5 successes, +3 from anima effect, spending 3 motes for First Excellency, attempting to convince everyone to work together for survival and GLORY)
No. 932318 ID: afdebc

For posterity, here's Lute's tick zero action, which would have come in-between >>932148 and >>932279


Important part is that the Serenity anima power is active, and Lute's social attack had 10 total successes.

12 successes without even counting the stunt! Performance hits everyone, that beats Lute's Dutiful Topaz's MDVs (6 parry, +3 Serenity, +3 relative appearance, -2 from attack), but she has no reason to spend wp resisting, since that's largely in line with her own augment.
No. 932348 ID: 0640da

rolled 1, 5, 5, 6, 6, 2, 7, 10, 5, 9, 7, 1, 5, 5, 10 = 84

"You say your blood can bind them... I would like that very much." Iridescent Bile temples her fingers together and smiles, while Crocodile Tears scowls silently. "In fact... as my condition for my participating in your alliance, how about we make things simple? You provide us with the way to bind and defeat the solar who did this, and we can consider lending our assistance for a time. But, only... no. We would have to make do with those of us who still have it in us to fight... so many lost in the transition to Malfeas. Elementals perished for no good reason... really, an alliance would be in our benefit, not your own."

Iridescent Bile spills a pitiful story that seems to put a damper on the mood... she's rolling Performance to tug at everyone's heartstrings. She's rolling Manipulation + Performance, plus two dice for a stunt-- 7 dice total, against everyone in the room. She's attempting to develop an intimacy of Pity with natural influence.

The whole party of diplomats would be moved... if they did not spend time focusing on the one who was talking. It was hard to listen to a demon talk about peace and the congregation of power, and more than one diplomat at the table spends 1 WP to resist the temptation to go with his plan without caveats. Only one person seems to think this is a promising move from Red and Gold... Carl Akbarsson, who just smiles.

"So... you want to give us lots of stuff for cooperating. Personally, I'd like to hear more about these... gifts you're offering. I assume they've got some kind of string attached? Something more... tangible than a promise. No, even something like... power? What kind of authority are you backing that promise on-- unless I am to understand you speak for the Yozi, and are making a deal in their stead?"

"Carl!" Gerald hisses, quietly, trying to interrupt but not be rude about it.

"Calm down, calm, Gerald-- I'm just asking questions. I want to know the nature of this gift. I wasn't going to accept it! Haha! Heavens, no. I've got too much riding on deals with the Realm and Lookshy to jump on the train of the first anathema I meet." Carl waves dismissively... but he's still rolling Investigation.

Carl, on the other hand, gets three dice from Charisma, three dice from Investigation and two from his stunt, so he's got a dice pool of 8-- the second half of the pool. He wants to know the nature of the gift, and is attacking Red and Gold-- you may respond.

Your performance attacks both hit everyone at the table with alarmingly high rolls, so when it's your turn around I'd like players to at least marginally respond to Lute and Red and Gold. You are all feeling an intense urge to cooperate with Red and Gold and your next scene should reflect or resist that... I don't think it's going to be a real problem, but I'm putting that out there.
No. 932352 ID: 8d924c

Red and Gold rolls his eyes at Carl's probing questions.

"I can be considered as much a representative of the Yozi as anyone besides the Yozi can. As for the nature of the gift, it is as the gifts of Cecelyne. Yes, there are strings attached. Strings of power. For the gift, I can ask something in return. Those who refuse suffer terribly as a result. Did you expect me to say otherwise? This is Malfeas. You will not find more favorable offers than those I am making. I doubt you could find such in Creation. As for my authority, I can indeed call on the authority of those who built Creation to sanctify oaths. It would be meaningless to lie to you about these things which are fairly common knowledge. Are there any other capabilities of mine you feel the need to ask about? I must point out, simply because a string exists does not mean I must pull it. If that were ever to become necessary, things must be truly dire."

(Red and Gold isn't defending against Carl's attack. He's telling the truth. Kinda just ignoring the Heketa's attack with Dodge MDV.)
No. 932372 ID: 304f7c

rolled 5, 2, 5, 3, 4, 9, 8, 10, 7, 3, 2, 1, 10, 4, 8, 10, 9, 8, 1, 6, 4, 1, 5, 5, 5, 10, 2, 8, 6, 4 = 165

A great wave of force resounds the area as part of the ground gives way and crashes down. A great amount of debris is knock into the air as the result of the sudden cave in. A horn sounds. Immediately the sound of many hooves pounding against dirt and stone can be heard. A large group of beastmen has interrupted the meeting. Wearing crude armor and wielding savage weapons. One stands out from them all standing 9 feet tall, a lunar exalted in war form. He takes a look around and snorts and stamps a hoof in place as if he was annoyed by something. He lowers his moonsilver great axe and the rest of his follows begin to fill in behind him. His eyes dart around the room trying to size up the strange collection of beings gathered but find no easy resting place. "Relax," he says looking still very much on edge. "There is no need to escalate things."

Rolling for Join War
No. 932377 ID: f57349

>rolled 5, 2, 5, 3, 4
Joined during tick 1, reaction count is four, and that's zero successes, so you're not going to be acting until tick 5.
> "Relax," he says looking still very much on edge. "There is no need to escalate things."
>Rolling for Join War
These statements seem to conflict. Are you talking, or fighting?
No. 932379 ID: 5f3f48

With a dice pool of 7, that's one success from Iridescent Bile. That's... probably not overcoming anyone's MDV unless they're subject to a penalty from their last action, and under a penalty for being less than her Appearance 4. It definitely doesn't beat any of the PCs, with Lute’s anima adding +3 to parry MDV.

>You provide us with the way to bind and defeat the solar who did this, and we can consider lending our assistance for a time.
"You offer limited cooperation towards our common survival, if we only we defeat one who moves mountains between worlds?"

Dutiful Topaz is using parry MDV 10 (6 + Anima 3 + Appearance Advantage 2) against IB's attack, pointing out her offer is essentially asking us to track down and beat the endboss before securing basic cooperation- not very reasonable. (Especially since she thinks an Essence 8 solar did this).
No. 932388 ID: 54735b

"Well, it looks like it was a good thing I showed up to this little party. I got to meet a sweet little beauty like yourself," Rivers took a moment to give the Hekta a wink, "And it looks like there's something for me to guard people against.

"Now I'm going to talk to our intruder Anathema to Anathema. Maybe he'll listen to reason." With that, she turned into her own War Form activating the following gifts.

Claws of the Silver Moon,
Staunch the Scarlet Flow,
And Bruise Relief Method.

She's spending 10 motes from personal pool.

Current pool: 22/32 Personal, 45/48 Peripheral.

And with that, the 10 foot tall possum with claws that could rend steel started walking towards the army.
No. 932389 ID: 54735b

rolled 9, 7, 3, 2, 8, 4, 3, 8, 5, 5 = 54

No. 932396 ID: 304f7c

I'm sorry first time and all that. I guess I'm talking since I'm not coming out of the gate swinging. So join debate? Also everyone you can't understand me so please ignore what I said. Just pretend I said things in a weird language.
No. 932429 ID: 54735b

Even if Creep doesn't come out the gates swinging, he's still coming out in War Form, which is basically a statement that you're coming LOOKING for a fight. So Rivers is still going to transform in response to that message since she's sure as fuck not going to let a fight break out between the people she cares about and this new comer, but it turns out that politely excusing myself for a break is an action that I have to take on my tick.
No. 932431 ID: a042b3

>attempting to convince everyone to work together for survival and GLORY

Bridget lets the attack hit her successfully. She's already trying to work together with people for survival, so paying WP just to ignore the push for GLORY isn't worth it.

>You say your blood can bind them

Bridget looks confused, and as she slowly churns of this idea in her head she misses most of the offer.

"No, I did not."

Bridget is using her dodge MDV of four+stunt (seven minus three for appearance MDV modifier) to ignore iridescent bile and the call for pity, too confused by falsehoods to focus on sob story. With one success, pretty sure that's a miss.

That of course is soon overshadowed as the fearsome Goat Man and his army emerge from the foundations of a nearby ruined hut, spilling out into the field of debate.

As Rivers declares her intention to sort this out, Bridget balks. This will not end well she thinks. Dutiful Topaz hears the oft-unused trickling tones the solar makes when whispering.

"I can carry two, maybe three of us from her. If Rivers takes flight perhaps she can flee, but the mortals would perish. What do we do?"
No. 932462 ID: 0640da

rolled 6, 6, 8, 3, 4, 1, 9, 8, 6, 2, 10, 6, 3, 3, 3, 4, 7, 8, 3, 4, 5, 2, 1, 9, 2, 10, 4, 5, 9, 6, 10, 8, 1, 8, 1, 5, 2, 10, 5, 1 = 208

The music has long stopped, as the chatter has intensified. Morse has been holding her head, groaning... before lashing out at everyone here, unable to take it much longer.

"SILENCE!" She screams, and the dark whispers of the neverborn echo in her words. A strong strum of her shamisen brushes away the noise, and the lights begin to dim and flicker... flames turning shades of blue, and shadows creeping in from all sides. An eye of black opens up on the mask of the musician, darker than anything anyone at this table has personally seen... and the liquid it drips reminds those who have seen something close to it of the void. As she speaks, three languages layer atop one another, modulating in and out... they repeat, one after another, each delivering the same words in three tongues-- the language of the tribe, Rivertongue proper, and a dark, unknown language nobody at this table can quite identify-- perhaps the language of the dead? She's letting her Whispers run Linguistics, now.

"I prepared this meet, that we might acquire resources. That we might gather strength against our real enemies-- time, war, blight and famine. But it seems like every last one of you has forgotten why we are here. An accusation upon all of you-- a pox, a malady of the sins you have created and brought with you like terrible boulders that weigh upon all our backs!" She points her finger crooked at everyone at the table. "You bring a vile gift, crocodile. It wreaks of light, but not the kind you serve-- what sort of twisted designs have you on the creator who made it? And you... vile and treacherous, would sell your own soul if it meant to improve your meaningless wealth. As for you... a coward who does not fight her own battles, despite having personal strength. Your conviction is lacking, and your beauty hollow and wracked with the guilt of those you have not saved. And as for you..." She points at Gerald, for a few moments. "You're alright. As for the rest of you..."

Morse, it seems, is not done... but her fingers retract and return to her instrument, giving a strum. A ghostly figure emerges from behind her... phantasmal, but still capable of pointing fingers.

"Where in the Underworld do you think you're getting off, ruining my perfect meet with your twisted fuckery and games. Bridget. They are our guests, and you shall treat them as such! Do you beat the shit out of every person you disagree with? I still bear the scars of your burial in the earth!" Morse points at her neck, and lifts her chin high... blackened blood pulses through a vein, throbbing as she traces it down to her heart... a bizarre black pattern following her finger, watching it pulse... slowly, erratically. "My taint is on you. Are you aiming to blacken his soul, too?"

"And speaking of black souls... Red and Gold! Since when did you think a diplomatic meet with mortals of note was a place to pick up akuma and threaten chicks? Am I a joke to you? Did you not hear my words when you decided to go above my head?" She whisks her pick across the strings, strumming up new images. Bowing worshipers, surrounding Red and Gold... before Morse plucks a string. Each phantasmal worshiper sits up, but when their head rises it falls off... like they had no neck, rolling to the side. "When heads rise above their position, they fall... keep that in mind as I protect your flock."

She turns to Dutiful Topaz, now, and grows quiet... all present can hear her playing an instrument, but she doesn't speak. She doesn't speak aloud, that is... "You hide behind a mask. I know, because I too wear a mask... I think I'm starting to understand why. Do you have a personality of your own? A spine? Do you even know who you are, anymore? Child of Venus. You know why I call you thus. Because I sometimes doubt Lute is your real name, either." She conjures a thin and wretched mask, and the ghost holds it out to nobody in particular... despite her reservations, Morse is not yet willing to blow Lute's cover. "When will you accept a mask is just a mask? When will you find your identity? Or are you going to be trapped underneath that damn mask forever, too..." She finishes her verse, and rubs her mask... seems she's got her own problems.

"...for those of you that are left. My lovely mate, River, who burned our dinner. The ugly bastard who brought an axe. You two will stay, and your tribe will sit still. You will both lay down your weapons, and stop snarling at each other, or so help me I will reduce your tribe to ashes, make your horses bleed out all of their orifices and put a collar on your damn necks. Am I understood? Don't move a damn muscle, unless it's to get more food for our guests or organize additional seats." She closes her eyes.

"You all have your orders. Your burdensome sins. Your stupid, pathetic ideals. They mean dust to Oblivion. You will all die, eventually. I have no cares whether it is today or tomorrow, whether I bring the blade upon your necks or you bring it upon yourself. I am not your mother, or your father. I am not your king. Whether or not your life is pleasant is entirely up to you, but whether or not you get to leave before I'm satisfied is entirely up to me." She flashes her fangs... and finishes her spell. MORBID FASCINATION STYLE has now washed over all of them, in turn-- anyone who doesn't pass the MDV check must pay 4 (or more) WP or find themselves unable to flee. "I will not be satisfied leaving all of you be until all of you have found some joy in this meeting. Negative feelings will not linger beyond this room, as if a veil of forgetfulness washed through the entrance. If you do not come to a happy conclusion, I can always start picking off the ones who don't... smile."

Channeling Conviction for 1 WP for 2 extra dice. I thought it might be Compassion for 5 dice and waffled on it for a bit, but if she does use Compassion I'll need a resonance roll for that. Performance 5 + Manipulation 3 is the next up on the list, 2 dice for wearing her mask and making a performance roll, plus 3 dice for utilizing my musical instrument specialty... and 2, maybe 3 for the stunt? I'll ask for confirmation in discord. In addition to her 17-20 dice, she gets 3 automatic successes from Lute's anima power, and everyone's DV is appropriately reduced for the difference between their appearance and appearance 5. Since she's using Performance, she'll act again on Tick 8.

Also, Creep, if you're wondering how she's doing the light show, built in charm called Haunting Apparition Trick. None of these are real-- all of these are illusory and if touched, you'd push them apart like mist or just pass through.
No. 932466 ID: f57349

>MORBID FASCINATION STYLE has now washed over all of them, in turn-- anyone who doesn't pass the MDV check must pay 4 (or more) WP or find themselves unable to flee.

That's not how Morbid Fascination Style works. It only costs 1 wp per action to resist, to a maximum of four for the entire scene, and the compulsion is to stay in the Exalt's company and respectfully observe the performance. Anyone who wants to depart, talk back (unless they can spin it as a 'respectful observation'), start a fight, etc. before Morse is done with her rant would have to resist. Exalts also gain a point of Limit the first time in a given scene they resist UMI by spending WP.

It's speed 4, and can't be effectively flurried, so Morse will be acting again on tick 6. I checked, and the mask only provides a bonus to rolls for acting, not every use of the Performance skill.
> plus 3 dice for utilizing my musical instrument specialty
Your shamisen specialty is only +1.

Channeling a 2-dot virtue tends to be a bad deal compared to just spending the WP to add a bonus success directly. How about counting that roll as Charisma 4 + Performance 5 + Excellency 9? I'm seeing seven successes in those first eighteen dice, one more from WP, three from Lute's anima (assuming she's still counting you as an ally, which might be debatable), for a total of eleven. Probably enough to overcome even low-end supernatural mental defenses, but if Carl Akbarson has a Ward Of Determination active he might be able to shrug it off.
No. 932472 ID: 3732a8

Red and Golds attack: She isn’t going to resist. She was already interested in working together.

Iridescent Biles attack: She knew that it was poor form, but she found herself stifling a laugh as she watched what more closely resembled a play than anything else, but she definitely didn’t feel pity for the man.

Morse’s social attack: “Well, threaten me with a good time why don’t you? But, I can’t do that. He gets too close and keeping you alive becomes a whole hell of a lot harder.” She wasn’t really making an argument as she took a moment to politely excuse herself, and walked across the pockmarked field and stood as close to halfway between Morse and the standing army.

Willpower 10+Wits 4+Integrity 0/2 is base 7. Because she is taking this course of action for her Solar Mate and considers what Morse is doing to be wildly self destructive, Solar Bond applies for +5 MDV for a resting of 12.

I also would like to formally change my motivation to ‘Become accepted by Morse’s masters’ since I just need to rip that bandaid off and with 20 exp in the bank seems like a good time for it.
No. 932474 ID: 8d924c

Red and Gold is distracted once more by the performance delivered by Morse Song, but does feel the need to provide one comment.

"I was making no threats, nor attempting to recruit akuma, honoured guest. The gifts I offer are significant, even for those of us with power. Moreso for the powerless."

(Not resisting the attack. Not yet, at least. Assuming since it's ongoing influence I could start resisting if things start going differently?)
No. 932516 ID: 0640da

rolled 2, 3, 9, 2, 10, 8 = 34

I will go for the option where I spend 1 WP and get the 9 successes. Spending motes is... possible but I don't want to flare anima.

When the silence clears, and as the tensions between the parties rise and Gerald is of of the first to speak up. He scratches his chin, enraged and confused, before he slams his fist down on the table and shouts out. "I don't know what's going on, anymore!" It seems his confusion is overwhelming his anger in the end. "I'm not sure why you're praising me, or why I'm not allowed to leave. I know what you are-- what the realm of the dead wants with my city is important information I think we all ought to know!" He points at the new lunar, Creeping Hunter, along with River and Bridget. "Did you entrust these four with attacking me? Are you trying to bring this meet to all out war by killing us here and sending our heads back to Aketon? Because it looks to me as if you've gathered all of our enemies in one place and pointed them at my throat like a damned blade!"

Gerald is going to roll Investigation + Charisma to figure out Morse's motivations, but she sees no reason to resist his attacks, and is terribly blunt. While she leaves some ambiguity in her wording to protect her Deathlord's identity and final goal, she outlines what he needs to know and doesn't hold any other detail of her agenda back.

"The lunar is mine, but the solar and the demon act on their own. As for the uninvited guest who brought an army... I can say I'm just as surprised as you. I thought they were your soldiers, frankly, and you had ambushed us." She clears her throat. "Let it be said my only interests at this moment require an army capable of infiltrating and destroying the armies in one of the most well guarded prisons in Creation. To that end, I require worldly resources and... the production of new units. Suffice it to say, the Underworld is not capable of creating the kinds of forces I need. Only exalts and mortals will do, and if my the key my Deathlord entrusted me to seek requests that we build a city and salvage it from the hands of enterprising mortals, I shall do as they ask. The word of my Deathlord is law. Oh, and I'm also to secure yozi venom, a priceless artifact belonging to the Bishop and information about some cult or other. The Neverborn are vague on the details."

She gives a pause. "Oh, and I just like the scent of blood on your person. It's a pleasing smell. I'm a connoisseur of sorts, and my mate neglected to make me real meat... not that I would be so impolite as to eat in front of guests." She repeats her translation for the sake of clarity to all at the table.
No. 932521 ID: afdebc

>I will go for the option where I spend 1 WP and get the 9 successes.

Lute's got parry MDV 6, plus 3 from the Serenity anima, so Morbid Fascination Style fails to take hold.

Over her mental link, Morse Song feels a pool of bottomless reserve and certainty- for all the viciousness of her attack, she might as well have been yelling at a storm, or throwing stones into the sea. The sea remains unmoved.

[I know who I am, who I was meant to be, and who I chose to become. Can you remember who you were?]

Social Parry over the Screaming in Silence telepathic link.

>The Uninvited Guest
[Advise Red and Gold that perhaps we should upgrade his demon scout force with more subterranean forces. It won't do to be taken off guard from below, again.]

[He's tattooed, which I believe makes this our Sweet River's first contact with the Silver pact. ...we should see about securing her that advantage without allowing elder stewards a chance to get their claws in her, we've got enough of our own.]
No. 932524 ID: 304f7c

Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men watches Morse's finger intently as she point from one person to the next. Noting each of the names spoken. He brays out a command and the loose group of beastmen begin to condense into a formation behind him. Standing shoulder to shoulder and looking confused. "Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men had no intention of interrupting your meal. My apologies." He says calmly trying to force a smile.

As Rivers approaches him his eyes leave Morse and lock onto her intensely, "Rivers,this is an auspicious meeting." He lowers his battle axe to the ground forcing the blade into the dirt. He begins to walk around drawing a large circle with his weapon. "We have much to discuss naked one, but first I see your challenge. I accept." Once he finishes his rotation he stops and throws his great axe backwards into the group of beastmen. Knocking a few of them over as they attempt to catch it. The moonsilver that tells his histories begins to glow brightly all over his body. "Our contest shall be one of strength. First one to toss the other out of the ring wins." He begins to undo his armor letting it clatter to the ground. He steps into the circle now fully naked covered only by his fur. Squatting low he adopts a stance and his body tightens in a show of raw power. "Once again my apologies nameless one, Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men wont disturb your meal after this."

I want to channel my Anima
No. 932554 ID: f57349

>Because she is taking this course of action for her Solar Mate and considers what Morse is doing to be wildly self destructive, Solar Bond applies for +5 MDV for a resting of 12.
Against social attacks from the mate themselves, Solar Bond almost always applies an MDV penalty, not a bonus. I can imagine exceptions, but that would have to be something like Morse ordering you to attack her, or abandon her to apparently certain doom, not "stick around and respectfully observe until my performance is complete."
No. 932556 ID: f57349

Looks like that's a three-action flurry: first action is thaumaturgy to sanctify the dueling ground, Wits + Occult + Art of Geomancy against difficulty 2, probably at least another +3 dice from using Death At The Root as a tool, which conveniently offsets the -3 multiple action penalty. Procedure called "tripping the steel" can be found in either Glories: Maidens or the thaumaturgy reference doc on the wiki. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N-8geUuklKlno_TGuFZezYnvvkWWOQCPev4rXa4cyRQ/edit#heading=h.bufddnzc500q

Second action would be a Charisma + Presence attack, challenging Rivers to participate in the duel, at a -4 dice penalty for multiple actions, and... I'll say just a -1 external penalty for language barrier, since "come at me, bro" is so easy to convey by tone and posture.

Third action, removing armor, requires only a number of long ticks equal to half the mobility penalty. Probably some of your followers help with the more inconveniently positioned straps.

You need to roll some dice to determine the outcome of those first two actions. Using apprentice-level thaumaturgy costs either 2m or 1wp, and if your DV wasn't high enough to shake off Morbid Fascination Style you'll also need to spend some WP and gain limit accordingly.

Full Moon anima power costs 5m to double your movement speed, jump distance, and steady-force strength - could be used to pick somebody up and throw them, but doesn't boost direct damage.

Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers currently has the No Moon anima power, which, if she decides to use it (or spends 12+ peripheral essence), will apply a -3 external penalty to all your attacks against her, since you can't see in the dark.
No. 932565 ID: 54735b


Then I will take the Willpower Cost (assuming 4) and limit (bringing me up to 5 permanent limit and 1 normal limit) because I am committed to this course of action
No. 932570 ID: f00c13

It costs one WP, not four, and that lets you resist the effects of the charm for five minutes; if you wanted to continue resisting the effects after five minutes had passed, you would need to spend another point of WP, continuing on until you either decide to stop resisting, or have spent four WP, at which point the charm no longer effects you. I am uncertain if extra invocations of the charm reset the WP counter though, so it might be possible for Morse to start a new performance and use the charm again to make start burning WP all over again.

Since I'm having trouble deciding what to do with Bridget, but don't want to delay Austin, is it possible to take the guard other action while still in long ticks/listening respectfully, or would that require a join battle roll? I'm thinking Bridget might not resist right away if she can get in a position to protect the visitors and/or her allies without breaking any rules. Part of me doesn't want to do anything to gain limit since I was half-imagining Bridget had to roll for some after the treating the monks, and would maybe have more if anything else affected her during her undescribed activities last month.
No. 932610 ID: afdebc

>"I can carry two, maybe three of us from her. If Rivers takes flight perhaps she can flee, but the mortals would perish. What do we do?"
Luckily, Dutiful Topaz's role readily allows quite conference and advising of the solar to which she is currently attending.

"Peace. The delegation arrived on horseback- if matters come to blows with the beastmen, their escape simply requires giving them sufficient time to mount and retreat in the same manner.

"Our own party is not wholly without our own tricks... but the situation may still yet be salvaged."

If we did need a speedy exit, Lute could duck into the chancel, Rivers could transform and hide or run, and Bridget could grab Red and Gold and Morse and the Mountain Crossing Leap. (Which leaves R&G Cloud Arsenals to act as rearguard or to withdraw on their own). Alternatively, in a fight, Morse is on AOE, the Cloud Arsenals are on offense against the beastmen.
No. 932622 ID: d9acdc

rolled 1, 5, 6, 8, 6, 7, 2, 8, 1, 2, 10, 6, 7, 3, 2, 2, 10, 7, 3, 10, 3, 5, 2, 5, 9, 3, 5, 10, 6, 6 = 160

Bridget inclines her head ever so slightly, the gesture somewhat exaggerated by the burning golden brand and her prodigious size; she will make arrangements.

Weaving in between parties, she arrives beside Red and Gold watching Morse as she goes. The whispering trickles of Bridget's rivertongue tell him that the solar can carry him to safety if needed. She then makes her way to the other side of what might get confused with some sort of feast or meal, if one was lacking proper taste or olfactory receptors. There she interposes herself between the army of beast men and the visitors.

"I shall buy time for you to escape if needed."

Curt, but clear, she makes sure the horses are readily available to mounted, and awaits the end of the performance, alert for a boiling over in the tense moments that follow the two lunars meeting.

OOC I'm not actually sure what Morse is actually doing for the rest of her ongoing performance- staying to watch a listen respectfully normally percludes talking and moving around and such, at least in shows/movies/concerts I've gone to. It's been repeatedly stated that talking isn't inherently disrespectful though, so it is my hope that Bridget can shift position without interrupting the performance or having to resist.

Mechanically Bridget cannot get either MDV up to nine right now, so she accepts the effects without spending any WP to resist. If there is an action to help her protect the visitors while still being following the rules of the charm, then Bridget does that too.
No. 932627 ID: 304f7c

rolled 7, 1, 6, 7, 5, 8, 2, 8, 1, 1, 8, 5, 2, 7, 10, 8, 7, 3, 3, 6 = 105

Rolling for Creep
No. 932838 ID: 0640da

rolled 6, 1, 2, 7, 2, 9, 8, 6, 9, 7, 5, 1, 10, 9, 8, 3, 7, 10, 1, 8, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3, 6, 4, 7, 7, 5 = 165

Movement is included in the social combat rules, and is therefore considered 'respectful' for the occasion. Interrupting her or grabbing a guest is probably not. I'm counting your action as a Guard under the rules, which means for the next 3 ticks you can jump in the action at any time... which may be this tick, depending on how Bridget reacts.

The horses look between each other, muttering and sweating. They try to back up, but their rein holds them tightly-- so they stay still for now. The four riders seem grateful for the assistance offered, even if they're not sure she's strong enough to back it up, and they flash Bridget smiles. She's probably earned some brownie points.

"Let it be known that the Unconquered Sun does not fight for those who do not protect themselves actively... I pardon for the faux pas. It is not that I don't trust your delegation... only that I trust God more." With that said, he removes a dog-sized lizard from within his heavy cloak... and from the other side of his cloak, a curved and jagged dagger. His arms stretch out in both directions as he closes his eyes and breathes in... before his knife comes plunging through the innocent creature. He gently lays the bloody sacrifice on the table, using his dagger to dig out its beating heart... and offering it to the sky, he takes it to his mouth and takes a bite himself, still holding the half-eaten heart as he offers the other half to Bridget. He has performed a prayer, asking the Unconquered Sun for guidance and taking a bite of their shared sacrifice... it's a little grisly.

He's rolling Charisma (2) + Performance (0), but his core Motivation applies-- as does one of his specialties. He channels his Conviction of 3, adding an additional 3 dice to his pool. He's also acting in the interest of his agenda, so he's getting a 2-dot stunt out of this. This prayer is... by all accounts, a long shot. But if Bridget participates, they may well be able to summon the might of the Unconquered Sun. If she offers, the dice pool for this performance will increase to Charisma (5) + Performance (0+3), with an additional dice from his point in Charisma-- but will prevent her from guarding further.
No. 932991 ID: 5f0ee2

>Bridget being invited to join the prayer
>Bridget has 0 occult, 0 read motive

The meaning and intent of the priests actions sail over her head; she assumes he's doing something to defend himself, that much is obvious, but Bridget has no idea that he wants her to participate in prayer, and even if she did get the gist, she would have no idea what to do to fulfill that request.

Instead, she assumes it is her job to act as bodyguard while whatever ritual is going on gets completed.

Mechanically, Bridget does not abort, and does not aid in the prayer roll.

rolled 3, 7, 5, 6, 2, 1, 10, 7, 5, 6, 1, 5, 8, 7, 6, 3, 6, 1, 6, 8, 7, 4, 1, 3, 4, 9, 4, 4, 3, 7 = 149

Tick 6:
Lute's DV refreshes, 2-die stunt award restocks 4m personal, bringing her back to a full tank (not counting commitments).

In the aftermath of the Draconian Dignitary's bold outpost, heretical prayer, and violent offering, Dutiful Topaz tugs nervously on the brim of her hat, sweeps her gaze across those assembled, and then drops her eyes, fall into a minute's muttering in Old Realm, seemingly making a prayer of her own. If anyone who can understand that language passes the wits + awareness roll to make out what she's saying will hear a verse about understanding and contentedness, an allusion to a purple flower, a maiden, and her shadow.

Mechanically, Lute is attempting to activate Blue Verevain Binding, stunting to apply it per magnitude instead of per individual, comboed with the First Kimbery Excellency. Committing 3m peripheral to BVB, and spending 6m personal on the Excellency.

Rolling: Linguistics 3 + Intelligence 6 + Stunt + Excellency 6

MDV -2, Speed 1, Lute will act next on tick 7.

>He gently lays the bloody sacrifice on the table
Rude. There are people trying to eat off that table, you know! Hmm. If the diner table has become a makeshift altar to the Traitor Daystar, Red and Gold might need to purify it before bringing it back to his inn, lest it combust around his Teodozjia.
No. 933028 ID: afdebc

Okay, BVB is difficulty 5 to activate, and there's at least 5 successes there.

Blue Verevain Binding is now in effect! Everyone present will understand each other, regardless of what language they speak in.

Additionally, anyone who wants can reflexively buy a dot of linguistics as a training effect, learning any language anyone else in the network knows. Available languages include:

Old Realm
Pelagial (mermaid-speak)
Guild Cant (the secret language of the guild!)
High Holy Speak (the Dragon-King Language)
The Herd's Tribal Language
Rocktongue (the Jabeborn's Language)
High Realm

And plausibly others, I don't have the full statblock for the NPCs. Creeper and his Herd almost certainly should pick up Rivertongue (the setting's lingua franka) or Old Realm (the language of spirits, including demons) if they want to talk to anyone.

Also note this charm isn't obvious, so characters will have to reach their own explanations for how or why this happens (if they even notice).
No. 933109 ID: f57349

>Everyone present
Strictly speaking you're limited to linking up six people at once, but all the beastman extras in Creeping Hunter's herd only count as three. So... yourself, the herd, it's leader, and the guildsman?

I suppose you could link up to twelve people, or nine named characters plus the herd, by using Kimbery's excellency to boost that (Essence + Linguistics) static value.

Also, as for the excellency's applicability, how does all this translation either harm someone, or set someone up to suffer worse in the future?
No. 933118 ID: 5f3f48

In that case, I'll link The Herd, Creeper, Lute and Morse for 6m peripheral, which still allows me to keep my caste mark under my hat. Let's Austin learn Rivertongue and/or Old Realm for future communication, and leaves all those extras open to our best performance attacks.

To justify Excellency use, I think it would enable brokering deals, count as generosity, and possibly fertetting out secrets (in the case of making a tribal language available to outsiders).

That cuts down the available languages to:

Old Realm
Pelagial (mermaid-speak)
The Herd's Tribal Language
High Realm

(Sorry if anyone wanted Guild Cant, we'll have to arrange something later if that's the case).
No. 933595 ID: 0640da

rolled 9, 1, 10, 8, 8, 4, 2, 2, 10, 5, 2, 4, 7, 8, 5, 1, 4, 9, 8, 4, 4, 8, 8, 7, 9, 6, 6, 1, 10, 10 = 180

Morse merely tunes her instrument, preparing for her next song as she watches over the crowd. Her meltdown must have pulled a string, because it doesn't sound right to her anymore. I believe this would work as a 'Study' action? In any case, she does not act for 3 more ticks. She declines to learn their barbaric tongue.

Carl the Guildsman looks over the festivities with confusement and worry, but he doesn't let that get in the way of making a deal. He turns to Red and Gold, and tries to speak to them directly and... shut everything else he's seen out of his mind. "I have a duty to send out my shipment, regardless of whatever trouble has befallen my ship... and with the recent loss of one of my more competent caravan crews in the wilderness of... Malfeas, I think it would be in our mutual interests if you could aid me in getting my shipment... delivered." Carl removes a pen from his pocket, as well as an inkwell, and places them on the table. He proceeds to remove a scroll of paper... a standard employment contract. "I can allow for some modifications to reflect your talent... say, 10% of the net gross on the shipment. As a resident of this place, surely you of all people have the power to deliver this shipment for me? I'm providing a ship, a trained crew and additional benefits which may... accrue as you perform this duty in a timely fashion. A bonus if they're delivered in as timely a manner as possible, you understand. And I would not trouble you to pay for accommodations for yourselves and the beasts as you perform this duty... food and lodgings shall be included in the most gracious display of my wealth that you might yet be able to experience if you sign now. I would not stand for those representing my interests to go hungry..."

Carl is offering Red and Gold a contract with several stipulations-- there could in fact be wealth awaiting you, or great poverty. But his stipulations are clear enough-- he wants to get his ship delivered to some place called 'Sijan', where his business partner will handle the remainder of the transactions. There's only one problem: the river cuts off in hell. He's making an Investigation [3] + Manipulation [3] roll, but his motivation and agendas are shining through. He picks up an additional [2] dice from his stunt, and recovers some WP as he feels refreshed and revitalized doing what he loves. Since he's so revitalized... he will apply his Conviction for an extra [4] dice. That's [12] dice, and he's beaming with a friendly-looking smile.
No. 933697 ID: 5f0ee2

>Morse merely tunes her instrument, preparing for her next song

Does this count as an end to the performance, removing the need for everyone in the area to listen respectfully now that it's over? If I understand correctly, everyone who got hit would still be compelled to stay in the area, but they could no longer observe the parts of the charm forcing them to listen respectfully to her performance, since there would be no performance for them to listen to.
No. 933703 ID: 8d924c

Red and Gold shakes his head regretfully at the Guildsman as he explains his reasoning.

"While it would be possible for me to drop everything and see your cargo to its destination, I would have to go myself, as it is not so simple for demons to leave their prison. I don't believe that now is the time for me to do so, not until problems of supply and security are resolved here. While I'm sure you wish to make a profit, surely you also want to be secure in the knowledge that food and water will be available? That the wind does not strike you dead? That vitriol does not rain from overhead and destroy your homes? I have to address these things before I can head to Creation proper on errands. I hope your delivery is not of perishable goods, although if it is, I may be able to assist in other ways. Is Aketon well supplied with thaumaturges? I would hope to at least provide education on how to protect oneself from the deadliest perils of the Demon Realm."

(Assuming the performance is complete enough that I can respond this way. If not, let me know. Does this count as using parry DV? Not sure, but not actually hiding motives here from the investigation roll. Also taking Aim actions for now, when my tick arrives. And since it'll be relevant soon, my intended XP spend in the near future is Miracle Gift Mastery>Scoured Perfection of Form>Cecelyne Mythos Exultant>Cecelyne Inevitability Technique, since all of those translate into very direct effectiveness improvements.)
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