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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 929871 ID: 10c408

"Honestly? I haven't really come up with a long term plan because I've gone from obsessively chasing revenge to realizing that not only am I just a tiny minnow in a VERY large pond, there's a snapping turtle at the bottom who hates me."
No. 929878 ID: 9dd4cf

figured that the requirement for passing the 5 month one was pretty ambitious as it was but...

50 year plan: take care of your mother
500 year plan: 450 years to become really really good at sex
5k plan: make a cat like you
No. 929884 ID: 2e6ab6

Short term plan: Become skilled enough to keep people important to me safe.
Long term plan: Fucking... Pick up the violin again? Learn to paint? I got forever, might as well make the most of it.
No. 929887 ID: c8452a

You're getting your 80 year minimum guaranteed, for your mom as well. You'll have time to think about the long term before then. In the short term, getting strong enough to survive and strong enough to end the problem of the Bathorys trying to capture you and Pascal. However that turns out.

Still, finding people to care about is definitely an important factor of any plans for immortality.

I'd confront her about her berating you for taking your time, but she doesn't actually seem to be holding it against you.
No. 929894 ID: 7b57f2


good boy energy
No. 929897 ID: 8b6b39

vampires always think they can fuck with whatever they feel like, huh? i need to justify not wanting to die, now? just because some bloodsucking asslick couldn't finish his meal and now constantin's got his panties in a twist? i'll die when i'm good and goddamn ready to. pascal doesn't have the right to decide when i'm finished. cradle's creeps don't. and you don't. i'll kill anyone who tries to fuck with me or what's mine again

god, ricardo, you've spent a lot of your life getting into fights with bullies, haven't you
No. 929983 ID: 655987

People have hit on this already, but I will reiterate that Kel's question is actually not the same as Pascal's, and is actually pretty different.

>"What’s the point of you sticking around, if you didn’t want things to end like this?” Her eyes flick up again, glowing crimson. “Why don’t you just die, huh?"

The point of sticking around is because *we don't want things to end like this.* We don't just die because there is shit that we are just not cool with leaving be.

There have always been things we are just not cool with, and we just don't let that go. We evidently never have. We have never been cool with clocking out when there's still a shithead whose ass is asking to be kicked. Maybe we didn't go out of our way to find such shitheads, but right now at least there are several who we are not going to turn down.

At least, that's my best attempt at guessing the literal reasons at future opportunities to, not just kill ourselves, but even to bow out of the fight in some other way. We're not going to, and I think this is why.
No. 930015 ID: 337b3c

Ditto to finishing what we started, and we don't want it to end like this. Maybe we don't have a long term plan yet, but we know we're not satisfied with how things currently are, hence why we haven't just died.
No. 930016 ID: 094652

>any source of power that exists, they’ll try to find and take for themselves.
>Why don’t you just die, huh?
"Agreed. We were born weak. We end up believing that makes us incomplete, and we'll do anything to fix ourselves. 'Power' and 'immortality', and I still get my ass kicked by a centuries-old romance hipster, and a faux-cute bull. @#$%ing 'course it's not enough. I won't stop until I find out what I'm too stupid to realize is missing."
No. 930098 ID: 270774
File 155547560138.png - (86.83KB , 800x525 , 456.png )

Ricardo finally centers himself, and he makes eye contact when he speaks. “Because even as a vampire, I want — there are people I want to protect. My mother. And—”

“Oh, shut up,” says Kel.

Ricardo blinks. Kel’s refilling her glass, again. “I want to protect my loved ones, I want to keep the people important to me safe, and on and on. So does everyone, little fool. Do you think anyone’s motivating force is ‘I want to be too weak to do anything about it when danger threatens my family?’”

“Are any of you people satisfied by anything?” Ricardo asks, flatly.

“No,” says Kel, “which is why most of us are bigger and stronger than you and we get to push you around.” She taps the table once more. “Try again.”

“Alright.” Ricardo crosses his arms and glares across the desk. “Alright. How about this, then. It is about the fact that I didn’t want this. I don’t want to be a warlord like you. I don’t care about power, I don’t care about politics. But I have unfinished business, and I don’t clock out until it’s done, and nobody gets to tell me when it’s done. Not Pascal, not the Cradle, and not you.”

“Mm.” When Kel drains her glass again, this time she fills the second one along with it, nudging it across the table. “Unfinished business, hm? With Pascal? Listen, I love the little bastard, but good luck getting an apology out of that piece of shit—”

“Unfinished business with the Cradle,” Ricardo interrupts. “I’m going to kill Constantin Bathory.”

Kel chokes on her mead.
No. 930099 ID: 270774
File 155547561569.png - (167.74KB , 800x525 , 457.png )

“Constantin Bathory,” she finally rasps. She slams her glass down — Ricardo still hasn’t touched his. “Who’s going to kill Constantin Bathory? You are, little meat? Little morsel?” She slaps the surface of the desk, hard enough that the whole thing creaks. “Let me tell you something about Constantin Bathory.”
No. 930100 ID: 270774
File 155547563024.png - (350.19KB , 800x525 , 458.png )

“I only train my own now, but it wasn’t always that way. A good two centuries ago, I was contracted by the House of Bathory to train their duelists. I went to Transylvania, with a small entourage, met the Marquess, started my work.”

“And anyone knows this, even you, but there’s something wrong in that castle. There’s something wrong with those wards.”

No. 930101 ID: 270774
File 155547564317.png - (275.87KB , 800x525 , 459.png )

“I don’t raise my wards with a soft hand, Ribeye. You’ve seen that yourself.”

“But I was barely in that place a month before I threw down my sword, told that fucking viper that I wasn’t taking his money, and left.”

“I left because after I saw what happens there, after I peered into the fucking tar pit of that man’s heart, I knew if I didn’t pull myself away, I was going to tear his throat out myself. And I could have done it, no doubt about that — but he’s Vlad Dracula’s little pet, allied with every other house in the Cradle, and it would’ve brought a war that my forces weren’t prepared for. So I left before I could start it.”

No. 930102 ID: 270774
File 155547565633.png - (345.00KB , 800x525 , 460.png )

“That’s a debt I owe your sire. I met him then, after all. And I should have razed that fucking place to the ground behind me, or at least pulled him out when I went — a gift of freedom he would have spat back in my face, but it would have been something.”
No. 930103 ID: 270774
File 155547566735.png - (212.21KB , 800x525 , 461.png )

Kel picks her teeth with the end of one long claw. “So I, with all my forces and my power, with hundreds under me willing to fight and die, with every damn good reason — I stayed my blade. But you? You’re going to charge in there, Ribeye? Are you the hero in a storybook? Are you the dashing lead of a romance novel, huh? You’re going to defeat the nasty mean man?” Unkind laughter bubbles up in Kel’s throat, filtered through her teeth into a snarl. “And for what? Because he wronged you? Because he’s wicked?” She plants both hands on the desk, leaning forward, teeth bared. “Because a pretty boy is sad?”

Another laugh, ragged around the edges. “There are no storybook heroes, Ribeye, and good men make shitty vampires. And there’s no glory or valor in starting fights you can’t win. I know that. All you get for it is the people who believe in you die, and they die ugly, meaningless deaths, and no matter how you try to twist it the only purpose those deaths will ever serve is to remind you that you weren’t ready. And there’s not even anyone who believes in you here, Ribeye. There’s not anybody who’s gonna die for you to begin with. And you’re gonna pick a fight with Constantin Bathory?” She leans forward further, jaws parting, teeth glinting huge and white. “You and what army, child?”
No. 930104 ID: 8a7c27

i took you for a woman of her word, kel, but apparently all that chant about war and meat for the machine is just talk if you only take battles you know you can win.
No. 930105 ID: fc32c1

uh. cry
No. 930106 ID: 70df1e

one person can do what an army cant. assassins can kill kings when squadrons and squadrons of soldiers cant reach them. a single thief can rob someone of everything that they and their family value. a single arsonist can raze a city to the ground. we don't need an army to do this, and we don't want one. we don't want people to die for this. we get in, we kill him, and we get out, and the consequences of that are on our head and our head alone.

and i guess technically pascal's head, but his whole big plan is to go back so constantin can kill him, so like, one way or another one of us is going to be happy about this
No. 930109 ID: 9707e7


kel is an ally and she might be willing to help us if we convince her we’re worth helping? she obviously hates constantine, so maybe we can. appeal to that?
No. 930110 ID: 0f15ab

Uuuh lets try not to make kel any madder considering she’s sticking her neck out for us and training us as a favor? I think being honest and saying we don’t know how we’re going to do anything (since right now we’re focused on not dying) but that its a long term goal. Like yeah we can’t do anything now but years from now we probably can?
No. 930111 ID: 2e6ab6

I mean. Yeah, that went about where I figured that train of thought would go. Taking on the whole Cradle is a task we're... Probably not cut out for. Hell, killing Constantine is a task we're probably not cut out for. We're just some punk whelp.
Last I checked, we just kind of want to live in peace. But we can't do that with Constantine on our ass. So we need to solve it somehow. But we can't go to war with the Cradle...
Then again...
We don't have to.
We don't need allies.
We don't need an army.
We don't need anyone willing to die for us.
All we need is ourself.
All we need is to get within striking distance.
It'd probably be the last thing we ever did, but we could kill a single vampire.
But is that what we really want? Kel made a good point. What do *we* want? For ourselves? We don't like fighting. And settling this score will just make more problems for the people we care about...
I don't actually have an answer here...
No. 930112 ID: c1eaac

"you asked me for a long term goal, were you expecting me to have a plan already drawn up and ready to go?"

maybe you don't know how yet, but yeah, your long-term goal is to kill constantin. and a goal like that is something you work towards and plan for, not something you see the path to right away. so maybe you don't have an army right now. maybe you'll have time to gather one. hell, maybe you'll duel kel and win and use hers. or maybe your plan will call to go in alone, and you won't know that until farther down the line.
No. 930113 ID: 23dc9d

No one is gonna die for us thats true, and no one believes in us. And therefore there is no one for the Cradle to start a war with over an assassination of Constantin unlike being in Kel's position. We are just considered a mistake in other vampires' eyes so anything we get to do will die with us (and Pascal I guess, or any strays that choose to fight with us for some reason, but that choice is theirs). Kel says she could have torn him apart? Thats all we need to know. We can get there and thats what matters.
No. 930116 ID: 51d10f

One thing you have on bathory that an army wouldn't is that, technically you're of the house of bathory yourself. No matter whether you or bathory would want it to be the case, by the cradle's own rules you are a bathory. But unfortunately for them, they didn't get to brainwash you. You were alone, without any indoctrination, and so you're completely free from having any ounce of loyalty towards the house hammered into you. At the very least, your situation must be exceptionally uncommon for the house. That's gotta count for something. What other abandoned-technically-bathory-ward is there?
So you don't have enough information to have a detailed strategy yet, so what. Of course you don't have that yet. That's why you're training. You know you need a lot more information and practice before you could do anything like that. That doesn't mean you can't know that what you're training towards long-term is to ultimately make that guy dead.
No. 930117 ID: c8452a

Then it's simple isn't it? If he has Dracula's favor, what we actually need to do is ruin that, and we'll be free to do whatever we want to Constantin. Then all Kel needs to do is keep her promise and get Ricardo fighting fit, and hook him up with the connections he needs.
No. 930118 ID: 14e641

Yeah, becaise he's a horrible guy who's done horrible things and thats a better reason to fight than 90 of historic battles.
No army.
No one else needs to die.
Ricardo is just a small guy without any connections. No ome has to choose a side or blame another house because there is no other house.
No. 930119 ID: 8a7c27

kel's old and she's seen a lot of friends die. i don't think she wants any more of that. sure, getting strong and protecting pascal is our short-term goal, like she asked of us - but the cradle won't sit on their haunches forever. as grim as it is, if she's not preparing and gathering power, they'll crush all of us someday, and no amount of individual strength will protect us then.
No. 930120 ID: 094652

"Give me five minutes with craigslist and I could assemble a suicide squad by next week. Give me a decade and I'll have a suicidal cult village like every other seasoned millennial vamp. The twenty-first century is an overcrowded lotus-eater machine filled with junkies, bite-sized dictatorships, and conspiracy-ass-kissing media whores. I point my disposable plastic barrier at castle transylvania and wait for my loss in battle to cash out as a lawsuit and a scandal for Bathy.

Or I could just throw a nuke at him and claim he had sex with a broken arrow."
No. 930121 ID: 3a4ee3

"I don't need an army. I just need to get close enough to tear his heart and smash his skull. I'm the scrapped ward of a dissowned mam. Who will they go after? Cradle vamps don't give a shit about humans and I can never go back to me mae anyways. You have an army to look after. I just have Pascal, and he will never be free as long as Bathory lives."
No. 930122 ID: c1212a

Are you asking about long-term plans or not? You think I don't know what happens if I try marching to the front gates on my lonesome the minute I leave Nevada? I might be young, but I'm not so stupid I don't know what 'long-term' means for vampires.
No. 930123 ID: b1b4f3

One man can kill one man. It could even be a duel. With the right wager, there would be no war.
No. 930124 ID: 8b6b39

what? am i going to live forever?

i don't have an army and i don't have a good reason. nor do i need one. what i do have is time. and i finish what i start. even if it takes thousands of years.
No. 930125 ID: 3ed3c3

No armies. Obviously, they don't work. Kel is proof of that.
Ricardo said, “I’M going to kill Constantin Bathory.”
Ricardo is going to kill Constantin Bathory.
Not Kel.
Not Pascal.
Nobody else.
Just Ricardo.
How? Don't know yet.
Figured he'd kill some people.
Eat some people.
See where that takes him.
No. 930126 ID: 10c408

"Kel. How LONG do you think Pascal and I are gonna be able to keep running? Sooner or later, we're gonna make a mistake, be a little slow just once. And that's that. Just another sad pathetic note for constantin bathory to mull over with a glass of liquer.

Orrr, and I thought we were talking long term plans here, putting the bastard down.

or at least trying for it instead of getting hunted down.
No. 930127 ID: 5e673e

hah. i dont have anyone to fight for me. which means i dont have anyone to die for me, to die if i fuck up.
and, more importantly im a bathory, arent i? unlike if you and your wards and your house killed him, the cradle would have no one to blame if i took down the head bathory. it would be, really, family infighting. and sure, they might kill me, in fact its likely theyll succeed - but really, they're already trying to kill me, so what the fuck is the difference? you yourself said immortality was forced on me. but if i get strong enough to take down constantin, and succeed? they might have to acknowledge me as the next in line.
No. 930128 ID: d9bac8

"What part of 'nobody gets to tell me when it's done' was hard to understand?"
No. 930129 ID: 5b93d3

"What army? I'm not going to fight him like a vampire, I'm going to murder him like a human. No duels, no wars, no fancy swordfights, no names and backstories."
No. 930143 ID: 0e732c

"what, like that's hard??
No. 930147 ID: 9fcd43

I think she's not taking into account just how much less we have to lose than her. She's got this giant army, however many divisions of wards to take care of and train and lead. We've got Pascal and Andy and that's about it, and we know vampires don't really think of going after living relatives.
No. 930148 ID: 10c408

The way I see it she started talking less about Ricardo and more about her dead wife at the end there.

Not that we should bring this up because she'll totally fucking kill us.
No. 930170 ID: b54723

Kel, you're right on that, we don't have a plan and we haven't given serious thought on it. Because uhhh [thinks about the nonstop fuck trip] things. Yes, things.

However, we will think of a plan soon enough, and she may give suggestions on it and even help but if she thinks she's going to deter us from staking a motherfucker? No way.
No. 930177 ID: 7011e0

we're not stupid. we can't do this by ourselves. but the entire point of us being here is to get stronger! and we're going to do that. then we're going to make allies, see who else is tired of the bathory family, because i'm sure there's a lot even if some of those people will just want the power they'll leave behind. the cradle seems indestructible but that's because they say so and act like it, they must have weaknesses even if you don't think they do, kel. we're going to do this.

we would super appreciate your help, though. you're already putting yourself out there training us and you obviously don't owe us anything but you would be an amazing ally in this because you know them so well
No. 930191 ID: cd6e45

"I didn't say I was gonna kill him tomorrow, or even next year or the year after. Just, eventually. It's a long term goal."
No. 930192 ID: bb78f2

Just me, no army, maybe through a duel, if I can get him to accept somehow, it's a long shot.

I don't want to be a hero. I want petty vengeance that's satisfying. I want to kill him for me, just myself. Because the reality is that I need a fight to fight. Ever since I turned, I needed a fight. Bathory is the only foe that makes sense in my head. I need to fight him. For me.

I have a lust to kill him.
No. 930195 ID: 7c1ffe

We're a Bathory bastard pretty much. Bastard children taking over in a coup was common for humans. Why not vampires?

But we have a fight and we finish it, no matter how long it takes. We're doing this for ourselves, and if we end up powerful and rich that's only a side benefit.
No. 930251 ID: fcd356

For full badass points, just say "forever gives me a long time to finish what I start"
No. 930275 ID: e0d756

Point out she's not saying it's impossible. If you need an army, you'll get an army, but you're your mother's son and she taught you to finish what you start and the cradle are after you anyway so why the fuck not see how far you can get.
No. 930328 ID: aedfd9

This may not be intended to be a test, but we have to push back - just like when Minoru tried to get us to sell out. Be firm! Maybe even yell! You understand her priorities were different, but you Constantin Bathory is the reason you exist. If it takes an army to kill him, you'll spend eternity raising that army. Maybe her forces weren't prepared but you and anyone with you will be.
No. 930683 ID: b463f2

>"Are you the hero in a storybook? Are you the dashing lead of a romance novel, huh? You’re going to defeat the nasty mean man? ... Because he wronged you? Because he’s wicked? ... Because a pretty boy is sad?”

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and finally, yes.
No. 930995 ID: 1351c0

The love in Ricardo's heart and blood in his undead boner is more powerful than any undead vampire army.
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