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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 933584 ID: 262f3a

"So these things seem really... menacing I guess? How are they better then any old sword or whip though?"
No. 933589 ID: 23dc9d

Ask that since Lamb used to be a hunter, did she hunt Kel down to be her ward or to kill her?
No. 933592 ID: 869963

No. 933596 ID: 9fcd43

Oh my god this just got like five thousand percent more anime I'm so happy

Why did she give one to Pascal, if they're so rare and valuable? What happens if a witch gets turned into a vampire, do they just stop being a witch? How common are these things - more specifically, how much do we need to worry about other vampires pulling them out in everyday duels?
No. 933599 ID: 3e7944

This is so fucking cool, and I can not wait until we get to play as Lamb.

I also just love how you draw ponytails, pascals hair looks so good ahhh

How do witches magic work, is it innate or learned or a bit of both?
Magic and/or vamp hunting based around Christianity only or are there other religions that play into it?
Why would she buy such an expensive gift for Pascal?
Are witches a thing we should be worried about as a threat from those searching for us?
No. 933609 ID: 465a14

Why does Lamb keep up the charade? She obviously doesn't believe anymore, or her own fancy outfit would be peeling her skin off or whatever.
No. 933612 ID: 10c408

Uh. Say what now?

Honestly, we don't know Lamb's full story. We can infer quite a bit of it, but that's not the same as knowing.

However, my assumption is that Lamb really wants to hunt vampires again but Kel won't let her and Kel hasn't offed Lamb for a plethora of reasons that are hard to nail down until we ask someone who knows.
No. 933621 ID: e3a778

She pretty clearly is badly burned by contact with crosses, though. That’s what those huge marks all over her body are.

Anyway, we should ask about:
1. The benefits of witch-blades besides conversation and looking cool
2. How common witch-blades are
3. More information on Amity
4. Why Kel bought Pascal a $2,000,000 sword (Does it have something to do with the fact that decorative wards aren’t supposed to learn combat?)
5. How do we get one???

Also, anybody have theories on the card suits?
No. 933623 ID: 094652

>That’s not magic
Screw you; plasmids, nano-augments, and neuromods have one thing in common: they're kick-ass superpowers that required extensive R&D to develop. If that's not wizard magic enough for you, go argue with a vampire quantum physicist.

>if they still believed in Satan
... I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. Probably laugh.

>the Cradle has wiped them out a century ago
Riiight. As if ancient conspiracies weren't revivable.

In theory, she needs to tell herself she still believes to quell the vampire-hating voices in her head telling her to crucify herself while [actually this next part is just creepy].

Or maybe she just wants to look ironically hot.

Either way, pay attention to the witchblades. With a little ingenuity you could commission a witchblade meant for other means - like hacking the Cradle's tech defenses. Think about it; they'll add ward security to their computers but that's exponentially more complicated. They WILL make mistakes. Mistakes an AI can capitalize on.
No. 933635 ID: f62d1c

questions for kel:
- why would a devout vampire hunter become a vampire?
- aside from talking, what advantages does a witch blade have over a normal weapon?
- why doesn't pascal want us to have our own witch blade?
No. 933656 ID: ea82cb

What's the big, secret downside to the witchblades? And is Lamb equal opportunity vampire killer, as in she doesn't care that Ricardo didn't want to be one and is generally a good boy?
No. 933665 ID: 15ee9e

ohhh is Lamb's crucifix her witch blade thats so cool im digging the guilty catholic aes. pay close attention to the duel, but def ask about how we can get our hands on a witchblade. also why pascal wouldnt want us to have one
No. 933698 ID: 853e99

hey what the fuck. how does a vampire hunter choose to become a vampire
No. 933765 ID: eb66b1

"I thought that as one of Constantin's ornamental wards, Pascal wasn't allowed to know how to use weapons. What's with the sword, then?"
No. 933831 ID: 696454

maybe it's not so surprising that witchblades are as talkative, or not, as the blood that made them. does the fact that lamb had her weapon prior to being turned imply that witches will work readily with humans?

can witchblades only be drawn by the people from whom they were made? is there a way to estimate how many vampires currently have them?

seconding asking how witchblades provide an advantage aside from portability, since it seems you can still overpower a vampire with (checks chapter one) two very good tommy guns (with the right bullets, at least). (don't ask this but can a witchblade just be a gun. skldsnlkn)

also seconding asking about how lamb came to be a ward, since what kel said in our earlier meeting would imply that lamb had to have hunted her down and asked for it. but kel's also just said that by the time she found lamb, lamb already knew a lot.

but i'd rather we not ask up front how to get our own witchblade. first off kel's just going to laugh at us for pretending to have 1.5 million dollars to spare (we haven't even figured out how to pay our levy lmao), and there seems to be a personal price to obtaining a witchblade, besides. getting some more info/lore is tempting, and we should learn about witches since we're here, but pascal literally just asked us to Not have one of these, and he can hear us.
No. 934566 ID: 58c855

What happens if a witch gets turned? Are witchblades more responsive if wielded by the person who made them, and can other items be created thru the same process? (like, say, a witch-shield, or a witch-flamethrower, or even nonweapons like a paintbrush to produce magic paintings)
No. 934722 ID: 26262d

okay so if vampires aren't a "satan thing", why are they burned by crosses ? Lamb is burned but she has a witchblade, which is a satanic thing so uh yeah maybe we should call Bunji and ask him ih he ga one too, since he also was burned by a cross ?
No. 934782 ID: b0b724

It's a belief thing, I think. She has faith, so the crosses burn.
No. 934875 ID: deddc1

Fight fight fight fight fight!!!!!!!
No. 934939 ID: 6b66cf

>Only living human women can be witches.

hey ricardo, think your mom would want to learn how to be a witch?
No. 935347 ID: 599088
Audio - (3.66MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:40

friction — mili
No. 935348 ID: 599088
File 156020397604.png - (132.72KB , 800x525 , 485.png )

“Alright. Okay. First question.” Ricardo’s hands are tense against the railing; but this is just how things are going to be, he reasons. More and more bullshit, all of it completely outside of the bounds of reality, and his only option to adapt. “What would my chances have been, if I’d tried to fight Lamb?”

“Grim,” says Kel. She doesn’t sound remorseful.

“Would letting me die on the first try have been great training?”

“Part of training is learning to navigate your fights. If you don’t know enough to keep yourself safe, even from somebody as low level as her, then there’s not much I can do for you.”

Ricardo supposes that makes sense, not that he’s thrilled about it. It feels like everything is a test, and it’s exhausting. “Noted. And speaking of her, why would a vampire hunter become a vampire herself? You told me you only turn people who ask.”

Kel chuckles, leaning forward slightly as Pascal and Lamb begin to circle each other. “Come on. Your sire’s taught you the basics, hasn’t he?” Her eyes don’t lift from the duel, and Ricardo keeps his attention there as well. “What’s the only real danger to a vampire?”

Ricardo’s eyes narrow. “Another vampire.”
No. 935349 ID: 599088
File 156020399868.png - (290.64KB , 800x525 , 486.png )

“Like I said, the Cradle missed a spot. I’d heard rumors about a cell of traditional vampire hunters in Thuringia whose ancestors had survived the purge. If it were true, that would be good practice for the girls, and even if it weren’t, there’s plenty to learn out in those forests.”

“By the time we got there, though, another vampire had already found them — and slaughtered everyone but Lamb. By the time he got to her, he’d been weakened enough that she could take him out, and that’s what we found.”

No. 935350 ID: 599088
File 156020401997.png - (314.54KB , 800x525 , 487.png )

“He had a partner who showed up late, and I took her out, since it seemed like a waste to let her kill this little weirdo, you know? And seeing that, can you really blame Lamb for the conclusion she came to?”

“She’d just watched her whole family die just to kill one unarmed vampire, then watched me kill another in one motion. If you’re gonna try to be serious about it, there’s only one real way to go, right?”

No. 935351 ID: 599088
File 156020403594.png - (154.84KB , 800x525 , 488.png )

There’s the first sharp, ringing clash of metal on metal, and Kel drops off. It was hard to follow, but the motion Ricardo gathered was two-part: the chained stake of Burn Paradise shooting across the arena, like a scorpion’s tail, and Pascal swiftly deflecting it.

{Pascal.} Bitterhearted’s voice is deeper than Pascal’s, with a richness and a rasp that its wielder’s airy tone lacks. {That is but a fraction of her blade.}

“What, really?” Pascal adjusts his grip on the hilt, and Ricardo won’t admit to flinching when there’s another flash of gold, this time one that Pascal seems to struggle to deflect. “What do you mean?”

{Do not pester me. I know only that there is more unseen.} A pause. When Bitterhearted speaks again, it sounds — well, bitter. {And it is well-forged. Not as well as I, but—}

“There’s a benefit of witch-blades,” Kel murmurs, nodding down at the floor. “They can assess each other.”

“Huh.” Ricardo watches as a few more probing blows are exchanged. “And I guess that’s why the talking is useful.”

“If they can stay on-topic,” Mignon adds, with a touch of indulgent humor.

“But the real benefit is that a sword with a soul knows how to wield itself.” Kel tenses, and that on its own sharpens Ricardo’s focus on the fight. Pascal closes the gap and makes a vicious thrust at Lamb, one she parries with one of the daggers snatched out of her cloak lining. Her hand sizzles on the crucifix hilt. “You think he knows how to do that all on his own? No. I tried to train him for five years and he was all but hopeless. A witch-blade closes the gap between a duelist and an amateur, if it’s got a forceful enough personality.”
No. 935352 ID: 599088
File 156020405729.png - (143.41KB , 800x525 , 489.png )

The battle is close-quarters now, and Lamb seems agitated by that. A moment later there are two flashes of gold, and Pascal only manages to deflect one of them; there’s a burst of blood from his shoulder and he springs back, hissing.

{Pay attention!} Bitterhearted snaps. Blood streams down Pascal’s left arm and drips off his fingertips, quiet but audible against the glossy floor. {To not draw first blood in my first duel in decades!}

“Shut up,” says Pascal.

Ricardo watches, all his attention on the wound. He’s not worried — not after seeing Pascal rip his own arm off — but something’s off. “Kel. Why isn’t it healing? It’s not that bad of a cut, so—”

“Another benefit.” Pascal and Lamb are circling each other again. “Witch-blades have the same properties as silver, but won’t burn you, the wielder. Wounds made by silver weapons — or witch-blades — don’t regenerate. And silver can’t be manipulated by abilities like telekinesis, which is why our standard weapons even have silver hilts — so a telekinetic can’t rip your sword out of your hand using the grip.”

“Oh, there’s a tip,” Mignon points out lightly. “Anyone who’s always wearing gloves is likely armed.”

“That was a good strike, Lamb,” Pascal calls out, and those on the balcony turn back to the fight. “Kel is teaching you well.”

{It was adequate,} Bitterhearted grumbles.

“No vampire taught me to wield a blade,” Lamb snaps back. She makes another lunge, and Pascal evades her, one leg sweeping in a wide arc that Ricardo recognizes, and Lamb hits the ground hard on one elbow.

“Note that, girls,” Kel says. “Typical Bathory style. All legs. If he had Bathory duelist greaves on, now, that would’ve been nasty.”
No. 935353 ID: 599088
File 156020408071.png - (225.80KB , 800x525 , 490.png )

“Crosses still burn you,” Pascal notes, his tone conversational. He’s not going for her, waiting for Lamb to get back to her feet. “Still truly pious. You are the same age as Ricardo, yes? You died five years ago?”

Lamb doesn’t answer as she straightens up. Pascal’s mouth does something, quick and tight, barely a twitch.

“Do you know how long it took before crosses did nothing to me anymore? Seven years.”

Lamb lunges again, twice in quick succession, more wildly than before; Pascal sidesteps, and on the second attempt manages to land a solid kick against the small of her back, sending her sprawling again. “You are running out of time, I think, Lamb.”

“Pascal,” Kel says, warningly.

This time he does try to kick her when she’s down — and when he does, a gold chain wraps swiftly around his ankle. A split second later Pascal is flung across the ballroom, hitting the wall hard enough that the wall buckles. Lamb crosses the distance at a near-run.

“These will never stop burning me.” She has two daggers now, held at the ready as she skids to a stop near Pascal. “For as long as I live. I’ll always—”

{You tiresome thing.} Bitterhearted seems to jerk forward in a way that drags Pascal’s arm along for the motion, rather than being wielded. sparks flying as one of the daggers grinds against its blade and hits the handguard. {For as long as she lives, she says. She thinks herself a human yet, Pascal.}

“So she does.” There are a few complicated movements, ones Ricardo finds he can follow despite the speed — Pascal attempting to sweep Lamb’s legs out from under her as he struggles to his feet, and Lamb quickly and cautiously avoiding each lashing movement. Pascal’s teeth are bared. “But a human cannot kill a monster, can it, my heart?”

Ricardo swears the sword laughs, though that’s a noise he can’t find words to describe. {Never, my host.}
No. 935354 ID: 599088
File 156020410190.png - (180.58KB , 800x525 , 491.png )

Another flash of movement, and Ricardo can only parse what’s happened by piecing it together after the fact — one moment, Pascal and Lamb are facing each other; the next, Pascal is behind her, Bitterhearted held aloft, and her cape is impaled and gathered against the base of the blade, ripped from her shoulders.

Burn Paradise is a coffin dug into Lamb’s back, four golden chains hanging from the slanted faces. There’s a distinct clanking noise as the chains retract, stakes dangling — some kind of winch mechanism inside, hidden by dark inlaid wood.

Lamb’s voice is quiet and urgent. “Did they hit you?”

{I am unharmed.} The witch-blade’s voice is flat, devoid of affect or inflection. {Think only of the battle, Grethe.}

{“Think only of the battle, Grethe,”} Bitterhearted mocks shrilly. It drops its voice again immediately, tone nearly an audible eyeroll. {By God, I wish you would. You’ll be harmed soon enough.}

Burn Paradise scoffs, its abstract voice faintly touched by disgust. {Do not dare speak to me of God. You were forged by Amity? The silver and steel of me knows her work. That evil woman, that consort of Satan, that devil’s-harlot—}

{Were you not forged by a witch as well, you silly piece of scrap wood? An inferior one, yes, this much I can gather when we come to blows, and by how displeasing and graceless you are to behold, but you, stupid little trinket, you ugly BOX, are not—}
No. 935355 ID: 599088
File 156020412145.png - (110.33KB , 800x525 , 492.png )

“Can we bring it in? Both of you, come on, get them focused.” Kel sighs, one hand massaging the bridge of her nose. “You can barely get Burn Paradise talking on the best of days, but Pascal’s blade has always brought out the worst in people.”

“Amity. She’s been mentioned twice now,” Ricardo says. “But Burn Paradise was forged by someone else?”

“I don’t know who forged Lamb’s blade, and Lamb won’t tell me,” Kel replies. “I guess her family had their own networks, and she won’t give any of them up. It’s just as well, though. Plenty of places to buy a blade.” She gestures down towards Pascal. “Amity is one of ‘em, though she’s probably only got about one more blade in her before she croaks. One of the best, though. I’ll be sorry to see her go. She’s done what she can to extend her time, but a human is a human, and even magic doesn’t make you immortal.”

“How many witches are there? I mean, how many make witch-blades? Are they hard to find?”

“Hell, no,” Kel snorts. “One to two million a pop, you think people aren’t jumping on it? There’s probably a smith-witch in every major city, though I’d only go to ones I know, ones who are proven to be masters of the craft, so that narrows it down. A bad witch-blade is worse than no blade at all — I told you, they’re living things, and you’re bound to them forever. Now, the one who forged mine and Mignon’s blades is long dead, that was centuries ago. Amity out in Salem is one of the best known, but like I said, she’s old, and she’s expensive. Who else is active right now…? Most of the good ones in Europe are too tied up with the Cradle, I wouldn’t go to them, ‘specially not in your situation. Ah, well, there’s Bitch Eternal down in Miami—”

“There’s who,” Ricardo croaks.

“The smith-witch Bitch Eternal, in Miami,” repeats Kel.

“There is not a witch named Bitch Eternal who lives in Miami, Florida.

“I’ve heard good things about her,” Mignon cuts in. “She’s unconventional, and a little hard to get ahold of, but makes fine blades — and her prices aren’t awful, compared to the quality.”

Ricardo is not capable of unpacking that right now. “Okay. Okay. So. One point five million dollars or more, each.” He watches as Pascal and Lamb continue to trade blows, the pace and tenor of the fight more tense now than before. “Why’d you spend that on Pascal? On a — a ‘decorative’ ward, or whatever they want to call it, who isn’t even allowed to own a sword—”

“Mind your business,” Kel snarls, immediately. Mignon looks away, and Ricardo looks up.

“This is my business. Everything to do with him is my business, now. We’re stuck together.”

“Then mind the fight.” Kel crosses her arms against the railing. She won’t look at him. “Worry about how you’re going to make your own money for one, if you want one, and don’t worry about how I choose to spend my own.”
No. 935360 ID: 1fb7e6

i mean u TRULY cannot fault lamb's logic here. let's not push kel on that for now, we can't afford her getting pissed off at us and honestly? i'm not sure her reasons matter. pascal matters to us and his past is relevant but what we know is this: kel spent a lot of money getting s/t that pascal can use to keep himself safe, and that can only be a benefit. it's probably also rly personal and.. we know how pascal feels about us learning abt him from others
tangentially, not sure how i feel about getting lamb's history from kel. it's probably fine but that is an incredibly personal thing for us to know abt someone who Does Not like us. i guess all we can rly do now is keep an eye on the fight&pascal.. maybe we'll figure out how burn paradise works.
No. 935363 ID: aedfd9


I think it's pretty obvious that Kel gave Pascal a sword bc she was feeling guilty about not helping him way back when; maybe after what happened with Teddy? We can ask him later. Also: Pascal said we aren't allowed a witch blade but IT WOULD BE SO COOL. If we talk him around, maybe he could use his hypnosis powers on human gamblers while we're here to raise the money?

I don't understand the thing about gloves - why wearing them helps, or what "Bathory duelling gloves" means; If thats not something I've missed, can we ask Kel? Also we should ask the best way to defend oneself against an armed opponent.

Oh, and let's pay close attention to Lamb's weaknesses during this fight. We're probably going to face her someday and don't want to get killed.
No. 935370 ID: c7aefd

Speaking of money, can we ask Kel if theres some kind of vampire freelance network or something where we can make some quick cash? We still have to pay the thing to the Vegas den
No. 935371 ID: bb78f2

You know, I don't think a witchblade fits Ricardo at all. They're definitely cool, but clearly a delicate commitment even taking the price out of the equation.

No, no, I'm certain there's a more fitting weird thing out there for you Ricardo. Something more your style. If you get a witch blade at all, I'd rather turn your BODY into a witchblade. Or fists, or whatever. I mean, they probably don't have to be swords. You can probably make a witchglock.

Cyborg, Witchblade vampire. Fuck yeah. That's Ricardo's style. Remove your hand, replace it a witchblade fist.

Huge respect for Lamb, they have their head straight regarding vampires. Wonder what they do about feeding though. A necessary evil to purge the world of vampires? Human's aren't cattle, though many vamps choose to adopt that notion.
No. 935372 ID: b1b4f3

Okay you can just ask Pascal later.
>how 2 make money
Well we can't start saving up for a witch blade yet, we need to save up for the Vegas Fee first. As for how to make money fast, ughhh I guess we could try robbing someone? Or using mist form to sneak in somewhere where valuables are kept?
No. 935375 ID: 2b3534

Is just straight up robbing a bank for witchblade money an option? You can go incorporeal, but doing so might draw unwanted attention to the supernatural as a whole.
No. 935376 ID: f9ebcb

there’s a typo — “duelist gauntlets” should be “duelist greaves.” sorry for any confusion, guys!
No. 935389 ID: 10c408

How would we get the money out though. Hell, how would we get IN without getting caught on a camera?
No. 935393 ID: be8768

>Typical Bathory style.
do most houses have distinct styles of fighting? knowing what babenburg style is like could help us know what to expect from rex and jonquil when they catch up to us
side note this is cool as fuck
No. 935395 ID: 406aee

Okay, focus on the duel. Don't push it.

Ask what Bathory dueling gauntlets are and ask why Pascal wouldn't want us to have one. Is there a downside to these? Because it sounds almost too good to be true.

Would our weapon be able to transform or move with us?
No. 935400 ID: b463f2

wow, Lamb is super hardcore. Like, that was known, but, damn. I wonder what object Burn Paradise is tied to, when it's not in full weapon form. I'm also really interested to see the progression of her character, long term - if she does indeed keep her current faith, and lens on what vampires are.

I think we should sit down and discuss witchblades with Pascal before we decide to get one or not. They seem like they could be immensely powerful and helpful for the whole "Take on Count Bathory" quest - especially that whole "forged for a specific purpose bit - but it isn't Ricardo's style to max out power without thinking about the consequences.
No. 935408 ID: 70df1e

focus on the fight for now and wait and see what happens. ask about the duelist greaves - do duelists wear special armor made to maximize the harm they can do to their opponents? so far we've only learned about offense but there has to be defense as well
No. 935421 ID: c51771

why would we pay 1.5mil for a whiny dueling partner when we got pascal for free
No. 935441 ID: 262f3a

"So uh, is there something special about gold? It seems like a pretty terrible material to make a weapon out of all things considered, unless it does some magic-related reason too."
No. 935449 ID: 10c408

"This is probably a dumb question, but. If silver is anathema to vampires, is there a market for silver bullets then? or does that violate the vampire convention in Geneva?"
No. 935451 ID: b0b724

Bitch Eternal is the greatest being on this Earth.

As for her weapons, something like claws would suit Ricardo, something hand range. We can worry about money some other year. It's just on the table.

Also, it's so clear that Lamb isn't an enemy. The problem is convincing her of that. As long as she sees herself as human and you as a monster, I don't see it working.

As for relevant details, it definitely is your business, but if she wants to not tell you she should say that, not deflect. You're an adult you can handle a no, but denying your place in this is wrong. Anyway, ask about the greaves, some sort of bladed boots Bathorys are known to wear?

And start cheering Pascal, he could use a boost.
No. 935468 ID: 15ee9e

im still guessing that burn paradise is lamb's cross, since she's not wearing it during the fight. also bunji's cross still burns him, so pascal is probably just playing mind games with lamb for the purpose of the fight. maybe we can try to connect with her on the basis of our connection to our humanity since we're still clinging to it in a way? that way she'd be less likely to see us as a monster - we really want her on our side, and i think she would gladly take the opportunity to aid in killing one of the most powerful vampires currently alive (er... dead). im torn between wanting a witchblade for ricardo and wanting to avoid the hassle.. like others have said, it seems really high maintenance and we still dont know how theyre made, but claws of some kind would be SICK.
also the implication here is that lamb got her witchblade before becoming a vampire.. do only humans and vampires have witchblades or do we have to worry about mermaids or werewolves etc. having them too? the gloves probably arent necessary to fight with a witchblade if silver doesnt hurt you so that could be dangerous. i also agree wth asking about rex and jonquil's fighting styles.
No. 935486 ID: 094652

This is Vegas and you're a Vampire.

Gambling is an obligation. Bet Pascal 9 straight hours of bondage play (or whatever) that he will get his ass kicked.
No. 935518 ID: 44f6f3

Making bank should be easy enough. Pascal's a hypnotist, so...take that to the gambling tables and badabing kaching.
No. 935519 ID: 76584a

so, uh, how does lamb feed? since she clearly hates vampires
No. 935607 ID: a14fb7

a witchblade binds to you - far too early for us to get one, man. we gotta progress a bit in our training montage, man. we dont want to be just a body for a weapon.
also they're wearing gloves bc silver hilts burn no need to ask
so, focus on the fight - is there something about gold or is it just aesthetics? whats kels witchblade like?
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