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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 940120 ID: d1981c

Actually an extra thing.

4: if ur not sure about socializing and all that, think it over while you get cleaned up.
It might be nice to go out and do something with the squad.
And hey, if it gets overwhelmingb or you get fed up with something, you can always just bail out, aye?
No. 940128 ID: 973504

If it won't cause some sensory overload (casinos are a LOT) go out and try to have fun!

They're asking because they want to include you you know. They do like you and want to be around you for more than just training.
No. 940612 ID: 3d8097

sirloin is asking because she wants to include you. she wants to spend time with you. she wants you there, its not out of pity. you taking time to showering is not some huge inconvenience - what, 20 minutes? why would they care about 20 minutes? they have eternity. you have eternity. plus, they have hours to party.

you are a squadron. you're supposed to be close, to have each other's back in battle. reaching out is the first step towards it.

say yes.
No. 940652 ID: c49ece

>So humans’ lives are worth more than ours?
We're meat for the machine. Not some aristocratic priss whose eternal life is so damn precious he couldn't even spell self-sacrifice. Or a self-pitying pile of parental abandonment issues, which is apparently the case in at least two observed cases. It makes me want to tear out my hair, watching vampires waste their immortality.

Tell them you're going to 'clean up' and not to wait up. If sirloin follows to convince you to go, go ahead, but you don't owe it to the others to act like you weren't uncomfortable.
No. 940940 ID: 75cf31
File 156451173884.png - (102.96KB , 800x525 , 514.png )

36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

“I have to take a shower,” says Lamb.

Rack is the first to respond, gesturing broadly at Lamb’s bloody shoulders. “I mean, duh.” Then she grins. “But you’ll come out after?”

“Maybe.” She takes a break between sentences to tug at the legholes of her leotard. “I’m tired.”

“Why don’t you all hit the showers,” Mignon suggests.

I don’t need the showers,” Rack protests. Strip immediately thwacks her in the back of the head.

“Yeah you do. You still reek from earlier.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Stinky. Stinky rat.”

“Showers,” Mignon repeats, more firmly this time. “We’re already letting you sleep in tomorrow. I don’t want you wasting time on it when you wake up in the evening, especially when we’ll already be wrangling you hungover.”

“Fiiiiine.” The girls move as a pack down the hallway, and Lamb follows.
No. 940942 ID: 75cf31
File 156451176118.png - (180.59KB , 800x525 , 515.png )

This is the 70th squadron’s first time in Vegas, but Kel has trained wards here before — for decades, apparently, and she’s established enough of a relationship with the den that she gets special quarters. A barracks, essentially, built into the hotel, with living spaces attuned to her military sensibilities.

The conversation topic has already shifted by the time they reach the high-ceilinged communal bathroom, and Lamb listens in.

“Absolutely not,” Strip is saying. “Ew. Never.”

“A girl is a girl is a girl!” Rack yells back. “Not that much changes! Banging a human girl is the same as banging a vampire girl! We were humans, like, five years ago!”

“It’s not.” Strip starts struggling out of her tube top, pausing in the process to wrinkle her nose and gesture. “We’re dead. Plus, what if you squish her! What if she gets crushed like a — like a warm grape.


“You’re the one who brought it up!”

I’m on Rack’s side here, Sirloin signs. You just have to be gentle, right?

“That’s two against one,” Rack crows. “It’s fine as long as you don’t eat them after!”

Strip rounds on Lamb. Lamb does not look at her nipple piercings. “Hey, Lamb, come on. Back me up here. It’s weird, right? It’s definitely weird to fuck living women!”

Mignon calls this “locker room talk.” Lamb has never been able to keep up with it. It’s less the autism and more the … experience of being raised in what was essentially a box full of crucifixes and knives.
No. 940943 ID: 75cf31
File 156451177581.png - (72.02KB , 800x525 , 516.png )

She tries to think about whether or not this was ever addressed. Only one memory of her mother surfaces.

“If you have time to think about romance, you have time to kill vampires.” The distinctive sound of her racking the slide of her gun. “So kill vampires.”

Okay. Thank you, mother.
No. 940944 ID: 75cf31
File 156451178928.png - (98.88KB , 800x525 , 517.png )

“Uhhhh,” says Lamb.
No. 940950 ID: 7b4f3d

oh lamb is the repressed autistic lesbian representation i've been waiting for my entire life. i'm thriving. anyway what i think she should do is stare at rack's nipple piercings and become too distracted to respond. nice way out of a conversational snare AND we get to look at boobies!!! also goddamn lamb's mom has got it going ON
No. 940957 ID: e0c854

Wait, what situation would any of us even get into where we'd bang a living woman in the first place, without them being able to tell that we're undead? Plus, looking at it from the other side, humans generally don't want to mess around with dead bodies, and getting involved with a human in this way without them knowing and being okay with our undead status seems sketch. Logistically, it doesn't pan out.
No. 940963 ID: 3e52fc

if a human doesn't notice the fact we're a vampire they're kinda dumb. there, deflection
No. 940964 ID: 7b4f3d

correction to earlier comment i meant strip's nipple piercings lol my bad
No. 940973 ID: 51d10f

unhelpful suggestion: consider the word “squish” out of context and its proximity to the beacon of the nipple piercings.
No. 940979 ID: c49ece

I like your mother's attitude.

Hey, if you never gave it any thought, tell 'em you never gave it any thought.
No. 940986 ID: b463f2

>You just have to be gentle, right?

maybe get distracted thinking about what Sirloin being gentle would mean...

romance and what the squadron are talking about are different things. maybe think about.... have you ever wanted to get close to women? have you ever gotten distracted gazing at some feature of a woman, wondering what it'd feel like to touch with your fingers, or mouth? even right now... are you wondering what it'd feel like to press up against any of your squadmates, skin on skin... or maybe even between them?

also, this.
No. 940987 ID: 262f3a

"We didn't have time for romance in my order. I've never thought much about it, but I wouldn't be with someone who didn't know I was undead."
No. 940994 ID: 14e641

90% of the suggestions so far are pure Gay Disaster, and I support them.
No. 941003 ID: 96dc8d

try your best not to get distracted by rack's strip - i mean strip's rack. point out that strip isn't very good at being gentle about anything, but sirloin on the other hand....
No. 941006 ID: 7e9c89

stare Just a little
No. 941010 ID: bb78f2

Plainly state that Intimacy is always weird as hell. Being touched by a warm hand was already weird when we were alive. You ever have sex that wasn't awkward, Strip?

I mean, like, do what you want. If human body heat's your fetish I'm not going to shame it.
No. 941011 ID: 3e7944

[sings to the tune of stacy's mom] lamb's mom has got it going on

im trying to think how to respond but my brain is just short circuiting with girls girls girls. esp sirloin being gentle. i liked someone's suggestion of deflect with "wouldnt a human be able to tell?" (but also as a human, i wouldn't mind so idk if that arguement is actually valid :P)
No. 941022 ID: f8de59

wouldn't a human girl be able to tell that we're cold? ... do we run colder than humans?
its not weird to bang human girls. we were humans 5 years ago! we're not that different.
but yes, you would have to be gentle.
or bottom.
No. 941028 ID: 094652

>"If you have time to think about romance, you have time to kill vampires. So kill vampires."
Except you have more time than you need to do both. Also, your order wasn't exactly civilized.

Point is, if you were an obedient weapon of your order, you would have killed yourself the moment Kel showed up to keep her from taking her enemy's equipment. You didn't. You're more than their killing machine and you know it.

Think about it - you didn't turn because you were weak; you've survived things that would mop the floor with your mother. You turned because they kept you ignorant of all these wonderful things sentient beings are allowed to do, and when Kel gave you a taste, it made you more human than you ever felt when you were human.

So go out and explore freaking Vegas. Think of it as willpower training.
No. 941034 ID: 10c408

oh good gravy this is not a fun conversation for the ex-living weapon raised by fanatics.

Let's face it, Lamb. Any answer you give or even NOT give to Strip here is going to give the girls enough social justification to drag you away from whatever you planned to do next and parade around town.
No. 941035 ID: 02e2dc

lamb: Girls I Heard Of Them

so it sounds like the way lamb's been living is like, she hasn't been allowed to enjoy herself at all. i think if she wants to explore romance and stuff she should do it but also let the other girls know she has Boundaries and like if things get to be overstimulating for her while they're out clubbing she should be able to dip out.
No. 941070 ID: 23dc9d

Okay lets be real, "dead" is a very STRONG term for what vampires are: aka people who can eat (to an extent), run around, fuck, and BE KILLED so thats not the issue here.

Now, where fucking humans can be a bit uncomfortable is more of a structural power issue rather than a physical one. No matter how physically gentle you can be with a human, there is no changing that they are almost always at mercy of the vampire's whims except for really specific cases. Therefore consent is a really iffy issue. If they know you are a vampire, its hard to tell if their consent is sincere because they are afraid. If they don't know.... well it feels kinda gross fucking someone who has no idea how much power you have over them really.

I have no idea if Lamb would think this stuff but considering her fraught relationship with vampirism, its possible.
No. 941074 ID: d02123

WAIT ok here's how to deflect AND make it gayhorny: what about banging non-human yet still non-vampire women? is that different?? anyone in this thread fucked a witch? a werewolf? a mer??? statistically speaking SOMEONE must have!!! we're gathering valuable information and its up to lamb to get to the bottom (👀) of it
No. 941553 ID: b5bc34

They all see humans as nothing but food, right? Sure maybe they won't eat that one, but there's a lot of problems with that situation. More to the point, vampires are evil and they don't deserve that sort of intimacy, especially if you couldn't have it as someone on the righteous path.
No. 941598 ID: 75cf31
File 156512062574.png - (165.47KB , 800x525 , 518.png )

“I haven’t thought about it. Um. It’s not like we’re really corpses,” Lamb starts. She’s not looking at Strip’s nipple piercings.

“We’re kind of corpses,” says Strip.

“We’re not corpses, dude!” Rack argues.

“But I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone undead if I didn’t know they were,” Lamb continues.

“See,” hisses Strip. Okay, she’s kind of looking at Strip’s nipple piercings. She must have gotten them before she was turned. Lamb wonders how much it hurt. If she asked, Strip would probably just scoff and say it didn’t hurt at all, but — anyway, it probably feels different, right, like if someone were to touch here there, wouldn’t it be—

Focus. Focus. “But… It’s one thing to touch someone a little before you feed on them, but wouldn’t someone notice something was wrong with our bodies if we really slept with them?” Lamb concludes. She furrows her brow. “Have any of you actually slept with a human woman before?”

“Uh,” says Rack. There’s a beat.

This is all hypothetical, Sirloin finally admits.

“Yeah, it’s hypothetical.”

“Well, it’s hypothetically weird,” says Strip.

“It’s probably weird if you don’t tell them first,” Lamb agrees. “But if you told them and they were okay with it, I don’t see why not…”
No. 941599 ID: 75cf31
File 156512064788.png - (130.71KB , 800x525 , 519.png )

“Bah,” says Strip. She doesn’t seem to have an argument, though. Sirloin’s already turning on the water in one of the open tiled stalls. “You’d still crush them,” she finally says, as she steps into her own.

Sirloin is tall enough to stick her hands over the partition. I can’t see what you’re saying when you’re over there. Just fill me in when I’m out.

Strip raises her hands, too. Yeah, got it.

When she withdraws her hands, Lamb continues, out loud. “But Sirloin said she could be gentle. That would probably be fine.”

“Doubt it,” Strip snorts. “We’re so much stronger than them.”

“What, do you just think you wouldn’t be any good at it?” Rack teases. “Don’t have the range?”

Lamb hears Strip sputtering.

“I can do anything Sirloin can do!”

“Uh-huh,” says Rack. She sounds like she’s being mean, but it’s hard to tell, sometimes.

“Well, what about…” Lamb starts smoothing soap over her shoulders, wincing at the tenderness of the newly-closed wounds. “Not vampires, but not humans. Things that are a little closer to us. Werewolves, or something…”

“Kel said there are werewolves outside town,” Rack says excitedly.

“She said that because she was telling us to stay away from them,” Strip cuts in.

“God, Strip, for your whole rebel-rebel act, you sure love following rules.” Rack gives a loud, thoughtful hum. “I would totally fuck a werewolf. I bet it would be fun.”

“Okay, but while they’re in human form, or as a werewolf?” Strip asks. “Don’t just say both! Think about it! Doesn’t it depend on how wolf-y the werewolf form is?”

“Strip, you are so hung up on details. But yeah, I guess. As long as they still have titties.”

“The titties aren’t the problem!”

“What problem? Where’s the problem?”

“If they’re too wolf-y it would gross me out—”

They’re just arguing again and Lamb’s mind wanders.
No. 941600 ID: 75cf31
File 156512066708.png - (181.57KB , 800x525 , 520.png )

She’s thinking about Strip’s nipple piercings.

God DAMN it, she thinks, and then chides herself for taking the Lord’s name in vain. Well, it’s not like she can really contribute to this conversation anyway. She knows the rest of them have been hooking up sometimes, in their free time, as the squadron travels around. Any time one or more of them doesn’t come back to the room, it’s safe to bet they’ve found someone to spend the night with. Strip and Sirloin seem to kind of have some sort of tally going, even. And sometimes Lamb thinks maybe the two of them have even —

It’s dumb. It’s probably weird, to even be speculating about that. She guesses she could ask, but wouldn’t that be weird, too? She just doesn’t feel like she’s part of any of this.
No. 941601 ID: 75cf31
File 156512068983.png - (159.81KB , 800x525 , 521.png )

She’s only got one experience under her belt. A witch — not the one who forged Burn Paradise, an apprentice. One who stayed with her family for a bit, the year before everything ended.
No. 941602 ID: 75cf31
File 156512071166.png - (173.96KB , 800x525 , 522.png )

There was just this one little moment where they kissed, for a while, and then the witch slipped her hand under Lamb’s clothes, gently. And she liked it. She didn’t come, they were both too jumpy, and she didn’t get a chance to try reciprocating, and then by the end of the week the witch was gone, but —
No. 941604 ID: 75cf31
File 156512072954.png - (169.80KB , 800x525 , 523.png )

Lamb’s been thinking about that moment a lot, lately.

“Hey, Lamb,” comes Strip’s voice, from the next stall. The water turns off. “You good? You went quiet.”

No. 941606 ID: f30d0d

"I'm okay. I was just thinking about... the duels. Rack, why were you talking about sleeping with humans anyway?"
No. 941613 ID: 604e11

"she just doesn't feel like she's part of any of this" OOF. OFF. RIGHT IN THE REPRESSED AUTISTIC LESBIAN FEELS. i don't have any suggestions to make as to where the conversation should go next but all this is resonating with me so much i just wanted to say that
No. 941621 ID: b5bc34

I wonder if that witch is still around somewhere? Maybe you wouldn't mind being with that human.

And you were just, uh, reminiscing about the past, is all. Unrelated to all the sex talk, for sure.
No. 941627 ID: 3e7944

Flustered lamb is so cute omg!

Just say we're... tired?
No. 941628 ID: 69c061

oh my god poor, POOR relatable lamb

Uhh, just thinking about opportunities we didn't have the chance to take before we were turned.
No. 941630 ID: bb78f2

I zoned out. Having mammaries uh err memories and flashbacks. Easy to do in the shower. SHOWAH THOUGHTS!


Do you think they would work on a vampire?
No. 941632 ID: 3ed3c3

Yeah, what's up? She got her eye on someone?
No. 941634 ID: 90381a

do NOT, under any circumstances, think about Strip's extremely impressive ass
No. 941644 ID: 23dc9d

Oh Lamb is having a hard time keeping her mind engaged. Anyway, nothing quite like saying "Yeah I was listening" even though she clearly wasn't and also that clearly is not the answer to the question Strip asked.
No. 941660 ID: e22533

thinking about how tall & beautiful sirloin is. im just starinmg at her i cant even come up with a coherent suggestion. lamb thikn about how tall she is. shes so tall. i loveher.

also be honest and say u were thinking about sex. lamb i want to initiate some sex stuff soon imn. im shocked by how desperately i want the girls to kiss like soon when im so patient for riscal slow burn. [remembers im a lesbian] ok well theres that. im having trouble with coherency bc i love sirloin i cant stop thinknig about her. lamb are you experiencing this too.
No. 941679 ID: c49ece

Ask if she'd rather you sing in the showers.
No. 941806 ID: 303f77

I love how whomever Lamb rolls in the hay with, their names would sound great together. Lamb-Strip, Lamb Mignon, Lamb Sirloin...now I'm horny and hungry, is this what Ricardo feels like all the time?
It's funny but this scene reminds me of the high school locker room way back when. Watching all the guys change out of the corner of your eye trying your damnest not to look. Anywho I feel that the Lamb-Strip combo would be great, you have the timid unsure Lamb and the confident knowledgeable Strip. Still though how does our anxiety ridden Lamb feel about being amorous with a fellow soldier as the saying goes 'don't shit where you eat' although the Vamp camp seems pretty relaxed with casual sex.
No. 941830 ID: afa349

Sirloin watch out you're gonna hit the water thing
No. 941853 ID: 094652

Count your scars and remember how you earned them. Then tear the ones Pascal made.
No. 941872 ID: ff2d8e

"i was thinking about the last time i touched a human woman like that. thinking if it would be different as a vampire"
No. 942726 ID: 714b14

SAY THIS or something vaguely suggestive enough to keep talking about sex. PLEASE IM JUST A HORNY LITOL CREACHER... but for real i def think lamb would feel more relaxed about horny stuff if she had a candid convo about it with them!!! and it can help in a general social sense maybe! which is hard when ur an autistic repressed gay as i know too but like. anyway lamb should def talk about the same thing with sirloin, about sleeping with non-vamp non-humans too! and what sirloin meant by Gentle... no, really, like, i think lamb should think VERY HARD about what that entails. BTW perhaps a lil "it just seems like you put so much thought into this. do you really think about this stuff that much?" would work, and help lamb feel at ease about her own HOT GIRL THOUGHTS!!! two tits with one stone
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