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File 155322415599.png - (140.83KB , 700x575 , 8-1.png )
926761 No. 926761 ID: 7816e7

18+ adult content
Chapter 8: the wild hunt

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread:https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/912160.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point

The sun once again shines on the city of Moot Point. Augustine Moot keeps her watchful vigil overhead, an eternal symbol of the stability and safety. But the long shadow cast by the city’s new mountain brings mutterings of worry among the streets. Rumors work their sinister magic as citizens gather and wonder what could be lurking within it.
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No. 929954 ID: 094652

And strip down to your undies so she knows you don't have knives in your sleeves.
No. 929965 ID: bad12e


Be polite, ask if we can come in.

(I mean, we're Miki. We're not really the most threatening thing, except maybe for your waistline, but even then. Baked goods.)
No. 929972 ID: c1212a

Tell Nixxie to wait here a minute. Knock on the windowsill & ask for permission to come aboard. Tell her you only brought Nixxy, who's an absolute peach, with you if she asks.
No. 930007 ID: 055cbc

I say quietly crawl in, sit in another nearby corner, and then start talking about growing up with fire powers straight away.
No. 930071 ID: 7816e7
File 155546716888.png - (163.91KB , 713x700 , 8-44.png )

Miki reaches out and raps her knuckles on the sill. “Can I come in?” She asks.

“What?” Clio wipes at her eyes accusingly and demands, “How? Ugh, fine. Aren’t you scared I’ll cut you too?” She mopes, and stares down at the floorboards, speckled with bird droppings from years of roosting.

“It isn’t easy is it?” Miki steps down from Nixxy’s head and thanks her. “Keeping it in check?”

Dejected, the thief sighs. “How would you know?”

Miki kneels down and looks under the big brass bell, closes her eyes and breathes out. The flame bursts against the upturned metal and causes it to resonate, filling the whole tower with a low hum that raises Clio’s fur.
No. 930072 ID: 7816e7
File 155546717488.png - (183.04KB , 696x700 , 8-45.png )

“I was born with magic too. I spent... years living in our kitchen because our family couldn’t afford to ward the rest of the house. My dad stayed with me as much as he could, helping me learn to control my fire.”

Miki chuckles, “Poor guy didn’t know the first thing about magic. He says he lost his eyebrows so many times they grew back crooked.” Her fingers trace the rim of the warm metal. “When I went to school for the first time, we stayed up all night baking cookies for the class. I was so excited to be hanging out with kids my age, I couldn’t help but let out little flares every time I talked. But... dad went with me and helped explain to everybody about my magic so that they wouldn't be scared. The cookies helped."

Looking Clio in the eye, she smiles. "That’s why I got into baking. It was my way of making friends. I was always meeting people, and I could use my magic for something that people loved."

Clio is quiet for a while, picking at some nonexistent flaw in her sleeve. "That’s sweet…" she admits, a little grudgingly. "I wish I had that…"
No. 930073 ID: bad12e


Why not start now? Start over, if you want. With us.

She needn't be alone.
No. 930075 ID: e20046

You've got plenty of life left, Clio. And a bunch of people who want to try to be there for you. Give us a shot, it's not too late.
No. 930077 ID: e7848c

It's never too late to make friends and do good in the world. All it takes is a little trust.
No. 930081 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, here's her chance to get it. All she has to do is take it.
No. 930091 ID: b1b4f3

She can. Portal magic is a well loved skill, as it is used to ease the passing of the restless dead.
Also there might be something special about her ancestry... does she know of Augustine Moot?
No. 930094 ID: 094652

"Eh. Something tells me you'll live long enough to have a family after all.

... So can I have my fire suppression amulet back? Baking is hard without @#$%ing the oven - I MEAN WORKING. Working the oven. Yes."
No. 930153 ID: 2007b6

Hey, Nixxy, the gloomy pickpocket just wished for a trip to the Sender Academy! Or said what's close enough to that to probably count as consent under Faerie law, anyway. Drag her there right away, announce to the admissions office that Augustine Moot is reborn, and then reclaim Miki's fire ward as payment for the service.
No. 930168 ID: 91ee5f

You can have that. Gabe was telling the truth earlier when he said we wanted to help you.

Don’t do that! She’s going to panic again!
No. 930180 ID: a9af05

Tell her that you and your friends really do want to help her. All she has to do is give you guys a chance.

Don't make Clio panic again.
No. 930229 ID: 7816e7
File 155555459613.png - (175.61KB , 700x611 , 8-46.png )

“It’s not too late for that!” Miki sits down next to the thief. “Your magic is a amazing and its way more useful than mine!”

Clio shrugs gloomily. “When I was little, it was like my secret. I used it to get whatever I wanted: Just little things. I remember my folks were always frustrated with me, didn’t know how I was getting away with it. Till one day when I jumped without looking annnnnd...” she takes a deep breath, “Someone got hurt, real bad.”

“I did what any kid would do when they got in trouble: I ran. I jumped again and again until I just passed out from exhaustion. I... never found my way back, I was too scared. Just... took care of myself.” She sags as though a weight had been lifted.

A small, warm hand pats her on the shoulder. “Accidents happen, especially when you're a kid. Apparently, one of the teachers in the Academy is missing a couple of inches of tail, courtesy of Gabe.” She gives Clio a conspiratorial wink, “Don’t tell him I told you, though.”

“The point is, that’s why we try to do better. So that we don’t hurt the ones we love.” Miki swoons, “Like my boyfriend, Raithe. He has to be so careful around everything, its so sweet. At first I was just letting him stay with me, but the more we got to know each other, the more I could see that... he really understands me." She sighs, “That thing you took from me is what allows us to stay close. It would really mean a lot to me if you gave it back.”
No. 930230 ID: 7816e7
File 155555460195.png - (97.54KB , 700x582 , 8-47.png )

The cat twists up her mouth in resignation. Clio rolls her eyes and digs into the pockets of her coat. “Fine, if you guys wanna help, I might as well come clean...” She drops something heavy into Miki’s hands.
No. 930243 ID: ab1fe9

Stay calm, Miki. Clio's opened up but she's still tender. Think of how much you admire your friends, and how they help people. They're all still ready to help. You're doing your part to help as well, now. Make sure you don't do or say anything to chase this girl off again. It's possible she doesn't actually have your ward, but she might have the connections to help you get it. She must know someone she pawns her stuff off to, right? They might know more.

How about you start by telling her it was smaller than that? And describe it to her. She might just be confused. It is a similar shape.
No. 930245 ID: bad12e


Uhhh ... is it just me, or is this something else? Or at least very unexpected.
No. 930247 ID: fcd356

That is clearly the pocket watch that she JUST stole, minutes ago. We've been following her as a likely lead, but never had any real evidence she was related to the original missing charm.
No. 930254 ID: b1b4f3

Uh. Is that yours, Miki? Tell Clio what the warding necklace looks like.
No. 930262 ID: 3ed3c3

...That's...not it, isn't it?
Clio never actually took the ward, did she?
We've been chasing the wrong person, haven't we?
No. 930264 ID: b1b4f3

Well if she *didn't* steal it, we can ask for her help finding it.
No. 930267 ID: 91ee5f

Just calmly explain to her that this isn’t what you were talking about. Describe what it is you’re looking for. You might also need to describe the moment she bumped into you.

If she doesn’t have it, then apologize for assuming she took it. Explain that’s why you guys were in the market earlier, you were all looking for your fire ward and now it looks like you’ll have to keep looking.

But that’s ok! Even though you didn’t find your fire ward, you at least got to meet Clio! And making a new friend is always fun!
No. 930271 ID: 719d94

Well, if we have the wrong person... then we found someone who needed to be found, rather than the person we're looking for, and that's probably more valuable. We'll definitely get this poor girl some help.

...that said it would also be great to have Miki's fire ward back, so figure out if she took it earlier and there's been a mixup, or if she never took it and was just there at the scene around when it was lost. Perhaps she just coincidentally bumped Miki, possibly while running off with a pocketwatch.

And of course, that pocketwatch probably should get returned at some point. We'd like to help this girl get her life together, and cleaning up her act is part of that. And of course we'll help with that however we can.
No. 930303 ID: c8452a

She clearly wasn't the right thief. We can still give this back, though. And maybe Clio would want to help us find the right person!
No. 930311 ID: c1d0c2

don't call "this ain't the one" yet!
For all we know she might be bluffing us and is pulling this off to make us think she isn't the one. While she might not have done it and then whoever got away with this is getting straying away further, it's not a bad idea to tinker with the thought that she's trying to pull a sneeky one on us!
No. 930337 ID: 0e2ebe

It is a bad idea because if we're suspicious and she's being sincere, then we'll really hurt her. We can afford a bamboozle, she can't afford distrust.
No. 930339 ID: 7816e7
File 155563669250.png - (149.08KB , 648x700 , 8-48.png )

The baker smiles brightly as she looks down. “Thank you so- what the Muut?” Her sparkling joy fades, she glares at the pocket watch in disbelief. The slim contraption ticks back at her innocently, daring her to question its realness. “No, this isn’t it. I'm looking for a fire ward!” She scoffs, “You know, orange stone on a necklace?”

Clio shrugs at her with a lost expression, “I dunno, I thought this was what you were looking for. I don't really go for jewelry; too risky. ”

"I- you're sure you didn’t take it? Its about this big?"

Helpless, the cat shrugs and empties her pockets. There are a few candy wrappers, a wallet and a small purse with some cash, but nothing resembling the missing ward.

The baker's ears droop. Feeling despair set in, she stares at the small cache of stolen goods and leans against Clio.

Dust motes wander around the two figures as sunlight stretches through the open bell-tower.

"Hey… Do you want some help looking? I can ask around; see if anyone's tried to fence it?"

"I- yeah… thanks. I just-- can I just sit here for a minute?"

Unused to the close proximity, the cat looks around and puts an arm around her. "Uh, yeah… sure…" A warmth seems to radiate off of her like a tiny sun and Clio feels herself relaxing for the first time in what feels like ages. "I'm sorry I didn't have it… it seems really important to you. I- I guess, I'm glad I got to meet you, though."

"Yeah, me too." Miki smiles back in spite of her heartbreak. "I'm glad I was able to help. The Senders will be real excited for you to join them."

"Thanks… I wonder where your friends are?"

"I'm sure they're somewhere around here."
No. 930340 ID: 7816e7
File 155563669850.png - (180.10KB , 653x700 , 8-49.png )

A few minutes later, Casey and Gabe come clambering over the windowsill and spot the despondent baker. "Hey, Miki? Everything okay?" Casey asks, her eyes flickering between her friend and Clio

"We got the wrong person…" Miki says, her gaze still nailed to the floor. "Clio doesn't have it." Accepting a hug from her friends, she feels tears leaking down her cheeks.

"What'dya want to do?" Gabe asks. "I've got enough mana for a few gates if you want to keep looking."
No. 930342 ID: e7848c

Let's.. let's get Clio to a proper place to rest. Let her gather whatever things she needs and let her crash for the night with Miki.
No. 930345 ID: b1b4f3

Is there a lost and found area for the market? It's kindof high value for that sort of thing, maybe someone turned it into the police? You could also try a pawn shop in case someone immediately tried offloading it.
No. 930349 ID: bad12e


Yeah. Let's call it off for today. No sense exhausting ourselves, and it'd be best to help Clio establish things.
No. 930350 ID: ab1fe9

Well, just gating randomly isn't going to be helpful. The best lead is to go find a fence, but... well, you all look like fine upstanding citizens, and that kind of person won't want to reveal they have anything to do with stolen property to you. Clio's the only person who could talk to them. But it might not be a good idea to ask that of her right now. Besides, it probably hasn't even reached a fence yet? It might actually not be productive to go looking right now.

Or... hm. If the thief isn't Clio, then they can't teleport around the place. Perhaps you could ask Clio where a thief that was operating around the area Miki lost it would be likely to go to sell, and then stake that place out? Subtle-like. If not that, and if you can't just find someone who uses magic to find things, then you probably have to wait until after the thief's sold it and trawl through the fences then, which might take a day or so. People looking to buy magical jewelry from pawn shops probably don't come along every day, so you'd have some time. In any case, you should ask Clio if she has a decent place to stay, and offer her one if she doesn't.

... By this point, you should probably all go check in on Raithe. He's probably worried, on top of him apparently not feeling super well.
No. 930353 ID: a9af05

Well, the least you can do is return it to whoevet Clio took it from. You should ask Clio who she took it from, so that you can return it.

It might be best if Clio doesn't come with you when you return the watch.

Maybe we should head to the bakery, take a break, and get something to eat real quick? And when I say "we", that includes Clio. I'm sure she'd like to eat some sweets.
No. 930370 ID: 91ee5f

No. 930392 ID: 397a79

First off, return the items Cleo stole. She doesn't have to be a thief any more to survive. Just make sure Cleo isn't the one to return them.

Now, since the only basis for y'all thinking Miki's fire ward necklace was stolen was Cleo bumping into Miki as Miki walked between Moon Street Market and Guardian's Square when Miki realized it was missing, y'all should reconsider that it may have fallen off instead of being stolen. So searching the route that Miki took for the fire ward as well as asking all the vendors and businesses along the way if they've seen it and to be on the lookout for it would be prudent. And if Nixxy can sniff out the fire ward's magic or even the scent of Miki on the necklace, then she should definitely be part of the search.

In addition, Miki can leverage her good relations with her customers and the public to get more eyes on the lookout for her fire ward. So ask her regular customers, her suppliers and any other folk she has good relations with to be on watch for her fire ward necklace, as well as asking them to ask their friends and relations to be on the lookout for it.

Filing a missing item report with the city guard would also be prudent. On the off chance the fire ward is fenced and they raid the fence before it's sold, this way they'll know who owns it.

It'd also make sense to put a item up on any public bulletin boards in the area asking if anyone sees or knows of Miki's lost necklace to let her know. Maybe offer a small reward for info leading to its recovery.

In the mean time, is there anyone y'all know who could lend Miki a fire ward until she recovers hers or, if things don't work out, saves up enough to buy another one. Or perhaps someone who'd lend her the money now to buy a fire ward. Mr. Ochre would probably give her a loan with very nice terms.
No. 930428 ID: 7816e7
File 155571994868.png - (94.95KB , 700x475 , 8-50.png )

Miki takes another look at the pocket-watch and sighs deeply. “No, let’s just go home. I should see if Raithe is feeling better...” She flips the watch over and runs her thumb over an engraving, identifying it as a present for a Mr. Chester Spires. “I suppose we should figure out how to return this too.”

“Do you think I could come with you?” Clio scratches at the back of her neck awkwardly. “I’d like to meet your boyfriend, if that’s okay?”

“Sure. Let’s go get Nixxy first.”

When they’re ready, the sender spreads his hands and opens a gate for the assembled group. They step out into the street in front of the bakery and Clio looks back at the rotating ring of light as it shrinks. “You took us right to it? Without even looking?”

“I used a beacon. I can show you if you want.” Gabe smiles, “Maybe, um... you could show me how to do that sword thing?” he asks with a hopeful twinkle.

“What? I mean, sure, guess so?” Clio shrugs and eyes the beaming mouse, "I dunno if I'm really much of a teacher…"
No. 930429 ID: 7816e7
File 155571995314.png - (125.31KB , 648x700 , 8-51.png )

Miki unlocks the bakery and staggers inside. “Raaaaithe! I’m back! How are you feeling, sweetie?” She calls into the kitchen as she steps behind the counter.

A fiery head pokes from around the corner and eyes his girlfriend, “Miki! You’re back! I- fates, are you okay? You look terrible!” He floats out into the shop and spots the spirit guides and friends. “Oh! Hey everybody. I- uh, what’s going on?” He fidgets under their combined attention.
No. 930432 ID: ab1fe9

"Miki lost her fire ward while she was out today. We've been helping her run all over the place looking for it, with no luck. It seemed like it was getting late, so we'll try again tomorrow. How are you? Miki said you weren't feeling well."

Now I think of it... could the fire ward itself have been having an adverse effect on him? I mean, I have to assume a fire elemental shouldn't wear a fire ward. What if being in close proximity to one very often is bad for them? What if a fire elemental, uhhh, "ingested" part of someone being affected by one? Did Miki tell the person she got it from what she intended to use it for? If he says he's been feeling better, now that it's been missing for a while, that might be a clue.

Maybe don't bring that possibility up in front of Miki, but perhaps the rest of you should talk it over quietly with each other when you get the chance? Go investigate a little, after Clio is settled in?
No. 930433 ID: bcc41d

Miki's lost the fire ward, possibly stolen. She's fine, but mentally worn.

Clio, meet Raithe. Raithe, Clio. She's... uh, a magical prodigy who's willing to help trying to locate the bracelet. Which is pretty cool of her.

Is Raithe still feeling unwell? Doesn't quite seem like it.
No. 930444 ID: b1b4f3

Hey Raithe, did anyone happen to come by to deliver a lost item?
No. 930446 ID: e7848c

Sorry to come back empty handed. It's disheartening but the search isn't over. Let's just get some food in us, yeah?
No. 930450 ID: 91ee5f

I still stand by my earlier theory that Raithe accidentally ate the fire ward when Miki was baking something and it accidentally fell into whatever she was making. Raithe ended up eating it and that’s why he wasn’t feeling good.

Although from the looks of things, he seems to be doing fine now. Ask him if he’s feeling better.
No. 930466 ID: 7816e7
File 155573089428.png - (138.55KB , 700x756 , 8-52.png )

“Raithe, honey, I’ve got some bad news...” Miki mumbles, “I... I lost my fire ward... We were looking for it, and we thought someone stole it but... I don’t know.” She looks him in snoot and goes to hug him, but holds back. "I'm sorry, dear…"

Raithe makes a noise entirely out of vowels that trails off guiltily. “Oh noooo, Miki… oh Fates. I’m sorry.” He holds out a closed fist, “Uh- that’s actually my fault…" The salamander's gaze drifts to the floorboards and he sinks a little as if deflating. "I- I borrowed it for a bit…"
No. 930467 ID: 7816e7
File 155573090005.png - (100.30KB , 542x700 , 8-53.png )

“I wanted to keep it hidden, so I could surprise you when you got home...” his hand opens to reveal a large orange stone, burning with its own inner fire and set into a golden band in the shape of a salamander. “I wanted to, um, make something special that, uh, meant something for both of us. ‘Cause I wanted to ask, uh- if, uh, oh Fates… if- ” Raithe's throat goes bone dry, and little prominence of flame arc away from his scales. "if you'd marry me?"
No. 930468 ID: 465a14

Well, given that the update paused here, clearly we're making the choice and he's asking you for some reason, Gabe. Say that you're very flattered but your parents would kill you if you married a salamander.
No. 930469 ID: b1b4f3

Miki say yes.
No. 930470 ID: c1212a

We can't help you answer that one Miki.

Though I recommend your answer include 'Raithe you bid dumb idiot you had me so scared' followed by a 'yes'.
No. 930473 ID: bad12e


Remember to breathe.

Take a breath.

Another one.

Maybe a third just to be sure.

Wait for your heart to start back up.

Try not to break 80dB when you squeal out an "I do."

Then slip that ring on and go make it official right now.
No. 930474 ID: bad12e


By which I mean politely excuse yourselves to the bedroom as it's far too late in the day for any kind of ceremony and there's a lot of planning to do for Future Miki & Raithe.
No. 930478 ID: e7848c

Miki, if you have any tears left in you, now's the time. Let it all out, girl.
No. 930487 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, so he hasn’t been feeling good because of extended contact with the fire ward while he was making it into a ring. That explains why he was sick earlier! .....I think?

>Will you marry me?
Miki, there is only one answer that you can say right now. Say, “Yes!”

Then put on the ring and give your soon to be husband a big kiss on the lips!
No. 930489 ID: 094652

Make sure you take the ring BEFORE you hug him with all your tiny might.
No. 930490 ID: 3ed3c3

Everyone: immediately go nuts.
No. 930556 ID: 11613b

yeah except Clio you stand there awkwardly while everyone jumps with joy!
No. 930559 ID: bb78f2

Celebratory Engagement orgy?
No. 930563 ID: 7816e7
File 155581710978.png - (132.68KB , 700x630 , 8-54.png )

Miki’s hands fly to her mouth at the sight of the ring. Her eyes go wide as tears brim beneath them. She extends a shaking hand, fingers splayed; breathlessly repeating, “ohFatesohFatesohFatesohFates-“

Rathe carefully threads the ring onto her finger, trying to keep from singeing her fine fur. As the metal snugs against her hand, the spell takes effect with a pulse of mana.
No. 930564 ID: 7816e7
File 155581711542.png - (166.19KB , 700x472 , 8-55.png )

“YES!” Miki explodes into the arms of her scorching fiancé. Raithe’s draconic head snakes its way down as he pulls her into a kiss.

Behind them, breathless tension roars into a whirlwind of celebration. Whoops and victory dances fill the bakery in an outpouring of support.

“Way to go you two!”
”Miki in love! Nixxy so happy!”
“Woah! Put me down!”

Miki pulls away from the kiss and baps the elemental lightly in the chest with a burst of sparks. “Don’t ever do anything like that again! You had me terrified!”

“Yeah, I know. Sorry, Miki! I’m not good at hiding stuff, and I really wanted to do something special—“
No. 930565 ID: 7816e7
File 155581712481.png - (152.51KB , 700x656 , 8-56.png )

Raithe is interrupted by a “pop” as Gabe pulls a bottle of champagne from his inter-dimensional hiding space and uncorks it. He takes a swig and hands it off to Casey.

The binder laughs and takes it, “Why do you even have this?”

“For shit like this! Wooo!” He pumps his arms and spins, sending his skirt flying.

She rolls her eyes and takes a sip before passing the bottle off to the lucky couple. “So exciting! What next?”

“Well, I guess we have a wedding to plan!” Miki beams and admires her ring proudly. “And I was thinking: if we’re gonna be partners, maybe its time I change the name of the shop?” 
No. 930573 ID: b1b4f3

Salamander's Stove.
No. 930588 ID: 91ee5f

>passing the bottle off to the lucky couple.
Uh, is that such a good idea? Isn’t that flammable? With Miki breathing fire and Raithe being made of fire, it might not be safe for either of them to drink that.

>“And I was thinking: if we’re gonna be partners, maybe its time I change the name of the shop?”
Since both of you have fire, the shop should have something related to fire in the name.

Or that. That’s a pretty good name.
No. 930597 ID: 465a14

>Isn’t that flammable?
No. Champagne is just wine. It's mostly water, and won't burn. Alcohol has to be roughly 80 proof or above to light, and it's easier the higher you go.
No. 930608 ID: 094652

Bun's Oven (Nah that's racist)
Chimney Chowder
[Insert Temperature Here]
Spit n' Scone
Breath of the Pield (Oh that's a good one)
Kiss n' Chew (Getting somewhere)
Kitty Skittles (getting distracted)
Basking in the sun (almost)
Bun-Basking on Love (Nailed it! Because the first time they met Miki sensually blew some fire on Raithe's ass and now he basks on her magic breath to keep warm among other things)

Oh and make a batch of Clio-shaped cookies
No. 930609 ID: 05ebc7

Okay, so we need a good name.

Heartwarming Bakery. Simple, catchy, relevant, meaningful.
No. 930610 ID: 864e49

Hearthfire Bakery.
Heartfire Bakery.

They both sound and look similar and :
A) Hearth means fireplace or oven which brings to mind a comfy home and home baked bread, and both of you live here.
B) Heart brings to mind caring both about the customer and about each other.

Maybe Hearthfire with a stylized second H so that its no apparent whether it's an H or not?
No. 930614 ID: 474770

And to make matters worse for the fire, it's full of CO2.
No. 930619 ID: c1212a

>The Hearth and the Salamander
Maybe not the literary reference you're looking for...
Maybe something with caramel in the name? because sugar & fire? eh...
Heat & Sweets might give people the wrong idea.
No. 930627 ID: c8452a

I like Hearthfire
No. 930629 ID: 58b4f3

>Heartwarming Bakery
>Hearthfire Bakery
Either of these will work.
No. 930636 ID: 58b4f3

At the risk of sounding dumb, I've gotta ask, was Raithe pretending to be sick to get Niki to leave so he could prepare his surprise or was he actually sick from holding the fire ward?
No. 930645 ID: 916ff4

Home & Hearth Bakery
No. 930702 ID: 8eaf98

>>930564 Clio's face =D
Nixxy: you might want to crush someone who is more acclimatized to you rather than the person who met you all of today.
Time skip start? Because I feel like we should let Clio settle into the new life we are providing her before we start bombarding her with questions.
No. 930705 ID: 91ee5f

>Nixxy: you might want to crush someone who is more acclimatized to you rather than the person who met you all of today.
And then there was a loud snapping sound, followed by very loud cursing and lots of apologizing.
No. 930779 ID: 8eaf98

>>930705 Whoa man! I think it has been established that we fuck not snuff here in Moot Point.
No. 930947 ID: 7816e7
File 155607265927.png - (107.44KB , 700x459 , 8-57.png )

Miki thinks for a bit. “Hmmm, how about Hearthfire Bakery? Simple and sweet.”

“I’ll drink to that!” Says Raithe, taking a swig from the bottle that instantly evaporates. He smacks his lips as the vapor tickles his tastebuds.

“I’m so excited! I’m dead tired though.” She beams the exhausted smile of someone who had the worst and best days of their life rolled together into one. “Thank you guys for going on this wild goose chase with me.”

“No problem, Miki! Glad it all worked out.” Casey waves back. "We should go see about a meeting with the Sender Academy."

“Oh, wait! Raithe, there’s someone I want you to meet. This is Clio, she has intrinsic magic like me.”

The cat steps forward hesitantly and issues a shy, “Uh, hi.”

“Oh, hey! Nice to meet you!” The elemental smiles back with a mouth full of fire and fangs. "Always nice to meet new people! Its kind of hard for me to get out and about being made of fire and all. But we'd love to have you visit."

“Absolutely! Please come by whenever you like!” Miki gives her one last hug, filling her with that magical warmth once again.
No. 930948 ID: 7816e7
File 155607266529.png - (93.37KB , 565x700 , 8-58.png )

Clio and the guides say their goodbyes as Gabe opens a gate home. When the thunder of the spacial rift dies away, Miki lets out a long, tired breath tinged with coils of fire. “Ugh, I’m ready for bed, how about you?”

“Sure thing.” The salamander scoops her up and floats upstairs.
No. 930949 ID: 7816e7
File 155607267051.png - (179.02KB , 700x500 , 8-59.png )

Laying Miki down in the fireplace they share, he makes a quick circuit of the room, lighting candles with his fingertip.

Pulling her dress off and laying back, Miki watches him work. “Awww, did you set all these up? You cheeky lizard.” The baker giggles as her fiancé blushes in response. “You sent me on quite the adventure today. Care to make it up to me?"
No. 930954 ID: 465a14

I'm kind of curious what happens if we reject sex for once.

No. 930958 ID: e7848c

It's time to consummate your love
No. 930965 ID: bb78f2

Baby, I'm hot just like an oven
I need some lovin'
And baby, I can't hold it much longer
It's getting stronger and stronger
No. 930970 ID: bad12e


Now Begins The Cuddling
No. 930979 ID: c1212a

Surely you have prepared for this eventuality.
No. 930984 ID: 2276f5

Let's make it hot.
No. 930987 ID: 094652

Let me guess: they're not going to have actual sex.
No. 930992 ID: 91ee5f

Raithe, tell her that you’ll absolutely make it up to her!

I’m imagining that since they’re in the fireplace, this: >>/questarch/860244 , is what’s going to happen when they reach the climax! XD
No. 931031 ID: a9af05

Go make it up to her.

>This will happen
Yeah, probably.
No. 931049 ID: b1b4f3

Raithe should do for her what she did for him the day they met.
No. 931051 ID: 8eaf98

you said it as a joke but ima seriously vote no sex partly cause it, almost certainly, will not matter =P
No. 931065 ID: ac10e5

why don't you test the limits of the smoke alarm and the fire ward? Take her into the least-flammible place and have some literally smoking fire-love.
No. 931075 ID: 745eba

I feel like burning the house down is a bad way to start their engagement
No. 931077 ID: 7816e7
File 155616077327.png - (152.83KB , 700x540 , 8-60.png )

Raithe slinks into bed and coils around her possessively. The salamander slips his hands down her sides, dragging blunt clawtips over her curves and between her thighs. His wandering caress cups her breasts; a pair of experienced tweaks find her nipples hidden among the chinchilla’s dense fur.

“Ah! Yessss.” Miki hisses from the haze of pleasure, feeling herself perking up after a long, emotional day. A claw tilts her chin up and she leans back into an oddly metallic tasting smooch. A hungry grope drags a moan out of Miki, still locked at the lips as she arches her back happily. She manages to pull away and giggles, “Someone’s antsy. Go for it big boy.”

No. 931078 ID: 7816e7
File 155616077811.png - (160.98KB , 700x540 , 8-61.png )

Raithe’s long neck snakes over her shoulder and down her chest. His tongue lassos her shaft in a coiled helix and holds it in place as it disappears between his lips. The elemental bobs his head in slow, easy sine waves, minding his fangs and growling with pleasure.

Miki’s hips twist and grind in place, bucking slightly into the blowjob. She smiles and bites her lip, feeling Raithe’s cocktip poke insistently beneath her tail.

No. 931085 ID: b1b4f3

Where's the fireproof lube? I wonder if we can get a Miki sandwich with salamander on both sides.
No. 931104 ID: 83bf07

You in a position to do something about his rising hot rod?
No. 931139 ID: a9af05

Move your tail out of the way and let him in.
No. 931159 ID: 7816e7
File 155624845317.png - (124.87KB , 700x540 , 8-62.png )

Hanging onto his neck, Miki rolls her hips back and forth, grinding the growing shaft between her fuzzy asscheeks.

Raithe groans. His claws grip her hips, his claws spreading her in an unspoken question.

“Aw, my dragon is needy tonight isn’t he?” Balancing on Raithe’s knees, Miki lifts herself up just enough for his shaft to angle itself correctly. She reaches down and holds it in place as she sinks down onto the pointed tip. “Ah, yeah!There we go! Get...in there...”She gasps as she’s slowly speared on his length; his cock blazing within her like steel in a forge. 

Raithe moans with approval, still lapping and sucking at Miki’s dick. Taking her by the hips drags her down his length, feeling her inner walls stretch around him as he bottoms out. He lifts her up, taking her to the base as his tongue flexes and coils around her cock.

No. 931160 ID: 7816e7
File 155624845834.png - (155.09KB , 568x700 , 8-63.png )

Back and fourth, alternating between filling and being filled, the elemental bounces his lover in his lap like a toy. Each pump driving a squeak out of her as she hangs on gamely.

Miki’s mouth hangs open as pressure builds within. Fucked senseless by the double pistoning from her boyfriend, the chinchilla aches for release. “Fates! Don’t stop, Raithe!” She begs breathlessly, “Faster!”

No. 931173 ID: 91ee5f

Not anymore! Now he’s your fiancé!

>Don’t stop!
You heard your fiancée! Go faster!
No. 931175 ID: 83bf07

You do have a make this up to her, you best listen to the lady..
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