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File 155334603340.png - (125.52KB , 450x720 , 600.png )
926927 No. 926927 ID: 7e06cf

-{Deep underground}-
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No. 928876 ID: 834378

The Sixth~
No. 928877 ID: 130f18

No. 928878 ID: f2320a

Emils lets see what our cute little monster has been doing
No. 928882 ID: a9af05

If Emils did as we instructed her last time, then last night when she went home, she should've told Victoria about what she saw in the sewers.

I'd like to switch to Victoria to see how she's processing the information.ation that Emils has given her.
No. 928883 ID: a9af05

No. 928884 ID: 977456

Queen (of) Bea. (her mother)
Or Victoria, Victoria doesn't get enough screentime.

Or Bag. Never forget Bag.
No. 928895 ID: 2202fb

I dont even remember what bag is anymore, but lets do it
No. 928896 ID: 91ee5f

That’s actually a good point.

I vote to switch to Victoria.
No. 928902 ID: 130f18

Sure, I'll change my vote to Victoria.
No. 928916 ID: 094652

Emils. We need to rein her in on a frequent basis or she'll start replacing all her variables with murder.
No. 928940 ID: 99ed9b

I can get behind seeing what Victoria is doing. We are always going to come back to Emils eventually.
No. 928941 ID: 8eaf98

No. 928943 ID: 575ec0

No. 928955 ID: d63ea8

Bea's Mother would offer for an interesting change of pace. Though I do agree that Victoria would make for a good candidate as well.
No. 928956 ID: 58b4f3

No. 929063 ID: 719d94

No. 929081 ID: 7e06cf
File 155474486503.jpg - (383.37KB , 2388x1668 , C29B3567-4123-4C8B-BCD4-96EAA3B441CF.jpg )

“And then she tells me about how she had to “shut down” a giant slime. I’m not really sure in what to believe from her at this point.” I explain.
“That seems quite the tale.” Asera says,
“Her perspective on things might not me the same as us, considering we barely know her background.” The matron adds, “As for talking to mana beasts, we do have records that some seem to have a form of intelligence and are capable of communicating with one another, what little we know of them are mainly from what stories we have and from the lesser mana beasts. Fortunately for us, Asera here is one if our more learned scholar in regards to the Dragons and their mechanisms.”

“It’s rather unlikely to have a slime as huge as a city without its core being as large as a castle. The worth of a core of that size would be immeasurable, and to have something that large deep under us? That’s a horrifying thought.” Asera somehow squeezes out in a single breath.
“As for the goal of returning to the stars... that could be possible. It’s common knowledge that the dragons created our world, or so they said, in that case, there could be a home for the dragons. Somewhere out there, in the stars...” she looks up as the roof of the corridor, lost in her thoughts.

“Ahem,” The matron clears her throat, “I think what lady Asera means is that if what Emils told you is true, then perhaps we should look into the movements of the mana beasts. As is, we know little about them apart then apart from what we’ve released to the public. That larger ones are highly dangerous, are barely considered alive, and that the more cores they have, the more mana they need and have.
To have one with a core the size of a castle is indeed horrifying.”
No. 929084 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, first let's try observing the slimes without interfering with them. They're harmless(as far as you know) but are apparently intelligent or at least controlled by an intelligence. Find out what they're supposed to be doing. Maybe you could even try communication with one via it touching objects? Like just bring a variety of things for it to touch and ask it questions then allow it to pick answers by poking at an object.
Second, we can try to track the Weavers. They're one of the less dangerous large manabeasts, right? Plus Emils already spoke to one.

I suggest having mana stones on hand to offer them instead of risking the beasts feeding on the observation teams directly.
No. 929087 ID: 834378

Emils sure is talkative lately. When did she tell you all of this?

Ask the matron if you're really officially... with Chris.
No. 929088 ID: a9af05

Did Emils mention anything else that the giant slime talked to her about? Anything besides wanting to return to the stars?

Perhaps something about the towers?
No. 929089 ID: 1ed92d

Attempt an experiment involving mundane slimes in an enclosed environment with sufficient resources for survival.
No. 929097 ID: 130f18

This could do with some empirical investigation, yes.
No. 929098 ID: 8eaf98

I thought we taught Emils better than this? Oh well, glad we became Victoria rather than someone else who wasn't Emils so we know this happened.
What all has Emils told you?
No. 929106 ID: 094652

Capture some monsters and have Emils talk to each of them for more information on your bracer and how to increase its clearance level.
No. 929138 ID: e3e99e

"Well, I have seen evidence of Emils ability to communicate with mana beasts. Last time we were out in the woods she rode up to me on ones the size of a carriage. It was passive, and left when she directed it to leave.
Perhaps questioning her directly would reveal more information?"
No. 929140 ID: bcc41d

Rrgh. Well, revealing facets of the truth does mean Victoria will take her own actions. Asking for expert 'wtf even' advice from someone she trusts is pretty reasonable given the sudden contextless infodump she must've gotten.

Think back, for one queasy moment, to what Chris told you about how your family sacrificed dragon's blood bearers for literal centuries to the 'largest-ever' intelligent mana beast in exchange for keeping the climate barrier active. What happened to that mana beast? Based on what Emils told you, the big Dragon-serving slime rather responsibly refused to leave its lair because it didn't want to 'cause large geological instabilities' - which, uh... wasn't there an earthquake prior to the failure of your kingdom's climate barrier? Has something been fed mana and dragon's blood for centuries - and is now on the move?

...yeah, no, you already know of horrifying prospects. A giant slime who lets a dragon-blooded rabbold live and go on their merry way sounds fantastical, not dangerous - especially if it wanted to 'shut down' for having lived too long. As for the value of its core - Emils (I hope) claimed it was kept set to perform its job of 'enriching the earth around the habitable areas' and that it would last 'until the last tower' did. Which means as much of a treasure as it seems, digging it up will probably have consequences. More grim is the - rather explicit - suggestion that all the dragon towers will fail in time because everyone's mana is derived from 'artificial mana', which was converted by this 'mother' entity from the 'real mana' of Dragons. Which means... you really do have to find them. Somehow.

Grimness aside, you don't know how much of this to take seriously. Agree with the Matron. Observing the movements of mana beasts may give clues to whether Emils' tale has any basis - but add to the suggestion that someone should do the obvious and just try to communicate. Risks should be minimized and no mana beast should be blindly trusted (especially larger ones - you know of one that's been a horrid beast compared to big slime). Experimenting with slime communication is probably a good safe start. Emils (I hope) mentioned them 'inheriting memories from their mother' so - exciting prospect - it's possible they actually know something of the Dragons' designs. Even if only in bits and pieces.

Daisy and Shane are keeping one as pet, aren't they? Tell them to start with that one. Do math at it. Figure out how to teach it to write. Borrow Emils to see how it reacts to her and have a bunch of things written down for her to translate.


As you discuss this, reflect on the possibility that Emils may be alive today - despite being found wandering the wilds buck naked - because she has inherited some sort of innate communication skill or command over mana beasts. You don't know how it would've come about, but if she was literally raised by mana beasts that'd explain a lot of her strangeness and her casual, fearless attitude towards them. It might even be a hint at how 'simple' mana beasts think: in a straightforward manner, narrowly focused on their main goal with little thought of incidental consequences. They also probably do poorly at social interactions and ask lots of weird questions and make up fantastic tales with no basis in reality.

Reflect that you may be too harsh with Emils because you have no idea what's up with that girl.

Anyway, if all or SOME mana beasts truly are more-or-less intelligent servitors of the servitors of the Dragons, the world is in one hell of a vicious, downward cycle. It's hard to disregard Emils' tale completely. Your friendly encounter with 'Sammy the Weaver' proves that non-hostile interaction is possible so Emil has SOMETHING going for her and if even a tenth of what she's said is true, you probably know more about the nature of mana and the history of this world now than anyone since the time of the Dragons... anyone but the mana beasts who for some fucked-up reason haven't been telling.
No. 929141 ID: 5c1ba2

No. 929148 ID: 080aaf

She knows too much.
Well, perhaps the guild should switch missions to hunt mana beasts over to reconnaissance.
Did you have any preparations to make before that expedition with the prince to the dragon door?
No. 929149 ID: e20bdf

I might be making some incorrect assumptions but I got the impression the Temple is an Avaros institution and the Avaros Empire sour the relationship between the natives and the dragons and are the most likely reason for their departure. If what Emils told you is correct than the absence of mana producing species doomed all native lifeforms and the mana beasts to an inevitable death by mana depletion or mana plague. So let me ask you: why one of the first people you tell this information is (I presume) a representative of the Temple? Haven't you considered the possibility of the first reaction of this institution could be obscure facts to refute perceive guilt?
No. 929228 ID: 99ed9b

Wait, did Emils give away anything. Talking about shutting down the core and whatnot is something that reveals a lot more about her than is rightly a good idea too. I guess Emils just doesn't have those filters to really understand the implications of things.

It's a bit disturbing that the takeaway these creatures are discussing is that there's a super valuable core buried under some city instead of the whole "the world is dying of mana depletion" aspect of things.

I mean, Victoria at least should be clandestinely disgusted that this guy is more interested in treasure hunting than the fate of the world.
No. 929243 ID: 130f18

On the other hand, they might think such a core could be used for that rocket.
No. 929285 ID: 7e06cf
File 155491974985.png - (337.33KB , 900x1440 , 41BAD750-5E53-43E6-BFF1-E89E4E6423F7.png )

The shrines were created by dragons, to house the remaining Avaros after the decimation of their empire. With the world war they conducted, the dragons facilitated peace between the Avaros who surrendered and the rest of the world.
As time went on, the shrines changed to be an archive and collection of the dragons, and they try to enforce the teachings of the dragons. The dragons left after that, and all those involved with the war has long since passed. To blame the current generation is just dumb.

Emils has only told me about her recent adventures in the city.
I thought she’d be safe within the walls, but the recent stories, I’m not too sure now.
“Is there some way to at least verify Emils story?”
“Not immediately. The catacombs under this city are vast, old, and dangerous. There’s no way to safely explore down there, and not to mention the waters down there are not healthy in any means. Meanwhile starting an investigation into the mana beasts would require years of proper research, and would bring into attention to Emils. I am not sure how much you’d want to expose her to the world, or those you know. I can keep her existence in this city quiet, but it would only be a matter of time before the world would know of another Dragon Blood Rabbold. One maybe not as defiant as you are.”

The matron has a point. Emils is just a child. Someone must be looking for her, be it her parents, or someone else. It would be great if she could have a proper childhood, but I would have to teach her about the influence and power she has with Dragons Blood running in her veins.

“What about current studies? There has to be someone who has investigated or keep track of mana beasts?”
“Oh,” Asera snaps back, “as far as I know, there aren’t any scholars in the shrine communities that keep track of mana beasts. We see them as children of dragons, and urge everyone to keep away from them for their own safety. This kinda reduces what interaction we have with them, and most of our scholars are more into history and relics.”
Asera rubs her chin, “Perhaps you can try out in Fuller, I think there was an investigative request for reference materials on mana beasts from there. It was a few years ago though, so I’m not sure. Besides, I wouldn’t put it past those weirdos to do dangerous stuff. They barely ever listen to us.”

“... Matron, what does Dragons Blood do for mana beasts?”
“What do you mean?”
“I recall stories about a giant worm under Drac Kingdom that is said to consume naughty children. Yesterday I learned that the worm is real. And that it feeds on Dragons Blood. Matron, you’re the only one knowledgeable I can ask in regards to this. How dangerous are mana beasts to Emils and I?”
“That’s a weird question.” Asera “As far as I know, Dragons Blood doesn’t-“
“Do you really want to know?” The matron asks seriously.
No. 929286 ID: b1b4f3

No. 929288 ID: 1ed92d

Yes, this is important.
No. 929289 ID: e3e99e

"I believe it goes without saying that Emils is an unusual child, so much so that she doesn't seem to have ever had a chance to behave like a child. She doesn't boast, brag, or use hyperbole, but neither does she shy away with modesty and downplay her actions. When she speaks she is exceptionally direct, accurate, and precise.
Emils is also frighteningly adept at learning most things, and and I don't think I need to tell remind you that she had been found surviving on her own with aplomb for who knows how long.
This all leaves me with distressingly little room to doubt her story. Notwithstanding that I was already present for her having a conversation with a Weaver, where it clearly appeared to respond as if they understood each other.

With all this in mind, can you honestly tell me you think she isn't going to blindly stumble into the worst sort of trouble imaginable?
I don't want to know, I need to know.
Please, tell me."
No. 929291 ID: 91ee5f

>I would have to teach her about the influence and power she has with Dragons Blood running in her veins.
Is there a reason you haven’t already taught her this stuff? The sooner she learns, the sooner she’ll be prepared for when someone tries to manipulate her for the influence and power her Dragons Blood gives her.

>“Do you really want to know?” The matron asks seriously.
No. 929293 ID: 0cb682

No. 929294 ID: 834378

Sure, but any answer she gives would be dubious considering the last experience with the Weaver.
No. 929295 ID: a9af05

>Verify Emils story?
>Not immediately.
If it turns out that Emils was telling the truth about the giant slime, you better hope it doesn't move! Otherwise, the whole city will fall apart!

>Waters not healthy
Victoria, if that's true, then shouldn't Emils be bedridden with a terrible fever or something? The only thing that happened was that she came home smelling very bad.

You should probably keep an eye on her and watch for signs of her being sick.

>Do you want to know?
No. 929323 ID: bcc41d

A worm-thing. So Gluttony was the one who came by and ate Victoria's relatives on the regular.

One can limit Emils exposure to the world and still get the ball running on figuring out mana beasts. All Emils needs to do is to be the rosetta stone to one or two specimens - once a Mana beast knows how to speak language, or how to write it, they can act as translator for others and Emils can get on back to school. Maybe arrange something under the guise of 'remedial lessons' on account of how sheltered she's been?

>really want to know?

Yeees? Is there some kind of penalty or cost to learning it? Are we talking state secrets here?
No. 929335 ID: 8eaf98

inbf "who would you like to follow next" so we get no information
No. 929347 ID: 4deeaf

"No but I can't afford ignorance. Tell me. Now."
No. 929360 ID: 080aaf

We wouldn't be reporting the fantasies of a child as though they were fact if we didn't, ma'am.
No. 929492 ID: fb2a85

“I can not afford to stay ignorant about the dangers around me without the possible threat of a kingdoms army behind me.” I stated sadly, remembering my family.
The matron sighed, and asked “Asera, please give us some privacy.”
“Oh! Uhm, sorry,” and the lady bowed before walking ahead.
“Let us discuss in our office, please.” The matron requested as we silently walked.


She locked the door behind us as we sit around her desk, and poured some warm tea for us.
“As for your question, Dragons blood on its own, does nothing except be a good conductor of mana.”
“Then why all the secrecy?” I gestured to the room.
“Because, Victoria, is what happens if our blood mixes with dragons blood.”

“I’m sure your royal education taught you of Emperor Kali, and his descendants, who began engaging war with the rest of the world, citing that “The air above should rule over the land below.””
I nod, remembering how history had condensed it to a tale of greed overwhelming a ruler.
“Well,” The matron continued, “He began to sought out the dragons, wanting their powers for his own. And in a way, he got it.”
I look up at the matron, bewildered.

“Yes yes, we spin tales about how strong and immortal the dragons were, but they were as mortal as we were. They laughed, cried, and importantly, they bled.
It was Kali’s grandson who presented his grandfather a captured dragon, weakened somehow, and they studied the poor thing.” She took a sip, “They ran tests after tests. Immoral and unethical. They didn’t even let it rest after it died. It’s body used for materials to create medicine and weapons.”
The matron furrowed her brows, upset.
“Anyways, The Emperor, in bid of immortality in his old age, had ingested a vial of dragons blood.
He was considered dead shortly after, but his body had began mutating at an accelerated rate. The dragons blood had mixed with his body, and became the creation of a monster.

It could control the mana inside of people.
They created a monster that could control all life around it.

It’s at this point our records get fuzzy.
The dragons quarantined the empire when they learned what happened, and wiped the whole empire off the face of the planet, along side every person and archive there.

That’s when it all began. Babies around the world began being born with the capability of using mana. Capable of casting magic. It was a lesser form of what the dragons could achieve.

As for what our blood does for mana beasts? It gives them power, food, and worst of all, mutated them.
For the most part, mana beasts were peaceful servants of the dragons, but those who had a taste of our blood, became deadly. They could control others around them, and create more of themselves unchecked.

The dragons retreated as many as they could, disabled whatever they couldn’t, and left. All those that remain were either too insignificant or too corrupted to take back. They left us with what they couldn’t find, or couldn’t take. That is why we ask others to stay away as much as possible.

Of course over the years, people and rules gets changed, and now we have some societies that live with some mana beasts, and guild missions to hunt and eliminate other mana beasts.”

I look down at my cold tea, unsure what to do now.
No. 929495 ID: ea5947


Ask her if she knows which types of mana beasts are confirmed to be hostile and which are not. Also, if mana beasts were ever hostile to people with dragon blood, or only those without.
No. 929496 ID: 080aaf

Is there any way to differentiate a corrupted mana beast from a pure one before it attacks you?
No. 929502 ID: d63ea8

This brings up even more questions about Emils' parents. Did they also have the ability to communicate with mana beasts? If Emils is part of the royal line then her ability shouldn't be an anomaly.

Who (or maybe 'what') were her parents?
No. 929512 ID: b1b4f3

So the giant worm is mutated?
Wait, what societies live with mana beasts? Considering what we know, our next step would be to ask those societies to gather information.

(I think this means that First through Seventh are mutated manabeasts, and Lust was an untainted ancient slime mother. also I guess Emils counts as a mutated manabeast)
(also holy crap that means Emils is basically the second coming of Kali's Monster. good thing she's using her mana manipulation to garner good will)
No. 929519 ID: bcc41d

Okay, so now we've got some idea of what went wrong and how the natives started using 'artificial' mana instead of developing their own over time. We don't know why or how the Avaros experiments turned the natives all into users of artificial mana, though. I'm guessing most natives did not have cores prior to this experiment.

Lust/LU-5 is definitely among the Seven, since she described how they were all parts of the Mother that got repurposed to make the planet habitable. How exactly the blood affected her is hard to say, we don't know her motivations, how she 'used' to be and how/why native dragon's blood made these super-dangerous mana beasts behave - but it's a safe bet to say that Emils is among a new kind that they've been experimenting with creating - an artificial core produced from three (maybe four if she chomps on Sloth's core) 'greater mana beasts'.

Also, this is the natives' incomplete understanding of events. The Seven, the mana beasts (their children?) and the Dragons likely have their own perception of events and their own histories (lived, in the Seven's case, although memory loss seem to be an issue for them, or at least it was for LU-5). Interesting that LU-5 seemed to still be serving the overall mission and cause of the dragons by providing for the natives. The Seven are not aligned, and may not have been for a long time.

>Victoria wat now

Unpack this thoroughly. Consider what it means. Focus. Think.

[Dragons] are not religious fairy tales and that shitty old emperor fucked it up for everyone those thousands of years ago by somehow introducing mana to the people of the world, which lead to the corruption of their servant mana beasts into egomaniacal engines of disaster and their retreat past [Dragon's Ridge]. After punishing the Empire and stripping the lands of their tech and servants. But that was a loooong time ago and the world has achieved a balance since with some mana beasts being or becoming docile and others being driven back, deservedly or not. And that one who fed on your family as part of a deal.

The problem, if Emils' slime spoke true, is that people began using the 'wrong' kind of mana - the same kind mana beasts use - and the world is starting to run low on it because some kind of Dragon tech called an [Artificial Dungeon Core] - or 'Mother' as it referred to it - needs [Dragon] mana to convert into the mana everything else uses. 'Mother' seems to be the [Star Dragon] from the myths you remember - and will probably be found beyond [Dragon's Ridge].

So, considering your mission, if there ARE [Dragon]s left, they may be wary - to the extreme - of anyone who intrudes past their bulwark. It was, after all, built to keep intruders from deliberately or accidentally poisoning their still-loyal servants - or letting the corrupted ones who can control their loyal ones come in. The big slime Emils met could've been a loyal mana beast that simply kept up its mission for the [Dragons] in obscurity, hidden underground. Or it could've fed her a big load of hooey.

So. What is your mission right now? To just check what's beyond the Ridge? No. You do know for a fact that [Dragon Towers] are failing and big Mana Beasts with Dragon's Blood in them are still running around. Worst case, if Emil's source was real and honest, the world is running out of time. Since the [Dragons] brought their technology and their mana with them and left you with no way to replenish and replace mana... well, there's no wonder things are gradually failing. Nor can you get more mana without the [Dragon]s and 'Mother', the [Artificial Dungeon Core].

And that's your mission. To go to their lair, or their ruins, and figure things where things stand, what the truth of it all is and whether anything can be salvaged. All while carrying the kind of mana and blood that turned their servants into rampaging monsters and made them annihilate an empire, pulling themselves into a shell of isolation in sheer terror.

... if they're still alive over there, you're gonna need to become a hell of a diplomat. And more.

Request help.

*Surviving historical accounts of actual Dragons - what was their culture really like?
*Knowledge or accounts of Dragon Technology - what were their wonders like and how were they used?
*Knowledge or accounts corrupted mana beasts and what they could do in specific when powered up by Dragon's Blood. How can one fight such things?
No. 929522 ID: e20bdf

Any reason for the secrecy?
No. 929523 ID: bcc41d

Quick note: it does sound like the natives had access to mana prior to the emperor doing his thing - but it kinda runs counter to what Matron said about magic being introduced afterwards. Maybe she just meant Core abilites i.e. 'real' magic? Or perhaps it's a difference in perspective - the natives were 'using mana' already, but not [core] abilities until the Emperor did his thing. Think I'll toss a few thoughts on it into the discthread.
No. 929526 ID: e20bdf

I recall some mana beast saying the way the natives interface with artificial mana is peculiar but useful for themselves, Suggesting the natives developed their own magic system based on what the artificial cores used originally and after that the mana beasts adopted it as an alternative.
Since Matron is comparing their magic to the dragons we can assume the results were similar to true organic magic even though the process wasn't.

I agree with you, it doesn't sound right that the natives developed magic after mutating themselves with dragonblood. It's very strange that they are lifeforms that depend on environments rich in artificial mana to survive but only developed a way to interface with it after an artificial mutation.

Also, prior to this tale, the dragonblood natives had their origins attributed to the dragons. It doesn't make sense that the dragons would create a level of access based on genetics if those variants were created by the avaros empire or the revolting mana beasts, their enemies.
No. 929536 ID: bcc41d

>It doesn't make sense that the dragons would create a level of access based on genetics if those variants were created by the avaros empire or the revolting mana beasts, their enemies.

No, but they may have wanted an alternate supply to 'true' Dragon's Blood, which was manufactured and referred to as Ambrosia, presumably for its mana conductivity. LU-5 mentioned it. She also mentioned the 'original' supply had long since 'dried up'... so Dragon's Blood may be a perishable good in the long run. Good thing Emils can just make more (at exorbitant mana costs).

>"Well yes, original [Dragons Blood] were made literally from the blood of [dragons]. It would make sense that the experiments would have had some effect after all this time. But from the sounds of it, There aren't enough of them to place any significance to them."

In other words, the Dragons also experimented on the natives, trying to make them more like themselves. Not surprising, given that they wanted them to produce mana naturally. Producing dragon's blood may have been one of the desired side effects even. After all, there were a limited number of dragons and presumably a certain (industrial-grade?) need for Ambrosia.

So, really, on the one hand you have Dragon's Blood which may be the result of Dragon meddling, and on the other you have 'magic' (Core abilities) access which may be the product of Avaros meddling.
No. 929703 ID: 7e06cf
File 155525974075.png - (232.09KB , 900x1440 , BE442914-5DD5-45C8-8F1A-265B06518964.png )

“Victoria, I want to make this very clear.” The matron looks me in the eyes, “Within you, lies the ability to control mana to a dangerous degree. Although the Emperor died, what he became, is a possibility in you too. Just to a weaker degree.
This is why it’s a secret, even to other Dragon Bloods. The only ones who know are a few of us in the upper echelons, and I trust you with this only because I know you won’t shackle yourself under our roof. You can tell Emils if you think she’s ready, but no one else, please.”

I consider her words for a while, cradling the cup in my hands...

“I would like to know more about the dragons.”
“Very well, but what I know about them is very limited. My degree of studies doesn’t go much into them, but I recommend you ask Asera in regards to them. She is one of the more... enthusiastic about dragons, and the closest. Otherwise the nearest small library would be in Daraka, about a month away.

“Then you mentioned places that lives with mana beasts?”
“Ah yes, I know of the ratbold tribes that lives around the border of the mana blights, they use Mirror beasts to travel and carry things, and the Sannah republic, who lives with small Weaver beasts to produce fibers and textiles. Both are more than a few months away though, and keep their involvement with mana beasts secret. We can’t really approve of their operations, but it’s not like we can force them otherwise.” She shrugs. “After all, we have to keep an image of being separate from government.
There might be others, but I don’t know. I’ve been stuck here for the past few years and rather out of the loop.”

“What about the differences between corrupted and normal mana beasts?”
“Unfortunately none that we can tell. If Emils could indeed talk to them, maybe she could tell you. However risky that would be. The places I mentioned might know more, but they do keep their secrets.”

“One last question, has there ever been a case of anyone being able to enter the dragon towers?”
“... so far, no. However, from what we could see, the dragon tower at the empires lands is damaged. We obviously can’t take a closer look, but from those who studied the edge of the blighted lands, there are many reports of large cracks around the shell of the tower. Should we ever somehow return to the Avern Empire, it would sure be one of the first things we investigate.”

I take a last sip from the cup, thanking The matron before leaving the office with too much in my mind.

>Look for Asera
>Look for Emils
No. 929704 ID: 080aaf

Look for Asera.
No. 929710 ID: b1b4f3

No. 929711 ID: 575ec0

Seek Asera
No. 929718 ID: 985870

Well, Emils is certainly one of the strongest Dragon-blooded people in living memory. She'll be fine for now.
Find Asera.
No. 929721 ID: ea5947

No. 929741 ID: 91ee5f

Go look for Asera.
No. 929782 ID: ba56e6

Asera is already nearby. so makes sense to go to her first.
No. 929805 ID: 977456

Emils can wait. It's not like she's running around manipulating people's life-force all over the place or anything.
No. 929825 ID: d63ea8

I'd say looking for Emils first.
No. 929873 ID: 1ed92d

Find Emils
No. 929876 ID: 8eaf98

uhhhh about that, isn't that probably what we are doing when we mess with other people's cores?
No. 929877 ID: ba56e6

That's the joke, Tim
No. 929901 ID: a9af05

Look for Asera.
No. 929903 ID: f2320a

Asera is already nearby. so makes sense to go to her first.
then our adopted child
No. 929915 ID: e7848c

That's probably enough for one day. Look for your little troublemaker.
No. 930404 ID: 7f1313
File 155570599087.png - (240.57KB , 900x1440 , 7C3901AD-59F7-42B1-B58F-DEA92FD49696.png )

Asking about, I find Asera in the small library filled with worn out books near the middle of the shrine.
“Excuse me, Lady Asera.”
“Oh, Hello again Miss Victoria. How may I help you?”
“I would like to ask you a few things about dragons.”
“Ah!” Asera smiles, “You’ve come to the right person! What would you like to know?”
No. 930405 ID: ba56e6

Approximate dong size.
No. 930406 ID: e20bdf

Why did they left?
What were their position toward the natives? Where they vengeful? Did they had principles? Did they wanted something from us? Did they feared us? Did they desired our prosperity? Did they wanted our extermination? Dis they left us to die?
What can you tell us about their technology? Do you know anything about the levels of access? Is this enforced by the machines or the mana beasts? Is there a fundamental difference between dragon machinery and the mana beasts?
Where do dragon blood lineages come from? Why would the dragons increase the level of access of those lineages above the rest of their species? What were the plan here? Maybe dragon blood natives can produce true mana but lack numbers to make a difference in the overhall mana consumption.
Did the dragons employed long distance communication devices? Can we use them? What about interstellar communication? Can they be contacted remotely?
What about space ships? What do you know about their means of transportation? Could something similar be developed for us? Theoretic at least...
We depend on mana rich environments and the dragons don't. How did they infused mana in the environment? Why did they do that? Can we replicate this process? Can we sustain ourselves in mana depleted environments with a mana battery?
No. 930407 ID: b1b4f3

What does dragon blood look like?
No. 930408 ID: bcc41d

*Surviving historical accounts of actual Dragons - what was their culture really like? What did they look like?

*Knowledge or accounts of Dragon Technology - what were their wonders like and how were they used? Of particular interest are things that have weird restrictions of use or have no apparent use.

Also, show her the modified bracelet and get her to help you understand its use better. Tell her about the Weaver modifying it.
No. 930409 ID: 04818e

Give us a primer. For starters.
No. 930502 ID: ea5947

About their language.
No. 930633 ID: 7f1313

“First off, what could you tell me about the dragons? And I want the truth. The matron has told me about the emperor turning into a monster, and I want to know more about the dragons.”
“Oh...” Asera looks down at her book, “So anything before the age of dragons are mostly written with cave paintings and reliefs left over by our ancestors we managed to dig up, and word of mouth from sea Nerya, so what we know from the early ages are mostly lost to time, or filled with inaccuracies. A lack of common or usable language doesn’t help either.”
We walk to a bench nearby and take a seat.

“At first, all histories tells us of a single dragon who came out to us. She had multiple names and multiple forms. Majority of our early recorded history, folklore, and stories could be accounted to her. Tales of a stranger moving mountains, curing the sick, bringing peace, causing wars, and performing miracles, could probably be accounted to her.
It took a long time for the other dragons to appear in their true forms. They shared with us their culture, their language, and their technologies. In fact, majority of our modern culture and technology is a result of what they introduced to us. We replicated what we could, and what stuck spread.”

“So what were their stance on us?” I asked, hoping to avoid a full on history lesson.
“Oh, after the introduction to a common language, our history got a bit more concise.
From what I’ve read, the dragons had multiple views on us. Some lived in peace with us, some kept us away from land, and there were travel parties that spread our and taught and healed the various tribes around the land.
They had form a small following after that, so I guess they were overall kind, but distant. They refused treasures, but some some tribes reported having sacrificed their people to the dragons. It’s hard to say, due to how old the records were.
And even then, we don’t really have much records on their overall thoughts on us. Just bits and pieces of their individual feelings, and that’s not really an indicator of what they all think of us.”

“I see...” it feels weird to know something you’ve thought to be fake your whole life, to be real...
“What about mana beasts? What were they?”
“Hm... we don’t really know. As far as we can tell, they have always been there, even before the dragons came out to us. Their physiology is that of solid matter and mana, and they have some sort of intelligence. Controlling them is something many have tried, but none on record have succeeded.”
“What? But the matron told me of two places that have control over mana beasts.”
“Wh What? That can’t be right, that would go against our orders to keep away from mana beasts...” Asera looks at me in shock, “Did she say where these places are?”
No. 930635 ID: 0fae41

On second thought, this info is probably need to know. Pretend you never heard that.
No. 930637 ID: e20bdf

She said those places were a few months away and keep their involvement with mana beasts a secret. I'm sure you can understand why having their orders so blatantly disrespected is a touchy subject for the temple.
Please don't tell matron what I just said. Or anyone else.

Could you elaborate a few examples of individual dragons behavior and stance?
No. 930647 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she should talk to the Matron about this. You don't know how much she's supposed to know.
No. 930657 ID: 8d4593

Hmm. Thank you.
I'm told such infractions are taking place Out at great distances from here. Weeks worth of travel.

That said, it seems I've said too much. Be careful with that info.
No. 930669 ID: ea5947

Tell her that she might want to check out where exactly those orders originate from because someone clearly knew quite a bit about mana beasts.
No. 930672 ID: bcc41d

If you want to backtrack that, you can say the Matron mentioned communities that were living WITH mana beasts - and you may have misunderstood it for something intentional as opposed to just, y'know, living conditions where mana beasts are really abundant.

Or you can say that some Mana Beasts appear more than just a little intelligent, so it doesn't really surprise you that some places are toeing the line - and if she does want to explore the issue, to take it up with the Matron as a research project. You'd suggest she start setting up an investigation into slimes, though, given Emils' story. They should be relatively non-threatening and perhaps some do remember the Dragons. If so she'd have actual first-hand sources of information.

So, what about Dragon artifacts? How do they work, typically?

Show her your Weaver-upgraded bracelet.
No. 930673 ID: 094652

Tell her that the bracelets everyone wears are the key, but you don't know how to unlock their true powers. Emils did something with a spider mana beast, but asking for more from them would be the equivalent of requesting a guard captain to personally crown you empress. You need help unlocking these abilities and you need it soon.
No. 931014 ID: 7f1313

“I uh, was not supposed to tell you about that...”
Asera looks confused for a second before covering her mouth, “Oh. Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.”
“That’s good, just don’t immediately ask the matron about this, it’s easy to know who told you.”
“That’s fine, it’s not really my direct area of expertise anyhow. Is there anything else you would like to know?”

“Just a few more questions, you mentioned accounts of dragons?”
“Ah, a personal project of mine, translating text left behind by the dragons. Some of them left behind written accounts of their lives, a diary I think. Most are too degraded to read, and most of them are written in their own complex language, that translating one rarely helps with another. The most I’ve completed is one fifth of this book here.”
Asera pulls out a well worn... book from a bag nearby. On it is some written words that I don’t understand, filled with notes, ink stains, and
“I found this book book when I was a little girl, and spent months transcribing it into this. My personal translation project!”

Yeah I can feel like I’m going to regret asking this, “what have you found out so far?”
“Ah, as fas as I can tell, it’s about a dragoness captain, sailing some sort of unknown ocean, and fighting her rival, another dragon captain of a rivaling clan. So far I’m only about the part when she is captured by the rival and he locks her in his brig-“
“Okay, that doesn’t really align with what I’m looking for.”
Asera looks someone down crest, “oh. Then unfortunately none of the other transcribed works are in a proper readable state... despite how long we’ve have them, translating dragons text is a very complex thing and we’ve only touched the tip so far. The only common script we can understand is the language to activate spells, but so little is using that script that it’s difficult to even...”

I’ve officially lost interest in this matter. I can’t even bring myself to continue to listen to her drone on, so I use my practiced smile and nod.

> Find someone else
> Change person
No. 931015 ID: 0fae41

Change to someone with a clear goal in mind. Like Bag!
No. 931017 ID: ea5947

>and he locks her in his brig-
And then they make love?

After she gives you the juicy details, find Chris. He seems well-traveled and might know something.
Alternatively, switch to Dragons.
No. 931018 ID: f2320a

i wonder waht our little slimy cutebold is doing?
No. 931020 ID: b1b4f3

...I wonder if Emils can read that.
No. 931021 ID: 99ed9b

The thought should at least past through Victoria's mind that Emils has a strange affinity for languages and might be able to help translating dragon books at some point.
No. 931022 ID: e20bdf

Maybe Bea will accept another attempt at cooking practice now that she can torn off her food exploding magic.
No. 931024 ID: 0cb682

No. 931025 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Victoria, if Emils can talk to mana beasts, do you think it’s possible for her to also be capable of reading these ancient dragon texts?

Although, if you want Emils to be a normal kid, then maybe you shouldn’t ask her to read these things. Because if Emils can read these things, then Asera will be constantly begging you to let her take Emils with her to translate more books.

>What do?
Change to Emils. She’s supposed to be in school, right? Let’s see how she’s doing.
No. 931028 ID: a9af05

Change to Emils
No. 931034 ID: d63ea8

Change to Emils.
No. 931048 ID: 8eaf98

change to Emils. Sadly, unless they can just read the book aloud I don't think Emils's language understanding will help us here cause it is just for verbal communication.right?
No. 931052 ID: 977456

Find Bag.

But first. It is very rare that a captain would be captured and survive. Kidnapping is already criminal and a captain would be the one paying ransom. Query whether it is possible that the book might actually be for... entertainment purposes. Is the dragoness constantly impressed by the rival's qualities? Or there might be a specific, particularly desirable subordinate? Perhaps there might be literary cues in certain novels for frustrated ladies seeking a less formalised romantic environment... which she should look into... for pure academic purposes.
Then again, it is a different culture, maybe it really is a diary.
No. 931056 ID: e3e99e

Hit on Asera, then go find Emils.
She has a freakish capacity for communication, so she might be able to intuitively translate those documents.
No. 931064 ID: ba56e6


Ask if you can have Emils take a look at one of these texts. One without the pirate smut, preferably.
No. 931172 ID: db57e3

Caaaaaaaan't it 8e 8oth?
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