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926927 No. 926927 ID: 7e06cf

-{Deep underground}-
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No. 934069 ID: e3e99e

"My oldest memory is waking up in a pool of blood and surrounded by bodies. I was found a few weeks later and entrusted to Victor."
No. 934150 ID: ea82cb

Honestly, this too. Say we can show her how strong we are. That might be pretty fun!
No. 934172 ID: 3940d3

Let’s not share that we have anything to do with the missing people, feel free to tell her we woke up there and survived on our own but we don’t want to tie in anything unnecessary.
No. 934180 ID: e3e99e

The guards died around the time she was found, not weeks prior.
No. 934182 ID: ba56e6

Except not really for realsies. But we could learn some more techniques from watching her flail against us.
No. 934200 ID: 8d4593

No. 934229 ID: a9af05

We're actually not all that strong compared to Bea, since she was able to easily break our hand earlier.

If we spar with her, Bea will be wondering how she's not breaking every bone in our body.
No. 934235 ID: e20bdf

We copied Bea's spell, with it Emils should be stronger than her.

But let's not start a fight in the school because of a remark resulted from Bea's belief in our lies. This isn't the time or the place. If anything her version of events is flattering, Bea would just be confused that we want to beat her over this.
No. 934238 ID: b1b4f3

Technically, Emils has never lied to Bea.
No. 934239 ID: 094652

"Matriarch, why isn't there enough funding for healing research when the rich and powerful can be crippled for life? I figured they would spend half their fortunes to live forever."

Emils has a biometric resemblance to Samantha, a guard who went MIA along with her squad. We're not 100% sure Emils was the killer but at the very least she somehow obtained what were reported as similar markings to Sam. So Emils likely ate Sam's DNA. The question is: is that enough to link Emils directly or indirectly to Sam? Signs point to yes.
No. 934251 ID: ea82cb

No one is suggesting we fight her at school, or that we want to fight her for our wounded pride. It's just to prove we're being honest, so we can continue helping Bea.
No. 934264 ID: e20bdf

I'm very curious now. Please elaborate on how a fight is an argument.
No. 934284 ID: ea82cb

By proving we are as tough as we claim to be, since she thinks we were coddled? Tough enough to have lived in the wilderness? Tough enough to train with her? Which part do you need help with. A fight is an argument exactly when whether or not we can fight is the argument.
No. 934285 ID: ea82cb

To be clear in advance, the word "fight" has been used a lot but what everyone actually means is "spar".
No. 934309 ID: e20bdf

She already saw us run like mad, demonstrate abnormal strength and endure the pain of broken bones as if it's nothing. I'm sure she think we would be capable of surviving in a cave eating grass and lizards, but because of the noble story she believe that was a lie.
If we spar with her and win all we would be proving is that we are better at sparing. If anything that is associated with nobility more than survival skills.
No. 934324 ID: 8d4593

That's fine so long as she understands that she can learn and grow by training with Emils.

Alternatively this could be a chance for slime to safely reveal themself to her, thereby performing the same function, but also unlocking a myriad of new things for us to do.

Either way, both serve to push Bea down the path of the adventurer, thereby furthering Emils' own magical girl ambitions.

I really see no downsides to proposing an isolated hardcore sparring session with Bea.
No. 934365 ID: ea82cb

Sparring is also a bonding experience. Or it can be.
No. 934380 ID: 91ee5f

Should we have Emils show off her new singing trick to the Matron? I kinda want to see how she’d react to that. Especially when we start talking at the same time, like we did when we showed Bea.
No. 934390 ID: f3310b

This quest does have questdis thread:
No. 934413 ID: 99ed9b

Emils should probably start singing and playing with mana all the time. Clearly she can do it and still concentrate on other things.
No. 934416 ID: 58b4f3

Tell Matron that the furniture in Victor's house keeps breaking everytime you sit on them. Then express concerns if that means that you're fat.
No. 934418 ID: 0fae41

Your only concern is that Victor's been very distracted since your visit, and your question is if Victor and Asera have a thing for each other.
No. 935269 ID: 44e89f

"I have been learning many things so far." I answer, "Although I do have questions about the vast age difference between my classmates."
"Oh, well, the shrine isn't a full school, most of the children here have certain history that makes it difficult or unsuitable for them to attend the royal school. Beatrice here, for example, was ostracized after an accident with another child."
"As much as it was an accident, the jerk deserved it."
The matron gives Bea a look, that causes her to wilt.
"Then, is it possible to have a study in magic in it's entirety?"
"Hm," the matron thinks, "This place sadly doesn't have much in terms of proper materials for teaching magic. You would have to ask Victor in that regards, his connections would be beneficial for you in that case."
"What about going on an accelerated education? Marie is not the fastest of educators."
"Sadly no, You're already in an advanced class, but you're free to pursue the limited library we have if you find yourself ahead. But please keep in mind, these classes are also for you to be around peers and for making friends. Don't be too focused on one thing, and expand yourself."

"Ah, look at the time, I do believe you two should head to class now. Emils, if you ever need anything, do feel free to come over to my office to ask."
"Yes madam." we reply before heading to class.

When we head into the shrine, I ask Beatrice, "What is wrong with just some training together? It wouldn't hurt to get any kind of experience."
"Fine," Beatrice sighs, "but it would have to be later, after I deal with whatever's up with my family."

As we enter the class with a few minutes before Marie comes in, Alice is waving at me.

>Choose who to sit next to
No. 935272 ID: b1b4f3

Sit next to Alice.
No. 935273 ID: f2320a

sure go to alice she is calling for us
No. 935276 ID: e8f59c

Yeah go with Alice.
No. 935278 ID: 0fae41

No. 935282 ID: ba56e6

Alice desires our presence so we may as well humor her.
No. 935287 ID: e3e99e

Alice wishes to speak with us. We will comply.
No. 935288 ID: 91ee5f

>Choose who to sit next to
No assigned seating? Huh, I guess I never noticed that before.

Go sit next to Alice.
No. 935356 ID: f3310b

Sit next to Marie.
No. 935374 ID: a9af05

No. 935390 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and ask how she's doing. Did she ask her grandfather about the thing?
No. 935452 ID: b0b724

Alice could just be saying hi, but once we confirm she wants us to sit with her we will.
No. 935473 ID: a9af05

Quick question, but aren't we heavier than we were last time we had a school episode? We did end up eating that bird guy in the alley.

Are we going to end up breaking a chair?
No. 935479 ID: e20bdf

I think we burned through mass faster than we've being consuming.
Synthesis require the loss of some mass every time we use it, and we used it to repair damage all the time. Broken limbs, muscle improvement, alternative lizard and bird forms...
No. 935507 ID: 58b4f3

>Break chair?
If it happens, then it was bound to happen at school sooner or later.
No. 936001 ID: e7703b

>Sit next to Alice.

Bea heads to her desk, as I walk to the back of the room to mine.
I then grab the chair and proceed to drag it across the stone floor towards Alice's desk, making a screeching sound along the way.

The class is silent as I sit down next to Alice.
"So, what would you like to talk about?" I ask.
"I uh, I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other day. I spoke to my grandfather, and he would like to talk to you."
"Did he seem upset or glad?"
"He just seems a bit skeptical, and slightly concerned. I tried to leave out some info on who you are, so he might be trying to scope you out a bit beforehand."
"I understand."

I ended up spending the time with Alice during class time, with her teaching me some stuff in regards to today's lesson.

Where to go after class
>Look for Alice's fiance - Maybe ask Alice along
>Go to Beatrice's home - Possible to be refused entry due to family matters
>Others - Follow the other classmates
No. 936002 ID: 0fae41

Look for Alice's fiancé alone.
No. 936004 ID: 726b70

No. 936005 ID: e20bdf

Alice's fiance? Is his birthday already? If not did we had plans to visit him before the party? I don't remember where does this option comes from.
If anything what should follow from this conversation would be a visit to Alice's grandfather.

But sure, let's drag Alice to her past drama and see what happens.
No. 936006 ID: e3e99e

Yes, lets follow the obvious quest hook instead of the available options.
No. 936012 ID: a9af05

Look for Alice's fiancé. Ask Alice if she wants to come along.
No. 936020 ID: 864e49

Alice's fiancé alone please.
No. 936061 ID: ba56e6


Also, ask about her peoples' culture while you walk. You'll need to know more to pull off your birdman disguise well.
No. 936066 ID: 91ee5f

I’d like to get Alice and her fiancé back together. Or at the very least get them on friendly terms with each other.

Let’s go look for Alice's fiancé and ask Alice if she wants to come along. The worst that can happen is that she says she doesn’t want to come and we go alone.
No. 936067 ID: ba56e6

If she asks why, answer that it is a magical girl's duty to nurture and protect love.
No. 936071 ID: b0b724

I forget exactly how Alice felt about the situation but now's a great time for an unavoidable reminder.
No. 936091 ID: 977456

And rain terrible horrors upon those who would claim love in the service of Evil. Otherwise they'd never survive their first "sexy villain" or "soulmate turned to The Dark Side" arc.
No. 936106 ID: 8d4593

Hold the chair elevated off the ground with both hands against yourself close to your center of mass next time. Actually, carry any "Large" featherweight to you but not to them object like that while in public. It mimics how they carry heavy things so as not to raise suspicions but also doesn't cause a ruckus like dragging does.
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