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File 155334603340.png - (125.52KB , 450x720 , 600.png )
926927 No. 926927 ID: 7e06cf

-{Deep underground}-
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No. 929523 ID: bcc41d

Quick note: it does sound like the natives had access to mana prior to the emperor doing his thing - but it kinda runs counter to what Matron said about magic being introduced afterwards. Maybe she just meant Core abilites i.e. 'real' magic? Or perhaps it's a difference in perspective - the natives were 'using mana' already, but not [core] abilities until the Emperor did his thing. Think I'll toss a few thoughts on it into the discthread.
No. 929526 ID: e20bdf

I recall some mana beast saying the way the natives interface with artificial mana is peculiar but useful for themselves, Suggesting the natives developed their own magic system based on what the artificial cores used originally and after that the mana beasts adopted it as an alternative.
Since Matron is comparing their magic to the dragons we can assume the results were similar to true organic magic even though the process wasn't.

I agree with you, it doesn't sound right that the natives developed magic after mutating themselves with dragonblood. It's very strange that they are lifeforms that depend on environments rich in artificial mana to survive but only developed a way to interface with it after an artificial mutation.

Also, prior to this tale, the dragonblood natives had their origins attributed to the dragons. It doesn't make sense that the dragons would create a level of access based on genetics if those variants were created by the avaros empire or the revolting mana beasts, their enemies.
No. 929536 ID: bcc41d

>It doesn't make sense that the dragons would create a level of access based on genetics if those variants were created by the avaros empire or the revolting mana beasts, their enemies.

No, but they may have wanted an alternate supply to 'true' Dragon's Blood, which was manufactured and referred to as Ambrosia, presumably for its mana conductivity. LU-5 mentioned it. She also mentioned the 'original' supply had long since 'dried up'... so Dragon's Blood may be a perishable good in the long run. Good thing Emils can just make more (at exorbitant mana costs).

>"Well yes, original [Dragons Blood] were made literally from the blood of [dragons]. It would make sense that the experiments would have had some effect after all this time. But from the sounds of it, There aren't enough of them to place any significance to them."

In other words, the Dragons also experimented on the natives, trying to make them more like themselves. Not surprising, given that they wanted them to produce mana naturally. Producing dragon's blood may have been one of the desired side effects even. After all, there were a limited number of dragons and presumably a certain (industrial-grade?) need for Ambrosia.

So, really, on the one hand you have Dragon's Blood which may be the result of Dragon meddling, and on the other you have 'magic' (Core abilities) access which may be the product of Avaros meddling.
No. 929703 ID: 7e06cf
File 155525974075.png - (232.09KB , 900x1440 , BE442914-5DD5-45C8-8F1A-265B06518964.png )

“Victoria, I want to make this very clear.” The matron looks me in the eyes, “Within you, lies the ability to control mana to a dangerous degree. Although the Emperor died, what he became, is a possibility in you too. Just to a weaker degree.
This is why it’s a secret, even to other Dragon Bloods. The only ones who know are a few of us in the upper echelons, and I trust you with this only because I know you won’t shackle yourself under our roof. You can tell Emils if you think she’s ready, but no one else, please.”

I consider her words for a while, cradling the cup in my hands...

“I would like to know more about the dragons.”
“Very well, but what I know about them is very limited. My degree of studies doesn’t go much into them, but I recommend you ask Asera in regards to them. She is one of the more... enthusiastic about dragons, and the closest. Otherwise the nearest small library would be in Daraka, about a month away.

“Then you mentioned places that lives with mana beasts?”
“Ah yes, I know of the ratbold tribes that lives around the border of the mana blights, they use Mirror beasts to travel and carry things, and the Sannah republic, who lives with small Weaver beasts to produce fibers and textiles. Both are more than a few months away though, and keep their involvement with mana beasts secret. We can’t really approve of their operations, but it’s not like we can force them otherwise.” She shrugs. “After all, we have to keep an image of being separate from government.
There might be others, but I don’t know. I’ve been stuck here for the past few years and rather out of the loop.”

“What about the differences between corrupted and normal mana beasts?”
“Unfortunately none that we can tell. If Emils could indeed talk to them, maybe she could tell you. However risky that would be. The places I mentioned might know more, but they do keep their secrets.”

“One last question, has there ever been a case of anyone being able to enter the dragon towers?”
“... so far, no. However, from what we could see, the dragon tower at the empires lands is damaged. We obviously can’t take a closer look, but from those who studied the edge of the blighted lands, there are many reports of large cracks around the shell of the tower. Should we ever somehow return to the Avern Empire, it would sure be one of the first things we investigate.”

I take a last sip from the cup, thanking The matron before leaving the office with too much in my mind.

>Look for Asera
>Look for Emils
No. 929704 ID: 080aaf

Look for Asera.
No. 929710 ID: b1b4f3

No. 929711 ID: 575ec0

Seek Asera
No. 929718 ID: 985870

Well, Emils is certainly one of the strongest Dragon-blooded people in living memory. She'll be fine for now.
Find Asera.
No. 929721 ID: ea5947

No. 929741 ID: 91ee5f

Go look for Asera.
No. 929782 ID: ba56e6

Asera is already nearby. so makes sense to go to her first.
No. 929805 ID: 977456

Emils can wait. It's not like she's running around manipulating people's life-force all over the place or anything.
No. 929825 ID: d63ea8

I'd say looking for Emils first.
No. 929873 ID: 1ed92d

Find Emils
No. 929876 ID: 8eaf98

uhhhh about that, isn't that probably what we are doing when we mess with other people's cores?
No. 929877 ID: ba56e6

That's the joke, Tim
No. 929901 ID: a9af05

Look for Asera.
No. 929903 ID: f2320a

Asera is already nearby. so makes sense to go to her first.
then our adopted child
No. 929915 ID: e7848c

That's probably enough for one day. Look for your little troublemaker.
No. 930404 ID: 7f1313
File 155570599087.png - (240.57KB , 900x1440 , 7C3901AD-59F7-42B1-B58F-DEA92FD49696.png )

Asking about, I find Asera in the small library filled with worn out books near the middle of the shrine.
“Excuse me, Lady Asera.”
“Oh, Hello again Miss Victoria. How may I help you?”
“I would like to ask you a few things about dragons.”
“Ah!” Asera smiles, “You’ve come to the right person! What would you like to know?”
No. 930405 ID: ba56e6

Approximate dong size.
No. 930406 ID: e20bdf

Why did they left?
What were their position toward the natives? Where they vengeful? Did they had principles? Did they wanted something from us? Did they feared us? Did they desired our prosperity? Did they wanted our extermination? Dis they left us to die?
What can you tell us about their technology? Do you know anything about the levels of access? Is this enforced by the machines or the mana beasts? Is there a fundamental difference between dragon machinery and the mana beasts?
Where do dragon blood lineages come from? Why would the dragons increase the level of access of those lineages above the rest of their species? What were the plan here? Maybe dragon blood natives can produce true mana but lack numbers to make a difference in the overhall mana consumption.
Did the dragons employed long distance communication devices? Can we use them? What about interstellar communication? Can they be contacted remotely?
What about space ships? What do you know about their means of transportation? Could something similar be developed for us? Theoretic at least...
We depend on mana rich environments and the dragons don't. How did they infused mana in the environment? Why did they do that? Can we replicate this process? Can we sustain ourselves in mana depleted environments with a mana battery?
No. 930407 ID: b1b4f3

What does dragon blood look like?
No. 930408 ID: bcc41d

*Surviving historical accounts of actual Dragons - what was their culture really like? What did they look like?

*Knowledge or accounts of Dragon Technology - what were their wonders like and how were they used? Of particular interest are things that have weird restrictions of use or have no apparent use.

Also, show her the modified bracelet and get her to help you understand its use better. Tell her about the Weaver modifying it.
No. 930409 ID: 04818e

Give us a primer. For starters.
No. 930502 ID: ea5947

About their language.
No. 930633 ID: 7f1313

“First off, what could you tell me about the dragons? And I want the truth. The matron has told me about the emperor turning into a monster, and I want to know more about the dragons.”
“Oh...” Asera looks down at her book, “So anything before the age of dragons are mostly written with cave paintings and reliefs left over by our ancestors we managed to dig up, and word of mouth from sea Nerya, so what we know from the early ages are mostly lost to time, or filled with inaccuracies. A lack of common or usable language doesn’t help either.”
We walk to a bench nearby and take a seat.

“At first, all histories tells us of a single dragon who came out to us. She had multiple names and multiple forms. Majority of our early recorded history, folklore, and stories could be accounted to her. Tales of a stranger moving mountains, curing the sick, bringing peace, causing wars, and performing miracles, could probably be accounted to her.
It took a long time for the other dragons to appear in their true forms. They shared with us their culture, their language, and their technologies. In fact, majority of our modern culture and technology is a result of what they introduced to us. We replicated what we could, and what stuck spread.”

“So what were their stance on us?” I asked, hoping to avoid a full on history lesson.
“Oh, after the introduction to a common language, our history got a bit more concise.
From what I’ve read, the dragons had multiple views on us. Some lived in peace with us, some kept us away from land, and there were travel parties that spread our and taught and healed the various tribes around the land.
They had form a small following after that, so I guess they were overall kind, but distant. They refused treasures, but some some tribes reported having sacrificed their people to the dragons. It’s hard to say, due to how old the records were.
And even then, we don’t really have much records on their overall thoughts on us. Just bits and pieces of their individual feelings, and that’s not really an indicator of what they all think of us.”

“I see...” it feels weird to know something you’ve thought to be fake your whole life, to be real...
“What about mana beasts? What were they?”
“Hm... we don’t really know. As far as we can tell, they have always been there, even before the dragons came out to us. Their physiology is that of solid matter and mana, and they have some sort of intelligence. Controlling them is something many have tried, but none on record have succeeded.”
“What? But the matron told me of two places that have control over mana beasts.”
“Wh What? That can’t be right, that would go against our orders to keep away from mana beasts...” Asera looks at me in shock, “Did she say where these places are?”
No. 930635 ID: 0fae41

On second thought, this info is probably need to know. Pretend you never heard that.
No. 930637 ID: e20bdf

She said those places were a few months away and keep their involvement with mana beasts a secret. I'm sure you can understand why having their orders so blatantly disrespected is a touchy subject for the temple.
Please don't tell matron what I just said. Or anyone else.

Could you elaborate a few examples of individual dragons behavior and stance?
No. 930647 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she should talk to the Matron about this. You don't know how much she's supposed to know.
No. 930657 ID: 8d4593

Hmm. Thank you.
I'm told such infractions are taking place Out at great distances from here. Weeks worth of travel.

That said, it seems I've said too much. Be careful with that info.
No. 930669 ID: ea5947

Tell her that she might want to check out where exactly those orders originate from because someone clearly knew quite a bit about mana beasts.
No. 930672 ID: bcc41d

If you want to backtrack that, you can say the Matron mentioned communities that were living WITH mana beasts - and you may have misunderstood it for something intentional as opposed to just, y'know, living conditions where mana beasts are really abundant.

Or you can say that some Mana Beasts appear more than just a little intelligent, so it doesn't really surprise you that some places are toeing the line - and if she does want to explore the issue, to take it up with the Matron as a research project. You'd suggest she start setting up an investigation into slimes, though, given Emils' story. They should be relatively non-threatening and perhaps some do remember the Dragons. If so she'd have actual first-hand sources of information.

So, what about Dragon artifacts? How do they work, typically?

Show her your Weaver-upgraded bracelet.
No. 930673 ID: 094652

Tell her that the bracelets everyone wears are the key, but you don't know how to unlock their true powers. Emils did something with a spider mana beast, but asking for more from them would be the equivalent of requesting a guard captain to personally crown you empress. You need help unlocking these abilities and you need it soon.
No. 931014 ID: 7f1313

“I uh, was not supposed to tell you about that...”
Asera looks confused for a second before covering her mouth, “Oh. Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.”
“That’s good, just don’t immediately ask the matron about this, it’s easy to know who told you.”
“That’s fine, it’s not really my direct area of expertise anyhow. Is there anything else you would like to know?”

“Just a few more questions, you mentioned accounts of dragons?”
“Ah, a personal project of mine, translating text left behind by the dragons. Some of them left behind written accounts of their lives, a diary I think. Most are too degraded to read, and most of them are written in their own complex language, that translating one rarely helps with another. The most I’ve completed is one fifth of this book here.”
Asera pulls out a well worn... book from a bag nearby. On it is some written words that I don’t understand, filled with notes, ink stains, and
“I found this book book when I was a little girl, and spent months transcribing it into this. My personal translation project!”

Yeah I can feel like I’m going to regret asking this, “what have you found out so far?”
“Ah, as fas as I can tell, it’s about a dragoness captain, sailing some sort of unknown ocean, and fighting her rival, another dragon captain of a rivaling clan. So far I’m only about the part when she is captured by the rival and he locks her in his brig-“
“Okay, that doesn’t really align with what I’m looking for.”
Asera looks someone down crest, “oh. Then unfortunately none of the other transcribed works are in a proper readable state... despite how long we’ve have them, translating dragons text is a very complex thing and we’ve only touched the tip so far. The only common script we can understand is the language to activate spells, but so little is using that script that it’s difficult to even...”

I’ve officially lost interest in this matter. I can’t even bring myself to continue to listen to her drone on, so I use my practiced smile and nod.

> Find someone else
> Change person
No. 931015 ID: 0fae41

Change to someone with a clear goal in mind. Like Bag!
No. 931017 ID: ea5947

>and he locks her in his brig-
And then they make love?

After she gives you the juicy details, find Chris. He seems well-traveled and might know something.
Alternatively, switch to Dragons.
No. 931018 ID: f2320a

i wonder waht our little slimy cutebold is doing?
No. 931020 ID: b1b4f3

...I wonder if Emils can read that.
No. 931021 ID: 99ed9b

The thought should at least past through Victoria's mind that Emils has a strange affinity for languages and might be able to help translating dragon books at some point.
No. 931022 ID: e20bdf

Maybe Bea will accept another attempt at cooking practice now that she can torn off her food exploding magic.
No. 931024 ID: 0cb682

No. 931025 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Victoria, if Emils can talk to mana beasts, do you think it’s possible for her to also be capable of reading these ancient dragon texts?

Although, if you want Emils to be a normal kid, then maybe you shouldn’t ask her to read these things. Because if Emils can read these things, then Asera will be constantly begging you to let her take Emils with her to translate more books.

>What do?
Change to Emils. She’s supposed to be in school, right? Let’s see how she’s doing.
No. 931028 ID: a9af05

Change to Emils
No. 931034 ID: d63ea8

Change to Emils.
No. 931048 ID: 8eaf98

change to Emils. Sadly, unless they can just read the book aloud I don't think Emils's language understanding will help us here cause it is just for verbal communication.right?
No. 931052 ID: 977456

Find Bag.

But first. It is very rare that a captain would be captured and survive. Kidnapping is already criminal and a captain would be the one paying ransom. Query whether it is possible that the book might actually be for... entertainment purposes. Is the dragoness constantly impressed by the rival's qualities? Or there might be a specific, particularly desirable subordinate? Perhaps there might be literary cues in certain novels for frustrated ladies seeking a less formalised romantic environment... which she should look into... for pure academic purposes.
Then again, it is a different culture, maybe it really is a diary.
No. 931056 ID: e3e99e

Hit on Asera, then go find Emils.
She has a freakish capacity for communication, so she might be able to intuitively translate those documents.
No. 931064 ID: ba56e6


Ask if you can have Emils take a look at one of these texts. One without the pirate smut, preferably.
No. 931172 ID: db57e3

Caaaaaaaan't it 8e 8oth?
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