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File 155349023689.png - (1.11MB , 2048x1536 , E71157CF-2E9A-43EF-9D26-6979A39AA402.png )
927215 No. 927215 ID: c0641d

"... so then I told my summoner 'I ain't that sort of demon of Lust!'"

"Get to the good part! What did you do to him in the end?"

"Well, he did insist, despite my warnings. I made to do the deed with him, but then tapped into my Gluttony at the last moment."

"Went straight for the throat, huh?"

"Ah yes, the literal starved lover. Always a classic."

"I shall forever burn into my memory the look on his face when the body he went to embrace opened down the middle to swallow him whole."

"A brutal take on it, to boot! Why, this reminds me of the time when-"

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No. 927216 ID: c0641d
File 155349031642.png - (1.14MB , 2048x1536 , 5E056D36-2171-4751-A62F-AB0B05284FF0.png )

"Ah- Ose."

"I see it."

"Thought you said you sealed yourself off from accepting new summons this decade?"

"As did I. You'll have to excuse me."

"Always, dear. Anything you wanted to discuss, Baal?"

"mrgh... Let's wait until he's gone first."

No. 927217 ID: c0641d
File 155349037992.png - (0.98MB , 2048x1536 , 098B1945-508F-491C-AA23-6C4EEBDFFAC9.png )

No. 927218 ID: c0641d
File 155349042803.png - (603.17KB , 2048x1536 , 8ACF4ECA-627F-4018-B705-8260DAB9DFC5.png )

Right then. Who summoned me, and how in the hells did he do it? … Come to think of it, no one is tending the circle. A remote automatic summon? An old contract, maybe? Would explain why I'm in this odd human guise right out the gate and not in my true form.

???: "C'mon…"

No. 927219 ID: c0641d
File 155349051758.png - (0.97MB , 2048x1536 , 39FDB524-6C8C-47F4-82CB-A3030B1EAB1A.png )

???: "Open… says me! Daddy spent way too much for you to not let him in…"

And that would be the man behind it. I think. He's the only suspect in sight, anyways. He doesn't seem to notice my presence yet, which goes to show that it wasn't likely intentional. What, to, do…
No. 927220 ID: e8f59c

Clear your throat in a butler-like manner to get his attention.
No. 927221 ID: b1b4f3

"Can I help you?"
No. 927223 ID: 977456

Human? Ugh... humans are... kind of pathetic. Check if your fangs, claws, and horns are still functional.
No. 927231 ID: 8eaf98

Emperor Hakan from Diablo 3 saying "I can open this gate for you." (link for reference https://youtu.be/cv8GlHa8tXo?t=164 Hakan is actually Bellial the lord of lies) It's just something about how this line is delivered.
No. 927234 ID: 094652

Sneak up from behind and chokehold him until he falls unconscious.
No. 927236 ID: 1a30f7

i would want to do something like that
No. 927242 ID: b901c9

For the love of sin, let's not assault this creature we know nothing about. I believe a cautious probing for information first is in order. Feel him out, learn the nature of his problem. Then, when the moment is right, you can play him like a fiddle for all he's worth.
No. 927254 ID: 2202fb

Is this going to be another gay (as a defining trait) demon quest? What I mean is, is this going to be really male/male fanservice-y? While it is fine if it is a quest about demons and that demon happens to be gay, the heavily male/male romance/fanservice types arent really my cup of tea. I am trying to ask this as delicately as I can as i am not condemning those types, i just dont really want to personally be part of them.
No. 927263 ID: c0641d
File 155353035053.png - (0.95MB , 2048x1536 , 4BBFD68C-298D-41A5-8AB9-0BEE9454BF38.png )

Indeed they are, when they aren’t cultivated and nurtured properly. I can’t feel any geas that would prevent me from shifting back to my true form, but…

… there is a subtle one… not preventing me from harming the human in front of me, but the thought of doing so does make me apprehensive, the same instinct any good demon should have for if doing something would break a contract, inflict a great deal of agony, or otherwise inflict a considerable amount of inconvenience on them. Anyways, I can test my shifting when there isn’t a human right in front of me. Caution is the better part of valor, after all.

OSÉ: “I can open the door for you.”

???: “I can do it myself! … Wait-!”
No. 927264 ID: c0641d
File 155353040149.png - (0.99MB , 2048x1536 , 345CE1FE-AAB1-4A30-8B1B-FA44393E5E38.png )

???: “Now who in the hell are you?! Wait, where did you even come from? The closest neighbor is like a mile away!”

My demons are more… traditional in how they work, I like to think. No gay focus in particular, though it’s not off the table depending on who we’re following. Thanks for reminding me though, I forgot to do the disclaimer; though I’m not planning for it to be the sole primary focus, there will be NSFW stuff present (sex, drugs, violence, etc.); to be expected, when Sin and Virtue will be present as mechanics.
No. 927265 ID: 094652

"Your summoning portal is whacked. I was busy talking to my friends and I keep anti-portal wards around my mansion!"
No. 927272 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him that you were summoned here by a very old summoning circle. Point it out to him.

If you don't remember the details of this contract maybe you can get his help investigating it?
No. 927275 ID: f2320a

You did call for me master
No. 927287 ID: 2202fb

Okiedokie, as long as we arent going into this as a sausagefest, then im game.

Lets use sir rather than master. It is less subservient and more just respectful. It will convey the same message without the (albeit slight) submissive undertones.
No. 927294 ID: 575ec0

Consider me an old hand.
I'm here to help, young master.
No. 927302 ID: 91ee5f

>Lets use sir rather than master.
I agree.
No. 927318 ID: 8eaf98

oh no we have been metal gear detected!
probably want an alias if true names have power here and he doesn't already know yours.
"Why I came from right over there sir" pointing to where the summoning circle is/was
No. 927324 ID: 2202fb

Reginald Flemmigs, suh.
No. 927458 ID: c0641d
File 155365439467.png - (251.03KB , 1024x768 , F56A6009-E077-4A6F-A4D5-688A87A5C1B0.png )

OS: "Consider me an old hand, sir; I am here to help maintain the estate."

???: "So… wait, wot, you're the caretaker for Bluming Downs?"

OS: "… Yes! Right!"

???: "Well you've been doing a sorry job of it, haven't you! At least from out here, it looks abandoned! I feel deceived by those info pamphlets! 'Heritage site' my arse-"

Right, that's enough of that. The epiphany I just had is far more important than listening to this welp's extended whining. 'Bluming Downs' finally rang a bell regarding what came back to haunt me; the House of Usher contract. I agreed to serve, maintain, and protect the estate of Bluming Downs so long as an Usher was there to call master, in exchange for the then-current head's soul and only semi-thorough restrictions on how I went about doing just that. Obviously, I can't harm the master, anyone they consider part of their family, and anyone considered by them to be an honored guest, and I must please my master to the point where they don't decide to terminate my employment. Any restrictions beyond that point at all must be directly applied by the current master. If I remember correctly, after about half a century, I eventually brought about indirect ruin to the house once I was satisfied with what I had reaped on the side - got about half the legwork done for making my third legion just in that one contract, I'm proud to say. But then… I thought all of the Usher family were wiped out? … I can figure that out later; my… master (ugh…) seems to be winding down.
No. 927459 ID: c0641d
File 155365444969.png - (161.39KB , 1024x768 , 1458CF7E-C59D-4FE6-B48D-DAA8C793B7EC.png )

OS: "Are you done?"

???: "*huff*… Yeah. Whatever. That still doesn't answer where you were coming from."

OS: "Why, I came from right over there, sir." I indicate behind me. The circle, having come into being just to transport me here one time without any other containment or compelling features, had disappeared by now.

???: "Wot, from over in the bushes?"

OS: "Apparently! I…" Wait… "I live in that direction, and word of your obtaining this property did call me to your side, in a way."

???: "Right…"
No. 927461 ID: c0641d
File 155365451069.png - (100.36KB , 1024x768 , 8630F3B3-088B-4F5E-9742-15000EDAB347.png )

???: "Seems legit! I mean, if I heard I was the one to finally buy this sorry ruin, I'd be bounding across the hills just to meet me, too! Wot's your name, then?"



... Oh.
No. 927462 ID: c0641d
File 155365455145.png - (253.49KB , 1024x768 , 471335AE-6CB1-4DBA-89B3-F3D119319299.png )

Oh my lord, he's honest to god clueless! Did the heavens themselves misalign to make my birthday come early?! No additional restrictions are coming! (None that matter, anyway!) Oh, oh! The contracts! I can sneak in my special contracts with impunity! I can construct my fourth legion right here under this stupid human's no-
No. 927463 ID: c0641d
File 155365459231.png - (357.04KB , 1024x768 , 410BF68D-DDE4-410D-9340-0E7BE61420DF.png )

???: "Hello! I repeat, do you have a name!"

Ah- Right. I suppose I'll need an alias going forward if I am to 'serve' under this… boy. Reginald does sound suitably 'butler-y,' but is that too stereotypical? I served for two 'generations' of aliases under the original family - Osborne Crofts, then his 'son' Oscar - and I could let that tailor my choices; it has been a generation or so since then, after all. Either way, I can't just think of one option for consideration; that would just be lazy of me.
No. 927483 ID: 094652

Quitty Schnizzlericks
No. 927485 ID: 094652

... Okay.
Alexander VivI.
No. 927490 ID: 2202fb

Keep the last name. It will give you an excuse if someone recognizes you as the prior butler (either recognizing from a memory or a painting/photograph).

I still like Reginald. Reginald Crofts. (not like we are trying to call you Jeeves or Alfred).
No. 927571 ID: 8eaf98

seconding keeping prior last name. What does constructing this legion entail, and what is it.
another name to consider Sirus Crofts (Luara Crofts, sorry had to)
No. 927597 ID: 542cdf

Reginald Crofts would be an excellent name.

Also, as an excuse for why the estate is in less than pristine condition, you could say that, as the estate has not been inhabited in some time, there was no need to keep it in such condition.
No. 927599 ID: b1b4f3

Other names that start with Os:
No. 927678 ID: f2320a

Jeeves or Alfred is a good name and >>927483 is kind of funny it would be funny if he had to say something that sounds like a spell to summon us to his side
No. 927679 ID: f2320a

Keep the croft last name
No. 927886 ID: c0641d
File 155391981193.png - (335.74KB , 1024x768 , 364EA9ED-5313-4651-8C2D-ACBA27DF064F.png )

OSÉ: “Reginald Crofts, sir.”

USHER: “Right. Well, Reginald, I wouldn’t think you would want to disappoint Hollywood superstar Usher Inglethorpe on your first day, would you?”

His… surname is Usher… I could honestly laugh. Or cry. I’m almost reeling from the mere thought of me failing so hard at being specific with my wording.

OSÉ: “With… all due respect, while I was trained quite thoroughly in my duties, I was told not to worry about putting them into practice unless and until someone were to actually acquire the property.”
No. 927887 ID: c0641d
File 155391987266.png - (177.21KB , 1024x768 , 21B5DE12-579B-4536-A87E-16CB6E6523B9.png )

USHER: “That… Hm… It is true that I only acquired this place today. Fine then. I’ll be back later! Let’s call it three days.”

OSÉ: “Counting today?”

USHER: “Obviously! The morning after Night 3, if this is Day 1. I’ll be bringing my manager and my fiancé too!”
No. 927888 ID: c0641d
File 155391991783.png - (225.55KB , 1024x768 , 8A8CB810-E8B8-4BBF-9BD0-40D51A8CF005.png )

USHER: “Things had better be at least livable by the time we get back! Ta-ta!”

Right then. It should be explained that as an archdemon, I exist only as the amalgamation of several allied legion demons, who in turn act as lesser aspects of myself despite also being their own demons - after all, what are these voices, if not the thoughts and opinions of my lesser aspects, and their lesser aspects, and their lesser aspects? Obviously, adding another legion demon to my collective would make me more powerful. A legion demon is created when you unite a good number of lesser demons under one banner in turn. On the lowest level, one normally requires a great deal of individual like-minded souls to congregate together to manifest a lesser demon or angel, but I’ve personally developed a way to generate demons from individual souls, and my current master hasn’t forbade me from using it on any staff that I hire. I’ll get more into the actual process when the time comes for it.
No. 927889 ID: c0641d
File 155391995805.png - (241.27KB , 1024x768 , 6BE5B4D1-47EA-488C-BE20-BAC8927EFFB4.png )

But enough of that; we must make haste if we want to make it even that far. In my current state, I can focus one major project every day and night each. Once the master returns, working through all hours of the night might come off as odd, so I’ll need to capitalize on this extra time now.
No. 927890 ID: c0641d
File 155391999971.png - (0.99MB , 2048x1536 , FB0DD26A-C48A-44CB-87F9-FF6F37AE6C01.png )

I’m through the gates, and in the manor proper now. The Morio ward on its own can sustain three individuals and a handful of guests just fine on its own, so I’ll just focus on that for now. I’m at the front entrance (1), and if master’s reaction just from looking at is any indication, the facade could use some work if it’s going to make a better first impression. The master suite (2) is likely where master (and possibly his fiancé) will wish to bed for the night. Because of the manager, I’ll definitely need to prepare one or two guest bedrooms (3), else I incur their annoyance. While we can do this “ordering out” thing humans came up with recently, I doubt an existence without the functions of the dining hall and kitchen (4) would be sustainable for very long. While I myself don’t technically require nearly as much comfort in the butler’s chambers (5), I will need to spend time setting up my scales, portals, and magic circles for a proper HQ before I can even consider the prospect of hiring. There’s also the prospect of basic utilities; I’ll need to see to the state of this house’s electricity and plumbing (6) while I’m focusing on the basement. Not as urgent, but things might also get ugly fast if the laundry room (7) isn’t up to date and functioning. Finally, I could have a look around the attic (8) for anything that could be useful; I remember quite a few setpieces and oddities that might capture the awe of my master and his guests, or perhaps aid the functions of the house somehow. Anyways, this is just off the top of my head. Which of these should I start with, if any?
No. 927891 ID: b1b4f3

He said make things livable. With that in mind, start with living quarters.
Priority list:
2, 3, 6, 7, 4.
No. 927892 ID: c0641d

Correction: *Given name, not surname.
No. 927900 ID: 2202fb

Soooooo, what year were you last here? Human tech has advanced a lot in a short amount of time. Who knows what kinds of military tech the church might have hunting guys like you down.


Things to add:

-Checking the structural integrity of the house.
-Checking the roof
-Checking the windows
-Checking for vandalism
-Checking for rot, mold, and infestations
-Adding all of the bleeding edge amenities this dick is probably expecting (smart-house features, automated garage doors, high-tech security system, internet).
No. 927901 ID: 094652

>First Name Usher, hence the contract loophole
Honestly, I'm surprised nobody tried that out. Naming your kid Usher Usher Usher is tame compared to modern-day depravity.

But that's a bad thing. Normally, if your client was assassinated, you'd have a reserve of family members to draw new suckers from. You have none. Unless this idiot plans on naming his son Usher II, and I expect him to name his son after one of his movie persona for the ego trip, the next time this celebrity brat torments his critics to the point that one snaps and snipes him, you're screwed out of a gold mine.

Okay, think about the remaining clauses. Can pets named Usher-Fluffykins count as heirs? What about inanimate objects? AI! That was something you never considered, would a rudimentary AI work?

Oh, and priority list 1, 4, 2, 6. Butter that idiot up or he might sell the house.
No. 927924 ID: 8eaf98

1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 7, 5, 8
No. 927932 ID: f2320a

Lets get the basics done so the house dont collapse so i agree to these plans
No. 928290 ID: 49e9e5

6 before anything else. I can deal with a lot of things, but if the lights don't work and the toilets don't flush, I start looking for the door.
No. 928429 ID: c0641d
File 155421514244.png - (509.45KB , 1024x768 , 0F63608C-E550-44AE-9914-04F67FBBE63D.png )

While I’ve been accepting contracts up until the start of my “break” in 1990, the last time I truly visited the mortal plane in earnest was… 1965, I think, and the original run of the Usher contract ended sometime in late 1929, making it a 70 year gap in my service to this estate in particular. Anyways, I’ll need to sit down and go over the contract itself when I set up my headquarters if I am to fully comprehend its conditions going forward (I forget if the name “Usher” was even specified, come to think of it; perhaps simply having any living owner of the property is enough), but I do agree that the situation is fairly precarious. I’ll have to exercise both caution and urgency in equal parts going forward.

Right then; if the structural integrity is compromised (which may be likely; one of the wards actually collapsed during the final days of the original family), then some quick reinforcing magic should hold it at least until after I’m done with the place again… These new concerns could also be partly addressed at the front, as you can clearly see; the windows and roof (at least in the immediate vicinity) are also part of the facade, after all, and though I can’t completely weatherproof the entire sprawling estate in three days, this can be a start to the Morio ward at the very least. I could focus on repairing the face of the house, or focus on the front drive and yard.

It’s currently DAY (which comes after MORNING), and with a little elbow grease (and some hastily summoned materials at entirely my own expense until I can get my circles set up, goddamnit (deep breaths; think of it as an investment)), I could have one of these done by EVENING, or both done by NIGHT (which comes before MORNING). Large tasks like uprooting and replacing that dead tree, sculpting or contracting a new statue, fixing and updating the gate and wall perimeter, and overhauling the front porch will be projects all of their own, but they could be seen as lower priority; I don’t have unlimited time, after all. Alternatively… if I were to use a little more blatant wizardry, I could have two tasks done in the time it would take to do one. I could take advantage of it now (especially since I’ll have to dial it back from even the normal pace to simultaneously perform my regular duties after the master returns); I don’t think anyone is around to see it, after all.
No. 928430 ID: 094652

Keep in mind your client is filthy rich and materialist; he'll bring the furniture and fancy knicknacks.

So concentrate on removing anything ugly. Uproot the tree, mulch the yard, tear down the gate so the garage lines straight up with the entrance, replace broken windows with temporary paper sheets, fill the cracks with cement, take out any infested roof tiles, etc. And let Usher bring the stuff.

Actually, you never got his phone number.
No. 928431 ID: 49e9e5

Do the wizard stuff. If the guy catches you doing it, just claim you're a wizard. I mean, this might backfire if he has any belief in the supernatural whatsoever, but I have a feeling he's the sort to go "oh, what a kidder" and figure out some rational explanation on his own (or just flagrantly ignore it).
No. 928437 ID: f07f0b

You are going to need a small army to fix this place - even with magic.

You need to contract a ton of this out either to human conventional contractors or to demons.
No. 928467 ID: f46e5e

Let us get a look at the inside before we commit to anything, shouldn't take long anyway.
it sounds like getting your HQ room set up will provide you with additional power or something, if so chances are we want to get that up while we can make use of magic fairly blatantly. (assuming magic in this world is a myth to mortals)
No. 928538 ID: f274b0

Support lets get the big picture before we start AND set up
No. 928589 ID: c0641d
File 155432816068.png - (514.76KB , 1024x768 , 5DCFA18D-80F2-41A9-9EEA-5778C5A832A2.png )

After some deliberation and discussion in questdis, I realize that I have failed spectacularly to convey the mechanical nature of the estate management part of the quest. There are four periods of time in a day; MORNING, MIDDAY, EVENING, and NIGHT. Without any regular duties until the master returns, we can get a single project done in a single period of time (note that I also could have done a much better job of listing the “tasks” available to you as separate and whole items). I’ll probably have to make a document for potential tasks and projects sorted by character and/or room once we start introducing more of them. It is currently MIDDAY of April 3rd, and Usher can be expected to return sometime between MORNING and EVENING of the 5th. Throwing magic around can double our output, but runs the risk of someone seeing us, well, throwing magic around (I mean, we’re home alone for the next couple days or so, as far as we know). I’m sorry for my gross mishandling at explaining the quest thus far; it’s my first serious attempt at a quest that I don’t intend to drop this time.

Hm... I’m getting some broad suggestions pointing every which way, but not too much in the way of consensus. Perhaps I should provide a compartimentalized list to make this easier:
> A: Work at a normal pace. (1 task per time slot.)
> B: Use blatant witchcraft. (2 tasks per time slot - nobody’s here to see me do it, right?)
> C: Do work somewhere else in the ward instead. (Suggest a place.)
> D: Do a full survey/tour of all points of interest. (Time will proceed to EVENING if done in a big chunk like this.)

Then if A or B, select one or more tasks:
> a: Fix the face of the house.
> b: Fix the front yard and driveway.
> c: Uproot and plant a new tree.
> d: Make a new centerpiece statue.
> e: Repair the wall.
> f: Overhaul the front porch.
> Suggest something else?

There’s a lot to get done at this stage; it probably isn’t wise to spend more than a time slot or two on any one room unless it’s considered vital.
No. 928592 ID: b1b4f3

b, e.

Gotta make sure nobody can climb over that wall, and the driveway needs to be usable.
No. 928594 ID: f2320a

Support lets get the defense up
No. 928614 ID: 8eaf98

Going to have to continue to support Operation Full Picture:
>D: Do a full survey/tour of all points of interest. (Time will proceed to EVENING if done in a big chunk like this.)
If this is how bad the outside is, it could be WORSE inside. We need a better overview of the condition of the building if we are going to prioritize well, also I know what all having the HQ up will do for us so we know how soon we want to get that up and running.
No. 928621 ID: f2320a

This is smart to do
No. 928637 ID: 2202fb

there is a dis thread?
No. 928700 ID: 49e9e5

B, a, e.
No. 928836 ID: 417401



Also D - don't want to stumble upon any additional timesinks AFTER we've assigned task priorities
Also this will probably give us a better idea of how likely or unlikely it is we'd get caught in using magic.
We'd want to find out if the building still has working security cameras or squatters or something like that sooner rather than later.
No. 935455 ID: f2320a

Supporting this
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